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Bicol, the philippines

may 8 - 14, 2016


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Bicol PNP lauded for peaceful polls

(May 10) -- The Philippine National Police Regional Office 5 headed
by Chief Supt. Augusto
M. Marquez Jr. is now
in high morale after PNP
chief Director General
Ricardo Marquez and
Department of Interior
and Local Government

Secretary Mel Senen

Sarmiento called up and
sent their congratulatory
messages after the PRO5
led in performance rating for the most peaceful conduct of elections
in the history of electoral
process in the Bicol Region.
Marquez immediately

relayed Tuesday morning

the good news to the staff
of PRO5 during a meeting
and also called up Major
Gen. Ferdinand Quedilla,
commanding general of
the 9th Infantry Division
of the Philippine Army
based in Pili, Camarines
Sur, to inform the latter of
the good news and extend

his thanks to the soldiers

for their part in securing
the recent elections.
He said that based on
the records of the PNP Directorate for Operations
based in Camp Crame,
Bicol led in performance
among the 18 police regional offices, especially
for successive suc-

cessful arrests of private

armed goods (PAG) in
Masbate, the confiscation
of various high-powered
firearms, disbandment of
the Lucea PAG in Iriga
City in Camarines Sur
two days before the May
9 local and national elections wherein the police
seized 28 high-caliber

These are aside from
the earlier disbandment
of known PAGs in Masbate in the past months;
seizure of various firearms, improvised explosive devices and drugs;
the arrests of criminals
and most wanted persons
in the region-PNA.

Technical glitches hit

13 Naga precincts


--- Thirteen (13) out of 130
clustered precincts here experienced technical glitch
after their Vote Counting
this morning.
It took almost two (2)
hours of waiting before LP
Vice- Presidential bet Atty.
Leni Robredo was able to
cast her vote at Precinct
248 at Tabuco Elementary
School. Robredo arrived at
approximately 9:25 am and
finished voting at around
Naga Election Officer
Atty. Cinderella Lozano
personally supervised the
replacement of the machine
after it failed to receive
the ballot being fed by the
board of election inspector
(BEI) assigned at the said
The VCM was still able
to process more or less 140
ballots before it suddenly
stopped at around 7:40 am.
Voting started at exactly
6:00 am.

Lozano, in an interview
this morning, said that the
breakdown might be due to
overheating of the machine.
She said that directives for
replacement will be coming
from the National Technical
Support Center after all the
remedies had been employed
by the technical staff deployed
in each poll areas.
Few of the common problems encountered with the
VCM include paper jam, ballot rejection and the machines
failure to produce a voters receipt.
Aside from Tabuco Elementary School, precincts at
Concepcion Pequea Elementary School and Dr. Domingo
G. Abcede Elementary School
located at Barangay Bagum(Turn to page 4)


After two hours of waiting, LP Vice Presidential bet Atty. Leni G. Robredo was able to cast her vote at the Tabuco Elementary
School precinct in Naga City. Robredo was at the precinct at around 9:25 am but had to wait since the Vote Counting
Machine encountered a technical glitch when it suddenly stopped at around 7:40am after processing 140 ballots. The
VCM was replaced with a new one under the supervision of Naga Election Officer Atty. Cinderella Lozano.(Ana-Liza S.

1st Catanduanes Abaca Fest

Features Trade Fair - DTI

The Department of Trade and

Industry (DTI) Catanduanes
provincial office will spearhead
the Catanduanes Abaca Festival
Fair on May 23-29, 2016 at
Plaza Rizal here.
The provincial government
of Catanduanes has issued an
ordinance providing for the
institutionalization of the Abaca
festival to be held on the fourth
week of May of every year.

cognizance of the importance

of abaca in the local economy
and the need to showcase its
versatility as a major source of
livelihood and craft materials
which has brought Catanduanes
to fame and fortune.
The intent of the Festival is
to give honor and respect to the
farmers and their families who
are the forefront of the abaca
industry. This is in recognition
of their important contribution

in the local economy.

One of the highlight
activities to be conducted
during the one week abaca
festival celebration is the
trade fair that will showcase
different products locally
produced in the province.
With abaca as the focal
point of the celebration,
special setting showcasing
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3rd Floor, GERONIMO BLDG., BARLIN ST., NAGA CITY TELEPHONE: (054) 475-62-62 CP 0921-3183720 / 0919-2822901 / 0920-5337766

may 11 2016.indd 1

5/12/2016 6:10:50 AM


bikol reporter


Glossing Over
Not surprisingly, pronouncements
like the people have spoken, will
once again be written to sum up and
give closure to the recent election.
It often goes with the Latin phrase?
voxpopuli, voxdei. The purpose
seems to be to say, enough, lets
move on.
There is no doubt there is time to for
mending and healing. Yet, perhaps
this is also a source of a weakness
in our character, our forgetfulness.
Even if some candidates won by
vote buying, we still look at it as
expression of the peoples will. The
police says, it had been generally a
peaceful poll. Yes, overall. Yet the
word glosses over the specifics. Is
a mini-armory of a barangay captain
found by the police in his house not
a cause for concern as to link it to the
characterizing it as minor. Yet, it is this
minor details that in time becomes a
problem. The DepEd glossed over in
its textbooks the role of Martial Law
in our countrys history, and you now
have the son of the dictator crying he
had been cheated.
When the majority speaks, it may
not always be the sentiment of the
many. Too often, they are the voice of
the few who with their traditional three
Gs of Philippine politics, make their
will the peoples. Indeed, if we look
at it closely, Philippine democracy as
one wag had put it years ago, fool
the people, buy the people, rob the
Its about time we do not gloss over
our political experience and history.


