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This is a reproduction of a library book that was digitized

by Google as part of an ongoing effort to preserve the

information in books and make it universally accessible.











- **

: ". . . A


FoR many years there has been a desire to have the large
volume of Mr. Reeve in a portable form; but the absence of
sufficiently small Canarese type, and the expense of printing so
large a work, prevented any steps being taken to effect it.
These obstacles having been removed by the preparation of a
font of minion type, at the expense of the Wesleyan Mission
ary Society, and by the liberal patronage of Lieutenant General
SIR MARK CUBBON, K.C.B., Commissioner for the Government

of the Territories of His Highness the Rajah of Mysore, the

present volume is the result.
The alterations from the original work are, chiefly:
1. The insertion of upwards of eleven hundred additional
words, and a still larger number of additional meanings.
2. The pronunciation of each word expressed in italic types

cast expressly for this work.

3. The separation of compound words in the pronunciation.
4. The derivation of many words given in brackets.

5. The separation, where practicable, of words in the ex


6. Many definitions have been re-written and amplified.

7. In some cases words have been referred to their more

correct forms, when near at hand. This might have been done
to a much greater extent, and a large number of mis-spelled
words omitted with advantage.

But until a standard of or

thography is formed in printed books, it might perplex the


For the complete study of the language there are needed,

a more Critical Dictionary, giving carefully sclected examples
from the best authors; a Dictionary of Mythology and History;
a Dictionary of Grammatical and Scientific terms, Natural His
tory, Botany, Geology, Astronomy, &c.; a complete revision of
all Hindustani words, and words peculiar to the cutcherries and
their records; also a complete and carefully prepared Diction
ary, English and Canarese.

It is hoped that the portability of the present volume, reduc

ed, notwithstanding the large additions and the pronunciation,
from a quarto volume of 1468 pages, to a convenient octavo,
will make it a useful contribution to the available Canarese lit

D. S.

December 1st, 1858.


in about.

83 ta o

5 d


, far.

3 tha

c3 i


, pin.

t; da

#2 *




the same aspirated.

the same aspirated.

,, police.

Q: dha

CA) *


, full.

erup it


, rule.

ge na"
a ta +
: tha the same aspirated.

3 ri

) ri


ru , brunt.

the same sound lengthened.

) e


, met.



, grey.

Qo ei


ei , height.


, not.

8, 6.


, note.

#3 ou


ow , owl.


o m or 72

# aha

ka , kalendar.
the same aspirated.
7 ga
, ga , galloon,
*0 gha the same aspirated.
5 ka

w: dha the same aspirated.

S nat , na , natural.
,, pa , paternal.
+3 pa
# pha the same aspirated.
23 ba
, ba , balloon.
35 bha

the same aspirated.

$33 ma

ma , maternal.

O33 ya



, yahoo.

U ra



, , ra'Vine.


22 kha

23 gna

83 cha

*: chha

a da

gna , magnate.

cha, chapter.
the same aspirated.

ja , japan.
a ja
C jha the same aspirated.
c3 nya
, nya, banyan.

elorra ;
e laf ,
33 va

, va (or wa) in variety.

% sha

, sha , shalloon.

13 sha *
& sa

sa , salute.

3 ha.


ha , harangue.



la , latinity.

la *

# ksha , ksha, Melksham.

It must be borne in mind, that the exact sounds of the English

d, t, n and l, are not found in Canarese. These letters are pronounced either
with the tip of the tongue between the front teeth, or curled backwards
as near the throat as possible. The latter, marked * above, are called
Cerebrals, and are distinguished by a dot underneath; the former, mark
ed f, are called Dentals.
# The obsolete letter e rra, in the few cases where it occurs, has been

represented by d) or ds.



Denotes pure Canarese words.

A. C.


words peculiar to the Ancient Dialect.


Sanscrit words.


Canarese corruptions of Sanscrit words.

words of Hindustani, Persian, or Arabic derivation.

words from English.

words from Tamil or Telugu.
Mahratta words.

words common to most Indian languages.








40. Q.


Verb active.

9, 78.


Verb neuter.


0. Cat!8.

Verb causal.

v. comp.

Verb compound.












9 a, The first letter of the alphabet, and

short vowel inherent in every consonant. 2, a

negative prefix to nouns derived from Sans

s. & C. eSot'333 anka-vare, [eos and #3

or tod] s. A mark on the body.

s. & C. esot'sogs anka-vtu, [eow and

crit; as ** fit, ecosy, unfit; #2: practi

** or :==9| s. A cipher word.

cable, **** impracticable. Before a vowel,

* becomes S; as eos end, esca endless.
sign or

s. eSoa ankita, s. An author's name, or

figure. 2. a mark or spot. 3. the thigh, the

the name of his spiritual guide or patron af

fixed to his work, rocoso's the symbol of a
priest, or the author's dedication of his work

s: ect anka, s. An arithmetical

flank. F#"c", "setow the right thigh; S:

***, **** the left thigh. 4, the body.
5, a chapter or section. 6, a species of dra

matic entertainment. 7, the act of a play.

8 proximity, vicinity. 9. place, abode. 10.
ornament, decoration. 11. war, battle. ~9:
*** a thick fight. 12. fault, offence.

c. *oge ankana, s. The space between

two cross beams or pillars supporting a roof.
*** **, the measure of such a space, eo
*** **, the number of such spaces.

C. esot anki, See eo".

<2524, anka-talpa, [eow and sex]s.

The thigh used as a bed for a child. 2. a pil
low or cushion to support the thighs.

s. eSoajr: ankadoushadha, s. Gun

to his spiritual guide. &sdot a dedicated to

God. ects asswo to affix one's signature to
a work, to dedicate a work. 2. a mark. adj.
marked, spotted, paged.

s. eSood ankura, s. A bud, germ, shoot

or sprout. Somoved the first shoot of a fu
ture generation. 2. the top, point. 3 blood.
4. the hair of the body.

5. water.

s. eSoovo:= e ankurrpana, [eced

and erro] s. An offering of shoots of sacred
grass. 2. sowing several sorts of grain in
pots of earth at the beginning of an auspici
ous ceremony, which are left to germinate by
its conclusion.


e2=E', ecse: anka-patte,

anka-pattike, s. The thighs as elevated
in crossing them.

s. eos #73, exot's obe anka-pli,

anka-pdlika, s. An embrace, embracing.
s. eSo983 anka-pitha, s. The thigh as
a seat, the lap.

s sow'82 anka-puttu, See eove',

s. eSoo:# anka-mandane, s. The
legs crossed and spread out wide,

s. efo3b*, esot'sbR3 ankuripu, an

kurisu, [eoved] v. n. to rise, shoot up,
germinate, spring forth.
s. eSo93 ankusha, s. A hook for driving
an elephant.

C. eSo anke, s. A numerical figure, eo

**:0 to add up figures, eo" ror: to
multiply, ecs wV to subtract. *rao"
dry measure; Edws: ec" pagoda accounts;
ow eo- copper coin accounts, &c. a'.
compound or mixed arithmetic. 2, strength,

esot Joe


prowess. 3. authority, control. eca:#d.

to be under restraint, kept in check. es:

t3twor 'to do not encumber yourself with

shop debts. 2. fig. litter, confusion, spreading

ec"::::::: he is under his authority, ecs

ce: to curb, check, restrain. eo- two to
set free, release from obligation, &c. 4, a
lever. 5. belief, confidence.

things about in disorder.

s. eorge, esow & angana, angani, s. A

court or yard, the space in front of a house.

**', eart" the open court in the centre of a

c. *2+285 ankle, s. A stirrup.

native dwelling.
c. esota&#73 anklgida, s. The c. e27.8, eox2 angata, angatta,
adv. Flatways, on the back. eons. Boers to

plant alangium herapetalum.

lie on the back. ears, sures==9 =oriesh

s. 207 anga, s. A limb, or member 2.

one of the sciences taught in the vdas.

*** the man who usually lies on his back


is lying on his side, (a symptom of illness.)

*E*or under 5. 3. the body. Resort, to

*/or, 5-vor a white body. 4. a collective
body; as, *or a body of people, a nation.
*::..or the seven royal favours, viz. : mo

ney, E*R, corn, rea: a house, #3) land, E::/

raiment, et::cro jewels, and ~~& a vehicle.
**.* the seven requisites of a king's

court, viz. 5:32: scholar, we poet, t'=s*

herald, "scow songster, Bess:*jester, asz,
* historian, and car: * reader of purnas.
*or the ten fragrant substances used in
worship, viz.: tax incense, cow resin, ere.
red sandal, was ad crwtsat a medicinal root,
** a kind of seed, 35, a dried fragrant sub
stance in the form of a finger nail, roor a

S. &o7.20: anga-tpa, [eer and six s.

The heat of the body in fever, &c.
S. efo?: angada, s. The name of a cele
brated monkey, son of Vli.

2. a bracelet

worn above the elbow.



anga-datta, s. Drawers or

trowsers, such as are worn by Mussulman

women or Hindu dancing girls.

s. eSoTo anga-dandi, s. The backbone.

s. & T. B. esort:30: Rangadavlige,

s. Striking the shoulders in defiance, or as a
S. o7.
esozzot':8 angaddr


kind of basil, re?" bdellium, and *.* ghee.

dhya, angadradhya, [eor and ever]

5. an expedient, a means of success. 6. a

term in grammar, the inflective root with the

s. Bodily strength, the vigour of life, eor:*

** **, Sxtovs: he has passed the vigour
of life, and become old.
C. ecoz: angadala, s. A village servant.

affix. 7. chief, principal. 8, one of the fifty

six countries, Bengal proper, including Bh
galpore. Carson, 9-cisor, assor beauty,

s. eSo?'8&# anga-dikshe, [eer and be:

ornament and speech.

s. A kind of vow.

S. eCR3 angaja, Leon body, e born,

s. & C.

sprung from,]s. Cupid, the god of love; hence

love, desire.

exes, angadlme, [eer and

8%] s. Personal beauty.

earts ess, eoresa', efor'.3

. . eSo?:3 angane, s. A woman.

: 907:57.6% anga-nyasa,

&c. Krishna, the father of Cupid. e-Rese,

**:3 Shiva, the foe of Cupid. ecreas:
the distress of love. 2. a son. 3. sickness,
disease. 4. the hair of the body.

s. Touching

various parts of the body during a religious


. o7:63 anga-parikshe, s. Anatomy.

A. C. &ow8 angata, s. A goad.
C. eSoT-8 angadi, s. A shop. ** ear?

eso?:R3 anga-piffe, s worshipping

the different members of the body of an idol.
::*ror #2t worshipping the different parts

a fruit shop &c. eorocos, ecrme a shop

keeper. eor avy, razo, 3% or * to open

of the body by putting flowers upon them;

shop. ec" t-nver, or ov's shop to fail.

*one *** ** **, or **, *2 to remove
or take down a shop. eora zoo?!, **# or
&C. *# to spread out wares for sale.

as, :at the feet, &c.; the calf, tes: the knee,

ervice the thigh, w8 the hip, Eat the ravel,

vote the belly, & Ec: the breast, voc the

neck, tr.: the shoulder, Sws the face, 53



the mouth, *.* the nose, *@*te the cheeks,
3ts, the eyes, *t the forehead, to the head.

eox#):#fe anga-pradakshana,


s. &o7'ova' anga-rja, s. Karna, the king

of Anga.


s soxews, esoz893, eso?'e),

Rolling the body after an idol car, or round

a temple, as penance, or in fulfilment of a

eox 3655 angarku, angarkhu, an

garkhi, angarkhe, s. A coat, jacket,



s &orax:Sanga-badhya, s. Consan. s. &oz&#39 anga-rma, s. The hair


of the body.

s. &o7:35.53 anga-bhava, [eart and GS]s.

C. esoze, esowes, eso? angala,


angalu, angangalu, adj. Separate, wide

s. eSortage:go anga-bhushana, s. Em

ly apart. eoresh as to put apart, at a dis

tance from one another. 2. thin, as corn in

bellishment of the person.

oxg53t: anga-bheda,


a field.

s. Variety of

personal form.

& 3.2-3 #8, 25% tored the corn

of that field is very thin.

s. eSo?:Jo74 anga-bhga, s. Sensual

C. &o7(e) angala, s. The throat.

S. stor.

#. 3 anga-majjana, s. Bathing, C. eSower: 833, esozero835E angalachu,

angaldrchu, [eore throat, ee: to make
dry,] v. n. To weep, grieve, be distressed.


$27:383 angamani, s. A present of

ecrease, eorem: sorrow, grief, regret. to

rett's 'ez: a sorrowful business. orers

rice, &c., from the wife's father to his daugh

ter and son-in-law at the consummation of

to to cause grief, to distress.

their marriage, or other auspicious occasion.
2. bridal gifts.


ex: anga-vakra,
eox=#. anga-vatta

s. Decrepitude.
Leon and :'',

S. efo?=33 angamana, s. Surfeit, over

T. B. of ] s. Roundness of limb, plump

fulness from excess of drink, high living, &c.,

ness, beauty.


T. B. &o Rid angara, See earne.

C. efo?:38 angavadi, s. A stirrup.

s.A. c. eox=3:58, esoz: angavane,

S. &oxto" anga-ranga, s. Excellence,

c. *:27:37: angara-gadde, s. A medi.

cinal root,

angavale, s. A habit. See also ec3=r8.

s. eSo?:33333= anga-varma, s. A jacket.
2. a grudge, secret hatred.

Fysali, fluruosa.

s. #)
anga-tastra, fee" and *
s. An upper cloth. 2. a small lower

c. *.078::/28.9% angara-hlige, s. A
pudding of split pulse mixed with jaggory,


and covered with pastry.

C. eSo?: K'o angavisu, v. a. To scatter,

s: ecze=# anga-rakshane, s. Person

al preservation

spread out. v. n. to shine.

2. a body guard. 3. ar

s. &ox:#8: anga-vikshpa, [eer and

mour, a coat of mail.


eozt anga-rakshe, s.

s. Gesture, gesticulation. 2. moving

any muscle or part of the body at will.

Personal pro

tection, preservation, safety. ed: **a cer

Ex~, B ests carosecs: A at: ****
the king keeps many soldiers to guard his per


s. eSo?:3# anga-shikshe, s. Penance, mor


s. eSox#3e3, esozzo anga-shuchi,

anga-shuddhi, s. Ceremonial purity. 2. a

a charm for the preservation of the

person. 3. the actual cautery, as a remedy

thrashing, a beating. **A* eart:0

:*::: he gave him a good thrashing.

for disease.

s. &orov anga-rga, s. Anointing the


T. B. e.907.% angasa, See eovov,

2. a cosmetic.



s. 20% or anga-sanga, s. sexual inter.

S. 907-d:#s angra-parni, s. A pun


gent medicinal root.

S. ex:R33 anga-sdhana, s. Gym.

C. SoTVoe'> angdlu, s. The sole of the foot.

nastic exercise, bodily exercise.

or": the sole of a sandal or shoe. eomeo

S. e807'-3 anga-skshi, s, witness.

* the wrinkles on the sole of the foot.

2. experience.

s, eoro-3, angsakti, [eer and ess.]

S. ec7.89, anga-siddhi, s. Prosperity.

s. Self-indulgence, luxury.

eox&@#) anga-sutra, s. The pulse.

s: 275'23, anga-sougnye, s. A sign

S. esoro: Q285 ang-sphataka, s.


Striking the shoulder in defiance, or as a chal


made with the finger, eye, &c.

S. ec? G. angirasa, s. The name of a

S. 907 5.Qd anga-hdra, s. Gesture, ges.
Hindu saint.

s. oxoo: anga-himse, s. corporal pun.

C. So?\e), 907,lo angila, angilu, See



S. eoross anga-hina, s. Blemish. adj.

T. B. &o?\8 angisha, See eoves.



c. 227.9 angala, s. A courtyard. Jade

** an open space before a village. ~3t eo

* the front yard of a house. 2. the throat,

the roof of the mouth.

**on a long coat or gown. *cco", tic's

eo", "reof a short coat. *ate eon a long

3, an inch.

coat with tapering corners. eche +-vs the

S. 907%% anga-kshdlane, s. wash

skirt of a coat. echt :otersco the body or

ing the body, bathing.

upper part of a coat.

S. 90%.833 anga-kshema, s. Bodily

echt 'at?, the sleeve

of a coat. echt "vacco: 3: a breadth in

the skirt of a coat. Bat**.dos peosch a long,
loose or flowing coat. eons wit the strings
of a coat. echt 48*, echt 8: the orna


S. eoToo7% angnga, adj. All, of all

sorts. onsor 3:= every kind of wealth.

s. 2077.07%' angngagalu, s, pl. The

members of the body.

sor: angishta, [eer and a:] s.

Sensual pleasure; also T. B. of eors:

C. 927, angi, s. A coat, a native jacket.

mental work in a coat.

esort txorce's an

instrument for making gathers in a coat sleeve

before putting it on. echk'o a hook used by
tailors for fastening their work to the knee
while sewing. ohv 38 the fulness of a

s. 227.9%) angdgra, [een member, e5,

chief] s. The head.

S. 907-083: 3 angrchane, [ear and e


***] s. Chief worship, supreme adoration.

2. worship paid to different members of the

*27,859 d angikra, s. Agreement,


acceptance, consent, admission, approval.

s &oroo angdya, fear and es'] s. A

*** *****c doubtful admission, half consent.

****** v. a. To agree to, acquiesce in,
consent to, admit. 2. to approve. 3. to take,
receive. Coht"," agreed, admitted, &c.

vital part.

s. eSoro&#3.2% angysa, [eer and ean

*]s. Fatigue. eonsado: 8te: *# to recruit
one's self from fatigue.

H. & 27,833, o'3 angiju, angju,

S. SoTod angra, s. Charcoal. 2. a live

s. Venturousness, daring, readiness to run


hazards. 2. hazard, danger, risk. 3. despe

ration, eches ::: to venture,hazard, risk.

S. eoTod angraka, s. The planet Mars


(from his fiery appearance.) eonsdws.c Tues

day. 2. a barber.

27&## angikshane, s. Looking at

one's person, to see if one's dress, &c. be in

S. eSoToda;-&5 angdra-dhnika, s. A

C. &oRo angu,

chafing dish, a vessel in which fire is kept.


adj. Private, secret, retired.



T. B. So R33 anguja, see e2=x.

s sofast:8:33, angpadiya, s. Giv.

ing up the body as an offering.

T. B. &27-28 anguta, see eers:

A. C. Sorso angudi, s. The rings on the

T. B.

*: angstra, see ecr =#/.

A. C.

esopo:# anghavane, s. Wish,

bitts of a horse's bridle.

C. &o7'33 anguta, See eers.

*-desire. 5:33:2?:r
the desire or state of the

s &owed anguda, see eers.

s. SoFSe angula, s. An inch.

2. the

thumb. 3. the name of a saint.

ec:5:9 to desire, wish.

s, eo; ) anghri, s. The foot.

T. B. &o23 &t ancha-dra, [ects T. B.

s, eoro) anguli, s. A finger eoroeta',

eoroetas", ecreek:Br, a finger ring eo
reet:23) a seal ring ecreek too: hooking
the fingers one in the other, tying the fingers
and toes of a corpse to those of the opposite
hands and feet. e-reet Batt's cracking the

finger joints, eoroet Rotte snapping the

fingers as a sign, ecroek =ct" as a finger

of 32%, and tec for *to a vehicle.] s. Brah

ma, mounted on a swan.

C. &oe: anchala, s. The striped end of a

cloth. 2. the brightness of flame.

C. &oe=3 anchu, s. Border, selvage,


The following are some of the varieties in

the borders of native cloths.

t% ecoso a

checked border; wrat ects, one stripe plain


and two ornamented; *.cset ects one stripe

T. B. &o7.33 angusha, see ecsek.

s. The thumb. *

plain, and one ornamented with figures like a

dagger; *...* a stripe the width of the

angustni, s. A brass ring

thumb; east eots of red silk; *bet ect3,

of yellow silk; Cssadorse light yellow with a

***** angushta,


****, the great toe.



to shield the finger whilst sewing.


efoxes: angula, s. See eorov and eory.

S. eo;''': anguli, s. see eorge. earcwt

few lilac stripes; Pascots, wrotot: of small

red stripes; tide-ots of fine red cotton; t-d

*** ***, of gold or silver thread; s.2ts,

a red border in a coarse cloth; sort: **ot:

** or 5" an inch; a measure with the

fingers or arms, such as a span, cubit, &c.

**** *** a shield placed on the fingers
of the right hand as a defence whilst shoot
ing arrows.

H. & 27 ved angiira, s. The grape.

s: 907 & anglisha, s. An arrow.

* of large red and small white stripes;

*** *** plain. 2 bank, shore, coast.
*** **C. to land, reach the shore. ects,
*# v. a. & n. To tie up the border of a cloth.
2. to close up, as the edges of a wound.

c. *3232% anchunne, s. A tick that



infests dogs and cattle.

ichneumon or mungoose.
S. 89.27% a119e, s. A woman.

T. B. &c=3 anche, see 222.

c. &c=3 anche, s. The post.

c. *27% angei, s. The palm of the hand.

2. a stage, a

relay of horses, bearers, post runners, &c.

posted at different stages. ect: s eru."r a

*** *- the wrinkles of the hand.

sof: angeyyu,

v. a. To con

post bag. *** ***, a post packet. ects:

** a post letter. ecost ve a post of.

s &oi R&#8 angttara, s. [eer and ve

fice. **** ** a subordinate post station.

A. C.

sent, agree, to take.

ecc3:3:00, 5%rive or *::::to post runners.

*." The north, i.e. beyond eor:ev. 2. the

left side of the body. T. B. of eor. *#) an

*** *** a post master general. ect's ro

***t a post office head writer. ect: *...*.*.
a post office writer east sortsme a supe

upper garment.

* ****::::::, sofae:38 angld.

rintendent of post runners. ects< *xe ev,

** to send by post. ect: aao to post
horses, runners, &c., at different stages. *:9
** *** a horse post. ww.cce: a town post.

dama, angnnati, [eer and was and

***A*] s. Stature.

s: 27.28:5ure angpakarana,


and ****]s. A member of the body.

*** a post in the road, field or jungle.




T. B. &o:327:323, 2323:3 anch-ga

for pouring out water, &c. e-eee, the

palms of the hands joined as in prayer.

mane, anch-nade, [eois T. B of 82%,

and rises or 33 walk or gait..] s. A female

A. C. &oa:#3 anjavisu, c. n. To fear, be


whose gait is dignified as that of the swan.

See to?".

T. B. &c=3&#et anch-dera, seeeeeeee. C. efoe anji, See &ce.

S. #233 anjana, s. A collyrium or oint

C. escae', oe:#&#2, anju, anji-kollu,

ment applied to the eyes as a cure for disease,

v. n. To fear, be alarmed, befrightened. *o

to beautify them, &c. 2. Particular applica

tions, as lampblack, antimony, &c. d: *ces

person, a coward. eo- dra do not fear. *

made of the calx of brass; ric-asoters made of

emerald; **** made of flowers. 3. the

afraid of his wife? eat?" fear, alarm, fright.

*:::, ecerov, eat?r, ecce' t-scow a timid

#2, #62e32 Rozo: is he a husband who is

elephant of the west. See 5's. 4. magic,

divination. ****d a conjurer; one em
ployed to discover lost or stolen property.
By putting various applications, according to
the circumstances, upon the hand or eyelids
of himself or another who possesses the re
quisite gift, the money, thief, or whatever is
desired, and all the circumstances, are said
to become visible.

Goes 55* + 5%: thus to

ect2+ 32 to fear, to be afraid. ect:::, eo

t:::::::: a terrifier, one who alarms.
v. a. To frighten, to alarm.


s. eSoa' anjuli, See eose.

H. eSoa'd anjra, s. A fig.

c. co&# antarale, s. The soap nut tree

Sapindus emarginatus.

c. esob, eso:303 antarike, antara

divine. E):ces an application to the eye,


s. A kind of spear grass.

<c. to discover lost wealth. *ces one to

discover apparitions, lay spirits, &c. F*:::


one which



C. eSo: antavla, see ecuew.

C. eco837:28.3% antige-pantige, s. A


boy's play during the dark lunar fortnight,

whatsoever one desires into his power or pos

session. *.*.*.* one that renders the per
son invisible. Stences the ceremony of
waving camphor in a brass plate before an
idol. 2. the name of two small brass lamp
stands that are placed, during worship, on

when they go from house to house with a

lamp lighted in their hands singing these
words, &c.

. &o 333 antu s. Gum. ect's west, ects

* ***, ect's rer, a gum-bottle, or pot.
eot's ord, gum-water. 2, shelter, protec

each side of the box that contains the house

tion, asylum, patronage, countenance. **

==a way, e. a. To seek shelter, or protec

hold gods, sectarian marking powder, seals,


tion; to pay court to ects. " to shelter,

to afford an asylum, to patronize; * **,
to forfeit protection or patronage. 3. menses.
4. contact, touch. 5, a plant, or graft.

s. & 23:29 anjand-dri, feces black,

te: goddess] s. The wife of Vyu, and mo
ther of Hanumanta.

s. eSoc: 0) anjandri, Iece: black, es/

C. eco832, oe' antu, anti-kollu,

mountain s. The western mountain.

v. a. & n. To come in contact with, to touch.

S. &oe:::33 anjandrati, s. The female

2. to follow, to pursue. 3. to stick, or adhere
elephant of the north east point. 2. The city
to. 4. to infect, to be contagious, as a di
sease. eckle town a contagious disease. 5.

of Vyu.

S. eSoc:35 anjanika, s. A kind of newt

s. & 23.9, exo~9, efo:3:83 anjali,

to be attacked by insects. 6. to take posses

sion, as an evil spirit. 7, to fall upon another
in rage. 8. to have sexual intercourse. **

anjuli, anjali-puta, s. The hollow form

****, ecurt', p.a. to tie up closely, to fast

ed by the palms of the hands when held to

en securely; ect3 =s*, ect.' to weld, to

solder. eoty, ect:39, ect': to join, unite,

or lizard.

2. a mouse.

gether as if to receive anything. 2. The

mouth, spout or hole in the side of a vessel

place in contact, apply, set fire to. ******




* to give a person the itch. ect!ves, ect!,

proach, go near to. 3. to hesitate in speak

*** ***, ceremonial defilement, cere-

ing, to be diffident or afraid.

monial uncleanness. ector plants, grafts.

hesitate, to waver. ::: 20.53%, e =:::::s

2. gins, snares made with bird lime.


eos:73% to

*******.* that man hesitates to come

*C.: a small ear-ring. ect: :ot: a run-

into the assembly.

C. &o:33 andu, s. The posteriors, buttocks,

ning venereal.

C. efo333.7% anteshage, s. Venereal disease.

hinder part, ecs, sco": to turn the back

c. *23 antele, s. Thread, joined in

upon. Esso 3&B =:: ***: ec: ae: *ao


39 &ast: he turned his back upon me, and

went off without listening to me. 2. shelter,

c. *03: 2059 antounku, feet, to touch,

asylum, protection, situation, maintenance,

support. e2: .: #2ke ess zoria caca

and * to squeeze] v. a. To press or

squeeze down closely.

:*: do nobody will speak to him after he

has lost his situation. e5 12:::::" ess
eo: So what is his patronage to a very able
man? et's e23, Rao waozo, ea 3: :
ass.: having obtained the king's protection,

S. &or;, anda, s. An egg. 2. a testicle,

the scrotum. eos::s, ecs=2~ swelling of
the testicles. 3. the musk bag, regarded as
the scrotum of the deer. 4. the world, from

its resemblance, in form, to an egg; called

he is very insolent. ess ~5: ect': #2"
also terros, eoso: all that is in the terres
c. ** his mind is like a vessel without a
trial world.

stand (unsteady).

s, eo:35, es2:#823, erot''...exe,

andaka, anda-ksha, anda-kshaka,
[*** and **** a sheath] s. The scrotum.

approach, resort to, seek shelter or pro

s. 22:33 andaja, Tec an egg, and e

sprung from] adj. Oviparous. s. A serpent,
fish, bird, lizard, &c.


S. o:35 anduka, s. The bird

ecze= widor, ecst- :=

Vishnu with a bird for his steed, and the

insignia on his standard. e2==~2: a woman
with a swan-like gait.

C. eco-3 ande, s. Shelter, protection, patron

age, countenance. **** **C. to go for shel
ter or countenance. Fo: "... to: -*** **

cost es t-y- it is well for a widow,

whose husband is dead, to go to some person
for protection. e2349, e233:34, near, close to,

gndaleyu, dndoliyu,

v. a. To distress, vex,


sero 8:232 Ba'ad-5.3 as

i. har


or behind.



3. to repeat.




C. o andi, s. Root, origin, foundation.

*** *** to exterminate, root up, annihi.

2. place. 3. a wed made of a hollow bam

eos: eczero was

**** he is always coming.

c. &c.;3 andale, s. Distress, grief, vexa

boo. 4. a small syringe.

c. esot:we:S03> andoliyu, see e-sca.

" oso anna, see eq,
A. C. &oge:3 annane, adv. Much, excessive.
eor: Er::, having been much fatigued.



annappa, s. A man's name. 2.

colloquially, a useless man. ***, *::::,

2. to cut one's stick.

c. *23% andige, s. A ball of cotton,

=::c eo:::::::::: ::::::::er t,

'* it is well for women to keep at home.

pulling her garment. v. n. To be distressed,

vexed, &c. 2. To wander, gad about, fre


Parra Gaensis, &c.

c. *o:53:32, exot:#5333, ect: QS

6:32, andaliyu,

cao r^** a buttress.

3. vicinage, neighbourhood, nearness. *#3

ecas: near the river e22 ray, ecs: to

c. *e, Eos::ca #2 it's all the same whe


as half an ox load.

ther a useless man be at home or with the

c. *23* andisu, c. a. & n. To shelter, to

hide one's self, to go behind a wall, &c. See
*~~. &e F2: *aze: eco: *.soat the ti-

ger has hid himself in the thicket. 2. to ap-



See nert word.


orc~~go annd

vantrigra, annajdna, s. A great talker

but little doer; one who takes things easily.



c. eoc, eosco anni, annus. An affec.

s soie antah-swda, fees in.

termal, and #t: Sweat.]. An elephant.

tionate mode of adressing a child.

c. etop:3# annike, s. A remedy, an expedi.

S. eSo5 antaka, Tecs death, and * affix

of agency] s. Yama, the Indian Pluto. eos


**os" Shiva, as having conquered Yama.

C. esog'7. anniga, s. An artful or cunning

ecstas==9, [eose and vess.] like Pluto.



2. a lewd person.
eo;3 anne, s. Rapping the knuckles, eo

C. &ost antaka, s. A total or aggregate.

ec:* &ave to add up or make a total.

** *** to rap the knuckles, e2+rvo stead,

e2:2:3: *::"w 3:25-33rd if you miss the

s. eSo7 antaga, adj. Gone, departed.

C. eSo:55 antanaka, adv. Till then, un

figures, the master will give you ten raps on

the knuckles.

til then.

A. c. &cg:, e23:2 antappa, anta

bles tossed in play and caught on the back

of the hand, ecrvres,' this game. earst

ham, [from ecs, er, and exe adv. So,

*~3,59 to play at it.

of that kind, such as.

c. esoz86 *S, 27% #. ann-palya,

ann palle, s. A kind of vegetable.
s. eSoB anta, s. End, finale. 2. a

Rao toc-Rossv Strcot aco do

you stop there until I come.

c. eo; 3e **. ann-kallu, s. Small peb

. eSogd antara, s. Interval, intermediate

space. 2. period, term. 3. difference, dis
parity, another. *esced the future; ****


C another birth; two sowd another country;

dary, limit. 3. certainty. 4. a limb, a mem
ber. 5. death. 6. nature, disposition. adv.

S*::=ced another mind, repentance; Catwoo

*d another world.

ecor-2 evr-s tox ecso

near. adj. handsome.

tructo there is a great disparity between a

C. esos, &ogel anta, antalu, (more

king and a subject. 4. rank. 5. doubt. **

commonly aos q.v.)

*# *.cse.


adv. affir. Than. e

*% to:* *::::: this city

:*Re:Ets, eoscoe, there is no doubt about

getting a living. 6. secresy, retirement. 7.

midst, the midst, within. casessoscet',

is much more spacious than that. evate,2.5

35.8%), t'atorios ere:e, there is nothing

within the space of a yjana.

higher than the sky, and nothing broader

s. eSodo78 antaranga, Lee*dinner, and

than the earth. adv. So, thus, in such a

manner, such as. See eos, &c. 2. See also
under 32.

eor member.] s. The mind. 2. the heart.

eoscort:#5, a sincere worshipper. 3. secresy,
privacy. eoscort: ssette a confidential or

s. &o$5862 antah-karana, s. [ecz,

private communication.

within, and *E* an organ] The heart fig.

mercy, kindness, regard. ecstver:#s: a

eoscored a con


s. 690&doed antarantara, adj. Involv.

kind or merciful man.

S. &og3: B antah-pura, s. [east within,

ed, as drawer within drawer, room within

room, &c.

and *d a house.] The queen's apartments,

a seraglio. 2. a queen. 3. a palace.

s. eSo07.0%, esoda: o333d antara

gange, antara-damara, s. A plant that

s. eSo3%30 antah-shuddhi, s. Inward

grows upon the surface of lakes, &c.
2. Sincere friendship. easie's "
ecs: **, to be disaffected, to be
offended. ess: *:: *d hypocrisy, for

s. eSo 83 antara-pishdchi, s. An



aerial spirit or devil.

esse's sets **corry *3 *we:y: , s. 6:03:038 antarntara, s. Differ.

to any thing may be accomplished by hearty

ence or distinction of rank.

good will.

what is within.

2. an inclosure,

S. & C. &oov & antarta [ease space,

s. &og #F#, antah-satua, s.reassinner,

and ::, life.] Pregnancy. 2. the marking

and et play] See easons' ecsong so: a


ricketty house. * *.se ecscots: $23: this

Semicarpus anacardium.


and Est! speech, containing the essence of all
knowledge..] adj. Skilled in sacred sciences.

beam stands in mid-air, hangs loosely, or

without support. 2. The supports of a beam
whilst being sawn.


s. osavs, antartma, [eove within,

oss="Toz's antar-vigdhana, Leos

c within, 8 a particle and nex entering. s.

and * the soul] s. That portion of the Su

preme soul supposed to be the foundation of

Entrance, entering.

life in all animals. &Eco Ezeroson's God

is the universal soul. Also eoscs #### acre
*** **** ***** *** without the

and #5 level ground..] s. The Dob, or

district between the Ganga and Yamuna

Supreme soul none can have life, motion, &c.

. e.92339E73 antar-hdsa, [eose inner,

eso's S2=8 antar-vdi, [ease between,


s e233.33 antardya, s. Hindrance,

and *** laughter.] s. Self-satisfaction, con

obstacle. s. eose: to hinder. 2. to disap

pear, die.
S. eogeog antarla, s. Mid-space, mid


o&=3 antar-hita, adj. Covered,

concealed, disappeared.

air, included space, interval. Sea eoscies.


s. eSoe antariksha, s. Mid-air, the


anta-shayya, Teow end,

and Eck, a bed.]. s. Death. 2. a bed or mat

on the ground. 3. the place for burial or

sky or atmosphere.

s. 2368: antaripa, s. An island.


s, esoeejo antariya, s. A lower gar.

s, eogr: antastpa, tecs, inward,

and ** heat..] s. Grief, distress. 2. anger.


s.sos.7's 3 antargata, Leese within,

T. B. eos::s antastu, s. Privacy, retire

and Rs gone] adj. Internal. 2. intermediate,

interposed. 3. forgotten, eosrir" t-sc an

ment, secrecy. eos: Ed to be in private.

eos:: ***, eos:::::: ** a confidential or
private communication. ecs: to *tvo to
over-hear, to hear privily. 2. a story of a
building, a tier, as of drawer above drawer,
shelf above shelf, &c.

internal fever.

s. eSosyo-3 antardhana, leose with

in, and Cas to have or hold] s. Disappear
ance, vanishing, concealment, covering.

eoB: antastha, s. A name given in

s. Soes antardhi, s. see the preceding

grammar to the letters co, c, , s.

s. Soga os-3 antar-bhta, Teose with

C. &o D, CoqYo ant, anthd, ade. So,

such, eos" ror, such a disposition.
*S such a man.

in, B** become.] adj. Inclosed, included.

s. SoBe,25-339 antar-bhouma, rease


C. eSo anti, s. See :23. Also 2. an affix

within, and #ss of the earth.] adj. Subter

added to mouns; as, erovo& a ditch; Rvo.8 a


wooden horse; &#23 a laugh, a smile; tsaro

e233-#3 antar-madhya, [ezad

8 or travos a woman recently accouched.

3. con. of erox 5.8, 2nd. per sing pres. tense

and ~% middle.] s. The atmosphere, the

aerial region, space between earth and sky.

of eRx; as *Sc3t what do you say? St 23,

s. SoB33=-33 antar-vatni, s. A preg

65,5328t you say you will not give.

nant woman.

C. e.908o33 antintu, [eos, acs] ade.

s. eSog=3=-3s antar-warti, [eese be

However, at any rate e232*, *,288 Bow,"*

C*# the sons of Kunti had no kingdom
by any means. 2. so and so. 3. some little,

tween, and sar going.] s. Mediation, going


just a little.

s. eSog=3= S3 antar-wami, [ease within,

s. eSo5 antika, s. Vicinity. adj. near,

and * vomiting.] s. Retching, flatulence,



s &oasts 3 antar-wani, [ease inner,

s, eo?v=3/53, antikshraya, s. Con.




tiguous support, as that given by a tree to a


s. 92339 antima, adj. Final, ultimate,

last. 2. very near.

antwdsi [eo" near, and ~~

tutor, a disciple, a pupil.


C. &oes antu, adv.



* a dweller] s, one who resides near his


Thus, so, in that man

s. Total, amount, aggregate, eos. 8

***, eos. 5:0s what is the total? e2

* as: the whole is so much.


**rost', etc.:58, I cannot possibly go

with him. eos. ads. Past evac:a::::,
*****, there is no possibility whatever of
our continuing in this town. 2. ova is

sometimes used for loss and or q.v.

C. eSo ante, adv. Like, as, such, so

eca, so:3: e2%:r-


[eo", & born, t birth, Sr a tribe] s. A

man of the last or lowest tribe, a pariah. eo

*** ***~~A sea to serve a pariah.


eos:#. antydgnye, s. Final punish



2. final order.

eos: antyshe, s. A last wish, a

forlorn hope.


ecs:#d antykshara, s. A final



ex: Go &evros as: Sato

cos like this.

antya, adj. Last, ultimate. 2.

tyaja, antya-janma, antya-warna,

C. &ogue, ogue coo3, esoglosso

&ue, esosogs ant, ant-intu, an
tit-mint", antintu, adv. But, however,
at any rate. RSosa tocosts, I will not
come on any account. Pas-s ess Ports


inferior, low. eo's Wee death. ec:# adv.

finally, ultimately, at last, in the end.

*Gosso he did as he told him.

eot at Cao
*A* So? or so? 5.23 eotar race-or Soso

&ve? how can one say how the matter

stands? Affixed to a participle it means so

that, in order to; esco a" t-d::ct ext,"


eog antra,

s. An entrail, a gut. ecs)

ear gripes, ecs) *...* a rupture, swelling of
the intestines.

C. esot, o: antha, anthd, ade.

See *. Such, of that kind. ec:27 such
and such. eoso" for such and such work.

e2:2::=d, such persons.

er two there must be an order for them

C. &or; anda, Mode, method, way. **

e. f** **Rosos Rat: see

Bots:a &345R. he sought a mode of rescue.

adv. Like, as so. at: etc:,0::": this is
like that swossot'E' as, in the same way

to come here.

that that work goes on.

e23d, eos: o, eo

3:... [eos such, and ads, ax', 'a', to be.]

to be so, or such. eoside so be it, let it be
so. es:cotcGo *o:: * ~25x39 that handsome

as before, 2=-& Saaty: she did as he


man is like Cupid. Sk:23:32, escoe: 8

C. &or; anda, s. Beauty, handsomeness,

swopsos as

elegance. eswo: her beauty, adj. Beauti

as you are, so will they be


ful, elegant, handsome everse, ec:y==

c. &oe ante, A particle from the defective

** econscoro, cers'

verb era to say. It is said, or, they say.

**** why do you pride yourself on being a

tootsot: It is said (or they say) he is come.

*> t.d.s. 524, 2.32 we deYou they say
that he is coming, and that I must come too.
es:o 3r":303 casso Sreo: it is said that
he ordered it, and this man did it.

handsome man e2="r, e-E", e2=2#=

C. esob33, eso5 anteriya, antere,

antrakandgi, ade.

Backwards, ess, eo'evan e, 'a' he

has fallen down backwards.


** a handsome woman.


eo:"to ugly, de

ecesse, ecs: handsome


tsar, ecce:ct, ector very handsome, very

pleasant. ecosah adv. Beautifully, pret
tily, elegantly. ege''<== =>sorw:"As

etso:*htosto what elegance can there be

adv. Like, such.

C. eSo805:07,


a handsome man.

C. &ots anda, past rel, part, also a collo

quial form of the 3rd per sing, past tense of

ant-vasai, s. A chan

dla or man of the lowest cast.

in using foolish words?

esta, said. 2. he said.

A. C. effort; andade, see under era.

2. a barber.




T. B. &odge, esot' andana, andala,

s. A palankeen.

palankeen bearer.

t" adv. Now and them.

See ot's***'. to:Gr, a

eos?ics", esotho

rs from that day to this. ec:*: what then

took place. eocar Wacor the business which

eocrossed to get into a

eccrosses to cause another to


was then transacted. eoat then? (imply

ing doubt.) ectovo that night.

:=2=v&#d txt:2:: *a-2 too #to:r:

S. &otio, &ocoS andu, anduka, s. An

get into a palankeen.

#3:8: **

=>toda'ats; **.*:::::::: he

said, In offering my all to Krishna, she

must not be absent, and, without delay,
constrained her to enter a palankeen, and
then again joined Bhima, ready for the

ornament worn round the ankles.

2. the

chain for an elephant's foot. 3. a chain, fet

ter, bond or tie.

C. eodowo', andu-kollu, See e=A.

T. B. &o:39% anduge, see e-E, ecs.".


C. eod andadi, [foreces-B or ecce' of

S. ecco:33% anduvriksha, s. The tree

Boswellia integrifolia.

*** method.] Like, as, in the same manner


A. C. &ouet: andode, for ecse of ess.

**so:6 as a dumb man.

A. C.

exot?...&#8) andlali, s. A he buffalo.

C. eo:3 andare, (The conditional form of

the root *) if you say; since, or while said.
Ro? eczet: what is sandhi ? lit. if you
say sandhi, what is it? & trioters, what is
the meaning of this? or what if one say so?

ect-seve &c [eoraese, and rd for 8, a

vehicle.] s. Yama, the Indian Pluto, with
a buffalo for his steed.

eov, so: andha, and hatwa,

s. Blindness, darkness. 2. water adj. blind,


&rror cle to:*, *or cus t-o: it is the same

whether you say thus or thus.

dark sesso: blind with pride, lust, surfeit,

or debauch. R=re: blind with pride.

See ozot.

T. B. &ote, andala, see ecer.


A. c. &o: andale, see eose~".

c. eSoo?, o:of andige, andange,

&o:5 andhaka, s. A blind man. **o

** a man born blind. 2. the name of a coun
try. 3. a demon or giant so called o:*::::,

See eoco, to:*.

c. esc32.2, 28533' andivanna, an

e2:*::, ec:*:3 [ecze and &s conqueror,

** and cre an enemy..] An epithet of Shiva.

dihula, s. A small black insect that infests

S. &oq trot andhakra, [eo: blind, and


c. *oto, &oJo', andu, andi-kollu.

**d what makes ] s. Darkness. ec:**d "

** to dispel darkness, eot's ad vcco, eo

v. a. To reach or touch with the hand; to

reach out. **** ***.*.* touch the ceiling.
*:::: ecz: I cannot reach it; or, it is out of

envelope; *****d the blindness of pride



or lust.

darkness to spread, cover, or

at:so:**t the blindness of love.

my reach. 35' eates S.' as far as I can

reach. =:::::" eoE: incomprehensible, ea

s. &or;,507:38 andhakasura, [eces and

:, e25*.*.* to reach out and give a thing,

to hand to one. e. Vera F3r eob #23d reach

s. eSoto evo. 3 andhakrti, [ecz's and

out and give me that paper. otr adj. out

of reach, unreachable, eo:: *** **: t:3

S. &or; 5ue: andha-kupa, [ect blind,


s. The demon eot.

*** an enemy.J. s. A name of Shiva.

and ** a well] s. A blind well, one of

do not desire fruit that is out of reach.

which the mouth is hidden, or without water.

. 92.39 andu, adj. Then, s. Day, time.

2. one of the hells.

t,2:3 time of infancy or childhood. eoro

:a:- from that day or time. ecco 3-sters?


eorg: andha-tamassu, fees

**::coso he has ruled the earth from

blind, and *:::::: darkness] s. Great dark

that time. e26525 since then, from that

time. e25" ade. Then, on that day, at that

S. ego:32-325 andha-mushika, s. A



t.vae or ~2:32:30&n Jaco

very well, I shall see when you do it.

kind of grass.

34 eno:3Ro

s e2: andhassu, * Boiled rice.




s, eo:39 andhalanu, s. A blind man.

S. & H. eSotpot:02do andhd-darab

T. B. &o?se ambala, See e:..

C. eSoe ambali, s. A kind of pap made

?", s. A blind cabinet, mismanaged, corrupt

of sour water, flour, &c.


c:**::ctse sna, put in more water and

make gruel. ****e very sour pap made

A. C. &oco annam,

2. rice gruel.


adj. True, correct,

from the great millet.


S. eo23, ambashta, s. A country in the

C. &o:3 annu, See eax.

A. C. &o:37'o annegam, See e:Aro.

T. B. &o:3330

Eastern division of India, supposed to be the

abode of the Ambastae of Arrian.

anneyam, s. See

c. &c=5 ampaka, s. Dismissing, sending

away. 2. an entertainment given to friends
on their departure, evac. Sc:*So Sno ww2%
* give the son-in-law a farewell entertain
ment, and send him away. er tors a

2. the

offspring of a brahman by a Vaishya woman;

a man of the medical caste, eco:," a bar

C. esca ambd, s. The cry of a cow or calf.

C. esca was 5:35 ambdi-yele, s. A white
kind of beetle leaf long and narrow.

* give him the parting feast.

him from your employ.

2. dismiss


amb-bhavani, s. Par


S. o3, amba, [e:Js. Mother. 2. Pr.

C. &oed ambara, s. A heap of corn. 2.

vati the mother of the world.

c. *229 amba, [for esas] pres, rel, part.

of ***A. Also, as a provincialism, the 3rd. per.
sing of the ind, mood, past, present and

the government share of corn. Ectase c,

eotzac ** a government granary, or corn


-*t, *d the government and

cultivator's corn before it is divided.

future; as, FeS2 & 33 3:3", es#Soto? what

will he say to what I mentioned? $83.2tro

*2, he tells you to go. es#Soto: at #3: av

* I know not what he will say. eov. 2ns.
word spoken. *Sct. Basr 'to Grea."
they all laugh at what you say. toto:305

C. &o2b ambri, s. A howdah. ectnes

**:: esotne 5**o to fasten it on. sco
to get into it.

c. esca, ou 363 ambdrunni, s. A small

troublesome insect.

current news, the common talk. s =#Eget,

***** what is the news of that city? ects,
", ect", ectar's when said.

s. eSoa550, oe35 ambik, ambike,

s. A mother. 2. a name of Prvati. 3. the
mother of Dhritarshtra.

S. eo895 ambaka, s. An arrow. 2, the

eye. 3/* Shiva, having three eyes.

s. esca2+2032, esca: Be333's ambikeya,

ambikeyaka, s. Ganesha or Krtikya,

C. eco8 ambata, s. The boiled juice of

as sons of Parvati.

tamarinds mixed with vegetables. 2. the

wild mango, Spondias mangifera.
S. o220 ambara, s. The sky or atmos



2. clothes, apparel.

3. cotton.

2. a name of Dhrita

C. esoa57% ambiga, A boatman, a fisher


ectrict: a pilot, a sea captain.

A. C. esoa5elo ambilam, See ecoe.


talc. ***otoc a yellow cloth; d..oted a pur

ple cloth; ?'s"retsc a gold cloth. ectoonso
* Shiva, whose apparel is the sky. ecod

C. e.92339 ambu, s. An arrow. &c" a bow

*d an inhabitant of the air. 2. a fowl of

receive the string ects, to:**, ects **,

ect:: *a:, ect's Got a quiver, eot:3',", eo

the air.

S. eSooes: ambarisha, s. A frying pan.

2. war, battle.

3. Shiva. 4. Vishnu.

and arrow. ect:5 re the feathers of an arrow.

ect33 &2to the end of an arrow indented to

*:::or a bowshot. ect: Eso a bow string.

5. a

ect3:cCoo, ect3a*a*x to shoot an arrow. Ectoo

young animal, a colt, a boy. 6. the name of

a king. 7. a division of hell. 8, the sun.
9. repentance, 10, the wild mango.

**, ecos was the wound of an arrow.

**, ecos writo an arrow to pierce, ecos

ect:< *.5, tot: Sexto the head of an arrow.




A. C. Soaps ambu, c. n. To dry, wither, fade.

s. Water. See *-*. ect: an aquatic ani


S. eo23 ambu, s. Water. Weece, the rain

of the cold season in October and November.
*E*oto2 frozen water.


S. &op2d23 ambh-rava, [ect" and e=

clear water.

a cry] See eo:2.

*** *** a drop of water. eat as aquatic;

A. C. &o:33.0%ue:39 ammangodali, s. A

s. an aquatic animal. eatx wo:w, ecto $o

** a crocodile. ect o Ka= r a turtle or water

giant's weapon or axe.

tortoise. **** (water-born) a lotus. e.txe

* ******* (lotus-sprung) Bramha. eo

A. C. eo-so ammu, v. n. To desire, to

** the world. eco-east a woman

S. &o:3, o amsha, amshe, s. Ashare,

with a hand as delicate as the lotus.


portion, part. 2. condition, state, good for


tune, e2%test: to apportion. Eve:2 a

(water-giving) eots:c (water-holding) a

state of poverty.
cloud. 2. Shiva. eow?, eow?? the ocean.

S. &o:35 amshaka, s. Akinsman, relation,

*** *** water beverage. ectoo?s=o: Shiva,

as having the ocean for his quiver. ectx%t
*** a purifying nut. ector:ts the foam
of the sea. e.txt:05 a cloud. e.txt to, eo
****** the porpoise. lit. water-monkey.


S. &o:53s amsha-karta, s. A sharer,

a proprietor, an owner.

S. &o.33 amshaja, adj. Related by birth,

*** the ocean or collection of waters.

born with the nature of another.



S3: ava: Save-c:9 he cannot govern the

C. &oe7.6+ ambu-garike, s. The creep

world unless he be born with a portion of the


*oto:cr: the bed of a stream.

a bubble.

ectoot%arto Vishnu.

s. o:235) amsha-chakra, s. A table

ing bent grass, agrostis stolorufera.

C. &o2.39 ambuli, see eatse.

consulted by astrologers in casting nativities,

an astrological diagram for ascertaining the
degree of the sun in any sign.

C. &22,955 ambuva, see under exa.

T. B. so: ambe, see eve and ess. A


mother. 2. a goddess. 3. Prvati. The fol

lowing are some of the names and forms of
Prvati. terrot: as the mother of the world;


amshatwa, s. The degree of the

sun, in any sign of the zodiac, at the time of

one's birth. ** #ss/Rowa-Bosata-ow:

es"sar:a::::::Resto see:"sar: in cast

******* as presiding over epidemical dis

eases; *strovset as a goddess of children;
t/s.cscr: in the form of the black bee; we
** as Kli, or the black goddess. 5xaFoo
* as a dumb goddess. ***.* the chief
goddess. *trict: Saraswati, the goddess
of learning, and wife of Bramha.

ing up (the woman's) nativity, the degree

of the sign was good, but the sun's sign it
self was not favourable. eovas:cs's: evo
***-*A*-s the degree of the sun, in the

sign of the zodiac, at the young man's birth,

was that of which the emblem is a horse

(a arietis), and that of the young woman's

c. &os amb, see esta.

c. *02:7:eo, esoewe's ambeglu,

a buffalo (yor 3 coroi). As there is a great

natural enmity between these animals, it is
augured that the union in marriage of two
persons so born, would not be suitable.

s. Crawling on the hands and

feet. ex:nses, e-craea, ectroes: to

s. eSoBa:33, efo?:03:33, o383.23,

crawl on the hands and feet. ect3ne:*

* to begin to walk on the hands and feet,

oJe:\53 amsha-bhava, amsha

as a child.

sambhava, amshi-bhta, amshdd

bhava, adj. Partaking of the nature of an

c. &c.32% amb-haladi, s. scented


other, inheriting, by birth, another's quali


*%, ambla, s. See es'.

S. &ogy,



s. eSole amshala, See ecze.

ambha, ambhassu,



s. eso'e're amsha-lakshana, s. The

2. the name of ***o the dragon's tail, or

descending node.

character or quality of any degree of the sun

in a sign of the zodiac.
s. eSoo amshamshe, s. Part within a

c. e. 583, es&2, &85&o

sorrow, pain, joy, or surprise.



amshitwa, s. Participation.

583:583 akatavikata, adj. Adverse,

contrary, confused, incoherent, untoward,
fickle, irresolute, wavering, inconstant, inver

s. o 33 amshu, s. A ray of light, a sun

beam. 2. light, splendour, effulgence. 3, a
small point or end of thread.

ted, topsyturvy.

set:tw835-3 =s** an irre

velant, inappropriate expression, an incohe

rent speech; a prevarication; a shuffle. e5 8.3

s. 69.2%55 amshuka, s. Cloth, clothes. 2.

fine cloth. 3. an upper garment. 4. white


akata, akatakata, interj. Expressive of

*** **, an untoward, confused, or trouble

some work. ****): to: a**::v's sh: this
business is very adverse.

5, the end of the upper part of a wo

man's cloth, in general thrown over her


c. &#8:o)27:3 akatisu, v. n. To be

so?st:3, ecogs=330339, efoss228,

efo:353: amshu-dhara, amshuman

tanu, amshu-indli, amshu-hasta, [ee

to a ray, and "c who holds, *, a possessive
affix, *- a necklace, and ***, the hand.] s.

come warped.

without regard to propriety or decency.

s. eSo?&ve amshu-jla, s. A multitude

s. & 5t akara, [e prive, and we hand] adj.

of sun beams.

Handless, maimed.

s. &o:35:23 amshumati, s. A woman. 2.

S. e. 565 akarika, s. A collector of cus

a river so called.



amshumatphala, s. A

S. es



cent, es: evseco: ***.3 he talks

The sun.


* ~* tze, tr."

** **, the leather is become warped by

drying in the sun.
C. ets 35 akatika, adj. Indecorous, inde

soage:" amshjwala, s. The efful

s: ese ::= 3) 3% akarma-kriye, s. A

gence of a sun beam.

s. & 2 amsa, s. The shoulder or shoulder

neuter or intransitive verb.

blade. eo:cora the two shoulders. 2. T. B. of

eos a part, a portion.

s. eSo:#28 amsa-kita [eo: a shoulder,

s. &#elow akalanka, See e="ce.

S. esterod 33 akaldya, adj. Fruitless,cause
less, in vain.

and *...* a peak] s. A bull's hump.


akalmasha, s. Purity, clear

ness, innocency.

s. &o.e. amsala, Strong, stout, lusty.

s. eSo?:533 amsa-hata, s. A form of mili
tary array.

E=# akartavya, adj. Unlawful,


c. ***,297, eExrvey, est'-3 aka

sliga, akasla, akasle, s. A gold or
silver smith. ev:se: * > gold smith's
work. evlve was the gold smiths' caste.
ev:sec 5 the gold smiths street.

s. orroogd amsntara, [ecz and eos

C.J. s. The armpit.

s. &# ah, interj. Ah! Expressive of pleasure,

admiration, jest, or reproach.

es:s, es: 7, ****

3:27, akasmkawagi, akasmattagi,
akasmikawdgi, adv. By chance, sudden

s. & 5 aka, s. Pain, affliction. 2. sin.

s. 508:5 a-kantaka, adj Unimpeded,

ly, unexpectedly. ***** *-d- to come un

awares or suddenly.


s. & 523 a-kacha, [e priv. and was hair]

s. &Q'o akalanka, adj. Spotless, un

adj. and s. Bald headed, destitute of hair.

stained, pure, innocent.




c. e6??:59 akalasakala, adj. Disres.

akka, s. An elder sister. e., son

cod, elder and younger sisters, ex,5 &A

*** * (proverb) he favours his friend's

*...* he is bawling indecently.




pectful, indecorous. es: at evg:**** * *

s: akalagnya, s. An ignorantman.

enemy. lit. he hates his sister, and is friend

ly to her husband.

s. &###) akalatra, [e priv. *ws wife.]



akkanna, s. A proper name.

s. A bachelor, one not married.

s. &## akalike, s, Unbudded, unblos.

c. mode
akkachchi, s. An affectionate
filesing an elder sister.


s & Evo:=22:53 akandatindava, adj.

es: akkaja, adj. Curious, wonderful.


Inappropriate, not to the point. 2. unexpec

ted, surprising. 3. absurd, inconsistent.

***** *** an odd expression, a curious

word. 2. true. a Srete, 2:? is what
you say true? s. Wonder, surprise. 2.

s. &52t akra, s. The letter e.


s. &eodge akrana, adj. Causeless, ex


cr: **s a causeless dispute, a dispute about


nothing, or without sufficient reason. evid

** ***, causeless scorn. ew.cr2:" &stro to
go without a reason.

e'.8 akkata, See even.

5,8x33 akkaliganu, s.

One who

surprises by his feats, &c.


eage akkadi, s. A kind of pulse. The

H. e5Qd23 akratu, adj. Vain, useless,

following belong to this class 3:ce, green

ewscash &stro to be spoiled or frustrated.

gram. **** **, dolichos caliang. &ce

S. & 57 d:37's akdra-varga, s. The first

** *** common horse gram. ex:kew, a

class of letters, including all the vowels.

s. $957, & akla, adj. Untimely, unseason
able. ******, unseasonable rain; eWee Re

kind of beans.

tatissimum, or painter's oil seed. v., v.2

unseasonable fruit; "+, one who cannot

discern the signs of the times.

-: *.2 sweet oil seed. Bars

**, doll. *::::: ee, white oil seed. 130

* 242 hemp seed. er: ev, Linum usi
black gram, a species of phaseolus radiatus.

e.v.e. ::cro,

5%:.."," castor oil seed.

*** **, *, an untimely death.

B. **re akkana, [e that, and #2 in.

s &oe:3 akinchana, adj. very poor. T.stant]
adj. Instantly.
****** a man extremely indigent.
C. e'r? akkani, s. The close adhesion of
s. & 322#33 akinchitu, s.


the woof and warp in the web of a loom.

*** *** ev," cases wer *::::=2 **.

very much.

S. e53& akutila, adj. Sincere, upright,

so fix the thread to the loom that the woof

ingenuous, frank.

may not miss the warp.

e'.8 akkati, s. see exa.

s & 5.25-0 akapdra, The sea or ocean. c. &#3= akkarti, s. see e.e.

c. **** akipa, s. A husband. 2. a pa.

T. B.

ramour, a wooer, a lover.

T. P. e5,5:59, e5,535-3 akka-dd

2. a tortoise, the king of turtles, the tortoise

supposed to uphold the world.

ma, akka-male, See ex=ne.

eas' akkadani, s. An asce

3. a stone

T. B.

or rock.

tic's staff.

s. eBS3, ee>35, akrita, akritya,

s. What ought not to be done, bad.
kind. 3. unmade, undone.


2. un

A. C.

s: es SEC:3 akrranu, s. A humane


es: Pe akkanachouri, s. A par

ticular kind of vegetable.

2. a proper name.


**,2, akkaba, s. Wonder, surprise.

e5,3% akkaiya,

s. An affectionate

s. estie' akesha, [e priv. **] adj Bald.

mode of addressing an elder sister.

s. & 6'9%@33 akoushalanu, s. An un

of exce, q.v.
T. B.

skilful, awkward man.


2. T. B.

ge: akkara, See e.e. 2. fate.




ge:B, ge', e'3, ee.*



es: akkale, s. A cloud, a lump.

kara, akkare, akkarate, akkarike,

or:#;" a clod of earth.

s. Attachment, affection, love, indulgence.

cake of cow-dung.
bear to be tickled.

es."yss an affectionate man, ex. Earo

to become fond. e.t.c. ::: to love, to shew
affection. *coax' sort: toxo exes."

the mother is very fond of her son. e8 ev,

&c.3 eV," a

2. a man who cannot

A. C.


akkadu, r. n. To ooze, to

flow, to run down, as tears, &c.

eveges akkaru,


[ev, moisture, ee to

C3 time.*:3 to: cro Was:sto overfondness

dry up. v. n. The throat to dry or become

spoils a child. See also under ev,3.
T. B.

choked with crying, as a passionate child.

**::25:25 akkarnka-male,

[e:d a letter, eow a sign, and Sise a chaplet]

s. A poetical chaplet. 2. poetry in which
every word begins with the same letter.

the principal kinds. ****, ****, *,

tor: et, rice in a rough state. *****, *,

e'ez: akkariganu, s. A panegy.

**, rice well cleared of its husk. ***, rice


es:, e's

akkare, akkara, s.

from paddy that has not been boiled. dots

e', tove", unequally or badly boiled rice,

Necessity, emergency. 2. occasion, need,

want. e.cssh to be necessary, wanted.
e: * **, as I have no occasion for it,
I do not want it. 3. desire. ex: te: to
get through an emergency.

o:*, *:::04, rice of paddy that has been

boiled before beating, et, e3, et, v.2%

boiled rice. ***, rice with a bearded husk,

of which there are five kinds fata t.d.) et,

2. to fulfil one's

monkey-haunched rice. **Ache', red rice.

toria, et, tor: e.g. rice ground in a wooden
mill, and not beaten in mortar. Rosa ts:A2^

3. to relieve from want.



s. Rice deprived of its husk,

from stones, &c. The varieties of rice are al

most innumerable; the following are some of

se','e','e', akkarik-palya, s. A
kind of vegetable.


e3, akki,

raw rice. et, sw: or saw: to clean rice by

beating it in a mortar. ek, rst 3 to free rice

akkalakare, s. A medicinal

root used for coughs, asthmas, &c.



e', a brown husked rice like the wing of the

akkalu, [properly &e. q. v.]

kite. *** ***Aof, et, a short thick rice.

s. Gleanings, ears of corn left in the field.
ex, 23:0, ex, ewe', way: v. a. to glean. **,

**C. Retrov', rice which ripens in the rainy

season. *o-3. et, red husked rice. For",
fine rice. tdor', fine red rice, tetc. Fort,
t?ter Root, very fine rice. Ro:e e+, rice

to 2 or Soco ears of corn to be left in the

field. e.",".. tz, ev,' '3, &#w," ears of

corn not thoroughly trodden out.

of flavour. **b et, miliaceum panicum. *

cwt.% panicum semiverticillatum. Est et,
panicum Italicum. ###, paddy rice. **
::cr', a fine gold coloured rice. ::, *, *a*,
*:::e et, Ba: t3 et, coarse rice. Cross.
r et, a midding kind of rice. S-cvvica e

C. e55. K. akkasa, s. Anger, passion. Gra

*Re: ***, ev, SR::.3 he is very angry
with me. ex::=e, es:nd a passionate
man. ex: , ev, "ar, ex,3rwevo a pas
sionate woman.


akkasanga, s. An affection
*, small red rice. *****, *.*, *, *,

ate woman.

scented and fine flavoured rice. <''Cats', a

fine round grained rice, &c, &c. et, son,

et's vex akkasliga, s. See ew



broken rice.

se: akkalisu,

v. a. To contract or

T. B. & &- akki, s. See e:

draw in the muscles of the stomach from hun


ger, &c. 2. to fear. 3. to flinch on being tick

led. ev," drawing in the muscles of the

<&s, e&# akkidi, akkini, s. See


T. B.


e. wonor ss" &8:a::Rozect: s

ee akkira, See exe.

e,2, rategs,

akkum, iralakku, The old form of ero

A. C. & 5

&#32;aw,"**.* the boy, from hunger,

contracts the muscles ef his stomach.



