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Diary of Being a

Pokémon Master

Hi there, I’m Zetsuke Modate, and
this was my second book of a
quest about me being a
Pokémon Master. My dream
was becoming a Pokémon
master. It all starts early on a day,
when I was leaving my home town;
Pyenan Town.
” I have to go to Alps Mountain to meet
Professor Bento to get the Starter
Pokémon within two months.” I

In a huge wild forest, the powerful

wind blew in and out. There was very
clam and quiet everywhere. I felt that I
was stared by the scary eyes moving
round from somewhere in the bushes.
Suddenly, the very sharp stars were
gilding pass to my face but I ignored it.
Then I continued walking through it.
As I kept walking, I
noticed that I saw a group of
Duskull was attacked and
was captured in a net with a
shuriken; a kind of Japanese weapon
for throwing and stabbing enemies. It’s
mostly used from ninja, and was
designed for ninja, as a sharp point
“Maybe the Poachers did it again” I
said. I quickly ran outside the forest
and climbed up the mountain Alps. Not
so long I reached to Professor Bento’s
“Hey, here is Zetsuke Boy!
You were here for your Starter
Pokémon? Professor Bento
cheered and I nodded.
“These are your Starter Pokémon;
Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup. So my
choices arre a male Todile, Turtwig, a
brave male Chimchar and a worry
female Piplup.
Chimchar then gave me the cool
looking. Turtwig and Piplup hugged
each other. They all surprised.
I stared into Chimchar’s shiny eyes
and finally said that I chose Chimchar. I
thought that I should get
Chimchar to help the Duskull.
“Here’s your Pokédex,” Bento
said as he handed me a
Pokédex. “Training a
Pokémon to do what you want isn’t
easy; you should understand its
feeling. Good luck!!!”
I went into the forest to save the
Duskull. “Let’s see what Chimchar can
do. I choose you, Chimchar!” Zetsuke
mumbled as he led out his Chimchar. I
held up my Pokédex. “Chimchar, the
fire monkey Pokémon. It has flame on
its tail, and it’s used for producing
burning gas in its stomachs. If the
flame on the tip of its tail goes out, it’ll
automatically go to sleep.” The Dexter
said. “Chimchar knows the name of the
moves such as Scratch, Ember, Flame
Wheel, and Tackle.”
Then I commanded Chimchar to
use ember, and scratch to destroy the
net and gave free to Duskull but
Chimchar ignored my command. Then
I thought that I should train him first.
As a
came walking
happily by,
then an idea popped into my head. In a
battle, we could learn from
each other, and gained
some experiences. In all of
sudden, Chimchar used
flame wheel on Bulbasaur. Unluckily,
the confident Bulbasaur dodged it!
They kept doing the same thing, but
Bulbasaur was faster! After that
Bulbasaur tackled Chimchar so
Chimchar took on a lot of damage. “It’s
okay, Chimchar, how about we work
together as a team?” I sighed, and
Chimchar nodded. “Jump up high,
Chimchar!” I pointed out and Chimchar
did as he was told, but Bulbasaur used
the vine whip splashed to the floor.

Vine whip was an attack move or a

defense depending on what the trainer
told the grass type Pokémon to do. The
Pokémon shot out a vine from its torso
and could move freely. “Ember,
Chimchar” but once again, Bulbasaur
used razor leaf to defend it. Razor leaf
was an attack that l
were sent into a straight line forward.
Don’t underestimate those leaves.
They’re as hard as steel. “Land and
use flame wheel, then tackle!” I added.
Chimchar followed my instructions,
and just knocked Bulbasaur out. “Yeah,
that’s the spirit! Way to go!” I yelled.
“Now use ember and scratch on the
net. This time, Chimchar did as he was
told, and he turned away, grinned as I
laughed. “Return!” I shouted. There
was a red flash, so it made Chimchar
returned into his Pokéball.
Unfortunately, I’d just realized that
Chimchar’s attack also had the effect
on one of the Duskull, and it was easily
It took me a while until I decided
what to do. Then I decided to capture
the poor Duskull. Just then the
poachers arrived. “How
are you, idiot!” said the
first poacher with green shirt, green
pants, and green hair. ” You name it or
you mention it, he has had it all green.

“Yeah, it took us two months to get

these ultra rare Duskull” groaned the
other in red.

“You should be punished!” said the

“What are you GFW POACHERS doing
here?” I asked.
“Let’s introduce ourselves! I’m
Butch.” said the green. “Maxen”
laughed at the red guy.
“James” winked the blue
“Ha, to burn the foe
on the left.” Maxen said
as he jumped, and
landed in a sitting position.