may 8- 14, 2016


(Atty. APA chairs Acyatan & Co., CPAsDFK International is past chair of ASEAN
Federation of CPAs, PICPA past president
and Hall-of-Famer, and ACPAPP Lifetime
Achievement Awardee).
Unlimited echo the advice of Archbishop
Orlando Cardinal Quevedo that the
electorate must choose candidates based
on their moral and religious values. He
also advised voters not to be swayed by
surveys and claims of change by any
means. Indeed our country needs a
radical change in mind, behavior and
values. The Mindanao-based cardinal
urged the faithful to choose candidates
who respect the sanctity of life.
He said we must select a candidate
with moral integrity. The Catholic Bishops
Conference of the Phils. (CBCP) came out
with a circular siding with leaders who are
not tainted by corruption and who have
proven their capacity and willingness
to serve the cause of our people. Let
us select a candidate who is not tainted
by corruption, unexplained wealth and
properties and enrichment in office. He
must be morally respectful of the life
and interests of the masses. My bets
qualification falls squarely!
investments approved by Philippine
Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) surged
nearly a fifth in the first four months of
2016 on continued expansion of existing
locators and entry of new firms into the
country. The
PEZA director general
said yesterday the agency approved
P48.76B worth of investments in January
to April 2016 19% higher than the
P41.09B recorded in the same period in
2015. This augurs well for our employment
The investments came from a total

of 208 projects, 11% more than the 187
projects approved by the agency as
of end-April last year. Manufacturing
remains to be the bulk of the investments
given that the firms tend to spend more
in manufacturing. We are seeing new
areas like medical tourism; but electronics
continue to be strong, posting the fastest
growth the PEZA director said. Of the
total approved investments, information
technology (IT) projects which accounted
for P9B or 129% year-on-year growth.
Quezon island towns are now enjoying
24-hour power supply ahead of the May
9 elections as NAPOCOR raised the
capacity of its power asset in Northern
Quezon. The state-run firm said electricity
supply was increased from 16 hours to 24
hours in Polilio, Burdeos and Panukulan
municipalities. Napocor raised the power
supply through its Polilio Diesel Power
Plant to buoy economic, tourism and
social development in those promising
About 5,171 households, 82
commercial establishments and 236
public buildings are now benefiting from

the longer electricity service. Polilio

is part of our priority for bio-diversity
conservation hosting lush green
forest with rare species of trees, birds,
and animals. It has potential for
tourism development with its low-lying
mountains on top light brown sandy
beaches. The strengthening of the
power supply in missionary areas is
part of NAPOCORs commitment to
bring economic and social progress to
far-flung areas.
REALTORS: Offered services of real
estate brokers is now a governmentaccredited profession. Real estate
brokers must pass the appropriate
PRC-examination. The accreditation is
required to cleanse the profession of flyby-night realtors who victimize clients.
There are also accredited realty agents
who work like a lagarenghapon, acting
as agent of double agent for both
seller and buyer and collecting double
commission. There are also brokers
who gyp both seller and buyer by way
of secret overprice!
When you deal with real estate agents,
inquire of their PRC-accreditation and
ask for their professional IDs. Establish
the terms of their proposed transactions
and be sure these are known mutually
for both sellers and buyers. Realty
agents must be knowledgeable of the
dirty practices (legal and illegal) at the
BIR, Assessors Office, Treasurers
Office, DAR, and Registers of Deeds.
There are racketeers in the Offices of
Registers of Deeds who waive DAR
clearances in exchange for P1.00/Sqm
un-receipted charges.
PROVERBS: A cheerful heart always
receives good medicine, but a crushed
spirit dries up even the bones.

I wish Duterte success &

Noli Fuentebella won with 836 majority
The election is over. The presidential
candidate Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte
who vowed to eradicate corruption and
drugs in there to six months was given
the mandate of the people. I wish him luck
and success.
LP candidate Mar Roxas, Sen. Grace
Poe, VP JejomarBinay and Sen. Miriam
Santiago all conceded and congratulated
While our candidate for President
lost, our candidate for Vice President
LeniRobredo is still engaged in a close
fight with Bongbong Marcos. She already
ahead but the margin is not yet final. I hope
and pray that she wins.
As results show: LeniRobredo defeated
Senators ChizEscudero, Alan Cayetano,
Antonio Trillanes IV and Gregorio

nenita fuentebella-peones
In the 4th district of the province,
Congressman Arnulfo Noli Fuentebella
won with a majority of eight hundred thirty
six votes (836) over Imelda Papin, Chiqui
Fuentebella won as mayor of Tigaon and

Evelyn Fuentebella also won as mayor

of Sagnay, Camarines Sur.
My observation provincewide is that
in this generation of millenials, public
service is not appreciated. Many people
but not all prefer cash over service
to the people. No wonder, there are
government officials who are corrupt
and be able to buy voters come election
If President Duterte would be true
to his word, lets see what will he do
with the corrupt officials in all the local
government units beginning with the
province of Camarines Sur. There are
already reports of the Commission on
Audit to start with. There are also reports
from the Department of Finance.
Well, its time to relax. Lets pray for
our country.

Odyssey of a Bicol village

Tel. No. (054) 475-6262

ed g. yu


Lee G. Dullesco II

Head, Advertising Associates


may 11 2016.indd 2

Isolated for decades by towering

mountains and rough seas during
monsoon season, Caramoan has woke
up to hordes of tourists at its door steps
today. The tourists come by cars, by
SUVs, by buses, using the new highway
which connects the town to the Bicol
The easy means of travel has
encouraged tourists to come even during
the rainy months.
What has, however, enthralled them
are the scenes in the Survivor series
film which above rocky mountains
seemingly from a prehistoric ear, rugged
landscapes, benign seas during summer,
giant waves sounding the rocks on
stormy days.
All can be found along the coasts of
Paniman, a village at the mouth of the
slow-moving Caramoan River where I
grew up.