To become, be finished, suit, agree with, be
possible e' = a food that does not agree with
one. * * * * **,*.d: this rice cannot
fail to agree with you. 2. to come under

one's authority, to remain in one's possession

or under one's controul. * **** **,
* this man will not submit to you. e', E=
a subject, one under the authority of another.

*** **# to appropriate to one's self what

belongs to others. 2. to digest. 3. to pre
serve or defend what is one's own.

4. to

obtain, take, or retain possession. ex: tw

verb. n. the act of concocting or digesting.
2, appropriation. 3. continuance, preserva

tion. ****** one who appropriates to him

self what another has left without heir; a
monopolist. *****, temporary exaltation,
power or authority not likely to continue.
ra:so e Exzz3rt cored 3/s: e',' sags.

* he is a usurper, and appropriates to him

self any body's property.
A. C.

e53.87, akkudisu, v. n. To cease,

c. e5:3 akkulisu, see e."2.

S. S/533 a-krama, [e priv. *}~ order] s.
Confusion, irregularity; want of order or
arrangement; deviation from rectitude; sin.

adj. irregular, confused. es/~~~n irregular


s#2/23, akrdu,

S. espoo akhari, [e neg, and and a

Without defect, whole, scarless.
S. e. 502:3 akhinna, adj. Free from distress,
happy. 2 small, little.

s: Do akhila, adj. All, the whole ea

*o: the universe.

e:23:83 akhta, [e priv. and g vile,


bad, low] adj. Not vile or contemptible.

S. e.97 aga, [e priv. f. moving]s. A tree. 2.
the sun. 3. a snake. 4. a mountain or hill.

*** a man of the hills. 2. a monkey, &c.

C. e97:23:83, e7,250&es, exe5,833,

exe5,838, exes:#, agachatu, %.

gachdfalu, agachtlu, agachatale,
agachtle, s. Uncomfortableness, such as
a person feels when put out of his usual way,
not at home, staying with strangers, not
having food when he wants it, no proper
place to sit down in when fatigued, &c. er:
****, *9, erits', t:kyo to fall into distress,

stop, be suspended.


s. 899 ot:3, eart's akhddana, akhd

dya, adj. Not fit to eat, unwholesome.

to suffer adversity, ent, sax, erts',

** to throw one into adversity, erts',
***, *, *.* to rescue from adversi

ty. erit, a person in adversity, ea

So #ws: wox' era: #,A ** he is very
forlorn without a home.

s. The name of a fo.

C. &7833 agachu, See ereas.

s. e57:3:03

reign fruit.

C. &S) akha, interi. Expressive of abhor.

aga.jte, s. (daughter of a

mountain] Prvati.

rence or disgust.

e?:9 agadu, adj. Fierce,

wild, untamed.

s: 8923, '922:50 a-khanda, a-khan

**** to become wild.

***** mischievousness. 2, self-will, obsti

dana, [e neg, and sea broken] adj. Un

divided, whole, entire, indivisible. 2. abound.
ing. 3. imperishable. **** the Imperisha
ble (God). e522: EE2, eternal

nacy, unmanageableness. 3. insolence, ertzo

** to do mischief enzo &ate a fierce,

or imperishable wealth, empire, dominion.

mischievous cow. e :or: era &ct=v,

e: "we eternity.

that woman is become unmanageable, e =>

*&# era'ss essee:* Rev. Eross that

S. 99)o: e a-khandana, s. Time.

S. & 20233 a-khandita, [e neg. and

wild, dangerous bull. ea was, erasev, a

man's insolence will prove his ruin.


C. e57: p3 "9", s. a bolt, the inner wooden

bolt that fastens a native door, eR.: Sce al
perpendicular bar that secures a native door,

* broken] adj. Unbroken. 2 imperishable.

3. fruitful. *** *** imperishable riches.

s &20535 akharva, adj. Much.

s: saxos akhata, s. A natural pond or

*** *** the peg that holds the upright

bar. **** **w- to bolt. ert's tricts to un


bolt, unbar.


s. 7'33 aganita,

es?" :

adj. Countless, innu

s. 27'do, agaru, s. Red sandal wood er

S. 97.33 d5 aga-turu, [en hill, and see a

C. &7We agala, s. Breadth, erte #27 length


c. **, red sandal wood chip.

cow]s. A hill cow.

C. e57.3 agate, s. Digging. See e^.


and breadth, as in cloths. bre-orie Ravs

*# what is the length and breadth of that

agatya, s. Necessity, need, com

cloth P & Xeroco ered to:o 3a*, * verican

pulsion. adj. Urgent, important, needful,

*E*# that board is a cubit broad.

necessary. 2. positive. *****, necessarily,

adj. Broad. ere:** **** to dig widely.


*** ****: the well is wide.

positively, urgently, needfully. er:#: un

* *** must do. er's victor an urgent affair,

C. e97'e agala, s. A plate made of leaves.

ere?'"; to put in one's plate.

necessary business.

C. e97'erot's agalddu, v. n. To move, wave,

necessary. er'ss" we must come er:*

S. ex: agada, Le priv. He disease] adj.

shake, pendulate.

Healthy, well, free from disease. entovic

C. &7.9:2 agalisu, caus, of enes. Tose

a physician.
parate, to cause to quit or abandon.

C. &KUP:33 agaddu, s. The brace of a


*# to separate from. 2. to straddle, to

bedstead or cot. Rest &ac: Sra, e2 ::,

stride. 3. to extend, spread out.

***, **** *** **, the brace of the cord

c. ** agalu, r. n. To separate from,

cot is loose, pull the brace tight.

quit, abandon, leave; to be parted, divorced.

D. 976 agadi, s. Nothing, not the least.

2. to extend, widen, become extended.


es: ww.c.', era t-c: **::::::: he has not

even a single cash by him.

**# to separate one's self from another, to

leave another's society. ere *stro to sepa

S. &7%d aga-dhara, fer mountain, we

rate, go apart, come in two. ero: ato, ert

supporting] s. Vishnu, incarnate as a turtle,

to support the mountain Mandara during
the churning of the milk sea.

** to be inseparable, united, erec:50,

ere", ere: separation, the state of being
separate. ***, persons who are
separated, as lovers, &c. ert, erg left,
abandoned. erio & stees? have you left

ex320 aga-dhira, s. A man of cour


age, (firm as a mountain.)

me? re **** I cannot bear to be sepa

rated. %)* #C###3 *: tried:0 ** r&
it is not well for a woman to leave her hus
band. ***, *, *, +/a: a separated lover.

S. 27.338 aga-pati, s. The chief mountain.

S. 97.5%:37, aga-pannaga, s. A hill ser


C. &7:3, 7.*&#874 agape, agap

. c. 97.58%&27 agavsatuga, see era.

safaga, s. A ladle of cocoa nut shell.

S. 697.8%) aga-bila, s. A cave.

S. 7:28 aga-bhedi, s. A name of Indra,

7.5287 agashliga, see e===er.

e973 agashe, see er:.
&KR, 97.87, agasa, agasiga, s. A

who cut off the wings of the mountains with

washerman. er:^*., er:3, er::::" a wash

his thunderbolts. 2. (tree-cutter) a hat



C. e57-# a/ase, The lin-plant. Linum usi

S. &7'37, aga-bhgi, s. A hill ser.


s. $7.333, 7.3333 agama, agamana,

[e priv. and r3 or rises going] adj. Fixed,
immovable. s. A hill, mountain. 2. a tree.


tatissimum. er:* **:: the aeschynomene

grandiflora. er: *** coronila grandiflo
ra. **** ***, the lin-plant used as a ve
getable er:* S. lin-seed oil.

c. ex: 88,37'93 agas-bagalu, s.

00aml/d, adj. Impassable, in

accessible, impenetrable.


S. 976:2 agarime, s. Dishonour.

e K'? agasellu, s. Colour oil seed.

er: Sr., painter's oil.



town gate, the gate of a fort.

er 23.


ex: * agastya, s. A celebrated saint,

the son of both *) and scor, by e^2=r;
the regent of the star Canopus. 2. the tree
aeschynomene grandiflora.

s. 27"d agra, s. A house, a habitation.

S. e.97.023 agdrti, [en mountain, eas
a foe] s. Indra, the foe of mountains.
7.2% agvu, s. Money in advance. e.


A. c. 97% agala, adj. Deep. 2. Broad,

re: frzo

**# to take money in advance.


*** *** to advance money.

c. *Wo% agalanti, s. The stave of a

c. e57,6333 agiyu, v. a. To dig. 2. to

ladder. 2. a fort ditch, trench, moat.

c. ex:3,



chew, to champ. 3. to be glad. 4. to fear.

5. to fill, to prevail. 6. to enter, e^cco:re,


agalate, agalte, s. A fort ditch, trench,

ena:48:3, er's two, enade: *, erts, er's the

moat. ertt" a draw-bridge over a

moat. eriver: the mound thrown up from

act of digging. 2. champing. &#5ct, en

* to chew with the teeth. re:02:22 en
ce to dig with a spade, e^z. *# to dig

a moat.

for one's self e^* to cause to dig. ex:

c. *7'-39 agaldu, v. n. To move,shake,


*A, ef,0: *A to chew and eat.

be loose. erio:** v. a. To shake, &c.

er. Enzo, e^: t: to dig.

T. B. &79, &7.3% agali, aguli, see e

C. es?, g3 agini, See e?".


c. *73', '97.3% agalu, agulu, s. A

A. c. *d agida, adj. Close, thick



grain of boiled rice, essa:Rwo 3-5." ~*s the

grain of boiled rice is become soft. to:riva:
c. * *** *** true as he ate, and did not leave

a single grain. 2. a fort ditch, a moat.

C. 7:3 agalu, v. a. & n. To dig. 2. to

paration, division, divorce. See erec.

C. &78 agishe, see enzenres.

dive, to bathe. 3. to swallow. erve, er-,

c. *%, agishenne, see ere.

c. *%2, agishellu, see er:#.

dicinal root. Cissampelos herandra.

ex: agalte,


C. &7,&#, 7.93 agilike, agilu,

the act of digging, &c.

ex's B-29 agal-shunthi, s. A me.


T. B. &%) agini, see era.

See erva.

A. c. 97'2, agallu, c. m. To dive. See

**** agishtike, see en'.


T. B.


T. B. &7,' agili, see era.

C. &7:3 agiliti, see erys.
C. & Koot agundale, s. Excess, abun.



adj. Great, much, abundant.

H. :7-8 agddi, s. Front, van adj. front.

c. *3232 aguchu, v. a. To press, to com.

emot aft a horse's halter rope. enses rea:

press, to press or squeeze down. Bee, erov:

* to press to the ground.

a harlot's house.

s. e57.7% agadha, adj. Easy, soft.

s. e.97.7% agdha, [e neg, and "s: fixed

S. &7 sco aguru, s. Red sandal wood, aloe

wood, or agallochum. 2. a dark kind of the
same. 3, a tree, dalbergia sissoo. 4. a boat.

place] s. A hole, chasm, abyss, adj. Very

deep, bottomless, very great. 2. profound,
mysterious, abstruse. er" &d a violent


em: Ew a heavy rain.

a profound secret.

C. e57 se agulu, v. a. To shake,

make loose.

ens: ~sor

ens: stor a very reser

ved man. ens: 53/ a deep sleep. ens: tso

the abyss, the deep. ens: t-carve the foun

erotoz:33 agdhipanu, [er


* ****A eroto loosen that


C. & Ro:# aguvike, for enesse, see un.

der e?.

C. e57'33, e7-3, e27:3322 oxes agu

tains of the deep.


[* priv. roce heavy] adj. light, not heavy.

shi, agushe, agushe-bagalu, see enet



aim, e.g.:* king] s. The chief of mountains,




ex-go agulanti,

See erwes.



T. B. & 7'-' aguli, see era.

c. *7.3% agulisu, c. caus. To cause to


ex:3. aggaleya, s. A powerful man.


er: , er: aggdi, aggli, s.



A low, vulgar, immodest woman. e=Vo:*

en, what a vulgar woman she is !

ez's:- agulu,

v. n. To slip out, as a
bolt; to become loose, misplaced. &c" =
*/*S*, *evscorcorov the bolts on the
numerous gem doors having slipped out.

c. er: 35-0 aggdi-kra, s. A conju


2. a deceiver.

e? aggi, See e?A.

e. aggiga, s. A little, mean,

T. B.

a grain of boiled rice.


S. e57'2533 aghana, adj. Public, open.

or use

less man. 2. a divider of friends, a mischief

C. ep? age, s. A germ, bud, shoot, young

plant. * * to sow seed for plants.
** Badr war canker &ace: sow rgi for


e' aggini,


s. Water.

The use of


this word is confined almost entirely to the

Lingaits. e?,** ** a water vessel. e?

*R), 8.2%at,5'-3' tobacco plants. to:3t

ets: brinjal plants. **chilli plants,

ene=3." four
*** a water woman.
vessels on a bullock for fetching water. e?

plants, so as not to miss the season.

*** ***, onion plants.

*** *** a well reserved for the use of a

C. & R age, see ea.

c. *** ag, interj. Lo! behold! eras
*30 lo! see.

Jangama and his disciples. Besc: sc: e?,

teorso" b-star:" : the Linga priest used

the water which the pious woman brought,

er'.", e.g. lo! there.

for worship.

C. & #28838 agchara, [e priv. and "at

e?,***E= 03
aggi hugadararu, aggi-mogadavaru

T. B. e57, 53:37:5383,

*d visible, perceptible] adj. Invisible, in

comprehensible, imperceptible, not appreci
able by the senses.
T. B.

Le'a fire, * and ** face] s. pl. Fire

faced demigods.
T. B. & c.

e', e: agga, aggada, [er]

adj. Principal, chief

See e^A*2.

, aggivaladenne,

e?: t::ce the chief

s. Lamp oil.


ex, *::: agga,

aggada, [e: "I

T. P. e. # e.#,e?&e?:

adj. Common, low, mean, undignified. 2.

aggishti, aggishtike, aggitike, agish

T. B.

tike, s. See era:

cheap, abundant. et Es: cheap or common

grain e?, e7 5.8" a coarse cloth. e.


*** worthless or disreputable elevation.

C. &7:7 aggada, adj. Chief, superior, ex

S. &73 agni, s. The god of fire; the regent

of the south east quarter.

C. &7 & aggala, s. Abundance, superiori.

*93. Phaluguna was gazing, trembling and



4. marking nut, simecarpius

5. bile. 6, gold. e?A Br:
v. a. to kindle, to set on fire. E:A self
ignited forest fire. **C* the digestive pow
ers. **a submarine fire. Sex*A the fire
or passion of separated lovers. 8atwafa men

tal anguish. **a corroding care


*r, e^***, e^*.*, e^*e, erators a spark.

able, not dear. * *aca -, ex. e. Even

^* the cloth which you bought is very cheap.

3. the


astonished, at the greatness of Babhruwha

na's courage.
aggavali, adj. Cheap, reason

s: aggala, See e: 9.

2. fire.

plant called Ceylon lead wort, plumbago

ty, eatne. adj. Great, much, abundant.

**)=x=3 *ess=7-8. ze.orof. Stet:ze sust


<!, agni, See e.g.

e^***, *a*23 the fire pit for offering

burnt sacrifice e^*ake a fire-brand. era
*ck!", e^ Roa, e^ tria, era Gas, era :-3

aggalike, s. Strength, prowess,

danger of fire. e^** heat of fire. era 5)

**, **a bst, the light of fire, e^\tar a fire

greatness. 2. garrulity. e. ww.rices: he

is not afraid of power (or greatness.)

work, a fire arrow.


972 w", like fire. 2, the


7.33333333 agni-niyama, s. A vow

mode of offering burnt sacrifices. e^A Wor,

*A r". Shiva, with an eye of fire in the


centre of his forehead.

s: 973:35 agni-parni, s. Marking nut.

S. e57.3%8 agni-puta, s. The digestive

A *akr, e^A Sw,

* A *d the south east quarter. e?A rot,

*** *** a fire-vessel. e^A teowo, e^\ Yow
a fire-fly. e^*}, e^A^3, e?A &#: Bn.
stra, a giant who received the gift from
Shiva, that any one upon whom he should

to offer a burnt sacrifice of sheep, &c.

powers. 2. testing, trying by fire, 3, refin

ing gold, &c.


agni-pravsha, s. Throw

ing one's self into fire, as a woman on the

funeral pile of her husband, &c.

lay his hand would be burnt to ashes.

s. 979*b*, e?Sev39s agni-kri S. &798883, agni-bija, s. Gold. 2 an oil

ka, agni-kdrya, s. Exciting the sacrifi.
seed. 3. an improper letter in poetry. 4. the
cial fire with oblations of ghee.

letter C.

s. & C. e8795:32=# agni-kdrboge,

e733&#de agni-bhattraka,


[e^A fire wato black, and t:a" or war

smoke] s. The black smoke of fire.


The god of fire.

*: agni-kshta, [ena fire, and S. &794,359, agni-bhukku, s. An insect

that eats fire.

***, wood] s. Firewood. 2. Agallochum.


s. **.*.*,8 agni-kukkuta, Texfire,

7.3% agni-bh, s. The son of Shiva,


and **** a fowl] s. A fire eating bird.

2. a crystal. 3, a

S. &7,353:05, e?S=sects agni-man

da, agni-mandya, s. Indigestion, flatu

s. e.97,383.33 agni-chitu, [e?A fire, and ess:

S. &7.333333 agni-mathana, s. Produc

s. 737-3s agni-garbha, [era, and

** womb] s. The sun.


ing fire by friction.

who collects] s. A worshipper of fire, who

s. &7953>50 agni-mukha, s. [era fire,

has placed and consecrated a sacrificial fire.

and **mouth, oblations to the gods passing

through fire as their mouth.] s. A deity. 2.

s. *73&#39 agni.jitu, s. Water, the con

queror of fire. 2. The name of a king.

s. The blaze of

Bramha. 3. a plant. 4. a marking nut. 5.

kindling of fire.

a flame, the heat of fire. 2. a plant bearing

red blossoms, used by dyers.

s. &#603) agni-yantra, s. An amu.

e?,** agni.jwdle,

let. 2. a fire arm. 3, an electrifying machine.

s. et Sav, 733632.5 agni-tre,



agni-rakshane, s. Main

agnidratk, s. The Pleiades, of which

tenance of sacred fire, preserving perpetual
**a is the ruling deity.

fire in a family, which supplies that lighted

s. &7,308:3 agni-dipana, s. The diges

on occasions of worship.

tive powers.

7.3%R539 agni-dhma, s. Smoke of S. e.97.9% agni-rakshe, s. A cautery.

s. e?S07, e735.53 agni-linga, ag
s. A standard

ni-vha, s. [era fire, Cor a sign, and s

s. 7957 d agni-nagara, s. The city

S. e.73% agni-lipi, s. A writing which


e?: agni-dhwaja,

* endeavour.] Smoke.

with the insignia of a deer.

becomes visible by holding it to the fire.

Tjwati in the south east.


*:::: agni-veidya,

s. Cautery as

s. &73: agni-nadi, s. The river ofhell.

a last resource.

s. 7953323, e73883) agni-nayana,


agni-ntra, s. Shiva with an eye of fire.

*:::: e?'," agnishti,


tika, s. A portable furnace or chafing dish.

s. 79:2:33 agni-ndma, s. Ceylon lead

s. 7.9%d agni-shara, s. A fire-arrow.

wort. 2, the marking nut.





agni-shdle, s. A fire-place.

tender shoot of a plantain tree. er): In

dra, the Indian Jove, as having the chief
bow, er)Scts a first born child. er/*
presenting betel, cloths, &c. to the guests at

S. &7.3%) agni-shikha, s. Saffron. 2.

safflower. 3. gold. 4. a lamp. 5.


an arrow.

agni-shikhe, s. The blaze of

a sacrifice or other occasion. 2. an intro

fire. 2. a cock.

ductory service to auspicious ceremonies,

consisting of offerings to the manes, es/toe
an advance army, er/"> chief concern,
first thought. er/>>e, er/*d chief neck

s. '73% agni-shile, s. A fire-flint. 2, a

burning glass or lens.

*73:2:3: agnishtama,

s. A parti.

cular sacrifice.

lace. e5/* the first watch. eyes, ery

s. &7.2%), e?:0:5) agni-sakha, ag

"i-mitra, s. The god of wind; wind, the


friend of fire.


Quinsy, a bad sore throat.

S. & NSF:53 agni-saha, s. A frog.


Ca the most costly pearl.

agra-metre-gattu, s.

ez-ve agrahara, s. A village grant


*73:33, agni-sahaya, s. A pi

ed to brahmans by Government free or at a

favourable assessment. :="3/5 sea village

free from all tax. ess.e.:)-se, 2/3/to"


s: 7323) agni-stra, Astring used

C/** a village granted at a low rent, or as a

in producing fire by the friction of two pieces

of stick. 2. a band of sacrificial grass put

reward for public services, eates e Oxse a

village granted at a low quit rent. er/*ew

round the waist of a Brahman when invested

a man belonging to such a village. 2. a su

with the sacred thread. 3 electricity.

perb necklace.

s &73.233 agni-stambhane, s. The

supernatural power of rendering fire innocuous

so as to walk or remain in it unhurt. era zo

er: <3 agrsana, s. The chief seat.

**/** a president, he who occupies the
chief seat.

*** *** to render fire innocuous.



er:#5 agrhika,

adj. Dull, weak


agni-htra, s. Mainten

ance of a perpetual or sacred fire. 2. a sacri


ficial fire. *** ***3/co, one who maintains

a perpetual and sacred fire.

s &7:23:53 agnyutpta, s. A comet,

an inauspicious omen.
C. ez) 69ra, s. The thrush, a sore mouth,


er): agrhya, adj. Unacceptable,

not proper to be received. er):=====s+r
a thing not fit to be accepted.
e?): agrima, adj. Chief, principal,


e2)33, agriya, s. An elder brother.




e?): agrsha, s. The Supreme Being,



agru, s. A finger.

agra, Front, fore part. 2. top, peak,

summit. 3. end, point. 4 goal, resting place.

5. assemblage, multitude, adj. Chief, prin
cipal. 2. prior, first. 3, excessive, more,
much. 4, excellent, best. et/Fr., preferable,
most estimable. ::::::::/Fr's excelling in
learning. *::::/Rex, *::::/Rrs ex

First Being.

exists d agrchara, s. A fore-runner,

a leader.


g?): agrbha,

[e:) chief, and at:

elephant] s. The royal elephant.

celling in business, most clever at work er)

* one who goes before, a guide, enje, e

c. *7%d agrsara, fez, before, and e

T/**, an elder brother, the first born. 2. a

who goes] s. A leader, one who excels. Sts

brahman. 3. Bramha. eryt: the first, the

r:# * */**d one who excels in knowledge. *#


*::: erytze a notorious thief sex=# es/k

er)****, the present of betel

leaf, &c. made to the chief person, at the

*d an adept at business.

commencement of an auspicious ceremony.

s. & #2) agha, s. Sin, 2.

*L* the constellation Aquila. es/Be the

S. &#983, 30833 aghatana, agha


pain. 3. passion.



fane, adj. Impracticable, difficult, impossi

ble. ex:84* doing impossibilities. e?:
*** **** an object accomplished that

c. 8923 achi,



interj. Expressive of disgust.

achintya, s. The number for

seemed most unlikely. =::= eyes==Erg that

med by a unit followed by thirty one ciphers

or other figures. adj. Incomprehensible, 2.

which is very difficult or impossible.

beyond injury.

&#93 aghana, adj. Light, not heavy.

s: see:#2, e&#, see:sec:

e333 disgrace, degradation.


23Uzows, & 23:33 achira

. &#9%d;3 agha-bheirava, s. The for.

dyuti, achira-prabhe, achira-rchis

midable and terrible Shiva.

. &#05:3: go agha-marshana, few

su, achirdmshu, achirbhe, [e priv.

sin, and **** removing] s. An expiatory

*c long, and #33, E)*, ******, *: light, and

** a ray] s. Lightning.

prayer, reciting mentally a particular pas

sage from the Vedas while a little water, in
the palm of the right hand, is held to the

. 83.0833 achumbita, adj. Rare, un

nose; this forms a part of the daily cere

. 3833, e:###

common, curious, wonderful.

monies of some brahmans.

tana, ach-tanya, achei-tanya

Exhausted, faint, weak, inanimate, insen

T. B. &#978 aghata, See em:.

s. **** aghrini, adj. Dun, dark, dull.

s. &#x283 aghra, adj. Formidable, ter.
rible, fierce, sharp, dreadful. e?"ve as: a
fierce battle, ex-k 34% sharp pain. e?"
c *:: a violent fever.
T. B.

*:* *: Q aggha, agghavidi,


e:32: achdya,


adj. Curious, won

derful, odd, novel, rare. *** **::23*.*::

t5.5%:\! is it not marvellous for a cow to
nurse a babe?

See dat:3.

T. B. & 83 achcha,

[:] adj. Clear, trans

[e?" adj. Cheap, not dear; common, easy

parent. 2. pure, unmixed. 3, real.

to be had, abundant, plentiful, low, mean.

emphatic particle which denotes personality

ex, say to buy cheaply, 7.3; #2 */

E: **** corn is very cheap in harvest time.

or individuality. ex: * pure milk, eg.

:***e, e4, ex:" ==cos." the mer

e', ', rice entirely cleared of its husk. er;,

*** clear moon-light. e.g. ** a high

c. ** : * agghalike, see e'vs.

agg'idli, s. See era.

C. &# 5 achchaka, s. Assessment, taxes.



aghni, s. Water.

e=s:******, his assessment is two pago

das and a half (five gold pieces, or half pago
das.) ''," one who pays taxes. 2. union,

**A hot water.

e''A st: to give water.

s. & 23023c., 8:23:e

4. an

**, quite black. e. VA3 pure Canarese.

chants are selling rice very cheaply.


e:### ach

achanchala, a

chapala, adj. Fixed, not fickle, decided.

C. & 23.

achcha-kattu, adj. Neat,

eas:-3 s. immutability, stability, firmness


in proper order, good condition.


of mind.

e: ***C. to be neat, &c., to suit, fit, agree

s. 2323 achanda, adj. mild, as wind.

well with.

2. Ugly.

T. B. & 83 & achchate, see exs.

H. & 23.2 2.3 achabbu, [ezaw]s. Uten

T. B.

e:wo:33, e 23 #33-# achcha

sils, things.

dama, achcha-male, See ex=>e.

T. B. e8# 333 achchaya, See exa' and

s. 239 achala, [e priv. and so moving]

s. A mountain.

2. the earth. e.txt/3 adj.

fixed, immovable.

eisengo: permanent

s & B235.5 achturya, adj. Inele.

e' 53:5. *::::: achchaiya,

chamma, s. A

gant, not clever, not cloquent.

T. B.


proper name.

e'. C achchara, See ex8.




e's achchari, s. Affection, fondness, c. ese: 23, 83.3 W23 achchvichchi,

gr, 22, ... ca. 23.
achchvuchchi, s. Abuse, foul language.
et's* Sassa des do not talk bawdy.

kindness, great care.

T. B. &# 9 achchari, [for] s.

Wonder, surprise, curiousness. ex:"s, e.

C. e83: 's achchlu, [See e.V.

#2 * to be surprised, to wonder acks: 9

s. A

alone, or without a family, or

care and in easy circumstances. ***.***

pear curious.

to be alone, to be quiet and free from annoy

any such incumbrance; a person without


ance, et' won vows: he is sitting alone.

riyaru, achchareyaru, [e:ce.]s. Ce

et's*, et's" disincumbrance, freedom

lestial nymphs or courtezans,

from annoyance, retirement.


D. e8# achchi, s. A Malayalam woman.


*#.&# achalike, adj. Retired, quiet, T. B. &# achchi, [es]s. The eye, e.g.:

w", e.g.:r lustre or beauty of the eye.

# *cet, e':e tears. e28, e'.S.",
e'aw rheum of the eyes, et, dim

C. & s. e8# 3% achcha-lipi, s. A fine

e:333 achchavadi, s. see e.g.:2.


% is

what marvellous thing is this? e.e.:*,

e'.e.:** **C. to seem wonderful, to ap

T. B. &#.b32B, &#.t}532t's



ness of sight.

C. e8# achchi, s. The female breast. e.t

C. &#5352
achcha-vanna, s. A good
23r &Q

*s: to give the breast to a child.


e: achcha-vali,

C. e8# & achchike, s. Mercy, kindness. 2.

s. High extrac

tax, sessment. 3. See also under *, *.

tion, pure breed, good family. Sex* *.*

Qo'not reo: ez; on *r, croUntous fus9:00

sessment, tax.

C. ese: 7. achchiga, s. An amiable and be

loved man.

G. e.983 RV3) achchavvu, See estat.

C. &

adj. kind, friendly, e.g. **C. to be friend

ly, or loving.

because their lineage is pure, any body will

give them his daughter in marriage. 2. as


#. achchala, adj. Pure, excellent.

perous man.

speech, a pure word. EoPr: age =w&c'.2%

t-'3- e:ws": free from bother, he is
alone and quiet in the house. *.***** *

C. & 23 2203 achchi-baru, v. n. To agree

with ; to prove salubrious. * :* *** eq,
wd-ses, that place does not agree with me.

e vv.e. ssa es ecs that town has proved

salubrious to me. Goer's e.g. tae: :* es

c. *S***" how pleasant are the house

and garden! '," disincumbrance, quiet

* e. wove the place which agrees with


none has agreed with him. 2. To prosper.

t t): esp? es. tseee, that money has

e:9-333333 achchalyataru,

C. & S. *#.#d achchakshara,

adj. Prosperous. e.8

*::f a prosperous affair. e.g.: =s: a pros

2. quiet, undisturbed. e :=*:::: he is an

excellent man. e.v sas, an excellent

A. C.

2. T. B. of ex", a priest.

s: achchida,

not prospered with him. es.", e'. vote?,*

salubriousness, healthiness. 2. Prosperity.


s. Aprin

A. C. e.g3 d5so achchiyam, s. Impudence,

ted letter.

boldness, shamelessness.

C. & S. e.983: o333 achchambu, [e:, clear,

and eot water.] Clear water.


C. &#: 7:3 achch-gada, adj. Very de


achchu, s. A vowel.

C. e.98% achchu, v. a. To compensate, to

ceitful 2. very wonderful.

C. & 23: 7, achchagi, adv. Friendly; of a
mind; alike, es/* = c =e'd to: et'."
* that woman and man are very much alike,


2. to pay unjustly, as rent for land

on which the crop has failed. 3. to give in

general, but more especially money or taxes.
v. n. to be indebted. 2. to suffer loss. es
So #evack, *.*. st:ers' et',"." he pays

(of one mould.)




twenty pagodas to Government. p3? -": e.

C. 9833 vo' achchu-rtna, s. A ma.

*, **s have you any claims upon me, (or

am I under any obligations to you, or am I
at all in your debt?) esset', cat," eae.
c. e: I have lost twenty rupees by that

chine Ior clearing cotton from the seed.

T. B.

e8#.b achchuri, see eggar.

C. e8#2533 achchuvadi, s. A printed

letter at e?, exerve these are printed
letters. 2. tax assessment. * ***, et's


c. *832 achchu, s. A form for printing, or

for any impression, a type, exce", a prin
ter's type. ****, a block for printing

* ***, *, *.css this land is assessed at

four pagodas per annum.


cloths. **, r*& a stone on which cloths are

printed. e.g., *.*, ea', S', et', 52 a

printing office. **, *, *.*.* or * to
print. *, *, e4# to print cloth. e.
*.*.*, *, *, *, *, *, *r a pressman,
a cotton printer. e.g., *, e.e.: to cast
type. 2. a mould. E2 er, ###, a mould.


83.35:7, achchuva
miga, achchuvaliga, s. One who pays
tax or rent to government. 2. a printer.


**#2*o? achchu-sandhi, s. The per

mutation of vowels.

A. C.

See 23.

se:goo)23 to achchulditaru,

s. Attendants, servants, retinue.

#*, a jaggory mould. 3. a cake or square of

jaggory moulded. *.*, a small cake. As

c. &#e3-5, achch-hku, c. a. To

#", a large one. 4. an axle tree. e., zer

the platform of an idol car. e., ce: a mor

S. 23:303

tise in the platform of a car. 5, the pivot of

a handmill. 6, a weaver's reed or stay; cal

S. e.933 achhchha, adj. Clear, transparent.


s. Vishnu, the imper

ishable et's*E= Balarma.

s. a crystal.

led also er!" et', e.g.sroo the cord that


secures the lower side of the lams in a loom.

C. 233

*& achchu-kattu, [See eas

*... s. Convenience, commodiousness, com

pactness. **, *, *** a happy expres

sion, a fit word, et',"?, s a convenient

house. **, *, conveniently, cleverly,
neatly, skilfully. Posse was ea', we're
the family is very comfortable

ess st:

achhchha-bhallu, s. A white bear.

s. esco: 3) achhchhbhra, s. A very clear
sky. "2. a white cloud.


e1. great piety,



S. &#83 achhchhda, s. Clear, pure

se:723, se:#23,

83.3 :57, 3

achchu-gambha, achchu-tole, achchu

water." Kubra's pleasure tank.

S. 98 affa, [e neg, and * born; the un

born] s. Bramha. 2. Vishnu. 3. Shiva.

wdre, s. An axle tree.

C. &

adj New, fresh.


S. e. 59 achhchhinna, adj. unbroken,

*#27.2 achchugam, adj. Large,


*::) achhchhidra,

**, *, *, his business is quite compact.

A. C.

e:8 *:#. achhchha-phata,

4. Rma.

achchuguli, adj. Auspicious,

5. that son of Raghu to whom

the race of Rma is traced.

6. a goat.

favourable, as an omen.
7. a sheep.

c. & 832 7.2892 achchuglu, s. A stick


# tamping heaps of grain with


a seal

to prevent its being removed without permis

*a*4) aja-kalpa, s. The period of

one Bramha's existence.


sax? aja-ganna, s. A name of Shiva.


s. ea:7ta-to-20 aja-gajntara, [ee a

c. *2+232d, achchu-teru, s. The per

goat, Re an elephant, ecsc difference] adj.
Widely different; lit. as different as a goat
from an elephant, eart:03c2"d to be as
different as a goat from an elephant.

manent frame work of an idol car.

... <

*#&7 achchu-biga, s. A double



s. e87'd aja-gara, s. A large serpent, the

**: ajd-gala-stana, s. Fleshy


boa constrictor.

processes pending from the neck of a goat.

S. ea:7'3, 3:553 aja-gawa, aja-kava,

e=s, ee-rvi, Par: he is a useless fellow

s. Shiva's bow. (e= Vishnu, and * Bram

ha with 5 affix. Bramha being placed in
the centre, and Vishnu on the upper part.)

(like the goat's fleshy processes, which appear

to answer no purpose but that of ornament.)

s. &#vervd ajana-phalakshara,

*&# ajanma, adj. Birthless eer, a

person never born, as God.


eas: ajanya, s. A portent, an omen;

ajdgrate, s. Carelessness,

. 3:33 ajji, s. Cummin seed.

. &c.3:3 ajajina, s. Goatskin.
3:389 ajjivi, s. A goatherd.
eas: ajddya, s. Health. eas: a

s. Fate, destiny.


any natural phenomenon, as an earthquake,

man in health.

&c., so considered.

ea:03:33) ajta-shatru, Teens un

S. &&#3' ajamila, See ee-tow.

born, Es) enemy] s. One who has no ene

S. 93:33:39) aja-mukha, s. Bramha's son

mies; an inoffensive man.

Daksha, with a goat's face.


ea:34.88 aja-moda,

s. Common car

S. $3:23 ajati, s. An outcast, one desti

tute of caste.

Carum carui,

s. ea:332 ajaya, adj. Unvictorious. etc.


a coward.

not subject to old age or decay, as God. *

cc; the gods.

eacts: ajarmaratura,

93-258 aiddani, s. A small species of

prickly nightshade.

S. e93-d ajara, [e priv. ed old age] s. One


2. a name of


s. east # affanike, s. The note of a shep

herd's whistle.

s. Im


s. ea-63.5 ajarya, [e priv. egor of to

3.25.95 ajd-plaka, s. A goat


aja-putra, s. A kid, a goat.

.. ea:3)
3:53, ajmila, s. The name of a

decay] s. Friendship. adj. imperishable,

brahman who, after falling into sin and be

coming a chandala, in the agony of dying
called upon his son Nra. These letters
forming part of the name of Vishnu (N
rayana), the act of pronouncing them,

S. e3:99 aja-lipi, s. Fate, destiny; which

Bramha is supposed to have written on every
man's forehead.

s. &3:33, 8:3-533 ajava, ajavana, s.

though accidentally, is so meritorious that

Vishnu was obliged to admit him directly to

Slothfulness, indolence.

s. 898%807, aja-shringi, [es a ram, and


** a horn] s. A milky and thorny plant


bearing a fruit like a ram's horn, used as a

medicine for the eyes.
S. 6932? ajasra, adv. Eternally, continu

s &nd:#ve ajayapla, s. A san.

scrit work containing words of various mean

ally, perpetually.

s. &vo: ajnda, s. The universe; lit.

Bramha's egg.

s. easoo affamsha, s. A portion of Bram


s. 3,778 ajdgara, [e priv. tr. Re wake

ful] s. Drowsiness, sleep, unwatchfulness.
2. a plant (Eclipta or verbesina prostrata)
causing sleep.

&v=338c), east S.233 aid-mula,

ajd-mda, s. A medicinal root.


ear:53, ajashraya,


2: ajimhya, adj. Crooked, not

s. A sheepfold.


s &7& ajigisha, s. An unconquerable

man, a victor.

s. 233 ajita, adj. Invincible, impregnable,




s. e8292.5 aji-bandha, s. A leathern


S. $3.3 53233
lope or deer.

ajina-yni, s. An ante.

c. **', aiju, adj. Now, fresh, 2 good,

*: agnya, [e priv. ', who knows]

adj. Idiot, stupid, ignorant.

G. e8::::::::$ ajind-manushya,
s. A low, mean, insignificant, or little



*: 3 agnyata, agnyate,

s. Ignorance.


s: e. 3:0% agnydta-wdsa, s. Living

s &d ajira, s. A court or yard, the
square forming the centre of native premises.

2. air, wind. 3. the body. 4. an object of



S. & 8:23 agnydna, s. Spiritual ignorance,

wo: illusion,

e&#x2+c spiritual dark

5. a frog.

ness. eggs an ignorant person, one without

c. 935% ajiwna, s. Theseed of Bishop's

weed, sison ammi.

2. Incense.


e3: 7. ajihwaga, s. An arrow.


ajirna, ajirti, s. Indigestion, flatulence.

s. **3253 ajira s Non-existence, 2. death.
s &#5% affivana, s. Poverty, indigence,
having no means of subsistence.

e3:32:3 ajt imbhane, s.

egg3-..." an inadvertent act.

s. #&#3 agnytara, s. A wise, clever,

ile Inan.

s. ex:ce=, &##, ese:23=- ajirna,


knowledge, especially spiritual knowledge, a


C. e55372, ext:35-3

ajh, ajhre,

interj. Expressive of pleasure or irony.

c, 8229t atambara, adj. Large, exten

sive, roomy. Eos: tox, etdot-c:*: the house
is very large. *:::::: %*:::::::::::::=E,
how roomy is the place where there are no

quietness. **** silent, quiet.

people! etc.t.c. ** a very extensive

s &23:2::/3, ajendraru, fee, a )]


s. Bramha and Indra.

H. &.85:33, 89853 atakavu, ataku,

s. eas:##2: ajka-pdda, s. One of the

s. Obstacle, hindrance. 2. opposition, pre

eleven Rudras or deities so named, forms of


s. e8:53, et: 3, aftya, ajeitra,

adj. Invincible, unconquerable.

<&@*#23 ajghna,



s. A butcher.
aija, s. A grandfather. 2. a respec


C. e8#.22 No, e&#23.9 atakobba

ri, atakhobbari, s. A girls' game in

table old man. 3. T. B. [*] respectable.

which two clasp each other's hands and slap

*** a great grandfather. e. a grand

mother. 2. an old woman. *.*, a great
grandmother. e: :::" e:

them together.

too: 5-necoc:

like an old man's coming to an old woman's

house (that is, useless).

vention, detention. 3. molestation. et: ***)

:*::, et&sc30%, e3+: v. a. to interdict.
2. to hinder or prevent. 3. to arrest, to de
tain. 4. to molest. 5, to be obstinate, res

*#. 7, ea: 7 aijige, a juge, s. The

G. && 25 ata-chouka, numeral. Eight

times four.

C. e8: 833 atachu, v.a. To press down. 2.

to hush, to silence. 3. to humble, to abase.
4. to rebuke.


** et!:::::..a

Arabian jasmin.

*** it is well to keep an enemy down so

c. *# aiju, s. see e.g.


* & aiju,

as to prevent his rising.

s. A device, an expedient, a

A. C. e8:3:2 atanisu, t. a. To pursue,

e="te, es. 22, eager, es.

chase, follow.

an artful, designing, cunning, crafty man. *

e.", eage, et: ".", et:"r a sly, artful

C. & 8:33 atatate, s. Hindrance, opposi

woman ee,, et:" skilfulness, in

genuity, ess, adv, cleverly, ingeniously.

tion, obstacle. et st: ~39 v. a. to hinder,

to oppose essages: #e3 ess-va's
how can work which is opposed succeed?

ee, saw to do cleverly.




T. B. e8=3% ata-tla, see e="w.

they thrashed, with a stick, the man that fell

from the upper loft, (proverb used of one who
aggravates another's affliction).

S. e.98%) atani, s. The notched extremity of

a bow.

c. *3:33, e&#328 atamata, atama- | C. e5%. 53283'' atta-kumbala, s. A dried

fe, s. Deception, pretence, dissimulation. e.
*:::::::: a deceiver. 2. hunger, poverty,

scarcity, destitution

pumpkin for seed.

s'": attakkara,


*** ***** *

*: 83.338c3**: abroad he cuts a dash, but

s. Any class of

eight letters.

s&#x22's atta-gombu,


is destitute at home. e8=3& ###92: ***

s. The cen

tre or main branch of a tree.

*** *** **being destitute, he

c. e8:9 attadari, ..

An impervious

lives from hand to mouth.

grove or forest.

c. 9:53.6% atamarisu, o a Todeceive

C. &#8 attadi, s. A place of much resort,

2. to coax, cajole, or usurp by plausible words

or address. 3, to beguile, to slip away, as
from a child without its knowing it. et:e
* * to fall upon unawares.

a much frequented road or house. ***.d

*ttes e?,**cetes, he who has not mixed

with society cannot bear a place of much

c. *&#32-9 atamri, s. Obstinacy, per | c. s#8% attadige, s. A meal ready pre


pared, cooked food. ear are: * =::=# e

* a perverse child. es:==ecar' === <="

ce: t: a**! e8:3:63:o two who has

#* ecos=ress: in the female cookshop

there is food ready for eating.

verseness, stubborness, self-will.

: you to be obstinate? abandon your | T. B. s: atta-tla, See e: nv.


s. 989, e39 atavi, adavi, s. A forest,

e:ox, eors


a wood, a wilderness. e839", et:Setso a man


atta-tengu, s. A dried cocoa nut for seed.

of the woods, esis" [eus and = | c. &#E9% attadalige, fe' and wer]
quadruped.] A wild hog.

s. A board of a ceiling or loft.

e&#85 atta-madike, s. A vessel

that has been used in cooking. *.* e'>

A. C. e895 atavika, s. A gamester.

C. &&.So, & Evge atna, athna, s.


The name of a tune.

*** **** a'.B.: the mother-in-law's

C. &&3 ate, See e'.

cooking vessel is kept for the daughter-in-law

(that is, the business of the former will de
volve on the latter.)

s. 23.8& atpu, s. Direction, manage.

ment, controul, authority. * *** **A&st
**#: this work is under my direction. as
* * *a*b* as: he is not under my



attavadi, s. The bottom of a



authority, e -ese BSA eessen west: I | *

attavane, See essrs.

T. B. &&#8 attave, See e: *.

atta, s. A garrett or upper loft in | * e: atta-hasa, s. Violent laugh

cannot manage that horse.



ter, a horse-laugh. 2. parade, noise, pomp,

a house, a false ceiling of boards. 2. an up

per room serving, occasionally, for the pur


pose of a dormitory. 3. a bastion. 4. the

tending warriors. * ***, *.x. ei's: "se

back of an edifice. 5. a fortified place in

this man is very ostentatious (or affected).

3. the shout of defiance of con

6. a stand in a field of

e';* sis: to make a noise and parade;

corn, for watching birds, &c. 7. a manger

to give one's self airs, to be affected; to shout.

front of a building.

***** upper shelves, et,

ed: e.':=2#2: *we what shall I say

** ****, *, *:Atc. to get into an upper

of the king's pageantry? e',:52: Ero to

laugh loudly or heartily.

for cattle.

loft. ****A* to put things into an up

per loft. ecE *::::A :*oxict *#ed.



*# attala,

s. Bustle, ado, airs, exer.





cise of authority, ess'': **** =dit:

** all his authority is only for eight or
ten years.

Gas et:5 (or et?,*) why do you follow

me?' 'exo's sending to call.

<&229, **** attumbali,

attumbari, s. Countenance, patronage,

A. C.

*#9, s: attali, attale, see et:v.

s: attale, See e'".

going behind another as his support. Also

T. B.

See efooto?.

c. *:::3%
attya, s. The produce of

** attu-kuli, s. A game so cal

c. &833


s. & 3:39, 3:2.95, e&#85 attla,

attalaka, attlika, s. A parapet. 2, a

C. & 83s

7'el attugala, s. A cooking vessel.


e&#39 attu-guni,

house built over the gate of a fort. 3. an

upstair house.

attu-guli, s. A picnic, or party of girls

4. a palace. 5. a bastion.

*:::::: attasa, see e.g.:.

*:::::: attalu, s. One man sent after

going for a stroll in the woods. *******

T. B.

to go on a picnic,


attu-gilu, s. Cooked rice


*###, &&#3 attikku, attidu,

prepared for eating.


e&# attuge,

s. Dressed food. 2. the

To cook. 2. to board, to cook food and set

act of pursuing or following.

before a person. 'ss a cook. e.,,

=s* *-as-an ess, Eag, saessor ever

C. e82,72892 attu-glu, s. A wooden

ladle for cooking.

** the cook must have no wife, and the

porter no servant. (From experience, the
cook will find fault with his wife's cooking,


*&#, <&22 attunnu, attum

bu, v. a. To cook and eat. 2. to enjoy the

and the porter with his servants services)

C. & 83 :: ** attiga-iwi, s. An earth

fruit of one's labour. et's*, *, *::

cooking and eating. et:"...BE*, 2* seaso
t3a*** *** it is better to live by begging
than by cooking and eating. (proverb used

en vessel fixed as a manger for cattle.

C. ex: 83 *%, s: 33,7:5 attipu, attisu, c. caus.

of a lazy fellow.)

[of 4,] To cause to pursue or follow. 2.


to evaporate, to make boil away. :::*, ed

**C. *::::= Sars, 3:4:: * ~ *do *:::cco:


make an infusion for the medicine of three

quarters of a seer of water, and evaporate half

t m of the pot.

a seer.



*&#...) attuppu, s. saltpetre.

e&e atturi, s. Rice burnt at the bot


s&#x attuliga, s. A cook.

e&#: attuli, s. Annoyance,


attu, See e'.

c. &82, attu, v. a. To drive

off, to send

away. 2. to pursue, to follow, to go after.

3. "to send. 4. to push away or on one side.
5. v. n. to evaporate or boil away. ****A

e3" et', push him away. 3'-E: B.

who sent you? eaea, #2 *** ****
the king sent me to you. e.' *a** ****
to run after, to pursue.

**, *:::::A cro

rea e", waax">" the mother-in-law is al

ways annoying her daughter-in-law. e!'"
*, e.g.:*, *, *, evorov a pursuer, follower.
2. a cattle driver.

3, a sender.

vexation. 2. throng, mob, crowd. et:*k

:* a place much frequented. e.t."r an an

noyer, a vexer. es:#" was he gives much


e=::#;"><> ***d I cannot

endure his annoyance.

atte, s. The sole of a sandal or shoe.


2, a leech. 3, a headless trunk. 4, a lump

of tamarinds. 5. the outward healing of an

internal boil or sore. Ev:#;"> *r: **:

* *:::::::::A *:::= -2: Yo ***.*.*
he asks a fanam to take off the old sole, and

to put on the shoe a new sole.

e., "d a

**.* to

sandal with a sole. e.g., *.csv, *.*.*sor". Fo

pursue, to follow. e8###, et';*, *, we

*c:*::: * it is as pleasant to him to

tread on a new soled sandal, as to mount a

the act of pursuing or following.



horse, e.g. "#, e.g. *s, e.g. * *a*
* to put a sole on a shoe.
c. & 63,23:

c. &o:33 adanku, See ease.

A. C. e5:07:2003Ed3 adangditaru, s.
s. A pearl

The officers of an army. 2. a caste of people

whose employment is to cut down the fruit


of cocoa and areka nut trees.

c. *&#3 atteda, s. A cook room, a place

where food has been dressed.

2. a native

place. e. d e 2: eas: eear.<re:

* it is not fitting to cook in another's cook
room. (i.e. keep to your own house) e=
*:::, rea e3:e: *:::: to whatever
country one may go, he cannot forget his
native place.
G. 893, c: attenave, numeral. Eight
times nine.

*:::: atte-tala, see e.".


*:::::: atte-pancha, numeral. Eight

A. C. &o?, adangi, s. A cudgel, a stick.

C. &:27's ada, gu, See earo.
A. C. &#273 adangu, s. An army. 2. a

A. C. &o7'30223:83 adanguruchdta,
s. Blind man's buff.

C. est:0232, esto: adanchu, adampu,

v. caus. To quench, calm, humble, silence.
2. to pack closely, &c. See ean: and e^
o under enre and erro.

C. &#23 adanti, s. Excuse, evasion, sub

times five.


C. 583.0 *2. a!!ottu, s. Rice burnt to the

bottom of the pot.

C. ex:0:37: adampiga, See under Yaz.

e&#xe attgara, s. Cooked rice.

C. &o: adampuli, s. A reprover, a


e&# %

T. B. es:020,

rebuker, a silencer.

attoudlenne, s. Boiled

castor oil.

8322d adambara,

atambara, See exotod.

s: attoushadha, s. Medicine
that has been prepared by boiling.
C. &&#, atle, see et,.


A. C. est:507.95:53 adakangondava,

c. *e, atlu, See et'. Also, 2 mud.

C. &#5e), es:#e's adakala, adakalu,

s. A pile of water or cooking vessels. ****

s. A timid man, a coward.

ce: ezvocc: there is a pile of vessels in the

G. & athara, numeral. Eighteen ee


o cost!, e&c": eighteen government

offices, viz. *.*.*.*.* treasury. e-stoke::
lapidary's office, or place where the king's
jewels are kept. Easters: victualling office.

**** audience hall,

. &#2 adaku, [compare er:*] v. a. To

pile up, pack closely, stuff or ram in, stow

:*::::::, e3+ ...< *: there is

not room enough to stow away all the goods.

2. to hide, conceal, secrete, keep secret. rt

te: elephant

dept. :::::::: camel dept. T-32 s; cattle

t; +/- =no easu, et., 5 acr tre+ coes:

dept. Tseways: coachhouses, &c. *-sco
** aviary, GR:*: musicians' or band

office. ****C*: the place where the

hour is struck, **C* magazine of stores.

if you conceal a wrong deed, will it not come

out? 3. to stop, arrest. e=E:A eased ess

*** **** what has he done that you

should arrest him P ex**, e7:56:3, eas.

*.*.*.*.* ordnance store,

ectrics: corn

** to pack up, put or stow away, hide, &c.

and straw magazine, t.v." son: cook house.

*:::::223 royal wardrobe.
lamp and torch office. :*: privy.

e = ** **** e===== -s. F: it

is not well to conceal a dangerous disease.

esses, e3++2, e3+*co to be comprised,

C. & B2353, & 32%, s: athavani,

athavane, atthavane, Revenue ess"

comprehended, contained in. *::::::::::

ex, to: *g, *: *******: the whole mean

at: the revenue department. et': ***

9 a revenue office. 2. reminding, bringing

ing of the story is comprised in one verse.

2. to be full. P. to be compact, in small
compass. 4. to be abridged, shortened. 5.

to the recollection of another.




to be concealed, secret or hidden. 6. to be

pressed down, humbled, subdued, depressed.
7. to be allayed abated, appeased. ******

C. &7's adagu, s. A mystery. 2, a hiding

* ******, his anger is abated. 8. to be

full. eas, eas: adj. abridged, compen
dious, in small compass, brief es===^ to:
* to write briefly, concisely. 2. private,

c. *:37 adage, Sce ear.

c. &t:7:3 ada-gedu, c. a. To prostrate,

place, an ambush.. a refuge. 4. meat, flesh.

(A. C.) adj, pleasant, agreeable.

to fall on the face and reverence.

**** s.

prostration, the act of prostrating.

secret, reserved.

c. ex:23:# adachane, s. Inconvenience.

c. et:25: ada-chli, s. A man of infa

c. &#5 adake, see eae.

A. C. es:# adake, s. Flesh.

mous conduct, or ill behaviour adj. disre

putable, bad e3.5% +9: a disreputable

c. *::#233 ada-kottu, s. scissors for

cutting betel nut. *a*03-0 ** 6: e:#ar. t.


%ts the scissors are proper for cutting betel

c. &#233 adachu, [See ean: under earl


v. a. To hush, silence. 2. to rap, to cuff.

3. to press down, pack close. 4. to humble.
evac, shut her mouth, es:

A. C. ex:7, adaga, s. A wing.

C. &7.873 adagadigina, [earer] adj.
Frequent, often.

tn ova: 5* eats, give him a rap to

. &#r. & adagnisu, c. a. To hin

keep his mouth quiet. *** ** to put

away, to pack up close. ******** **,
Ra'awraa was pack all those things in the

der, to oppose. e.ves exner:*::crit: "to:

* what will he get by impeding that affair?

****** s. Obstacle, impediment, hindrance.


c. &tirot, 77 b :#887.2 adag

c. *::33:23 adajti, s. Mongrel, inferior

or low caste.

ru, adagri-hgu, c. n. To decrease,

*::3% ada-tatte,


diminish, become reduced in circumstances,

s. A plate to serve

out betel, &c.

humbled. 2. to perish, be destroyed. s. de

crease, diminution, depression in circum


stances, humiliation. 2. ruin, destruction.

*:22' ada-tle, s. Irresponsibility,


C. &#73 adagu, [Compare ear-je. n. To

C. &3, es: adati, adadi, s. Hired

hide, be hidden, concealed; to abscond, dis

appear. 2. to decrease, abate, become calm,
pacified, appeased.
es: *ner eterize his

clothes, hire. erize, caerarca eas:02 fa

*::::ct!, washermen give clothes on hire to

any body. Case eas **** exca::"

*.*, *::se poor people dress finely in

anger is abated. **** ****, the pain is de

creased. * ****, the wind has fallen, or
gone down. 3. to be comprised, compre
hended, contained in. 4. to be humble. 5.

hired clothes,



eat &#2 a hired ox.

adaddu, [See 3.] adj. Raw,


to be shrunk up, wasted. eash


to hide

c. *::::23 adandidi, adj. Indifferent, mid

or conceal one's self, abscond, disappear. 2.

dling, neither best nor worst. ex: * ***

to support, as a land its inhabitants.

indifferent work.

to be concealed, hidden. 2. to be humbled,

depressed, allayed, abated, appeased, e3?
**-*c. to be or lie concealed, &c. ex: &stro
to disappear, be lost, &c.

eassoccan & stro to turn

out indifferently. 2. vulgar, low, uncouth.

e3:2 :::::3 a man rather low or mean.

3. wild, ungovernable, unaccustomed to the

ex^: v. a. To


hide, conceal, secrete. 2. to pack up, stow

est:3 adane,


away. 3. to abridge, curtail, shorten. 4. to

s. A shelf.

&: adapa, See &a=!.

humble, subdue, allay, depress, abate, put

down, quench, appease, calm.

G. &#: '', et:327 adapli, adapiga,

c. *::73 adagu, s. Pacification, calmness,


quietness. 2 compendium.

under *::.

c. & adapu, See ear: under ear.



c. & adapu, [See ea-Js. A pledge, a

posit, a pawn that yields interest. 2. place,

pawn. ex: v.a. to pledge, to put in pawn.

er:=E ****, ea: rases as were: you

room for. 3. confidence, trust. 4. (verb. n.

of eace) running, entwining, as a creeper,

seizing, as a dog, &c. attack. *.***** be
ing dutiful, or possessing the feeling of duti
fulness. *%-5%r room for exaltation, or

may certainly pawn on urgent occasions. &r.

: tovc:-4, es: ev,easo see: *# 7.)

* you may pawn with a person of proper

ty to get through an emergency. es: #2
*# *.*.* to pledge and go.

c. &t's adarpu, e. g. To adapt, make

A. C. &e adabala, s. Meat, flesh. ea

fit, &c. 2. to prepare, furnish, &c. ****

the seat of dignity.

5.0 ejew, soot.":" ex: one-rro no one can

toe-so, eatow a cook.

make a little food serve for many persons.

:*ed zoss---arre, c=se::::::::: the gen

T. B. &#23 adabi, See et:5.


est:335 sq. adayala, s. A sign, token.

tleman ordered all things to be set in readi

c. est:6333 adayu, c. a. To have, possess.


2. to be, become. 3. to attain, obtain or

gain. 4. to be worth. Exar 5:wo she
fainted, e.g.: t E:::::::= e2e)====*

c. &e 2 adalu, c. n. To be agitated, trem

to:- it is very difficult to gain the notice of

the king. : *k:: ****A*~2 to attain the

ed with agony, struggle under pain. *****

bliss of heaven.

e53.52 not worth.

ble, be in consternation. * **scr:** what

occasion for alarm? 2. to writhe, be convolv
Bezet's* era, wres execs.: wearied with
pain, he struggles night and day. *** **,
exe: to alarm, terrify, distress, agitate.
****) $.", ===,"vo to::clootzsed Raass.: a.


ca:32 east, it is not worth four rupees.

2 not obtained. Hasr &#, e332: * =
*** ** **Cosro how can a person have in

wicked son distresses his parents with sorrow.

eae: to feel palpitation, be shaken, move

this birth, what he did not obtain in a former

birth P

C. ex: d2 adaru, v. a. To fly at, rush at, at

ed, agitated. Rocarrive eae === rea," "

*** it pealed with a heart palpitating thun

tack, pounce upon. 2. to snuff at, fret and

foam. 3. to stray, to scatter, as sheep, &c.
4. to climb, ascend, run up, as a creeper. * *

c. ex:en, es:e adalu, adala, s. Pertur


bation, consternation, tremor, terror. 2. turn

ing round. * *- :/* madness, delirium.
&r=::A *', eat U23rican
&coross, having lost his money, he has gone
mad, and wanders about insane.

te, es eae facts: a creeper has climbed the

tree, 2.23. FR3 eruccretses: a *::r:o the
sun ascended the eastern mountain (i.e. rose.)

* : *terae Bates: *t, *stres: if gun

powder explode in one's face, the whole face

T. B. &Q adavi, [.. ts: s. A forest, wood,

will be destroyed. *.*, *2+ easor: the

grove or jungle. adj. wild, not tame. **

hill caught fire. 5. to collapse, join, adhere.

c. *a** a wildfowl.

ex: 3:... a wild dog,

6. A. C. to sit down. 7. to bear or carry. 8. to

become. **, *:::sor to join in close contact.

&c. ex: r a man of the woods.

eae wo, eae faca, we to come rushing at,

flying at, attacking. *s, *::: eae faco
tod if I speak, you fly at me, exces, ea

large forest, e3+. Petro v. n. to abscond,

decamp, run away. 2. to be ruined, lost.
ts 2: &ash es:*escoso the cattle went
astray, and are lost. essas Exexh &st=so

cow a violent person, blusterer, one who flies

at others in rage. *** to set on, as a dog,
to place opposite.

he is lost.

*** a

5% Persh:o v. a. to abandon,

desert, forsake. eascaiss rule of the for


c. e5:232E adarchu, c. a. To prepare, set

in readiness. ##" Evo #2%%rv, :*

A. C. & adavu, adj. Proper, suitable.

e==% improper, unsuitable. ******=&
not proper to protect. e553', becomingly,
with propriety. easar worthy, fit, right,

***** set ready all the utensils for wor


A. C. &= adarpu, See es:

s. A de





c. & adavu, s. A deposit, a pawn that

: exat:382.8 why do you lade it so? is it a

borrowed ox? adj. clumsy, awkward.

yields interest.

essa, es: *w- to pawn,

mortgage. ess": to be pawned or mort

es:t. *#, e:Jell *# to re

H. & Goo)3F2 addisu, c. n. To be restiff,


troublesome, as a horse. See etivscore un

ceive in pawn. eas: 2, "y, to redeem a


der 835.3).

ea: ==) e :: *** a pawn ticket.

A. C. e503.93% addyudha, s. A drawn

c. & adavu, adj. Close, thickset, as corn


or trees. 2. abundant, plentiful. essah adv.


thickly. 2. abundantly. &at:# roc: Roo

t:2: 13,83 toxo es: the whole
ran *:

field has sprung up in clusters; the seed sown

is very thick. : :o::cca as: * :28&
R: to:9 eas": all the stalks are so close, that
there is not the least interval. ****,r*'s 35
* ex-c::=::\ essa?, "ac: tr. purchase an

E& eas: a**, or ****# an alarm to arise

in a country.

e===#4t osa!? =s***.3

who is he? what alarm he excites!

tas: a

*c.:* tyrannic rule, despotic sway, govern

e:#5c thickset.

ment that inspires terror; misrule. eas: a

**C.:*T*d a harsh and rigorous overseer, a
tyrannic ruler. eas.<2 host a tyrant, a ter
rifier. eas:* sists an alarming speech. 2.

A. C. & Roelododo adavumaluduru,

s. Repentance, regret, sorrow.

C. ep: adavuli, s. A cook.


evso-38 addvudi, s. Alarm, panic, con

sternation, as from foreign invasion, dacoits,
banditti, &c. 2. a gad eats: Brad a dis

turber of the peace. ex:32 = Rao v. a. to

occasion an alarm, make a disturbance. Cat-3

abundance of all provisions, so that it may

suffice for the people.

*:::::A; e: adasattu, adasat

an incoherent speech. ::= ev: ***, eas:

*** **, *atre: the woman, whom her
husband does not keep in subjection, will be

fe, s. A guess, conjecture. es: Bata v.a.

to guess. ***** **, a rough estimate adj.

come a gad and go astray.

Improper, untrustworthy, unreliable.


a:Wo:= e2+:32

Bzar to: 've: *** what a gad she is!

s: ada-sadde, See e:#.

she cannot stop in one place.

A. C. es:#d adasara, adj. Agreeable,

C. & adi, s. The foot. 2. the bottom or

pleasant, nice.

A. C. &:37:2 adasu, c. a. To ram,

foot of anything. 3. the measure of a foot.

4. a footstep. 5. a door. * * **a*s,

to stuff.

*'. *ao: et: *** Sing, sing, Mr. D

2. to conceal, to hide. 3. to confine or hold,


as under the arm, wings, &c.

sa, then shut the door and take yourself off.

7, straits, distress, obligation,

c. *::::3%22 ada-hayu, c. n. To inter.

6. a priest.

fere, interpose, oppose, thwart.