“To make the foe wet

on the right…” cheered
James, as he kicked Maxen
down to make him lying
dead on the ground, while
he did his ‘Boy Happy
“To grow plant on the ground,”
cried Butch as he did his somersault in
the air, and landed in a stomping
position on Maxen’s butt. Whenever he
got hit by the butt, he would cry out
and complain about his weak spot and
made flame, aqua, and trees in the
sky! ” They all cried as Maxen flied up,
cried and complained, while spitting
out fire; because of his anger, boogies
and saliva rushing out from the pain,
(also blood that was liquid) and
grasses and worms from when James
kicked him down, and he’d a mouthful
of grasses and worms.
“Surrender now, or prepare to
fight, fight, and fight!!!” Butch and
James said, while Maxen landed down
on his butt right in his same position.
Maxen yelled as he landed on the
same position.” Oww, that terribly
“Hey, cut it out! That’s the end of
our introduction, already!!!” the other
brothers bitted angrily. Then
Maxen cried out like a cry baby.
The next thing I knew was his
shirt. It turned green from the
grasses, and blue from the tears.
“Alright, alright! I know who you
are and how annoying you are.” I said
as I turned the opposite direction to
leave outta here as I checked if the
Duskull was following.
“You can’t leave without a
battle! If you win, leave
immediately! But if we win,
Duskull are ours, and no more,
just go home!” The three
brothers shouted, looked as good as
new, and Maxen got up to his knees.
“I’ll battle first, and I’m a
grass type trainer.” said Batch
as the other took the step
back. Out of this, “Stay out of
this, Jam and Maxen.” “I
choose you, Budew Butch goes in as
Budew is out.”
“Duskull” I said with a confident
smiling. “That Duskull’s the leader.
That Duskull took about 1 month and a
half to capture while the workers took
half a month!!!” James said. “I’LL be
the referee, then” “It’s a battle
between loser Batch and challenger,
youngster Zetsuke begin!” announced
“James!” Butch yelled as he hit
James “But I got faint first” James
cried. “I’ll be the referee, the
handsome Maxen!” said
calmly Maxen as if he was a
new person. “Begin!!!” But before I can
command anything to my newly
captured Duskull, he used shadow
punch on Budew. It made Budew got
faint. Budew was faint and he was
unable to fight. “The winner went to
our Duskull!” Maxen announced, again
with amazement and he was very
surprised. I’m also proud of my dear
Then another Budew popped out of
nowhere. “I choose you, Budew.” said
Butch, as if he’s just very confident.

“The job will be

pretty easy, now. I’d
never known or have a
feeling that I like
Pokémon before” I
saidwith, more confident
than usual. “Duskull, are
you ready? Use curse, then jump,
now, shadow punch!” But Budew was
about to use solar beam. “Tackle, but
don’t effect a thing! Just go through
Budew, and you’re a ghost type, aren’t
you? After you did that, floats up high,
then shadow punch.”
As expected, Budew jumped up,
and was getting ready to use solar
beam, but not until it got hit by a
vortex of shadow punch. Then Maxen
was about to speak or to say
something, but then the talented
Budew used ‘Recover’.

Recover was one of my favorite

healing moves because it could heal
the Pokémon. Of course,
such a great move have
limit, and was also
beatable. The Pokémon
also had to get damages first, and then
it’ll be able to use recover. The next
thing from my carefully laid plan was
that the Budew was curse from at the
start. It was for my own safety because
Butch looks confident like he’s up to
The move called curse that Duskull
puts onto Budew kept inflicting a whole
lot of life points. “Finish it up with
shadow punch!” I yelled in the top of
my voice. Duskull used it’s final blow
up; shadow punches, while doing
tackle, and while spinning too, to make
the attacks more effective.
Budew, then, easily faint, and
didn’t have enough strength left to
recover. “Budew loses the match,
again. Winner goes to Zetsuke and his
Pok- our great Duskull!!!” Maxen said
in amaze, unbelievably
unbelieving. But then, all of sudden,
something odd distract our thought.
Ask me what it was. You’ll see
something unusual. A strange white
glow was glowing on my powerful
Pokémon; Duskull.
“Don’t-,” said Butch “Tell-,” said
Maxen “Me-,” said James… Then
silence filled the area, that is, except
for the strange glowing light. “That?” I
finally said in unison. “Duskull-,” said
Butch, again. “is-,” said Maxen…………