F o r m e r C a r a m o a n Vi c e M a y o r
Francisco San Pablo, has said the most
prosperous today in the municipality of
over 30 villages is Paniman. Years ago
or before it was discovered by foreign
filmmakers, it was one of the poorest,
he said.
The filmmakers choice, however,,
was Gota Beach in nearby Ilawod

village, with is rocky mountains sitting

out of the sea, excellent to test the
survival skills of the Survivor series
Gota Beach is narrow, less than
a kilometer in length. But the rock
mountains on both sides offer the best
location for such an activity.
The filming which takes months to
finish has spilled over to Paniman. This
has exposed the coastal community to
the outside world, creating in the minds
of TV viewers a magical haven.
During the month-long filming, Gota
Beach and the nearby island rocks are
off-limits to tourists. With nowhere to
go, they flock to Paniman where the
beach is white and clean, the sea
inviting to both boaters and bathers,
the locals hospitable, the hotels with
hot and cold shower.
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5/12/2016 6:10:50 AM

may 8- 14, 2016

bikol reporter

Bicol sweeps 4 Gawad Kalasag Hall of Fame awards

By Danny O. Calleja
shown a high-flying exploit when
it swept four of the five Hall of
Famer awards in the latest national search for GawadKalasag
This key Bicol city went home
from the awarding ceremonies at
the Astoria Hotel in Pasig City
Monday with two of the prestigious recognition awards for winning in three consecutive years
(2013-2015) the yearly GK national search for exceptional performers in anti-disaster works.
The first is for the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (CDRRMC)
and the other is for the Oro Site
Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council
(BDRRMC), which won the national championship crowns in
the component city and urban barangay categories of the awards,
The awards, now on its 17th
year, were conferred by the
National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council
(NDRRMC) and Office of the
Civil Defense (OCD) in recognition of the outstanding performances of local government
units, including barangays, as
well as civil society organizations, private and public service
institutions and volunteer groups
in disaster risk reductionand management (DRRM) and in humanitarian assistance.
Launched in 1998, the Gawad
(Award) Kalasag is among the national governments mechanisms
in obtaining sustained commitment and support from DRRM
practitioners in strengthening the
resilience and adaptive capacities
of the country and communities to
disaster risks by recognizing their
exceptional contributions.
Kalasag stands for Kalamidad
at Sakuna, Labanan, SarilingGalingangKaligtasan.
Other Hall of Famers from Bicol are the Simon of Cyrene Community Rehabilitation and Development Foundation in the nearby
Daraga town of Albay and D.Q.
Liwag National High School in
Vinzons, Camarines Norte which
were adjudged bests among nongovernment organizations and rural public schools, respectively.
The Pasig CDRRMC won the
fifth Hall of Fame trophy under
the highly urbanized city category.
National Defense Secretary
and NDRRMC Chair Voltaire
Gazmin said the awards that honor the awardees remarkable feats
in DRRM also represent the natrional governments recognition of
their patriotic achievements in
performing anti-disaster efforts.
City Mayor Noel Rosal, who
received the awards for winning
the 2015 GK national championship, the CDRRMCs third from
2013 to become a Hall of Famer
on Wednesday, described it as
a prestigious recognition of the
city governments continuing improvements toward perfection of
its DRRM efforts.
While we have already proven the excellence of our DRRM,
our sustained obsession is focused
on more improvements toward
perfection not only to land in the
Hall of Fame of GawadKalasag

may 11 2016.indd 3

but also primarily on sustaining

our attainment of zero casualty
and resilience in the face of disasters, he said.
That awarded excellence does
not erase the fact that any calamity remains a threat given the
citys geographical setting that
is exposed to typhoons, volcanic eruptions and other forms of
natural hazards so, we work for
more, said Rosal, who also heads
the CDRRMC as its chairman.
These awards and those in
the past inspire us towards ensuring further that the city is indeed a very livable place not only
for Legazpeos but also for the
thousands of people coming on a
year-round basis to our place as
tourists, visitors, students, shop(Turn to page 4)


5/12/2016 6:10:51 AM

bikol reporter

The Epitome of Education

By Malyn R. Milante Teacher 1
Laki-Laki Elementary School, Goa District

Education is the main core in shaping the youth, the society

and the government. It is considered an epitome of the solution of
mankinds ignorance and indifference, being a key to a changing
long established pattern of social behavior.
According to the late U.S. President John F. Kennedy, a child
miseducated is a child lost.
Aristotle, a Greek philosopher, also stressed that the fate of
the empire depends on the education of the yout. This means
that a child heart and mind can be developed rigidly to the greatest responsibility through the power of education. According to
educators, education must involve the society beyong a classroom. The original source of education is the hime/family which is
the heart of the society.
Abad once said that the foundation of every state is education
to its youth the future of education represents the failure of society. Education is essential to the full development of the human
personality. It helps adjust ones environment to increase efficiency of the members of the society and it also raises the education
level of the community.
Moreover, it is important to note that the sole use of a computer or an electronic machine cannot make a Filipino child a better
learner. Neither, can it uplift the economy, although, in one way or
another, it can facilitate procedures. Nothing more is significant
than the good traits that he Filipino children posses not to mention
the high level of work to be done.
It is not enough to develop the natural resources to bring the
country to progress. Equally, if note more important, is the development of the human resources people who must endowed with
genuine love, appreciation and awareness of what is going on in
our country beyond self and vested interest.