C. &:33.5 adahike, [See esco] s. Gain,
advantage, profit, increase. e5%++:A ea
*2, e3%*.*.*.*.*.*.* to get gain, obtain
a profit. **** ea--> *, exces
== e2% ea:, e3e3e3 *res: to ob
tain unjust gain, instead of lawful profit, will

necessity. Bococo servants. &#, a gentle

or soft foot or step. ::$3rdro: I fall at
(your) tenderfect. *-* upper part of the

****, *rt the sole of the foot.


Roc, *.cso the trunk or stump of a tree.

eat &s', the abdomen. *e ea the bot
tom of a wall.

** as to step, to walk, to

plant or fix the foot. ea asend I cannot

prove very injurious.

walk, ea case ot's fear to proceed. ea as

ect'ss: one who is afraid to go on. et a

c. *t:32 adahu, adj. Close, thick, &c. See


*Rex, ea as *C* having learned to walk.

c. &#2 adalu, see easo.

c. &a: g addini, s. Unrewarded labour,

eaco 39ten as to walk very slowly, merely

putting one foot before the other. ea **

ev to measure with the feet. eos." Sr.,38

forced and unremunerated service. east? :

to persons of whom labour is exacted without

at the whole is seventy-two feet.

remuneration, slaves east 35% an ox taken

without hire. e5.5" "d-2 &se:2:1 ext

cavra a'awase way: if you put your

foot in my house I will fine you.

* >03




CA Bob" to prostrate at the priest's feet, and

what is burnt at the bottom of the pot. v. n.

To touch or stick to the bottom.

do obeisance. *sadorw' sage dra do not

put one foot over the other in walking. *
Corao: "t: three feet are one yard. e?"t
ro, eartwridro, en't eve to prostrate or fall
down at the feet. ea et vain expectation,

c. e87.8% adigadige, ade. Frequently,

often, from time to time.

brosf: ***t's do not be coming to me

fruitless and groundless hope.

so frequently. 85 t so earter ests essa

C. & 359's adi-ksu, s. A daily toll on

*.* the devotee of Shiva is continually say

ing, Shiva, Shiva.


c. e.935 adike, s. The common betel nut.




s. Firewood.


eart, sa&see, eat." **** the la

bourer is gone to the jungle to cut firewood.

Areca faufel. Seen*, eave the areca nut

and betel leaf.

2. ever. 3. step

by step, or from step to step, gradually. ***

e6+ 5.d the areca nut tree.

**** **, the areca nut pod or shell. ea":

*33 to gather the areca nut. e8+* ****

c. *793. adi-gallu, s. See war''. Also

to shell the areca nut.

C. & C37.23/3

east &at", half an


areca nut, ease, as way to take areca

nut and betel leaf.

small one

left from cleaning grain.


s. The leg below

the knee.

: ******* an areca

c. *7 adge, s. The actor art of cooking.

nut broken into four parts,

2. glass ware. e3" e39, ears Ess: to cook.

an areca nut broken into eight parts. <2*

2. to make glass ware. e.," cooked food.

e*** ** a cook room. eart #39 to spoil in

**was broken areca nut. ****** are:

ca nut in small pieces. Csort txaces areca
nut broken into parts the size of cloves.

*R*=d:** imported, or exotic areca nut.

Evst)* home, or indigenous areca nut.
*** an areca nut that is not generally
liked, used by children in play. ***** a


e^*.cscs: a man cook,

a female cook
one's self.

A. c. &#8239 adigettudu, adj. Tar

dy, slow, lazy, (verbal noun) being tardy.

coarse kind of areca nut, east w, eawa

*... scissors used for cutting the areca nut.

c. e8%

e8+e riv, ea-fe re': a stick of the areca


nut tree. e8+ , a slip of the areca nut


ear Saa way to cook for


adig-wajra, s. A bastard


e8#. adigei, See e?"}.

c. e8#Jose's adi-glu, s. A wooden bolt.


2. a wooden ladle used in cooking.

c. &#, e&# adi-kei, adi-gei, s.

C. e.9338 adi-tadi, s. Strife, affray, alter

The palm of the hand. 2. an inferior, a cow

ward. adj. Inferior, lower. ***.33:ssa
*33%"/3%ts=hd:#E0 it is a great degrada

cation, a lj, topsyturvy. *** **rve, ea

*** why quarrel about little things?

c. &.733 adi-davare, s. A lotus-like

tion for the superior to become the inferior;
lit. for the giver to become the receiver. :=
3:30 *azo: *3 3392, :*::30 & 2:3:

*3 ear?-->h>a ados: the alms-giver's

hand is the upper hand; the alms-receiver's
hand is the under hand; (it is more blessed
to give than to receive.)

foot. 2. a lotus not growing in water, a land



adidi, See te:3.

adi-bitta, s. A harlot. 2 neg


c. e.93350-3 adi-bhanda, adj. Impudent,

C. &70& adigantu, s. Dregs, feculence.

*** whatever corn is put into a subterrane

ous granary becomes musty, earlot', tow
musty millet. earck's saw a low speech.

entirely void of shame, hardened, destitute

of principle. *::: ***Eaa Fat's ext:"Peg,3;
as:c: eat!os say what you will he has not
the least sense of shame; what a hardened
wretch this is ! case, eat:2:3: Snaes,' s
SA #~~o San *a*4, *:o why do you act

******** *-** no one likes to eat

without shame? Pay me what you owe me.

2. musty corn. 3. rice burnt to the bottom

of the pot. es wvates are t.v." sweario




c. &#3299) adi-mukha, s. The bottom

part. adj. on the face.



ade-gallu, See war's'.

c. et:#J883 ade-dshe, s. A double cake

*322%239; adi-mutta-koiyu,

filled with the flour of rice, black gram, sugar,


c. a. To extirpate, cut to the root.

C. &#32 adime, s. Slavery. 2. a slave.

C. e8#. adimettu, s. A drug.

C. to:32.9% ade-buluvu, s. A worm

A. c. & 3:= adirpu, s. Fear, timidity.

c. & adeyu, see esas and e3.

A. c. es53m3 advane, s. Footmark, print

c. &R 3 adjati, see ea was.

found in dunghills.


of the foot.

s: adda, s. Half a fanam, seven duds.

2. an impediment, obstacle, or hindrance. 3.
any thing transverse or in a cross direction.

T. B. &#, e983 adivi, adive, see egs.

c. 93% adivu, s. Increase.
C. &

4. fence, covering. 5. breadth. adj. transver

sal, crosswise, athwart, intervening, hori
zontal. e?,** adj. transversely, across. e
# * to lie down (become horizontal.) 2.
to intersect, as a river. 3. to intercept or
hide. *e:::::::Aasrao vs: when a
cloud intervenes the sun does not appear. e.
**C. to interfere with, hinder. ***, SSA
****, e. Baads: crew why do you in
terfere with my business? erro aero to
get out of the way, to stand out of one's way.

:32. adi-hattu, c. n. To subside,

fall to, or settle at the bottom, 2. to stick to

the bottom.

c. ** adu, v. a. To cook, dress, or prepare

food, e3", exorov, exoraw a cook (mas.
or fem.) esort cooking vessels. eart',

*****', a woman who cooks for strangers

and travellers,

esor. See e2". v. n. to ma

ture, ripen.

adukangollu, e. n.
To shrink, or shrugone's self up from fear,

A. C.

C. es: o3 addanki, s. Total. 2. register,

entry. e5 2+ to put down the total. 2.


to enter or register.

c. & 53, ext:33:3 aduku, adukidu,

C. &#oe33 addanchu, s. The striped end

See *a*).

of a cloth.

C. &#9839 aduchu, See ests.



*:3#3 adume, s. see eas.

ex:3"> adusu, s. Clay, mud.
*::::) adri, see eae.
et ade, e.a. To ram, stuff.

e:285, e:o%

addandike, ad

dandige, adv. From one hand to another.

e:#25 was to give from one person's hand
to another. Ge:*r23, e=s=so e 3:55,
#25 fabe that there be no delay, let them

2 to rap,


hand that thing from one to another.

C. & Z3 ade, s. A lump of tamarind. 2, a

cake of dried cowdung. 3. confidence, trust,
belief. 4. a black smith's tool box. 5. a heap,
mass, dunghill. etc.:* * to put into a
heap. 6, a thin cake made of rice flour, mix


e: 5225 adda-kambi, s. See e:ots.





&: 3320, ad

dakattige, adda-gattige, adda-mara,

s. A cross bar. e5, Sie ve to bar, to put
a bar. *Rex d. 352-5 wa e:

cod & + "wo

ed with flour of phaseolus mungo. e. aft.

bar the door, so that no person may open it.
an annual festival in honor of Lakshmi, in

which this cake is much used.

screen or blind. 2. to thwart, hinder, cross.

3. to stand in the light of another. 4. to in
terrupt, stop, or arrest, dam up or back. 5.

*# to mat, conglobate eart:stro to

become matted. * ***** *** *-d-:
*** ****: the hair being without oil, is
matted together.

s:#& adda-kattu, C. a. To put a

ex: ~2:, e

to interfere, interpose. 6. to shut up an en

e5 12"> to loosen mat


ted hair by passing the fingers through it, to

tear off in lumps, as a bird its prey with its


e: *% s: 7& adda-kattu,


da-gattu, s. The part of a woman's cloth

claws, &c.



that goes over the shoulder and fastens on

the opposite side, ed:B 2.Jease "'e', e.
*** the fastenings of Tamil women's

sive position, as if to ward off a blow; the

hand placed transversely, ecs.". &

*** =se e: e.g. ** ra',: &=#at when

cloths are all on the side.


an armed man attacks one unarmed, will he

s:%, e: adda-kattu,


retreat if he put up his arm (on the defen


da-katte, s. A dam or weir. e: * *

**, e: *: **'. e3+ ** to shut in,

&#ate, adda-klu, s. A cross bar,


a door bar, or any transverse stick. 2. a bar

to which the rope that holds up the warp is

confine, or dam up water.

s:#82, s:, s:#2, es:

25, *::::::: adda-kashibi, ad




da-kashibe, adda-kasabu, adda-ka

sibi, adda-kasubu, s. An unnatural pro

addagala, s. Breadth, width,

diameter. e-w:< e < *so essesecres

ro:to who can measure the breadth of the

fession, a trade not hereditary, a mode of life

sea? = ***, *, *.*.*.*.* that man

or employment to which one was not born or
is very broad.

brought up, adj. unusual, out of place, not

in common course, contrary to established
custom. **, *** ***s a man leaving the
profession of his forefathers, and taking up
another trade or profession, eve:= eczoss
:: *dso ::::::: * #, **3, the exercise of

adda-gichu, c. a. To cross

out, mark out. e., \", e...". s. an erasure

by a cross line, an intersected line.

C. & 7.9233 adda-gombu s. A cross

c. &#7/923 adda-gde, s. A middle or

Sarvs. #4'ss=2 =====, e.g. ** it is

adda-kalu, ad

da-gdlu, s. The leg put out of its regular

position, turned, as if to stop any thing with
the foot. 2. obstacle, hindrance. cn = **



not fitting for a merchant to study the vdas.

s:Soc/2, e:7. Del

addagisu, v. a. To thwart,

hinder, intercept, prevent, arrest, stop.

regal authority by a subject is out of place.




curtain wall.

e:#8, adda-chtu,


s. A fence,

screen, shade.

C. & 232 addachchu, s. An axle. See also

C. es: 25E5 adda-chouka, adj. Oblong.

:*A, e. wavos.: he interferes with

every thing.

c. & Eve/23 adda-kaluve, s. A channel

s. The silver box in which the linga is de

cut from a larger one, to carry the water in

posited. e. tszws: A * to suspend it

another direction.

from the neck.

C. : & addadi, s. The breadth of the foot.

c. &:50:33 adda-kavadi, s. A bamboo


stick carried across the shoulder,

2. the sole of the foot turned up or inward,

with a vessel of water, box, &c. suspended

as in a cripple. *or. =v): e: assa Scs.

*::: the cripple walks with his feet turned


from each end.



up, or inwards.

adda-kisuru, s. A sickness

A. C. &#&@ addana, s. A shield. ex:"st

that retards the growth of children.

a shield bearer.

s:323), s:3.292 adda-kili, adda


C. es: r addani, s. The woof that crosses

kilu, s. A lock, the bolt of which goes trans
the warp in a loom. e..."? &ve to throw

versely, and opens on both sides. *****

the woof.

*... the key of it.

s: 7'27'> adda-kitsu,



alda-gitsu, s. A child in arms, (carried


e's, e:

C. & 5.2%3,

*:#; e', adda-kei,

adda-tale, adda

dale, s. A narrow projecting head, an ill


addanige, s. A bench, or form.


formed head.

s. The arm put up as a fence, or in a defen


e: Eve, adda-tku,

v. a. To thwart,



": the breadth and length (or the warp and

stop, arrest, oppose. s. A portion of a field

projecting from the boundary, as if an added

woof) of the whole web are of one texture.

standing in their way,

*::23. adda-pangti,


c. *: 3833 adda-tiruvu, c. a. To turn

back, as cattle, &c. by thwarting them, or

s. A class of

brahmans who are not permitted to sit in a

line with, or parallel with the row of other
brahmans, but across, as the top of the let

evs. ex::=e^ &as

ter T.

re: ****** esses: the cow is going

e:###, s:#,


astray; why are you still? turn it back. 2.

to turn the face towards one standing at one's


adda-patte, s. The upper and lower part

side. 3. to avert the face. 4. to put trans

versely. ove.': e=Ry38 : 38,532
do not put them lengthways, but cross wise.
er:a::3% e: 38.5 er: *** **** ::B; ov

of a door frame.

s: #~: adda-papa, s. A child in





adda-pegalu, s. The nape

******* **:::::::: if in weaving, the cross

of the neck.

thread in the woof is turned about, the green

and white will appear distinct. * * *



adda-baru, v. n. To oppose.

2. to confront. 3. to interrupt. 4. to cross

one. asso anarie-A SRA =:: ** e: *c.12.3

easo 3-axas: e.g. ** where? let me see

your face, turn it round.

he always interrupts me in speaking. **

toto #score, *.*.*.*.*, :*::: ***, ea,
two so I was going on a certain business, and
a cat crossed my path, (an ill omen.)

C. & 32.3% adda-dandige, s. A palan

keen carried transversely, as with some pomp
ous kings, and Smarta priests.

*:::) adda-dabbe,


s. The bamboo

s: 838's adda-bilu, v. n. To prostrate,


or pole with which anything is carried across

to bow before one. 2. to obstruct, impede,
the shoulder.

block up. e5, c, *.* to fall prostrate

c. &cod-2 adda-durubu, s. A female's

and entreat. e. ex: *** **# to tell pros
trate. Esse Exo: e.g. * **,9: prostrate

tun', top knot put on one side of the head.

c. *t: #4.5 adda-dole, s. A transverse
C. e:a:: adda-dlu, s. Arms put a.

before God, and do reverence. e. *we:-"

prostration, the act of prostrating.

cross, as in an embrace.

c. *::3% adda-nage, s. A sneer, a con


s:*od adda-mara,


e: adda-male,

C. &#535.97's adda-marga, s. A bye

ceited laugh, or side laugh.



path, foot-path. 2. deviation from correct

adda-nma, s. A nick name


expressive of some peculiarity.



s. A cross bar.
s. A heavy rain.



adda-matu, s. Interference

or interruption in speaking. e:

adda-ndlige, s. A stone put

:: *> *to

across part of the mouth of a well. 2. a ly

v. n. to interrupt in speaking.

ing tongue.

c. *: 28,0+, g: 35 adda-nindiri

2: *@*e: * *** why do you in

terrupt me when I am speaking?

ke, adda-nilike, s. The act of standing

C. ex: 53338 adda-mudi, s. A female's tuft

or top knot fixed on the side of the head.


Esse 5: "*

da-nidu, v.a. To put across, to place trans



turned away in displeasure. ******, to

e:5:g e:o

adda-nikku, ad


avert the face.

c. *:::3% addanige, s. A clothes' horse.



C. ex: Sex') adda-niluru, s. Breadth and

*:::::::: e?

e:3/983 adda-moga,
s. An averted face, the face

t.c: , 38&otic."




s:exo~) addalampu, s. Pretended


addalange, s. A wide step.



C. & er 52 addalaku, s. A sprout from

the side of the stem, or from the root, in ad
dition to the principal stem. e., .


adda-hore-kambi, s.


s:9% addalige,

s. See e.".

addalagu, c. n. To become
2. to come in front, to oppose.

c. *: '*'t addale-sara, s. A kind of

C. &#233 adddu, v. To parade, prome

to speak in one's favour.

C. & 7:



made walk backwards and

s. The tile coping

$8 if** a

of a wall.


A. C. &#53% addavasa, adj. Charming,

fascinating, agreeable.




5, 32, Exo~ ea:::: *

why do you, without occasion, pace back

wards and forwards before my house? a *

adda-vari, s. A bye-path, foot

path. 2. local assessment levied for occa

sional expenses, as public entertainments, &c.



e:e adr. Crosswise, side-ways. e.

*** to interrupt in speaking. 2. to mediate,

cross wise.


s. A nick

A pole for carrying two burdens across the




name, an epithet.

*** to throw out several stems, to branch

out into many heads, as prolific grain. 2. a
second crop from old stocks.

e:53: do


#* *were a=A 3xea swer ea.

to I cannot endure your wickedness, come
not across me henceforth.

ea,333.3%2 additu-kollu, e. n. To

adda-vali, s. A mixed blood,

lean on, to recline. v. a. to relieve. ****

mongrel breed.

, ea,, adj. awkward, clumsy. 2. top

*: o addavisu, See ea.

e'ez. adda-sharagu, s. A female's


cloth put over the right shoulder down on

the left side, so as to cover the breast. e., &

cro **, e: vero st', to fasten the cloth in
this way, when requiring to keep it tight.
T. B.


3. crooked.

4. rough. 5, exor

ea,3%t SRs an out-of-the-way or

irrevalent expression, an improper speech.
ea: *** a work not neatly done, a
botch. eak,3'," as to place awkwardly.
ea, can saw to blunder, to botch. e.
a. ***** *** to walk disorderly, to walk

adda-sara, [esses:]s. The


flower termed Justicia adhatoda et ganda

c. ea.3 addna, adj. Broad, wide.


C. & Koto adda-salu, s. A transverse


2. an interference, interruption. e.
#. *A) to Booo, e:* *a*~x to plough a

c. *%, e:

addi, addi-saddi, s.

Obstacle, stoppage, hindrance. 2, opposi

tion. 3. delay, 4. ostentation, shew. ...t

field crosswise, ova. 39te e: *** ****

3 &nd aft: if, after you have
ploughed a field, you do not plough it cross

** v. a. to prevent, stop, hinder, oppose.

2. to delay. e.,3R^ 5-3, to loiter, delay.

e'," s. a hinderer, an opposer e?,****

wise, it will not be tilled. 2. to interfere, to

interrupt. *::: *:: e5 =scoor: #er: "it

v. n. to be a hindrance, to oppose.

* e5. 5* ******** why do you again

and again interfere, so that we cannot get on


2. to be

ostentatious et as: :" a free thoroughfare,

a place which any one may occupy or pass

with anything?


3 &er a broad board.


t-wr. Ratates:s &oto's, 3.3dr =>

adda-suliyu, v. n. To
5) e?: if you examine, he is a man

come across, to pass before one, as an ill

omened bird, &c. s. A knot in timber.

no substance, though he makes a great show.


e:R&s adda-hayu, v. n. To thwart,

s: 3, s:#, ***

addiki, addi
Ke, addige, s. A necklace tied close round

interpose, interfere, oppose.

the neck. *.*.* a pearl necklace. **
c?, a tight gold necklace, composed of semi
circular beads, resembling the extremities of
the finger nails.

C. e.9:5520 adda-hadi, s. A cross road, a

bye-path, an alley. 2. a deviation from cor
rect conduct, or established usage.


#, addikku,

v. a. To put across.

2. to screen, to blind.

*ze. 323 area wer

G. &

lique course or race. e8:30 to run oblique

ly or in an eccentric course.

*** e?,*, put up the umbrella, so that the

C. ex: o33 adndi, see e..

C. eSaw 333 adnma, see ex53.
c. *%% adlige, s. A flat basket used in the

sun may not strike you. 3. to refer one to

another for help, payment, &c. 4. to bribe.
e: **erwrestos

e'', escore, *.x=2 ==

service of a goddess.

* ** give the officers something as a bribe,


es: adhla, s. Splendour, pomp,

and get the business done by them.

s: adde,



s. See e: A split bamboo,

*...] v.
a. To put horizontally, as the sectarian mark

by which two burdens are suspended from

the shoulder. 2. the pole of an idol's litter.
**, *d to carry across, or suspended from,

on the forehead.

*:#7% adde-gallu,

s. See war'.

e:03, addhariyu, v. n. To run in

one's way, to pester, to teaze, as a child its

s:#">es adde-gdlu,

s. A foot invert


the shoulder.

2. abundance.

C. ex:& 832
addhachchu, [** and


2. to come across one, as an ill

omened bird, cat, &c.

ed or turned inwards.

c. et:303, es:#t3 addedaru, addede,

A tro- road. 2. a stumbling block.

e: addenige,
2. a wooden rolling pin.

addhesaru, See e: *ze.

C. Sco ana, An affix added to words of loca

lity, to denote a person being a native of a




s. A wooden horse.

certain place; as **** a native of the

east. ***** a native of that place. a

3. a shelf.

e:Bo: adde-dande, s. A walking

stick used to carry two burdens suspended


** a native of this place.

C. egeoKo, eacob: anankisu, a

from the shoulder.


s:** addesuge,

nankipu, See er.

C. &geoGs ananku, See er.
C. &geoTo anangu, See erro.

s. A random shot

a shot from the side.


s:#8, addlu,

s. A random shot e

C. esseo833, 9seo") ananchu, anampu,

** ****, eitko wave to shoot at ran

dom or beside the mark. ex: *Reo a ran
dom shot to hit. eit **C. s. a man who

See under erro.

C. e9:25 anaka, adj. Private, retired, mo

is a bad shot, one who always misses his aim.

dest, quiet. 2. secret, hidden, mysterious.

e3,2: roi," a right shot among

3. abridged, compact, close. See eavo. 4.

base, vile, inferior. 5. A. C. vacant, empty.

the random shots.

A. C.

*### addeide,

6. obscure, invisible. *****d, See exis ==

Pico under eawo. eroe'>: * towev : koo ea
coosso a confined lake holds much water

adj. Great, much,


&#$ addeisu, c. a. See e:A:.


e:#'." addokkalu,

(from its greater depth.)

s. A new te

es's 3,333.2 ess

*C* * ervash: his house and family

are very retired.

nant, a fresh comer. ex: ''x' ooze ***

** ******* *** Rotak: eros to the head

C. & set Ro anakisu, v. a. To mimick,

man and accountant of a village are very glad

when they have a new comer, (they profit by
his labour, as he has not been entered in the

mock, jeer, make wry faces, deride. e^*::o,

******* derision, mockery, the act of mock
ing, making wry faces, erots:, ent:==
** a mocker, one who makes wry faces. **

public accounts for that year.)

Calcore:s:o :sdairy:A ecot: Sto

c. et ado addoragu, c. n. To recline,

lie dow' to rest one's self. Bavarie's" :'',

at those who are handsome.

***** why do you nod? lie down a little.




it is not seemly for an ugly person to sneer


* *** what will he get by mocking so?

addta, s. An indirect or ob

** **** &cd=a^*...* himself a monkey, he




mi-circular front of a turban. 6. the pin of

an axle tree. edwic, es: r=c s. a preparer.
2. a wise man, 3. a superior, elder, chief.

mocks others (or, blind to his own faults, he

criticises others.)

C. &#C#2 anaku, adj. Thin, as applied to

4. one who makes the weaver's lam or comb.

fluids, es: C3 e5 er the ginger liquid

is very thin. errr. **:::: ###arcs:

ec: "... v. a. to fix the comb or reed be

tween the lower and upper shell of the warp.
er: *** the stick which keeps the loops of
the woof or lams apart. *** ***, v. n. to a

that which is thin becomes thick by boiling.

c. *fc533 anakuve, adj. Close, compact.

2 humble, modest.
tained, compressed.

&c. &c=3RhCo to be con


esp2* =>serves*,2 er: two their

words both agree. et st: Sass an excel

c. *T2 &# anagnike, s. Hindrance,

lent speech, a choice word. ec crer => an

excellent or prime thing. *** *** v. a. to
arrange, to prepare, to make ready.

opposition, erors" ::: v. a. to hinder,

to oppose.

c. *@7">, eere?, d3 anagu, anagiru,

espe's ani-kallu,



v. n. To be subdued, humbled, depressed,

brought under, as an enemy, disease, &c. 2.
to be abated, mitigated, allayed, quenched.

s. A stone for a



esc{3ee's ani-kilu,

s. The spring of a

secret lock.

*** *** to submit, behave humbly, er,

^*, *, *, ero: to subdue, humble,

C. esc7.282 ani-gantu, s. A running or

&c. 2. to abate, suppress, conceal, &c, e

*** *** ***** why do you conceal the

C. e.9835.2% ani-kitsu, s. A first born

sliding knot.


matter? e say to restrain one's self.

C. eg% anige, s. A weaver's reed or comb.
eft we', to fix in the reed between the up

C. & Co.72 andgu, s. A hiding place, refuge,


per and lower shell of the warp. er!" "),

C. escao anachu, See er::..

to fasten the warp to the lam of the loom.

c. *featre ana.jna, see earnscene.

c. escarose anijna, s. A wise, clever,

c. *fc8% anadige, s. A pitcher.

cunning man.

C. &fea anabu, s. A hiding place. 2.


a mushroom.


ani-dabbe, s. A splinter plac

ed between the threads of a warp to keep

C. esca: anabe, s. A mushroom. **

them apart.

a hard mushroom growing among stones.

c. &c. 75t ani-dhra, s. Thread pre

*C*** a mushroom growing on trees.

pared for the loom.

c. ** anasu, s. A ferrule. 2. an iron

c. &c.3:57.33 ani-pdu, s. The art or

ring used by smiths. v. a. for ev: to rub

secret of a trade.

out, efface, destroy, annihilate, extinguish,

**.*.*.*.* he suffers much trouble from

quench. 2. to make join, or embrace.

*scorts:* * *****

not understanding his art.

C. essee's analu, s. The palate. 2. for ev

s. e. g.:5:3 anima, s. The faculty of assum

*, a squirrel. 3. for ego, crying, weeping.

ing an atomic, subtle and invisible state.

2. a limb, a member.

"sar: ***r the eight superhuman facul


D. e.950 and, s. An anna.

c. &c.3 ani, s. Readiness, preparation, or

ties especially attributed to Shiva, and sup

posed to be attainable by men, through a

der. 2. the conjunction of two threads in

the loom, the meeting of the warp and woof.
3. a mesh. er:30-3G>A adj. with meshes.

course of austerities, attended with magical

rites in honour of that deity and his spouse

Durgi. They are, er's extreme minute

ness or invisiblity. *** magnitude, illimit

e groRoss' cor? ~rsh e knit the fringe with

meshes. 4. the comb or reed in a loom, or a

able bulk.

Reso heaviness.

** excessive

lightness, absence of weight, incorporeality.

weaver's lam, or threads of his woof wound

in the form of the figure 8. 5. the lower se

*): the power of obtaining every thing de




sired. 8/*:: irresistible will or fiat; the

fulfilment of every wish. ***, the supreme

e?,28to elder brothers. eas:ced bro

thers (both elder and younger.) 2. a voca
tive, equivalent to friend! I say, &c. 3.

dominion over all things. **s subjecting

every thing.

an interjection of surprise. A,, a respect

ful mode of addressing a senior or superior.
*%", an interjection of agreeable surprise,

er's,82. ani-mettu, s.

A ring worn

on the second toe.

pleasure, &c.

A. c. & r5330 aniyara, adj. Great, high,

A. C.


a?pu, s. A cosmetic, any fra

chief, superior, pre-eminent.

grant unguent or scented ointment made to

c. &es anilu, [eve.js. A




smear on the body, as an ornament and per

fume, soccestro, #9800acre sandal wood
cosmetic. *obt: tsot: SEra, black sandal wood
cosmetic. v. a. to smear or rub on any fra

ani-hagga, s. The rope by

which a weaver's lam or warp is suspended.

s. ***, *cess: anu, anuvu, s. An atom,

mote, any thing very small. eroo *5) only
an atom, very little era. Sms/53 not even
an atom. *sco erod &roe *" waii, :5:3 for

** God fills atoms, dust, grass and

twigs (pervades the minutest things.)

grant pigment or cosmetic.

A. C.

e: anme, s. Power, strength, might.

A. C.

efe:) anbu,

esc=/=at we: *
** todesdro slight work cannot last.

Unstable, infirm, weak.

See eroso and eroro.

c. *resov, anumpu, s. A pledge.

egos) atantra, [e priv. and sos)] adj.


c. *resode, essesoro anunku, anungu,


C. ecosts anuka, see erro.

v. n. To be strong or

powerful. v. a. to try, to examine.

egos) atantri,

s. Dependence, subordi


S. erest anuka, adj. Skilful, clever. 2.

small, minute.

s. ere>7. anuga, s. A boy. eron a girl.

c. ** ataku, s. A patch, joining, seam.

v. a. To solder. 2. to cement. 3. to join,
unite. **** caus, to get soldered, &c.

S. 93e atala, [e priv. we bottom] The

erroric: children.

c. ** ane, inter. A mode of calling a

region or world immediately below the earth.

S. edge/533e),

woman, ho! ho!



c. *F ane, s. A small artificial lake. 2, a

tala, atala-kottala, [ese the region

dam or dike. er: **, er: *** to cast up a

dike, to make a dam. 3. an anna. 4. a bridge.

below the earth, vose the earth] s. Con

fusion, disturbance. 2. jolting. adj. Upside
down, topsyturvy, disordered, confused, de
ranged. esovosos" adv. confusedly, dis

c. * ane, o, a & n. To clash, to strike

against. 2. to embrace. 3. to smear. 4. to
disappear, be effaced, rubbed out, quenched,
extinguished. ex: Batdows it is effaced. t.32

*** *** **, erscow while running, a

stone struck the foot *er =>yrwrist:
thorns run into the foot. voerve er:*:05.3


S. e.93es atala-sparsha, [e priv. *

bottom, : *r touch] adj. Very deep, bot

s. e.938, atasi, s.

Common flax, Linum usi

tatissimum. east foresto its flower.

the sheep butt one another.

ers: erts:

ane-kattu, ane
katte, s. A dam, a dike.
C. ers' ane-kallu, s. A round stone

S. 893 ati, part. Over, beyond, exceeding,

tossed by the hands, a game of women. ers

**.* the name of this game.
A. C.
anke, s. The act of smearing

S. e823.8% atinthini, adj. Solitary, disen.




unguents on the body.

*: aa, s. An elder brother. e.g,,

surpassing, much, very much, &c.; it implies

general excess or pre-eminence.
great anger.

e8 fats!

cumbered, not crowded.

S. e535% ati-katha, adj. Incredible, un

worthy of trust or belief. 2. erring, devia
ting from the duties of a profession or caste,




s. e.935: 835 ati-ktaka, adj. Harsh, un

bearable, severe, hard.

s. & 3259 ati-bala, [Great strength] s. A

e8 =83* ** hard

times. e8 =s** **:3 an oppressive, se

were man.

name of Vyu.

s. & 3:3-7.33 ati-madhura, s. Liquorice.

S. *3225) ati-matra, adj. Immode

s. & 35.633 ati-kya, s. A son of Rvana.

rate, exceeding, much, excessive.

e852, <25-see ati-krama, ati s. e8=32:3: ati-manusha, adj. Super


kramana, s. Transgression, excess, en


croachment, infringement. ess, v. a.

s. & 83% ati-ratha, s. A mighty chari

to transgress, exceed, surpass, infringe, to

pass by, over or beyond. v. n. to elapse.
S. 6:937% ow: atiganda, s. The time that the

oteer, a hero mounted on a car, who alone

effectually combats the enemy.

S. & 33% ati-rasa, s. A sweet cake made

sun is in one of the signs of the zodiac.

of rice meal and sugar and fried in ghee.

S. 937.2% ati-gandha, s. Lemon grass.



*37'95323 atigaliyu, v. a. To pass a

way, spend as time; to get through, as a sea
son; to idle away, 2, to blot out, erase. 3.

S. & $585 ati-rka, s. Excess.

s. 35tt ati-wdda, s. Opprobrious

to reject, spurn, leave, abandon. e5 wift-s:

**so &#rates e 3rw::::=>Pe.: it is

ege: ati-rikta, adj. Excessive, ex



unfriendly speech.

S. & 35.2% ati-wdsa, s. The fast observed

well, in any way, to get through a very try

on the day preceling the ceremony in which
oblations are presented to the manes of de

ing season. & 6:, crew earwass: why

are you idling away the time?

*3: atigma,

parted ancestors.

adj. Mild, not severe, not

S. $39: ati-visha,


A tree used in


medicine; the bark is also employed in dye


ear:/#5 ati-grahika, adv. Very apt,

ing; it is of three kinds, white, red, and

black. Atis or betula.

of quick perception or apprehension, smart.

S. & 323d atichara, s. A plant. Hibiscus



e8:55 ati-chhatraka,

s. A mush


ati-vla, s. Excess.

3. ati-shakti,

s. Heroic valour,


s. & 3.35% atishaya, s. Greatness, abun

s. $3 &#3, s. Great speed.

S. & 33:27'd atijdgara, s. The black


S. 893

dance, excess. 2. marvel, wonder, 3.

cellence. 4. rarity.
make great.


est: to increase,

S. 98% atithi, s. A casual, unexpected

s. e8#53, EU's atishayrtha, s. In

gramr. The intensitive mood.

guest. 2. a son of Kusha, and grandson of

S. & 3:23 ati-Shanda, s. A eunuch by



S. e8##28-3 atithi-pijana, s. Hospi

S. & 3:27.93 ati-sandhna, s. Media

tality, considered as a religious duty.


S. e8#32,8 atithi-satkra, s. Civi.


lities and kind offices to guests.


3:3:53 ati-sarjana, s. Liberality,

giving. 2. appointing, engaging. 3, a gift,
a donation. 4. slaughter, killing.

e8#. ati-pakwa, s. Overcooking.

S. & 3:33, 35-3 ati-patana, ati

S. e.93&od ati-sra, s. Diarrhoea or dy

pta, [es and E*: or ** falling] s.

sentery. e8#3C:*: to be attacked with dy

Transgression, neglect of duty, breach of law,

custom, &c. 2. contrariety.

sentery. There are many varieties in this

complaint; as, East 5:#E, ba-.5:30, 3:

s. 932.3 ati-baje, s. Betula.

c, 2):at: e.: easte, e=a&#10, E*****U.




s. 6935: 3, & 3:07: ati-hasita, ati

hasa, s. Violent laughter.

see: /3, atindriya,



[es beyond, ao

/* an organ of sense] adj. Imperceptible,

unattainable by the senses. 2. incompre


the past tense; an action finished or ended.

A. c. &# attapare, s. A war drum.

C. ee attari, s. A mean or worthless

****~ one who comes late, after the usual

or proper time.


H. & 3 do attaru, s. Otto or essence of

red sandal, &c. 2. an essence, perfume, fra
grance 3. c. 3rd. per. pl. of se, they cried.

s. & 853 attva, adj. Much. 2 chief.

es: atvra, al. Slow, tardy.


C. &3-53 atuku, See ewes.


s. 3.e., & 32' atula, atula, Te priv.

s. sesamum orientale.


* balance..] adj. Unequalled, incompara


adv. There, that side,

a little further on. e.*, *cre, e." &st
ro to get out of the way, to move further on.
e: * : *re:E2 =>c::::::::: if you go a little
further on, they will be seen. :*::::::st
*A* as::: *a** where do you come
from ? do not touch me; go aside.

hensible, as God. 3. infinitely glorious.

s. # 333 atita, ai. Past, gone. ed.,&#/~

e3.3. attatta,

attale-bdi, s. Nobody,

2. a mischievous, wasteful

man, one who recklessly spends everything.

**** **oto of

A. C. &#e333' atta-sariyu, c. n. To

unrivalled, or incomparable beauty.

go aside, further on. 2. to sink in together.

. &#~~~d, atushdra, [e priv. 3.5se

c. *E.ce attna, Le that, so place] adj.
rain..] s. Fine clear weather.
There, in that place.

s. eB-32, atushti, adj Dissatisfied.

s.s 32:54.5 atpyadhika, adj.

T. B. & 3 7,

e5 7. attige, attigi, Tes.

**] s. Sister-in-law (elder brother's wife.)

Greater, superior, greater than that, pre-emi

husband's elder sister; wife's eldest sister;


paternal aunt's daughter, if elder than one's

self. 2. female cousin by father's sister,
female cousin by mother's brother. *** *

*3., 39, 3., e3,, e3,3,


atta, attala, attalu, attala, attalu,

adv. There, in that place, on that side, as op

::cc-co husband's sistel and wife's sister,

posed to ar," here, in this place. **.**

elder and younger brothers' wives.

*.*.*, * * * *-atro go there, yonder, to that

side, &c.

e = 2:

c. e8
= attitta, adv. Here and there.

e.c., e." C-2 to be there.

e?..., x-sert: 5x5.d'. do not go here and
there, but come near.

attanda, adj. Close, thick set.

e... assr ade. Thickly, closely. e. B=x^C.


r. n. To be thick, close to one another, as

trees, &c. ::cr'act',2: e.g.:*: the

trees are very close to each other. ** ~ ::*}^

ae tor:--": do not put these close, but
keep them apart. Also s. for & #25, See

*2 =33, e.g.: atti-mara, atti

9ida, s. A wild fig tree. Ficus glomerata.



attu, (perf. part. of eve to weep)


having wept.

C. e8 atte, s. A mother in law, wife's



e==#, e=7#

mother or husband's mother. 2. a maternal

atta-kade, atta

gade, ade. There, in that place, on that

side, in that part (of the country.)
e3,re attana, adj. Of that place, of
that country. e." ~ ******* what is
the news of that place? ext{ot from thence,
e: t:2:3: ***** he came run
ning from thence, but whither he is gone I
know not. ***** sign of the ablative in the


uncle's wife.


3. a paternal aunt.

atteda, [ex, and 35J adv. There,

in that place or country.

c. *37 to attesaru, s. The quantity of

water which rice absorbs in boiling.




e: $5% atteiya, Honorific of ei.

3. #23 atyanta, [e: beyond, ecs bound
or end] adj. Much, excessive. e.*******

#very passionate ex-** a great walker,

ancient dialect.




to humble. 3. to squeeze. 4. to strike on

a very active man. exios b)-3a*tsvo a


amiable and beloved woman.

the head.

esca's-3 atyambu-pna, [ea,

To rebuke.

ect, *] s. Drinking largely of water.


eas: atyadhama, adj. The very

to loosen.

egg's atyadhika, adj. Much, supe

rior, very great. e.'ws" adv. Very great
ly, very abundantly.



2. to drive off.

3. to shake. 4.

3=-Eu #, aga'.5

Carter-cro none but a courageous man can in

timidate (deter or restrain) a man offirmness.
::::: S-3r craw, ect:25, $3. a

worst, lowest, meanest, &c.


5. to reprimand, to rebuke.

C. et:830, 9Co.82 adatu, adamtu, e.a.

Srto #: why do you rebuke me at every

word? Am I your house slave? It does not

atyanyaka, [es, e
become you to do so.

priv. Pac-w] s. Anarchy. adj. Without

rule. ex: "cow-sh &atro to be in a state

s. & adana, s. Food.

H. ed: adand, adj. Low, mean, vulgar,

of anarchy.

eEssed atyapachra, s. A heinous


err soro: a mean, low, vulgar man.

ed: adapu, v. a. To rebuke, admo

offence, a gross incivility.


nish, reprove, intimidate. 2. to press or

squeeze down. 3. to humble. s. a rebuke,
reproof, admonition. :=\:::ct essrs Rock"
rost: what is he the better for your reproof?

*** atyamlya, adj. Very

costly, invaluable.


egg33. atyaya,

s. Death. 2. distress.

3. transgression.

See et cr.

egg's atyartha, adj. Excessive.

H. & 2, & adabu, adapu, s. Awe,
es: atyshe, s. Covetousness.
respect, politeness, obeisance.
e8#. atyuttama, adj. Most ex S. s: adabhra, [e priv. and Eg, little,

cellent, very good, far better.

S. & 3) atri, s. One of the seven Hindu
sages, father of Chandra ; one of the princi

few adj. Much, many.

C. e5:35:22 adamu, v. a. To squeeze, press

or hold down.


e3, *#):8%, e3e3)3,

2. to humble, cros', etc.:0

**e: #ew, & 5, & at?v=o why do you squeeze

pal stars in Ursa Major.

it so, it may stick to the floor. v. n. to be

come soft or mellow by pressing.

tri-jta, atri-drigja, atri-ntraja,

s. The moon, as born from the eye of Atri.

C. & adaravu, s. Hurry, flurry, agi



est: atha, A particle which serves to in

troduce a remark, question, or affirmation,

C. et do adaru, v. n. To start from alarm,

tremble with fear, shake with terror, palpitate.
s. Palpitation, trembling, starting, shaking.
etc. ard, shaking and quaking. 3", wed.
why do you start? -tszo ties do not be

after, and, now, therefore, thus, further

more, what, &c.

S. eqso athav, adj. Perhaps, though,

or, if, afterwards, otherwise.

alarmed, etc. to make tremble, cause to

start. etc., Casao to pout at one, to look

C. & ada, for eBRA.

C. escow's adanku, [for eve's] v. a. To

morosely or grimly at one,

solder, to join. 2. [for ee:] to drive off,

huff, rebuke, &c.

C. & Co.33 adantu, [ers and ecs.] adv. So,

like that.

etc. recar a

faint heart, timidity, cowardice, etc. *~

the palsy.

C. exte3= adarchu, v. a. To rebuke, re

etc. &co let that be so.

primand, storm, or bluster. **::$r S-3: *

***** **, do you think I am afraid of your

C. est:33 adaku, See ess.

A. C. &#&#374 adaksuga, for ed

blustering P


No, indeed!

c. &c.; R = adarpu, c. a. To rebuke, re

C. ecc39 adachu, C. a. To press down. 2.

prove, admonish.



s. ex:=3 adarshana, s. Disappearance,



adir-muttu s. A water


c. *::crax:3), est:</32e/3 adala-ba


et-9-3. adirmutte,

s. The trum

eBoo to:enro

pet flower.
S. & Cz: adishta, adj. Unseasonable, out

c. *ce adalu, v. n. To tremble, shake,

c. *6% adilu, see eeeo. s. Alarm, qua

dali, adalu-badalu, s. Exchange, eeeo

*** **, v. a. to exchange.
v. n. to be exchanged.

of date.

king, palpitation.

be agitated. *******er why are you

agitated? eter to menace, intimidate, threa

bad digestion.

A. c. *te, adaltu, ade. Except, besides,

C. eco adu, (Remote demonstrative pro

creption of it.
*:::) adalpu, See et:".

with the

S. &#3 adipana, s. Loss of appetite,

noun neut.) It, that.

et: ace, etce let

that be, never mind that, let that alone. e.

***C* on that account, therefore, for that

s. ex:35522, adasheyu, s. Misfortune, bad



C. ecoo aduku, see ess, e.a. To ce

c. &#2 adalu, See erec.
ment, solder, join. v. n. to adjoin.

C. eCR7, addgi, [ea, and en per part of

ero to become] That being'; so much for that.
The conclusion of the first paragraph of a
letter, after the usual compliments; e=" as:

c. *:27's adugu, v. n. To become soft by

pressing. **** v. a. to soften, to mollify.

c. &c.,708 adug, interj. Lo! behold!

look there! see there!

c. ****::::: t:ant so much for that

C. ex:3832, et:2:3, et:25:33, ed.: =

(referring to what has been said before) all

the news of this place is good. even-writ:
***** that is done, this is not done.

aduchu, adupu, adumu, adurpu, e.

a. To press down, humble. 2. to rebuke. 3.
to strike on the head. Rev. Eos:0 to floor.

s. evoevo:2, eat 33:2, eat S, e.

*** to soften, to mollify with the fingers,

avo), additranu, additisanu, add

ni, addi, s. An uncharitable person, a

to press.

G. et:282, et:22 adutu, adubu, C. a.


To rebuke; to awe; to strike on the head.

T. B. & C7' adiga, See e?".

T. B. & Co.: adida, [***] adj. Not firm,

C. ecs: adupu, s. Awe, fear, terror. **

**** coes: S3 er:-d tewo servants must

frail, unstable. ***** **ador an unstable

stand in awe

their master.



****cs.A cts: t:two a master must have

C. & Co.:9 adidu, v. n. To tremble, quake or

his servants in awe.


C. &#95323 adumu, See e:Ex

s. e68 aditi, s. The wife of Kashyapa,

C. eriods aduru, s. Ore. ***Bease, iron

and mother of the gods. 2. the earth. adj.

unbroken, uninjured.
gods, sons of Aditi.


e55 Gocsa: the demi

2. dandruff.

C. &t:303 aduru, see eee.

c. *,5322 adimu, See e==x.

C. & Cods adiru, See etc.

S. &#23:53 adurjana, s. A good man.

S. ecos": adur-dina, s. A fine or good

A. C. e87's 23 adirgante, s. The trum.

C. ex:-ex adulu, See eduo.

pet flower.

2. break of day.

A. C. &co:39 aduhu, v. a. To push, to

A. c. est833= adirchu, See et'".

A. C. 8:/s. adirpu, verb. n. Being a

shove. *** *** to shove and throw away.



58069 adrinku, v. n. To tremble, qui.




c. *t'703 adriganji, s. A flower so

adj. Unseen, invisible. **, 35% by accident.

self, to dye for one's self; to beat, es: **A

town vote e2: An e'eat if he comes
near you, give him a good thrashing. ,
*ac: 3:3 to dip any thing and cat, ...",
e', e-g", era", e::, r, e::s, ere:
to the act of dipping, dyeing, immersing. *

e.' * *-* * to disappear.

&# adrishta, s. Fortune, luck, fate.

a vessel in which colours for dyeing are kept.


S. &#): adridha, adj. Unstable, infirm,





adrishya, Le priv. T.' visible]

2. casual and unseen danger, as from fire,

inundation, &c. e5 = "sea fortunate man.
*::::, bad luck. e...'s unlucky, un
fortunate. ere: *c. to become fortunate.

*: *:::::: adrishti,



:= -2, a dyed cloth, ever a dyer era."

C. & adde, adj. Acting, e." Ra to
act for another et," ": business done in
place of another. 2. unpaid business.
s. & C-NS adbhuta, s. A phenomenon,
miracle. 2. surprise, astonishment. adj.
wonderful, surprising. e: : Eyes: very

tika, s. An angry or displeased look.

great lamentation.

C. &#8, &#8 ad, adve, [ers with



emphatic 8 and 8:] That is it, that very

adya, s. To-day. e.: the pe.

riod of a current day from midnight to mid

thing, that truly, that indeed.

night. ex: t:<= the imperfect tense of a

c. *::::#, es:#e3+ adke, adtake, Te


to and * and ***, why] Why that? for what

e: adyashwina, adj. Near to


is that? what is the reason of that?

any event, at the point of death.

c. *::28 ad, intery. Calling attention, Sce:

Observe! trust.



adgani, s. An anvil.

C. ex: 5 addaka, s. Dyeing cloths, &c. e=

F:" t-W-S, his dyeing is not good.
T. B.

e::ve, e:5-353


ra, addakadava, s. see e: *.


e: 82

addatu, c. a. To dye, colour, or

C. ex:/83 adrta, [etc] adj. Frail,

shattered, decayed, unstable. *** ****
==w": ez):==": the whole roof is in a
precarious state from the rain. ****)
#:------to- ear: e=/=rest. by
wasted age the whole frame becomes shatter
ed. e= earn 2: to drive in slightly.
S. so adri, s.
A tree. 2. a hill. 3, a

mountain, es) rase a mountain cave. B)

*** standing water in a rock. S) "* a

stain. 2. to dip, to immersc.

c. * : *e addana, s. A measure of capaci.

ty, half a seer. 2. the act of dipping or dye
ing, e.g.: evressee, *: half a seer

man of the hills. e8, t:", "3) #3, a range

of mountains, et) ** a hill tree. S)
*3rce: a cloud resting on a mountain. E)
*akc', mountain water. eb) "sc the mist
or snow on the top of a mountain. C) #33

(of raw rice, &c.) is the proper quantity of

food for one man.

e:K, s:, e: addaniga,

addiha, adduga, s. A dyer.
C. *::::::: addand-giddand, s.


A measure of capacity, rather more than the

fourth part of a pint.
C. e: addalisu, See under ete.
T. B.

'e, 5, 8:37, addika, addiga, s.

a hill cow.

s & 9533 adri-kanye, s. Prvati.

s. &c.).329 adri-kila, [es) and *ke a bolt
or pin] s. The earth.

ety: adrija, s. Red chalk.

*92, 98.7 3 adrija, adrijate,
s. Id rvati.

An officer employed to superintend the culti

vation and division of the produce on behalf
of government. See : #.

C. &2, &Q:3 addu, addidu, v.a. To

dip, immerse, dye, e? & to dip for one's




adri-dalana, s.




adri-dheirya, s. Great

courage (firm as a mountain).


e8.22% adri-pankaja, s. The hill

injustice, all behaviour contrary to the *@*



and #23 or religious and legal institutes;

what is improper to be done. 2. uncharita
bleness, illiberality. **** an unjust man.
2. an uncharitable man, a miser.

adri-hamtri, s. Indra, who divided

S. & adhi, A particle placed before nouns,

S. &c.)?d adri-bala, s. Great strength,

the strength of a mountain.


et/#8:3, st):232

and serving to denote superiority in place,

quality, or quantity; over, above, upon.

the mountains with his thunderbolts.

S. & E233 adri-rja, (king of mountains)

s. &#5 adhika, adj. Exceeding, extra,

s. The Himalaya mountains.



much, superior, great, excessive.

adri-rna, s. A giant so

s. e5:5:35.7% adhika-masa, s. An in

tercalary month.

s. &/:Rt adri-sra, s. Iron, steel.

s. &c.)33 adrisha, s. A name of Shiva.

s. & 5tge adhikarana, s. A term of

grammar signifying comprehension or loca

2. also of the Himlaya.

tion, the sense of the locative case. e6+ dra

** a possessive noun. 2. the name of a
work, a kind of perpetual commentary on

s. & 235 advantike, s. Excuse. Fi

** *** to make excuses.

es: 3, aduleita, s. The doctrinal sys

the Minmsa doctrine.

tem of Shankarchrya, which regards the

Supreme spirit and the human spirit as one;

S. & 53= adhi-karta, s. Master, own

in degradation through ignorance (egs),

and reabsorbed on attaining #5. It regards

s. &Q5:-os- adhi-karmika, s. A clerk

the world as an illusion; all things as differ

ent forms of the one deity, besides whom
there exists nothing else. As gold is one,
though in various forms, as money, bracelets,
earrings, &c. so the one sole existent deity is
found in all the various forms we see (sup
pose to exist) around us. *:3", et's...}* a

S. & 5,532 adhi-krama, s. Ascendancy,

er, proprietor.
or prefect of a market or fair.

superiority, pre-eminence.
s. &#576.5 adhikadhika, adj. Very
much, over and above, more and more.

S. 693,5207 adhikanga, s. The girdle

over a coat of mail. 2. superfluity of limbs,
as having six toes, &c.

follower of this doctrine.


es:8:3 adhatu, s. Power, might.

2. vio

S. &Rt adhikara, s. The bearing of

royal insignia, the government or ruling

lence, force. v. a. To rebuke. 2. to beat off.

s. **ras, ert's a hero, a valiant man, a


2. authority, power.

3, a right to

property. 4. employment. ***C* * *

rebuker, a troublesome man. ex:4'ss might,

to to invest with power, to authorise, em

prowess, heroism.

power. **** *** to rule, exercise author

ity, e?"st re, et"c F3 rule or authority
to be maintained or continued. e5 "sci, e?

s. & 3:3 adhama, adj. Inferior, low, vile,

despicable. **** an inferior person, one of
the lowest grade. ex::::::: the basest, the
worst. et",cse::::::::::: this is much
worse than that (or far inferior).

ity. 3. (in law) the possessor of a right or

title, as :: ****e an heir to property.

s. eIns32ce E3, adhamarnanu, [e:=>

s. &#73 adhi-gata, adj. Attached to,

** a governor.

*r-Js. A debtor. ev.-vor: [u--> and

*] a creditor.

2. one in power or author

under the protection of.

s. e8# adhityake, s. Land on the

S. ex:3 adhara, adj. Low, inferior, be

upper part of a mountain.

low. 2. low, vile. 3. abusive, low in con

versation. s. the lower lip. Eorops:c: a


3:36:33 adhi-devate, s. A presiding

god or goddess, a tutelar god or goddess.

adhi-deiva, s. A superior god


sweet lip. ex: "to a lip of ambrosia.

s &= adharma, s. Unrighteousness,

or divinity.


s. &#735 adhi-magnika, s. A girl



not yet arrived at the age of puberty.

adhishatwa, s. Authority,


s. &#e3s, es?:, e?:3, e?:33

adhi-ntri, adhi-pa, adhi-pati, adhi

e?:#d adhishwara, s. An emperor,


a king paramount over all the neighbouring


Panu, s. A master, owner, lord, king.

*:::8 a sovereign. Exc:::= a judge.

ens' adhrishta, adj. Ashamed, mo.

s: dest.

S. &# adhi-pike, s. The black cuckoo.

2. a monkey.





black beetle.

s. &#4878 adh-gati, [e: low, infer.

lary month.

nal, R3 destiny] s. Perdition.

s. e-Qazi's adhi-rya, s. A tributary

s. &es:933) adh-mukha, adj. Tend.


ing downwards.

s. e8:28%r adhi-rhini, s. Aladder.

e:Q50% adhi-wasa,

s. A house, an

s. et as: 3533, es: Reas's adh.

bhuvana, adh-lka, s. The infernal

abode. 2. decorating the person with per

regions, the regions below the earth, hell.

fumes, fragrant wreaths, &c.

s. & 5-7:3 adhi-wdsane, s. Perfuming

S. ex: R&#8 adhkshaja, s. A name of


or scenting the person.

es?939 adhi-vinne, [e besides, and


s:#33-3 adhyayana,


the six duties of a brahmin.



s. &##632:3 adhi-shrayani, s. A fur



a wheel.

present to the senses. 2. superintending, pre

siding over.

adhishthna, s. A town. 2.

3. dignity. 4. abiding, resting.

e: adhyaksha, adj. Perceptible,


elder, a superior.



e?:837 d adhishnta-nagara,


e:33, adhydya,

s. A chapter, sec

tion or division of a book.

*#. adhishnu, adj.

Chief, principal.
adhi-kshipta, adj. Censured,


e:Bee, e: Save adhydha

rana, adhyhra, s. Supplying a word
or words to complete a sentence, supplying


an ellipsis.

s & 83 adhina, s. Possession, power,


control, authority. as: ['a ests: a:


adhwa, s. A road, a path, a way.


2. the march of an assailing foe. *ts",

he is dependent on me, or under my control,

or in my charge. adj. Dependent on, subject

e:SEs adhypaka, s. A scribe. 2.

a teacher of sacred books.

s. A city of that name.


s. The Supreme

the Supreme.

*:::::: *S* the deity presiding over

learning esta v. n. to be contained.

S. &

*::::: adhytma,

Spirit, God. e.", B: the knowledge of

**** the deity presiding over anything; as


er:#so s. a superintendent,


5. that which contains any thing, e3:


adhyavasdya s. Per

severance, determined application, effort,

nace or fire place.

e:Qgo adhishana, s. Ignorance.

*** adhishthanu, s. A chief, an

s. Study, read.

ing, especially of the sacred books, one of

5: A obtained] s. A wife whose husband has

subsequently married others; a superseded


adheirya, s. Timidity, cow.


S. &Q-32% adhi-masa, s. An interca


adhli, s. Half a rupee.

3. a large black fly. 4. a

a traveller.

2. docile.



adhwara, s. A sacrifice erses

one who officiates at a sacrifice, a bramin

s &C adhira, adj. Confused, perplexed,

versed in the Yajur vda.

2. cowardly.



s: "S3 adhwna, adj. Immethodical,

s. 23:00% anaparddhi, s. An innocent

wrong, spoilt.


S. eSow ananga, [bodiless] s. The sky.

* the wind. 3. Cupid, who was reduced to



anaya, adj. Eternal, always.

S. &W's' anargala, adj Unimpeded,

ashes by the fire of Shiva's eye for having

free. 2. self-willed, unrestrained. eSrirv
5/** an unimpeded stream. es: ***at:

disturbed his devotions, and cursed to remain


* * * *** when he speaks, his words

s &o ananta, adj. Endless, eternal, in

finite. *, the sky or air. 2. a unit followed

are like an unimpeded stream.


by thirty ciphers or other figures. eSosa's

infinity. **** the infinite God. 2. a name

of ***, the king of serpents, esos was
* Vishnu, whose couch is the chief of the
serpents. ****** the name of a city in
Malabar esos sea, the conch of Dharma
rya. Fos Cas' infinite variety of form.

s:28%22& ananta-gonde-pal

3/4, s. Name of a vegetable.

C. eSot,
anantara, an


*::::= anarghya, adj. Very costly,




anartha, [e priv. and eqr good

fortune] s. Ill luck, bad fortune. 2. cala

mity. 3. vice, transgression.

S. eSQ =5 anarthaka,

adj. Nonsensical,


S. *e anala, s. Fire, the god of fire e

*# Shiva, with an eye of fire.

A. C. & Sex analu, s. Wrath,

anger. 2.

limb, member. T.B. Heat, sultriness, warmth.

antaradalli, ade. Afterwards.
2, fire. 3. grief, distress.

C. e55, 93tro anaka, anakd,

Sks: todoss's ed.

Till, until, as far as

do you stay there till he comes. earc=s**
**** wait till it is done.


es: anavadya, adj. Everlasting.

S. 933:05, 353,035 anavadhna,

anavadhnaka, [e priv. estas atten.
tiveness] s. Inadvertence, inattention, mis

s & anaka, adj. Inferior, low.


c. *Ss anaku, see erwo.

S. 9333, e3353d 3 anarata, anava

S. 93rod anagra, [e priv. and end
rata, [e priv. esses stopped] adj. Eter
nal adv. Eternally, continually.

house] s. A hermit, an anchorite.

s. 237,939 anagnanu, s. Cupid.

S. ex: 83 anashana, s. Fast, fasting es

s. 23735 anagnika, s. A woman past

*SS) a vow of fasting.


s. eSRa anasilye, ... The wife of

s: S+ anagha, adj. Clean, pure, spot
Atri. 2. unenviousness.
less, sinless, innocent. ess, a pure, sinless

S. e5% of 88 anahankriti, [e priv. e.


***pride.]s. Content, moderation, absence

of care or vanity.

e8#. anachcha, adj. Impure.

s. 23:30-53 anadwdha, s. A bull or ox.

esa:32 a cow.

e:####23 anadyatana-bhuta,

e::$33, anadhyya, s.


* One without form. adj Ugly, deformed.

s. 25.9% andgata, s. The future.

s. The indefinite tense of a verb.


S. eS-bob andkri, [e priv.

A day of

cessation from reading sacred science, a holi

day. e5:53, one who does not study sa


unknown, not received, not arrived, not re

turned. eSaris Sarsn's unprecedented news,
future intelligence, news not yet arrived.

S. e5:507's OSE-3 andgatrtava,


cred science.

priv. ** arrived, and esrs from **] ..

One who has not menstruated, a young girl,

S. e3335.2e ananukla, adj. Insalu

brious, adverse.

one not married at puberty.

s &ovo anapakari, s. A kind man.

8. "Good andchra, s. Departure from




so many adv. All. e8= 88 so many peo

ple, all the people. ****, easc', in the

ceremonial observance; irregularity, careless

ness. 2. irreligion. 3. incivility, rusticity.

mean time, whilst.

4. uncleanness.

s. eSoto:8 and darane, s. Disrespect,

incivility, inattention. e. Bers sis to
treat with disrespect, to use unkindly, to dis

oblige. ess:0s adj. Despised, disrespected.

S. e.9:5-8 anddi, adj. Without beginning,
eternal, from everlasting

e's anitya,


C. eSQ anida, adj. Neighbouring.

A. C. es: 2,5, es: 283 anibar, anibaru,

pro. remote. So many persons, all persons.
ed's ter',:2:3:2:02 every body came to

ess "osco, **

a two a piece of ground which has been ly

ing waste from time immemorial. *****
:*: omniscience.

wait on the king.

s. e-Q:5:3 animisha, [e priv. 359: what

twinkles] s. A fish. 2. a god. ests:
fixed sight.

s. e.950% andtha, [e priv. *lord] adj.

Forlorn, wretched, destitute, unprotected.

adj. Frail, unstable. **

CE: the body is frail.

s, es:03.3 aniruddha, s. The son of

Pradyumna, a form of Kma, and husband

east: s. A widow. e-e:*So God, the

friend of the friendless.

of Ushe. 2. a spy, a secret emissary. adj.

Selfwilled, ungovernable, headstrong. 3. un

s. e5:35, es:53:53, andmaka,

obstructed, unrestrained.

andmadhya, s. An anonymous person,

one without a name, or of no consequence.

s. e-Qe anila, s. Air or wind, considered

also as a deity. 2. a subordinate deity, 49 of

H. e.9:50.33333 andmatu, s. All, the whole,

whom form a class. 3. one of another class

the entire. 2. deposit, charge, any thing

of demigods.

given in trust. ePass, as to deposit, put

under another's care, lay by, not to use. *
***, *.*.* to give the whole, es

to put a thing down as it is; to let be as it

S. ex: anisha, adj. Eternally.

s. e.9%):, anishta, s. Adversity, distress,
mischief ruin, misery. *** **, * one
who deserves to be ruined.

is easovo 35 faozo &atro to take all.

** ****, the whole is gone. *****

s essee, espe) anka,

anikini, s.

A multitude, an army, forces. 2, war, com"

bat. 3. a certain force consisting of 2,187

## essessince let this thing be under

your care.

elephants, 2,187 chariots, 6,561 cavalry, and

s. e5533333 andmaya, s. Health e

10,935 infantry.

* Rocco: one who enjoys health.

s. eSoto andmika, s. The ring finger.

C. & 33 anu, See es:).

s. eSvS35 andyaka, s. Anarchy, con

s. eS3 anu, A Sanscrit prefix, denoting,

After. 2. like, in the same manner. 3. un

fusion, absence of rule.

fatigue. esca:=h adv. Easily, without

der, inferior to. 4. along, lengthwise. 5.

with, together with. 6. in part of 7. seve
rally, each by each. 8. near to. 9. in regard

pain or difficulty. 2. suddenly, unexpected

to. 10, to, out to (calling).

ly, unawares.


essed $3.9% andysa, s. Absence of


s. & Soda andrata, adj. Continual, fre

s. e.9:55 anuka, adj. Lustful, libidinous.

quent, eternal. adv. Always.


*::::3% andwrishti,

11. orderly,

s. e553Bo' anukampe, s. Tenderness,

s. Drought, a
compassion, pity.

failure of rain.

s. e535852, e33wot' anukarana, a

G. e.95.0% and su, s. The pine apple. Bro

nukdra, s. Imitation. See e:Crs


melia ananas.

wer": 3 via imitative words. 2, ingre


es: o333 andhata, s. A new unbleach

ed cloth.

A. C.

dient. 3. utensil. 4. approval. adj. Suit

2. a vital part, the heart.

e3. anitu, pro, remote.


So much,



esove: to imitate,

e335 so a fol



s. &#Rs anukarsha s. The bottom

T. B. & R&R's anugilisu, See under


of a carriage.

C. & 53 anuku, See eswo.

s. &#95.29 anukla, s. Agreement, as

A. C. &#39 anu-gedu, c. n. To be in a
dilemma or strait, without means of effecting
one's purpose or wishes, es??? v. a. To


2. aid, help. 3. concord, goodwill.

