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Viviene Patrice I.


My Autobigraphy

Lets have a bet, that was my mothers words to my father when they found
out that the 5-month old baby inside her womb was a girl, which was me. She will
be Michelle if 29th and Viviene if 30th. And so my mother won on that bet when I
came out of her on the 30 th of September of the year 1999. So there you go, Im
Viviene Patrice Irabagon Domalaon and enjoying my 16 years of existence on Earth.
We are just four in our family. My mother is a teacher whose been teaching
for 27 years. My father is an unlicensed engineer, so he have no permanent work.
And my older brother is currently on his 4 th year as a Marine Transportation Student.
We are currently living in Old Sta. Rita, San Miguel, Bulacan. Our house is just
beside my cousins house so my childhood was very happy because I have many
playmates. Those weekends, holidays and vacations were the happiest because we
were able to play all day long.
My parents told me that when I was a kid I love to read books and so they
have decided to take me on a nursery school when I was three years old. And
because I love to read, there came a time that even my brothers assignment
caught my attention. That time my brother is memorizing Dr. Jose Rizals poem
entitled Sa Aking Mga Kabata and I remember myself memorizing it also and
reciting it in front of my teacher, even though I was just 3 years old. And she even
picked me to be our class representative on a poetry reading, where the other
contestants are much older and taller than me. I remember myself getting nervous.
When it was my turn to recite, the audiences were like looking down on a small
specimen maybe they couldnt believe that a 3-year old girl is reciting a poem
fluently. But nevertheless, I got the third place on that competition, the first ever
competition that Ive joined.
After that school year, my parents decided to bring me on School of Mt. St.
Mary to take my Kinder and Preparatory while my other classmates during nursery
just have to finish their Kinder I before proceeding to Grade 1. Well its just alright
with me as a kid because I love to study that time.
Entering to elementary specifically Grade 1, gave me a shock because of the
number of students or I must say my classmates. Back when I was just in Kinder we
were just like twenty in our class but in Grade 1 we were more than fifty that time. I
remember asking my father to stay and watch over during my first week as a Grade
1 student. And so I made friends on the first week so that I wont feel out of place
because my other classmates have known each other since they were Kinder.
Well to summarize my elementary years, it was more of me standing in front
of the class yelling at my classmates for them to be quiet, because they gave me

the responsibility to become the president of our class. That was just the same
exact scenario every year of my elementary days. Well of course, I cannot forget
those times when I joined different contests and those times when I need to come
up to stage to get my medals and certificates. And because of that achievements it
boosted my confidence and inspired me to study harder.
When it was my time to enter high school in San Miguel National High School,
it was also the time when the government applied the K to 12 curriculum on the
education system. And so we were the first batch of Grade 7 students that time. But
before entering Grade 7, my parents advised me to take the entrance exam for
Science Class and fortunately I passed the exam. Well I must say, my high school
life was more of cramming and procrastinating. Here I learned to review and do my
outputs on midnight or the day before the deadline. Well it changed my way of
studying. Sometimes I found myself taking an exam and just relying on my stock
knowledge. But even though my habit was like Ive consistent on my grades. Maybe
because also the pressure that my mother is a teacher, helps me to do more.
In my junior high school year, I also found myself being confused on what
course I am going to take on the future. When I was in Grade 6, I remember writing
that I want to be a doctor when our adviser asked me to write an essay about what I
want to become in the future. During my Grade 7, my teacher asked the same
question but I have different answer, I told him I want to become a pharmacist
because my parents told so. But when I was in Grade 9, we have a subject there
that gave me a hard time, it was Consumer Chemistry and so I told my parents that
I want to be an engineer. But what kind of engineer? I asked myself. But when I
was researching about it, I caught myself being fascinated about a different course,
and its BS Psychology. For me it is more interesting because you will study about
human mind and behavior. But when I told my parents about it, they asked me
What is your second option? And I got the idea that they dont want it for me.
And so when I finished my JHS, I chose STEM because even though Im still confuse
on what course I am going to take I still want to take a course that is Science
related. So hopefully after two years, I wish that I can finally be able to solve my

Kapagka ang baya'y sadyang umiibig

Sa kanyang salitang kaloob ng langit,
Sanglang kalayaan nasa ring masapit
Katulad ng ibong nasa himpapawid.
Pagka't ang salita'y isang kahatulan
Sa bayan, sa nayo't mga kaharian,
At ang isang tao'y katulad, kabagay
Ng alin mang likha noong kalayaan.
Ang hindi magmahal sa kanyang salita
Mahigit sa hayop at malansang isda,
Kaya ang marapat pagyamaning kusa
Na tulad sa inang tunay na nagpala.
Ang wikang Tagalog tulad din sa Latin
Sa Ingles, Kastila at salitang anghel,
Sapagka't ang Poong maalam tumingin
Ang siyang naggawad, nagbigay sa atin.
Ang salita nati'y huwad din sa iba
Na may alfabeto at sariling letra,
Na kaya nawala'y dinatnan ng sigwa
Ang lunday sa lawa noong dakong una.