“EVOLVING???” Me and James
said in a complete confusion. Then in a
short moment of time, Duskull evolved
into a cool looking Duskclops. “It
totally rocks!!!” I cheered, can’t
believe my very own
“I’ve gotten the
Pokémon I’m dreaming
for!” I said, jumping
around with excitement,
like I’d never got a cool
Pokémon before- cool
Pokémon? Yep, sounds
weird. There’s a lot.
Maybe Chimchar was
cool, but I’ll leave that
story for a whole different
“I still have one last Pokémon, a
powerful one” said Butch “Just admit
that I’m better than you, Hutch. Your
Budew would just be powerless against
my Duskclops. I said in
disappointment. “No, my name is
Butch, the Great Grass Trainer. Check
out my last Pokémon. I save best for
last.” Butch interrupted. “So, show me
your next Budew My Duskclops will do
the…-Job.” I said, still in
“Tropius, go!!!” then a large
humongous Pokémon popped out. It
has four sets of long giant leaves
hanging on the back that looks like
wings. It also had a long brown neck
with leaves around its neck just like
Chikorita, Bayleaf, and Meganium. I
then looked up in my Pokédex,
interested, and it said:
“Tropius is the fruit Pokémon. It’s a
grass and fighting type
Pokémon. Because
Tropius is gorged
constantly on its favorite
fruits, the fruit actually
started to grow around its neck. These
fruits grown on Tropius are very sweet,
and popular among children.”
“I’d never expected this…” I said in
a very guilty way.

“Of course, you haven’t!” replied

Butch. “Remember you’d to defeat all
three of us. Each three of us had a
powerful last Pokémon. After that,
you’d to defeat our boss. Heh-“ then
there was an earthquake, followed by
a large

Then a large Flygon flew through
the hole Hippowdon made.

on Flygon, was a Gallade.
Flying on the opposite side of the
open sky, was a mad looking

Salamence was about to land, and

when it completely and successfully
landed, a
confident looking Luxray, jumping out
of Salamence’s back.

Then a Ramphardos came charging

from the middle of nowhere.

Then it
stopped, and an old man climbed down
from Ramphardos. “Greetings, boss.”
The poachers said. “Let me see all
those of your legends.” The creepy
voice of the craggy old man said.
Tropius stepped in front of Butch.
Magmotar just ran in front of Maxen.
Floatzel jumped with a somersault and
landed safety in front of James. I had
never known that they had these
impressive Pokémon.
Then I ran away, and peaked through
the bushes. Although Duskclops had a
better sight, I didn’t notice a boy who
was sitting on Hippowdon. He hopped
down and landed safety without sliding
on Hippowdon’s sand that came out on
its body. Then the old man forced the
boy to battle them, but I wondered the
boy whether he was a prisoner or a
After that, the same figured
boy called out a camouflaged
Pokémon just like him, but it
had a tail.
The next one was just like
him, with two thick tails.

After he called out that

previous Pokémon, he led
out a Pokémon with wings,
big legs, so it looked like a
bee hives.
Now he allowed it out
again with the Pokémon
that had wings and looked
like a cricket.
Another one was the fat
figured Pokémon sitting
with four legs.
Finally was a fat figure,
standing on four legs, and
was jumping happily and in
a brave way.
“I want you all to challenge this young
man’s Pokémon. Choose one and it’s 3
on 1.” The old man laughed.”Is he that
good?” the three poacher brothers all
asked at once. But the old and man
and the boy ignored the dull question.
“Choose one, Lucario, Floatzel,
Vespiqueen, Kricketune, Bibarel, or
Shelgon.” The boy said confidently.
“Which is the weakest??? We’ll then
prove it that we’re better than one of
your weakest one.” The poachers
answered in disgust. “None.” The boy
answered, uneasily. “How about
“Fine with that” the poachers all said.
Floatzel quickly uses Hydro Pump, but
then the fast Lucario dodges it with
extreme speed.

Then Tropius was about to

use solar beam, then
Magmortar used fire blast
on Lucario. Lucario, then
received it, and
send it right back. Then
Tropius let out a solar beam,
and Floatzel also do a super
effective tackle on Lucario.
When Lucario jumped up, Magmortar
used Lava Plume. Solar
beam then turned into a
solar tornado with fire and
thunders. Floatzel
used water gun,
and Lucario used a very
powerful metal claw, which turns
Lucario’s claw into metal and used
aura sphere. (So much like ‘Rasengan’
from Naruto). It scratches quickly to
capture a ball of air, and turns them
into an aura. Then the tornado was
It slowly turned into an aura ball, and
was extending the power. Lucario
finally used extreme speed, holding
the ball, and quickly caused a time
travel that makes the ball more and
more powerful than ever. Then Lucario
used aura sphere, and let go of the
powerful glowing aura ball, which was
growing bigger and bigger, flicking it
toward its foes. None was quick
enough to dodge it, except Lucario.
Lucario jumped back billions and
billions kilometers, and made sure
nobody got hurt except Tropius,
Magmortar, and Floatzel. I was so
surprise that it’ll took a very, very,
very, very, very, very, very, very, very,
and very long path to become a
Pokémon master. It’ll just take ages,
and ages!
It’s half way through the
Second book, but I hadn’t
Finish typing the third
Draft onto the computer, yet.
I’ll try to type some more
In my free time, then
Because it’s pretty fun, too!