4- convenience. 5. countenance, favour, shel
ter, protection. 6. procuring, obtaining,

reduce to a dilemma, to deprive of means.

A. C.

adj. agreeing with. 2. helpful,

convenient, favourable, successful. * #y e

s: es: "at this place agrees with him. e

**at #,"s false friendship.

A. C. es:3%2%, anu-gollu, c. n. To be


fit, suitable or proper. 2. to imitate, be ob

sequious. eror' aw: to make suitable, op
portune. See eros).


anwgnye, See e:

*~~ an opportune season. eSovart a

helper, pattern, follower. ex:"st 3:33, or


*:/* **, eson/> &ao: to gain favour.

S. e89838-33 anu-charanu, s. A compan

es." we to be reconciled, consent, agree,

::A as A &c. ex:vae tweg, I have

anugraha, s. Mercy, favour,

gracious, merciful; to vouchsafe, bestow.

** to aid, favour, &c. es Exa way,

**# to reconcile others to one's self,

ingratiate one's self into another's favour.


grace, regard, indulgence. erior/* to be

or *


anu-geiyu, v. a. To


or 32, v. n. To agree with, be

reconciled, assist, forward, favour, prosper.
ract? ::=3Rs', esowse:co to-day the hus
band and wife were reconciled.


essay, attempt, prepare, make fit, contrive


ion, follower.

2. a servant, an attendant.

s. eSoa:33 anuchita, adj. Unfit, unsuit

not yet obtained the money.

able, unseemly, bad.

e3,5)=25.2 anukramana, s. Order,

method. *** *** an abstractor summary.



S. e333' anuja, s. A younger brother e

*::: eGoat a younger sister, esote:#8

anukrsha, s. Clemency,

tenderness, mercy, compassion.

a uterine brother.

s. eSoa:85 anu-jivi, s. A servant.

s &#27.3 anu-gata, adj United to, fol.


e:# antignye, s. A

mandate, order.

lowing. s. Fellowship, participation. eso

2. leave, permission. es: *a to take

leave. es: *.*.* to give leave, grant per
mission, es: * to order.

razero to cleave to.

S. &397.5325 anu-gamana, s. Accom

panying. 2. the voluntary burning of a wid
ow on the funeral pile of her husband.

C. &233333333 anutanu-ndu, v. n.
To watch for an opportunity.

s &R3 anu-gna, s. Keeping in tune

s. e.9533:= anu-tarpa, s. Thirst


with another.

*Fr. Distributing liquor. 2. a vessel from

S. ex:37:53 anu-gini, s.

A follower,


T. B. &7.3 anugu, [e:#r] adj. Valua

ble, precious.

S. e.9:37 oceanu-guna, adj. Conformable,

consistent, suitable.

which spirituous liquor is drunk.

s. & Pgo: anu-tpa, [es, and * heat]

***** friendliness,

eriororosahco to be harmo

nious, amicable.

Repentance, sorrow. 2, sympathy. **

* &not to repent. eSoast a penitent.
S. e:s anuttama, adj. Chief, prin
cipal, peerless, very superior.
S. e323.3 anuttara, adj. Chief. 2. best.
3. silent, unable to answer. 4 fixed. 5.

A. C. & 7'o'o anu-gulu, See earay.

ear for esrays.

c. &#97.903 anugiru, s. A village near


lower, inferior. 6. south, southern.



anudditta, adj. Low; low

or soft, as a note or sound in music. 2. mi

serly, illiberal.



e.9S383, ests: anu-dina, anu

dinadalli, adv. Daily.


Baa way to make one's self acquainted with

any thing, to comprehend thoroughly one's

anumaya, s. An apology, con

e3325053 anu-bhava, s. Indication of

dolence, sympathy. 2. salutation, courtesy,

shewing respect. 3. homage to a guest or a

deity. eSodo: to sympathise with. 2. to

passion or emotion by word or gesture.




ex393.287 anu-bhga, s. Sexual em

395,357.33 anu-ndsikkshara,


brace. 2. enjoyment. estash a man of

pleasure. eBot:ath: to enjoy. 2. to copu

s. (in gram.) A nasal.


anu-bhvya, adj. Excel

lent, suitable, good.

e39:9 anupapanna, adj. Incon


venient. 2, unsuccessful, unfortunate, des

535333 anu-mati, s. Agreement, con

sent. ex:03: to agree. 2. a mandate. 3.


east:2. anupapatti, s. Inconvenience.

2. want of success, misfortune, indigence. 3.
excuse, pretence, esoz85. wet a season of
trial or anxiety; a season of distress.

4. the fifteenth day of the

moon's age, on which she rises one digit less

than full.

e,3,3- anumatyartha, s. (in

39:539 anupama, adj. Peerless, ex


cellent, best.

gramr.) The imperative mood.

s. the female elephant of the

39533e3 anumna, s. Suspicion, sur

south east.

mise, conjecture, doubt. e59::::: ***, **

*** **, to doubt, hesitate, suspect. *-*.*

e:g,) anu-pallavi, s. A chorus.


e.So C. anu-pna, s. A fluid vehicle

ore esos'ss 3.2 k to entertain suspicion of

in medicine; drink taken with or after medi

another. 2. (in logic) inference. ess": st

* reasoning, logic, speaking from inference.


39R) anupu, s. A pledge.

328,0: anu-bandha, s. Connexion,
alliance, affinity, friendship. 2. the insepa
rable adjunct or sign of any thing, the indi
cation of guilt, symptom of disease, &c. 3.
an element of language, root, affix, &c. 3, a
child or pupil who imitates an example set
by the parent or preceptor. 4. a commence
ment. 5. binding. 6. any thing small or
little, esovo:#): a defective or auxiliary

395/985 anu-mda, s. Great joy.

2. consent, eRoata: to rejoice. 2. to con
sent, approve.

. e5333287, e3333.288.3 anu-yga,


. 9:5303, esses., e.9:30-7. anu-ra

ti, anu-rakti, anu-rga, s. Love, pas

sion, attachment. escos^* v. n. To be

fond of, wish for, desire. eCoca beloved.

eSoayo:5 anu-bandhaka, s. Hic.


C. eSode: anu-rpa, s. Likeness, re

flect, as a mirror.

e9:329 anubu, s. A pledge.

933333 anu-bhava, s. Experience in


plishing of a desired object for another per

son, obligingness, service.

S. e.9&selor'83 anu-lampate, s. Perplexi

*t's enjoyment of pleasure. Bo

*** suffering of distress or grief

* to enjoy, suffer, experience.

adj. Like, resembling.

s. &#3tvo anu-rdha, s. The accom

general, experience as applied to pleasure or

pain, suffering, enjoyment. 2. trial, experi

39d: anurasa, s. A cake made of

flour, rice, sugar, ghee, and acid.

93380025% anu-bimbisu, v. n. To re

erockstri so

to remonstrate with, to rebuke.



s. A question. 2. sexual

embrace. 3. remonstrance.

ty, distress.


Her ves:

S. e.939ero: anu-lapa, s. Tautology, e

** to suffer the fruits of sin. #6 Wes:

** to enjoy the reward of virtue, esot's

** to repeat over and over the same





e;3,&#3 anu-lpane, s. Anointing T. B. & 33.587'> anuvsu, See e:ox.

the body with perfumes, &c. essert: to



anuveisu, [ es: and a:

besmear, anoint.

caus. aff] v. n. To succeed, become proper,

es:55.225's anu-lma, s. Order, regu

suit, deserve.
lar course.

2. writing from the left to the

s. &S3%d anushara, s. A giant, a sort of

right (the proper mode). eSodat=ots born in


due gradation.


s. &#953:0s & anu-warnane, s. Detail,


essesox anushwanga, s. Embrace.

e: anushthana, s. Performing


or doing any thing, action in general. 2. con

s. 8932-33s 3 anuwartane, s. Obliging

duct. 3. the observance of devotional exer

or serving another. 2. following, conform

cises. eB: to make, to do, to observe.

essa, sri, not neglecting or failing in the


essar: to follow, to imitate, to con

form, to attend on. 2. (in gramr) to be

daily religious ceremonies.

implied or understood; as, *** **, *, es'


*****.* the compound word is here under

stood. essar a follower, one who obliges
or serves another.

anushtup, s. A measure of

ing in either case 32.

S. e.9335-5 anu-wdka, s. A chapter of

s. eSo?:o83, e33:0783 anu-sankata,

the Vda.

s. e.9335-3 anu-wdda, s.


verse, the stanza consisting of 4 lines of 8

syllables each, or 3 lines of 8, 12 and 12, mak

anu-sangata, adj. Very difficult, difficult


to say, either from being detrimental to one's

self or painful to others. *** ******

what another has advanced, with the design

of refuting it. 2. abuse, reviling.

3:0::::::::::ort: it is difficult to settle a dis

s. & 25.0%3 anu-wdsane, s. Affection,

pute between a mother and her children.
attachment. 2. perfuming the clothes.

s. eS3Koo.3 anu-sandhna, s. Re
C. &#93; anuvu, s. Suitableness, fitness,

flecting, recollecting.

propriety. 2. antidote, device, remedy. 3.

wholesomeness, health. 4 opportunity, time.

s. &S3Ko732 anu-sandhisu, e. n. To
coalesce, meet, unite. v. a. to join, make

es===, es: salubrious. 2. adapted, pro


per. 3. prepared, arranged, well made. 4.

delicious, good. eSosare, eCossad, to be
ready, proper, right, fit, or suitable, essed

s. e553:8, e33:0%, e33:hod anu

**s a respectable or good man. *-*, **

tion, following. 2. obsequiousness, servility.

*E t-s: a very valuable jewel. essard.

ero:b: to be obsequious, imitate, follow. *

Roic:* according to.

sara, anu-sarane, anu-sara, s. Imita

to be unfit or unsuitable. ess&#so a disre

putable woman. 2. an indisposed woman.

* **, *z, eason: this fruit is very whole

s. eSosive & anusrini, s. The second



eBose: *** work well done.

string of a lute.


*c: unwholesome ess, circumstan

e: Kroegs

2, imitation. 3. aid.

anusdritwa, s. Analogy.

s. 8:395) ord anu-swara, s. The nasal

character (..)

ces in general, both adverse and prosperous.

*A e:->==> "ada: Polo: & #4t acquaint

s. &#25500 anu-hdra, s. Imitation, re

your master with your circumstances,


*::: natural disposition or temper. ess:

:*::: **** *:o treat him according to his


e: *::: #" an improper place.

of danger or disease.


anu-hlda, s. One of the

sons of Hiranyakashipa. 2. joy, pleasure.

temper, or behave so as not to offend him.

2. a place

s. eSuet anka, s. A former birth. 2.

e3,5328. anu-writti, [essar) s.

s. &3.285 P332 anti-chananu, s. A learn

a race or family.
ed brahman, one versed in the Vedas.

Complaisance, obligingness.

S. &SJ):


s. A swampy place, or

* * *** God, who satisfies the


wants of every living thing; a title given to

95uevo: anrdha,


The seven

one who distributes much food in charity.

e-A East, E=resset. Cer:#; there is no chari
ty like that of giving away food. eSA Eas
3:8: b::::AESA's:### his now living
happily is a proof that he was formerly hos
pitable (that is, in a former birth.) es: C2
alimentary chyle. **A*** meat and drink.

teenth lunar mansion.

S. e.9&odor) anruvu,

[e priv. vinto
thigh]. s. Aruna, the charioteer of the sun,

who was born without legs. 2. the dawn.

s. 2333 anriju, [e priv, * straight]

adj. Wicked, perverse, crooked.

e3 =#) food and raiment

S. & 3 anrita, s. A falsehood, a lie. 2.

era's living as

long as one has food, as in the present *e


coor or iron age era Raa) life sustained

by food. eS, "ok" one who interrupts an

T. B. e5533 aneya, see exas.

other when going to his meal, or comes to

quarrel with another when sitting down to

S. &#85 anka, [e priv. and be one] adj.

Several, many. ex: two many (mas, and fem.)

his meal. 2. one who interferes with another's

e:RY : *e, e3ews:#f many times.


living. 3, one who makes claims on a farmer

** a high road, a road much frequented.

just as he is gathering in his crop.

s. 365: anka-pa, [e:ew, and * to

drink, because it drinks with its mouth and

trunk] s. An elephant.

s. e.93873 Roots anda-muka, s. A deaf

e-A troo

*** to feed. eSAErv, a grain of boiled rice.

e:A ***, esa sects to decline in eating,
from disease. *At riot' gruel, rice water.


anna-chyuti, s. Depriving

of livelihood.

eSats:3 ER: to deprive of

and dumb person.



anna, s. Boiled rice. *sjS., "


CA boiled rice mixed with various ingredients;

as & e-A rice with acid, ~3:CSA, t::A


e39: & anna-dwesha, s. Want of

appetite, loathing.

with curds, 5*, with milk, #### e-A with

mustard seed, w?,*** with pulse, &c. 2.
any grain boiled as food. *****A boiled

S. &33:833 anna-pachane, s. Dressing

millet, &c.

s. &#60s anna-pirna, s. The wife

ee:A boiled rice cooled.


rice. 2. digesting food.

of the god ****sd at Benares.

FA rice cooked yesterday. eSA #2/83 feeding

a child six months old, with rice for the first
time, when a burnt sacrifice is offered, the
child ornamented, and money presented to
it by the guests, &c. era s.33, Wes:, or
*38: to boil rice. **A* to become boiled,
as rice. e-A truto: to set boiled rice to
dry after straining, so that the grains may
be separated. e-A & swo, raw, or too: to
serve up rice at a meal, to set before a per
son, provide food for 3, 8vo, & stro or 32


e3:28 anna-bhedi, s. Green vitriol,

sulphate of iron.

S. e5:59:26:6 anna-maya, adj. Made or

composed of food. eSA=2~ ****, west era
soc. *a** the alimentary ventricle.
T. B. e3363, annaya, See exces.

S. &#939fe anna-runa, s. The predes

timated term of life.

ea, cor &e= 3e cess

****, no one can survive his predestin

ated term of life.

*E*ro to have an appetite for food. e8.3%:

*~x to be starved, perish with hunger. SSA

S. &#9 %923 anna-shanti, s. Feeding

guests plentifully at an entertainment, re
garded as propitious to the entertainment,

e:A 8/4">bot by your support, by your

maintenance, era: ***, es: "', a bas
ket in which food is carried on a journey. e.
*A* the stomach. ea =3, e3 ===
one who feeds others gratuitously. e5, Eas
*** may the hospitable man be happy.
era E-G, era Rostris giving away food. e.

and a means of preventing or removing ills.

esa Exos ==8:# ex's rive sease: rosy
troubles will be removed when you entertain
guests liberally.


e3), e53:3) anna-satra,



na-chhatra, s. A

place where food is

try. ex: * another language. ex: ** a

given gratis.
S. e59: 8 anna-sthiti, s. Means of sub

different religion.

ex: *** a different caste.

ex")2s foreign dominion. ex: ***: an

other's wife. ex: "c compar. Other, very

eSA :*
*****# to obtain or make a livelihood e3.

sistence, maintenance, livelihood.


#*****# to lose one's livelihood, es:

e:A # *R has he any means of subsis

*:::::) anyatra, adv.

Elsewhere, in an

other place.


s: e.g.: anyathd, ade. Otherwise, in a

s. & Sos?=, 9:3#=74 annrthi, an

different manner. 2. inaccurately, untruly.

nrthiga, s. A beggar.

3. badly.
S. &. C.

e:#v==7#3-seas anya

s. &Fostpod anndhra, s. Food the

staff of life. eSTRA:scot verd truvto:o the

bhvawagi-mtdu, c. n. To speak, in

body is supported by food.

another person's name, for one's self.

s. e5:33,83 anndhina, s. The influence


of food. &SR) ema?v=<!, e.g.: +32.9ks:

the sentient soul depends upon food, the ra
tional soul on God.

e:#e3 anypadesha, s. Indirect

reference. eak:Bevo:acto $3,4522 &ve
to relate a verse with an indirect reference.


*C*****=d men being dependent on

food, will serve any body.

e5533, anydya,

s. Injustice, adj.


e5 anynya, s. Friendship,

s. ex:02:53 annbhva, s. Destitution,

amity, mutual attachment, a state of recon
want, without a livelihood.
T. B.

es:933, anniya,

ciliation. adj. mutual, reciprocal. et:tR5

*A** mutual friendship. et: *ex mu

See e:

C. es:39 annu, v. a. & n. To say, to speak.

ee> *ay to say to one's self e2+ to cause
to say. era', '-y' to cause to say of one's

tual quarrel.

****S*ro to become recon

ciled. e-Ask: * adv, amicably, mutually,


self, to give out, to get one's self called or re

garded as, to pass for. *::=cse: *so: do

******co to be on terms

of friendship. e84, tRosh sists, as to speak


they passed for wise men. eorehaving said.

eos for Scro, q.v. eas, ects, ecos rel.



anwartha, s. Right, true,

real, corresponding. s. original signification.

****** a descriptive epithet, a corres

part. e='SR assaso, e:30to:*0, *:Soto's

*** what he says, eoEd if one say, is used

as introductory to a reply, referring to what

ponding name.

e:33, anwaya,

s. Race, lineage. 2.

has been said, and signifies with regard to

construction, or making out the order of

words in a sentence; the proper arrangement
of a sentence. ******er (in gramr.) con
cord, agreement. ***C*::::::government.
**** to construe. 2. to arrange words

what you say, &c. 2. that is (explanatory;)

e: 2:2:2; eo:3, 33, 8ves: he is a

learned man; that is, he knows everything.

3. if you say, &c. 3%rso:ces what do
mean by : * *

in their natural order.

A. C. &#9742 annegam, ade. In the mean


e:=v&s, e:&


time, whilst, until.


T. B. &#97.33 anneganu, s. Anotherman,

s. Lineage, descent, race, fami

a stranger.

**covo another woman.



anya, adj. Other, different, foreign,

strange. ex:52, e3,: another man, a stran
ger, an alien, a foreigner. ** another
ersto others,
woman, a strange woman.


e: anwaksha, adj. Following.

e: anwsana, s. Any thing of
an unctuous or cooling nature.

S. ex: 85,7633s anvhrya, s. A fu

neral repast, in honour of the manes, held on
the fifteenth day of the new moon.

strangers, not belonging to the same family,

or caste, or country. ers", a foreign coun






anwdhita, s. A deposit

made with a person to be delivered, ultimate

ly, to another.




anwita, adj. Attended by, ac

s & E2633 apa-jaya, s. Want of suc

companied with, united to, possessing.



s. ex:233 apachiti, s. Worship, rever

ence. 2. loss. 3. expense. 4. exclusion. **
t33 saluted, honored. 2. diminished, expend

cess, defeat, overthrow, loss. tscas scorvo

anwikshane, s. Seeing, re

***** conquest and defeat are under the


control of none.

s. e8####, anvikshitanu, ".


eE3% apa-talpaka, s. A semi-circu


who has been expected.

e: anweshane, s.


Looking for,

searching out, e3st's searched, sought.

*##! e:###


lar pillow.

anweshta, an

weshtane, s. Research, inquiry.

S. &#3 apa, Asanscrit particle implying,
Inferiority, (below or worse) 2. privation.
3. separation. 4. contrariety, (against, op
posite to.) 5. difference. 6. dishonesty. 7.

s. &#328533 apatnikanu, s. A widower.

s: apatya,


eE: apathya,


s. Deviation from pre

scribed regimen.

s. &#UDS apadna, s. Approved occupa

tion. 2. work well or completely done. **


S. 69:35:20

s Offspring. ex:* =sts

* a patronymic.

** *** a communicative noun.


s. Hatred, malice,

an unkindness, an ill turn, injury. ****

an unkind or disobliging person, one who re
turns evil for good. ex:"d sists to do an

S. ex:3 apa-disha, s. Intermediate space,

half a point of the compass.

s. &eto, & Et:2a:E-3 apa-dru,

apa-durjana, s. Slander, calumny. 2.

ill turn.

disgrace. ex:E.2d, 3239, ext:ac, as, esta

s. ex:3e3= apa-kirti,

s. Reproach, in
famy, an ill name, disgrace. eB+*** **ore
to be disgraced. est-kr Boto *# to incur

c. * to calumniate, ee-aersy, e==

do E33 to be calumniated, disgraced. Ers, es:
*co a false or groundless accusation.


s. es: 5/533 apa-krama, s. Disorder. 2.

S. e9:#8% apadesha, s. A pretence, excuse,


retreat, flight. ex:y)* adj. impassable.



unripe, raw.

s. eBay's apa-khyti, s. Injured re


of an impure or mixed tribe.


parted, gone.

s. e.937,333 apa-gama, s. A retreat.

s. 1:05 apaghana, s. Alimb or mem.

3. purpose.

S. e5:3 apaddha, s. Falsehood.

S. se:2:3: apadhwamsaja, s. A man

putation, infamy, disgrace.

s. e5:7-8 apa-gata, adj. Deceased, de

2. disguise.

aim or butt. 5. cause. 6. place, quarter.

apakwa, adj. Green, immature,


apadhwasta, adj. Cursed,

2. abandoned.

s. ex:30855, es: Sce: R, es:02.3%

apa-nambike, apa-nambige, apa

ber of the body.

nambuge, s. Unbelief, incredulity, dis

s. eve3633 apachaya, s. Loss, diminu

tion. 2. degradation. 3. the act of plucking

trust, jealousy, diffidence.

es:363.5 apanayana, s. Removing,



s. e.9:82. DoS33 apachita, adj. Rever

enced, saluted.

S. ex:yo:3 apa-minde, s. Unjust censure,

detraction, reproach.

S. 9:8520 apachra, s. An insult, af.

front, unpoliteness, incivility, fault. ex:tsst
** to be impolite; to insult; to profane.


eEE)a7. apa-prayga, s. A wrong

or ungrammatical use of words.

**C. saw to profane a temple,

proper, irrelevant example,


2. an im


s. :a::/o3 apa-bhramsha, s. Ungram

cCoo to take a fine. esca?,

matical language. 2. foolishness, insanity.

3. a trip in walking.

s. ex:335-3 apa-mana, s. Disrespect, dis

:=r-sweeso =s*,2, ecoz:st is this the


penalty for the kindness I did you?

. &:535-7's apa-marga, s. A wrong


ess": a person in

fault, a criminal. ex:cs:#2 forgiving, look

ing over a fault. 2. excusing from a fine.
erca: &ae: E33 to be fined, found guilty.

2. bad conduct.

see #


apamityaka, s. Debt from

aparhna, apardhna, apardhna-k

loan upon a pledge.

la, s. Afternoon, towards evening.

s. &#328,333 apa-mrityu, s. Nearness to

death, extreme peril.

ea:, exo~33, exo~395te,

s: eter): a-pari-grhya,

2. a premature or vio

adj. Not

fit to be accepted, received, &c.

lent death.

s. &#6933 aparimita, adj. Immense,

s. eBo3 apayna, s. Retreat, flight.

S. &#d apara, adj. Other. 2. opposite.

boundless, infinite.

T. B. &#duo: aparupa, Le:=r] adj.

3. latter. 4. adverse, contrary. s. the hind

er part. 2. the west. 3. the womb. * *)

& funeral rites. ex:8 = 21) a formula used at
funeral solemnities.

Rare, scarce, uncommon, novel.


exec per the west or

s. &#doe: aparanji, s. Pure gold. ****d,

*** **E*ecess gold of the sixteenth
brilliancy is the purest gold.

s. & Ed:# apara-paksha, s. The dark

even leaves for food, during the performance

of religious austerities.
S. &;2& apala, s. A pin or bolt.

s. &:cro: apaldpa, s. A senseless cry or

lunar fortnight.

noise. 2. denial or concealment of knowledge.

s. etc.) a:23 apara-prayjana,

3. affection.

s. A book directing how to conduct inauspi

cious ceremonies.


apara-swara, adj. Continu

ed, continual, uninterrupted.

s. es:07. aparga, [ese and erjSee e

s. es: ove?3

s. Shiva.

2. to confess.

3. to cry out. 4. to

s. &e/o35 apalakshika, s. Thirst.

eEels:, apalupti, s. Feigning igno


rance; losing.

s. &#53 apavaraka, s. An inner apart

ment, the lying in chamber.

aparajita, adj. Unconquer

2. Vishnu.

s: e.g. 3), eEdots) apartri, apa



4. an argument in support of
exten!...+, extes: S2: to conceal,

establish falsehood.


apara-wayassu, s. A
very advanced age.


s. A

s. ex:#= aparne, s. Prvati, not having

hinder side.


*:32:3: aparkshagnya,

prophet, one who knows the past and future.

ra-rtri, s. Beyond midnight.

eevo) aparadri, Leed and es] s.

s. &:337's apavarga, s. Final beatitude,

the delivery of the soul from the body, and
exemption from farther transmigration. 2.

3. the abode of Indra.


535 departed, deceased.

The western mountain, beyond which the sun

is supposed to set.

s. &#533's 3 apa-varjana, s. Gift, dona

s. es:oot, aparddha, s. A crime, offence,

s. &#523 apa-wdda, s. Censure, blame.

fault. 2. a fine. 3. punishment. ecos:

*322, etc.: = ** to commit an offence. e.
*E*r =9:a: to pardon a fault. *,38 etc.
: **ax to pardon for the fourth time. **
cs: * to avoid punishment. ex: Cat #39;.
to accuse, fine, condemn, punish. *****

2. detraction, infamy. 3. a false accusation.

4. an order, a command. 5. (in gram.) ex


2 final emancipation.

ception. ex::::: ***, to accuse. ex:::: *

do to be accused. **: ext:at toos. he has

been accused falsely. 5, 6%::::: *ac

* * ** do not accuse me falsely.


**. reza:="heast do
all his counsel?

s. & Esotre apavrana, s. Disappear

es: *tv's

ance, concealment, covering.


e:) apa-vakra, adj. Unclean, im. T. B. &#13 apa-kshti, see ee*.*.


s. &#vox apnga, s. The outer corner

*% apa-vriddhi, s. Decrease, bad


of the eye. ensort Evr: a side glance, leer,



apa-shabda, s. Ungrammatical

language, bad pronunciation, an unclassical




ee-g aptra,

apashtu, adj. Contrary.

adj. Unworthy, unfit,

easy: luxury, extrava

gance, prodigality.

s. &#vts.: apdna, s. Removal, ab

S. &#133 apasarpa, s. An emissary, a

lation, the sense of the ablative case.


s. & #73 apna,

B. ex:0 apa-sara, s. see ee:e.

s. Unlawful drink, as

spirituous liquors. 2. the fundament. **

s &#5 apa-sarya, s. Putting the


erho^ a woman with the outer angle

of her eye extended.

2. one of the vital airs.

brahmanical thread on the right shoulder and

* = ax a fart.

letting it fall on the left side. 2. religious

es: 289 ap-pli, adj. Unowned,

stray, lost. 2. bad, mischievous, ill done. *
:*:2te Escattle without owner, stray cattle.
erove for work not securely or well done.

circumambulation, with the left hand towards

the object circumambulated. 3. the motion
of the star contrary to the order of the signs
in the zodiac. 4. the mode of writing from
right to left, as in Persian, Arabic, and He

2. to be lost, to be without owner or protec

brew. 5, opposite, contrary. 6, right (not

tor. eas:-kew. Ross: a destitute, friendless



era:stead." &stro v. n. To be out of order.

e: apaskara, s. Any part of a

carriage. 2. the arms.

9: o335-7's ap-mrga, s. A plant.

3. faeces.

Achyranthes aspera.

s, es: KJ-23 apa-snta, adj. Bathed, after


mourning, or on the death of a connection.

2. bathed after death (the corpse) preparatory
to other ceremonies.

s. Peril, danger.


*cobot *.*.* Execued the thigh breaking

by accident.

s. &13:38 apa-smra, s. [e: and **

or #Crs Insanity. 2. unconsciousness, a con

. &#~d apdra, adj. Infinite, boundless,

fused state of mind, or a violent passion ap

excessive, immense, abundant. 2. impassa

ble evac:* adv. Profusely, abundantly.

proaching to madness. 3, epilepsy.

S. e: apa-swara, s. A discordant

east 53 many days.

eastest) great wrath.

eoq's aprtha, s. A false significa

note, a false sound. 2. a hoarse voice. 3.

ungrammatical language.

tion, misinterpretation.

s. &#53 dee, es:55.00 apaharana, apa

hra, s. Plundering, robbing, esse: to
pillage, plunder, take by violence. 2. to deny,

es:03, apya,

calamity, mischief. 3. a scrape. eE*,2:=

e: sco toose what a narrow escape it had e

. &#v=393 apvrita, adj. Self-willed,


conceal. Esr:*:::ced robbing, or being rob

bed of every thing. Fast taking back a

2. covered, concealed.

easy: apdshraya,

s. An enclo

sure or fence of trees, or palisadoes.

s. eSt, *Ro7 apasnga, s. A quiver.

s. &#97-88Cs apigirna, adj. Praised.
S. &#93 apidhana, s. Covering, con

gift. Samnd taking away one's character.

**C. one who takes away the character
of others.

cealment, disappearance.

s. &#57% apa-hasya, s. Silly or cause.



aputra, adj. Sonless.

less laughter, ridicule, scorn, derision, mock

s. &345s 33 apunar-bhava, [e priv.

ery. era sists to make fun of, to ridicule.





** again, and #s being] s. Final beatitude,

A. C. ex:23:32:... appante-madu, Le

exemption of the soul from farther transmi


res &n Saa) v. a. To effect, accomplish.

e:24 so as to be. Foa,3:23 ER: to do

T. B. & due: apuritpa, see essr.

s. & 5.283-7. apur-bhga, s. The

so as to please.

s: 25


appanda, adv. So, like, as e



eEEE,285: that is like

back side, hinder part.



*::) apushpa, s.

this, and this is like that. atc:50: eeg, that

Ficus glomerata.

ex}3 apushpini,

is not like this. **A*Sor $3%

s. A young girl

=": your

son is like you.

under age.

&:3/283 apta,

adj. Quite, entire, whole.

e:83 were quite back. es::::::="ado


s: appaka,


s. Tax.

appachchi, s. Cake, a term us.

ed by children.
* he carried off the whole of it.



appata, s. The whole, the en

E==A*E*, we write the paper quite full.

*::s: eat a whole areca nut.

tire. e. are "sy to take the whole adj.

ex: 283 dos

sheer, entire, quite, pure, unmixed.

*** a whole cocoanut.


s. $325 appa, s. A cake

est" a

s: appati, s. Dried cowdung.

s: appa/e, adj. Flat. ex: ccasro

to become flat.

s. eZodg: aprani, s. The silk cotton

c. *#): appada, s. A fried cake.

C. &#): appade, s. A piece joined on to


s &R33= aprva, adj. Unprecedented,

novel, uncommon. s. advantage, excellence.

s. &#82, e3&# apksha, apkshe,

s. Expectation, hope. 2. desire, wish. 3.
coveting. 4. regard, deference, consideration.
ext: Eas, es:# =, e:##2 to covet, de
sire, or wish for.

any thing; a seam. ex:3t was:, ext, it as

, to join a piece on adj. sideways. es:
** to fall down laterally.
appane, s. Order, mandate, com


mand. 2. permission, liberty, leave, erors

***, e?,**** to order, command. 2. to
allow, give leave, or permission. ex:, #RE,

ere:Josco to be in ex

pectation of ex: te: to satisfy a desire.

er:# a vain wish. ext:53, not to de

**# to take leave. &c.," adj. Free, com

mon to all (no need of leave from any one.)


e:RK in composition with sanscrit

terms, serves to express the degrees of com
parison; as, es:## **.*.* too foot: the

2. prohibition. cs: "Sacrero to be free. 2. to

be prohibited. ex: ***, *vax: to dis

miss. Srir ez," cat have I permission? 2.
may I go? e?, soot) order, permission, a

elephant is much stronger than the horse.

s. & 233 apha, s. That which is not,

stamp license.

a lie, a falsehood, a false charge, cheating,

doubt. ex: *****, to speak lies.

Neptune, the regent of waters.

e: appa, s. Father. 2. an affix to pro

per names. ass. 33a*,*t is this person
your father? 3:. "A 3:38: well Sir!
what is your name? zaw assors: ed: ~~


A. C.


appadu, for era. See era.

et?," it cannot be. ex: r=o 33rt::too

do not tell me a wrong meaning. ex: 't
** **.*.* practicable things may be

tra, whose mother is the harlot? whose

father is the king? (i.e. of none. Proverb


used of an oppressive ruler.)


e:2:3:27's appandeydgu,


s: 9 appati, Le: water, E8 lord] s.


accomplished, impossible ones cannot.

e: appana, s. Tax.

s: 5-nes

appandgiru, v, n. To be

v. n.
like, to resemble.

To become flat.

*:23:5. appantavanu,

a: etc.:*: this is

like that.

s. A good

man. ex: oss: Ex=3:So saw two one must

associate with a reputable man.



*:::) appappa, inter of surprise.

e:, US ero *** **Aotear to ha! ha! how

is that? I cannot do it.





# * to become disgraced. ee,

appayya, s. A respectful



appala, s. A thin cake made of

s. e5)3:3 aprati-hata, adj Unimpe

ded, unrestrained.

black gram, salt, &c. ex: **** a thin cake

and a round ball made of the same ingre


ceptible, invisible, absent.

appalisu, v. a. To slap, to

beat, squash. :ee,," to strike to the

nate, secondary. s. Lying, falsehood.

e: E23.


ex: 9:: ** *w- to fall down

upon the hands. */~o oth *******

eEF: apradhana, adj. Subordi


strike any thing with the hands open, to


*E*@# apratyaksha, adj. Imper




to disgrace.

epithet for father. 2. a proper name.

apramatta, adj. Watchful,

sober, discreet, careful.



apramna, s. Violation of

v:v\to he stretched out the tip of his tail,

an oath, perjury, infidelity, lying.

adj. Im

and continued to strike the earth with it.

c. et JPM appa, s. voc. of e. Father. 2.

measurable. ex:/** a perjured man, a

liar. ex:/=s*** *** to violate an oath.

a respectful affix to proper names. 3, a

common mode of calling an equal or inferior.

S. ex: #22332 aprameya, adj. Immea


c. e5:32, e=''n.'' appchu,

e5)3xods. God, the in


appchi-kollu, e. n. To lie down, to fall

s: ex) &@*# aprayaka, at


e: appda, interj. of wonder,


incomprehensible, beyond human


serviceable, useless.


*::/2-set-vis a useless


surprise, fear, &c.

** applu, s. Sweet cakes made S. es:/$900 aprashikh, s. The four initial


letters of a verse in the Pancha Tantra, by

of flour, split pulse, cardamums, &c.

c. * ****

which a murderer, unwittingly, made known

applu-tippalu, s.
to the parents that he had killed their son.

A game amongst children.

e' appige,


s. e5?:, e5%

s. The act of soldering,

aprasiddha, apra

siddhi, adj. Not notorious, not popular,

cementing, joining. 2. a soft vein in pot

stone. 3. a patch. e.," ", e?,** **,
to solder, to join, as two parts of a broken
vessel. 2. to patch, to mend.
S. *::) appu, s. Water.

not public; secret, hidden.


s: aprahata, [e priv. 3/5's struck]

adj. Untilled, waste, as land. 2. uncom
mon, rare.



aprni-wachaka, s.

A. C. & R), appu, See ero.

Names of inanimate things.

c. **) &#a', appu, appi-kollu,

s. &#7): aprshya, [e priv. */k fit to

v. a. To embrace, to clasp. *** **#9,

endants way to embrace tightly, e."

eat] adj. Unworthy to sit at meals with


an embrace, the act of embracing. *** **

te: F embraced.
A. C.



appukai, v. n. To ap

prove, consent.
A. C.




tezan, a celestial nymph.

appudu, for erose. See

S. &#e aphala, adj. Barren, unfruitful.

2. vain, unproductive.

H. &#23),

c. **** apphalisu, see ess.

S. eyese apratikara, adj. Trusted,


es:930, 93985:33

aphini, aphini-maddu, aphim, aphi


*58: apratishthe,

apsarassu, apsare, s. A heavenly cour



e:B, e:

mu, Opium. etes. &sed an opium eater.

e?v=x t a small stick of opium made for

s. Disgrace, re

proach. 2. a bad name or character. e8/*




A. C. e8,052 abanku, see e=ww.


T. B. &20050, 2,003 abandara, a

*#. abja, fe: water, * sprung] s. The


2. a conch.

3. the celestial tree.


bandare, [e priv. we secure] adj. Dis.

**e the sun. 2. Vishnu. e.g.29 a woman

ordered, deranged, confused, irregular. 2.

shattered. 3 botched. 4. imprudent. evo

the physician of the gods, as produced at the

fragrant as the lotus. ** the moon 2.

churning of the milk sea. et,, ...",
e', the sun. e?:49, et: the moon. e
*.*.*.*, *, *s, *::::::: Bramha, sprung
from the lotus. A a diamond, ruby e
** Lakshmi. e.'"d Cupid, with a lotus

* =* to botch, to do slightly. =:: *:

******* the house is entirely out of order.
ess ::cosatocre = ** *ak: he has left

the house in a dilapidated or deranged state.

**/rv G.222B c. * *e, et:2:a'an &asco.

for his arrow.

* the whole country is unsettled by the mo

lestation of enemies.

St: Sark's "ex vow:

** the work you do is very slight. e=

* *:A &cat. **:Atact: Ena * *-*:::
he has left his wife and children destitute.

*** ****e ineffective military


** *Stoo:: *o-sts st:sdees, how depres

sed are his circumstances! # *:::::=e


& abda, s. A cloud. 2. a year. 3.

a mirror. 4. a fragrant grass, Cyperus ro

tundus. et'," commencement of a year. e.
** a goddess to whom Hindu females ren
der annual homage, &c.
H. ea. abdaiku, s. Fear, terror. *x,

*******Sea," the fear of the amildar

****** how is it that this work

in the villages.

is so adverse?

A. C. easo abaku, See e=xes.

S. *: abaddha, [e priv. *: bound]
adj. False, untrue. s. a lie, falsehood. 2.
unmeaning or nonsensical discourse.


** an untruth. 55, saw. ev' what you

S. &c., abdhi, [ex, water, and 3 holding]

s. The sea or ocean. e's the moon, Laksh
mi, &c. sprung from the ocean. ex: ****
ambrosia or nectar, the moon, &c. e: *%
coral. ex: two: a bridge built across the
sea. ** *** the earth as girt by the sea.
e', 'st: the earth; an island surrounded by

say is false et's* to lie. --> ==< e

** *** to deny what one says. ee:"e,
e-'ate, e-Q", a liar. eer. *: a fabri

the ocean.

cated story, a fiction.

the serpent ego: for his couch.

s. 22.e. abala, adj. Weak, impotent, et.

** a weak man. etse, et.* a woman, a

e', Vishnu, sleep

ing on the ocean at the periods of the des

truction and renovation of the world, having

c. *@3, e: Br, ea: Es, abbara,


abbarane, abbaru, s. Sound, report,

S. & 2x) abd, interj of wonder, grief, &c.

noise, a loud cry. 2. wonder. 3. power,

might. e.t.c:*:: *** very great joy. tae

ee>7:23 abd-gedi, s. A simpleton.

c. *a-v-33, e axt: abdu, abde, adj.


** a thunder clap. e.t.csv, a tall or pro

digious man. ********o the blaze of the
roaring self-ignited fire. acts' at: B

Vain, useless, futile.

T. B. &2,737 absiga, [ense, s. A low,

****** what is there marvellous in

vulgar, rude man.

this? I can do it. a- "...e.:*k is this very

T. B. &2o abdisu, [e:] adj. Low, vul

wonderful ?

gar, rude, immodest, shameless.

C. *@9% abbarisu, c. n. To cry aloud,

T. B. &etero: abildse, see ecca.

shout, scream, bawl. ex: stav's to cry out

C. &252, 2.9233 abuku, abuchu, See

in battle.


c. *@*er. abbalald, interi. Of surprise.

A. C. & 2,27.33 abuganu, s. A pilot or



s. A woman of coarse


manners and fierce disposition.

T. B. easa: abuja, see e.

c. *2.36% aburisu, see e'ez.

c. *@#y & 2: abba, abbabba,

interj of wonder, grief, &c.




c. *29.3\% abbji, s. Frouziness, musti.

a family. 4 fame, notoriety.

ness. et', & 3-2 to become frouzy or

musty. 2. a spider. e.t.c. : R* a cob-web.
abbetu-mtu, s. A

old relation.

**::53, an

s. 3:33 abhi jata, adj. Noble, well

e: 8,333,


2. wise.

3. fit, proper. 4 hand


vulgar expression, law language.



C. &#o: abhandare, adj, see evote.

abhijittu, s. The space of

or protection, encouragement. 2. fearlessness,

courage, confidence. etc. *): a promise of

time occupied by the last quarter of the

twenty second lunar mansion, and the fif
teenth part of the twenty third, amounting

shelter, &c.

to nineteen Hindu hours.

s. ea:33, abhaya, s. A promise of shelter

etc. &# the right hand held

up with the palm in front, to inspire courage.

et:a:: ***, et:~ 5/5's sna, to encourage,


S. &#5333 abhavanu, s. God, the unborn.

S. *** abhgya, s. Poverty, unhappi

4. the zenith.

e&# abhignye, adj. Ingenious, know


ing, wise, shrewd, cunning.

ness, wretchedness.

2. the space of

forty eight minutes English, viz., the twenty

four immediately preceding mid-day, and the
twenty-four immediately following it. 3.



*rs an unfortunate
knowledge, shrewdness.




s. &ept 3-3535-7:3 abhajana-madu, e.a.

To make an ill use of, to use unworthily.

est, esp;75 abhidhe, abhidh


S. &RF3 abhva, s. Non-existence, anni.

na, s. A name, an appellation. *****

ca, Rae s. A Sanscrit work divided into
five books, the first relating to heaven and
the deities; the second to the earth; the third
to hell, water, &c.; the fourth to miscellane
ous objects; and the last contains words of
various significations.

hilation, death. (in granr.) the negative.

S. & abhi, A Sanscrit particle implying,

similarity, (so that). 2. presence, (before).
3. separation, (severally). 4. wish, desire.
5. conjunction, particularizing, (to, with res
pect to). 6. priority or superiority, in time,
place, degree, quality or situation, (before).

s. &#3632 abhi-naya, s. Indication of

below. 10, always, everywhere. 11, against.

a passion or action by look, gesture, &c. 2.

making a shew of giving, &c. et score to
express emotions by looks, gestures, &c.

7, the means or cause, (by).

8, after,

12. near.

S. &#5 abhika, adj. Libidinous, lustful.


abhignyna, s. A mark,

sign, stain.


s. &#353 abhi-nava, adj. New.

abhikrama, s. A gallant

s. & ###83 abhi-nivesha, s. Ardour,


s. Sea:

zeal, enthusiasm. 2 intentness on an object,


s. A name or appel
lation. 2. calling, addressing. 3, beauty.
4. fame, glory, radiance.


3. heat, anger, passion.


abhipriya, s. Design, in

tention, wish, desire. 2. meaning, significa

tion, import. 3. sentiment, opinion, notion,
idea. :/~38: what is your opinion?
or what do you mean? atc::/co:**
what is the meaning, or design, of this? &#
c: e.g.:/a:\S:2:53, there is no extraor

S. &#003 abhi-ghata, s. Astroke, blow.

S. & #207 d abhighra, s. Ghee put up
on food prior to eating, with a view to its

S. &#23d abhi-chara, s. A servant.

S. &#2575 abhi-chara, s. Incantation

dinary news there.

to destroy, sorcery, a magical ceremony to

procure the death of an enemy. e.t.c *.*
an act of sorcery to destroy.

s. &#553 abhi-bhava, [e: part of infe


s. egg's B abhi-bhta, [e: and **

S. 893&# abhijana, s. Race, family.

riority, *s being] s. Subjugation, defeat.

2. insult, disgrace.

been] adj. Defeated, humbled, subdued.

native country. 3. the head or ornament of


esc. 23.0


s. &ep3 abhi-bhti, s. Disrespect.


s:=23), s:=2#2

sance, or prostration to a person, at the same

time telling one's own name.


tra, abhi-mantrana, s. Incantation,


conjuring with certain forms. 2. calling to,

addressing, inviting.* to use in
cantations, enchant, conjure, use certain




, *R, increase of a family. e:

car avao, to grow larger, to thrive. e&#,
car, to be prolific, become abundant, in
crease, prosper, become exalted.

formulas, to cast out devils, &c. et::::/*

enchanted; sanctified.


improvement, prosperity, progress. ****o

s. &#5333 abhi-mata, s. Desire, wish,

s. eSap-U>:, &#27 abhi-shapa, abhi

inclination. 2. consent, approbation. 3.

choice, adj. Pleasant, wished, approved, ac
ceptable. ****** */co an acceptable act.

Shanga, s. A curse or imprecation. 2, in

sult, reproach.

abhimanyu, s. A son of

s. &#85 abhishka, s. Pouring upon,

s. &#93 abhimara, s. Killing, destruc

baptizing, anointing est',"::" pouring

the remaining sacred water over the principal
person at the termination of a sacrifice. **




2. war, combat.

***, C****** coronation of a king. Fors

*** consecration of a priest. et:tw saw,
e: *** to bathe, or sprinkle. 2. to crown,
to ordain. et:32*, anointed.

S. eq9533 abhi-mana, s. Pride, haught

iness. 2. knowledge. 3. honour. 4. pro
tection. 5. affection, love, regard. 6 favour,
assistance. adj. Respectable, honourable.
***** an honourable person. *::::::::o to

s. & KR be abhisarika, s. A woman

who makes or keeps an assignation.

honour, regard with kindness, shelter, pro

s. e8:533 abhi-hati, s. A stroke, blow.


*::::: abhishta, adj. Beloved, desired,

s. &#5:339) abhi-mukha, adj. Present;

agreeable, e.g.: *** **# to accomplish
one's wish ess:# ***, his wish is

in front, before, opposite, towards. ****

*r- to be present, in front. Sgrit:-->>h 3
core turn your face to me.

e.g. 33s3 abhi-yati,


s. &#853 abhdya, adj. Invisible, in

s. A foe, an op

accessible, impenetrable, impracticable. 2.

unbreakable. s. A diamond. t.)''' im

ponent, enemy.

s. ap 58.2%

abhi-yga, s. Attack, on
set. 2. a challenge. 3. a strong effort,
exertion, perseverance. 4. (in law) a plaint,

practicable to Bramha.

e527, e:27.3, e:2&# abhyan

ga, abhyangana, abhyanjana, s.

an action.

Applying unguents to the head or body. "

s. & C3 abhi-rati, s. Attachment, love.

s. &ows: abhi-rma, adj. Beautiful,


agreeable, pleasing, charming. *o-so so."

delay, hindrance, impediment. 2, included

space, an interval. adj. Inside, within. *.9
se:, et,ost saw to hinder. et:2:::=ro

** a beautiful or agreeable form.

s & 4.3223 abhi-ruchi, s. Taste, relish,

desire, &c.

See dots.

to be an impediment; to be delayed, to be

s. &ert: abhi-lapa, s. Loud cry.

S. 693.# =:

s. &cror: abhildshe, s. Desire, wish,

propensity, inclination.
wish, desire.

*** ****# to anoint one's self.

e:ose abhyantara, s. Obstacle,

abhyarthisu, v. n. To


*es: A* to covet,

*::::#. abhyanugnye, s. Permission,


S. & 532.33

abhi-wandane, s. Obeisance,




s &#x2c:3 abhi-wddane, s. Bow, obei.


2. order, command.

e:gros abhyarna, adj. Contiguous,

s:**** abhyavakarshane, s.





Extraction, drawing out.

s::seces abhyavatirna, s. Cross


ing over.



abhyavaskandana, s.




ey: abhra-patha,


A siege. 2. facing an enemy.

sion, food.

e.grg abhydgata, s. An uninvited,


or self invited guest. ex: R*** *c. to be

come a guest, to invite one's self.

e:grees abhydgarika, adj. Dili


abhra-pati, s. Indra.
s. The sky.

*:::) abhra-pushpa, s. A kind

of tree or cane.

e::::ve abhyavahra, s. Provi


abhraga-pati, s. The brah

many kite, the king of birds.

gent in supporting a family.

2. water.


&#3 abhra-mani, s. The sun.



abhra-mtanga, s. In

dra's elephant, (which travels in the sky.)

abhra-male, s. A line or


bank of clouds.

s. & 35,5322 abhramu, s. The female of

Indra's elephant.

e5% abhyasa, s. Practice, exercise, s. ex:/533 abhriya,


study, familiarity.

ex:="re to become

adj. Belonging to, or

produced from clouds,

practised in, accustomed to, familiar with.

s. &#927' amangala, adj. Unhappy,

et: to practise, study, exercise, learn,

unpropitious, ill omened, inauspicious, un

clean, impure, abominable. esooris a widow.

make one's self familiar with.

et: a

student. et: practised, studied, exercised.

s: a man sleeping after the sun is up.

e=oors' wae what causes ill omens.


*o that which averts a bad omen.

*::::::: abhyuththana, s. Respect C. e5335', s:


fully rising on the appearance of another.

S. eq:25355 abhyudaya, s. Birth. 2.
increase, prosperity. 3. auspiciousness.



abhyudita, s. A man asleep

amakala, amak
kala, s. Tumult, joy, rejoicing. ex: **
cavrotes: "...wash: what rejoicing is there
at his house to-day? ~5: eru's es'.
co: the wedding festival is very joyous.

C. e553353 amaku, See e=xwo.

at sunrise.

*::::::: abhyuddhna,

rising, resurrection. 2. increase, exaltation,

C. e5397 amaga, s. A good opportunity.

at: -, err this is a good opportunity. 2.

S. *::) abhra, s. A cloud. 2. the sky or
atmosphere. 3. gold.

joy, rejoicing, gladness. esor. Ea to be glad,

to rejoice. ex:3ts:rear, ess ****
Pott: how joyful he is ! what is there in his
house to-day ? esort', was swas." =2#e




s. Birth,

abhrankasha, s. Air, wind,

C# 3katcot they asked for the loan of the

drum, while the dance was proceeding, (pro

abhraka, s. Glasies mariae or

verb used of one who asks the loan of what




talc, a transparent stone of several sorts and

colours. *.*.*.* black talc. **** white

is then in use.)

C. e553283evo), es:32&325:05, amati

talc. 2-2 G = red talc. ****)* gold co

ki, amat-ki, s. A kind of sour green.

loured talc. These four terms are also appli

s. &3333 amata, s. Sickness. 2. death.

ed to different divisions of the peninsula. See

under each.


abhra-kesha, s. A name of
Shiva, whose hair is the clouds.

s. $35,74 abhraga, s. A bird. adj belong

ing to the air, as birds.

3. time.

s. &3333 amati, s. Time. 2. the moon.

</ref, eq.):


3. a cheat, a rogue.
353) a matra, s. A vessel, an utensil.

c. &333333's amamd, interj

of surprise.

e==> *.*.*.** 2.34 ha ha! how strong he


abhrpage, s. The celestial Ganges.

is e=::::: *:: *%+st ha! ha! how merito




s. e533d amara, [e priv. Eddying] s. A

deity, an immortal. 2. quicksilver
tial tree.

e=b+a and to be well matched. e?/*


erodo:rta toxo exobvodsend that man and

essed aco, esco tradox: the celes

woman are well matched. 2. to be well

regulated. * #/t :cord Road:3 essee fadse


ro", estate:r the celestial

Ganges. esc the mountain of the gods,

Mahmru. escse a giant, (enemy of the
gods). esca:/ 1ndra, the king of the gods.
escasa Indra's city. essees a goddess.
**C.'s immortality; divinity.

s. e533d,



amara, amara-kosha, amara-simha,

s. An extensive and very ancient Sanscrit
dictionary of synonyms. There are two Ca

*: the family of that man and woman is well

regulated. eSoevodat prepared, ready, suit
able, essrs eroes obscorers fell: that work
is suitable for him. eBoova'ss? &b to hold

C. &333d amare, See e=6.

A. C. e5533'53E amarku, v. n. To be con
tained in, to hold. 2. to approve. 3. to suit,
to agree with.

narese translations of it; one by cont:#23

a brahman, the other by * a lingait.

A. C. & 533e33s amarchu, See esse: un

The latter is rather fuller than the former.

S. e53,355-39 amartyanu, s. A demi

der te:SoCo.

s &#39.33:... amarada-valli, s. The

god, an immortal.

C. e.9233Cs amarda, for e=oes of existo.

creeper monispermum glabrum.

s: 533d-39 amara-vali, s. Lineage, line

of descent.

s. es:933ero7'o's amara-shild-gan

s. e.9533ds:Samardappu,

e.a. To clasp

firmly, grasp tightly.

T. B. e.9335C33s amardu, See es'..

T. B. e.9:35:25-7.00 amardu-gadira, s.

dhaka, s. Brimstone.

s. eS3909 amaru, v. n. To suit, fit, be

The moon with nectar digits.

T. B. &. C.


adapted, become, agree with, accord with.

* et:dr.: estado ** escos." this ornament


The moon.

2. to clasp, embrace.

T. B. & C. e5:33:35-p3 amarduni, [es',

3. to attack or come upon, as a dog, to as

cend, as a hill, tree, &c. Soci, escow.5 he

mortal, an eater of ambrosial food. *

becomes her hand.

*, and vor: eating] s. A demi-god, an im

*="asto (=s for xr) giants, enemies of the

gods. eSotorder, (r, for **) s. A
celestial nymph or courtezan, a goddess. *

is climbing up the tree. 4. to be furnished.

5. to be employed. essextresses: he

is employed in a situation. 6. to grasp, to

hold. * * **, rase 2: A **::ce, how
thick your arm is! my hand cannot grasp it.
7 to prosper, to succeed. e wear s for

Bor,3~o Indra.

C. &333-3s amarpu, See e=se: under e


sod G-3:32:13, Bra what plan shall I

s. e53,6332-8, es:9533es 3 amaryd

contrive in order to accomplish that object?

di, amarydde, s. Disrespect, rudeness,

incivility, dishonour, impropriety. adj. dis
respectful, unusual, uncustomary. ess

*** **# to embrace. 2. to engage in any


3. to climb, &c. 4. to hold fast.

*** to prepare, make ready. 2. to apply,

smear, wipe. 3. to join, unite, fix to. 4. to

** ** a disrespectful, low, rude, or vulgar

speech, or word.

5. to censure, reprove, wound one's

s. &339:38 amarsha, s. Passion, heat,

feelings. esse: *** to prepare and give,
to furnish. 222 at!," "ess: raerive, see:

rage, wrath.


amargu, See esses.

fix strong wheels on the axletree of the car

riage. * * *::::::===ense: * *

s. & Soe a-mala, [e priv se filth] s. Talc.

* having given them all the fruits of

my labour, I myself am come to this. e=o

adj. Clear, pure, clean.

s. e.9533e/o333 amalavati, s. The city of
Varuna, regent of the seas, &c.

** 8. Arrangement, adaptation, suitableness.




s. 333e)3 amalu, s. Intoxication, drunk

S. Se:33.973- amdrga, s. Heresy, a vicious

life. ex: ar(rt: a degenerate disciple.

enness, essex &, esses obcos,

to be drunk, to be intoxicated.
H. &533e).2 amalu, s. Collection of the re
venues. 2. government, es: sc, est

e=s** amtya, s. A counsellor, a


prime minister.

e, essee a native revenue collector. **

H. e535-533 amnatu, s. Deposit, charge,

any thing given in trust. 2. entire, all.

e:Quotat a former collector.

5*6 estorad

H. e.9335-3) amni, s. What is in charge

the present native collector. *** *** the

of a collector on the part of government,

current revenue business.

esoto Saxo to

in opposition to that which is rented out to

reign, govern; to follow government orders.

sat essed a former government. * **
to the present government. essenro to be

tenants of the soil. ex:R*d one who looks

come a native collector. **to sists to do

the business of a native collector. 54 resco
eBos', Sat: *:Rwo :a:633 &nt: there

cultivation of the lands round which is un

der the superintendence of government. *

is not a vestige of the lands held free of rent

under the reign of the Moguls. *-* esse


*# 38.3305 =RFSRwo *oto:****, *::: the lands

held free of rent, under the Company's go

after government land that has not been let.

eans f, es: ***.03 an unrented tank, the

:*::crero to be under immediate manage

s. ex:35P:SE amnusha, adj. Desolate,

solitary, uninhabited. 2. supernatural, be
yond the power of man. s. A miracle.

vernment, are secure.

H. e553350e2e3o7, amawlu-jindagi,
s. The property and estate of a person dying
and leaving no heirs, which revert to the go

T. B. e535-533%, e333-?), e33*.*, *

332:28, es:57:28, e:::::::
ammasi, amsi, amse, andwdsi,

estos.sto & cattle without own

amwdse, amwsse, [ess with, and

ers, which go to government.

*: to abide; being with, or in the same quar

ter as, the sun] s. The day of the new moon,

C. &#ue', amasi-kollu, c.a. To

the change of the moon.

possess by violence.

2. to monopolize.

s. e553, es: S amita, amite, adj.

T. B. &#39;,&#39;, &533's amala, ama

Boundless, abundant, immoderate, exorbi

tant, infinite, innumerable, &c.

li, amalu, s. A twin, a pair. See assow.

s. e.9533' amala, see e=ow.

A. C. e.92339 od:) amalravu, s. The
wooden buckle of a native saddle.

c. e333'38.97e/3,


amitra, s. An enemy, an adver


s. es: 3:3 amisha, s. Luxury.


H. e.955-353 aminanu, s. A native judge.

lu-dogalu, amaldogalu, s. Folds offat

2. a petty revenue officer who has temporary

charge of any thing.

and skin, as in very stout persons. 2. tanned

A. C.


C. es:9332, e3333053, e.93335833 amuku,

amaldale-vakki, s.

A fabulous two headed bird.

A. C. es', amal-vakki, . . Therud.

dy goose, as always going in pairs.



e=s*oxes amngalya, s. Inauspici.

ousness. 2. impurity, uncleanness. adj. In
auspicious, disagreeable. ess-ories coa free
from impurity.

amunku, amuchu, v. a. To press down,

make go down, bear down. 2. to squeeze,

press, shampoo. es to knock down.

3e-,+,+, to press to the ground. * *
cosa:to wada's 5* *** *** press
down the bellows strongly, so that the wind
may come out. ** wo:23at e: *',
r:wo press down as much as you can.

S. e5533-07:33 amnsanu, s. A lean,

thin man without flesh, a skeleton.


amukta, adj. Not liberated,

not freed. s. A weapon that is always grasp

ed to be used, as a knife.



s: By amutra s. Heaven, the fu

ture world. axo~3, 205 car one who does

ther's elder sister, or father's elder brother's

wife, or great mother. "," mother's

younger sister, aunt, or father's younger bro

not desire fruit of his virtue either here or

hereafter, but fixes his mind on final absorp

ther's wife. 3 a goddess. ** the

goddess of epidemical diseases. ** the
goddess of cholera, small pox, &c. 4, the
small pox, (regarded as a goddess, and not
reckoned amongst diseases), es: "x,
e: two, e343,en to have the smallpox, the
smallpox to come out. e=:: * *ows:
the small pox coming to a head. ***** the


C. e5333e)3 amulu, See essex.


e=>BS'3) amushya-putra, ay.

Of a good family.
S. 697.39Jol amulya, adj. Priceless, cost
ly, invaluable.

s. &#398,520% amrindla, s. The root of


crisis of the small pox.

nt grass, cus-cus.

s. e53323 amrita, s. Ambrosia or nectar,

the food of the gods. 2. water, milk, butter

milk, ghee. 3. ghee, rice, &c., the residue

of a sacrifice. 4. final emancipation from
matter and absorption into Bramha. 5. gold.
6. unsolicited alms. 7. food. 8. boiled rice.

9. a sweet-meat, or any thing sweet. 10.

poison. 11. a drug. 12. quicksilver. 13.
several sorts of plants. eBus score moon

ex:57:23ro, es:

ava: the small pox going in. es: *t,

e=3.5 & the scab of the pustule. es:
** a pock mark. e=''', es: *.*.* to
inoculate for the small pox, to vaccinate.
e: www vaccine. *** a large kind of
small pox which occasionally comes in adult

age, es: t, venereal disease. 2. the

first appearance or sign of smallpox.

e:'''', ammakka,

s. A female proper



eBus ver", a sweet kind of cakes.

*** ** a sweet


e:KQs ammagalu, s. Widows.

e: ammati, s. A kind of pap.

speech. *** be a species of black granite

or hornblende, bearing a high polish, es:
* *** **te a government cattle breeding
establishment. *** **Ca raw sugar. e.
*** **Ed a horse. ex:0s 5:53 a success


*:::::: ammanni,


e="" "), eR', est's', the heart

leaved moon creeper.

s. A nipple, a teat.

2. an affectionate appellation for mother or

daughter. interj. of pain, or weariness.

c. &#7 ammanniga, s. An effemi


cowardly, useless man.

ful physician, a man with a fortunate hand.

C. &#32,33305 ammanavaru, s. Hono

e: ***, es: "** a deity, whose food is
ambrosia. ****dr. Garuda, the king of
birds, and vehicle of Vishnu, who stole the

ldla, interj. of wonder, weariness, &c.

S. e5533 amla, s. The tamarind tree.

s. ex:3>>3:33 amrita-mati, s. The mo

amli, amlika, s. Tama
s. eS2,

ther of Rjashkhara.

s. e-338)3 amriti, s. Immortality.


3.e3S amdhya,


rind fruit.

Faeces, human

e: amlna, adj. Unfading.

s. 03 aya, s. Good fortune. 2. tax.


adj. Impure.

e3.e333 amya, adj. Immeasurable,


incomprehensible, unequal, incomparable.


rific appellation for a female.

*::::::, e: ve ammalla, amma


3.28'50 amgha,



fruitful, not vain. 2. rare, precious, excel

lent. 3. effectual, infallible, unerring.

C. &#32, amma, s. Mother. 2. a respect

ful epithet for females in general. In ad
dressing females it may be used by itself, or
affixed to their proper names. #4%: mo

e323 ayana, s. A road, path. 2. a

house. 3. a half year, that is, the sum's road,
north or south, half a solar year. The sun's
alternate journies towards the tropics, each
measured by three to sor" or seasons. **.
cacao: the sun's course in the northern con

stellations. "cos the sun's course in the

southern constellations.
approach, come near.

**** to travel,


e&R; ayassu, s. Iron.
s. e6338 ayaskanta, s. A precious
stone, a magnet, attracting iron.
e3ge ayaskara, s. A black


s. The name of

adj Umasked.

eat's ayodhye, s. (not to be war

e&@*::::: aynma, s. Pepper.


ed:52: ayana, s. Natural disposition

es: Repa: ayni-ja,

s. A person born

not in the way of natural generation, but

from a tree, stone, the sea, &c.

or temperament.

e2005): Escner

difficult. 2. hard, not easily penetrated or

broken. 3. entirely iron.


ma-ydga, s. The twenty sixth asterism.

e5%a:353, ay-maya, adj. Abstruse,


forward, in future.

s. e632&#39;2) ay-mukha, s. A pestle

tipped with iron.

C. eSol)o aidu, See *.


H. &o)233 ainu, adj. Net, clear, mere, all,



red against.) Oude, the capital of Rma.


H. too),050 ainda, adv. Hereafter, hence



ateness, thoughtlessness.

ed-see#3 aydchita,
a saint.

e53.2233 aychane,


s. e553235 aychaka, adj. Unbegging.


aygra, s. A pestle for cleans.

ing grains, &c. tipped with iron.





ecoso te: the net revenue.


treets a grand total, the entire sum. **


ayya, s. A common appellation,

corresponding with Sir. 2. father, minister
or priest. 5x5.3 grand father, ec:fisco
a school master.

e?, a general account.


*Sox, what Sir? es:ces

ex: G3 father. **,*, elder sister.

