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Volume 25, Number 15

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July 24, 2016

A Look Inside...

Childrens Summer
Ice Cream Bash
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Recycling for
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Sunday School
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Mike Northcutt -

How far is Krasnadon, Ukraine from
Montgomery? It is only 24 inches. On an all night
train I shared Holy Communion with an elderly
stewardess. She spoke no English and I spoke no
Russian, but we communicated. She pointed to a
cross on her neck. I pointed to my Bible. She gave
me a piece of hard black bread. I gave her some of
my Ramen noodles. We prayed and ate in silence.
It wasnt a Lords Supper that I am accustom to, but
Christ was there with us. This Sunday we will share
the bread, the cup, and fellowship of Christs presence
through the Lords Supper. Come join us and invite a
friend or a stranger.

I want us to be a church that people cant stop
talking about. This is not an ego thing. It is a God
thing. And guess what causes people to stop in their
tracks and talk? It is transformed lives. It doesnt have
to be sensational changes. It may be as simple as a bad
attitude or as complex as a recovering addict. When
God changes lives and others hear about it, people
really start talking. Tell your Life Group how God
keeps working in your heart. Your story of faith will
encourage others and give the hope.

I hope you appreciate what an amazing church
God is building here at Eastmont. As pastor, I see a
lot of things you dont. There are hurting lives, broken
hearts, and wounded spirits that come through our
door. Too many for me to minister to. What blesses
me is how God uses you to provide healing, hope and

I have always been inspired by the Apostle
Pauls description of his friend Onesiphorus. You
are like a breath of fresh air to me. (2 Timothy 1:16).
God intended us to be a source of life, support, and
encouragement for one another. When someone told
me they didnt need a Life Group (Sunday School)
I quickly said, but they really need you! Be an
Onesiphorus to someone this week.

Ill see you Sunday,

Jeremy Lynch -

RA Camp @ Worldsong

All Boys Camp - July 25-27

Lad & Dad Camp - July 28-30

Montgomery, Missions, & More --> M3

August 1-5 ; 11:30 AM - 4 PM (After 1J2)

For K4 - 6 Grade (3rd Grade & under must have chaperone)
Bring bag lunch, sunscreen, Bible, prayer journal & $5 on Monday

5th & 6th Grade Bible Studies

Tuesday, July 26; 5:30-7:30 PM

Girls @ the Meyer home (4416 Chrystan Rd.)
Boys @ the Richardson home (5879 Bridle Path Ln.)
Remember to bring your Bible, journal, swimsuit & towel
Tuesday, August 2; 6:00 PM
Girls @ Eastmont for 1J2 Worship. Sleep over to follow.
Boys @ Bama Lanes; 4 PM. Bring $8 for food & bowling.
1J2 Worship to follow.

Life Group (S.S.) Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

for teachers & their respective families.
July 24 directly following second service
in the Fellowship Hall

July 24 - End of Summer Ice Cream Bash

5 -7 PM @ the Lynchs (4077 Camellia Dr.)

ALL preschool, children & their families are invited. Bounce
houses, scooters, & much more fun in store! Children need to
have a waiver signed to play on the Faulkner soccer field.

Mark Your Calendar

No Evening Activities - July 27

RAs & GAs Water Wars - August 3
Promotion Sunday - August 7
Children Choir Kickoff - August 7 @ 5 PM
Promotion Wednesday - August 10
Parents Night w/ Tommy McGregor- August 21 @ 5 PM


David Shelnutt (Interim Student Minister) -

Small group Bible study

Sundays at 9:20 AM, Explore the Bible: 1 Samuel

Final 1J2 of the summer- August 1-3

Girls/Guys Retreat - August 5 6 (See BluePrint for details)
Enfuego - August 27th Details coming soon.
7 Up Party - July 24th, from 4-6 PM at the Huckabees
See You at the Pole
September 28



Billy Dickey - (international)

Gene Kim - (local / national)

T-Shirts Supporting Guatemala Mission Trip

Will be available in the long hallway on

Sundays. Cost is $20 for S-XL. $25 for 2XL3XL. Also can be purchased by contacting
Bro. Gene (

Columbia Mission Team (Amazon Camp Hope)

Pastor Juan Santana of our Hispanic ministry along with

SOS ministries are traveling to the jungles of Columbia
from 7/22-7/30. Please keep them in your prayers as they
seek to advance the Gospel!!

Recycling for Missions

We are collecting empty inkjet cartridges (no laser or toner

cartridges) and used cell phones (no accessories). Place
these items in the ministry baskets located around the
church. All proceeds go toward Eastmont Mission Trips.
Thank you for recycling for missions.