K-12 Senior High School

Milestone of Accomplishments
By Malyn R. Milante Teacher 1
Laki-Laki Elementary School, Goa District

RA 10533 otherwise known as Enhanced Basic Education Act

of 2013 mandated the Dept. of Education to embark a landmark
educational reform which is the K-12 Program aimed to develop a system of education that could produce learners who are
ready for work, engage in entrepreneurship and pursue higher
education. Thus, the additional 2 years of Senior High School
completing a full scale implementation of the K-12 Basic Education Program.
To ensure smooth transition and fully implement the program
DepEd had formulated appropriate strategies and mechanisms
such as improving human resource management and organizational structure on the principle of shared governance through
efficient and effective School-based Management to ensure
delivery of quality education relevant to the context and needs
of every learner whose skills and competencies to match the
demand industry and community. School buildings/classrooms
and other complementary accommodation facilities have been
readied in schools which will implement the K-12 program.
Planning workshops, consultations with internal and external
stakeholders, such as the academe, business sector, local government units all meant to come up with a dynamic, relevant, responsible and doable steps to address the pressing issues and
concerns related to the K-12 program were conducted. Advocacies, fora, bench making activities, focused discussion groups.
Assemblies, summits were held as well as capacity building on
Advance School Management Course for school heads were
likewise conducted.
Selection and recruitment of teachers were cautiously done
to select the most qualified and competent teachers. Guidelines
on the organizational structures and staffing patterns of stand
Alone and the integrated public Senior High School is contained
in a DepEd order so that the field (central, regional division and
school offices are provided with comprehensive guidelines,
standards and procedures to clearly define the organizational
structure and staffing patters of different types of Senior High
School as well as clarify the roles and functions of the teaching
and non-teaching staff.
A massive educational caravan was likewise done to give emphasis on the different tracks, strands and specialization courses that included a career guidance workshop for both teachers
and students. Parents were oriented on career pathing and decision making so that they are involved in deciding what track
and strand their children will pursue. Early enrollment was done
for Grade Ii students to determine the needed teachers, classrooms, tools and equipment needed.
The curriculum map of the different tracks, strands and specialized subjects, courses including the core applied were supplied to schools as a basis for crafting the classroom general
and teachers program. All these have been done using DepEd
templates, submitted on-line to DepEd central and data-based
SHS website.,
The real test, however, to all these preparations will be Ground
Zero on June when classes commence this school year, There
are other things to consider and the school head faces the challenges such as the lack of schools, laboratory rooms, for both
Technical-Vocational and Livelihood (TVL) courses, Science,
Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) courses and
even with the partnership of DEIs, TVIs, LGUs there are still
many gray areas.

The School Head will have to meet these challenges
head on. It is hoped though that his suffering will be alleviated
optimistic that things will turn out well with the K-12 curriculum
designed to give the country the needed boost in its educational
program that
will surely see our young the chance to get ready employment
as soon as they finish the 12 year schooling. But the School
Head will still cling strongly to that popular adage..He shall
cross the bridge when he gets there and the real battle begins.

may 11 2016.indd 4


may 8- 14, 2016

Calaguas, Pandesillos, Alvino's asin iba pa

May sarong pasalubong shop
sa Vinzons avenue na paboritong
bakalan kan mga turista sa Daet.
Kan sarong aldaw, napaagi ako
duman asin nabigla akong kadakul
mga nagbabakal. Kinaulay ko si
driver kadtong van nanalulunadan
kadtong mga nagbabakal. Sabi niya,
mga yuppies daa si grupo, haling
Calaguas kun sain nag overnight
swimming. Pagmay mga turista daa
sa Calaguas, pakakakanon niya ini
nin pamanggihan sa Alvinos, sarong
balot-balot restaurant sa Daet na
pwede kang magkakan na nakakamot,
alagad igwa kang gwantes. Apwera
sa masiram an mga putahe ng pig
seserbi digdi, barato pa. Kaya si Mr.
Driver na sakong nakaulay (driver
siya nin sarong tour agency), iyo man
an nag iginindirektang endorser.

frank peones jr.
Duman sa pasalubong shop, an
paboritong bakalon iyo siyempre
an satong pili sa manlaen-laen
na pagkakaandam (dulce, salted,
roasted), asin an popular sa Daet, an
pandesillo. Sararadit ining cookies
na may salak na pili asin butter.
Masiram ining kakanon mantang

naglalakaw o kaya nagdadalan

kan NBA, o mantang nagbibiyahe.
Na iyon ganing gibo kadtong mga
nagbakal duman sa pasalubong
shop kan magrulunad na sinda sa
van pauli sa Manila.
An moral lesson igdi iyo na
an turista maabot kun igwa kang
produkto o atraksyon. Halimbawa,
sa Camarines Norte, an Calaguas
asin sa Daet, an pandesillos.
magpatugdok pa nin darakulang
inprastaktura nganing magarabot
an mga turista. Kaipuhan lang
talaga iyo an pagkaaram kun ano
an yaon na rekurso, asin ini an
gibohon na puhunan
Purbaran nindo an pandesillos
asin maaaraman nindo an boot
kong sabihon.

On the Presumption of Innocence

The presumption of innocence under
the criminal law justice system is intended to protect the weak and the innocent
who might be wrongfully accused but it
is also applicable to all, including suspected criminals. That is an issue of human rights and criminal law.
However, it could be argued that
when it comes to political issues, the
doctrine should be reversed. All politicians should be presumed GUILTY of
wrongdoings until proven innocent.
Of course, it does not refer to actual
criminal prosecutions that involve the
courts. it refers to PUBLIC OPINION
and TRUST. by default, we, the voters
must distrust those who are seeking or
holding political power.
Why is this so?
This argument is based on utilitarian
principles of maximizing good. in the
case of criminal law and human rights,
maximizing good is directly related to
the prevention of injustice against the
innocent and weak.
In the case of political public opinion
and trust, maximizing good means the
prevention of widespread harm that
could result from electing corrupt, incompetent, power-hungry and possibly
murderous politicians.
Hence, mere suspicion or accusation of wrongdoings about a politician
must be sufficient warrant (reason)
to presume guilt. The burden of proof
is now heavily shifted on the accused
politician. Public TRUST is not a legal
matter but a political issue.
A Thought Experiment