H. eSol)22-3 aibu, s. A flaw, defect. 2. a

mark, sign, trace. 3. a hole, an opening. *

e2.2% elder brother. *** younger bro

==# *#ssa e Sct3\SA B*, C& there is no

proof of his being a thief ed" ***, *

ther. 2. a proper name. ** grand-fa

ther, essa's grand-mother. **** father
in-law. *=dx, brother-in-law.

cow 3.23%, ed:ow tw to trace. 2. to cri

ticise, to find fault. ecosorac, eccess an
inaccurate man, a blunderer. est as:
*** **.e.: to cut evenly. east::B perfect,

e3:58: ayyatana,


applied to Jangamas.

s. Priesthood, as

See *s.

e&#3%, eg, e'ss: ay


faultless, eswr-ys, estars to become

yay, ayyalla, ayyne, intery of

defective. edwev', ests: to blame.

strenuous effort, wonder, surprise, sympathy,

grief, &c.

c. *003:3.28, eo).338 aib, aibh,


interj. of surprise.

c. *Sopse's ailu, s. Insanity, foolishness e

s. Spi


coex &aako to be insane, foolish.

H. eSol)333a* aivaju, s. Money, property.

2. stock, capital, principal.

e33;orodd, ayyangraru,

ritual guides. 2. a sect of Vaishnava brah


ease, e&#&ase ayy, ayya

3. substitute,

yy, interj. of grief, sympathy, pain, &c.

C. ed ara, s. A file twe ee a square file.

C. eSol)3.592% aishabsu, interj. Bra

rooad a round file. Ea:Red an angular file.

*3t ed a sawing file, ed.: #2 filings. 2.
cloth. 3. (in comp). half.

exchange, recompense.

vo! well done !


e3,23. ayukta, adj. Improper, incon

sistent, unsuitable, unfit, bad,

ecos", **

: a bad man.

adj. Swift.

s. e63233 ayuta, num. Ten thousand.

G. e65 ay, inter of pain, fear, recollec.


A. C. & G ara, s. Yama, king of the infernal

regions. 2. sky.

3. cloth.

C. & Co.233 aranchu, See eets and ee.

tion, &c.

S. ed ara, s. The spoke or radius of a wheel.


disreputable, shameful.

adj. Unworthy,

A. c. escot: aranche, s. A worn out





dt':23:83, arakan

edr"ro, ed" &orro to become apart, get

chatti, arakana-chatti, s. A metal ba

out of the way, stand aside. ech: to cause

to digest, &c. ex:Ascret:::::Ade: the seed


of bishop's weed is good for digestion, eds

dr"::crew', rub the mixture into the

c. ed.: =OR2, esds arakawdgu, ara

ku, e. n. To digest. edwas digested. e

crown of the head.

*A ectr": ***.* take medicine that

A. C. &07(33) araguli, s.

your food may digest.

c. ed.: 5 arakare, s. vexation, annoyance.

c. edvoc arakni, see ee***.
c. edwoc's ara-klu, s. The eighth part.


A fowler, a


est ker's ara-gdu, s. Partial ruin, half



C. ed?&t: ara-gde, s. A low wall.

c. est:003. ara-ghaya, s. A slight

arak-vattu, s. The half

c written F.


c. *ctise ara-kula, adj. Mongrel, of a


mixed breed.


ara-chatte, s. A


made for irrigation, when the water is too

low in the tank to come from the common

c. ed: arake, s. Half. e. *.x ee***

* this work is half done.

outlet. 2. the banyan tree.

c. ed:#2&d, ed?&do arakru, ara

3. breeches

that just cover the buttocks.

gru, s. Half the produce of a field, farm,

&c. editate sets two to divide a crop in

T. B. &de:3 arachane, s. See ears. 2.

confusion, disorder.

to two parts. ectate wave to give half the

c. &ce: & arachtu, s. A blind, screen,



2, an offence.

H. 9dsoo arakhu, s. The essence or spirit


C. & C833 arachu, v. n. To cry out

of anything. 2. a gilt or silver wash.

ara-gannu, adj. Purblind.


c. & Gr-3 ara-gavu, adj. Slightly heat

ed, half melted, half warm.


to roar. soro ects: the child is crying.

*d or woe &c. & Cass.: the calf, sheep, &c.
bleats. 2. (for ~des) to sprinkle, as flowers

edws: **:3 to

on an idol.

heat slightly, as gold, to ascertain its quality.

C. ed&o aratu, s. The internal pain or suf

ecries too stro to heat till half melted.

fering from hunger, disease, &c.

c. est?..f3, et': ara-gini, ara-gili,

C. edge arana, s. A father's present to

s. A talking parrot.

his daughter, at the time of her marriage.

c. * d7's aragu, s. Lac. *scuers, "A~

are stick lac.

2. bridal presents.

33 edro, e=94, edro, essed

S. edr arani, s. Wood used for kindling

re seed lac. *: edro shell lac, ech: *% a

a sacrificial fire, exciting it by attrition,

stick of lac used as sealing wax. *o:dro

red sealing wax. *e edro black sealing wax.
eachers:cro vermillion wax.

** **, fire.
S. edges aranya, s.

ech: Eco, e

tro ~! superior ink made from lac, &c.

a large forest.



A forest. eers'

edr to:w a wild dog.

** ** a lac bracelet. *a*-aro, Ex: edro

C. & C3 arata, See eee.

sealing wax. 2. strand, margin, edge, side.

3. threshold. tcror: a threshold stone or
door step. 4. vicinage. **Acro St:o 3.22:
**** you must not come near me. SEAt

C. & CEOR) ara-tvu, s. Half a sheet of


S. ed& arati, s. Anger, passion.

A. C. esd22:3 aratudu, adj. Empty,

*:: *** at #3 you must not be near me.


c. &c.73 aragu, v. n. To digest, to decoct.

c. et ds ara-terani, s. The

2. to sink or soak in. 3. to come apart, to


cornice of a wall or terrace.

be separated. 4. to be manageable or under


controul, in possession. edn*rt inseparable.



aratni, s. A cubit. 2. the elbow.


Ground, pulverized.

C. est:32.7% ara-moga, s. A frown, dis

s. esta arada, [e priv. CB a tooth] adj.

pleasure, disgust. e=====re:Aa3 ed: art

:* :*****.3 he always talks to me with

C. est'd arada, adj.

See ed.

a frowning face.


s. esco, e.9te arara, arari, s. A door, a

G. ere:23:83e3 aradeshi-para-deshi,


s. A religious mendicant, a pilgrim.

C. est:3 arane, See ecw.

c. &ct3 arare, interj. of wonder. 2, a

A. C. est:83% arapadi-nelalu, s.

mode of calling the attention of an inferior.

C. ested aralu, v. n. To blow or open, as
flowers, to blossom. ecozo, eco sis to

A shadow, a reflection of anything.


ed:#2. ara-pattu,

numeral. Five.

cause to blossom.

c. et o'evo), araplada-kai, s.

**** **rvco sates.

the wind has made the flowers blow. **

The soap nut.

v. eco razo to set out flowers to blossom. *

C. 89t:30/239 go ara-pirri-challana, s.

::Rvde was to let the flowers be till they

Breeches that just cover the buttocks.

blossom. edu: & an unblossomed flower,

a bud. eds was a blossomed flower. e.
ce: blown, as a flower. 2. to wander, to

C. & S. estaxo: ara-base, see edia:.

C. esta,37.733 arabugddu, s. Famine,

eme s'= #3a's es: eeeo"," the

woman who has lost her support wanders


scarcity. Row & as: vescor-3'," there

is a famine in the country from the failure of
rain and the crop.

about here and there.

C. & s. etc: ara-bhshe, s. Indis.

A. C. &te/> aralu, s. A flower. 2. a star.

tinct utterance, dropping letters or words in


A. c. esteer: araluni, s. The black bee,

(feeding on flowers.)

c. & s. 690:33:2 ara-manassu, s. Re

A. C.


aralvadiga s. A florist, a

flower seller.

luctance, disinclination, half a mind.

A. C.

C. &c=333 aramane, s. A palace; a court.


aralvsi, s. A bed or seat

of flowers.

2. government. 3. the grand division of a


c. &c=3, & dr) arava, aravu, adj. Ta

officers of government. ec=3R ar. ***, to

pay taxes to government. ecs &r= *:

mil. s. The Tamil language. ecsso, ecst

ev#ser tav"," the goldsmith is become



ec=3&sco the government.

5:30 a Tamilian.

ec=3, ecs, a Tamil wo

eds Sr. so a Tamil word.

C. eed: o337, ed:#f aravantige,

aravattige, s. A cool shed or temporary

fat by (collecting and) paying in (the peo

ple's) taxes to government. ecso:cost 5:...woo,

ec=&se e: the order of government.

building in which water is distributed to

c. 890:395, 90:33b5 ara-mare, ara

passengers gratis, ecstres, ecs'" per

marike, s. Doubt, suspicion. 2. reluc

sons employed to give water in hot weather,

&c. to passengers gratuitously.

tance, disinclination. 3. a partial screen, G

* 93*-*tc. ec=338+ treoe are we suspi

A. C. &c=37. aravaga, s. A prince, a king's

cious one of another, or, is there a want of


mutual confidence between us?

est's 2005:2.d=33-03:32,




ed:#2. aravattu,

num. Sixty.

Supplies furnished

C. &d=3&o aravana, s. Half a maund.

A. C. est;36% aravarisu, v. a. To terri

gratuitously to government servants.

A. C. eco-So arame, adj. Wery small, very

fy, alarm. ecse:cr: a terrific forest.

C. e50:50:3 aravda, adj. Open, broad,

little, minute. ec: ect': it is partially

wide. tsaac.txt twoaso Boro *** bring a

wide mouthed earthen vessel. *** ****
n Browo make the box wide. **A* ***.
ec:*: how wide your mouth is :

shi-paramish i. s.

blown, as a flower.

ed: aramei,

s. A body half wasted

, away by disease, &c.




c. *dso?', eds: aravsi, aravdshi,

wers, ecs, ecs, to cause to blossom ; to

expand, as a bird its wings, eotar's exces

s. Half, a moiety. adj. Half. ** sco:#d

******, this year there is half a crop.

ey, Eves: "2: Eli'ss car. ***, 22*.*.*n

*& Stoc=s**E: half the water in the

*** while Site was oppressed with

river is gone.

swans expanded their wings and shaded her.

grief, the

*:::::=C- 3.3, 5*::::=to when the flower

s. *dod aravinda, s. A lotus esses

* Vishnu. ecso: #e3, a woman with lo
tus like eyes, echo: Es, the sun, the friend

blossoms, it sends forth a fragrance. ::so

**** the countenance dilates with
joy. *** *** **rvey ca, let the flowers

of the lotus.

blossom on the tree.

A. c. 90-5 aravu, s. Justice.


se: arale, s. Dressed cotton, or cotton

A. C. ed.:3 arave, s. Indigestion. 2. a worn

after it is separated from the seeds. eew S
* to clean cotton. ecw ow: a cotton

out cloth, &c.

c. *C*: arasina, s. Turmeric sese's

dresser. **, *.cs edwo-o:\ =::, take out

the powder of a tree, resembling


the seed and separate the cotton from it. e

and used in medicine. *:3.5 ed:5, *:arco

*** a bullock load of cotton. eave ts,

** scented turmeric.

half a bullock load of cotton. edwass, ts

c. *, *d:9, ed: arasa, arasa

**, arasu, s. A king, sovereign, monarch.
2. a husband. ch a queen. 2. Lakshmi. e8

*** *** to talk bigly; to talk as a king.

***** royalty, sovereignty, kingship. ed:
*::=c, ed: sort a king's son.

ec: Get name


* * to bind up cotton in packs.

ed:#5 aralele, s. The leaf of theJicus

religiosa. 2. a gold jewel set with diamonds,

&c. in the shape of this leaf.

c. *t'svos, arala.kai, ... The


of a game. ed: ** a fistula, a large boil.

c. ed: arasu, c. a. To seek, hunt, look

ech #39 to look for.

Ewe #tworw


arale, See eev.

made of flowers.

S. eco5 arjaka, s. Anarchy, misrule,

c. *S**t arasmara, . The sacred

confusion. ecs=w=show to be in a state of


fig tree. ** its leaf. 2. a gold jewel set

with diamonds, &c. and worn on the fore.

C. & Go:333330-3 arda-murdda, , Ob

heads of females and children.


T. B. &da araha, See exr.

C. ed:50% ara-hasa, s. A gentle smile.
C. ed: arahu, v. a. To tell, inform, make


C. est'%)% aral-billu, s. Cupid's bow

*A* having searched all countries. 2. See



Terminatia chebula.

s. ove arti, s. An adversary, foe, anta


H. &ove: arbi, adj. Broad, large, exten

sive. edits "st: a wall round a town; a

ecto", ed: the act of telling,

informing. See ee.

long wall. ecs", sa a very large house.

C. edg arali, s. The tree flous religiosa.

c. ** arbu, s. Confusion, tumult,

uproar, rebellion.

c. ** aralu, s. A flower. 2 fried gram,

C. & Go:29:53:2 arsavilladavanu, s.

or roasted corn. 3 fear, terror, edy, we

A heedless or careless man.

* to roast corn, ecy & ecy', flour

esco: arla, adj. Bent, curved, crooked.

C. eggs's arlu, s. Half a day's labour.

made from roasted corn.


c. ** aralu, c. n. To bloom, blossom, as

flowers. 2. to open, expand, dilate, as the
eyes. 3. to open as a bird's wings. edwa,
ed' blossomed. **we: the lotuses

*E*ve "ae half a day's hire.

c. *b ari, s. A disease of the eyes.

2. a

heap or stack of grain previous to the straw

blossomed. ****,having opened the eyes.

being separated from it. 3. blighted corn.

4 handfuls of corn cut down at the reaping

*Cv =~, ecy: the act of opening, as flo



e O
of a field. t?:6 as much paddy as can be

A. C. &bd arida, adj. Diseased. 2. de

praved. 3. bad.

cut down at one stroke, a sheaf.

C. eb ari, v. a. See ed. To pound, &c.

C. ebt: aridala, s. A yellow orpiment,

s. A roller for smoothing a corn

mineral arsenic used by painters. 2. a hos

c. *b, eb23 ari, ariyu, o, a & n. To

C. &tx33 aridu, adj. Rare, uncommon,

2. to cut.

tile army.


unusual, impossible. * *


know, be apprized of, acquainted with, aware

this word is uncommon in the world.
of ebaco: ~~39 to do unknowingly, or un
intentionally, ed.,&, ecz v. a. To commu

nicate, acquaint, or inform. 2. to explain or

teach. 3. to reveal, expose, declare. ***,
ec: knowledge, acquaintance with, the act
of knowing, perception. 2. awake, being in a

to very rare.

A. C. est833 arichu, s. A stream, current,


e:) aripu, See under ee.

A. C. ebio arime, s. A little.

state of sensibility as opposed to sleep, a state

of insensibility. eocossro, ecc39:de, ecc32

s: ese:Soet arimda, s. A false mimosa

* &akro to be ignorant of

A. C. &beyo arilu, s. A star. 2. mud.

A. C.
arilvatte, s. The sky or

3+ .3t: 34

cucco:*::: do not be anxious; we were igno

rant at first, ecco: *cor a thing not
known. ecodor esco uninformed, unintelli


starry region.

C. e5b5, est: arive, arivi, s. A cloth,

an old cloth, garment.

gent, or ignorant people, ecsco, ee" care

to be known.

ecs known.

2. deceased,

C. est362, & b%5, est's, arishina, a

dead. 3. depraved. 4. cut. 5 pounded,

ground. ecco not to know, not to be able.

rishina, arisina, s. Turmeric, saffron.

e: Go =>eybco he cannot do.

eer wa yellow, saffron colour. **

Gasto &aw."

an earn the jaundice.

ed. I cannot go. eco Racoobato: it cannot
walk or proceed. *Sedo I know not. ecso
(past, part.) having known. Sreror. I

c. est arishe, [for ects of ecs'] s. The

barking of a dog, &c.

s. est: arishta, s. Misfortune, calamity,

know it.

eczs, eosis one who knows.

misery, bad or ill luck. 2. happiness, good

A. C. & b ari, See Yea.

fortune. 3. a sign of public calamity, a

symptom of death. 4. spirituous liquor. 5.

S. e.96 ari, s. An adversary, antagonist. 2.

a wheel.


to:*r the class of six enemies,

or hostile passions, viz., *s, lust, *@*: an

ger, &ast: avarice, Bat: love, Rot pride, SRs:

7. the soap berry

removal of calamity. **** *** a very

heavy calamity. ee: *** the 22nd of the

cor hatred. ecot: the destroyer of an ene

my, a conqueror.

C. &b7 6.23 ari-gannu, s. Sore eyes.

C. ser: ari-gallu, s. A stone said

6. a crow.

plant, called also ecs," et", " the

24 Jaina saints.


be useful in sore eyes.

A. C. &ef arige, s. A shield. See zon.

A. C. &b%: arige-caddha, s. Bound
front curls.

C. est's arisu, See ects. Also caus. of *

to pound, &c.
C. est:33 arihu, s. Knowledge. See ed
under ee to know.

C. ests aru, for et Half. Also for * six.

A. C. ts aru, c. m. To cease, be severed,
or disjoined.

C. est:, &bst' aritla, aritla,

s. est:3035: aruntuda, adj. Sharp, cor

s. A poisonous plant.

C. 963 arita, (past rel, part of

Known. ecs + scor a thing that is known.

s. et:32:3 arundhati s. The wife of Va.


T. B. &63, est ariti, arite, see e?".



edeo:34 test, ecoter Ges Vasishta,

one of the seven sages and stars in the Great

aritra, s. A rudder.





A. C. ecso? arumbu, v. a. To defraud

C. ests: aruvu, see et: under ee. ed.:

in battle, fight unfairly. o2. to explain, in

::::">" to become insensible.


come very silly or foolish. ec.23.3% sods

cave among those awake and those asleep.

s. A bud, germ.

C. & C37.2 arugu, s. Verge, margin, edge,

border, vicinity.

2. to be

A. C. & to: aruve, See es:.

ec.: contiguous, close,

**d.: a field near the town

c. &c.'s arusu, See e-re.

gate. "c. at a garden near the town

gate. ed.*.* to be aside, to get out of the
way. ecor. Eros to clear the way, to make

A. C. e.txo~5t: aruhitkara, s. A fox.

A. C. tez: aruhutana, s. Heirship.


c. &c.3:2:32:3:2

econ** *** to stand aside.


S. eco: arupa, adj Ugly, deformed, de

S. &c. &c. aruna, s. A name of the sun.

2. also of his charioteer, the dawn.

arulu-marulu, adj.

Simple, childish, doting, foolish. ed-vesics

* *** a simple person.

*.*.* to g ) aside. econ: near, close by.

C. 45:3233 aruchu, See ed:0.

faced. 2. formless, invisible. & Etc. God

ec.2:=s: *=ds. Everence,

3. the

is formless.

colour of the dawn, dark red, or the mixture

none can see the invisible God.
of red and black.

4. the redness of sunset.

ecor E): the rays of the rising sun.

**R* to be spoiled, deformed, &c. 2. to


vanish, disappear.

*r dark red. etc. *c: the sun, whose

charioteer is the dawn. ec.: sca (younger

C. & 5 are, s. A

eror fastco sunrise.

ecor: as:* a ruby.

moiety, half. 2. a large

natural stone or rock.

brother of ecor.) Garuda, the king of birds.

3. a closet or room.

4. a slap, stroke.

C. et are, v. a. To pound, to grind on a

trasoe (red water) blood.

c. *tar:2 arudu, see ece.

slab. 2. fig. to oppress. etc.'s roos a

A. c. 89.32:, et2%3 arupu, aruhu,

mullar or stone for grinding on a slab.

to slap. 4. to conceal one's self.

See ecz and ecoxo under ee.


A. C. & 5 are, e. n. To be defaced.

c. &c.2,3ro: arubugddu, See edies".

T. B. & 222,23 arubuda, see ex-ore.
T. B. & C323, & do: o3 arubuta,
arubhitta, See e='".

c. &c. & are-kni, s. The hundred and

H. &ts:7-##3:35.2% arumsi-phara

C. et Jod arekdra, s. A cultivator, one


s:#& are-kattu,

c. a. To offend. s.

twenty eighth part.

masi, See ec=a&#x, &c.

who receives half of the produce of the land

A. C. & Co.'s arume, s. A kiss.

which he tills.

c. ex:35.2%: arumoganu, s. Kumara

strny, the son of Shiva, with six faces.
re: ar:43. Shiva.

C. & #5292 are-klu, s. The eighth part.

e: the eighth part of a seer.
C. & 55 areke, s. A moiety, half.

c. t293 arulu, s. Division, ecce, saw

to divide. 2. mud, clay. adj. muddy. e.
**r- to become muddy. ecoeave r * *
to stick in the mud. ed.," ": a muddy
paddy field. ed. <'', the paunch.

C. & 37.6% are-gannu, s. Purblindeyes.

c. *:::::/233333e3 arulu-marulu, See e

eyes half shut. 2 oblique sight, a leer.

c. *9t:72% are gantu, s. A loose knot.

A. C. & 37335-33.6%ts are-gadeya

*-*08a; "tt, s. Half churned buttermilk.

c. &c.2:32: aruvanda, s. Pretended know



* **, *.*.*.*.*.* to leer, look obliquely.

c. *, *.csvo.

c. *7.23% are-gundige, s. Cowardice,

:: *** ****, *::::2:: *****

faint-heartedness, timidity.

edrocar" ::, as

to act cowardly.

why do you pretend to know a business of

which you are incapable?

C. et:7.2% areguli, s. A temporary bath

c. &c.2:2 aruvalu, s. A sickle.

used by lying in women.




C. St:303 are jti, adj. Halfcaste, mon

rt to be without appetite, to be loathing.

at:3+ ext RR: to make food savoury.

grel, not of pure descent.

C. et:5 areda, adj. Pounded, ground. See


T. B. e.93.963,7% arsige, see eeart.

s. eS5's arka, s. The sun. 2. a crystal.

C. e.95:398 are-nudi, s. Indistinct utter

3. the ot, tree, swallow wort, asclepias gi

ance, a word not fully pronounced.

gantea. 4. copper. 5. a name of Indra. *

** : *ks: the sun and moon.

C. & 53692 are-merilu, s. A shadow.

e:32.283 are-nta, s. A leer, a side

ev'rsed Sun

day. ev're, ev'rza: the son of the sun.


evrot's a red hard kind of wood. ev'rts to

a cloth made of bark.

ev'rtooro, evr Sror

c. **vels are-plu, s. Half ee asts

names of Buddha. e.vrBs), ewr:ror the
**, leaf, a kind of birthwort, aristolochia

**d, ed intonid a partner in business.

C. & 52.5 arebare, adj. Incomplete, not



e5:33:3) are-bvu, s. Aspecies of Mar


c. t:33 are-mare, s. Distrust, suspici
on, doubt, reserve, want of confidence, shy
ness. ed: a 2.3 without reserve, &c. ed

. vost's arkdru, See erowod.

evos": arkvali s. The letter r.

e9 &= arki, s. Crying.

&= arke, s. Half, moiety.
97'E' argala, s. A wooden bolt or pin

5-daaro to be reserved, shy, distant, &c. *

*A :3:303.3%ht ees ex'ayata, make your

self at home in my house.

GFA'scs.d s

for fastening a door. 2. impediment, hin

drance, restraint.

S. 89:05 argha, adj. Cheap. s. Price, cost.

abdo do not be reserved with me.

2. a mode of worship.

e8: are-mei, s. A slight inclination,



half inclined.

A. C. est:53385 are-yattu, v. a. To over

32:32rvo fax, to honor, as a great man, by

A. c. & 35-3K:3#53, arevnisa-vage

giving a present, washing the feet, and giv

ing water to wash the mouth.

ga, s. One of the names of Virabhadra, son

s. 233-5 archaka, s. A priest, one who

of Shiva, half man and half lion.

officiates in temples and at sacrifices. ****

A. C. &t:90 are-vi, i, c. n. To bloom, be

*s priesthood.

half blown, as a flower.

est: are-vuli, adj. Incomplete,


s. e.983 = 3 archane, s. Adoration, worship.

ear: to worship. ear# 5 - the things
prepared for worship.

c. 895:38', are-vetta, s. A low hill, rising

s &=: archissu, * A flame 2, a

ground, a hillock.

ray of light, radiance. ear=s* the wife of

Agni, or his city.
C. & 23:23 archu, See edise.

A. C. & 3:33, 893 & 3 are-vere, are-pe

re, s. The half moon.

c. & #882 arefu, s. A slight blow.



c. *a-vs-3 arjti, See ees.

T. B. & 3:0so), arji, s. A bad tempered

arei, s. Pounce used in writing.

s. & R&R arga, s. Health.

edust? a

person in health.


eter todax to write a petition.

eer we say to write a petition on

B.R.3235 archaka, archi, archika,

* *

See & tearoo.

H. &&s arji, s. An address, petition, repre

s sease#5, & 3223, & 5.2.8235, &


arghya, adj. Wenerable, deserv

rice, sacred grass, flowers, &c. es'.**

take, to catch.

A. C.


ing worship. s. A respectful oblation, as


archike, adj. Insipid, tasteless, unsavoury,

own account.

loathsome, s. Aversion to food, loss of appe

tite. ed.att:3, ecast t *.*. fairs

ear way se, Ek', a proper action for a law

suit. et r *.*.* to give in a petition. **

es?" *** to enter an action.



a verbal or personal complaint, petition, e

es wrk,+rst es: money answers all

things. e?rve, on account of e woodsr:r

** *** to make a petition in person. eter

** a mace bearer. 2, one who takes in

*** ** he came on account of that busi

petitions to a king, &c. ear=sea complain

ant, a plaintiff, one who petitions.


S. 69's 3 arthane, s. Entreaty, asking,

begging. **r a beggar. e?rss beggary.

s: ea's 5 arjuka, s. A courtezan.

s: 98's 3 arjuna, s. The third son of
Pndu, and friend of Krishna, and brother

**rs to beg, entreat, ask, essa?r, essa?r

a beggar of food.

of Dharmarya. 2. the name of a king with

a thousand arms. 3. a name common to the
military tribe. 4. white; whiteness. o.

S. e5 = E3 artha-pati, s. Kubara, the

god of wealth.

S. egos Gs Ro8.2% arthrtha-sam

gold. 6, a kind of tree.

S. S&e=" arma, s. Water. 2. (for Sor) a

letter of the alphabet.

bandha, s. Pecuniary ties.

C. e?= arthi, s. A spectacle or show. 2.
pomp. 3. curiosity.

s. &ces 33 arnava, [***, and = holding]


4. desire, eagerness.

5. sport, festivity, amusement, fun. e?"

* to be pleased, merry, happy. *ser treae

s. The ocean.

essess-sp? armlige s. A water spout.

dot tox, e&r the festival affords the people

C. & SE arta, for ees of et to know.


much amusement.

* one who knows, one who is informed.

c. e.92s' artala, s. A Jangam anchorite.

c. *93= arti, s. An amusement, a sight, fes
tival, novelty, curiosity. 2. love, fondness.
*** ***) ex* asksar Aha! what a sight

*** ***o to make a

show or a joyous festival, &c. e?" **: to

amuse, make happy, as a child, &c. ear

*# to be merry, full of glee, glad.

A. C. ecos to ardudu, for er's of erg.

is the Hampe festival! e3rv, earr, e3ras

a person of pleasure.

e?,*** arddisu, v. a. To kill, mur.

der, hurt.



ardha, s. Half, a moiety, ever

C. e8="do artiru, for eese. See eo.

* (a revenue term) an incomplete heap of

A. C. e233=32 artudu, (3rd per sing neut.

of ed.) It is severed, left or ceased.

corm. ear ***, e:r Esek'st Shiva, in the

form of half man and half woman.

enr =s*

c. e8= arte, see ea.

** a ten stringed necklace. ex:rd; an in

c. *as 5 artole, [ee and 4ac, s. The

effective charioteer unable to cope with even

an archer. e5r 25) two an arrow with a

weight of a half Rupee.

c. ****:3 artdu, [ees and tajw.n.

crescent formed head. ear: purblind. e.

****hemiplegia. 2. half a body everona

To run cautiously or circumspectly.

s: eqs artha, s. Meaning, signification.

2. money, wealth, prosperity. 3, a thing.

wife. ******ehalf consent, half a mind,

hesitation. *road mid-way, middle, e.

e:* **::= Breas a word of two meanings.

*****, *tres a half moon or crescent.

e:Arrow short breeches, reaching to the

ear=#Es, evrBoss a man of property, e

** **=> a poor man. *S*r:r *** all

middle of the thigh. ear era) midnight.

wishes to be accomplished. **** two: on

what account (or thing) are you come * *r


*.*.* to mean.

2. to give a meaning.

** v. a. To halve, to cut or break in

C. &= , 950s arna, arnu, s. A file.

esor Sread to file.

*** to interpret, tell the meaning. e?" **

C. &33=3 ar-nudi, See eessa.

& a translator, an interpreter.


avarice, inordinate love of money. ****osd C. &Q=ds ar-nuru, for sesaas.

a commentary. 2. a complicated sense. 3. s: 9:= * arpaka, adj. Acceptable, agree.
a secret meaning.*A* a man who
able. ***** quite agreeable, very accept
has amassed wealth. **** ***...* a miser.


90 Q

s. ex:=# arpane, s.
* to offer, to dedicate.

An offering


es. 3 offered, that

c. & 53= arra, See ees.

C. e5533-7, 2:32 arvagddu, See econs.

which is offered.

e2=3,. arvattu,


See ecs:.

C. 92)=o0 arbandi, s. Violence.

s. &= arsha, s. Hemorrhoids, piles.

c. 222-7-e 2 arbagalu, s. Mid-day, noon.

C. e533-fo arshina, See ee's.

C. &#s arshe, for e23 of ed:#2.

2. a week.

C. e.92= For:2 arbagddu, See eever, 3.

s. & 3 R3s +09 arsh ghna, s. A bulbous

T. B. &2s & arbta, See et:rg.
S. $2.33 c arbuda, s. num. A hundred

33: eto" - a thousand millions.

root, used for the piles, &c.

S. e5533 arha, adj. Fit, worthy, proper.

s. $53E-ge arhana, s. Worship, adora

c. e8323, arbvu, see ee: 3.

s. 693+5 arbhaka, s. A child; the young


c. &#F#, e.g. =::3% artini, arlini

of any animal. 2. an idiot.

J, s. A water spout.

C. &epos & arbhta, s. Perturbation, anx

S. &e ala, s. A sting in a serpent's tail.
2. yellow orpiment.

T. B. &#2-3 arbhuta, see e'".

s. &c. o. Use, ess/owod alankarana,

s. 69:3s-t- armarike, See ee: 3.

alankara, s. Ornament, decoration, trin
kets, jewels. 2. beauty. 3. a rhetorical figure.
evo Fat 5:55%r a vain man, one who studies
to adorn his person more than to furnish his
mind, an ignorant man. evo"c *) rhe
toric. 2. a book giving an account of beauties

C. e55339E 3, 5323s 50 armuki, armu

Khi, s. A vessel with six faces used by as:

C. e53.357'3's,



ar-mo/ge, s. A bud half opened.

in men, women, &c. tetowe:o, euo's st: ~re:J

c. $53235-3 ar-mudi, s. A loose knot. 2.

to adorn, decorate. evosse sno says to

fixing the tuft of hair on the side of the head.

. &#1257,

adorn one's self e-2+)3 ornamenting. *

ece, ornamented. '..e.:**** *oto: a
woman who dresses very much, beyond her

ar-moga, s. Shiva's son

Shanmukha, with six faces.

s. & 65-a- arya, s. Master. 2 a man of

means or station.

the Vaishya or third Hindu tribe. 3. a


groom, for god luck, upon his receiving in

s. es
aryama, s. The sun.
c/ 2=-&# arlanige, s A water spout.

marriage the bride, with household uten

C. 53/35 arlu, See ete and eczo.

arlu-marlu, See ed.:
C. <r c/2="333&oi=

$35- arle, s. Blame, censure, disrespect,

sils, &c.

A. C. & 925: Yes so alankarm'na, s. A


C. & 27. alanga, s. A rampart. etc.">

*, *, to construct a rampart. "***,
ever so &#2 to ascend a rampart. evor's
**::: the rampart wall.

reproach. earre, e&r=~" abuse.

*** falsehood. ex::::: *** :-ke eer : ae
:23, do not blane her unjustly. *** ****



ex**** beggars.

a-langhya, adj. Inviolable,

C. : : o333 alanchu, v. a. To teaze, dis

tress. 2. to humble, subdue.
s. e/23: C

alaiyara, s.

An earthen water


G. s. 32.23-22.lags arl-marl, See *

- c." ~scovo.


:: esra'an * 2:23:5, the whole of her

family is disgracel. edr #23 to disgrace.

C. *:::=& arleki, s.
A poor person, beg

e-2+ c *-*:::: the fa

ther-in-law making a present to the bride

c. *::/23, elo3+ alanti, alantike, s.

Fatigue, weariness.

s. & 533 arva, adj.

J Inferior, low. s. A horse.


ed CSF

C. &e or alampa, s. Red.

A. C. selec3 alaricha, s.

c. *e 2:, e 223 alampu, alambu, s.

sprung from a lotus.

Bramha, as

e-ct} Saraswati.

Ornament, decoration. 2. neatness, finesse.

3. radiance, lustre. 4. weariness, annoyance.
5. devotion, piety, affection, zeal. 6, joy,
pleasure. **** wearied, annoyed.

c. *e C2 alaru, c. n. To blossom or open,

s. & e alaka, s. A ringlet. 2, the city

A. C. &e to alaru, s. A flower. 2. a lotus.

e-Ereco an opened flower. e.e.: relea ***
** **, *2 =s**E=E.E. it (the garden) was
beautiful, with open flowers, and green and
ripe fruits. 3. [See ~ce wind, air. Eco-Co

of Kubra, the god of wealth, called also

e-Vez's and ee-Ye:3.

c. *e 5: alakade, s. Fatigue, weariness,

**::cestro to be wearied.

ee-vis +2:o, e.e."

blossom, &c.

a refreshing breeze.

** to weary, to fatigue.

as a flower. 2. to be attached to, to be fond

of 3. to wander, roam. evo: to make

ge. alakta, s. A sort of sealing wax.

2. lac.

s & 7t's alagarda, s. A water snake.

c. *@5:22 alagaliyu, e.a. To revile,

A. C.

manu, s.
A. C.

e. etc., a hot wind.

evex::3%33 alaru-gane-an
Bramha, the elder brother of

evex: alaru-ganni, s. A woman

with lotus-like eyes.

censure, reproach.

c. &7:37: alagadisu, v. a. To shake.

c. */73 alagu, v. a. To shake, to make

A.C. e. ed.,&or;, &elds 25 or ala

ru;jompu, alarur-jompu, s. A nosegay,
a bunch of flowers.

quiver, as the voice in singing, &c.

A. c. &cos' alaruni, s. The black bee,

c. *e 73 alagu, See e-cro.

c. &c.393 alachalu, s. Weariness, vexa

feeding on flowers. 2. a serpent, living on


e-cor? St. Ro Vishnu, reposing on a

ation, annoyance, distress.

serpent. e-cer? ~f~ Garuda, the enemy of

c. *e 233 alachu, v. a. To shake, as water


e-cer: <!-c Gansha, girt with a

with the hand.

snake, etc.:c. Shiva, having a serpent

for his bowstring.

c. *e, 33, 8 & 3% alatike, alatige, s.

A colouring for the teeth.

A. c. &c to:*::ge alaru-drana, s.

A festoon of flowers put over door ways, &c.

c. &e/332, to alatu-baru, [of eel v. n.

at festival seasons.

To come fatigued or wearied.

c. 93 alada, [of eel adj.

A. C. & & C3:933 alaru-villanu, s. Cu

Wearied, dis

pid, with a bow made of flowers.


A. C. &eter alarerige, s. The

c. ***, alapu, c. a. To distress, weary,




** * = a&#####~~~...~~~ it is

S. & 5s alarka, s. A mad dog. 2. the

not well to distress a man that is much fa

swallow wort.

tigued. ***, *:C:A-5:2.8 why do you annoy

them? s. Distress, weariness, vexation.

A. C. & 97's #53, alar-ganeya, s. Cu.

pid. 2. Shiva.

c. &e/222 alabu, See e-co.

A. C.

s: e.g., a-labhya, adj. Unexpected,

casual. e--...-av unexpected fortune. **

sers: alar-ganna, s. Vishnu,

with a lotus-like eye.

*::::::: what is with difficulty acquired, un

A. C. & 233= alarchu, v. n. To blow, as

looked for gain.

a flower.

c. & 95.33 alayu, see eea's.

A.C. &et:= alarda, adj. Blossomed, blown;

A. C. & 222,3 alar-ambu, s. An arrow

of flowers. 2. Cupid with an arrow of

A. C. &cost#3 alardudu, (3rd per sing.

dilated, expanded.


neut. of etc.) It blossomed.



es): Re?"
A. C. &etutes dge alar-drana, see e alavu, s. Fatigue, weariness,




c. &e/R32.e/R) alavu-balavu, s.

A. c. ser:#8, se/R3 =3 alar-pudi, a


lar-vudi, s. The farina or pollen of flowers.

C. &e', &e/35 alasike, alashike,

A. c. e. ex: 2-3 alar-pode, s. Vishnu,

s. Fatigue, weariness, exhaustion, lassitude.

ee>''{adar'', eel" <30 to be tired, feel weary.

having a lotus navel.



ee> *te: *ay to recruit, to recover one's

bidisu, alar-goi-yu, v. a. To gather

self from fatigue, to rest one's self. **

fatigued, wearied.

A. C. &e/33=37.3,

s. &K alasa, adj. Lazy, idle, slow, neg

A. C. esces').7% alar-mallige, s.

ligent, indolent, ev:t. inactivity, idleness,

blown jasmin.


A. C. &e/333=-& alar-mudi s. A bunch

ev:so a sloth, a sluggard.

C. &e Roo alasandi, s. A species of pulse,

Dolichos catiang, Lin. eozotow this pulse

of flowers with which a woman's hair is



A. C. &e Sues" alar-moga, s. An open,

C. Sey's alasu, v. a. To shake or agitate,

as a cloth in water, &c. v. n. to be tired,

smiling countenance. 2. a lotus-like face.

A. C.


black bee.

alar-vakki, s. The large

wearied, fatigued, vexed, or teazed. **

2. the black Indian cuckoo.

weariness. 33oe's, the body is wearied.

ee: Eto: at: to seem weary. eu" et,
**.dnro to loiter, to be slow. eos' fatigue.
2. wandering. eu:***d a sluggard.

A. c. 993=5: alar-pakkula, fees,

and &aw,"]s. Vishnu, having a lotus navel.
A. C. &e/33= 83,74, &e/33=37. alar-vat

tiga, alar-vadiga, s. A florist.

A. C. ee>=# alar-vatte, s. The sky,

portant, trivial, of no moment or consequence.

**** *** to disregard, neglect, despise,

or region of wind.

A. C. ee/33=3 alar-vadi, s. The swan,


as resorting where lotuses abound.

A. c. &e/33=#,

ee's a-lakshya, s. Contempt, disre

gard, indifference, negligence. adj. unim

e.e.:* depreciated, undervalued.

s. &e/350 a-lakshana, adj. Unfortunate,

eelsvs. #, eelscs 3


alar-vase, alar-vse, alar-vshi, s.


A seat or bed of flowers for auspicious occa


a-lakshmi, s. Misfortune, mi



c. &c" ald, interj of wonder.

A. C. ecs alarvu, adj. Terrific, terri.

S. ee/o3 aldta, s. A firebrand. 2 char.

coal. ee****, the ring formed by swing


A.C. ecst#533 alar-vodeya, s. Vish.

ing round a firebrand.

nu, the lotus-bellied.

S. servax aldbu, s. Along gourd, Cucur

bita lagenaris.

H. eele'cs'82), ecle/3oxhoax alalahi

shbu, alalahisabu, s. Pay given before

H. &ervo')273, eroov aldida, ald

hida, adj. Distinct, apart, separate. eers
&:="33, eers. Sct:a::f3 to put separately.

hand, money paid in advance. eve'o: stoo **

* to give in advance.

c. &#395 alavalike, s. Longing.

s. &ei=#3: alava-kshudhe, s. Exces.

ee*** **ay to do separately one's self.

H. &ervo)229&zo), aldi-baldi, s. An em
brace. texaco toecto Era? *-y: to embrace.

sive hunger.

c. e8, e&322 ali, aliyu, See e.d.

c. eusot alavke, s. Loquacity. 2. pom

s. &) ali, see ev.


c. *e at alavike, s. Lassitude, fatigue,

s. eSoc alinda, s. The open space, yard


or terrace before a house.



s. ** alika, s. The forehead, eeve."

# * * edzoe how many days shall I

a forehead covered with ringlets.


go backwards and forwards to your house? e

==. 9% S So eeeo watres.3 he is con

e55-23: ali-kuntale, s. A woman

stantly frequenting my house,

with elegant black bee like ringlets.

toxy Fotsad


******** *eke eco-s: the body becomes

fatigued by much travelling. * *** =c set

c. *&#922,992 alimi-balimi, s. violence,

ed to-day. SSA wette, toxv es: a's my

body is much fatigued.
C. s ale, s. A wave, billow,
ee & shado,

C. &737-3 aligina-gida, s.
mene aspera.

c", "vecrant their bodies are much weari

A. C. &# alige, see zer.

strength, power.

93A ee: Sto:303: too sat

** *** *** come, challenge him, and let

**** a wave to beat. 2. burden, annoy

ance. *** ***ese I cannot bear your

me see your strength.

c. *SC39c. aliru-taliru, s. A deli.


cate tender leaf.


s. &85 alika, s.

Falsehood, untruth. 2.

*a alekha, . A blank book.

e&#39;. almn, s A European dra

anything displeasing.
goon. 2. a German.

c. *, *ex, scorer's, eelsoe,

** aluku, alugu, alugyddu,
alunku, alungu, c. n. To shake, quake,
be agitated, or moved. eko", exh: v. a.
To shake or move. econka: immovable.

Lat. Alemauni. See

Ainsworth in loco, adj. European. ects."

* **, a European or dragoon sword, eer
** a Europe knife, eeesn's done: a
rupee worth fifteen fanams.

senges alkabu, s. A title eeves *


* to be tight or fast. eurozzo shak

ing, moving.

*, *** **, to put a title

ev," was

**d to write one's title.

c. *** alugu, s. The blade of a knife,

sword, &c. 2. the point of a spear, dart, or

A. C.

ee>. altu, ado. Not ee interrog.

is it not? ate is it not this? etc. is it not

that? esse, is it not he? esver, is it not
she P stas", t.Er: Rosses is it not nomi

BSA B**or vet:a: eelona": ero: avo

*** your speech pierces my mind like the

point of a spear.

nally that she has but one husband? =#v=or

c. *ofue&, eels' osae alugji, alu

**ce are not the great ones prophets? &

********, are not these (friends like) two
arms? e.g.:* to deny. * *was essee:
*** is it not what you say that he will attend

96 u, . A pipe or whistle.
c. Selease!:3 aluchi-bidu, v.a. To shake,

to ? et.* no, no!

A. c. 9ers: alupu, see eve.


A. C. & 9299, & eoce alubu, alumbu,

".. a. To wash, cleanse.

c. *02, e 25322 alubu, alumu, s. A

weed. ** **, *.*, a field that abounds
with weeds.

**) alpa, adj. Trifling, mean, slight 2.

thin, small, little. 3. a little, few. e.," a
low mean fellow. e., "scor a trifling mat
ter. ***** meanness, rudeness, baseness. e.
*** smallness of person. ee, ** a mean

understanding, low wit. ... 'ast-s a slight

A. C. & 2%3 aluhu, See ex.

C. s:#, 3532, ale, aleyu, v. n. Towan
der, roam, rove. 2. to be disgraced. 3. to be
confused, perturbed, vexed. 4. to go to ruin.

repast. *** *** a low, mean man


** a few days. e-, *hraman of low, dis

reputable conduct. e., coa a short en
gagement, a weak effort. e.e., &akt33 mean
advice. * **** a man of low descent e
** **, *.*.*.* the common and polite
term for making water. ek, */* unaspira

5- to become fatigued or wearied. eearero,

earay, eed: 32 to be wearied, tired. e6:o,
eeaw:, eeza:, ee razo to abash, make

ashamed, disgrace. 2. to fatigue, weary, dis

tress. ** the act of wandering. ****

ted, as a letter. e.t.c. very small. **,

least, smallest.




eg. alla, part of a defective verb. Not;


denies the quality or essence; (*# denies er

istence,) and is opposed to 5 to (exoto or

interesting antics of a child. 2. great affec


rost.) yes. *** ***st yes or no? is it, or

is it not ? as: e-Rawd call not this man,

but that man. ex: or. 2 interrog. is it not?

****** is he not a good man?

eg alli, adv. There. * 't there (em

phatic.) as:*::::: is it not where I said?
e:C. to be, or stay, there. **** of that
place. ex: here and there. *:: ****


t)" -2.3 uncommon calamities prevailhere

r not good, bad. *ts: an enemy, a bad

man. 5, that which is unlawful or bad.
*#3 besides, or, but, except, else, unless.
*** moreover. e. 52 to deny. e.g.: no
Sir! 2. is it not, you know, &c. e 'ex:
****' that work is finished, you know. e.
******, * ***.*.*.*.*.*.* he has come,
has he not? Ask him, and see what he says.

and there. e.g.,& **** ********, there

is a very little fruit here and there. ****
ra, e&rs," from there to there; gradually,
by degrees. ** *::::ce, e.g., & 2 = 33
c==> "7: Jock: from Benares to Rmshw
ra is 360 gcadas. e===2n + c -e e:rg."
****, his son has gradually become



*, alla, s. Green ginger.



s: e.g.5


e&ra ra.r.s from there to here. 2.

e"a ragra tie >

between this and that.

* **, **** what a difference there is

allaka, See :*.

allaka, s. A small covering for the

between the price of this and that place : *

#F#,A 39": to wander here and there.


, with a participle denotes when, where, if,

by, in ; as, &akroz: toro-5, #2 *.cscs

& 253 co
T. B.e:3.
age, allakallila, see e:

s:-39sro furnishing with supplies both when


egr:33, alla-galiyu, v. a.


going and coming. ex:: *** ***** ***

* **, *: 3:3:es?t=0 if he does so, he may
get properly punished. % is sometimes add
ed to pronouns to give emphasis; as, Rsist

To re

fuse, reject.

allata-pallata, See ed:

c. &co
C. & ps


he indeed, that very person, or the man there.

e5:r as $453-A => *::... he is the very man
that did all this. It is likewise prefixed to

s. Fringe or net work,

used for beds, saddles, &c.



allani, s. A water course 2. con

eras for the same purpose; as, e&#-r-s", *

&br'ss lo, there ! lo, yonder !

cord of song, dance, and music.

allade, See under 3.


e.g.: allike,

C. e. g. ballari, s. Fatigue, exhaustion, bo




rous playfulness, blandishment, familiarity,

reciprocal fondness. *** *** to caress,

dily distress. 2. wandering.

C. & e allal, interj. of surprise.

C. e. e. ex: 733, eter: A2 allalladu, al/d
Co co
du, v. n. To shake, be loose, wave, move, be


between a disaffected husband and wife P

ae:#2n:=vo e ::: *rs: Svo the tat

tling woman speaks very cantingly.



e', allu, v. a. To lace, interlace, net,

ee,s loose, moveable. *

allirike, s. A kind of herb.

knit, braid. e.:*, *.*.* the act of braiding,

e. v. a. to rock, swing, move, wave, shake,

oscillate, pendulate. ***, *tco to be tight or
fast, to be without moving.


ert Fox &c.sco

e5:2:... tre',': his situation

is precarious


2. to bill, as birds,

= e2:2a": what dalliance there is

agitated, oscillate, pendulate, or vibrate.

e.'', ee, vibration, oscillation, the act of
moving ee.***r- to become loose, to be

See under ***.

alli-billi, s. Dalliance, amo

&c. 2. plaiting, network, &c. & to cause

to knit, &c. tocco cars" -o-; 5:5:a::=?, *#)
to knit with meshes like a net.

allave, See under *$4.


se: 3% allnige, s. A water spout.




&#. alle,

s. The drum of the ear.

allla-kallla, s.
age 5ake
s & co

allra-muddu, s. The



Disorder, confusion, tumult, irregularity.

to comprehend. e=">==R to be compre

*45. Confused, deranged, tumultuous. ee:

****.*.* to be confused, tossed, tumul
tuous, out of order. ed.:*::ce ana, to
confuse, derange. e.e.:"we're-in confu

hended, to be understood.

sedly, irregularly, disorderly, tumultuously.

s & 53 ava, A Sanscrit prefix signifying,
from, down from, below, away from; and
implying, Diminution or inferiority. 2. dif

ex:rix: Rita a

#. to understand, to comprehend.

S. 9:37.83 avagita, adj. Detested, re


S. & 337.36 ava-guna, s. An evil disposi

tion, a bad temper.
A. C.


avaggera, adj.



fusion. 3. support, resting. 4. commanding.

5, purifying, correcting. 6. priority. 7.
knowledge. 8 disrespect. 9. nourishing.
10 privation or separation.


*: avagnye, see e=#


e=zz, e=zzre, e:ry:

at g

graha, ava-grahana, avagrha, s.

c. **3, 532, ava, avam, see ess.

Drought, famine. 2. obstacle, impediment.

S. e5:03 avanti, s. The name of a


the modern Oujein. It is one of the seven

sacred cities of the Hindus, to die at which
secures eternal happiness.

3. an elephant's forehead.

4. a word of im

S. e553:20.3 ava-ghada, s. Calamity, evil,

2, one of the

mischief. 2. disorder, confusion. 3. peril,

danger. adj. Difficult, impracticable.

fifty six countries enumerated by Hindu ge

ographers. 3. sour gruel.

S. e553:05, 3:05:3 ava-ghana, ava

s &#235 avantika, s. A kind of deli.
ghanane, s.

cate bread.

s. &#53 avakara, s. Dust, sweepings.

S. e535.03 avakasha, s. Leisure, oppor

Dishonour, disrespect.

S. e5533,0.3 ava-ghata, adj. Beating,

threshing, as corn.

C. eS3233 avachu, See Ges.

tunity. 2. place, interval, space. 3. inter
mission, rest. *****$3 without intermis
sion. *** *** to be deliberate, slow.
es" tructoro, esses:tro to have leisure.

s. e5338cc= avakirna, adj.

2. the beard.

s. ex: #3 avachhchhanna, adj. Un

covered exposed.


s. &33-3 ,33 avachhchhinna, s. (in logic)

pounded. 2. thickly spread, prevailing, &c.


S. &#383.2% avachla, s. The whiskers.

***** ava-krishta, adj. Expelled,

Affected by, the effect.
turned out.

s. *:#8% ara-kshi, adj. shaven, hair.



avachhchhdaka, s. (in

That which effects; the cause.

2. barren.

<=5) avakra, adj.

Not crooked,


H. e5533 vs, es:3e3+, es=3a*s-, e333=

avarj, avarji, avarju, avarje, s. A
condensed statement, total, list.

s. e57 or avaganda, s. A boil or pimple

on the face.


T. B. 3, ex3x3633 avagada, ava

gadeya, See e=#3.

s. e5:7& ara-ganita, adj. Disregarded.

s. &337.3 ava-gata,


adj. Known, under

esriss to become known.

ex:r 3


.." Disrespect, disgrace, dishonour.


# * * to be disrespected, dishonoured. ess

'#2 * to shew disrespect.

s: 95% avata, s. A hole in the ground.

S. e53&& avatita, adj. Flat-nosed.
S. $53% avatu, s. The back of the neck.

knowledge in general.

s. e5537.253, e2337.0% avagdha, ava

C. & 33380.000 avat-kai, s. A sour ve.

getable like tamarinds.

gdhana, s. Bathing. 2. a bath. 3. com


e=#, e: # avagnye, avagnya

esn'oro to dive, to bathe, 2

s: 9:332% avatamsa, s. An ornament,





especially a bouquet of flowers used as such.

2. a crest. 3, an ear-ring.

division. 4. period, time. 5. agreement,

engagement. 6. conclusion, end. 7. till; as,

. 953370, 533dge avatra, avata

es: ****=3 as long as he lives. es? ::9,

*** ***, to be in a great strait, to be tried.

rana, s. Descent, especially of a deity from

heaven, an incarnation, a birth. Evassac the
ten incarnations of Vishnu : viz., 5.5:==st
the fish. *S*S*d the tortoise. ~~~~~
*d the boar. Eclic:*: the man-lion.
*::::::st the dwarf. :08:07::::st Pa

rashu Rma.

E:::::::st Raghu Rma.

e:#drero to be trying, es: tack a calamity

to befal one.

53:23 avadhitta, adj. Thrown, cast.


s: a naked mendicant.

2, one who has aban

doned all earthly desire and ease.

S. e: avadhya, adj. Invulnerable, one

touces assed Bala Rama. t;>====se Dudh.

who cannot, must not, or ought not to, be

*::==se the horse essers, essee 22,

killed. 2. not deserving execution.

to descend, become incarnate. 2. a meta

morphosis of the gods. 3. the bank of a tank,
pond, sea, &c. 4, fig. the body, form, abili
ty, the reign or life of a king. 5. strength.
ed:::=scoc":::::::::::: the king's reign
terminated to-day. rate::ssd ****
what form is this you have assumed, and
why? e=s*d Kave ten pagodas.

C. e5533 avana, (gen. of ess.) His.

S. $5% avana, s. Preservation, protection.
2. gratification.

bowed, prostrate.

S. & avani, s. The earth, es: a king.

S. &#32t so avatrana, s. The haunt

*::: *s the people of the earth.

or abode of a demon.

s. &#233rc= avatirna,

3. satiety.

S. & 53:32&# ava-nambike, see essees.

S. & avanata, adj. Bending, stooping,

C. e.95% avanu, (rem. dem. per pro mas.

sing.) He

s. Passing over,

ess, es::::A, esso him. eSo

(in the ancient dialect) them. esor, e=&#


to him.

T. B. &533 avate, see es:

s & ava-pathya, s. violation of

s. e5533% ava-deshe, s. Misfortune.

prescribed regimen.

S. 69:35P3 ava-data, adj. White, clean.

s. The colour white.


es:#83, e=#2: avabhrita,


S. & 53:525 ava-dana, See e==-3.

bhritha, s. A supplementary sacrifice, to

s &nds ava-dru, see essae.

S. e:S avadya, adj. Little. 2. mean,

atone for any defect in a principal one that

has preceded. est's 5%: a purifying ab

lution made at the termination of a sacrifice,

low, servile. 3. inferior, low.

or any auspicious ceremony.

s. 53:673, es:e: avadharisu,

avadharipu, v. n. To condescend, to at

S. & 53:33 ava-mata, adj. Despised,spurn

s. & 33:25 avadhna, s. An engagement,

ed, disregarded. s. Heterodoxy.

S. & 535333 ava-mati, s. Aversion. 2. con
tempt, disregard. 3. ignorance, imprudence.

2. attention. 3. peace. 4. me

s. &#39532s 3, & 53:32:3: ava-mar

tend to, hear or listen. 2. to call to remem



ydde, ava-mannane, s. Incivility, im

S. & 23:23) avadhni, s. One skilled in


the Vdas.

S. & 53533-3 ava-mana, s. Dishonor, dis

s::ve: avadhrane, s. Certainty.

grace, disrespect, insult. ess: Sre, e-->

2. determination, resolution.

* ::9, es=23 &so: to be disrespected,

s. &#2333s avadharya, adj. Listen.

disgraced. es::::::: to treat disrespectfully.

es::::* dishonored, insulted,
s. e8=333-33 avayava, s. A limb, a mem

ing, attentive.

33% avadhi, s. Strait, extremity, cala


2, impediment, obstacle. 3. limit,

ber, escos'r having many meanings.


es:03 he


* **** arayga, . A lai is,

ing. *****# =>:3 to appear, to shew

an inauspicious omen.

the face. eSeat": to see, to survey.

* **03: avaraja, s. A younger brother.

c. *:0, 5% avari, aware, s. A kind

S. e53%525 ava-shakuna, s. An inaus.

of bean. esca">< beans in the pod, ese:

** shelled beans. eSet #a:, bean pods
used as a vegetable essee #4: bean pottage,
ts: C3:8, 5.3aose, *#so a bean that spreads
much. *****a bean that produces every

S. e53.593.7 avashttdgi, ade. Ab

picious omen.

ruptly, unawares, suddenly.

S. e5%: 9.3%& avashishta, ava

shesha, adj. Remaining, left.
T. B. & avashe, see next word.


s: avashya, s. Need, urgency, ne


S. e5%.28% avardha, s.


hindrance. 2. a seraglio.

s & avarha, s.

Alighting, de
scent, passing from or over. 2. a pendant
root, as of the banyan. 3. descending in the

s &22.3 avalambane, s. Asylum, pro

tection. 2. depending, hanging down. 2. ap
Plication of mind. escot: to take hold of
any thing. 4. to depend on a thing or per
son. *** *** escot: to concur in opi
nion with another. Sk *escesses:
*t by whom are you supported? In: *

cessity. adj. necessary, indispensable, urgent,

requisite. o es'=sh too view. you must
come. * ******#2t do you at all re

quire this? e=% ****:::::: I have surely

become propitious es:=2~t'st: what,
in the regular course of things, must be en

A. c. **** avasanige, s. A ladder.

S. *5%: avasatha, s. A college, a school.
2. a habitation. 3. a village.

s: 95%d avasara, s. Opportunity, occa

sion. 2. necessity. 3. urgency. 4. hurry,
flurry. **** ** do not be flurried. es:d

estow:52: t::::: t:ke. I must live by your

**::::: **ctor:carelease: no business

Patronage. **** protected, cherished. :

can succeed that is hurried. es:c: *ex ur

cr: * ~~~~

*re-ess": the king is

gent business. **:::c great urgency. es:

** a servant or attendant always in readi
ness for urgent business. ex: a teazer, a

endowed with courage.

C. & =93, avalakki, See esco.


s. **7.3 avalagna, s. The waist.

s. 5396.33 avalaya, s. Irregular beating
of time.

s. &# avalaksha, [priv. sex white]

**C*, *.c. :aw #2:05 &n=>at:

* do not spoil the work by too great haste.

S. e.9335/73 avasna, s. Conclusion, ter
mination, end, cessation. 2. death. 3. boun

dary, limit. 4. (in gramr) the


* Blackness. adj. Black.

s. &#re ava-lakshana,

adj. Deform

el. 2 incorrect. 3. unclean. s. An inaus

of letters, the end of a word. es:*:: *so

the period of dissolution. ex: re-es:==
there is an end to life.

picious sign, a bad omen.

s: *3% arasdya, s. End, conclu.

S. e=9: acaliptate, s. Pride, arro.
sion. 2. completion. 3. certainty.
T. B. & acase, see esas.<.
s. ex: ara-lite, ... Ea. facility.
s. &#, e: avasthe, avaste, s.
c. *:::/2 acalu, s. Paddy moistened, dried,
roasted, and beaten into wafers in a mortar.

State, condition. *: the five states of

life; as, *: childhood, *:

*:::::. *"pta, adj. Full, complete.

youth, c***:: manhood, ~3rws: old

s. ex:32: avalepa, s. Pride.

S. <=#23

age, * the article of death. 2. cir

cumstances, situation. 3. trial, difficulty,

s. Smearing,


es: ** to suffer distress. es: t3e


e:oes: ava-lkane, s. sight, see:

*to come into straits or distress. es: :a::/

to distress.



e;3:32:3 ava-hlane,




disregard, neglect, contempt, ridicule.

C. &233 avichu, See Cess.



C. e53:57.275 avalasara-gandha
ka, s. A superior kind of brimstone.

ep:53, es:
aritician, adj. Indivisible, insepara

ble, unfailing, imperishable.

c. &#93:39, es::::::s avalija s. e5:K., &#533b* avidiisa, avi

vali, avali-makkalu, s. Twins.

c. &53% avalu, rem, dem: fem. pro. She

e:w hers.


marisa, s. Ewe's milk.

es: a-vidye, s. Illiterateness, igno

eSw'A her.

s. e.95.030, essog, avntara, avn

tra, s. Alarm, consternation, dread, public
fear, confusion, noise. 2. foreign invasion,
adj. Included, subordinate, essoso de B
minor distinction, species, a subdivision of a

s. &#6) avidhi, s. Misfortune, trial, cala


2. transgression. adj. Illegal.

e2:3:25. a-vimukta,

s. Benares.

c. es: 63.2 aviyu, c. a. To hide, conceal,

general term. *****) the dread of robbers.

put close together. 2. to come to a head,

*oascessos) the dread rumour of the Pinda

suppurate, burst, break. 3. to knock against.

e=rwact',2:53, as put them close to
one another. 58, escoes: "sco what
occasion have you to knock against him? "
**, e:a::ce: e3: Se: * ~5:to as the boil


e-scad &#, alarm to arise,

r^** a troublesome man.


**oactor; &#5

*** ***, from alarm the roads are





gchara, adj. Ineffable and incomprehen

has not suppurated, it is very sore. **

are unripe fruit; or, fully ripe fruit.
s. es:03 avirata, adj. Eternal, continual.


s. :23 avchi, s. The southern point.

S. eEve's avchya, adj. Not fit to be

s. es: de), 9t' avirala, avirala, adj.

Close, thickset.

s. e-e/2293 avilambane, s. Rapidity,

uttered, unspeakable, obscene.
swiftness. eSects rapid, swift, expeditious.

H. & 5.03: avaju, s. News, report, rumour.

s. es:#85 a-vivka, s. Absence of discri

2. sound, noise, report, as of a gun, &c.
H. e5:00.2 avdi, s. Report, rumour. 2.
uproar, confusion, bustle. 3. alarm, conster
nation. ess: '..." to make an uproar, to
excite an alarm. Eace: * ~ *orse: *.soad
cast: seco- 5%rs:ca :=o:-o-o: *: toxoco

if I can get through the first bustle, the

second may be managed somehow or other.
t Jes.) *: a report to arise. ex: c. 3%, to

mination, ignorance. 2, indiscretion, impru

dence, folly.

s. &#978-73 a-vishvsa, s. Unbelief.

s. 2%. 8% avisdha, s. Ewe's milk.

s. e99%3 a-vihita, adj. Improper, unfit,

S. e883 a-vira, s. A woman who has nei

ther child nor husband.

be in a state of alarm.

e: scored, exaco

**t an alarmist.

c. e.9500 avra, s. The proximate bank

C. &R, &7'> avu, avugalu, pro.

rem. neut. plu. They es: those and these.
e3, those (emphatic.) e: wet-driv' tact:

or shore.

those very horses are come here. es: all

s. &Q avi, s. The sun. 2. a mountain. 3.
a sheep. 4. a woman in her courses.

T. B. 8997.3 avigada, [e priv. Swk con

trariety J adj. Right, proper.

of them. ex: ei', how much, (or how

many) are they? es:<at a:# these are
as much (or many) as those e:###, how

es: 85.07% a-vichrane, s. Negligence,

much (or many) are those, and how much,

(or many) are these? est' why they? es'

want of inquiry. 2. rashness. est aper

C. a.svgo what are those, and what are these?

son destitute of consideration or reflection.

*::: those are they, those indeed, those

ests see #Sr prejudice, a rash conclusion.

very ones.


c. e86333, e:35:22, ee>Sws, et:32:3
ashiyu, asheyu, ashddu, ashidddu,

c. **o, -35s avunku, avuku, see

wo or esoowo.

For many words written with ex: Seeunder.





avdya, adj. Unknown.

avyakta, adj. Indistinct, inap

See e!.cco.


avyaya, s. A deity. 2. an in

declinable word, as adverb, conjunction, or

interjection; a particle, es:< */~2 ** a
defective verb. adj. imperishable. esco."

ashiraskanu, (headless) s.

The moon's descending node, Ktu, reckon

ed as the ninth planet.

parent, invisible, imperceptible.




S. & 3 ashiti, num. Eighty.

C. &#302.3 ashumbu, See exoove.

S. e53283 a-shuchi, adj. Unclean exts

*: uncleanness.