Art Long -

Upcoming Events

August 13 - Saturday Luau

August 21 - Sunday Luncheon
September - Movie Night
October 7-10 - Beach Trip

Jean Wyatt (7/17/16)
by Letter

Lisa Rogers (7/17/16)

by Recommitment

Billy Dickey -

Forever Young

Tuesday, August 16, at 10 AM in room 205.

Special Guest: Alabama Baptist Foundation
Covered dish lunch to follow.

Callaway Gardens Fantasy in Lights

December 15-16, 2016

Single Occupancy - $200 Double Occupancy - $145/ea.
Accommodations are at the Mountain Creek Inn.
Dinner, breakfast, Fantasy in Lights and 3 hour guided
tour of the garden are included. Contact Cheryl Wells if
youre interested. Deadline to sign up is August 12.

Antiquities Center in LaGrange, GA

October 7, 2016
an interactive museum of daily life in Biblical times.
Cost: $40/person


Gene Kim -

Summer of Service - Thursday nights

7/28 Community of Hope back to school party

Eat & Bowl at Bama Lanes

Sunday, August 7 at 1 PM. Bring $5 for lunch and bowling.

Friendship Families Program

AUM Baptist Campus Ministries is looking to provide a

home away from home for international students. This is a
wonderful way to share Christs love and even the Gospel
to people from all over the world. Contact Bro. Gene for
an application. Applications due August 15.

Progressive Supper - August 16

Various churches around Montgomery

College/Career Luau - August 27, 6-8 PM

Pig Roast, Games, and Slip-n-slide


Mills / Stickle / Mills Class (His Seasoned Saints)

Our Sunday School director, Eddie Eckermann has asked
us to tell you a little about our Sunday School Class ---Im
sorry, our Life Groups. We have been known for quite
some time as the Mills/Stickle/Mills Class but decided
thats not really who we are. Its not our class, its His.
Since each of us belong to God, our group belongs to God
as well and we choose to be referred to as His Seasoned
Saints. We are His Children, His Salt, and His Saints!

Our mission is to worship with the Lord with all
our hearts, our souls, our minds, and our strength! The
group consists of men and women and chronologically we
span about thirty years - from the sixties to the nineties.

Our ministries are as varied as our membership,
but our initial response to anything is always the same - we
pray. We love and care for each other and do whatever
we can, whenever we can to exhibit and spread the love to
whomever we can. That may involve furnishing a meal,
providing transportation, visiting a homebound brother
or sister, offering temporary financial assistance, or doing
whatever is necessary to share Gods love and grace with
someone who needs to know that he or she is not alone.
Regardless of the need, His Seasoned Saints live and do for
the Lord! You dont have to join our group, but please join
our effort. Today, someone, somewhere needs to know
that Jesus Christ loves us unconditionally--and--He lives!

Love in Christ,
His Seasoned Saints


The Encourager

Periodicals Postage
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4505 Atlanta Highway
Montgomery, Alabama 36109
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bi-weekly by Eastmont Baptist Church, 4505 Atlanta Highway,
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Encourager, 4505 Atlanta Highway, Montgomery, AL 36109.

July 24, 2016

8:10 AM
9:20 AM
10:30 AM
5:00 PM

Sunday, July 24

Worship Service
Sunday School
Worship Service

Monday, July 25

6:00 PM

8:10 AM
9:20 AM
10:30 AM
5:00 PM

Ladies Bible Study

6:00 AM
5:30 PM

Tuesday, July 26

Insanity Workout

Wednesday, July 27

6:15 PM
Prayer Meeting
No other Wednesday PM activities

10:00 AM
5:30 PM

Thursday, July 28

Bible Study

6:00 PM


July 28, 2016

Sunday, July 31

Worship Service
Sunday School
Worship Service

Monday, August 1

Ladies Bible Study

No Wednesday Night Fellowship Meal this week.

August 3, 2016
Menu: TBA




July 10, 2016

Tuesday, August 2

Preschool........................... 67
Children............................. 68
Students............................. 61
Adults............................... 600
Total.................................. 796

Wednesday, August 3

July 10, 2016

6:00 AM
5:30 PM

Insanity Workout

5:00 PM
5:15 PM
6:00 PM
6:15 PM

Fellowship Meal
Adult Choir
Orchestra Practice
Timeout (youth)
Mission Groups
Prayer Meeting

Thursday, August 4

10:00 AM
5:30 PM

Bible Study

(Max. $15/family)

July 17, 2016

Preschool........................... 77
Children............................. 66
Students............................. 68
Adults............................... 604
Total.................................. 815


July 17, 2016

General Budget
Emergency Fund

July 24, 2016

General Budget
Emergency Fund


Bobby Edmond - 271-4083

July 31, 2016

Bob Franklin - 731-2046


July 10, 2016

Julian Prince & Richard Cartwright

July 17, 2016

Joe Torrillo & Lyndol Williamson

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