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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Nu Ionela-Tonia
School: coala Gimnazial Rzvad, Structura coala Gimnazial Valea Voievozilor
Date: May 17th , 2016
Class: pregatitoare (L1)
No. of students: 17
Textbook: Ars Libri
Unit: 11
Lesson:My body
Type of lesson: teaching/assessing lesson
Time: 45 minutes
Aims: Teaching vocabulary related to the human body through language games
At the end of the lesson, students should be able:
- to identify the parts of the body ;
- to use the vocabulary in language games and in different utterances;
- to create a personal material under the form of a mini book for their own use
(containing the vocabulary taught)
Skills: listening, reading, speaking
Methods: conversation, observation, groupwork, explanation, repetition, game,
learning by doing;
Aids: : 4 balloons, a picture of a person, flashcards, worksheets, pictures.
Type of interaction: teacher-students, student-teacher, student-student
Class organization: groupwork, whole class

Stages of the lesson

1.Organizing the class

Aim:-to create a proper atmosphere for teaching the new lesson
Time: 1
Class organization: whole class
Interactions:teacher-student; student-teacher
Teachers activity: The teacher greets the students; she asks them questions like: How are you
today?, etc. The teacher checks if there are any absents and prepares for the lesson.
Students activity:Students greet the teacher. They answer the teachers questions.
The student on duty announces the absents (if there are any).
2.Warm up
Aim: - to check previous knowledge
Class organization: whole class
Interactions: teacher-student; student-teacher
Method:conversation, repetition
Teachers activity:The teacher asks the students to follow his commands.
Clap your hands!; Snap your fingers!; Stamp your feet!; Turn around!; Be happy!; Be sad!;
Cry!; Be angry!; Smile!...etc
Students activity: Students perform the movements.

4.Lead in
Aim: - to arouse students interest in the topic
Class organization: whole class
Interactions: teacher-student; student-teacher
Method: game

Teachers activity:The teacher gives the students 3 baloons to play with.

Students activity: When the teacher says Stop!,sthe student who who has the baloon will
break it. Inside the baloons, they will find 3 drawings and putting them together they can
discover a human body.

Aim:-to introduce the new vocabulary.
Class organization:individual work
Method:conversation, observation
Teachers activity: Teacher introduces the new vocabulary on the board starting from the picture
of a person. Each new word introduced is repeated twice.
Students activity: Students pay attention to teachers explanations. Students repeat the new

Aim:to practice the new vocabulary.
Class organization: whole class
Interactions:teacher-students, student-teacher
Methods: repetition, observation
Teachers activity:Teacher say the new words randomly, without showing on the board. The
second time, teacher say the words in the correct order of the song Head, shoulders, knees and
toes (so they are basically doing a practice run of the song).
Students activity:Students touch that part of their body and say the word

Activity 1: Song
Aim:to practice the words related to body parts;
Class organization: whole class
Interactions:teacher-students, student-teacher
Methods: listening and singing
Procedure: learning by doing

Teachers activity:The teacher plays the cd. As the song plays the teacher sings and does all the
actions, touching each part of her body with two hands in time with the song. Teacher makes sure
students are following along.
Students activity:Students stand up and follow the teacher. Its easy and fun so students will
love doing this. Each verse gets faster so by the last verse it will be great fun.
Activity 2 Game
Aim: to practice the new vocabulary;
Class organization:wholw class
Interactions:teacher-students, student-students
Methods: speaking, playing
Teachers activity: The teacher tells the students that they will play a game and goes straight
into the game (no explanations necessary) by saying Touch, touch...your nose. She does the
action and makes sure everyone else follows along, does a few more touch your hair,etc.then at
some point, the teacher takes the place of a student and he becomes the teacher.
Students activity: Students play the game.

Activity 3 Feedback
Aim: to create a personal material under the form of a mini book for their own use
Class organization:individual work
Methods: learning by doing
Teachers activity: Teacher gives students some workshets and envelopes with pictures.
Students activity: Students staple the worksheets they have received. At the end of the activity,
their product will be under the form of a small book, containing the pictures for each part of the
body taught.

Dismissing students
Teachers activity: Teacher greets the students, thanks them for their participation and evaluates
the lesson.
Students activity: Students greet the teacher.