** an immaterial or indestructible nature.

e:###3 avyavahita, adj. Contig


S. & #3: a-shuddha, adj. Impure, un

clean. s. Ordure, ewe impurity, unclean

uous, adjoining.

s. *S*S*322 avypya-writti, s. A S. 9%94: a-shubha, adj. Inauspicious. s.

term in logic, signifying partial existence, ei

ther with regard to place or time.


e: & avva, avve, s. A mother. T. B. &#: a-shedde, see ex).

2. a grandmother.


3. an old woman.


adj. Entire, all, whole.

avvavva, avvne,

c. e5%: ashesei, interj of applause,

*:53:5. *# es: avvaiya,

S. &#985 ashoka, s. The tree uvaria

C. es:<538,

intej. of surprise.

es: a-shesha,
(sincere or ironical.)

longifolia, Lin. 2. freedom from grief.

arramma, avva/a, s. A more respectful

S. & 3, ashma, s. A stone or rock. e.g. *

form of ess.
A. C.

*r hail.

s: avvalisu, e. n. To rise,

spring, or jump up. Sor'ss": * standing

death. 3, a field, a plain.

and jumping.

s: &Co avvru, [e:d] s. Concu


ex5. a-shakta, adj. Weak, unable, im.


2. sick.




bha, ashma-yni, s. An emerald.

bines in a seraglio.

e' : *c iron.

S. e5%:23 ashmanta, s. A fire place. 2.


<d, **::::22, <d


ashmariyu, ashmira, s. The disease of

et", e?, weakness,

impotence, incapacity, eve's impossible.

S. e53 ashana, s. Food, boiled rice, ee

the gravel.

S. & 32) ashru, s. A tear.

*****, **** a glutton. evssor a beggar

S. &#): a-shraddhe, s. Negligence, care

of food. ******, e^**r-o one who is chief

lessness, indifference, slight, contempt, inat

ly concerned about his appetite, one who suf

fers from lack of food. ex: a hunger. ev
*** hungry. e5% fasting.


ex323 ashrnta,

adj. Eternal, con


s. &% ashani, s. Indra's thunderbolt.


s: szerests, evee-stra, exe:

233. a-sharira-vkku, a-sharira


a-shrvya, adj. Inharmoni

ous, not fit to be heard.


vni, a-sharirkti, s. An oracle, a voice

from heaven, the speech of an invisible being.

e:3) ashri, s. The edge of a sword. 2.

an angle, the corner of a room or house.


s. &#680 a-shariri, s. A spirit. 2. the

e; e

ashlla, s. Rustic language. 2.

improper or bad language, abuse.

sky, adj. Incorporeal.

S. &38 ashwa, s. A horse.

c. *9%, 3 ashashi, ashi, inter of

ex: so a

groom. **** the king of horses; the Delhi

dynasty, ers t the disposition, temper

disgust, dissent, disagreement, &c.





or marks of a horse.

e's te: knowledge of

the marks of a horse, denoting its good or
bad qualities and habits, or the act of trying


& 5&c=

ing for food from strangers. *** ****,

&-32:3:2 being disgraced in a learned assem

bly. Ects:::::::... suffering poverty.

s. 3,5727 ashta-kanga, s. A board

ashwa-karna, s. A timber

tree, Shorea robusta or saul.

or cloth with eight divisions for playing chess.


s. 27.72% ashra-gandhi, s. A per

fume, physalis flexuosa.


ashta-tla, s. A mode or

IneaSure in InuSlC.

s. & st: ashta-dala, s. The lotus

s: 2/83 ashwa-griva, s. The name

of a demon slain by Vishnu in the fish-in

with eight petals.

S. &

85, ashta-dikku, s. The eight

carnation. 2. an incarnation of Vishnu with

points of the compass; as, ** east, *a**

south east, Bow south, #36.3 south west, ****
to west, 5.30: north west, tsar north, **s

a horse's head.



ashwattha, s. The sacred


north east. e5: "ves the regents of the

eight points of the compass. *.*.***

tree, fictis religiosa.


*:::: ashwatthma, s. The name

the elephants supporting the earth at each

of a saint and warrior, the son of Drna.
point of the compass.

s. 9%-32%-32 ashwa-mahishi, s. A
mare. ******* averse as the horse and
the buffalo.

er:}; ashta-patrike, s. A crown.

. es: , ; 8

S. 89%3:22:0 ashwa-mukhi, s. A celes

tial chorister. 2. a kind of battle array.

eight feet. adj, eight legged.

S. 9%:32.8% ashwa-mdha, s. The sa.

crifice of a horse.
S. &#39ashwahi-veirya, s.

s. &., 5.33 ashta-pttu, s. A fabu

lous animal

and the serpent.


sels used at a sacrifice.

s. es:**: ashta-pda, s. A spider.

ashwini, s. The first of the twen

ty-four constellations in the moon's path,

hence considered its mansions. The symbol
of this star is a horse's head figured by three
stars in the head of Aries. e8: Two two

sia: #es:

2. a fabulous animal with eight legs.



ashta-bhaga, s. Betel nut

(usually cut into eight parts.)

s. ex:...CH-7.S ashta-bhgya, s. The

eight requisites to the regal state; * ter

celestial physicians.

with eight legs.

s. ex: s:) ashta-ptre, s. Eight ves

The natural antipathy between the horse


ashta-padi, (octoped) s. A

verse with eight feet. 2. an animal with

ashtrtsarjane, s.

ritory, oast treasury, #): forces, e3 ele

phants, worse horses, ess) ketasol, **** fly

Dismissing a sacrificial horse to roam at will
for a year previous to the sacrifice.

C. ex:32, Q ashaddhala, adj. Vain, use


2. desolate, much out of repair, 3.

slighting, careless, negligent. s, injustice.

H. &#C#98 asharafi, s. A gold mohur.

s. &#.,5 ashtaka, adj. Eight. e:*:

brush, Got aw: palankeen.

s. &**::=#3 ashta-bhry
pa ti, s. Krishna, who had eight wives.
s. &:.#287. ashta-bhga, s. Eight
sources of enjoyment; *...* habitation, *
bed, ==) raiment, ever jewels, 2)" women,
::, flowers, row perfumes, and * are

eight troubles to which one is liable; viz. **

t?c=c foreign travel. *r 52*** separa

tion from one's wife. ** ***#): ***

ca nut and betel leaf.

s. & B_539 ashtama, adj. The eighth, an

eighth part.

r:rs esteemed friends coming to see you in

s. ex: ,53327'e ashta-mangala, s. A

the time of trouble. 2=-- **** eating

the leavings of others. **/~~ *A***sro
loving one's enemies. Ecs: A* ****look

horse with a white face, tail, mane, breast,

and hoofs.





er: ashta-mada, s.

Eight kinds

s. & #2, #3 ashtdasha, num. Eighteen.

of pride; ** =5 pride of food, egr =::

e: Esr The eighteen books of the *

pride of wealth, sis: ~: pride of youth, #/* * pride of women, 5: : pride of

learning, * * pride of rank and family,
* * pride of person, vvr =:: pride

*C*; viz. e5 #3", 5, r, ecr ==r,

#.U.83 ~~", tru:r :: *, *::: *::F, "s/to

23r, *r =r, te: *=*, r* ==r, moa z:r,

#): :=r, *:: * :=r, ex:
: :=r, ex)=== 23: F, 335-red z: F, = z*#)
**** :=?, ?," relax: a 22". e: 33
Ef Eighteen divisions or classes of people;

e5:57:w z= F,

of station.

s. &:<=2%95%t's ashta-mahishiya
", s. Krishna's eight wives collectively.

)2:r priests, #2/3 military, #3% mer

S. &r... ashtami, s. The eighth lunar

chants, *-) artizans and labourers, #5
Jangams, *e weavers, P-5, shepherds,
*:23:C potters, ots,v smiths, braziers, ma
sons, carpenters, and jewellers, er washer
men, Fso: barbers, & Mussulmans,
**** foresters, men living in woods, act.

day from the new or full moon.

S. &:****= ashta-mrti, s. Shiva,

as evident in the earth, water, &c.

s &#.s:7's ashta-warga, s. A class of

eight principal medicaments.
S. &:**** ashta-vasugalu,

florists, *@*e dyers, &#me sculptors, idol


makers, &c.
Eight demigods; : <>, ::/3, :asso, ***, es
el, ege, :/*a*, ):=.

*::::: ashtapada, s. A fabulous eight

S. &#97 ashtanga, s. Eight members;

legged animal. 2. Keilsa, the residence of

Shiva. 3. gold. 4. a checkered board or

forehead, breast, shoulders, legs, and hands.




ashtnga-yga, s.

e: HP

Eight kinds of devotion; ~~ penance for

the removal of impurity, scos. voluntary or

e: ashtvadhni,


. &#3

and ext:"), Es:*t abstraction or restrain
ing the organs of sense so as to be indiffer
ent to pain or pleasure, 5%: deep meditation,
*cit keeping the mind collected, the breath

asht-vakra, s. The name

s. A per

son who can attend to eight things at once.

ing in a peculiar manner through the nos

trils during the mental recitation of the
names, or attributes of some deity, of which
there are several methods, (See #tw', woot's


of a rishi, deformed in eight members of the

body. adj. Crooked, awkward, stupid.

supererogatory penance, e?: sitting in pecu

liar postures as devotees, */rsrc>=o breath

&acco pariahs, Erebra shoe

makers, curriers, &c.

ashti, s. Food.
ashtu, s. All, the whole, every
war: *a* give all you have. "

#EEE: *** *** ** do not take all that

is there. 2. rem: pron. So much. ****
*, *** so many persons; everybody. **

* * *****, *s, e='', '+* I will

suspended, and all natural wants restrained,

*** restraining the senses, and confining the

mind to contemplation on the true nature of


much, e3, Ess: 2.x: that is all I say.

ashtmshe, s. The eightieth


give as much as you ask. ****2 so long.

*::::::: so much ergs' so far, so much.
:a: twice as much. "," four times as


ado Completely, altogether, wholly. *%",

#so much for so much. ex:", E

ashtdrchane, s. The ag

gregate of eight daily observances for the

household gods; *A* ablution, =::/ver,
dressing and decorating, ro: perfuming, ex

among all. 2. whilst, in the mean time.

3. before that, prior to. 4. than. ***,

=>ets, e.',: E225 before that. ex: *

*) only so much, or so much. **** ***)

* applying the sectarian mark, #: putting

*:::: * :e-sex. t:::::."

flowers upon them, :a: burning incense, to

* waving a lamp, #33-#4 presenting an offer

much strength, why are you thus afraid? es:

or essee, is it not ? since, as, indeed, even,

if you have so

really, entirely, you know, &c. *** ~*




r:#; he is a worthy man, is he not, or, you
*So S3?' "as **** ze, sexes:


you have to give me ten pagodas, have you

s. ex:3533 a-samaya, adj. Unseasonable.

s. &#533%d a-sama-shara, s. Cupid, hav
ing an odd number (five) of arrows.

not ?



s. 697:337-3 a-samna, adj. Unequal,

ashteishvarya, See e

#, *rs.

dissimilar, incomparable.

H. e.9K335-57 b asamnagiri, s. A ceil



ing cloth. ex:=>she ***, to put up a ceiling


s. Worship, consisting of the repetition of

108 of the principal names of a deity, and
offering a piece of the plant sacred to him


after each name.

T. B.

ex=3.2. a-sampta, adj. Incomplete,


*23, exo~53 a-sankhye,asan


khyta, adj. Innumerable, incalculable.

s. & KoK3 a-sangata, adj. Improper, in

apposite, inappropriate. 2 adverse. 3. de

4. irregular.

e====, t): a participle.

ex:35, exor's asaiya,


gya, See e::.

A. C. e.9%d asara, s. Abuse, contumely.

c. &Kvg asarni, see xza".

H. &els, &c., eSK-92 asalu, asilu,

**or 3 an untoward

asulu, s. Original stock, principal. 2.


prime cost. 3. a fair copy. 4. first sort or

s. & Ro:#: a-sandarbha, adj. Uncon


exer fa: to give or lend money

nected, incorrect, irrelevant, confused.

free of interest. 2. to give for prime cost.

s: exox's asanghya, See exx.

A. C. e.97:56 asakari, c. n. To pant.

e:2-0 wittee the original land rents.

C. e.97:532,5 asavallada, adj. Inaccessible,

A. C. &##, e7:7: asakali, asagali,

distant, destitute of confidence. 2. firm, fix

ed, immovable, impracticable. ***** *

v. a. To lose, drop, let fall.

T. B.


69%-333 a-sakti, a-sakuti,

an inaccessible mountain. ex::::::s, ess&#

host an inaccessible man. ****** an in
accessible woman. ex:#5 "$49 riots an im

See est.

c. *7:7 asaga, s. A washerman ex^* a


movable stone pillar.

earc tess the washerman


C. &7:32 asadu, interj. of prohibition,

driving off, &c.

T. B. &7:53% asavasa, See e:#8.

C. 7:53.3 asavaliyu v. n.
to fail; to faint, grow weary, perish. See

T. B. &# a-sadde, tex; ] s. Disdain,


scorn, contempt. 2. negligence, inattention,

s. ex:639:d a-sahya-para, s. An

carelessness. ex: *** to contemn, despise,

neglect, slight, trifle with. ***.* to be

independent person, one who does not need


indifferent, careless, heedless, negligent, inat



s. &#3 a-sati, s. A disloyal or unchaste


ex:3: "2" a bastard.

gusting, intolerable exo: **, ******

# to be disgusted with, to loathe, to feel an

C. & K; asadala, s. Impotence, inabili

aversion to.

ty. adj. Unable, impracticable.

s, es::vage, exiv: a-sdhra

s. ex:58:56325, &#535E5 a-sama-na


ex: eRo: asahya, asanhya,

s. Loathsomeness, disgust, aversion, displea
sure. adj. Hateful, vile, loathsome, dis

a-sadarane, adj. Rare, not general,

yana, a-samksha, s. Shiva with an odd


number (three) of eyes.



a-sabhya, adj. Vulgar, bad, not

2. difficult.

ex: *to E-93.5

great learning.

s. & Riot: a-sddhya, adj. Unachievable.

worthy of admission into an assembly.

impracticable, impossible, irreparable, irre

s. &#539 a-sama, adj. Unequal, odd, di

mediable. ex: caer an incurable disease.



es: -53


****, one who cannot be controlled. e."

:*s impossibility.

C. ex:3053, ex:307's, e7:302 asunku,

asungu, asumbu, v. n. To shake, wave,

exho:Seb asvri, s. The name of a


swing, move. 2. to interfere or meddle with.

*web es as serie way'ss if you


s. &#) asi, s. A sword, a scimitar. eb:d

Kubra the god of riches, and regent of the
north. 2. he who bears a sword. e8=3) a

meddle with him he will assail you.

dle with me, and you will then know what

will happen to you.

hell, consisting of a forest, all whose leaves are

s. e5Ksodd a-sundara, adj Ugly, de

swords. e. 53) a knife. ebnad a fencer.


s', e're: asi-kallu, asi-gal

formed, without beauty.


s. A slab on which condiments are

T. B. & Rasuge, see esse", ade. Quickly.

See &.

ground., roos, w, a slab and mullar.



+ 3 atto, ps, tr.:**rosot erocco's med

e:39 asikmi, s. The female servant in

A. C. ex:35.980s, &Kokuoke's asuk

lu, asuglu, s. A lever. 2. a driver's whip.

a seraglio.

c. &# asige, s. The act of shooting. 2.

A. C. ex:33:33d, asu-bemaru, s. Perspi

a high bench.

ration from weakness or fatigue.

s. & 3 a-sita, [e priv. 's white]s. Black.

S. & Kod a-sura, [e priv. 3d a deity]s. A

2. Saturn. 3. the dark lunar fortnight. 4.

demon or giant. exodze, exic:39, excee, e

::ce: Vishnu, the foe of the giants, esca
e Sor's Cupid, the son of Vishnu, erod, e."
Chor: a female giant. ex:3d ** a deed of
the giants. 2. a cruel deed.

dark blue. essess the black-faced monkey.

c. &#5:3 asi-nadu, s. A slender, delicate

waist (like a sword.)

C. &&2,033 asi-bandu, adj. Vulgar, low,


A. C.

A. C. &sdo's do asurusuru, s. A deep

e?,58: asiyal, s. A female friend.

or heavy sigh.

c. ** 5322, e3,651232, e33,50:33 asi

s: exa39, exods, exod's as.

yu, asiyadu, asidddu, v. n. To shake,

ga, asye, asyate, s. Malignity, hatred,

move, pendulate; to be loose, to sinkin. v. a.

(for *) To shoot, cast, or throw. 2. to grind
or pound.

envy, jealousy. 2. calumny, detraction. "

*cored a malicious person, an envious man.
e:a:: *% to bear malice or envy. exacca
cos free from malice or envy.

c. ***, asisi, interj of disgust, dissent,

displeasure, &c.

s. & Ko, asu, s. Life.

S. e.9%ue:=ge asrkshana, s. Neglect,

2. the five vital

breaths or airs of the body, considered essen

tial to life.

e::::Aba, exo~wadow:\eco,

to give one's life for another. esra ill luck,

bad fate or destiny. ex:nssex preservation

contempt, disregard.

s &S) So asniku, s. Blood.

C. e., &#65, ase, aseyu, see eas.

T. B. &#39 asekkeya, see es:

T. B. & assa, see esta.

of life. ex:24-# to revive, receive life. ex:

** to die, perish, exoray to take away



life, to kill. ****::::: *t, *ao:39 he es

caped with his life. ex: Rocw.sos so that life

a8ta, adj. Sent, cast, thrown, dis


s. ex: 539532, ex. 5333, ex:35:23 asta


may return. ex: sta w * to lose life,

to resign one's life. ex:yssa's Bhe came



maya, astamana, astamna, s. Sunset.

e3.ex to set, go down, disappear, as the

alive. e553a*a* God. 2. a king. 3, a



erots: a dear or kind friend.


a soldier, who lives by risking his life.

e:5, e:Bs,


astar, astaru,


astri, s. The lining of a garment. e5 to

or subsistence, support. eroes: escaping

with life. ex:84-wr when giving up life,
when dying.

*wo to put in a lining.



ext.5.e., es.8), e:7\b




chala, astdri, asta-giri, s. The west
ern mountain, behind which the sun is sup
posed to set.

e. asti, See e:
ed astira, see e'e.
C. ** =ve, e500, ed astiw
T. B.

e: exorad Rao to be arrogant, self-conceited

or proud. exo"t=sh proudly, arrogantly.
exorse, exceed:==9, exoVadzow a proud,
insolent, or self-conceited man.
S. exogs,


T. B.

aham-brahmatwa, s.Selfishness, egotism,


ra, asthiwrd, astibhra, s. A founda

s. &zo:Rose+ aham-purvike, s. Emu


lative onset, or contest.




astu-nma, s. Consent, a

e: * to consent, acquiesce.

*::) astra, s.


s. &o:323 aham-mati, s. A vain, con

missile, arms.

ceited mind.

A weapon in general, a

2. a sword.

3. a bow.

s &ojos ahamyu, adj. Proud s pride.

S. & a-hata, [e priv. &s beaten]s. An

:) is an arsenal. e...) et: a soldier. e.,

*** an armourer, a sword or tool cleaner.
e:) :=s="as a dept of arms.

es: asthi, s. Bone. e: * in the bones,


unbleached cloth.

s. & ahani, s. Day. ex:5:3 from day

to day. 2. from hand to mouth.

H. & ahani, s. Iron.

as fever, &c. 2. living as long as the bones

remain together. e: R8 test internal fever.

east (skin
and bone) very thin. e's, e: *e a
skeleton, e?) an urn. ...", e.">


iron ware, hard ware.

ex: ahanyahani, See ess.

e', co&ats's the back-bone.


s. ea:53553:55 aham-ahamike, s. Mili

tary vaunting, bragging. 2. assertion or
conceit of superiority. 3. emulation, rivalry.
s. e553's 3 ahar-nisha, s. Day and night.

s. **u a-sthira, [e priv. 'stable] adj.

s, es::=-3, ea:31:3 ahar-pati, ahah

Fleeting, unstable, frail.

pati, s. The sun, the ruler of the day.

e500 asthi-hara, s. Shiva, having


s. ex:333s so ahar-mukha, s. The dawn,

a necklace of human skulls.

break of day.

e:35 asmad-wchaka, s. The


H. &#5&o ahale-kalam, s. Government

first person of a verb.

clerks or writers.

s. &%) asra, s. Blood. 2. hair. 3, a cor

H. &sodes ahale-kraru, s. Military

ner. e5): a leech; a giant, a demon, one

and civil officers.

who drinks blood.



T. B.


ahallda, [ex,5] s. Joy,

a-swapnaru, s. Gods, who


do not sleep.


a-8wara, adj. Discordant, out of

H. e553:vel ahawlu, s. Circumstances.

S. e553, 537:38 aha, ahassu, s. A day,


the day time. ex:#ds, the sun.

s. &53% a-swa-washa, s. Absence of

H. e553:00 ahasham, adj. Military.

mind, flurry, perturbation.




waso we're the armed peon office. ex:" "

a-swrasya, adj. Insipid,

sco armed peons.

sapless, juiceless. 2. prosy, dull, meagre,

s. ex:032E ahrya s. A mountain.


&#Se: asweirini,

s. & ahi, s. A snake or serpent. 2, the

s. A continent
sun. 3. Rhu, the ascending node. 4. a



S. e5530500,

exc53, es:0538

ex:08w a snake charmer.


**ow air. ext3% dread of a serpent; fear

from one's own party, as the fear of a lurking

han-kra, ahan-kriye, ahan-kriti, s.


Egotism, pride, self-conceit, arrogance, e&ow


ext:", a peacock, 2, the brah



many kite. 3. a mungoose; all which devour

serpents. ****** Shiva, decorated with

A. C. e.9%3E's alakartalu, Lee's] ..

snakes. **** a demigod so called, with

C. &#5, alaku, see ewes. Also er.

a human face and a serpent's tail.

C. &#&@#2, alakolu, see under ew.

s & 3 a-hita, s. An enemy. 2.


C. &#833, &#233= alachu, alarchu,

harm. adj. Unfriendly, unsalutary.


An affectionate woman.

e8.35%: ahi-mahile, s. A woman of

See ev: under ev.

C. &#82, e&#82s alatu, alartu, [comp.

the serpent race.

s &5 ahiha, s. Indra.

A. C. ex:9 ahu, [er]". n. To become, to le.

*] v. n. To shake or move. 2. to sigh

or shew great pain, weariness or impatience,
in severe sickness, &c.

*** it is, it exists, it will be; yes. ex:

** to deny the existence or possession of a

C. es', egg, e33 alate, alata, a

thing. ta' ***): *o:o 3:3: Sa reso

Mati, s. A measure of capacity or distance.


5:0 to:**rs'

3rscow, dervo

* I will seize the tribe of serpents, and

if they say the resuscitating jewel is not there,
I will erase the decree of Bramha, Vishnu,
and Indra.

s &@#20 ah-bala, s. The name of

eve Hatzo to see any

thing measured. 2. to examine the correct

ness of a measurement. ev azo to bear in
mind what is measured. 2. to limit. 3. to

make fit. ev svax to ascertain the quan

tity. **sato immeasurable, boundless.

a sacred mountain.

2. measurement or the act of measuring. e.

** *** to measure

exataws, ahd-rtri, s. A day of 21 c. **** aladuniga, s. A miser, one

who stints himself and others.

hours from sun-rise to sun-rise.

T. B. &#25% alankarane, see eve"

A. C. & Co alaru, v. n. To fear, be afraid.

2. to wander. 3. to be perturbed or agitated.


c. erowo.
*%59, 9927's alanku, alangu, see
c. *%+ alanke, ... obstacle,


4. to blossom, bud or open, as a flower. 5.

to grieve, sorrow, be distressed, wearied, faint,

or fatigued. s. Fear, alarm, distress, grief.
* one who easily cries. 2. a coward.


3. a fop.

c. &#oue''',

**** alan-kollu,

alan-gollu, see eveay under ew.

A. C. &### alarpu, s. Fear, alarm.

A. C. &#e alalu, v n. To grieve, sorrow,

T. B. &#27. alanga, [etc.: inaccessible]

s. A rampart.

T. B. &#27.6% alangarisu, see evower.

c. *%833 alanchu, see under ev.
* goa-g alanjuli, s. A coward, a ti.

sigh deeply. s. Sorrow, grief. 2. thirst.

3. anger. eveg, ever, eius's: to grieve,

distress, make sorrowful. evect-veo being
distressed and wearied. event, eve", eved

* Sorrow, anxiety, perturbation; the act of

grieving, &c. **** he became fatigued

mid man. 2. a feeble man. 3. a reserved

or distressed.

c. *#288, '23S alantu, alandu, see c. *%evo), alalk, see eeve.

A. C. & 325 alavanka, adj. Confined,
narrow, pent up. evsow: *k?rivo narrow
c. *%r: alanduli, s. A man whostints

himself, a miser. 2. a coward.

A. c. &#3 alavadu, c. n. To be ap

A. C. &#2292 alambam, see evow.

s. &#5, 95 alaka, alake, s. A curl,

a ringlet, ev's-ovo" curling the hair. 2.
adorned with ringlets.

T. B. &#o alakam, See eers.


proved, liked. 2. to wear, to be put on. 3.

to be comprehended, perceived, or understood.
4. to be contained in, to hold. 5 to be re

ceived. ***** to ornament, decorate, or

garnish. 2. to place, to put on. 3. to make


waste, spoil, ruin. 3. to efface, obliterate.
4. to cause to be measured. 5. to make cry.

4. to receive, evs' approved,

pleased, comprehended, perceived, fixed, pla

ced, put on, contained in evsar unequal

S. & ali, s. The large black bee. 2. a

led, unapproved.

scorpion. es', the female bee or scorpion.

2. multitude.

A. C. &#53:S alavalu, v. n. Togrieve,fret,

:*: v. a. To grieve, distress.

der evoe's.

C. e.9%) alavi, s. A lease or agreement



given to the ryots in writing, to shew the

principles and rules by which the demands

ali-kira-nyaya, s.

The natural enmity between the black bee

and the parlot.

of Government, on the land in their occupa

tion, are to be regulated. 2. a wen.

s: eseaso, eg. Seg,99ero ali

A. C. &#9 alavi, s. A single combat. 2.

kuntale, ali-vni, all-nilnki, s. A

contiguity, nearness. 3. excellence, good

woman whose tresses are like black bees.

ness. 4. strength. 5. trouble, sorrow. **

$row to recover from sorrow.

3. a line or row.

s. &#25 alinda, See eect.

C. & #3% alikisu, c. a. See evo: un

be sorrowful. ev:vro having grieved. ev

s. &## alike, [of eve]s. Crying, weeping.

2. to lose

c. &#5.9% ali-kitsu, s. A still-born


A. C. &#9782 alavigaru, s. Friends. *

s. e. gp5'9853 ali-keirava, s. The black

33&rtco the friends of the Pandus.

bee and white lily. 2. a black lily.

C. es'95.033d, alavi-sdyaru, s. Sea


C. &#23) alavu, s. Depth, measure, length.

97', ali-ganna, s. A blinkard.

egx:y: ali-gabbiga, s. A bad poet.

e?? alige, s. A measure.

. & Rio', all-gollu, See ev. 2. to as

2. strength, prowess. 3. capacity, ability. "

v=va's strength to be impaired. evsw:
death. w: #e3e3: you do not know your
own strength. ev#3 without strength. **

semble, be collected, congregate.

C. e. ge33 alichu, see ev: under ev.

vesaves, it is not in my power to say. *

c. &#3 alida, part [of ev]Deceased, per

rive, asserw: who is able to praise?

ished, faded.

A. C. e.9%%uote alavu-glu, s. An oar.

ev:ve a faded curl.

C. eg alipu, See ev under ev.

c. &#2% ali-bili, See es:#.

2. a stick for striking a measure.

C. &#3 alave, s. A species of Myroba

C. & 2x2 alibu, s.

Erasure, destruction.

See 9.

G. es':08 alashandi, s. Neglect, care.

C. &

953, aliya, s.

A son-in-law, daughter's

lessness, sloth.

A. C. &##3 alasu, s. Blanditia in tem

attvdo the son of a man's sis

ter, or of a woman's brother. esco ****

r" (proverb) the dawn discovers the son-in
law's blindness. escoes sis" ":", Soo')"

Apore coeundi.

C. es's alasu, see ev3, under ev.

c. e.9% alala, interj. of surprise or aston

*** * **to adopt a son-in-law.


:ca,3:58, s. a caste of people in Canara,

among whom a man's estate descends to his


c. *****05, alalki, see eeve.

sister's son instead of his own son.

c. ego:39, ego: alvuli, aldhali,

See eas: p. 2. a violent dispute, adj. smart,
bright, quick.

c. egg ali, c. n. To perish, die. 2. towaste,

A. c. es:33-# aliyse, [ee et under e

*]s. Vain hope, fruitless desire.

A. c. & So53, ali-yedeya, s. A ti.

mid man, a coward.

decay. 3. to be obliterated, effaced, out of

order, evzov: dead and living. 2. ".. a.
To measure, ev: to destroy, kill. 2. to

C. &


, e's


alile, alule, See eeve



A. C. 9339 alivadu, few and **] e. n.

A. C. e8#359s alurku, c. n. To rise or

To perish, be destroyed, ruined.

swell up, to expand.

c. *955 alivu, [see ev]'s. Death, destruc

A. C.

tion, ruin. adj. Fading, perishing.

A. C.

ev#. all-vennu,

e's alurke,


s. Siege, seizure,

ever"? to seize, surround.

s. A low, mean
C. &#393 alulu, See eved.
C. &#233; aluvali, [See ov:v.] s. A


A. C. &#x2 alihu, See ev:.

C. &#92 alilu, s. A squirrel. *-*we: the

daughter's dowry.

C. &#935) aluvu, See ev: 2. grief, crying.

A. C. &#973 alusu, See ev3, under ev.
C. es'3% aluhu, See ev: under ev.

red squirrel.

c. *''' alu, c. n. To cry, to weep. ev,

evost crying, ess having cried. evora:


e', e3333

ale, aleyu, v. a. To

a cross, crying child. evootake marks of

crying on the face. evoo::c tears. evoor'."

measure, to mete eveay, ev: *ay to

* a bitter cry. evo2+-sevo a shrill or squeak

measure one's self, or for one's self

ing voice.

*azo to measure out to another.

evowss, evowtowows fretful

*a*, *::::can evak to measure even with

ness, easily crying. evowdow fretfully.

the striker.

C. &#3053 alunku, see evows.

A. C. &#32&#o alunjalam, s. Fear, alarm
See ev: under e^*.

over the measure whilst the hand supports

A. C. &#302 alumbu, s. Excess, abun

more than it properly holds. eve measured.

ev measurement. v. n. to play in water,

dance, adj. Great, much.

C. es', e''', eggs& aluku,

alku, aluka-dattu, c. n. To be afraid,
timid, diffident. 2. to shrink, stoop, bend,
or quake from guilt, fear, &c. 3. to throb,
dart, or shoot, as a thorn in the flesh. s. fear,
alarm, tremor. evow shrinking; throb
t-cena: #e #3%d



to keep unusually long in water.

A. c. &# ale, s. Buttermilk. 2, the al

domen. e.V 32% to the abdomen swelling.
exs alegu, s. Excess, abundance,

A. C.


A. C. &##ed, alevru, s. A bastion.

A. C.

* the earth groans in great distress, trem

bling under the burden of the giants. *Ech

evil looks.
A. C.
A. C.

A. C.

A. C.

c. &#2333 alumu, c. a. Tobruise, to pul.

e:B=gs alkartalu, Lex,83] s.

ex:"rrio an affec

tionate man.

c. &#23.285 alu-mre, s. A mournful

c. &#233 aluru, see eve or each.

alkare, [ex;"|s. Fondness,

An affectionate woman.

s. Weeds.

or crying countenance.


friendship, attachment, love.

See e?:ounder 9. Al

so t?":.

verize with the feet.

2. to droop with sorrow.

s. love, affection, *ve,02 she went with

affection, or desire.

v. n. To decay, to go to dust. s. Decay.


es: $3 alkame, s. Wonder, surprise.

v. n. To long

ei.e53 alkariyu,

after, to desire.

C. &#372 alugu, c. a. To shake,to loosen.

c. &#3232, &#2233s, es') aluchu,

e'ga: alkaja, s. The effects of evil

looks. 2. [e",-] surprise. e.t.cts: to

suffer from evil looks. 2. to be surprised.
e',253 to fix evil eyes on one, to affect by

3.2a:=wn 3:?-kBeg evowootnndo: the a

dulteress is in alarm wherever she goes. 3)

***E*.**E=E.2e are there any in the
universe not afraid of slander ? evo: v. a.
To alarm, frighten. 2. to make ashamed,
to abash. 3. to shake, loosen.


soo? evacob, soots=P evacoo, to

give heaped measure. Rot, evedo to press

down in measuring. voevo', 'a', eva,
to take extra measure by dexterously turning

A. C. &#sov, es'': alumpu, alupu,



Bef Essee

A. C. &#22x3, alkasam-badu, c.,

To be beloved.
C. egg:
alkadu, See ev.v. ev,




fear, alarm, trembling. A. c. to be completed,


to be finished.

to tickle the side.


alku, See eye.

A. C. e', alku, See evo".
C. e', alke, s. Crying, weeping. See *.
A. C.

s: alle, s. The groin or hip. eV.",

es' eevo), all-kdi, see eeve.

s. & aksha, s. A die, cubicor oblong, for
gambling. ex:5:3 gambling with dice. 2.

A. C.

ees alkegaru,

a wheel. 3. the eye.

s. Valiant per

&#/~ Shiva, with

three eyes. 4. the senses. 5. a giant, the

sons, men of courage.
A. C.

son of Rvana. e.:*A Hanumanta, destroyer

egr: algini, s. The name of a tree.

of ex. 6 a law suit. 7, beleric myrobalan.

2. See era'.
A. C.


8. knowledge.

dige, aksha-t! itiye, s. A ceremony, in

A. C. &# 2 alcham, s. Wonder, surprise.

C. *: alchu, See ev: under e?.

*:23 aljabu,


the second Hindu month, on the third lunar

day, of married women, who bathe, present
to each other turmeric, betel nut and fruit,
and then make an offering of flowers, &c. to

s. A roaring, a loud cry.

T. B. e.g. alti, See e?".

e: alte, s.


9. the soul.

A. C. es:#8%, e3,8853, aksha-ta

algu, See evero.

See e?* 2. a reel to wind


. es#, e33, e3, epo3 akshate,

threads on.

es' aldapu, s. Ambush, refuge.

akshata, akshati, akshanti, s. Raw


*#2. aldottu,

rice mixed with other ingredients and used

for religious purposes, &c. There are three
kinds; &6 e: raw rice, saffrom and ghee
mixed together, and presented daily to house
hold gods; 2. *o:#f the same ingredients
mixed with chunam, and thereby made red.

[ews, two.] v. a.

To press down in measuring.



aldoppisu, v. a.


measure and deliver.

e',03:35 aldoiyu,


v. a. To measure

and pour out.


e'. e

This is taken in a silver cup to persons receiv

aldolalu, c. n. To cry and

ing an invitation, and each invited guest, ac

cepting the invitation, takes a small portion.
It is also used by Smrtas, as a daily offering


e'e, alnela,


s. Salt ground.

to a metal form of the sun; 3. #'s": raw

rice alone used religiously.

A. C. e8#.S.:9 alndu, v. a. To finish,

complete, exhaust.

s. &#50533 aksha-dma, See ex=se.

e's 7. almoga, See evo: ste.
s. &#&#), e.95: o3s aksha-dvi, ak
C. ey's alvtu, s. A common practice.
sha-dhurta, s. A gamester.
c. *@', e') alsu, alpu, See ev:
s. &#:333s, es:#89, e =#v85 ak

under ev.



sha-dharma, aksha-dvi, aksha-p

5%,'5 allaka, allalaka,

taka, s. A judge.
adj. Thin, watery, attenuate

2. big, loose,

e:3-5 aksha-mle, s. A rosary or

as a coat, &c. &####39 to attenuate.

string of beads, especially of the seeds of the
Elaeocarpus, used in devotion.

c. *%go allana, s. A saddle 2, knitting,

netting, &c.

C. &###3 alldu, See ee..

es#533 akshaya, s. The 60th yearofthe

Hindu cycle of sixty. ******) s. A brass

c. &#7 3% allnige, s. A water spout.

c. *g). d alldra, s. A native chimney.

vessel for receiving alms.

ble vessel.

2. an inexhausti

3. a sort of charitable allowance

to brahmans from the gross produce. adj.

A. C. e8#..d3 alliru, v. n. To be
to be agitated, to shake,


Indestructible, unwasting, never decreasing.

s. &#8 akshara, s. A letter or character




aksha-shdle, akshgra, akshdgra

of the alphabet. Go" compound letter.

ext racts orthographical errors, exce
*::::: the study of the alphabet or the ele
ments of a language. 2. eternal beatitude,
or exemption from farther transmigration.
3. religious austerity. 4 moral merit. 5.
the sky. 6. a name of Shiva, Bramha, &c.

kilaka, s. Divisions on a dice-board or cloth.

s. eS akshi, s. An eye. 2. prosperity, suc

cess, eitsu: the motion of the eyes. ***
to a film over the eyes. ****# the eye

sight. earses, having opened the eyes.

s. es:ese akshina, adj. Undiminishing,

s. &#5, #3:3

aksharksharanu, s.


The soul of souls, God; the Supreme spirit.

s. e5 248, e&#233; akshubhita, ak

s. &#922 aksha-labdha, s. Dice, adj.

shobha, adj. Unmoved, firm, stable, calm.

Gained by gambling.

2. imperishable, immortal.

s. &#886, *#2:5 aksha-lile, aksha s. &#2832& akshhini, s. A battalion,

vidya, s. Gambling.

consisting of 109,350 infantry; 65,610 caval

e:B, erod, e5%tee

ry; 21,870 chariots; 21,870 elephants.



C. e5 d, The second letter of the alphabet,

sounded as a in far.

pronoun; as, e sororis that man.

e5 &ort:0

s. Vain boast

S. &oB) dintra, s. Bowels, entrails or in

that woman. 3. a vocative or interrogative

affix; as, 'Akoscow O, friends; oceans have
you come *

testines, eos) R', a rupture.

T. B. &ot of 3 andlane, See eo:aw.

C. effo andi, s. Bail, bond, security, sure

s & 4, A prefix implying, diminution. 2.

ty. Stse::::::Atwar at #352n ecso::ce es:

c. ** **, *::=ce if you become security
for me to Government, they will release me.

limit, (inceptive, from, from hence or that

time.) 3. limit, (conclusive, until, unto, as

far as.) 4. prefixed to verbal nouns, it ex

tends or reverses their meaning; as, cat:
rising; ecst: ascending, mounting up. ris.

eyes.' dntukkalu,

ing, eosov, S.C., a vain boaster.

2. used as a rem. dem.

C. Go7. dndiga, s. A surety. 2. a beau,

a dandy.

C. exot's dndu, See under ess.

C. 92.3%
andu-gallu, s. A grind

er's coming.

s. 607.5 dngika, adj. Gesticulated, ex

stone, a flat stone on pillars, by the way-side,

pressed by bodily action.

for resting burdens upon. See ero.

s. efford: ngirasa, s. A patronymic of

*::: * (son of Angirasa.) 2. the sixth year
in the Hindu cycle of sixty.

C. &o:37, dndega, s. The white screech

A. c. e527.2% R3 dngolagu, s. A cow's

s. eSot?&#, esota&#3 dndola, an



dolane, s. Swinging, oscillation. eotaev

s: evo&#e33, anjandya, s. A patronymic

* !--> a rocking chair. 2. the swinging mo

tion of an elephant or an idiot. 2. T. B. a

Hanumanta (son of ects:2&#.)

C. effo dindi, s. A Shivite mendicant.

s. effog nta, postposition. Till, until.

s. e523339E antarya, s. The mind. 2.

opinion, sentiment. See **Cori.

See Yof 3 d.


s. Goiue&#5 and lika, s. A palankeen.

s. eSot's dndhasika, s. A cook.

c. &oo antu, See under 3.


andhra, s. Telugu. ect) &



A. C.

eyoaXS3 dimbanu, s. A sloth, a slug

T. B. &#52, 55% dkasha, dikasa, See



T. B. &#220, 5029) ambara, dmbra, See




and es',

dkasmika, adj. Unexpected,

sudden; rare.

C. e55's dkalu, s. A cow, evy we or

A. C. &#22999 anbalu, s. The blue water lily.

*Co a cow's calf

T. B. exoa,333, esoe:8, exo~psey,

exo~32e dmbavade, dmbdi, dimpli,

ev'sso a herdsman.

5*, *, a cow that has miscarried.



** a cow near calving. 92.3", oca

dmbri, See e :=3.

C. Go292 ambu, s. A reed, a rush. v. a.
To press down.

a herd of cows. evy 3% a kine pen or fold.

C. esgow: dikaldsa, s. Disgust,

v. n. To feel about.

2:3 to loathe, be disgusted. evva: sax to

C. &o?Joe (imshulu, s. A sour kind of



Seve: ***3 a disgusting man.

c. 65's dkalisu, c. n. Toyawn, gape.2.

S. e5523 4-kantha, adj. Up to the neck

or brim.

to draw in or contract, as the muscles of the

stomach from hunger. 3. to take in, draw

&#od scor:#3rcCre?, crust: ~reat he

gorged himself.


shaking, trembling.

Gw'ot, to tremble.

ev's yawning, gaping. *** ****

*A* to draw in an empty stomach.

S. &#o:3 d-kampana, s. Great motion,


# evo: the stomach to contract. e5 2.4%


Ue: *arol cores

& 3rd


*** adj. Trembling, greatly agitated.

a very large lake receives the water of any

c. 958 d-kata, s. Ajest, a joke. 2. mirth,

stream or rivulet.


3. derision, mockery.

eye'ed. 4kalru, s. The biliary con

T. B. & 53-o), dkatdi, [essed or a felon]

cretions, gall.

s. A worthless, unprincipled man, a depraved

s. eSevoj: knkshe, s. Desire, wish. 2.


reversing the order of words in reading for

s. 6.5 d dkara, s.

Foundation for any

thing to rest on. 2. means of subsistence.
3. ground for an assertion or act. 4. autho
rity for the use of a word. 5. a mine. Q3
Atrnado e trust' eve vocst have you any
means of subsistence in that town P

practice, evso: to desire.

S. & God dkara, s. Form, shape. 2. a

body. 3. hint, sign, token. *****d the
human form.

eved save to assume a shape.

evidk:re: to make an effigy, evacsw:

(to wipe out the form) to ruin. eved rado
identification or recognition of a person.
eved:#83 of fine form but little ability,


** ** to gain a footing, to establish for

one's self.

c. 6507002 dkardi, s. A rasp, file.

or poor circumstances.

s. e55 &= <>, ess's Ko dkarnisu, d

karnisu, v. n. To give ear, to listen es
* rostill the ear.

eved rot, evac 'at

** dissimulation, suppressing all sign or in

dication of the feelings.

& S. Fosson to to draw

S. Geodge dikrana, s. The act of calling.

the bowstring as far as the ear. ev's ros &

*) a long eye; lit. reaching to the ear.

s. eSoooow'd dikrkshara, s. The let

S. e55:3 akarsha, s. A die or dice. 2.

s. GEO-3 dksha, s. The sky or atmos

playing with dice. 3. drawing, attraction,

phere, ether. =::="w the highest heavens.

*****, the air or empty space in a vessel. *
caves the part of the atmosphere inclosed in

ter &.

charming by spells, &c. 4. an organ of

sense. eviar: to attract, to draw. esvre

a loadstone or magnet

evarratt's so

#2"vo Re: to repeat ejecting and attracting


a house. evo Rof the celestial Ganges. 2.

a cascade, water running down a hill. tw
ser:, evas

s. &#) dkalpa, s. Dress. 2. embellish.


an aerial voice,

evet bet a

lantern elevated on a pole in the open air

during the eighth Hindu month.

ment, ornament.

Gwas t



* a sky rocket. *** *** the element of

s: 9.3 dkhta, s. An artificial pond

ether. ****** the milky way, an aerial

path. *** ***ro to traverse the ethe
rial way.

s. &#25cs, ex323s- dkirna, dkirna,

or lake.

S. 693 d'hu, s. A rat, bandicoot. 2. a

hog. 3, a thief exor, esSex: Gansha,
riding on a bandicoot. Saxtov, (rat eater)

adj. Crowded, full. 2. impervious.

a cat.

S. 6532833, G5222#3 dkunchana, d.

kunchita, s. Bending,

*** a hound.

shrugging up the

shoulders. 2. contracting or drawing one's

ey:ee's dkhlanu, s. A gamester, a


self up into a small space.

player. 2. a traveller.

s: dkula, s. Grief, distress, sorrow.


See :***.

, es:#5 d'heiru,

dkheir, s.

The end. es:45.5or the end of the year.

*** the last in a set, or in a pack of

S. & 5.23 dkta, s. Meaning, intention,


cards, &c. adv. At last, finally.

s. 258,34kriti, s. Form, figure 2.


ex:388 dkhta, s. Chase, hunting, e.



s: 25, e:S dkhya, dkhye, s. A

3. tribe, species.

name or appellation. es:co persons of note.

*: akrishta, adj. Attracted, drawn.

**/** he is called Indra. es, said,

called, spoken, inflected, as a noun; rehearsed.

**S* attraction; comprehension. See



C. e55, eff3 dke, dki,

ears: dkhyna, s. A

narrative, a

fem. rem. dem. pro.

ests (esco: a) her.

history. ***** a teacher, priest, narra

tor of history.

A. C. &#~~d, dkewdlaru, s. Compeers,

s: " 49a, s. Transgression, offence, fault.

hon. She

** a transgressor.

equals. 2. valiant, mighty men.


ego: co::

dkranda, dhran

C. &7, e7-el, es?' dga, digalu, dgal,

See under ero.

dana, s. Crying, weeping, distress eve

** to weep, lament, cry aloud, es/25s af.

s. 95/9* 4kramisu, e.a. To grasp, in


s &7.9335 dgantuka, s. An unexpected

and uninvited guest.

flicted, distressed.

C. &7.3 agada, s. Scorn, jeer. 2. jest,

joke. 3. sport, gaiety. era saw to ridicule,

close. 2. to usurp, seize. es/sor: encroach

ment, usurpation, seizure, inclosure. ex):

joke, make fun of

inclosed, grasped.

jocose man, sporter, jester, scoffer.

ervacs, ertate's a

es: 23 dkrnta, s. Encroachment, S. 67.3 dgata, adj. Come, arrived. er's

seizure, usurpation, surrounding ev)oss-ro

* to be arrived, to be come into possession.

to be seized. *****/2*::: he seized his

er'ssrr's past and future.

feet (in earnest entreaty.) ##">/2" over

who knows past and future.

enses.ns: one

s. The breast between

c. * 49adu, See under ero.

A. C. *7.3 dyane, s. An enemy, antago

s. 94a):, essayes,esta's dkr

S. 67.333 digama, s. A work on sacred

dha, dhrsha, dkrshana, s. Anger,

science, and supposed to be of divine origin.

2. a particular class of science containing
spells and incantations. 3. (in gram.) aug

come with sorrow.


esses dkrda,

nist, foe.

the shoulders.

malice. 2. curse, imprecation. ess)*: to

be angry, curse, bear malice.

ment, a syllable or letter inserted.

4. com

s. Saxo:39:9 akhandalanu, s. Indra.

s. & 98.3 dkhanita, [see was] part.



s. See 500.

H. & Bodo dkharu, See ex4%.


ing, approaching. 5, a legal title or voucher,

written testimony. 6. the ritual of an idol,
a religious ceremony of any kind. 7. the
mock marriage of a god and goddess during


a festival. erish:56, a precept of the law. er:

going home. * *acts * after we

*#, a purhita, or master of religious cere

had set out, as we set out, or, in consequence


of our setting out. *thdesh as things are,

Grisn: RAC33 vedas and shastras.

er's so:**, to predict, prophesy.

or were, so. 3. affixed to nouns and adjec

tives, it converts them into adverbs; as, *

as: a gladly. ***, blackish. **
truly fig. it expresses likeness, similarity;
as, : R* =assets he talked like an

s. e57'd agara, See eme.

C. e57 d agara, s. A saltpan.
s. e576#s d-garbha, adj. From birth.
ert:r Jessess one who is rich from his



C. e57.8) digali, See under ero.

C. e57& do digaliru, See under tro.
T. B. e57% agasa, See ev.

came home hungry as a tiger. 4, affixed to

pronouns, it signifies voluntarily, of itself,


C. e57:5 digalike see eeva).

Leys'] s. Stubbornness, obstinacy, er";" |
Eos: an obstinate man, er's s to be
obstinate. 2. covetousness, greediness.

s. e57:0:0 dgmi, adj. Future. era: vs.

zot's he brought it for me. at, on this

account. & Row: "," in order to receive.
=>aew, to do. en rado, enco to be.


*W*C*: they are good people.


P: it is dark.

a prophet. emt/c: the future tense.

e^ tod. to occur, happen. 2.

to agree with, suit. 3. to be on friendly

terms. 4. to prosper, succeed. SSA * *
=="htsver: your conversation does not suit
him. e^ &atro to be expended, exhausted,
finished, done, dead. e^ is also declinable;
as, ens recor an affair of that time. **
$ot from that time, e^ccer's from time to

s. & Rod dydra, s. A house, a habitation.

T. B. &#770% agsa, See eviv.

*n too:39 he came himself (alone,

or, of his own accord.) 5. affixed to datives,

for, on account of, in behalf of; as, *

T. B. Gross, ex&s agtya, agatya,

S. &#7,

ed:" was facts: he sat like a

es: 52%to zebctron Ro:3* toot. So he

See underer.

c. 67, agi, See under ero.

enoa's digindgye, See under ero.


time, now and then

c. e57's dgu, c. n. To be, become, take

place, occur, be done, finished. *o:Tent: it is
red. es: "Ecstas: he became wise.

er's at that time.

ex, exe/2, e37: dga, dyalu, gal,

infin. en Enzo to achieve, perform, eros

**&#3 the work is done, or finished.

ecossacos::Be &awor to:* erose; it is


done, it is done, you say, but nothing is

2. en signifies then; as, eness. "," then

done. 2. to suit, be fitting for, agree with.

e: *es', eros: that will be useful. 3. to

he arose. 3. affixed to participles, it expresses

time when; as, Esso ocos" when I come.
esto &akart when they had gone. * *

#2, errate: to permit or allow to be or be

be practicable or possible. essed eros"

can he do it? eros.: he can. GSAor "

** to the extent of my ability.


**Gor a practicable thing. It is often added

to the infinitive of other verbs, and implies
the possession of ability, as essor t-rosti",
rosco he can read.

erec, to be about to be or take place.

*****," as we were conversing. ener, ene

* gradually, by degrees, from time to time,
occasionally, frequently, ens" (or *) *
* 2:2:: * remind me occasionally. *
nor was to come gradually. eries at that

eroso: Snae, eros &R"

very time. 2. formerly, a long time ago. *

** to achieve, accomplish, perform, bring

ree wo: I came some time ago. * (**

or asses and er) when. Gross" &st=cs when


e57, dyi, past part. having become, taken

place, &c, esco Parso:own star:case: *ao
* having become learned, they obtained
renown. 2. affixed to infinitives, en signi

fies while, as, since, in consequence of, after;

as, esco ir was reiteth as they were

did they go? esarea always. **** at

other times. erect, erve thenceforward.

ext:3 digadu, 3rd per sing, neg. It

cannot, must not, ought not to be. :acces

re. I cannot (am unable to) do it. * *

a swer: there can be no crop without rain.



es: *** (*3% erro) he cannot do it.

***rs an incompetent person, one lacking

it seems clear, but we must examine into it.

ability. *** ***, one must not act so.

*R,rt, how much soever it be.

e:RA though it be so much. 2 soever.

ear's addgye,

** that cannot be, ought not to be done.

2. it does not suit, agree with, &c. * *ek
* * it does not suit my constitution.
*** ** he and I cannot agree. erit:
impracticable, unfit, bad, unlawful, improper.
*** an impracticability, a wicked deed,
an improper act. erits an unfriendly man,
one with whom one cannot agree er: ado

[es and er's] When,

then, when it is come to pass.

Srir Sotos"

cers when you are married. ener's ustE**

*ake fact: atro let us see how it will be

(when it has either taken place or failed.)

exit 4dare, conditional tense, If it be,

suppose it be.

*nard if it be so; well then.

ess #9:RE: if he be a wise man. Sts.

to be undone, unachieved. 2. to be unfriend

too trid if you come, in case you come. 2.

but. ****, e3e es: *we: I told him,

ly with. ent &ntro to fail, not to succeed.

*9 &gali, 3rd per sing imp. Let

him, her or it, be.

but he paid no attention.

we ere, #3, #79 &e

eddo ddart, or, either assases e=

****** wait till I get a situation, and I

* either this man or that. * *.*.*.
* #e3et, Saws area zeast to day or to

shall pay you my debt, ere, conto t3-acs,

* very well, (or, so be it) who opposes? 5."

morrow, either will do. 2. any e3 &nc.

'a-test is any one there? Sextan any

ere be it so. 2. either, or razine e="re

either this or that. *S*re essare either
you or he. *:::Re *Re **4,039 to


where, somewhere. *Bes some thing. 3.

even. GSA$ to: wo:hten as I have not
even a single cash, essr b.S.:ds as he has
nothing whatever. 4 at least, at any rate.

bring it whether boiled or not.

era; dgy", Though, notwithstanding.

******, though it be so. es: #2k=tria,
though he go. 2. (e's with conjunctive eru.)
era, +ras toxo we', ***o there is a great
difference between those times and the

* ***.* t at any rate, come to day.

5. though, yet, Ba: #e; e-ea = 5:)
*W**& true, he is a great man; but his dis


position is not good.


T. B. &#8 dig, see erst, es'.

er dda, past part. That

became, was
*, or *** what is done is done (and can

done, &c.


dgshta, s. A cow pen,


et"coran occurrence.

*...* an old cow pen.

T. B. & R 4gnye, See *:

not be helped.) ***E=E=nat's he did what

s &#e365, donya-dikku, . The

he could. ** when done. 2. affixed to

nouns, it converts them into adjectives; as,

south east point.

fire, a fire-arrow.

*...* extensive, *.css: heavy. It is al

so affixed to adjectives; as, ea: great, wo


*: red.


4dalli, Suppose, in case, on con


a weapon of

era; dgy, See under ero.

ez): agraha, s. Fury, rage, anger. 2.

vexation, annoyance. t/32: to fall into a

passion, to become angry.

dition that. 5:0 www.E.S.: # roo::c *k

* if you are a good man, you must shew
integrity. esco too:# * tote: t: should

S. &#983 aghatana, adj. Practicable.

*35 aghtya, s. Obstinacy, stub


they come, we will come too. 2. when


bornness, violence.

*** **** when the rain comes, it


etoye'. ghrnisu, a. a. Tosmen,

will be cool.

e?:27.2 ddagy However, yet, ne

vertheless, notwithstanding, though it be.
es: Esarrara, *::, ear: *: des,
he is indeed a wicked man; nevertheless we

must pity him. 5)**** 5)=24; 13tw.

inhale. **)'s scented, smelled.

s eeo:/5 = dchandrrka,

adj. As

long as sun and moon endure.

s. "&#8% achadishi, s. A plant so called.

S. 6833333 dchamana, s. Rinsing the




mouth, sipping water before religious cere

monies, meats, &c. from the palm of the

s. &#35 or 3, 350e):3 dichhddana, deh


halana, s. Cloth, clothes.

Gasos" a vessel in which water for

the above purpose is preserved.

T. B. & 230 dichara, See e:r.


S. & 8500 dchra, s. An established rule of

conduct, an ordinance, an institute, a precept.

2. conduct adj. Ceremonially clean. Fo:

* traditional observance, the custom of
forefathers. ***e ceremonial purity in

4, a

ee, to cover.

s. &&#3635 dichhuritaka, s. Aloudlaugh,

s. e523.0% dcharane, s. Practising, observ

ing, as any religious rite, &c. extr; Snts,
** to observe, celebrate, practise. east
*** *d a priestly tabernacle.

2. covering,

disappearance. 3. an upper garment.

a satirical laugh. 2. making a noise by rub

bing the finger nails one upon another.


&#85 achheka, s. Purity, clearness.

& 3:5 (ifaka, s. A flock of goats.
6323323:33 djavanjava, s. A family.
e53:32,5533 d-janu-bdhu, s. Arms
that reach to the knees.

2. a man with long

==>tsid bad observ

arms, considered handsome and indicative

of heroism and regal destiny.

ances, midnight orgies. 570 regular ob

s. esco:38539 dinya, s. A horse of good

religious observances.

servances, proper ceremonies.

Rosits at the

peculiar customs of a sect. Syssesse fulfil

ling a vow. *****c the practices of a caste.
**t religious austerities. :::::::c strict

adherence to a certain devotion, a vow, or

religious rule. *****t the religious observ
ances of devotees. ******d the usage or
custom of a country. &cat=tabad practice.
******c the custom of the world. euste
*** disorderly in ceremonial observances, e
*d 8tes a regular man.

s. 23.9533s dehrya, s. Aspiritual guide

or preceptor, one who invests the student

with the sacred thread, and instructs him

in the law of sacrifices and mysteries of reli
gion. 2. a priest. etscor *# ordination
or inauguration of a priest.

breed, adj. well bred.

s. e583 diffi, s. War, battle, eeeo" a battle


s eye:R3 djira, ade. As long as life lasts.

s: eye:2:3:3 djivana, s. A livelihood, pro

s. 3-9x3. djusha, adj. Thickened or curd

led, as milk.

s. ex: dignye, s. Command, mandate, or

der "2. leave, permission. 3. punishment.
4. custody, control. g, a wheel for
torture. 2. a land holder. R a di
vine law, appointed worship. ***, *&
*E* an obedient servant. 2. a loyal subject.
3. a docile scholar.

e'se disobedient.

#2, e3, saw to order or command. e:

C. ey. dche, declinable ade. ear, e33,

=22 to punish. e.g., * to cause to

punish. 2. to commit to custody. e:
*azo to order. 2. to allow. *******
=%: to obey a command. * **** e',
ray', e.g. ** to take leave. ex:"

etic', et:te, easted, et&t=#ve, ete":

*& On that side, beyond. 2. after, after

wards, (either of time or place.)
s. 62%g dchita, s. A weight of ten soo:

ro to submit. 2. to be criminated, to come

"; a cart load.

into condemnation, to become obnoxious to

S. eye; d dchira,

adj. Eternal, immortal,


always existing.

*::: d-choshya,

&S djya, s. Ghee, or clarified butter.

C. &#x2c: 3 djhe-bhpure, interj.

S. &

adj. Savoury,

palatable, dainty.

Bravo! Well done!

3.2895vast: dchlika-baddha, s.

C. && 4ta, s. A play, dance, game. 2, agi

A female's bodice.
T. B.

tation, motion, shaking. 3, an aquatic ani

mal. et sa, to dance, play, move about. *


t", ek'sse: to cause to play.

e' ex- achchariya, see er.

es: achhanna, adj. Covered, sheath



bathing, water-sport, voc:st dancing. **




* childish play or act. *atent: a game of

boys at the Dasara feast, with short wooden
pins. *** the conduct of Shiva, or the
divine governance. *scs: human conduct.

C. e?&R Ro883, ex&so Ro883 atgti,


4tgtu, adj. Full of kernel, stony.

ey&velo383 atrti, s. Straits in get
ting a livelihood. ctob" endaetanh Vie

*A*:::::at is this all you can do? et V

## =>** he lives day by day from hand
*# to commence playing. 2. to prevent win
ning a game. e8#3r, eign=8r a dancing

to mouth. es: etnest&nt::::::::::::::=

girl. ***.* to cause to play, as dancing

girls. et 3:2:2, et: *#, e83-59, 883 : Jaziro

C. &&.'s 4tlu, s. An insignificant or

E=3& he is a spendthrift and not provident.

little servant.

to begin to play. * * to win a game.

** *** to lose a game. et: t: to leave
off play. *.css a player. 2. a gambler.
3. a male dancer. *ot: 4"c: a puppet

estnsdows idleness.

s. 683 dti, s. The bird tardus gingianus.

C. && dtidapu, s. A holiday, a play

day. e8::: * ~ to give a holiday, to let go

ekdraw, e.

to play.

C. e5833 atu, (2:...) v. a. To shake, move,

* one fond of play, an idle school boy.

**, *::, a playfellow. et::=# =>:
dancing, with vocal and instrumental music.

swing, &c. es: to cause to shake. ****

* $22:* take hold of his hand and shake
him. *.*.*.* to rock the cradle.

etnco to suffice. ex:0 : 3ott's et scro

no matter how much he eats, he is never sa
tisfied. * ::: * ~5. Botta et:two how
much soever one brings for this (great) fami
ly, they have not enough.

C. es&#3.2833 4tu-mtu, s. A stumble.

S. 6&@*# dtopa, s. Ostentation, display,
pomp. 2. pride. 3. controul. ***** great

c. *25 dtanka, s. Impediment, obstacle.

et as:#: *cor a thing out

of one's power.

2. resistance. 3. annoyance. 4. subjection,

c. e5:07,53953 adangiyava, s. An effem

control. **** to be impeded, hindered.

inate man.

******d to be under subjection or con

trol. **** to hinder, oppose.

s. e5:02, d didambara, s. A collection,

cluster, multitude, mass, heap. *******d

c. *327Rojo dangdi, s. An ace.

c. 682&so atantana, s. A clatter, smash.
c. e8205.2%, 4tandi-kollu, c. n. To

a mass of clouds. 2. ostentation, vanity,

pomp, display, pride. 3, incumbrance. 4, a

charge sounded by musical instruments. 5.
roaring of elephants. adj. Roomy, large,

take up the song where another leaves off, to

take turns in singing or playing.

extensive. So: 32.2c-sh: the house is large.

Sr*::ctsc hollow ostentation, empty retinue.

c. 9&or;, &&o:), 83.980: tampa,

4tampu, atmpu, See egas.

s. e5:35, 5 adaka, adhaka, s. A

T. B. & 322d 4tambara, See eacwt.

s. e585 ataka, s. A sparrow.
c. e585 & 4takali, s. One who is expert

C. e5:52: da-dde, s. A loose flabby

measure, (variable). See ***.


c. ex: B, es:93, es:93, eacS:3

ddalita, adaliti, ddalite, diylita,

at both work and play.


9&e oz&#

s. News, report, common talk. 2. circum

dtaktale, s. Trouble,

stance, affair. 3. the secret, art, or nature


of any business or profession. 4. adminis

tration, inquiry, management, surveillance. 5.
state. 6. cost. Uses::vs==Aess: e?vid

c. e5&#82, dta-pattu, s. Shelter, refuge,


s. e530-~:35, ex&du-R5 ditarisha

*:::: he who is acquainted with the

state of the country may govern it. eave:
*Act, sread count the cost and do it.

ka, ditarishka, s. The plant justicia


c. & 325 dtavika, s. A person at play,

C. e8# ddike, s. Abuse, calumny, slan

der. 2. talk, e3* *** a calumny.

a player.



c. ***, adi-pddu, s. Dancing and

e:ooto: &#9" a boy who does nothing but

play and eat. escot:at a browsing field.

singing. v. n. To dance or play and sing.

C. ex:3#97, ddu-moga, s. Daksha, son

c. * dau, c. a. To speak, to use a word.

of Bramha, with a goat's face.

** to talk. 2. to promise. e8: **

a promise. ee sz., ea wisovo to break a
promise, ea Ste: to say all that is in one's
mind without reserve. 3. to play. 4. to
dance. v. n. To oscillate, totter, wag, wave,
shake, or move.


C. &cb dduri, s. A piece of cloth smeared

with goat's dung and tied on the udder to
prevent the kids from sucking.