1st Catanduanes...
product will be featured.
According to DTI Catanduanes
provincial head HeginoBaldano,
the objectives of the trade fair
are: to promote the versatility of
Abaca showcasing its different
by-products, to Provide selling
opportunities and expand market
for locally produced products
and to Generate additional sales
for local producers.
Primary exhibitors include the
11 municipal government while
secondary exhibitors are the
local enterprises/entrepreneurs
engaged in processing of local
food delicacies and handicrafts.
This will also be participated
by institutional exhibitors such
as the Department of Agriculture
and other Agencies and non
government organizations.
All exhibitors will be in charge
of decorating their respective
booths incorporating the use of
There will also be a contest
on Most Innovative Product and
Best Dressed Booth among the

choose based on whether a candidate is perceived as corrupt or noncorrupt based on propaganda information

of an

SCENARIO A (works either way)
candidate1 - corrupt
candidate2 - not corrupt
Both candidates are corrupt
both candidates are not corrupt

homar murillo



This thought experiment related to

the reversal of the doctrine of the presumption of innocence when it comes
to voting. This focuses on basing voters
decisions solely on propaganda information. This is a simplified a simplified
example that has several assumptions
or premises.
Assumptions and Scenarios
ASSUMPTION 1 - corrupt candidates are easier to discredit using propaganda (either black or truthful propaganda)
ASSUMPTION 2 - clean candidates
are difficult to discredit using propaganda (either black or truthful propaganda)
ASSUMPTION 3 - probability of false
positive or false negative is sufficient
reasonable basis to vote or not to vote
for a particular candidate
ASSUMPTION 4 - both candidates
have the same amount of resources
and political machinery
ASSUMPTION 5 - voters will only

1.) In scenario A, a lot of credible
propaganda against candidate1 can
be made compared to candidate2.
Result: voters will choose the noncorrupt candidate
2.) In scenario B, both candidates
may exhaust their mudslinging arsenal and both of them will emerge dirty
in the end
Result: voters will elect the corrupt
either way.
3.) In scenario C, both candidates
are not likely to use dirty tactics or
black propaganda.
Result: voters will inevitably elect
honest politician


There is 2/3 probability that a noncorrupt candidate will be elected
compared to the 1/3 probability that
a corrupt candidate will be elected.

bicol sweeps 4...

pers, businessmen and delegates
of dozens of national and international conventions, seminars, conferences, sports competitions and
other grand occasions that choose
the city as venue, he said.
For Oro Site, barangay chairman Joseph Philip Lee said our
victory in three consecutive years
stirs us a lot into strenghtening
further the barangay DRRM capabilities.
Lee said he dedicates this Hall
of Famer award to all the people
of Oro Site who have been very
supportive of the BDRRMC in
making the barangay calamityresilient and every household
disaster-ready and vigilant all the

exhibitors to promote creatively.

The Trade fair is in
Partnership with the Provincial
Government of Catanduanes
and the Catanduanes Producers
Association Inc. (CPAI). (MAL/EAB-PIA5 Catanduanes)

Wilfredo Pecos Intia, the
city administrator and CDRRMC
action man, said the city and Barangay Oro Site won the Hall
of Famer national awards because both the CDRRMC and
BDRRMC achieved the national
framework for disaster management required by the NDRRMC
which includes the areas of mitigation, preparedness, response
and rescue and rehabilitation and
We got our toughness against
calamities from the painful lessons weve had from various disasters several years backone
of them was the February 1993
Mt. Mayon eruption that killed
75 villagers of the city who were
caught by the sudden avalanche
of super-hot volcanic materials
while farming at the lower slope
of the volcano, Intia said. After
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bayan also have their VCMs
replaced due to the same reasons.
Lozano added that they
have actually four (4) VCMs
for contingency. After 3 were
dispatched as replacement
this morning, there is only
one left for the taking. Should
there be a need for more VCM
spare, Lozano said that they
will wait for other precincts
to finish before they can borrow their VCM.
Aside from Naga City,
other precincts in Minalabac,
Milaor and Sipocot have also
reported VCM problems.
In Sipocot, Camarines
Sur, 2 VCMS have been replaced at Barangays Eleazar
and Caima after the originally deployed machine shut
down this morning. - (MAL/

5/12/2016 6:10:51 AM

may 8- 14, 2016

School Managers:
The Art of Listening
By Malyn R. Milante Teacher 1
Laki-Laki Elementary School, Goa District
Mother Theresa once said, Listen to feelings as well as words,
Listen with empathy. Put yourself in anothers shoes long enough
to see, and think, feel, the way a person does. Be aware of your
own feeling that surface in response to what we hear. We must always remember, being slow to anger is critical quality of love.
Every school manager should be ready to listen to teachers,
but this is privilege that must be earned. When a school manager
genuinely listens to a teachers problem, he demonstrates, in a most
convincing way his respect and love for him. The favor is returned
and he gains the teachers respect and love, and most important
his trust.
For a clear communication between school manager and teacher, listening is essential. Simply listening in silence exudes loudly
and clearly that the teacher is important and that his perspective and
vision, mission and core values is valued. Listening is a great way
to help teacher develop his her potential, talent and skill in making
the teaching learning process effective, his skills in judgment and
decision making in sorting out his thought and discovering solutions for himself. Listening is also means of inspiring teachers to
actualize a full commitment and devotion to duty.
Many teachers would have been effective if only a caring school
manager possesses patient ears to listen. Truly, teachers will be discouraged if the school manager is too busy to listen. When one fails
to listen, what he hopes to achieve is a failure. Sometimes, a school
manager has trouble controlling his anger when standard rule and
regulations dont get through to a teacher, but anger would have
been prevented had he listened to what the teachers is saying.
Finally, after a school manager listened well, he must be sure
his response is one that will encourage the teacher to open up next
time. And he has problems he will need to seek others help, but he
will approach the school manager, let us determine every teachers
basic need at the moment. It may be that the teacher needs attention, comfort, praise and advice.
One way to express love to our fellow teacher is to follow the
admonition of Prophet James in the New Testament (James 1:19)
be swift about hearing, slow about speaking, slow about wrath.
Listening, caring, loving and nurturing have value that transcends
the high profile talents that put people in the spotlight. According
to Dennis J. De Haan, a great writer of the new millennium stressed
that a caring heart, a listening ear, a thoughtful word, a gentle tear
will help to lift the heavy load of souls along lifes road.

