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Session no1.

EGOIST-Believes in self advancement
Egotist-talks about accomplishments
Altruist-is interested in welfare of others
Introvert-turns thoughts inwards
Extrovert-turns thought outwards
Ambivert-turns thought inward & outwards
Misanthrope-hates people
Misogynyst-hates women
Misogamist-hates marriage
Ascetic-does not pursue pleasures of the flesh
Ego-one's concept of oneself
Egocentric-one who is excessively fixated on his own desires
Altruism-philosophy of putting another's welfare above own
To alternate-to take one, to skip one
To alter- to change
Egomaniacal-morbidly,obsessively wrapped up in oneself
Altruistic-interested in welfare of others
Alternative-a choice
Alteration-a change
Alter ego-one's other self
Alternate-other possible
Ambidextrous-capable of using both hands with equal skill
Sinister-evil, threatening

Misanthropic-hating mankind
Anthropology-study of human development
Gynaecology-study of female ailments
Monogamy-system of only one marriage
Bigamy-illegal plurality of marriages
Misogyny-hatred of women
Polygamy-custom of one man many wives
Misogamy-hatred of marriage
Asceticism-devotion to a lonely & austere life
Philanthropy-love of mankind
Adroitness-skill, cleverness
Polygynist-male with many wives
Polyandrist-female with many husbands
Anthropologist-student of development of mankind
Philanthropist-one who engages in charitable works

Speciality of Doctors:
Gynaecologist-women's doctor
Obstetrician -pregnancy, childbirth doctor
Paediatrician- infants doctor
Dermatologist- skin doctor
Ophthalmologist- eyes doctor
Orthopaedist- skeletal systems
Cardiologist- heart
Neurologist- nervous system
Psychiatrist- mental or emotional disturbance
Pedagogy- principles of teaching
Demagoguery- stirring up discontent among masses
Taxidermy- stuffing of skins of teaching
Hypodermic- under the skin
Epidermis- outer layer of the skin
Pachyderm- thick skin
Dermatitis- inflammation of the skin
Optometrist- one who measures vision
Orthodontics- straightening of teeth
Neuralgia- nerve pain
Neuritis- inflammation of nerves
Geriatrics- deals with medical problems of elderly
Cardiogram- record of heart beats
Cardiograph- instrument for recording heartbeats
Neurosis- emotional disturbance
Psychosis- mental disturbance

Psychiatry- treatment of personality disorders

Session no 2.
Osteopath- interests in bones & blood vessels
Chiropractor- interests in joints of spine
Chiropodist- interests in feet
Graphologist- interests in handwriting
Gerontologist- interests in problems of aging
Periodontics- speciality of gums
Endodontics- dental speciality involving the pulp & root canal
Exodontics- speciality of tooth extraction
Sphygmomanometer- blood pressure apparatus
Platypus- egg laying mammal with webbed feet
Chiromancy- palm reading
Podium- speaker's platform
Calligraphy- beautiful handwriting
Callipygian- possessed with beautiful buttocks
Cacography- ugly, bad, illegible handwriting
Senility- deteriorated old age
Senescence- condition of aging or growing old
Semanticist- meaning & psychological effect of words
Sociologist- community & family life
Autopsy- dissection & examination of corpse to find cause of death

Aster- star shaped flower

Metronome- instrument to measure musical time
Notorious- unfavourably known
Consummate- finished, perfect, artistic
Incorrigible- beyond reform
Inveterate- from long standing habit
Congenital- from birth
Chronic- continuing over a long period of time
Pathological- diseased
Unconscionable- without conscience
Glib- suspiciously smooth
Egregious- very bad or vicious
Omniscience- infinite knowledge
Prescience- fore knowledge
Nescience- ignorance
Gregariousness- friendliness
Disparage- play down
Equivocate- purposely talk as to be vague & misleading
Titillate- tickle, stimulate pleasurely
Adulate- flatter lavishly
Proscribe- prohibit
Obviate- make unnecessary
Militate- work against
Malign- slander
Condone- forgive

Placate- change hostility to friendliness

Disparagement- belittlement
Equanimity- balance of mind
Equestrian- horseback rider
Equilibrist- tightrope walker
Equine- horse
Malevolence- quality of wishing evil
Malaise- vague feeling of bodily discomfort
Taciturn- unwilling to engage in conversation
Laconic- using few words packed with meaning
Inarticulate- spluttering unintelligibly
Garrulous- chattering meaninglessly
Banal- unoriginal
Verbose- wordy
Voluble- fluent & rapid
Cogent- brilliantly compelling
Vociferous- loud, noisy
Loquacious- talkative
Perambulator- baby carriage
Preamble- introduction
Soporific- sleeping pill
Banality- lack of imagination
Martinet- discipline
Sycophant- flattery
Dilettante- superficiality
Virago- turbulence
Chauvinist- patriotism

Monomaniac- single mindedness

Iconoclast- antitradition
Atheist- godlessness
Lecher- sex
Hypochondriac- illness
Fraternize- socialize
Fraternal- brotherly
Sorority- sisterhood
Uxorious- doting on one's wife
Uxorial- characteristic of a wife
Marital- referring to marriage
Regal- kingly,royal
Regalia- badges,dress of rank or office
Convivial- friendly
Indefatigable- tireless
Ingenuous- frank
Perspicacious- keen-mindness
Magnanimous- noble
Versatile- in many directions
Stoical- unflinching
Intrepid- fearless
Scintillating- witty
Urbane- sophisticated
Penurious- stingy
Indigent- poor
Affluent-wealthy, plenty of
Evanescent- fleeting

Euphemistic- inoffensive
Euphonious- pleasant in sound
Euphoric- feeling tip-top
Platitudinous- flat
Parsimony- stinginess
Destitution- poverty
Opulence- luxury
Evanescence- impermanence
Euphony- pleasant sound
Euphoria- feeling of well being
Euthanasia-painless death, mercy killing
Platitude- trite remark
Anodyne- statement intended to allay
Bromide- trite statement
Persiflage- light, teasing banter
Eulogy- high, formal praise
Penuriousness- tightfistedness
Affluence- wealth
Parsimonious- stingy,frugal
Destitute- in want
Opulent- ostentatiously wealthy
Vicarious- second hand
Euphonic- pleasant sounding
Eulogistic- highly praising
Evanesce- begin to vanish
Eulogize- praise

Bromidic- tilted in expression

Clich- hackneyed phrase
Phonetics- science of speech sounds
Omnibus- a collection of all things
Carnelian- a gemstone
Carnality- lechery, lasciviousness
Surreptitiousness- furtiveness, stealth, sneakiness
Abate- subside or moderate, to become less intense

Session no3
Word no202.