C. et diffe, s. A leech. 2. a paper kite.

c. e5:3.90:0:33 4dondddu, v. n. To pre

*# to talk to one's

self. 2. to slander, calumniate. e8: v. a.

to shake, move, &c. 2. to cause to play.
** is affixed to a noun, and expresses the
noun in action; as, #C:::: to sport; tscas:
to play at ball; re: * to box, cuff; ::==
* to dispute; * to jump sitting; =
** to play dice, t?e=> to trade. 2.


es:#): ad-bede,

s. The rutting season

of goats.

s. eST G didhaka, See eae.

S. e5:3 ddhaki, s. Doll, pigeon pea, City

sus cadjan.

to agree about the price; *.* to quarrel,

wrangle, fight, as dogs; sw: * to kiss;
* to persist; ew: * to lie; ow-s: to im

e's ddhya,


s. Chief, master, owner,

lord. adj. Chief, great, opulent, wealthy.

:*::, rich, wealthy. Fores: virtuous, excel
lent. e.tscs, the chief or head servant.

portune; a #">~to speak pleasantly; Bien

* to swim; sank: to swing one's self; raco
** to work an oil mill; Essex:, ser:=:
to dance; * to walk about; woma, to

e:=3 the elders, the great. ex: *s, e.'

proprietorship, mastery.

D. &go dna, s. An anna.

toss, butt; ae:39 to stab; d-earta to hunt,

&c., &c.

T. B. Greg anati, see e's

e5 *cco, e3rGo to learn to

play, dance, or talk, &c.; ea =:2, e3 r:

C. esse: dnava, s. Power, strength.

to teach to dance, &c. e5 30 to let go to

play. **** to come to play, e3.2 to
speak, play, &c., much; ease, eaksa saying

D. &cove: dnchi, s. A ceremony observed

again and again; &=> 3 to:2:22:3 toa, asso

D. &geocs dadda, adj. Unruly, unman

* (proverb) you may say (or promise) ten

ageable, erset: * ~or an untoward affair. es

*** ***S a self-willed, uncontrollable man.

by Hindu women on the tenth night after


things, but do not write one. e. two to pub

lish, to let out.

c. ex: dni,

C. & ddu, s. A goat. east &ae, a field

where goats have been kept. ex: x-r: *ae
*"the keep of the goat was three times
its value, (proverb used of an unprofitable
speculation). esc: a goat to bleat. ex: =x,
# * the herb Aristolochia bractea, ea.
*** the plant Justicia adhatoda, eas #2
e3 ereczov:

standard gold.


er', er:*
kallu, s. A hail stone.

dini-kallu, dine
2. the key stone

of an arch. er:** a shower of hail.

c. 9&#~ee's dai-klu, s. A sceptre.

C. &#959, 9:35' adukali, ddukali,

C. es: dnisu, e. n. To crack or burst.

*** *** ***', eass: if you put an un

See 8356.

burnt earthen vessel in the sun, it will crack.

*** *oro ea tow:*.*Cost: a burst cocoanut
is very ripe.

c. ***, es:3% duke, dduge, see eas.

C. &#97739 adugddu, s.

Wasting, spoil

ing. *** *** to spoil, waste.

*: ddunnu,

Chief, excellent, costly,

S. e. g.: dni, s. A nail, peg or pin.

****** she has been brought

up with goat's milk.



valuable. ex: Rosy a costly pearl. ex: red

a clever man, one skilled in gems. er: ta

v. n.

T. B. &geok dinuge, [es:..] s. Permis

To play and eat.

sion. 2 order, command.



C. esco#2, esco's dnume, dauve, s.

egg. 4tapta, adj. Completely heated,


A. C.

burnt or smelted.

e dine, 8. Command, duty.

S. &#8, 62.00 atara, dtra, s. Fare,

c. ex: , es:#2013 dne, dme-bhshe, .

An oath. 2. a prognostication of evil upon


another. 3, an adjuration, protestation, a

citation on the part or in the name of the

government. 4. T. B. See e: er: *#,

ers 'a', *ay, es: 9:2: 53rate *ay, to swear,

essart by God. Sortars by

S. & 38os dtirna, s. Fording or cross

ing water.

my son. Sima" by myself. eri aa, raw,

**, or * to conjure, adjure, to take an

oath of another. 2. to impose a vow or so

lemn promise. 3. to threaten, to prognosti

S. &#9 4tu, s. A float, a raft.

C. & 326.2%, 4tu-kollu, see ess.
S. 633d 4tura, s. Impatience, precipita

cate evil upon another. erit:2:3 to free from

an oath; to deliver from a curse.

e8# dtithya, s. Hospitality, es: Ea

*, *** *** to entertain a guest, e3:33
adj. Proper for a guest. 2. hospitable, at
tentive to a guest.

take an oath. Etsc Bok es: avo to swear

by God. *otoco #2ted ers ago to swear by

one's father

e.g., so, d-talpa-shdi, adj. Bed

ridden, lying on a bed.

tion, haste, flurry. 2. eagerness, avidity.

adj. Diseased.

e: , 6:37: dndeshe, dndesuge,


, a shot at a mark.
"ce, daba, dama, s. Aking,

2. devoted to, ardently bent

esoe: to hasten.

exod sto, t:kko,

s. An aimed

A. C. &

ruler, or governor. 2. a husband. 3. pow

or ** to be in a hurry, to be impatient,
to be flurried.

s. &#39;3,


atushta, tushti,

er, authority.

ere: dmbdchi, s.

A deceitful man.


se: dumachchi,

s. A bright con

s. Complete satisfaction, satiety.


eye: dte-hula, s. A cockroach.

e.g.Ko, e' was atta-gandha,

spicuous mark.


atta-garva, adj. Humbled, degraded.

damara, s. A male tree.

A. C. Gree, dumu, c. n. To be brave, man

temperament or disposition. 3. Bramha, the

ly. re might, prowess, power.


***. anmuttu,

s:$ dr-mei,

S. & 3, 4tma, s. The soul. 2. the natural

supreme deity and soul of the universe. 4.
the body. 5. care, effort, pains. 6. firm

See under era.

s. An awkward, huge
ness. 7. the understanding, the intellect.


C. e53, 530 dta, tam, See ess.

S. e53.25 4tanka, s. Impediment, hind

8. the mind or faculty of reason. 9. life,

spirit, the vivifying soul in opposition to the

sentient. 10, the sun. 11. fire. 12. wind,


air. 13. self, the abstract individual. &c=s*

* the supreme Spirit, the soul of the uni

s. 22833 4tanchana, s. Casting any.

verse. ****, the sentient soul. ~ ** a

virtuous or excellent man. *** a sinful
person, a depraved character. &cs: a vi
cious or vile character. e. *::::$wwd, kind


2. pain, disease.

3. fear.

to hinder. 2. to alarm, affright.

thing, as, for instance, butter milk into fresh

milk, to turn it. 2. calcining, adding a pow

der or flux to metals in fusion.

s. &#3 dtata, adj. Extended, large.

s. e5327c02 dtati, s. A felon, thief,
murderer, incendiary, traitor.

C. & 339 4tanu, rem, dem. pron, hon. He,

that man.

s. eB: tapa, s. Sunshine.


red. **** a suicide.

knows himself.

science. ** a son. esses", east: a

daughter. ex: Scts: sis? **# to deprive

one's self of the necessaries of life. ex:.

self-praise. "so own. es:ct: selfish
ness. ***r the middle voice of a verb.

*** God. 2. husband.

es:5) a large parasol.


ex: one who

2. a man skilled in sacred

ex: as: (self



born) a name of Bramha, Shiva, Vishnu,

and Cupid.



tage, income, use. e-co 232, Ro:***,

or &acro to get profit, to gain advantage.

dtmanu, s. A mild man, a man

e=cco:*ro to be profitable,

free from passion.




e=>< * *

# to get a profit one's self.

[son of Atri s. A

thing for nothing,

2 to get a

erec: ::, receipts and


patronymic of the moon.

s &#8202 atr, s. A woman during S. & dai, s. The beginning, the origin.
her courses.

ent without beginning, esse:Jot from

eternity. e6% in the beginning. conse

s: "'853 athya, adj. Placed, deposited.

the commencement of an astronomical period.

excab the commencement of the alphabet.
*b the beginning of the day. terb the
beginning of the world. toosse root, founda

C. & dida, See under ero.

A. C. &co ddam, adj. Great, much.

c. &t:5 odge, ext:eod, ey: bot: da

karana, adadarinda,


tion. eb : atto "22:9 from the beginning.

A. C. ex: , eywet ddade, ddode, see

adj. First, prior; first, pre-eminent (in

comp.) others, et cetera; as, *, *brave trees,

adv. Therefore; because.


es: under ero.

Sonsbr beasts, &c.

ebystro a pri

mary or original cause.

ebass one of the
metres in music. essed the first day in the
week, Sunday. e58t: the serpent that sup
ports the universe upon his thousand heads,

A. C. &et:o ddodam, See esca and e

:*As under ero.

H. ex:92, ex393, d.dami, adammi, s. A

man. *e er:* a good or respectable man. 2.

which forms also both the couch and canopy

a pensioner.
of Vishnu.

s. ex:U, eyt:3 ddara, ddarane, s.


Reverence, respect. 2. kindness, comfort,

consolation. 3. protection, support, aid. 4.
treating kindly. etc.: under protection.
etc.:*To to be a support to. a:: *, etc.:*
co* this is a support to that. ete: to
comfort, caress, console. 2. to assist, sup

3. to show respect to, honour. 4. to

96% diditya, [son of ess] s. A deity.

2. a deity of a particular class, twelve in
number, and which are forms of the sun, and
serve to represent him as distinct in each

month of the year.

3. the sun.



s. 98&#39 adityanu, s. A deity, a



T. B. e ddari, []s. The trumpet


S. & 6532 daima, adj. First, prime, original.

S. 60:... ddishta, adj. Commanded, di.

C. ex: due tidaru, See under ero.

C. &#5 didare, See under ero.
C. s: ddalli, See under ero.
S. 9:53 adarsha, s. A mirror. Hence
2. a commentary.
3. the original from
which a copy is taken.


2. appointed.

s. Fragments or

leavings of a meal.

T. B. &85 daika, s. Profit, advantage.

2, means, property, power.

C. ex:35.2%, ddu-kollu, see under ess.

9:7a; ddgy, see under ero.

C. &co:22 daughe, s. A mob, a tumult.


savi's addyye, See under ero.

c. *:32:32 adu.jdu, a slow, tardy.


C. ex:383K ddumiga, s. One who lives by

S. & Go: dna, s. Taking receipt, accep

2. a horse's trappings.

A. C.

c. & Jo) addini, s. A fickle man.

II. & U-23 addbu, s. Fear, terror, awe.
C. & USS39 addima, s. A brick-kiln.

&:2 adultam, s. Refuse, dama

ged goods.

ex323 ddrita, adj. Respectful; re

spected, honoured. See ecces.

c. *Evoj. dddya, s. Gain, profit, advan.



*Ge'5, ecie):c3 adrishya, adrish



!", adj. Quite apparent, very visible, ma

S. ex: Redge:S3 adhrananu, ... An ele.


phant driver.

s. *:863 daeya, s. A gift.


es:#23 ddesha, s.

A. C. Sg"

Accusation, blame.


2. (in gramr.) a substitute, permutation.

3. an order, a command.


eo we

eso too:38. I

Bo too: we came.

or endless joy.

Kozowscasoned to

be happy and pleasant. Ed=mEos heavenly

felicity, celestial joy. es"son base per

A. C. &et: ddode, See under ero.

sons of slender minds.

ex; adya, adj. First, initial ergos the

eSob:o, e332:3:Pro

to rejoice, to be glad. ::, pessor riva era

* tod: ww.3%; views you must write to us,
from time to time, of your welfare. 2. the

beginning and end, er:*::::: without begin

ning or end. e8=3:52* cos: the Eternal
God, without beginning, middle or end.

pron. I.

S. 6325 dnanda, s. Happiness, pleasure,

s & adeshta, s. A director of priests.



forty-eighth year of the Hindu cycle of sixty.

*** **, the name of a tune, esot waii,"

e:#2 ddya-kavi, s. Valmiki, the

author of the Rmyana, a poet by nature,

* tears of joy.

composing verse without previous tuition.

S. *35 dnaka, s. A large military drum

s: "T: adhna, s. Perpetual sacred

beaten at one end. 2. a double drum. 3, a

small drum or tabor. 4. a thunder cloud. e.

fire. **** a ceremony prior to cohabita

tion to insure conception. 2. a ceremony

performed with consecrated fire. 3. a pledge,
a deposit. 4. a surety. 5. placing, holding,

*** Krishna's father, Vasudva.

s. &#53 dinata, adj. Bowed, inclined, bent,

prostrate. 2. humble, lowly. esssendro to

assuming. 6. being, condition.


S. & Jod ddhdra, s. A basis,


T. B. & S3 dinate, s.
prop. 2. protection, support. 3. security.
****) a deed of security. 4. comprehen

Leave, permission.

2. an order. See est:

S. & dnaddha, s. A small drum.

sion, location, the sense of the ablative in or

on 5. a dike, a canal. 6, a basin round the
foot of a tree. esse, eved: a man of
property. **C*:::::, SU-76 a destitute

S. 933 dnana, s. The face or mouth.

s &: dnayana, ade. Always.

S. 638s dinarta, adj. Wain, useless, cause

man. ** God, the supporter of all.

*********, things for subsistence.

less. s. A country so called.

C. & Soe:3:22-3 andchi-kadubu, s. A

**%-" I am here through your

kind of cake.

Patronage. **** *** **, I know what

he is worth. FSA evac st:32 o' what do

you know of my circumstances? esor evo

550633 dnya, s. A net.

S. & Go: ndha, s. Length, especially of

****** *::st has he money or not?

cloth. 2. epistasis.

997', dini-gallu, See esses'.

s & Tob&# ddhrika, s. A red centipede.


s. & adhi, s. Mental agony, anxiety,

ease of the mind. 2. a pledge or pawn.

C. &#9 dinili, s. A muskrat.



e?"; adhikya, s. Increase, accumula.

c. e?:32, e3335.9%, dnu, dtu-kollu,

v. a. To stay, prop, support

tion. **** a superior, an elder.


e?: adhi-patya, s. Authority. 2.


S. e?83 dahina, s. Control,

subjection. ***s one's own control. Eos
*** another's control, foreign subjection. Eco

sees *-y

to support with the head. 2. to recline on,

lean against dsxas. *y to lean the back

against rata es way to lean against a
wall. *% soowort: Seco evo *ays: a. twig
(put into a leak) will stop a bushel of water

(despise not little things.) 3. to catch, to

*** to be under the control of another.

bear up. **** to catch a ball. wr', to

****** to become subject to another.

catch a falling fruit. 4. to reach, to join,

touch. ess Ro-3 *SA so:3a esa Gao?: he

***** chance, Providence.




Iives next door to me. 5. to open the mouth

ji, dn-khaiji, dingaiji, s. A trouble

or hand. * * **# to open the mouth

some kind of scabbiness or itch.

to receive any thing. 6. to stand before,

oppose, resist, &c. 7. to be ready. 8. to
have, possess, assume, obtain. e8:30, 50
*, *,*, ese:), eRewa, ecozo to cause to



dn-kartale, s. A large

kind of aloe.

c. ex:3e3e3

dn-kallu, s. A hailstone. es
3x **w hail.

Iean, rest, or recline on. 2. to make lean

C. ex:36evels n-klus. Elephantiasis.

C. e53859: dn-ksu, s. A small copper

against any thing, as against a wall, &c. e

sco to join, touch, reach. 9 *# to re
cline or rest one's self against a pillar, &c. e.

coin bearing the figure of an elephant.

C. ex:387-300 dine-gundi, s. A town near

sets, est:r to be insufficient. 2 not to

reach. 3. to be unattained, umpossessed, un
obtained. esco it is insufficient, it will not
support. **: the act of leaning on or bear
ing up. ex:3:58, ***, eos: C, supporters,
resisters. *******::cterset:32:32: 3:


988: dnechchu,


v. n. To take a good


e:32. dinettu,


v. a. To lift up with

main strength.

*** ** having said to his charioteer,

we are a match for the battle, and Arjun is

s:5%e/3 an-neggilu, s. The Pada


lium murea.

coming. esovo to press down well, eoso,

* past part. Having supported, assumed,

C. &#627telsdn-bagalu, s. The entrance

&c. &c. ***** holding in or with the

hand. ****A* having assumed a form
or disguise, eosd to be supporting, &c. eo


gate of the Mysore palace.

** to approach. 2. to last long e2">

** to follow, pursue, to go close to one
another, &c. &c" with a verb, expresses
the continuance or completeness of the action.

din-bhalle, s. An elephant

C. ex:32:32:28:37's dn-musudi-nega
lu, s. A crocodile.

c. ex:3&Q&#d dn-lli-sara, s. Aga

ricus viviparus.

** to burn long ector, to eat vora


ciously, &c.


spear with a broad blade.

e:Kers 4nu-gunya, adj. Friendly,

e?:36:983 an-suffi,

s. A very large


harmonious, amicable. See esoror.

e225, e3e3:538.5,

s &#9%26s 65 anuptirvika, (from the

dn-heije-tabaku, an-mettana-taba

beginning) s. Method, order.

C. & 3 dine, s. An elephant. 2. (in chess)
the rook or castle. 3. A. c. I (emphatic), I



ku, s. A large round tray with scolloped

C. e5:5'97.3 dnougu, v. a. To shake vio

"wasn't a white elephant. *ears:


a black elephant. *:: an elephant in rut.

**, *, ** a royal elephant. rooms a

ex3,863, dinnya, See ete.

es: e:#3, e: &nwiksha,

T. B.

low elephant. e. ea: to make an elephant

anwikshaki, dinwikshike, s. Criminal

Play. 2. to rock (as an elephant) a child on

the knee. **** corns to grow. earoo

law. 2. logical philosophy, metaphysics.

* a young elephant, es: Enzys, e3 =s***

S. 6: pa, s. Water. 2, one of the eight

an elephant keeper. e5 roe an elephant kill

er. 63r *g, es:3e *y, e:r 3oboCoos wer: a
pit for catching wild elephants, e3v war.

C. &#:




a defective verb denoting abili

** *** **, to tame an elephant, tree e

ty. Added to infinitives, it forms a potential

mood; as &arries: I can go. tscen: he

* *** a decoy elephant, es: *=v, e3e

can come.

) elephant's provender.

negative is d, q.v.

9&# 9.38%* &#. dn-kaj


S. 6:7%


toocoenet, thou canst write.


s. A river.




s: "Ege dpaga, s. A shop. 2. a market.

s. ex: 8332 4pya, s. Ardent spirits, a po

etc. -w a dealer.


9:32, &:, es: pattu, dipada,

T. B. &#&# dpkshe, see est.

A. C. &#2:K's apolisu, c. a. To order or

pade, s. Misfortune, calamity, distress.


2. peril, danger. 3. evil, straits. *****

a time of trouble. ess. Eao, ess. eve to

be in straits.

s. &#28%3 dpshana, s. Sipping water

e: money put by for a time

from the palm of the hand, as a religious

of need. *:2:= a friend in need. e:

ceremony before or after meals.

** conduct suitable to circumstances of


e'E, dipta, adj. Trusted, confidential,


attached, dear. 2. gained, obtained. e.g.:

S. ex:39 dpanna, (suffering ex') adj.

a beloved friend. e. a confidential friend.

Afflicted, distressed. es' as an afflicted man.

s. Jovi. apka, s. A potters kiln.

*, *3) a trust-worthy prime minister, e

*...* a person not to be trusted, a foe.

C. ex: o33 apti, [See *] adv. Such, so

H. "***b aptdgiri, s. A large circular

flatskreen or ketasol used by persons of rank.
S. &#. pti, s. Gain, acquisition. 2 bind

much. s. A vile, worthless, disreputable per

son. * *o:*::=9 Exorvo + #v=# ag:
there are no sack things, as you have brought,
in this place. e ost: avac.a.") *:::8:
* *****& there are no such men in
this country as in that. 5:9 &ao:S-rai! 3:

ing, joining.

s: water.
9:45 4pya, adj. Watery, consisting of

###2 ******b de #&#23, 2-vs. 8 if I

offer a cloth worth two and a half pagodas,
they say it is not worth so much. ::::::::
co: ****, 3rv:ce as a set:+ sa) you are


s. ex: 03 apt, adj.

Falling, descending.
2. throwing down, causing to descend. 3.


into the water.

the instant or current month.

c's 4pluta,


s: eyv3 4pdane, s. Union, junction.

s & GoK. dpdisu, e.a. To accuse.
s. & 5.3, dpna, s. A public drinking

adj. Immersed, wetted,


H. &#2.27t, es: no aptbagiri,

diphtgiri, see
e: 2, diphtbu, s. A kind of Indian


place. 2. beverage.
s. & Jo) 4pdli, s. A louse.


H. &#8532 aphimu, s. Opium.

to stop up



*#. dphkhuddu, s. Assuming airs,

taking on one's self.

s &#8: 4pida, s. A chaplet tied on the

crown of the head.

C. &2768 abd-gdi, s.

S. &#83 4pina, s. An udder. adj. Broad,

wide, extended.

A simpleton, a

man without ability. eartaws inability.

H. &200t's abdu, adj. Populous, inhabi

c. *% {pu, s. A kind of reed or rush used

ted; cultivated, as land. et: Enzo to cul

tivate, to fill with inhabitants.

for feeding elephants, making mats, &c. ex:

S. & 8,09:25 do abala-vriddharu, ,

** a box made of reeds.

e?:32:25 dpipika,

95% dprachhchhana, s.

s: E):885 aprapadina, . A dress

reaching from the shoulders to the feet.
S. e's 4plara, s. Bathing by jumping

to you you are not ashamed.


apydyana, s. Refresh
trcossaro to be refreshed.

upon receiving or parting with a visitor.

a worthless fellow, howsoever much is said

c. &#39 4pidu, c. a. To calk,

ea's 33-3
ment, satiety.

s. A baker, a con


c. ** dpe, * A wooden spoon, a cocoanut

Young and old.

c. * dinga, s. A blind man.

C. &#257. dbuge, s. Groping, as a






H. &#35:= (imarda, s. A Hindustani vo

II & 2,303 dburu, s. Character, credit, res


pect, honour. e.t.c. Eve, character to be

preserved. e.txt, Bt, *# to prevent the

H. &.333588 amadani, s. Profit, gain.

character from being injured, when it is as


es: dmanasya,

s. Pain.

2. the

pains of childbirth.

c. ex:3xce dbe-ganna, s. A sore eye. 2.

s. ex:33533 dmaya, s. Sickness, disease.

s. & 533e).5, e3333e) 3 dimalaka, dmala
ki, s. Emblic Myrobalan.
C. c953953: mavade, s. Different split

a blind eye. ed "#, "soak" evost why

do you grope about with sore eyes?
C. ey&#5 dbele, s. Groping in the dark. 2.
dry leaves.

eese: dbji,

s. A blind man.

pulse seethed, strained and beaten in a mortar

till solid, and then fried in ghee, as a cake,

2. a

and soaked in curdled milk.

S. 64 dbha, s. Effulgence, lustre.

es: amatya,


S. dge dbharana, s. Ornament, deco

ration, as jewels, &c. et: Cr. 36: *y. to put

s. A counsellor, an

adviser; a prime minister.

S. e5533-3533 amshaya, s. The umbili

on ornaments.

cal region.

S. 9-porkCo dbhshana, s. Conversing,

S. e593: misha, s. Flesh. 2. bribe. 3.

alms. 4. food. 5. enjoyment.
ing. oast carnivorous.

s. eport, esopo's dbhsa, dbhsu, adj.

Low, vulgar. * ** a low vulgar word.

6. lust, long

s. 693% amikshe, s. Curds of milk whey.

*. An insult, an affront. 2. disorder. 3.

H. &.9JS3:3 diminanu, s. A native ma

spoiling. * * * to spoil a work.
*** **** to go off in disgrace.

gistrate, judge or judicial officer.

H. &#Jse dimila, s. A native revenue officer,

T. B. *@*# dbhildshe, see eccia.

who superintends a district, and usually exer

s: "480 dbhira, s. A cowherd. 2 one

sprung from a brahman

cises minor judicial powers. essed the office.

father and a Vaish

eos::seve dimkshya-kari, s. One


3/a mother.

*to a cowherd's wife.

who is in doubt.

*& [*] a station of herdsmen.

S. &#8e dbhla, s. Bodily pain, dread. adj.

es:935. 4mukta, adj. Accoutred. 2.



3. clothed.

Fearful, terrible.



dimukta-kshi, s. A man

s. e53.987. dbhga, s.

Completion, ful
ness. 2. effort, pains. 3. the expanded hood

with dishevelled hair.


s &#928b559, dmudiriyu, s. A disten.

S. 6333 dima, s. Mucus, bad secretions, af.

sion of the bowels, occasioned by constipation,

which usually leads to dysentery, and often

of a serpent used by Varuna as his


ends in death.

fection of the bowels. 2. sickness, disease.

** a collection of mucus, e= *d a
fever accompanied by flux. e= ecs worms

C. C's:03:293 dimusulu, s. Akind of dried

with flux. 33 tests: a purgative to re

c. e5:33:2,5 dimushmika, s. Heaven, ex

move flux, es: C, a bloody flux. es"):

the giving of rice, &c., to brahmans by other

S. e5533&e dmla, s. The very root or foun

sour fruit.

emption from further transmigration.

castes with whom the brahman cannot eat,


in performance of the annual rites to deceased

whole, entire, from top to bottom.


C. &#33 ama, s. A potter's kiln.

S. &#23908/09

dimantrana, s.

e=>aess thoroughly


*Rs.3%re amishyayana, adj.

Of an illustrious family.


C. &#2 ame, s. A turtle.

calling, esco/* invited.



es:owsto turtle


s. &#2&#e dimphala, s. A dried kind

** a work well executed. easy's tes

of fruit.

select people. 2. people of one height. 3.

s. e53.985 dmda, s. Pleasure, kindness,

joy. 2. a fragrance, a diffusive perfume,
*** to be glad.

people who do public service for land allowed

them. ecove?, # to stand in array.

C. eyd335 got? dyaka-tande, s. A father


s. e-33-3532 amndya, s. The rada e

c. e563,537 ot: yakana-ganda, s. The

*** *** the noise made in reading the

husband of a woman twice married.

vdas. 2. scripture, received doctrine, tradi

tional usage, family or national customs. 3.
an hereditary possession free of taxes.


s ex323 dyata, adj. wide, extended,


e') 4mra, s. The mangoe tree.

es):83 4mrdita,

S. e55333 dyatana, s. An altar, also a

shed for sacrifices.

s. Repetition of a

s. e56333 dyati, s. Future time. 2. ma

sound or word.

s &#2 amla, s. The tamarind tree. e:


vinegar. *...* acid, sour. es:s a wild

tamarind tree. ex: **, the heart burn, e

ecos.:*ro, eacos. 5:3 to become ready,


*, *, *, *:2: to make ready.

932. 3 dimlina, s. The plant termed

s. ex033: dyasa, s. Iron. 2. hardware.

3. a weapon, knife, sword, &c. *t, *: a

prickly lawsonia.

c. ex:33, dya, s. Measure. 2. proportion.

s. e563, dya, s. A vital part. 2. gain, pro

s. Preparation, readi

ness. 2. docility, tractableness, humility.

*...*, *::, *w water in which rice has

been boiled left till it ferments.

3. length. 4. restraint of mind.

&#. dyatta,

state sword. T. B. [e:R:] fatigue.

s. e5033-33 dyma, s. Length.

s. e5533-7: dyasa s. Fatigue, weariness,

3. duration.

c. e5533, e325ro532, exor's

dya, dya-sdya, dya-swamya, s. Corn

indisposition, trouble. 2. annoyance, vexa




eacre:Etro, eaco: Cao,

*** **, to become weary, to be fatigued.

ecis: *** to weary, to distress.

given from the threshing floor, to the heredi

tary servants of the village as their establish
ed fees of office. ex: rst) hereditary village
servants; as, n3 the head man, "St:atri
accountant, test: astrologer, *.e corn

C. &o), di, s. An old Woman, a matron.

C. &oore's digalu, s. A linga box.

c. *o)339 ditu, 3rd per sing past tense

of ero, It is done, &c.

measurer and shroffer, WSR.c smith, town

T. B. &ojos
ditta, See exos.

carpenter, voctric potter, mood barber, er:

* washerman, tree" one who stamps the pub
lic seal, **sac, *.sv:sa watchman, rlot:
one who has charge of tanks for irrigation,
and lets off water to different farmers, Ra:ws
c +/ gatherer of beetle nut, &c.
e553.5 dyaka, See eas.

c. e563-3, exo'), dyu, di, v. a. To choose,

select, glean, pick up. et selected, picked
out, chosen. escore to cause to select, glean,
&c. etcr' pieces of dried cowdung picked
up in pastures, &c. for fuel.

ecosro, 30

ea', the act of

choosing or selecting. Scot: gleaned ears of
sto, escoes, escox:0%, ecceer",

ex5:35 % dya-kattu, s. Regulation,

corn; choice ears selected for seed. 2. a first

settlement, arrangement. 2. fixing the lim
its of a village, the boundaries of land, or
measurement of houses. 3. array of an

crop. 3. ears of corn hid by rats, &c. in the

earth, essay ex-y to select for one's


army. adj Choice, excellent. 2. tight, firm,

well, in good condition. ecove, sass:
to talk well. easov's 3roso, e2, we's :*

* a choice speech, an excellent word. * * *

*** a good plan or arrangement, esov',

etc. to be selected.


ecodo to be un

*o to pick out and put away.

s: eyo:33, exes:, exoSox: 8 dyu,

dyussu, dyushya, s. Age, duration of


life. 2. term of natural life, escow: gos long



lived. ecost#t" shortness of life, decay of

age. Bryarco.:) long life, great age. *
*racor, mature age.
ecosts :*o the

C. & do2 dramba, s. Agriculture, cultiva

ting land, farming. ***cots dry cultivation.

period of natural life. eccott:3&*:::::: an

astrologer who predicts how long a new
born child will live.

$tocoto wet cultivation,

ecotor Hesserto

implements of husbandry.

ecots sis: to


ecotoned a farmer.

ecotrk=v the time a

S. & Co.35 drambha, s. Commencement,

person is likely to live, or strength of age.

ecoso-carr's life and health. eco-tra:

worth, value, period of life.
S. es:3-5. dyukta, s. An agent, deputy.

pons of war. easoor: "c", ecoz: se, eax: #

ecot: 5:33, eco-pro to begin,


tdot:: *ro to be commenced.

*** **C* empty boast, sham courage.

ecot?" beginning. 2. majesty. edct":r

e;6:23; dyudha, s. A weapon in gene.

ral. 2. a tool, an instrument. ecot::::
military tactics ecozsse a military depot,
an arsenal. ex:="f the aggregate of wea


(in gramr.) the choative case.

C. &Jo33 dra-kuta, s. Brass.

C. sex: dra-gatta, s. A very deep well.

C. &C7.2:39 dra-gddu, s. Fruitlessness,


****, ***** an armed man, a sol

dier. ector:#e: a military review. eas:
to to arm.



ecoz; "|R3, ea:30:2-3F3 the

e?:3.2% dyga, s. A shore, a bank.

e:3.2% dygapanu, s. A man of

C. &#87,73 dragisu, c. a. To eat, dine.

ao::A =93ao: een: earx, seed, the
priests are come to dine at my house to-day.

mixed race.

c. *** drage, s. A large basket used for

worship of weapons, tools, &c.


C. e5 d53533d dragina-mara, s. See


s. 232&#3 dyddhana,

war, battle.

sers: dragvatha,


s. The tree Cassia

2. a warrior.


S. ed dra, s. A shoemaker's awl or knife.

2. sound.

c. *d dra, An appellative affix of nouns; as

*ct: a pot, voctrid a potter. *=3, iron,
**Red a smith. 2. expresses well, fully,
clearly, distinctly, &c. as, *r-e sta, to

C. &#883 drata, See east!.

S. se& drattu, s. The name of a coun

ec's a horse from that country.

C. & C dradi, [six footed]s. The carpenter

distinctly. *nt SR* to speak clearly.

bee. 2. publicity. ecocars to become pub

lic. eta =R3 to publish, make public. e8
ex:57: "ex. Sk: *** ***** why do you

*** *** to do cordially wr-e woo

*** * **** when you saw distinct.

publish what is a great secret? 3. infamy,

scandal. 4. uselessness. 5. an adversary,

ly, why do you make as though you had not

seen P 3. negative of s can, and expresses
impossibility or impracticability; as, occo

s. e50 gig dranita, s. A sound, a tinkling.

see well, clearly.

end he cannot come.

not walk.

**and *wo to hear

StGaccoed thou canst

*.*Eerst: I cannot read.

an enemy.

6. enmity, hatred.

T. B. & 53, ex8= drati, dirti, Teess)"]


s. Waving lamps, &c. before a person or

idol, to avert the effects of evil eyes. 2. wa

not being possible.

GCE that which cannot

ving a mixture of water, lime and turmerick


to parents, bridal pairs, &c. on wedding and

A. C. & d dra, Atermination of nouns in the

ancient dialect; as tast a lodging.

ae', soot.

roast a

other auspicious occasions.

ear as to
place the lamp in the wave offering basin. saddle cloth.

C. & Co.53 dranku, e.a. To saw, cut, grind.

radrizo: ede" to cut with a saw.


ve eco" to grind or pound on a stone,

C. &cort d drangra, s. Confusion.

ear ::, to light the wave lamp. ear

** to sing in presenting a wave offering.
5.orvacs a valedictory anthem. esco St.,
ear tyro, ear saw to wave a lamp before

a goddess, &c. esca "#, a metal plate for



wave offerings. 2. trouble. e3F #23do a
wave lamp made of rice paste. ::=vsar a

3. satisfaction.

song used in wave offerings. *E*r, t's)

ped. c, worthy to be worshipped. ec

** a wave offering in a decorated metal

** a sect of brahmans who wear the linga,

and worship Shiva exclusively.

plate. *****r a pair of wave lamps. *E

** a compound wave offering. &#3r
waving a lamp. *****r a wave lamp with

esca?: to worship.

C-53 the worship of God.


ecst's worship

S. & Co.332 drma, s. A garden, a grove.

*C*soote a walk for pleasure in a garden.
*C** *** the ground inclosed in a pleasure

five wicks.

s. ** dranla, s. sour gruel made


from the fermentation of boiled rice.

C. ext:3: dran, num. adj. Sixth.

S. & Co.33 drva, s. Sound.

S. 6022 drabdha, s. Lot, fate. 2 the

C. & Co.:0 drvra, s. Retinue, train.

S. Gov'85 drlika, s. A cook.

ecs?o to


consequence of the deeds of a former birth.

3. See also ects.

C. eyes drike, s. The

S. Goa;3 drabhate, s. A branch of the
dramatic art; the machinery of the drama,



Italicum. ****** a variety of the same.

C. & 67, drigi, s. A tree so called.

the representation of the magical incanta

C. &#67 Rodrigisu, See eenzo.

C. &63&do dri-tiru, v. n. To be adroit,

tions, &c.

s. *.d4 drabhi, s. The name of a tune.


95% drabhya, s. Beginning, com

mencement. ***** from the beginning
of the world. ecc:* adj. Since, thence,
from thence, from here.

c. e503.333 drayu, See ee-ax.

well versed, thoroughly skilled. 92 &et's

an adroit, one well acquainted with business.

S. 905, dridra, s. The sixth lunar man


ecs) swo- a red insect.

C. &bsod drivra, s. Confusion, bustle.

2. anxiety.

c. *.de/O drald, [and, and Beij who is

to:Yo 6&sjid:

*b*C* confusedly, hurriedly.

** a man much pressed by

that? who goes there?

business, &c.

s. *.d53 drawa, s. Sound.

T. B. & di drave, see eans.


eyesvg drivla,


A tree so called.

c. *b* drisu, c. a. To choose, select, or

S. & C3 draksha, s. A watchman adj.

pick out. 2. See under esco. eel, anco to
Preserved, defended.
choose and pick out.

c. 65.83 drta, s. Sorrow, anguish, grief,

c. & Co dru, num. Six. eco Roos, esre,
distress. 2. fatigue, toil. 3. torment, vio
six persons. ed.:ar Shanmukha, the son of
lent pains. 4. fondness. Bost: Row's mental
anguish. east: Ead to be distressed.

c. &c., 3 drti, s. An enemy.

c. &cot: rtera, adj. In six ways.

Shiva, with six faces.

ecos."r 3~ Shiva.

ecovado, econsco, ecozoso the six seasons. 2.

a year. eto?"exe **, *: e:,' *: *Asozo


**os & an escoso I have laboured hard all

ruined, spoiled, dispersed, scattered, dissipa

ted, as an estate, &c. e5/3-wave trew's:

the year, and shall now have to fold my arms

(the crop having failed.)
A. c. &c., dru, See aad.

ecstd::on tP3.cnh & 84%: the worth

less man's property is all dispersed.


*a*s, drttu,

adv. Near 2. distant.

C. &#82, &#825ot's dru, dru-karu, [**to

s. &Co.3/5 drtrika, s. A wave offering

of lights, &c.

c. &cotta drdarit, [anotes] Who.

soever, any person.

pleonastic] s. A complete ploughing appa

ratus, or a plough with oxen and implements
of husbandry complete. essed his plough.
to:-0.5 ts#0 as much land as can be tilled

with one plough. ed. ***, ed. **, to yoke

S. & Co., 3 drdhane, s. Divine worship,

the service of God, prayer. 2. accomplishing.

oxen to a plough. Roo::ct!: the front or

best yoke of oxen.

Soon-do the hindmost or


et ne:

second yoke of oxen, eost', ees #, an

C. & 582, drettu, c. n. To reach on tip toe.

account showing the number of ploughs be

longing to each farmer in a district. ed.
* to take oxen from a plough. ed esco the

C. & 3:3 dreda, s. Six places in the body

*...* out of reach, incomprehensible.

noticed in worship.

half share or half ownership of a plough.

** ***** a plough with a change of

***** ****~ as much land as can

*32. drttu, c. a. To winnow.

c. & 3:3 drede, s. Cowardice, ecca'ssas

*A*ows: the coward will consent to

be cultivated with one yoke of oxen.

nothing. .

c. *d, dru, v. n. To be quenched, extin

guished, to go out, as fire, to cool. 2. to be
healed or mollified. 3. to be appeased, paci
fied or calmed. 4. to be dried, as land. 5.
to be lost or destroyed. *a*::ses, anger is
pacified. *~~5.: the wound is healing.
ee &atro to become cold or cool. 2. to dry
up, heal. 3. to perish, be destroyed. 4. to
be quenched, gone out, &c. ex: Asse &atro
#: the food is getting cold. to toco to be

C. & 587-3 drgida, s. A kind of tree.

C. eyes r drmi, s. An earthen vessel used
in marriage ceremonies. See "or".

C. &#803 drru, [seco:c, s. Mahrattas.

c. &#853323 drvatavu, see eek ha.


ecr unquenchable, &c.

dreike, s. Protection, care of,

cx to nourish, foster, protect, take care of:

to wait on; to see after. Seas".:****t

come dry, &c. ecs, ecca, eer, edes,

ecovy, ed 39 to set to cool, to put out to


nourishing, nursing, fostering. ****, *3

shall I not take care of the country P o

wrix's A* =>a:#3 &#xh two: if plants

and infants are not looked after they will not
thrive well. ed.:*:02:27: eatress:ca t:krt
**Ros: any sickness, by nursing, is soon

ect: an in

satiable appetite. ***.cscs a sore gradually

to heal. Bessest land gradually to dry.
* the act of drying, healing, cooling, &c.
ee>, ecozo, esor to quench, cool, dry, &c.


C. &#3

S. &d, &c. & dru, drunu, s. The planet

63. dreiyu,

look for


v. a. To search, to

3, eco-sto searching, looking


c. 95.35 dru-dale, comfort. 2 stan.

C. & 3.7% dreisu, v. n. To expect, look for.

mukha, with six heads.

2. to wish, desire.

A. c. 93250-393-39 dru-dde-minu,

c. 95.00:325et drondan-wdra, [se

s. The fish Silurus Batracus.

venth day] s. Saturday. ediaced * the

C. & d2332/9d., dru-muru, s. Perversion,

plague of Saturn.

prostitution, spoiling, ruin. 2 injustice. e.

c. *co saw [to make six into three] to per

c. * as KF3 drgane, s. A meal, repast,

eating, edatrs: meal-time.

vert, spoil.


*, ediatrfft SR39 to take a meal, to eat

food. escakrtradore a meal to be finished.

C. & do?:27.3 dru-sangati, s. The six

parts of a native dancing corps.

c. *d/o: rdha, s. Common practice, fa

**** drgya, s. Health, happiness.

miliarity, acquaintance with, commonness.

adj. Not sickly, healthy, wholesome, salubri

2. ascending, mounting. *a:Sah

having ascended the throne. exist assers to

ous. edistry tars the riches of health. *

&at's #y a healthy place. Gstrst at whole

become mounted on a horse.

some food.

a weeding plough. 4.

a shoemaker's knife.

C. & 3.088 drta, s. Running slowly, as

when nearly exhausted.

c. * dre, interj. of approbation or admi


C. & 37/98.33 dregdu, s. The pole or shaft

of a plough.

ed.stris Fas bathing after re

covery from sickness.

c. * dre, s. Mahratta. 2. a crowbar. 3.

s. & 3.985, 3.2&R 303d drdha,

drdhntara, s. Obstacle, impediment.
S. ext:use: drpane, s. Imputation or



accusation. 2. a false charge. east: to

impute, charge with, accuse unjustly.

quenched, * breast]'s. Cowardice, fail

ure of courage.

s. *ve: drha, s. Abuttock. 2. length,



es:- drdra, adj. Wet,

moist, damp.

2. loose, flaccid, soft, tender. es/ra, a

tender heart.

s. &#233 go drhana, s.


climbing, rising. 2, the treble in music. 3.

S. &c.)= 5 draraka, s. Green ginger.

a stair.

S. &# = drare, s. The sixth lunar mansion,

A. c. *6) drri, s. Deceit, 2.

a arionis.

decision, firm

mess, resoluteness.
A. C. & Co drru, ".. a. To wet, to immerse.

*# wetted, moist. 2. drowned. 3.

A. C. &=", es:= drpu, drpa, s. Power,

might, ability, capacity. ear: if able.
*** ***** if you are able, extricate your
self. ****** attempt, if you are able.

bad, de

praved, corrupted.

c. ***=# drgola,

9E=g. dr-pattu, num, sixty.

[ed to dry, *aw a

A. C. &= ,e\}=7.5, &#957-65 drpu,

drpugil, drpogal, s. A lamentation,

pondis. A dry pond.

c. ** drchu, see ecz, under ea.

s. exag=3 drjane, s. Acquirement, accumu

roaring, loud cry.

A. C. & #5-7.5 drpegal, s. shoulders

lation, acquisition, gain, eer, eers ==

* to acquire, get, amass, obtain. eera, e.
*** obtained, acquired. eters ** acquir
ed merit. sers * incurred guilt. :case

T. B. Gas &, eye=8, eaxos. 83, ex

era, "sers self-acquired. ears 5/53 amass

drbata, drpta, drbode, see earts.

hardened by use.

*8, 9:25: rbata, drpata,

ed wealth. *E*rers to the fruit of a for

mer birth. ts)ars patrimony.
s &a==3 drjava, adj. Right, correct, good.

A. c. 9:==335, es:###5 dr-bemar,

dr-bevar, s. Dried perspiration.

s &#=8, e7355.3, egos-3 drbhata,

C. &&s & dirtili, s. A muskrat.

drbhate, drbhta, s. A dreadful

artesava, . A man who,

3.92=-& dirtli, s, Thirty-six Cowries.

s. e503ss drya, adj. Respectable, vene

s: Ges: drnava, s. The ocean.


&ga-53 dirtava,

s. Menses.

rable, elder.

s eydos, e?&s==f3 drye, drydni,

* Parvati, chief of women,

*rcs, ear:8 the voice of grief; lamentation.

****** succourer of the afflicted.



screr:* Shiva.

S. e5533's 533s-

T. B. & 8s dirti, See ees.


2. of good family, eccord, el

ders, ministers, &c. ears a grandfather.

dirti, s. Sorrow, affliction, pain. e.

* Sorrowful, afflicted, distressed. earriv', e.

S. 673s-

c. *s d: r-teranu, ,

cry, a

fearful noise, roaring, vociferating. 2. bustle,

uproar. Grz, parts ::::: to cry aloud,
roar. 2. to publish.

dryd-parta, s. The

country between the Himalaya and Windhya

mountain ranges.

See ec. 38:3.

9&== artwija, s. A priest eart: s: ofGe=#23
See arya-vi

s. A kind


A. C. eytes-o:how'ss-o drdum-srdum,

C. Csos 8 drvshi, adj. Less, deficient,

dried, not poised.

* Publishing; crying and proclaiming.

c. & 3.25-7.5, es: os-33e), dr-dogal,

drdovalu, [se to dry, are skin]s. Dry

c. ** drvli, s. A fickle

woman, a

gad, a gossip.

c. *S*=e drvla, s. A caste of brahmans

skin, cuticle.

so called.

A. c. 932s 3:5 dr-domnal, fees

S. &#3- drsha, * One of the forms of




marriage, the father of the bride receiving

s, eye, 532 alaya, s. A house, abode, edifice.

one or two pairs of kine from the bridegroom.

2. a chapel, church, temple, 3, asylum, re

fuge. *a: the body. Rocstas a temple.

adj. Pertaining to, or of, a rishi.

zerseaso a tent.

s. &#8E653 drsheya, s. The tribe of a

C. $900-7:3 alaisu, See ee&#9.

C. eve' alarale, s. The tree Ficus reli

rishi. adj. belonging to a rishi.

C. &#9-8 drsudi, s. A whirlpool.


C. ey: = arse, s. The saul tree.

C. &e/e alaris. A simpleton, a fool.

s. e553=5 dirhaka, adj. Suitable, fit, be
s. &ei=383, dilavatta, s. A fan.
coming. 2. practicable, possible.

A. C. eye);3e): lavalavike, s.


s. &#133; dirha-patha, s. An excellent

attachment, ardent love, fondness.


s. &e dla, s. Yellow orpiment.

2. the

banyan tree. 3. a basin at the foot of a tree.

adj. Large, extensive.
A. C. &e dila, s. War, battle.

c. eyelo535-8 dlanki-ta, s. The name

of a boy's game.

s. 25922, eyeloa,3 alamba, dlambane,

s. Hanging, oscillation, dependence, reliance.
2. protection, countenance, support. 3.
acquaintance with, as with science. 4, a
sacrifice. evoo: 3:39 to rely or depend
upon. evow: *.*.* to give countenance or

support, evoodoosa aft, "ay to take

under one's support, to patronise. * ****
esp?t:catoto3 ervoas has he any acquain
tance with that science? evoa supported,

captivated, infatuated. See *.

C. &e/33

ala-valli, s. Aspecies of creeper.

s. effe/506) dlavla, s. A basin round the

foot of a tree. 2. a garden bed.

s. eye/Ko dlasya, [ee:] s. Slowness, tar

diness, indolence, idleness, laziness, inactivity,
procrastination, adj. Slow, lazy, idle. ex",
eso', ev:sn't a sloth, sluggard, loiterer,
eu:=re to be slow, tardy. 2. to be dull,
heavy, weary from slight indisposition. 2.

to be delayed, ev: Essao to delay, procrasti


II. &ero dl, adj. Superior, chief, respectable.

eans: a respectable man. **
superior and inferior.

c. eyev'."<3) &ljli, s. Dilatoriness,

laziness. adj. dilatory, lazy.

s. &ero:3 dlna, s. A stable.

s. &e/o35 dlambha, Lev battle]s. Slaugh

2. the post

to which an elephant is tied.

ter in battle, killing.

lakala-visha, s.

s. eror aldpa, s. Speaking to, addressing,

conversation. 2. expression of sorrow. *

s. eye/7t's dilagarda, s. A water-snake.

3 speaking to, addressing. 2. humming a

tune. 3. thought, reflection. * to

c. &. s. 695 ve/9:

A strong poison.

2. the race of water-snakes.


ees: a speaker.

2. a sorrowful


s. Ge diagna, s. A jointure.
c. &e 7,73 dilagisu, See ee:9.

s. &er-239 aldbu, s. A pumpkin gourd.

s. effe/3, eye,03 dilati, dilanti, s. A

s. ero:33= dla-varta, s. A fan or um

brella made of cloth.

wave offering of lights, &c. See *3/* and



exed:#d, eyer: lada-mara, flavu,

sev's dlsya, s. Dancing.

2. a cro


s. The banyan, Ficus Indica. * *

eno: or 5 a pendent root from the branch
of the banyan tree. *.*.*.*, *, *,

s. 63) ali, s. A woman's female friend. 2.

the eye, eers'': they embraced with

coee, zcano, Patri's" varieties of banyan.

line, continuous range. 4. a ridge or mound

T. B. eye/.4%% dila-pattala, See eos:

of earth dividing fields, &c. 5, a line, race

or family. 6, a bee. 7. a scorpion.

A. C. &e):38, 4la-malla, s. A powerful

man in fight, a pugilist.

their eyes, (looked affectionately.) 3. a row,

s. 6907.3 dlingane, s. Embracing, an*




embrace. GeoP:3, teor's Enzo to embrace.

econs, eco?: embraced.

klu, v. a. Tolistento, give ear to, to hear


S. & Sor, ego: linda, dlinda, see

s. ex: Ret, e332253 dika, dlkane,


s. Seeing, looking, sight. 2. light. 3. flat

tering, panegyric. ***** to see, look at.

S. & Sovi, &#233 dlindaki, dlinda

ki, s. A squirrel.

c. &&R diliga, s. An unstable,

32.3 s seen.

fickle man,

Gear's an object of sight.


dlchane, s.

deliberation, thought, reflection. 2. counsel,

opinion, advice. Geakt3:9, ediasts: sists to

a wanderer.

c. *35 alida, adj. Fatigued. 2.

e:#22 23.3

reflect on, deliberate, ponder, view attentive


ly with the mind, consider. Geakt33 &2,

ecasts: #33 to give one's opinion or advice.
* eexas's: #59 that advice is not good.

A. C. & 9533e) alivaralu, s. Hail.

c. 99%, e?&###3 dilisu, lisi-klu,

See ee:#9.

s. ex: 2833, ex&ge:3 diddane, al.

S. & 98% alidha, s. Friction,

rubbing a

dhane, s. A general acquaintance with, as

gainst any thing. 2. es: :-3 standing with

the left foot in advance of the right, as in

authors. 2. a thorough enquiry, deep re

search. 3. churning. ecst: 3:59, eat

** to inquire deeply and fully into a subject.


ex383 alina, s. Hiding one's self.

S. & 98.55 alinaka, s. Lead.
s. '98e72% dlildinga, s. A handsome

or resplendent body.

2. to churn.

&#e3, alchru,

s. An enlargement of

the testicles by injury, in boys.

S. Geo aluka, s. A name of the chief of

C. e553, 330, 5332, e3333333 diva, d

vam, avanu, avavanu, See cas, &c.
A. C. & 53 diva, See ey.

the serpent race. 2. an esculent root, Arum

A. C. e?:07:35) drangadali, [an= eart

A. C. &e dilu, v. n. To cry out, to roar.

campanulatum. 3. the creeping plant, Cu

r:#] How? by what method or means.

curbita lagenaris.

A. C. &#337(o dwagam, [2R-3ries] adv.

c. 95 dile, s.

A sugar-cane mill. 2. a forge.

*): ** a winepress. ***** a hand sugar

cane mill. ****** a sugar-cane mill worked

by oxen. & so; a sugar-baker's office. &

* * : a fiend supposed to haunt sugar
mills. ed:se a place for sugar boiling, ed
5.3t Boo" a duty levied on sugar offices, e3,
*a**!, ed. "4:3" an iron pan for sugar
boiling. tset #3 one of the pillars of a
sugar-mill. ed., writzsor the hire of a sugar

Ever, always. esriod as always, as usual.

C. ex:38 avata, s. A play, a game.

C. &#837.33 avatiganu, s. A corn mea

C. e55333283 divatita, see e=&s.

c. e5533 dwani, s. The fifth Hindu solar

T. B. & 33 divati, See exe?.

C. e5533, & 530% divara, dvarige, ade.

mill. ed.: ***, to erect a sugar-mill. **

ecca: a sugar-mill to work. ed es:05.3 they
are making sugar. 64 Gero to work a sugar
mill. *** **, a sugar-cane fit for the mill.
e for a hole for receiving the juice as ex
pressed from the sugar-cane.

9:22, d'khya, s. Painting.

c. ****** Alekhya-shsha, adj.
Dead, deceased.
c. 9%, 9&###. dleisu, aleisi

Till, until then, up to that time.

S. e553dge dvarana, s. The space inclosed

round a house or garden. 2. a shield. eSo
* to surround, encroach, usurp. e: *en
closed, surrounded.

c. 85536 avari, s. Steam. ese ***, es


e aao to apply steam. e=9 st', ese at',

t:0 to cook or boil in steam.

esot ***

a cake cooked in steam.

C. & 365 dwarike, s. The cared Cassia,


Cassia auriculata.

C. &#) dvi, s. Exhalation, breath. 2. vapour,

Sense # a small run

ning species of the Cassia auriculata, used


in medicine.

as to put in steam.

&ao-Set another sort.

3. steam.


A. c. 9:36:55.2 avarisiyu, . A flame.

4. the heat of a fire.


e5 socco to boil in

e5 8% mist to arise.

S. & 5387.3 avalisu, see e=e: under esco.

S. & 95 dvika, s. A blanket or woollen

H. e5533've, ey;3e3=-, es:a::=, ex:3#=

avarj, dvarji, dvarju, divarje, See

c. &#5:22


or sandal. e5 = t4, to put on shoes.

liberation, reflection. 3. revolving, turning

4. a mineral substance.

C. e55%, es: 737-308, es: n, es: Ravi

ge, dviggundi, drugi, dvuge, s. A

5. hair

naturally curled.

S. 6333=3 dvartane, s. Revolution.

S. 6333= dvarti, s. A turn, time, revo

potter's kiln,

e?," saw, to fire a kiln.


**~x to open a kiln.

S. 6933=3%dvirbhavisu, v. n. Tobeborn.

Eve: 3:53r & to tell five or six


Diseased or

A. C. &#97 dwige, [*]s. A wooden shoe

s. e5533= dvarta, s. A whirlpool. 2. de


avi-kannu, s.

weak eyes.

ta F.


2. a sheep.

C. e59b aviri, See e=e.

es# dvashyaka, s. Urgency, emer S. 69e dvila, adj. Turbid, dirty, thick,
gency, need, necessity, es';**C. to be
necessary. e5%"s" to be sure and come.


A. C. & 953deo divivaralu, See se=co.

S. ego:33 divishkrita, adj. Seen, evi

T. B. & 535 divasa, See e="3.

s. 53%:3 dvahisu, See under ex3.

dent, manifest.

S. 953: vali, s. A line, row, range. 2. a

S. e8: vishta, adj. Possessed as by a

heap, multitude. *S* a volley of arrows.

demon, anger, &c. 2. engrossed by any sen

C. &5-7, 65-7(e)... dwdya, divgalit,

timent or feeling. ** demoniacal posses.

See also:*r, &c.


S. 62 4bddha, s. Great pain, or dis


See 5%:.

ex-3) dwu, s. A cow. Besar, the oldest


cow in a herd.

*a**!) a cow not milked at

S. &so: vpa, s. A basin round the foot

home, but kept in the jungle. ex: *.*&d, e.

3. a hostile inten

** **co cowherds, es?: Teen cow's milk.

ess *cori, a cows calf, e33 &20:3, es: soo
t; a herd of cows. e5G r\ac: a cow's hoof.

of a tree.

2. a bracelet.

tion. 4 sowing. 5. uneven ground.

s. & So?:5 dvpaka, s. A gold bracelet.

S. 650:3 dvpana, s. A loom, an imple.

C. & divu-bivu, s. The dried entrail

ment for weaving.

of a cow used as catgut. 2. pro. which. 3.

s. essee divla, s. A basin round the foot

A. C. We.

of a tree.

C. & 50332 dvnanu, pro. Any person,


e5-s: any thing, ess: we

any time.

T. B. &R)3 divuti, See exos.

S. 393 divrita, See under esco.
T. B. 9:23. dwritti, See esar.
c. * dve, s. A turtle or tortoise. es: t:

s. e55.0% dvsa, s. An abode, a house, e

*, tortoise shell. ****#2 a precious stone

**ro to abide.

said to be found in the head of a tortoise. 2.

s. & So3 dvdhane, s. Causing the des.

a stone used for sore eyes. e5:ae (#33) a
place abounding with tortoises. t: Weed a

cent of the Deity into an idol. 2. an invoca

tion of evil spirits by incantations. 3... pos
session. esoro to encroach, usurp, seize. 2.
to enter, or possess, as an evil spirit, or as
the deity is supposed to do an idol. 3. to

cloven foot.

es:* a spider.

es: dwellu, s. Sweet oil-seed.

S. e5:387- divga, s.

take to the mind, think of, &c.

speed. 2. fury, anger.


Hurry, haste, great



c. ex:82% drgida, s. The mustard plant.

c. *$83 drji, s. Coriander seed.
S. ex323 divesha, s. Absorption of the fa
culties in one wish or idea, devotedness to an

S. & 5202,d ashmbara, adj. Naked.

S. 6595 dshaka, s. Potherbs.
S. eve:), ey:JS3 asha-karindra,
dishane, ". An elephant of one of the eight

object. 2. demoniacal frenzy, possession, su

pernatural inspiration.


ex:R* *oto2, e3ew


** ***** to be inspired, or possessed by

a god or demon; to be in a frenzy. i.e. tse:

S. &#920; d.shdbandha, [et hope, so:

demoniacal possession.

eve: dshddhipatya, s. Univer

sal monarchy.

es:#823 dvshana, s. A workshop, ma

nufactory. 2. an entrance. 3. possession by

tie] s. A spider's web. 2. confidence, trust,

S. & J.S.:5

dshashtaka, s. The eight

devils, &c.

s. &#855 diveshika, s.

A guest, a visitor.

*::::s, *:

dvshtaka, d


points of the compass.

S. & dshi, s. A serpent's fang.

S. 63.03%) dishinjini, s. A bow-string.

*shtana, s. A wall, fence, inclosure ess

** enclosed, surrounded.

c. *S*:#8 dr-haladi, s. A


H. e53:5.0002

kind of turmeric.

s &##ce drkshana, s. seeing, looking.

e:*** seen.


adv. Afterwards;

besides that.

yawn, to

T. B. &383 dishina, See elits.

S. 63.8333-03 dshi-manta, s. The bor

drag, an instru

S. 6385-st: shirvda, s. A benediction,

ment with hooks to catch hold of things un

blessing. ebt-r: ***, e?e=re: to bless,

to wish or bestow a blessing.

c. *32% drolisu, c. n. To

C. &#37-3 ashina-gida, s. The saul tree.

S. 63d dshira, s. Fire. 2. a goblin or imp.

v. a. To control.

ey:#283, drdu, s. A

ders of a country.

der water.

c. 9:32:39 drnu, for enses.

s &% disha, s. A point of the compass.

s. 283): sh-visha, [e? a fang, 55


desire, hope. See 8.

S. &#25 dshanka, s. Fear,



c. *%276 ashangadi, s. A greengrocer's

etons a fast walker,


hurry, quickness.
evow: an extempore

S. & 397 dshuga, (swift goer]s. An arrow.

2. the wind.


s: exo~ dshamsa, s. wish, desire


praise, flattery.

s. 9%2: G = 4shamsartha, (ingramr)

s. The subjunctive mood.
S. & ZoKo dishamsu, s. Wishing blessings.
s. e5 2.533 shaya, s. Meaning, intention.
2. T. B. (3/~) an asylum, abode, retreat.
3. the Jack (a kind of bread-fruit) tree. 4.
the mind.

poison]'s. A serpent.

S. e539 dshu, s. Haste,

5, the stomach or the seat of the

stomach. 6. property. 7. a miser. 8. in

S. &#23) dshuni, s. A pup, a whelp.

S. essee, dshu-patri, s. A tree which
yields frankincense.

S. &#95323 dishu-mati, s. Mental acumen,

shrewd wit.

s. e. 5998% dshu-vrihi, s. A quickly

growing rice.

s. e533%-363 dshushukshani, s. Fire.

2. air, wind.

s. 63 dshe, s,

Wish, desire.

2. hope, ex


s. *%d dshara, s. Air, wind. 2. a goblin.

3. a foe, enemy.

pectation. 3. love, attachment. 4. curiosi

ty of the mind. e8was, et traw, setstow,
551.6, et:03, e4:73), 8:Raw, esta's a

C. e53s, es?& dsharta, dshalta, .

Irony, ridicule, mocking.

covetous or avaricious man.

tous Woman.


****** a cove

essay, eeray, 8:o, et:32


to, seek shelter,

eftove, ets', et:a::), to desire, wish,

covet, be allured, captivated. e5 8.239, e3


3. to be dependent on

e5)3 *** to sanction, patronise,

**se:), et disko to raise another's expecta

countenance, afford shelter or support.

tions, to hold out hopes, to entice. e8#3.

to be disappointed. e8=3: to disappoint.
e8#37">re to be infatuated with, allured by,

w/22 without protection or support. ****)

bie patronage.

in love with ess" the fetters of desire.


es:****** to be entangled with desire.

supported by another, a dependant. *)*

dependent on e)*::" one who is kind

as the countenance of an inferior, disreputa

*******s agitation from covetous desires.

e8:9-2:3 lust or avarice to distress.

&c.5: giving up hope, despair.

wish to be gratified.

et Sod


to his dependants.

***, *****, a promise, an agreeable speech.

e8 to: to divert, to draw off the mind of
another from an object. e8:33.9 to be sa
tisfied, fully gratified in one's desires. *
$c-tacaro hope to become blighted. 68 so
* &atro to despair.



s: e.g.: essaro ashlha, Ashl

shana, s. Embracing, an embrace. 2. the
9th lunar mansion.

ex:33:33, es:se, e:


yuja, dshwija, dshwina, s. The seventh

lunar month (September-October), that in
which the moon's change takes place when

*, * impurity

the sun is in Libra.

tion from the birth of a child.

9:33.5 dishcharya, s.

s. A promise.


from the death of a relative. ******ts pollu


eys): dishrava,


S. & 5'98& dshoucha, s. Ceremonial im

purity or defilement.

s. The god of

fire, who devours those who flee to him for

e6 as to fix the mind on an object. et at

e84393, 6%

****, * superior patron

e5/co one who is countenanced or

s. e53,535-5 ashrayasha,

2. expectation to cease,

co, 83.380 to seem desirable.


Surprise, as

s. & J. K. dishwasa, s. Completion, cessa

tion. 2. consolation, comforting. 3, a chap

tonishment, wonder. e.<r 39, e.g.:r "a

ter, section, or division of a book, et's*r

# to be surprised, to wonder.

e."r ***
the preface or contents of a chapter.

to surprise, astonish. e.<r: *** a mar

vellous or novel expression. 2. surprising


*:::: dshmana, s. A gem, a precious


dshwineyaru, s. The

other 5); or the patronymic may be used


in the singular to designate either of them.

9:9,9:deo dshmari, dshmaruna,



two sons of e?:3 by 3.3%r, and physicians

of s; one of them is named G-:*, the


s. 9% ashwini, s. A day's journey for

s. The disease of the stone.

a horse.

s. &#133; d.shrama, s. A religious order of H. &#8 dshaki, s. Fondness, attachment.

which there are four referable to the differ.
H. &#:005, dishandi, s. Friendship.
ent periods of life; viz.

t.)ox'tsee that of a

5/5: that of a householder;

*#): that of an anchorite. : that of a

T. B. ex: , o ashapka, [e:**] s.

bachelor student;

Sores about the tongue and mouth, occasioned

by the heat of the body.

mendicant. 2. a college, a school. 3. a

hermitage, the abode of retired saints or
sages. 4. a wood or thicket. 63)*: a

C. & Ro:22.937, e7:2:3:23 ashd

dabilitiga, ashadabhti, s. A dissem
bler, deceiver, hoaxer, hypocrite.

ey3. dshraya, s. A retreat, an abode, C. ex:285332 dishadiyu, s. The plant

an asylum.