may 11 2016.indd 5

bikol reporter

Bikol Reporter columnist, 2 others

among top Bicol College alumni
Reporter columnist, Dr. Salvador D. Flor and two other
top professors of Bicol College in Daraga, Albay were
among the 75 outstanding
alumni honored last April 30,
Bicol College has marked
its 76th year with a grand
alumni homecoming.
Dr. Flor who has just retired as dean of the College
of Arts and Sciences is a book
author and an award winning
The two other top alumni
are Dr. SabasLoriaga and Dr.
Santos T. Arana, both gradu-




ate school professors. Loriaga

is a former bank manager
and civic leader while Arana
is a book author and former
The 75 honorees were

chosen by a committee composed of Dr. Maria Luz T.

Macasinag, BC president
Dr, Pedro T. Marcellana III,
executive vice president and
Dr. Leah Marcellana, head,

Alumni Affairs Office for

their significant contributions to society, exemplary
service and outstanding accomplishments.

Teachers: A Catalyst of Change

How do we live well together? How do we learn to

get along? And how do we as
teachers prepare our students
to be participatory citizens in
the 21st century?
Teachers have an awesome
responsibility: they will be the
one to Plant a series of hope,
success, happiness, faith and
enthusiasm, Seeds to water
and fertilize these seeds and
even add a few more. By the
end of the school, the crop
will be ready for harvest-

By Ma. Liza D. Buenaagua Teacher II

Pinaglabanan Elementary School, Goa District

ing to the degree and in the

amount expected as a result
of the teaching acting as a
catalyst throughout. Teachers must possess the Positive
mental attitude which is the
power of positive believing is
necessary ingredient for converting positive thinking into
positive action, which lead to
complete success. In many
societies, teachers are looked
upon as individual who can

help to bring about positive

changes in the lives of people.
They are seen as natural leaders who can give advice on
various affairs of the communities. Teachers could set-up
a network among themselves
and identify, other forum and
association which could support them to influence changes in educational policy and
Teachers are the largest

professionally trained group

in the world, yet teacher
training is often spotty, inconsequential or missing entirely, until we face reality of
how we affect others, we may
continue to find out that our
teaching are not what we want
them to be and then it is easy
to seduce into blaming everything, the curriculum, the
teaching guide, the class size,
the students and the education
system itself, whose lives are
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may 8- 14, 2016

bikol reporter

bicol sweeps 4...

that incident, the city government worked on the permanent
relocation to a safer place of all
residents in barangays within the
danger zone of the volcano, he
said. Another was from the catastrophic impact of two super typhoons "Milenyo" and "Reming" that battered in late 2006
the city as severely as if it was
the doomsday, killing over 1,200
people who were swept by the
massive flashflood that hit some
of its low-lying barangays. Amid
those devastating scenarios, the
badly shaken spirit of the city
regained its composure promptly
and the herculean character its
administration has developed for

the local government and instilled

among the governed swiftly
roused back to work towards
speedy recovery, he recalled.
Now, life does not only continue
to bloom in this city after those
disasters but has also been getting
livelier and highly livable as the
city administration continues to
nourish its booming economy and
explore more opportunities to rise
high not only in DRRM but also
in tourism and private business
investments leading towards inclusive growth and development,
he added. Apart from the Hall of
Fame and last years GK search
championship crowns, two other
national winners were from this
citythe Bicol Regional Training


lice and instrumentalities of

the government to ensure the
conduct of violence-free and
honest elections.
PSSupt.Espaa acknowledged the assistance being
rendered by the Philippine
Army (PA).
Everytime we have coordinating conference, our
counterpart from the Philipand Teaching Hospital (BRTTH)
in the government hospital category and Supt. Archilles Santiago, the former Bureau of Fire
Protection (BFP) chief here who
was given a special award for individual heroic act. - (PNA) -

pine Army is always present.

If there are areas that the PNP
cannot reach, particularly
the far-flung barangays and
municipalities, the PA takes
On the part of the DILG,
Madrideo said that prior to
the election, the barangay
assemblies that they have
conducted already served as
a ground preparation for the
During elections, we actually take a supporting role,
but all throughout, even before the elections, part of the
advocacy of the Department
is actually to ensure that
our local officials are actually oriented on their functions and roles, especially
during the time of elections,
they take a dual role. Some
of them are incumbents, and
most of them are also running
for positions, Madrideo added. - (LSMacatangay- PIA5
the majestic Mayon Volcano.
The President also inaugurated a fish port terminal and
a cold storage facility in Calabanga town that aim to boost
economic activities and alleviate poverty in Camarines Sur
The P50-million Sabang
Fish Port Development Project aims to develop a new
facility that will serve as the
main catalyst of fishing and
other agricultural industries in
the municipalities along San
Miguel Bay.
Implemented by the Department of Transportation
and Communications, the project covers the construction of
a fish port in a reclaimed area,
along with a terminal shed and
comfort rooms.
The project is expected to
benefit local fishermen, fish
brokers, construction suppliers, and the local population.
On the other hand, the
Sabang, CalabangaFishport
Cold Storage Facility, which
was completed last February,
was built to boost government
initiatives in spurring economic
activities to resolve poverty.
According to the Philippine Fisheries Development
Authority, the P46.3-million
project is expected to benefit
more than 1,000 fishermen in
Calabanga and help fish traders and the local community.

A 2013 feasibility study in

Calabanga showed that there
are 1,271 fishing bancas in
the municipality, including 19
commercial fishing vessels,
724 motorized and 52 nonmotorized fishing vessels.
The study also showed that
there are 14 hectares of freshwater fishponds, with a total
production of about .08 metric
ton a day.
Fishing activities in the
area yields an estimated 14.6
metric tons of fish a day. Of
the entire volume of fish catch,
about 99 percent comes from
marine fisheries and 1 percent
from aquaculture fisheries.
Some 90 percent, or 12.3
metric tons a day of the total
volume produced, are unloaded in Calabanga while fish
trading is conducted along the
The construction of the fish
port and cold storage facility
in Calabanga will address numerous problems in fish handling and distribution, as well
as improve fish quality.
With the cold storage facility, fishermen can command
better prices for their catch
and not live at the mercy of

middlemen and unscrupulous

traders, President Aquino said
in a brief speech during the
The President however
called on the people to work
together to maintain the fish
port and cold storage so the
facilities could be expanded in
the future.
Crabs, which are among
Calabangas major products,
could be processed in the municipality and this would create
more jobs, he said.
huwagtayongmagsiraan, huwagtayong
paratalagangmapagandaitongpasilidadnaito," he said.
The President also
expressed his gratitude to the
people for giving him the opportunity to serve them.
Explaining the meaning of
his DaangMatuwid agenda,
he said, "Walangpangakongnapapako. Pagsinabingpagagandahinangsitwasyonninyo,
pipilitinnatingibigayanglahatngoportunidad."- (PND)


Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the
legitimate heirs of the late PLACIDA PATANGAN-PAA, who
died intestate on January 09, 2012 in Naga City without any
will or no known debts left a home lot situated at Brgy. Sta.
Cruz, Naga City designated as Lot 2, Bock 35 under the
socialized housing of Naga City Government; the Heirs being
all of legal ages and with full capacity to contract hereby
agree to divide and adjudicate among themselves the said
lot in pro indiviso equal shares; the mentioned Heirs waive
their rights, interest and participation on their respective
shares in favor of EDGAR P. ESPLANA, their cousin, his
heirs and successors-in-interest; as acknowledged before
Notary Public Atty. Carlo C. Villanueva, Jr., Doc. No. 151,
Page No. 31, Book No. 179 Series of 2016.
Published: May 1, 8 and 15, 2016


Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the legal
heirs of the late JOSE ARINGO , who died intestate on
January 09, 2014 in Cararayan, Naga City without any will
or no known debts left a parcel of land situated at Bgry.
Cararayan, Naga City; the Heirs being all of legal ages and
with full capacity to contract hereby agree to setle, divide
and adjudicate unto themselves the described property;
that for and in consideration of the sum of Two Hundred
Thousand (P200,000.00) pesos paid by the Vendee,
Manolo C. Ebora, Jr., of Ragay, Camarines Sur, the
Vendor do hereby SELL, CEDE TRANSFER and CONVEY,
unto said Vendee his heirs, successors and assigns the
described parcel of land; as acknowledged before Notary
Public Atty. Carlo C. Villanueva, Jr., Doc. No. 414, Page
No. 83, Book No. 162 Series of 2015.
Published: May 1, 8 and 15, 2016

for march

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may 8- 14, 2016

bikol reporter

a question of privilege...
That was how Paniman became a much sought after
The Holy Week just over brought to Paniman dozens of
cars and hundreds of vacationers from the mainland. Late
comers found all parking spaces full. The village was literally
brimming with visitors.
Paniman Village Chief, Ma. Myrna Rodriguez, said she
had to seek the help of the police to keep the flow of traffic
All private homes had tourists paying p350 for a nights
lodging. The beach had tents of holdaying people.
Salvador Alarcon, an old friend, said the scene was like in
Bethlehem with Mary and Joseph looking for a lodging but were
turned down. All the houses were full.
Even today, many private homes are rented our to Survivor
Series workers for P10,000.00 a month. The owners crowd
themselves in hurriedly built huts.
Sayang naman ang P10,000.00 kada buwan. They said
in Tagalog.
I spent my early years in the village. I headed the Paniman
Youth Club for many years. In my recent visit, I was treated
as a total stranger.
Look at what the years have done. But I am happy of what
my birth place has achieved.
teachers: a catalyst...

a reflection of sacrifice, dedication and commitment.

Here are some characterestics of teachers as a catalyst of
Teacher must focus on
subject matter expertise, cross
disciplinary reference and innovative methodology for interactive learning.
Do not restrict student
creativity and thinking power by
providing readymade solutions.
Teacher must raise
student awareness of their role in
learning, must focus on learners
strong points instead focusing on
Be careful of indiscriminate use of technology.
Be patient, control
your anger, spend and interact
more with students.
expertise key to...
Bongat stressed that he
has always been on the side
of enriching and attracting
investors to be a part of the
growing economic players in
Naga City.
Since 2013, three major
locators in the BPO have invested in the City of Naga.
IBM and Concentrix are right
in front of SM City Naga and a
new building has already risen to be inaugurated 5-storey BPO building of IBM. The
total combined employment
of all 3 BPOs is already 3,000
employees, Bongat added.
Currently, the city is on
the process of applying for
a Philippine Economic Zone
Authority (PEZA) accreditation for the big track of land
located within the city which
could give thousands of employment opportunities not
only for Nagueos but also
form those residing in its
neighboring towns.
A similar jobs fair is being
simultaneously conducted in
all 17 regions in the country to
accommodate not just fresh
graduates but also for those
seeking employment, livelihood or economic enterprise.
This years jobs fair was
also supported by SM City
Naga, ABS-CBN Regional
Network Group (RNG) and
MOR, Technical Education
Skills and Development Authority (TESDA), Overseas
Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), Philippine
Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), National
Conciliation and Mediation
Board (NCMB), Naga College
Foundation (NCF), METRO
PESO and the city government of Naga. - (LSMacatangay, with reports from Jam

may 11 2016.indd 7





Primum Regnum Dei


Senior officers of the Ateneo HS Class 56 on board the tourist boat MV DivinoRostro
of the Naga City Government on their Jubilee River Cruise to the TangcongVaca
Monument in San Nicolas, Canaman, March 31. Shown clockwise above: Lao Macandog (program coordinator), Jimmy Marquez (Margando Fiesta saNayon coordinator),
Baba Sibulo, Vic Alparan (president), Ed Dayao (vice president), Frank Abainza, Leo
Guinto, TotoyAbainza and Tony Amparado (secretary). At far behind is the MV Peafrancia carrying the participating spouses and several Jubilarians.

5/12/2016 6:10:54 AM

President Noy inaugurates

Albay bridge, CSur Fishport
LEGAZPI CITY, Albay President Benigno S. Aquino
III on Thursday led the inauguration of the newly renovated
Yawa Bridge in Barangay
Rawis here.
The President was welcomed at the airport by Albay Governor Joey Salceda
and Legazpi City Mayor Noel
Rosal, who also joined him
at the P83.5-million four-lane
bridge for the inaugural drive
The Yawa Bridge, which
connects the northern baran-

gays of Legazpi City to the

Central Business District as
well as the municipalities of
Albays first district, was widened to ease traffic congestion, and facilitate the transport of marine and agricultural
products and other basic services.
After the inaugural drive
through, President Aquino
travelled to Barangay San
Roque-Bonot for the unveiling of the marker and inspection of a pumping station constructed near the mouth of the

Tibu River Channel.

The Tibu Pumping Station
is part of the Legazpi City Urban Drainage Improvement
Project, which aims to solve
the perennial flooding in the
commercial district and nearby
areas in and around the city.
After the inauguration of
the Tibu Pumping Station,
President Aquino met with local leaders and community
at the Pavilion of Ligao City,
which is situated at the foot of

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page 8

Bicol, the philippines

may 8-14, 2016


President Benigno S. Aquino II, Vice Presidential candidate Leni G. Robredo and 3rd
Congressional district candidate Gabby Bordado tour and inspect the facilities of the Cold
Storage Facility during the inauguration ceremony in Barangay Sabang, Calabanga, Camarines
Sur on Thursday (May 05). (Photo by Joseph Vidal / Malacaang Photo Bureau)

NGCP assures uninterrupted power supply

By: Ana-Liza S. Macatangay

NAGA CITY --- National

Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) Regional
Communications Division
Head Nelson Bautista assured
the media of a reliable, safe
and efficient power service
this coming election through

un- interrupted electricity

supply during the conduct of
the May 2016 national elections.
During the energy briefing
held at the Flamingo Hostel
here Tuesday, Bautista reiterated this commitment in
front of the members of the
Camarines Sur tri-media and

officers and members of the

Camarines Sur Energy Press
Also present during the
briefing to share their contingency plans are Department
of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Provincial
Director ArnelMadrideo, Camarines Sur COMELEC Su-

pervisor Atty. Romeo Serrano, PSupt Benjamin Espaa,

Philippine National Police
(PNP) Camarines Sur Police
Community Relations Unit
Chief and PSI Dennis San
Juan, PNP Naga City Police
Office (NCPO) Deputy for
Operations and COMELEC
Monitoring Action Center
Bautista stated that as one
of the offices or utilities that
will play a significant and crucial role during the elections,
they were also mandated to
ensure that their contingency measures are responsive
to any circumstances that
would affect the continuous

transmission of their service

during the elections.
NGCP wants to ensure
the smooth flow of information through an unobstructed
power supply so that government agencies, power customers, related stakeholders
and our media partners are
well-informed of the operational status of the transmission grid.
Engr. Irvin Piraman,
NGCP District 3 Bicol Senior
Engineer assured the public
of their facilities readiness
during the entire duration of
the election period. He discussed the capacities of their
command and control centers

as well as their substations to

instantaneously respond to
immediate concerns as these
facilities will be manned by
adept personnel 24/7.
To ensure that there will be
no power interruption, NGCP
also stated that there will be
a suspension of preventive
maintenance and testing of
generating units one week
before and after the election.
COMELEC is also guided
with Resolution No. 10067
that give them the mandate
to deputize, with the concurrence of the President, law
enforcement agencies like
the Philippine National Po-

alizing what we want in life.

Is it really productive for you
to work in an office, you can
also be entrepreneurs. What
we really want is for you to
develop a life-long learning,
Aragon enthused.
Under the theme: KinabukasanSiguradosaDisentengTrabaho, DOLE believes that
all 75 employers and companies, 6 from overseas or international firms that participated in this years jobs fair also

endeavor to give a decent job

to every applicant.
Mayor John Bongat acknowledged the big help being extended by other stakeholders and partner agencies
every year, particularly the
DOLE not only via its direct
employment program but also
through its economic enterprise activities that uplifts the
hopes of the job seekers and
enhanced their capacity.

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Expertise key to job hunt success

By: Ana-Liza S. Macatangay

NAGA CITY --- The key

word here is expertise, skills
and ability. We have a lot of
vacancies, we have vacancies for teachers, agricultural
technicians, lawyers, administrative assistants, service
crew, -- name it and it is here.
The question is, do your skills
fit into the qualifications?
This was the statement
delivered by Department
of Labor and Employment
(DOLE) Assistant Secretary
Joji V. Aragon during the annual jobs fair held at the SM
City Naga Event Center here.
Aragon underscored the
worth of ones competence
as a basic prerequisite for an
applicant to land a job that
would perfectly complement
his qualifications.
This is not just a one-day
activity. The hired-on-thespot and near hire phrases
are just a journey towards re-

may 11 2016.indd 8

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