Asparagus racemosus.

2. support, patronage, counte

es):0:0, et):, e5)3.

*32 to seek

S. e5:0% dshddha, s. The fourth Hindu

the patronage, countenance, or support of

another. 2. to retreat to, to have recourse

month (June-July,) that in which the moon's

change takes place when the sun is in Cancer.




2. an ascetic's staff. 3. the Malaya moun

native collector of revenue.


of a native collector.

s. ex:5, e3:Jo dshddhaka,

dshddhabh, s. The planet Mars.
s. &#8233 dshchana, s. Sprinkling,

T. B. e5Kap5 asabadike, s. Greediness,


H. & Kaxoax> sababu, s.


tools, apparatus.

ablution, washing, wetting, bathing.


&#76 the office

eek: dshde, s. Refreshment.

T. B. ext, ex: sara, disare, tes)*]

s. e5% asa, s. A bow.

s. Shelter, support, patronage, protection,

c. **:27, d.sangi, s. An instrument used by

countenance, exdcare to become a shelter,

refuge, defence, or assistance. es:e:o, ex

silver-smiths, &c. on which to beat out bruises.

** **#2, exe ray to have recourse to for

es: ***,
exe was, exe &# *% to hide behind a

s. & Koj asanda, s. A name of Vishnu.

shelter, to seek refuge, to hide.

2. a small couch or oblong chair having a

seat of wicker-work.

nother, &c. 5*A*ot toxo es wroves. 3

many persons get a living through your pa
tronage. r es: 1973.93% have

c. & Koi dsandi, s. A bier.

s. e5:22,3 disambu, s. An armed arrow.

s: dsakta,

adj. Diligent, zealous,

you any countenance from him? "ye og

Board #2 *e thieves hide themselves

addicted to, ardently devoted to. 2. eternal.

6:3, zeal, attachment or devotion to an
object or pursuit, diligence, application. ex:
+, occo, es:#53rd to be ardently attached

near empty rivers.

or devoted to.

T. B. & F, es:3 disada, disadi, See

C. &#83 asaru, v. n. To be tired,


fatigued. 2. to be dilatory, slow. G:C :30,

e:Cssro to be fatigued, tired. es:d, exe ve


s. & K3 asana, s. A stool, seat, mat, any

zo, e3ew tie:es fatigue, weariness. ****

*co #90 to hear the relation of one's trouble.

thing to sit on. 2. the anus. 3. the wi

thers of an elephant, where the driver sits.
4. a car. 5, sitting in some peculiar posture,
as is the custom of devotees.

Ask: ez =s** *.soas

****A* *** build a wall, and then

kick down your mat, (do not give up your
situation till you have secured a better).

e Ese essessh: that road is fatiguing. **

*** **C*: this load is heavy or tiring.
*S*::c what trouble is it to you?

6. maintaining

a post against an enemy. 7. halting, stop

ping. ex: *, purifying one's seat. 2.


S. &#3 dsava, s. Rum, spirit distilled

from sugar, flowers, &c.

ting up properly. #2: a throne. **

** sitting cross-legged.

**** resting on

one knee. **** seated.

****** a seat

T. B. & Krot: sda, See eas:.

C. & KR, essivel disadi, dsdiya,

s. A trooper.

or throne bearing the figure of a tortoise;

room: a throne with the figure of the
brahmany kite; **** a lotus seat, or seat
with a lotus painted on the top; Gener's a

2. a celestial chorister.

S. & 503 dsddita, adj. Obtained. e.g.

b* to obtain, get ready.

H. &#999 asmi, s. A person, an indivi.

seat bearing the figure of a serpent; Exit):

a seat covered with tiger's skin; ** a
seat covered with antelope skin; G*): a seat

dual. 2. a farmer. 3. a prisoner. 4. a debtor.

5, a situation, an employment.


** adj. Individual. eas:-->e ex,

made of carpet.
an account shewing the particulars of each
farmer's produce and assessment.

s. &#39 asanna, adj. Made ready. 2.

near, contiguous, near death.

s. & KJod disara, s. A

disa-prsa, s. Hard breath

falling stream. 2.
a heavy or continuous shower. 2 surround

ing from great oppression or fatigue, adj.

ing an enemy. 3. the army of a king, a


Beyond ability.

H. 9%, 9% dsapha, dsaphu, s. A


3.85 dsina, adj. Sitting, seated.



c. 67'> su, See :.

C. & K disu, s.

The saul tree.

cially that of a prince and his ministers, &c.

2. a hall of audience. 3. a court of justice.

&#93 Taco

es:- a courtier.
es: 5 disthika, s. One of Indra's weap

the fibre of thesaultree. 6.5e thread made

of this fibre.


S. &#90 dsura, s. A demon. 2. a form

ons, consisting of the back bone of the saint


of marriage, in which the bride is taken by

force. exod *, *, a deed of cruelty, an op
pressive act.

C. ey:


s. A kind of cushion put over

the back of the hand, with which the cotton

A. C. e5?:30 asura, adj. Superior, excellent.

beater holds the machine when at work.

T. B. &# ase, see e?.

3. * * **# to put it on.


es: aspada, s. Authority, basis,


s. &#8233, ex:38355 dischana, dis.


ground, support. 2, business, affair. 3.

place, situation, protection, refuge, shelter.
4 dignity. 5 opportunity. 6. quarter in

chanaka, adj. Beloved, desired.

ey:Jo33 asoti, s. Cultivation.

H. ex:4'85, es: R&# dsda, dsde, s.


Refreshment exas: sno say to refresh

es: *.*.* to give place, shelter, or

protection; to allow; to afford an opportu

one's self.


s. ex:jeos

diskrandita, s. The walk

eyr'9 disphala, s.


of a horse.



Flapping, beating,

striking, so as to produce noise.

diskra, s. Protection, shelter,


e: disphujita, s. A name ofShuk


**, d *59 to countenance,

ra, regent of the planet Venus.

es: dsphta,


s. 897: C, @73 d5 e distara, distarana,

[spread] s.

A kind

s. A plant, swal


of blanket or painted

e's egg dsphtaka,


cloth thrown over the back of an elephant.

s. A kind of

mountain tree.

2. a mat, carpet, seat.

S. ex: R-8& dsphtana, s. Beating on

c. e5?), es: 50%, es: disti, disti-ps





the ground, as a lion or tiger lashing with its

tail. 2. expanding, blowing. 3. contract
ing, closing.

ti, dste, s. Property, estate, effects, wealth.

2. age.

3. worth, value.

4. a man fond of

festivity and gaiety. e.ys, e.a.s, e."


e:a::psphatani, s. Boring pearls,

B e!,"d, e!,' a man of property. e."


** the proprietor of an estate. e. **,


to acquire property, become rich. 2. to take

violently the property of another. e5 a.33,
e'.59, e!...", to lay by property. e. as re
latives. 2. persons fond of pleasure.

es:53, distikanu,

e: dsya, s. The face. 2. the mouth.

*ots: (broad-faced or mouthed) a lion. 2.
(five-faced) Shiva. es: e-sks. So a man with
a beard, or hair on the face, es'ssore,
(plough-faced) a hog. e:5/5 saliva. rea

s. The name of a

* Gansha, with an elephant's face. *****

sage, from an expression of his father (he is
a sore in the mouth.

in the womb,) pronouncing his conception to


have taken place before there were any ex

ternal indications of it. 2. a believer, one

lunar mansion.

who says there is a God, in opposition to Fre


*** an atheist.

2. prop, stay, place or means of abid

ing. 3, an assembly. 4. effort, pains, care.

*: asthana,

s. Distress, pain, afflic

s. &#535 dhaka, adj. Daily.

S. e5533 dhata, s. A cloth that has been

5, consideration, regard, fondness.


ex)= dsrava,

ey', es: stha, dsthe, s, wish, de


es: disra, s. Blood. e5 = (blood-drink

er) a leech, bug, ogre, &c. 2. the nineteenth


s. An assembly, espe

2. assertion of an impossibility.

adj. Beaten, hurt, injured. 2. multiplied.



e5 & 53

S. ex:#ds dhru, s. The tree

3 known. 4. uttered falsely. ex's egro

noted for good qualities, attracting notice, e
*** a new, unbleached cloth.

c. *::# dhadake, see under ex.


es: R32. d-hottu, ade. Then, that day.


e;3:25 thnika, s. Constant occupation,

s. *:3 dhara, s. Breath, inspiration, adj.

daily work.

****A* the forenoon. ~7.5

*A* noon. #33:2\", est-ka" afternoon.
2. the division or section of a book. esca")
* daily observances, religious duties per
formed in the day time.


S. G3:3 dhava, s. War, battle. 2. sacri.

ficing ex: a warrior exs ::::r mighty
in battle. *** ***.* the battle has begun.



es:#85's dhavaniya, s. A consecra.

"5: dhlada, s. Joy, gladness, es',

*o joyful, pleasant. ex: d=aro to be
joyful, pleasant. ex: Basro, ex.E eruokaro
to be glad. ex: Ba: to make glad. Ed
*...* great or celestial joy.

ted fire taken from the householder's perpet

ual fire, and prepared for receiving oblations.

S. 9-0 dhd, interj of gladness, wonder,

and sorrow.

*::, 9: 9:33, dhwa,


S. 93-d dhdra, s. Food, provision, suste

nance. 2. taking, conveying. extro, ex

Cze, e&#d 3r-53 to eat, to devour. ex5",d co

dhwaya, s. A name or appellation. ex",

*A preparation for a meal; an expedient for

subsistence, exac Rot's the juices of the
body; as, chyle, lymph, serum, &c. exit
*s" given to appetite, quick at meals.

c. * dla, s. Depth, profundity, adj deep.

#25 dhika, s. A name of the gramma

deep, profound. e.v F3, ev *y a deep pit.

rian Pnini.

2. a serpent.

*, *s, * calling. 2, name or appellation.

*#"aw' wh: the fish dived into the

ev. 3.2859, ev &tacos, ev.5%ax to

sound, to ascertain the depth. ev, evas:

ev ***, evn: " a deep tank. ea wa3
crets: 3:w3:33 &cco wazzo it is im

3. the ascend

ing node.

s. e53.5 ad

possible to fathom the depth of a great hypo

dhikajwara, s. An inter.

crite's mind.

mittent fever. ***** a daily fever. &sc3=

C. e?' 'of dlanke, s. The name of a boy's

**, ***** a fever every second day. 3)
play, making beds in the road, on a moon
****, ex." "): a tertian fever.

light night, with a heap of dust in the centre,


e323.73 dhitgni, s. Perpetual fire.

&c. 972***, to play at it.

2. a worshiper of Agni, the god of fire.


32.32233 dhi-tundita, s. A snake

catcher or juggler.


A. C. *% dhu, v. n. To become, to exist.

See ero. exor, ex: the act of becoming.

efto: alanche, s. A post carried



eygo: dlande, s. A place of ambush, a

shelter, a refuge.

c. &#20% dlandige, adj. Plain, clear.

s. &#23 dhuta, s. The nourishment of all

created beings, considered as one of the five
sacraments or principal sacrifices of the Hin

T. B. &#oad alambara, see escoe.

C. e'r dlaga, s. A rude, base, vulgar man.
c. ex: &R&#3 alajlu, s. Intimacy, friend.

s. ex:23 dhuti, s. A burnt-offering or sac


ex: * *.*.* to offer sacrifice.


c. *#3 alate, s. A kind of reel upon

which thread is wound into skeins.

*#2, e3.3 sea: to receive a sacrifice.

A. C. &#533:3

dhudu, 3rd per. sing. of 30.

s. ex: 23 dhti, s. Calling.

S. ex3253, dheya, adj. Belonging or relat

c. 99:25 dladanda, adj. Slothful, lazy.

T. B. &#632 dlaya, see ees.
c. &#833= dilarchu, v a. To prepare,
make ready.

ing to a snake. 2. (of &c.) very disgust




9:3# dlavatta, See ees'.


e5% of


A. C. &#50:32 dlavdu, e. n. To grumble,

or stature, ever, evos', a man's height,


ability or capacity. Geo Cao to send a mes

senger. 2. to set labourers to a work. **
:, eva, ev:A", evive, evsave to keep a
servant, to entertain a person in one's employ.
ex-w, each person. evsvn, Gwnsvr to each

G. ex: *.5 dilastike, adj.

Clear, clean, fine.

ev'."<rero to be clear, fine, clean.

ego, dlku, s. The eighth part of a




C. &#~7.0% fl-gli, s. A gossip, a dis

evacGee, evetzo to select a man, to

evies: a master, ruler.

choose a servant.

reputable man.
evsts a servant.

c. &#P7.28% ald-gla, adj, Awkward,



ever to:#Escher to:

he who can obey can rule.

eggo: dlvla, s. A greedy man.


2. an able man.

to become a servant,

Exot', ev to

rise in the world. Svavst the figure or form

C. & ali, s. An affix of nouns expressing

of a man. 2. improvement in circumstances.

habit; as, 35'x'' a glutton; east a boy given

3. beauty of person.

to play; **** a gamester.

manliness, heroism, prowess. *-oco to get

into a situation, to enter upon service. ****

s. & dili, s. A line, row, multitude. 2.

C* to take into service or to cause another to

the carpenter bee. 3. a female friend. 4, a

lie, a falsehood. 5. the eye. es' tes, female

get into service.

are made bearing a palankeen. ~" &c.

*** **Eco they made six regiments of
three men (proverb used of a scattered fami
ly.) evost the quantity one man usually eats

**** a fungus.

S. effe'5od dili-kra, s. A liar. 2. an

awkward man.

S. & c. &##2%
shut the eyes.



v. a.

Eve &#2 to put in custody

of another, as for debt, &c. & ###, Es:

the vehicle of an idol, in which artificial men

See 0.

exego: dlimbe, s. A mushroom. *


evoss service. 2.

at a meal.

es' sets, eve 8.83 the distance or

speed at which a man can run.

two sire?

*# to hire a labourer.

"ni, [reigning monarch] s. An epithet for

C. &#3 alu, v. a. To rule, reign, govern,


manage, control.

C. &#5: dilidali, s. A mob, tumult,

v. n. To dive, bathe, sink

under water, eve, ex, ev", evo:, eve:


reign, rule, management, the act of ruling.

A. C. &#32b& dlinrike, s. A game of


ev:32, ests, e.g.: a king, ruler.

2. a master.

boys, leaping one upon another.

3. a husband.

estivat:3, eva

C. es'20's ali-balu, [rule and thrive]

** a queen. 2, a mistress, ev:9, es: to

v. n. To live long. 2. to manage a wife.

* *t's a man of experience, an old man.

cause to rule. &c", he who ruled. eve:o

A. C.

to put under one's management or rule. 9

ever, dlilku, v. n. To be abashed.

*# to rule one's self. 2. to keep a wife

in subjection. Gw &ct, ev was: incorrigi
ble, unmanageable, ungovernable. SRA's
** O' my master! ChessRA* to go

***, an abasher.

C. 69.5%: livali, s. A low, mean, base


vern a kingdom.

C. &#3&b dliveri, s. A rampart.

c. &#3 alu, s. A man or person in general,

c. &#327, &#302 dlunga, dilumba,

a grown person, one that is able to act for

himself. 2. a hero, a man (emphatically.)

c. * d!e, s. Buttermilk. *es unboiled

[man eater] s. A cannibal, giant, ogre.


3. a male or female servant. 4. (in chess)

a pawn. 5. a messenger. &rs, a female

servant or labourer.

or labourer.


evows", everwo, ev, S.Y."

e.g.: altale,

s. Persons in a row join

ing hands.

Rossvo a male servant


servants. 9%, ever, esses a man's height


e: , e'e

4ldala, d/bala, s. In

fantry, a body of foot soldiers.

5% - O



9:0 4ldri, s. A footpath.

of the Drvida Prabandha, or Tamil Veda,
consisting of 4,003 stanzas; which work is
chiefly designed for Shudras and women; but
by some is conceived to have higher claims

*'. d!du,

c. a. To dip or sink in.

*%" the act of dipping or sinking.
C. 9:
d!du-kollu, v. a. To sub
A. C.

than the Sanscrit Veda; from which, however,

the ground work of it must have been taken,

ject, subdue.

9%#5% aldodeya, see under ev.



and some glosses and commentaries added.

The last of these devotees, who is also some

d!dhola, s. A field in one's


times called

e: 4!pa, [*] adj. Managing, ruling.

*.*, *, *, *...* a ruler, master, husband.


e.g.,& alpati, adj. Equal to a man's

ruda, the brahmany kite, Vishnu's steed.

See also

S. &#sco 4kshand, s. An ointment. 2.

s. A man's estate or

S. e.g., o: 4kshdrane, s. Imputation or

strength, &c. as a burden, &c.

that instant.

under ego.

e's d!balu,

A. C.

2. a servant's estate.

accusation of adultery. ex: os calumniated

*::: dilma, [*] s. A sovereign, king,

or falsely accused. 2. accused of adultery or



cssrotsatsscore, established

the religion of the Shri Veishnava, one of the

three principal Hindu sects. Rasvist, Ga

** dlmaga,


s. A servant. e.v.

es: akshika,

s. A gambler. See ex

s: 9:82.5 dkshirika, s. A species of mi.

servants. **', a porter's load.


A. C. &e, flini, s. Majesty, greatness.

C. e' diva, [eves] adj. Managing ruling,

S. 63&E, es:# 4kshpa, diksh.

&c. ex:= [evoss:] a ruler.



dlvatte, s. A hostage.

Pe, s. Abuse, reviling. 2. censure, blame,

reproach. 3, a question. 4. criticism. 5.


97' E. dilvru, s. lit. Rulers, gover

objection. 6, a figure in rhetoric (irony).

nors, persons possessing and exercising power

7. attraction. ex: to criticise, cavil. 2.

to question. 3. to abuse, revile. PUs:

or influence. 2. a surname of twelve renown

above all question, blame, or reproach.

ed disciples of Vishuu of ancient times

amongst the Tamil people; viz. &cotc."
*:::, Hara, wisdo, #3:Visco, &cs=ow'3"
*:3, 5:3.4%:B, #22:03:33,832"-sco, &c.",
r:*s-, *.csso'ai visco, ecenvise, soute
socivist, Exocetan wisdo, evaswo, coot:to

s. &#8:5 dkshpaka, s. Disease. 2.

flatulence. 3. a detractor, a calumniator. 4.
an oar or paddle.

S. &#988 dkshta, s. A tree growing

in mountains, the walnut.

**C. Each is said to have written a part

a i, The third letter of the alphabet, sounded

C. 82 im, (in compos) contraction of ac:.

as i in pin. 2. a prefix signifying two, two

fold; as, at," both sides, as: a two-fold,

2. A. C. a sign of the instrumental case; as,

esso by him.

** two ways, &c. 3. a shortened form of

C. 32.53 inku, See aoro and ra").

c. 22:52:35 inku-dale, s. Shame, shrink

the demonstrative *; as, a"," this side


a feminine affix; as, *** a wise woman.

*o-sa-2^ a female who receives bribes.

** a procuress.

ect Saraswati.

ing from fear.

T. B. c.327 inga, See aons.




T. B. coo73, coo7807: inagda, inga

T. B. c.2072, coo785 ingu, ingika, [&o

dingada, [+ora] adj. Separate, different,

re] s. Assafoetida, achsh: the tree produc

ing assafoetida. ach:* the juice of the
bark of this tree, aeroz', across", "ao
rseco: ['acre assafoetida, and **, & ap
ply. lit. to apply assafoetida to the eyes, which
would quickly destroy them] v. a. To cheat,
impose upon, deceive, hoax.
C. roo7.3 ingu, v. n. To soak, dry up, eva
porate. 2. to be decocted. * to cause

distinct, apart.

acraor:* distinctly, se

parately, aorcrss to to be separate,

distinct. acror:*32 to place separately,
to put apart. aorze, aortex to separate,
to divide.

A. C. c.207:2/3 ingadalu, Tao for rac:,

and *** sea] s. The milk sea.


aor:evosec.edaco Vishnu, son-in-law of the

milk sea, Lakshmi his wife having been pro
duced at the churning of it. acrroh

to sink in, to make evaporate.

2. to cause

to digest, to make decoct. achts to be soak

Lakshmi, daughter of the milk sea.


ed in, evaporated. aorce to be not soaked

efusa:Tate:oo the friend of the milk sea.


in, &c. aoh: atro to sink down, go in, as

the eyes from disease, &c.

ero", aortae wo:c the moon. 2. Dhanwan

tari, (sprung from the milk sea.)

s. 227.30, 207:39 ingudi, ingula, s.

The name of a plant.

A. C. coo7(ge ingana, s. Radiance, lustre.

2. fire.

A. c. 227.2892 inglu, Tao for act, and

3. a firefly.

*** stick] s. The sugar-cane. aorate:

A. C. c.327d in-gadira, [ao for raci,

Cupid, with a sugar-cane bow.

and *d a ray] s. The moon.

A. C. cco'O-35 & in-gadir-nudi, s. A

C. &. T. B. reo230 inchara, [cao for racz,

sweet word, an agreeable communication.

and tc for *d voice or note] s. A charming,

T. B. cooze, raoz', coo7.c ingala,

pleasant voice, a melodious note, 5'-3'-acces

:ves in:= zonescotsee, b/2 7" sizzo:ot 's z

ingala, ingila,



3. the name of a tree.

2. charcoal.

s. Fire, live
== *es +ktse Boy SEA, #3 & 2 c. we
****o by serpents that erected their crests,
and danced to the melodious song of the

T. B. c227.985, cooz'85, coo7,885,

coo7.38), coo7'-'985 ingalika, ingalika,
ingilika, inguli, ingulika, [%2row] s.

wild girl gathering flowers, accompanied by

the drone of the bamboos, as the wind filled

their bores.


C. roo7'5vo'), **** ingala

Ki, ingala-hamnu, s. A bitter medicinal

A. C. go230 inchari, s. Silver.

c. 208:3, 203383, 208:283 injadi, in

A. C.

zoxyz'. ingala-ganna, s. Shiva,

with an eye of fire in the centre of his fore

jiti, injutu, s. A rag, a tatter.

A. C. coot:5392 indeyam, s. A piece, lump,


clot, clod.

A. C. c207'337 ingala-maga, s. The

son of Agni, or Shiva's son Shanmukha,
said to have been produced from Shiva's seed


caox' ingalike,

Boczto:coo a piece of flesh.

~2: indvi,

s. A small mat or carpet

for a hooka to stand upon.

C. coo, reoEels inta, intalu, affir of

swallowed by Agni.

:2:3:62-scs occas: perceiving

the melody of the fifth note.

comparison, Than. ess. Eshow a 5:3 he

is greater than I.

s. A stool.

as: '..encs to Ecs:

this man is wiser than all. * *.cs:#,0s

s. coor vey ingla, T. B. c.327.5% ingli,

sects before I come.

s, Charcoal.

s. 2073 ingita, s. A hint, sign, or ges.

C. 20355 intanaka, [+ sev ade. Thus

far, till now, hitherto.

ture. 2. going, motion. 3. inquiry, research.

4. thought

achs: a** one who can

pry into or knows another's thoughts.

C. 203, coso inta, int, See acs.

A. C. 323:\, 203:303 intappa, inta




*a, adj. So, of this kind, such as this,


*** *** * *** such great splendour.

A. C. 32.39 intu, ade. Thus, so, in this
manner. ****, thus he spoke racz, 2.3
speak thus.

coo:335 indubha, s. The fifth lunar


s. 22:3:23 indu-wdra, see under race.

s. 22", indra, s. The Indian Jove, ruler

acaco to be so. racazer's so it

of the secondary divinities, and sovereign of
the planetary regions; he is supposed to pre
side also over the elements, and is the giver
of rain; he is likewise the guardian deity of
the East. *E)***, the name of a mountain.
*L*, the son of Rvana and conqueror

is. ** to become so. aos: thus it

may be as whilst things were so. co
** to speak so.

c. 2232 int", ade. So much. ****, as

much as this, thus much.

c. 22%, co: intha, inthd, ade.

like this, of this kind. ****, such a thing.
*** such things. ao:::, rooms such a
*** such a woman racy:E, such
persons as these. ao?07, such and such.
c. 22.3, coe inda, indalu, Sign of

of Indra, act, ####, ac:/~ a25, 5/3

ce the rainbow, a2+!), a giant, the enemy
of Indra. ao:/sca Vishnu, the younger
brother of Indra, a2:/* Shachi, the wife
of Indra. aet/?to sapphire. act) &st=
the sky, paradise, heaven. ao:/*-os the

the ablative or instrumental case; as, es:o

r from or by him. See-Soz *::: *:::::

onyx (?)

s. 223 7.R&# indra-gpa, s. The firefly.

from seed springs corn.


~25&ve indra.jla, s. Deception,

T. B. 22:38, 3200 indara, indira,



cheating, conjuring, juggling. 2. a strata


gem in war. 3, enchantment, acLare:

* the science of conjuring or legerdemain.

T. B. 22:33, 32:# indava, indave,

See acro.

s. 2205 indire, s. Lakshmi

*E*** **, to conjure, juggle.

acts, es:

rooter. 5 indra-luptaka, s. A dis

**, actice?, aeson 23 Vishnu.

ease destructive of the hair, produced by

s. 226,000 indindira, s. The carpenter



raco): indriya,

s. An organ of sense.

s. 220353d indivara, s. The blue water

2. semen virile. 3. a passion of the mind.

lily, nymphea cerulea, accesc Go:23, racet

*** a lily-eyed woman.

*5)" :/* chastity, continence, race/go

s. 22:2 indu, s. The moon.

*** *n/* *** to deny one's self, to mor

tify the passions. Botsweb/corvo the five
senses. See #25/2, and *****, *.


[** and **** friend] a stone from which

water is said to ooze when the moon shines

upon it. *** [act, and ess a parent]

the ocean; the moon being produced, among

s. 22.3 indhana, s.

other things, at the churning of the milk sea.

A. c. 22:9, reo:3:6 inna-pari, in

******, acrot, acroew a digit of the

*-pari, ade. Hereafter.

C. ^22&#3 in-nu, See asa.


*S/* a religious observance, de

pending on the age of the moon, diminishing

the quantity of food by a certain portion daily
for a fortnight or a month. ao:2 ovce::
Shira, with the moon on his crown. aoto 5:0

*~~ (moonfaced) women. ao:::::=sc3

moonlight. across: Monday.
c. 22:2 indu, ade. To-day. 'act' to-day,
for to-day. acts:era race: *** till

Fuel; wood, grass,

&c. used for that purpose.

C. ^22:Jocs in-nitru, See a=AB.

c. 22:386 innri, ade. Behind. ao:8 = 2
*** * * the villages before and behind,
the neighbouring villages.
C. coor: impu, s. Pleasantness, agreeable
ness, sweetness, savouriness,

fact-5, rao: , 3


pleasant, agreeable, sweet, delicious, charm

or to-day. *** from this day forwards.

******** to-day's news. ao:23 it is said,

ing, savoury. a-rsh pleasantly, agreeably,


sweetly. ****** melodiously. Cao: Goa

a pleasant word, an agreeable speech.



C. co2.3 imbu, s. A place, dwelling, habi

* confined for room, strait, narrow, trying,

tation, refuge. 2. a herd. 3. happiness,

felicity. adj. Broad, wide, roomy, extensive,

distressing. ax,' ', 'a's a difficult

large, thick, stout. acts", act. broadly,

extensively. acts. E, races, acts: broad,

pass, a narrow passage, a confined or crowded

place. as,, to be strait, confined, pent
up. Era aw,"," st:#5, #e I am much

wide, &c.

crowded, move a little to that side.

a."co to be large, extensive.

acts ocs to take up room, to take posses

sion of a place. *ro, a * *# to be.

come enlarged, extended.


E e RA's: a*.*,: he is in great straits

without food. &cro Roose:::::A*.'se: *

actoo "us": to

*:::::: *e ass=Ed, t-c: or ve: 1:2 why do

enlarge, extend. acts.". (t-t') to carry a

you distress the simple man? settle with

him some how or other. Gre cat: *, *-ore
tJ, C: &ara **.*. ==> *** =>a< e < *.*,

place out farther

act:5 say to enlarge

a place one's self

actor 3 to persuade, to

2. to make or obtain a resi

*** ***, they have turned off the corn

9&cos::sect. whose house is that

loads to that country, and prevented any

you occupy? cot. Got-td. do not place

confidence in any.

from coming to our's ess-Ees.' *.

*cxd *:: to?...: *: *w-e=, *A*::::: if
you reduce one to a dilemma, and press him,
he will give whatever you ask. *****, *,
*ct: ::= true: **** what hindered you?
why did you delay coming? as.' tRut:3)

make consent.

*222' imbu-kei, s. Consent, ap

A. C.

proval. aot-'8% to consent. he


c. 20:23, 2053.8% im-madi, im-ma

*...* he is in difficulties.

dike, s. A double fold adj. Double, two



aozotecs adv. Two-fold.

. c.25, 8 ilkkadi, adj. Asunder, in two s.

Two parts. a", a reco, as, "Jax', 'a',

C. 20:362, im-mannu, s. Land yielding


*: to cut in two, to sever,

cut in two, severed.

erov a year.

aw, Rwto:

A. C. Go:23 in-mana, s. A double mind.

c. & s. 20:33% im-mahi, [ao for + this,

c. ** ikkana, see a-v.

*:::#ates. ikkada-mora-batta,


2 earth] s. This earth.

s. A miser, a niggardly man.

A. C. cco:JP-5, im-mavu, Tao for acz,

and sn a mango] s. A sweet mango. 2, a
mango tree that bears fruit out of season.

A. C. 20:23 immu, s. Sweetness, delicious

ness, pleasantness.

aos: ".259 to make

savoury, sweet, &c. a. s.4% to be savoury,

pleasant, &c.

**,29, ikkai, See at 3.

c. *,2, 25: il-kara, ikkura, .
A house, a dwelling.
C. *: ikkare, [+ this, we bank]s. The

nearest bank.

2, both banks.

cases ikkala, s. Asmith's tongs, a pair

of pincers.

A. c. 22# im-mei, s. A double body, a


body twice its ordinary size. 2. both sides.

3. a cloth of different colour on each side.

*** **# a body to become twice its

natural size.


to bite or hold on both


C. ^2+ ike, an affix of nouns; as, e.'"

greatness, *** whoredom, **** cle.
verness, &c. also of nouns derived from verbs;

as, 8", to increase, &#," increase; * to

sing, **** singing.

or put. 2 to cause to serve up, supply with

c. 25.2 ik, interj Look here! lo! behold!



ik-kattu, s. Strait, dilemma,

~5: ikku, v. a. To place, put, deposit.

2. to give or grant. 3. to beat, kill, destroy.

4. to serve up, or set food before a person. *
*, *.* to put down, leave in a place, deposit
with another. a",59, a *.*.* to put aside,
lay by, put down. "a",3-d to pay, as a fine;
to settle, as a debt. ****, * *** ****
&B &r=~ :e money given to a harlot, and a
corpse placed in a cemetery, are alike, (neither
will return.) 'a', to cause to place, deposit
necessaries, &c.


difficulty, trouble, misfortune. a".'", "a",


ikkuru, s. Sickness. 2. doubt,


A. C.


ikkurru, s. Deformity from

adj Ugly, deformed. asca Sazo to deform,
disfigure. at:25:37, deformedly.

disease. 2. See aw'.

C. ra', ikke, s. Place, abode, dwelling

****** who informed you of my


T. B.

*:::: ichachchane,

see 5***.

s & c. 22%+ ichchanke, s. An indefi


*::: ikkeda, s.

A confined pent
place, a difficult passage, a narrow pass.
A. C. ra: cy ik-kela, [ca this, or two,


S. & c.

2-r o,

side] s. Both sides. 2. this side ra',922&

ichhchhandi, s. A dilemma, strait.

C. *#. 5, 2:5 ichchaka, ichhchha

on both sides.

nite, random figure. 'a'ov as we to put

down such a figure.


*...*b*Ez. ikkri-varah, s. A gold

ka, s. Coaxing, wheedling, flattering, accom

modating, yielding. 'a', was flattery, con

pagoda worth thirteen gold fanams, now

currence, cajoling. a' = s.s., a fair speech,

fawning language. a',">< to fawn, cajole,
flatter, coax, wheedle. a "a fawner, coaxer,

worth four rupees.



ik-kei, s. Both hands.

2. an


**a," ikk,


interj. See, there! lo! be

T. B. &. c. 223 783 ichcha-gdi, s. One

who disapp ini. 2. a man of blighted pros


c. 27 iga, an affix of nouns denoting a per

pects, one in despair, a forlorn man.
son's employment, habits, &c.

&a=sar a

c. 88% 302 ichchshiram, num. Two

florist; *** ** a stone mason;

*:Art a

handsome man, &c.

c. *@37.8 igadi-tigadi, s. Adultera.

tion, spoiling. aearta Sz: to adulterate,
corrupt, spoil, counterfeit,

T. B. & c. 223:23r", coe:2- '', 22#7, ich

chall, ichchdlu, ichchiga, s. A person

without restraint, a self-willed man, an inde

pendent person.

c. *d, 27.32, 27.3ds igaru, giru,

iguru, e. n. To evaporate, dry up by heat.
** to put on the fire, to boil to a less
Tuantity. 2 to shoot, germinate, are:
* *. To evaporate, boil away, as water, &c.
C. 27.83, r27:303 igaru, iguru, s. A bud,
germ, or tender shoot.

C. c.37 &R's igilisu,

See t?r-co.
e.a. To evaporate, boil


*#.3.223, ichchu-honnu, s. A half


T. B.

*: ichche [*', a...] s. Wish, de

sire, inclination. 2. will, volition, one's mind

or pleasure. as.", a'.", ***** for

one's pleasure or wish. 2. on account of 3.

away. 2. to jeer, to deride. *#26: to grin,

responsibility. essee'," wo: on whose ac

count is he come? a'," "t oc: 3:A&sc3

make wry faces.

you came here of your own accord, and why

do you reflect on me? =9% toto: a 3-skrezzo

A. c. 879, 27.2832, 37'23.3s igw, igu

chu, igurchu, e. n. To rise up. 2. to germ,

*...*.*, *& rain does not come and go at any

one's bidding, (is not in the power of any.) :

bud, blossom. v. a. to draw, to pull.

*A*.***** **, *, as," saw: I will

c. 27.28 ig,

interj. See, here! lo! here!

*:::: igga", s.

Both eyes.

c. *%&# 9-gelasa, s. work done twice




igyla, s. Jeering, scoffing,


c. 283 icha, An affix of nouns denoting

birth; as, evets (flower-born) Bramha.

c. 22323,

2:30: ichanda, ichenda,


give it on your father's responsibility (or at

his wish) but not on your's. aa aro, as,

***, a 5.3%, **,3%, *: to desire, wish,
long for a, "y", a' = a +4: to covet
for one's self, to be allured. a', sea wish
to be gratified. a:, 8.0: to satisfy or gra
tify one's desire. "a", we to become inclin
ed, to please, to consent. 'a', impatient
of control. a', 'st", a covetous man. ra
#, *-* *** as one pleases. 'a', ** to



attract, allure.

** eagerness of desire.
** a man of mortified desires, a "

7, ~2. ittige, ittike, ittige-kallu,

i!?igi, ittangi, Ta-] s. A brick. "'

** a free speech, unrestrained
language. ** a man entangled with
a', a longing woman, a .

r = n.a. to make bricks. a, , a brick

mould. a',' ' to build with bricks, a

** an independent woman.

** a beloved husband.

pletion of a wish.

*** ***, *, *.*.*, a 's eae, a brick

bat, broken brick. a' =33 brick-dust. a

a: #3, the com

# * **, a'r Ras, a's saw a brick

kiln. a' 2-0 to burn bricks. ** a'."
an unburnt brick, a " +*, *, *,
a'," ex: a brick lattice. a'aws, a "

a' $5 at freedom, self

T. B.


ichhchhu-danda, [a:

:*:2S3 a brick-maker.

and Fox) s. The sugar-cane.

s & c. 2:," 3,

*::::3# ichhchhe


A. C.

gti, ichchhe-gdrti, s. The wife of Cu



illiya, s. Difference more

or less.


A. C.


itte, s. A ridge.

2. an uncontrolled or independent

A. C. c.33.3 it!ede, s. A thronged, crowd


ed, or confined place. adj. Excessive, abound

II. 23:32 ijatu, s. Good character or title.

ing. a' +2 : R abounding joy. #3
***.**0 possessing a good, high, or respect

Exetc.) #= *** **** E2F #3%

able character.

B Evy:55, #3, a $32, #3: R****

H. 23:59, 23.7% ijphi, #phe, s.

2,323. Bess =2#."

Increase, augmentation. 2. surplus, profit.

*a****** to be raised, augmented. aso:
***) to increase, raise.

H. 23:00, 23:23 idra, ifre, s. A

contract for rent, &c. asciad a public con
tractor, a renter on contract,



to take on contract.

coag #,

~3:53, itydu, v. a. To throw from

one to another, as a ball.

H. 23:039 jaru, s. Long and full trowsers.


*8: te' t-ofor,

the king, having determined quickly to crown

the great Rma, who is equal to Vishnu, and
having with abounding joy, sent, through
the macebearers, for his confidential friends,
he afterwards thus spoke to them.

***** ijate, iijdu,

s. 23 ida, s. The wife of Budha, and


daughter of Ikshwku. 2. the left nostril.

3. a sacrificial vessel.

D.similar not alike, odd, not pairs.

*:5037-2 iijavddisu, v. a. To lull.

c. 2:2:42:39 idan-dodu, e.a. To orna

C. 2352 itaku, s. Suspicion, hesitation.

C. c.2:#2, ra253 idaku, idanku, c. n.


ment and dress.

C. ^333333.23:32 ituki-ndu, v. n. To

To be strait, confined, narrow.

peep, spy.

See a9.

c. 2:...', ida-kollu, c. a. To pound

C. 2333 ite-tate, s. Confusion, quarrel.

for one's self.

*%3. *#, *:3, *:::: ittadi,


c. 237.3 idagu, s. Ascent, high ground,

ittade, it!edi, it!ede, s. A strait, diffi



aar. Pr' high and low ground, hill and dale.

adj. Strait, narrow, confined.

C. ^2:39 idaru, e. n. To stumble. s. Trou

ittani, s. A total, the whole.


ra:: * to put down the total.

hind a native door to keep it shut.

A. c. 38,53:2 ittanisu, e. n. To be crowd.

s. 23.03.27.

ed or thronged.
C. ^2

#", *:::

See *.

c. 2:303S320 idaru-mara, s. A prop be

idd-pingala, s. The left

and right mostrils, 2, the aorta and pulmo

itfala, itfala, s. A

nary artery.
crowded or confined place.

C. ^23 idi, adv. Wholly, entirely. at #23

*: ce&#, it {i, it!e, See #23.

, *#, ~####, *:

T. B.


**: :oxe: 9 ag, you will not feel the cold

when you have plunged over head.



A. c. 28, 285, idi, idiyu, e.a. To

** to veil.

**** to cover.

2 to

beat, pound, powder. 2. to collect. 3. to

set, as precious stones.

pierce, cut. 4. to crowd. aat pounded,

powdered, cut, pierced as: an arrow
that has pierced. Laava:/=22*. having
drawn out the arrow that had pierced his
body, a to cut and run down, as
water. ********zecco #e3e3eo <cy. he


*** to feed, as a bird its young.

*.*, * to kiss. es: to prop. **::: to
pair. Soo's to double up. *Cao to ex
claim. Echao to move. **** to expose
to the open air. Ersho to make ripen. ~d:

overthrew the hostile force that crowded on

the right and left. aat. Yakro to decay, de

kindle. *.* to join. ~#, to shut up.

** to set open. "aa" to cause to keep,
put, &c. aa, "g to cause another to put

cline. "aa" to cause to powder.

A. c. 2836552. idi-kiriyu, ... To be

crowded, pressed close together.



c. * idiku, v. a. To pack, cram


* to borrow.

*0 to make lie

Roc'ao to bleach.

&as a to

on one's self. 2. to cause to keep for one's

self at: **# to put on one's own person.

2. to keep a servant or concubine, to lay by.
** **, *, *, *.d. to be reserved, kept.
a's, at #4, ** a concubine. a's a

to make contain.

man who keeps a concubine.

c. 287-9253632:3 idi-gdiyava, s. A
person who breaks cocoanuts and himself of.

row, trouble.

fers the fragments to the idol.

A. c. 28% idige, ade.

C. c.2:353 iduku, s. Difficulty, strait, sor

c. 2:23.2% idu-todavu, s. Decora

Aloft, on high. c.

tion and apparel.

C. 2:20 idudi, s. A stage, a halting place.

".. noun. (of *) The act of putting down,

or on.

A. C. 2:303 iduru, s. A hindrance, an im


r28%ast? idi-gde, s. A cross wall.



a mud wall.

See also Sco.

C. rot: ide, see 33.

c. 2333 idi-tadi, adj.

Crowded, close,

c. ***, *, *, *:#88,

confined. assess: to crowd, confine, pinch

for room. 2. to haggle in making a bargain.
C. 2:2 idu, v. a. To put, put down, place,
keep, reserve, lay by. Added to nouns, ad
jectives, and other verbs, it is capable of
various acceptations; as, ro", * to lay eggs.

2 iddanige, iddane, iddalige, idda

ne-kadubu, s. A kind of sour pudding,

**A* to serve up food.

Paa, to plant a

tree. ** to adjure.

*as to divide,

made of rice flour, black gram, cummin seed,

ginger, salt, pepper, &c. and boiled in steam.

c. 283 ini, see ories.

c. 28.333,78t's iniki-ndu, v. n. To
peep, look slily, to look into, through a cre
vice, &c. car: *atwv, ar: **** a peep,

***** to pacify. ***C* to set a watch.

******* to pay a fine. roe came to take

a sly look.

C. cace, careo?s inuku, inugu, s.

aim. *.*.* to prescribe a diet. *.* to

look at.

root axe to snore.

Pain, trouble.

:: *r: aao to

s. 233:Bsa): itah-para-lekhana,.

grind. #'s to put in good order t-r-sao

Future correspondence.

to make bright. *.* to conceal. G2.5%

to frighten.
to name.


H. 2326 itabri, s. Confidence, trust,

**** to apply

dependance, belief, regard. astree sororis a

man worthy of confidence. aatsse a2, as

*.*.*.* to accumulate.
32 to defer.

collyrium to the eyes.

*, *.* to paint.

treesses to put confidence in, to depend on.

**.* to eradicate. *-*. azo to pawn. +2.

*a* to put farther off see: to rend. & 6
tao to unsheath. &ot:32 to pick cotton.

*** to fix the mind on.

bear malice.

&=bao to jump.

e?,* to obstruct.

s. 230 itara, adj. Other, different


es), cases otherwise, differently. ase:

B not different. ascd, other people, strang

:::::/29 to


***** to cry

ascesc mutual, one with another.

wes) avas

Eve a: to screen.


1 */ 7

ers. *23% I



have not seen such a curiosity any where



*E*R*, ittalnu,

adv. Here, on this


s. 23 iti, a particle implying, Cause, (thus,

therefore.) 2. manifestation, (lo! behold!)
3. something additional (et cetera.) 4. the
meaning of (so, thus, in this manner.) 5.
conclusion. 6. reference (so says, this is, &c.
7. order, arrangement, (specific or distinc
tive.) 8 identity (of this or similar forms.)
9. a grammatical copulative, indicating a pre
ceding sound or sense to be again intended.

C. c23,

porting, making known. al.'', to report,

to make known.

affir; as, ****3, a female of the mer

ittera, it


A. C.

*3.3 ittei, v. n. To approach, come



t-w,"*3, a farmer's wife, a wo

man of the farmer caste.

* B, ~3.339, ~3:

teranu, itteravu, adv. Thus, in this man

3, cos iti, itti, irti, a fem.

chant caste,

G. 339 ittali, see ***.

era, co85.
ittill, ittille, s. Re
H. c23
-o Cro"


ityartha, s. Determination,

settlement. 2. final arrangement. 3. cer

t,2, a tailor's

tainty. a", r * to determine, settle, fix,**3r,"...c5, 33.ak: Tea, 3.2 k:


**** a female deceiver.


s. 235: iti-kathe, s. Ridiculous speech,

as: itydi, These and other, et ce

*ds Us: accor, ask.5 to:rw. the
Bhrata, Rmyana and other works. *s
5 :=try:A t3: t:two these and other cir
cumstances I beg you will consider.

talk without sense.

s. 2353 itiha, s. Traditional instruction,

advice, &c. mutually imparted.

s. 235.0% itihasa, s. History, traditional

s. 23:9 itwara, s. A traveller.

accounts of former events, heroic history.

~3. itta, ittalu, (proximate
C. cog

s. 238 bitwari, s. An unchaste woman.

c. c2:03, roads, cododo idaru, idiru,

ofew.) Here. as. of this place. as."o:

hence, from this place. as.": this side,

iduru, See

c. 287.2% idig, interj. See here! lo!

here, this place. as "tics to turn towards

one. as.": * to turn over. as 2, a3.

*, nearer. as ".. to push nearer, or to
this side. **.*.* to come near. as tra
cooro *cCoo to call near.

ass to ecce &R

C. cad) idirali, See ~65% under Stcs.

C. c.200R2, co833=

C. cat's idu, dem. pro. This, it

* *** **, *ac I invited him to come near,

and he jumped on my shoulders (give him
an inch and he will take an ell).

~3. itta,


da even this, actres:9, are: to this will be,

this will do. arg, aro &a=or, at: ****
7, at 8:7&, rat. 55%, at: 3, except

past part and 3rd per sing.


it tanda, adv. Twice.

companies or forces.

this, besides this, moreover. ados, ars",

ratosa but this; this however. att" why

s. Two

<2<>E* as:03:32:3:

this P attso what is this?

c. cat:35.98, ca&#37 R& iduk, idug,

to the two armies fighting became as one.

interj. See here! lo! behold!

T. B. ao:506 ittanda-widi, [***


and Esbj s. One who speaks irrelevantly,

ra.8, ~3 to

ittata, ittaram,

*#, Q= idda, irda, past. part. and

abb. 3rd. per sing. past. tense, of ad to

away from the point. 2, one who subverts

another's opinions and establishes his own.
A. C.

at #25, a

E*,2s than this at: all this ab: as

much as this. at-eto this may be. "a"

of 64, He (&c.) who gave. 2. he gave. as.

** a donor, one who gave. as. *vax to
give and send.

idirisu, idirchu,

See aroe: under Stod.


Which was. 2. he was.

C. c.353), cade's iddali, iddalu, s. Char

* rate **, blackness of charcoal. age

s. Both banks of a river. 2. the nearer shore.

*E*, a 2 3, age * charcoal powder.


*E.2 ve

ittabri, See astae.

'a' - as to burn charcoal.


a ' *.***


** * * *aved as, Bass: s): Bass,

more? what else? "a sat:"Rosto what more

* the body, black as charcoal, will not

change its original hue by rubbing and wash
ing (it is vain to attempt what is impractica

can be done?


another person.


asA as, afa not yet, no

a:Aoto another.

azaact: 23-e, a

****, once more, again. a'a', awak=r

s. 23, idhma, s. Small sticks for fuel.

s. 23, 2339 ina, inanu, s. The sun. 2.

of Aksar Cook'st is there

anything else? armaco, ask to who else?

*A* yet to be done. aP2A:to future
persons, those yet to be. assari: not yet
done, aface to remain or wait longer. 2.

a master. 3. a king. aswd the sun's rays.

***d, as * (sun's-son) Saturn, 2.
Pluto. 3. Sugriva. 4. Karna.

to be more. a Act what other kind? as,

# where else? at Att =s* what else can,

H. 2532' indmu, s. A present or gift

or need, be said?

from a superior to an inferior. 2. a grant of

land for charitable or religious purposes, or as

C. 83.29C9 inniru, num. Two hundred.

a reward for services son age ass=s an | A. c. 8337, 23370 innega, innegam,
adv. In the mean time, whilst, up to this

allotment of land rent free. &s/te/tases.

a grant of land to a brahman free of rent. a
****d the holder of rent-free land. a:Rao




*** land rent-free. ass=sro to obtain

**) ippa, pres part for ads of ad.

to be, Which is as: existence, being.

****** what if it is? cas: 88, it is not.

such a grant. ass=s* ** a deed of grant.

T. B. 28 ini, s. Poison.


A. c. 28, 23:3, 3353s ini, inidu,

c. *#): ip-pallava, s. A person with


"ya, adj Sweet, pleasant, agreeable,

charming, nice, savoury. aa: sweet, &c.
*** sweetly, agreeably, &c. assas, an

*#3 ip-pattu, num. Twenty.

two teeth, or with a double row of teeth.
s. A double portion;

rates ip-palu,


two parts.

agreeable speech. *case:: *e beefalco #2k



ip-pidi, s. A double


* *********** seeing the child's

both hands. *.*.* to take hold of both
infantile sport, and listening to its interesting
prattle. ***** * to taste with re
lish. 23:53: delightful to the mind.
c. 2333 initu, (proximate) Thus, so. 2.
thus much, so many. asses' in the mean
time. 2. amongst so many. a:33, at #35
so saying. asses so being. 2. et cetera.
****** such, or so numerous, a family.


c. *, *, *,873 ippe, ippi,

ippgida, s. The olive tree, Bassia lati
Jolia. *** a variety growing in water.
** **** {3: paddy having the scent of
this tree at 3: Bassia oil. a:, &ca
the refuse after the oil is expressed.

c. 2325, 238,0s inibar, inibaru, pro. | c. 3%)20 ih-bandi, adj. Mongrel, mid

So many persons.

2. doubtful, uncertain.

s. A man of

A. c. 23.532:3, 2363, iniyanu, ineya,

mediocrity. 2. a cheeta. *.cs S.E.53 a

s. One beloved, a beloved husband. agauvo,

man whose parents were of different castes.

*** ** a mongrel bred horse. a,ost

*a** a beloved wife.

A. C. c.287.3 inisu, pro. See a:

** a business in suspense, of which the

failure and accomplishment are both un


Savoury, nice.


innu, ade. More 2. yet, still.

as:A *te, as A Roof, as a B233 hereafter,


ra')? ib-bage, s. Two ways, two opi



assates, amate, as a Boter.


* hereafter, however

~$8&d abbadi-mara,

s. A kind

ata: a*at: so

much more. a:A+, how much more? a

*A*3t how much more, I know not. aa

of black wood tree.

C. 28 Q ibbani, s. Dew.

*:::," for how much longer? awatts what


dew to fall.

sa's rea"



*\d, co-35-5 ibbaru, irrar, the

a"rs squeezed, pent in, &c. s. Also race',

adwst', 'at?, a strait, difficulty, narrowness,

personal form of Sc: two, Two persons.

*** *or:d, two women. a'.C. so::::B;
'a' to **-c: two girls. 'a'.B.
** two boys.

distress, dilemma, confinedness. ab":59 to

be in straits, or difficulties. acc:9, ract:9,

two men.


**): ib-bala, [two *js.

to squeeze, compress, cramp, catch in. adso

adj. Strait, confined, narrow. acwo traneo
a narrow door, advo d a post in a gate
way to prevent cattle entering, whilst it ad

A measure,

half a Kolaga.

**): ib-bli,

s. A preparation of soak

mits men.

ed and pounded green gram, salt, pepper and

c. codes', cot'', cobo'ss::::, cat=3

& irakuli, irakala, iriyuwa-dana,


s. 2% ibha, s. An elephant. as a female

elephant. at: rs: a woman with the dig
nified gait of an elephant.

iriva-dana, s. A tossing or butting animal.

t: "... a man

C. cadro#2, ira-kollu, [as] v. a. To

with the walk of an elephant, as ** a troop

of elephants at: the gait of an elephant.

stab one's self.

C. cacae/> irachalu, See Sctseo.

34.7 ib-bhga, ib-bhagi,
Two parts. # 8,302:38:A wo: 239;...t:
*** *** ***** what more can be done,
will you not sever my body into two parts?
(lamentation.) at:, ar. to sever,

A. C. 2089 iratu, s. Darkness, night.

C. c2009:3, robott's iradddu, irida
du, v. n. To butt one another, as two rams.
2. to stab mutually.

cut in two, divide.

Q:S ibhya, adj. Great, superior, excel


c. 2d., 20: irapu, iripu, s. Surplus,

balance, savings, remnant. acts. v. a. To

lent, wealthy.
lay up, to save, to keep by one.

C. 233903, 29.2d2, r33333ds imaru, imi

C. cad-), rat;38, cab: iravu, iravadi,

ru, imuru, v. n. To evaporate, dry up, as

water, &c. to soak in.

irivu, s. Place, abode. 2. state, condition.

3. existence, being. ad: ***, or * to

azot:9, ra:9tsor, ca:0

** to cause to soak in, to make evaporate.

make room, give place,

*** to prepare rice with such a quantity

of water as nearly evaporates by the time the

rice is boiled. 2. to reduce in quantity any
thing boiling, to make boil away.
assor? evaporated, soaked in.

acs: "# to pos

sess a place; to take possession of a place.

radzes, ac:*r being acquainted with a
person's circumstances.


H. 233.Jodeo imdratu, s. An edifice,

H. cod:Rel, iraslu, s. A remittance of

government money. 'acases "vex to send
such a remittance. ac:* **, to do up a

mansion, a large house.

remittance. 2. to deliver a remittance. ad

A. C. 293 imi, s. The eyelid.




*::::: im-mavu, See acs".

* immu, s. Place.
*::: imme, adv. Twice.


*:& im-mei,



*** **, a list of remittances.

im-madi, See a.s.o.

C. cat?:3, cob's irasu, irisu, s. The
double pole to which the yoke is fastened.
2. an axle tree (from its uniting two wheels).

C. rad's iralu, s. Night. "aew, "so night

See ao:3.

time. advo Re: night work. aev wro

night and day. acro R, able to see by

S. 3d ira, s. The goddess of speech; speech.

2. ardent spirits. 3. water. 4. the earth.

C. c.2053, cocoo:3, 2053, reco's ira

ku, irunku, iriku, iruku, v. a. & n.


H. 27.50 ird, s. Inclination, willing


To be straitened, compressed, to be confined

or held, as under the arm, with claws, &c.
*a*fco to be held, confined, compressed, &c.

acv-w', 'acoveco, acovet the moon,

the ruler of the night.

2. wish, opinion, intention.

C. rob, r:bo iri, iriyu, v. a. To stab,

pierce, gore. ads the act of stabbing, toss




C. ads Re iru-gelasa, s. Double work.

ing, piercing, throbbing. abs pierced, stab


A. C. 2d22)3 irubu, s. Strait, difficulty,

s. 2007 go iringana, s. A violent wind

dilemma, a narrow confined place. ad-to-se

tovossot vecotstew like a fatigued rutting
elephant in a strait (snare or pit-fall), acid

or tempest.

c. *b*3, Cabot's iriku, irinku, See ade.

c. 208393, cab')2 irichalu, irisalu,

a crowd, a throng.

c. 2038.pob iru-bhri, adv. Twice.

C. 2d23:3& iru-bhuja, s. Both shoulders.

See ~dese-o.

A. c. 20350-38s irita-kraru, s. spear.

C. 2393.27, iru-moga, adj. Two edged,


C. cab-3), cab:3, rods:, rats: irivu,


ado: art-scow: a two edged


irive, irube, iruve, s. An ant.


c. 203532.3% iruvantige, ['ad two, econ

a red ant. *ot ac: a black ant. ae:sa,

*****, an ant's egg. abst:" a row of

for 28, , having two rows of leaves] s. An

Arabian jessamine.

as:"...ano an ant's nest.

C. 2035.0002582, iru-vi-kattu, [Seas

*** ***..] s. Constipation and stoppage of

c. *b* irisu, [caus, of ae] c.a. To

place, keep, deposit, put. ae: *# to keep
for one's self, to entertain in one's service.
C. 2d. iru, v. n. To be, to exist. 2. to


C. ^2C2500 iru-vra, s. Both halves, all,

the whole; both the government's and culti
vator's share of the produce.

*****at is he at
home? :: *o: *** is your father alive?

reside, remain.


A. C. adox: iruvu, adj. Crowded, thronged.

c. ** irusalu, s. A pit-fall or place

* e "J-E: **. *:::::... I remained in

that village ten days. With a dative or

for catching wild beasts.

locative case, it expresses possession; as, es:

Sr* *e: *a*, he had a horse.

*& they had no money.

C. cad irusu, See ages.

e=c& xr a

C. 209'> 333333% irusu-murusu, adj.

r ####0s

Out of order, as the body, mind, &c.

**** I have a house of my own in the

city. a zer **, a *, * adv. Sud

ero te:oro *** I thought it was

a-okwor, racotto::, rate, rad.:*,

*** being, existence, condition, livelihood,

2. character. E-5)&ew a
poor condition. *e aew a filthy condition.
****** a happy condition. ae, wors, ae
*** it may be racoax, cacoast, rado:r

. 2C9% irulu, See advo.

. c.36 ir, in comp. Both, two.

. 252-83 ir-kata, see a*.*.

C. c.35=: ir-kade, See a*, *.


he is 2 part that (he, they, &c.) which is.



eake, :5.3 **sales zots:a:::::::::::::::::se

** while all the kings of the earth were

paying him homage, and while he was enjoy.
ing the happiness of universal empire. ad:
*** not to remain, to go away entirely.
ad "at" to examine, to see what there is.

aesata'ay: to look at for one's self, &c.

A. C. ad-oax irumbu, s. Severity, harsh


C. 25.2s d2 ir-kru, s. The early and lat

terrain or crop. 2. two seasons.

C. ^2+2=e ir-kalu, s. Both legs.

C. c.33=-833, ca&#733, cod = Ko irkichu,

irkidu, irkisu, See ab% under advo.


ness, cruelty.



ir-kayi, See at 3.

C. ^25s', cat's-ge irkala, irkana, See

*** is he not? adosso: it is said, he is.

aco: , ad rad while being.


33s: ir-kivi, s. Both ears.

cats's irku, See advo.
2535-23 ir-kucha, s. Both breasts.
c.2523-332d irku-mara, See under advo.
^252se ir-kula, s. Two castes, tribes,
families, as of man and wife.


A. C. 262s' irkuli, s. Descent,alighting,

s. The tree Dalbergia sissu.

going down. 2. See advov.



Ae 253

c. 25s irke, see under ae.

*****, to lift up both arms. s. Two pairs

c. 26's I. ir-keda, see at 3.

c. *=d ir-kera, s. A pair of sandals.
c. 25's & ir-kela, see rate.

of bullocks in a cart.

C. 23.28=":9 ir-ndu, ['ad and #2-#| ".

a. To examine, inspect, to see what there is,
or whether a thing is.

c. 25.2="d, ir-koral, s, weariness.

ir-gei-geiva, s. An ambi

C. c.3235-35

*22. ir-pattu,

s. Both sides.

for a: "...

A. C. ass irme, s. A harlot ade. Twice.

c. 253= irva, for at's of rado.
C. ^39s, cas irvi, irve, See ae:.

c. 23.2=e333d irch-mara, see aero.



2. to take care of.

A. C. at #75 ir-pegal, s. Both shoulders.

of betel leaves, each containing one hundred.


==5, ir-pakka,

A. C. ** = ir-pu, See aco. 2. See a2+.

ir-chatte, s. A double bundle

C. 283.3s irchu, See =wer under +8.



s. A complicated

C. c.395 & irvike, See ac:54 under aco.


C. ^2\ = irvu, See ae: and at #.

c. 23:=3, 2&sec=t's irjate, irjdu,

c. 2:gseo.3% irvntige, see adoscar.

See 'a', 3.

c. *&= 5 irjiva s. Pregnancy. 2. a de

c. 2'>= irlu, See advo.

rab): irrida, See awe of raw.
A. C. *E.) irrpu, See at: under a.
A. C.


c. 23= irta, for race of as adj. Throb

bing, as a wound; piercing, as pain. asr

s. 29 ila, s. The earth. caearney, ae-so

*** a piercing pain. 2. the act of stabbing,

throbbing, or piercing.

* the terrestrial globe.


c. 23s or ir-tanda, see as 23.

cove: ila-bile, s. The mother of Kub.

ra, who is thence called 5e tw:3.

C. caes & irtata, See fast!.

C. ^2==Us, rat's-t's ir-tadave, ir-da

A. C. cc ilavu, s. Care about, regard for,

respect. au: sists to shew fear or respect
for aws SR3: regardless of, without mind

dave, adv. Twice.

C. 33=39 irtatu, s. The former and lat

ing or caring for, or about.

H. aero: ilkhe, s. A department, office.

terrain or season.

adj. belonging to, under, attached to. *

c. 33s dirtara, s. Two rows, two kinds.

2. two generations,
two generations.

35 was to the head office of a district.

as? Crisco ancestors of

dent of a district.

c. 23=& ir-tale-hvu, s. A two.

headed serpent.


**C. the people under the chief superinten



whom are you?

II. caeroe: ilaju, s. Scheme, device,attempt,

essay. aene +3 to scheme, try, attempt.
"aest: Gcosts, the scheme does not, or will

C. 235 to irtiru, for aeos. rate of rado.

c. 239-83, code=& ir-tuti, irduti,

not, succeed.
s. Both lips.

c. 23.2=7.333, ir-togiyu, [of rae and t.

S. coerge ild-tala, s. The earth.

s. caero?:3 ildhipati, s. A king, ruler.

~~~~})=ve ild-putra-wara, s.

*] v. a. To toss and throw, as a bull does.


C. acets irdada, s. Both banks of a river.



cost, cat=39 irdikku, irdidu,


aev+3) ild-putri,

s. Site, daughter of

v. a. To insert forcibly, to press between.


*a: irdu-kollu,

the earth, and wife of Rma.

v. a. To as

aeroese) ild-mitra, s. Krishna, the

friend of the earth.

c. 2:9=% irduge, see seer under see.

c. ****** ir-dlus. Both arms. a

S. caero-39s


ilvarta, s. The country

north of the Windhya mountains.



S. aero:23 ilvanti, s. The name of a

I had no strength. a: &stro to be spent,


lost, to disappear.

c. 28) ili, s. A rat. ae 22a the smell of

C. c953,
co So?:333, illaku, illaku

rats. aet's* annoyance of rats, ca&t

suttu, s. A ring of straw, &c. used as a


Gansha, riding on a rat.

aer:*** rat's

bane, arsenic. "aete, rae tax, a rat's hole.

tsoobe the muskrat.

stand for a round bottomed vessel.



illata, s. A bride's father, hav

*...* a mouse.
ing no male heirs, adopting his son-in-law

c. 2939:49 ili-kivi-palya, s. A small


leafed vegetable.

atssro a son-in-law to become

heir. **** to adopt a son-in-law.

c. co83 ilichi, s. The jujube tree.

<&#. ilipuchche, s. A lemon or

A. C.



C. c.23):ve/ ill-wala, s. The flower Anthe

ricum tuberosum.

c. * iluku, s. A sprain. 2. the cramp.

*** *** to be seized with cramp. 2. to
sprain. ato to put out of joint. aeo
* * to shampoo or rub oil into a sprain.

*g.8% illata-pallata, adj. Top

syturvy, confused, disordered.

C. ~g. illana, s. Soot. age? **', agg
*::\do soot to accumulate.

ago too? a

chimney or opening for smoke to escape.

C. roe, 3 illade, See under ag.

C. coe, d illara, See ago.

C. cae/2.3333),
illmalli, s. One who gives

malicious information, a tell-tale, backbiter,

mischief-maker. aer, s2&ss backbiting. a

c. *g, ac,
illa, ill, illavu,
co" 29.25)

defective verb; negative of aco or trucko,

and denies eristence; as, tota as there is
not one; ** as: nothing; es: 3:32: a
# he is not at home; #5" &r=# I have no
money. Affixed to verbs, it negatives the

e?,*# sis" officious intelligence. 2. mali

cious information.

C. *:::"
cert d, cae
do illra, illdru, See

c. 29, illi, declinable adv. Here, in this

action of the verb; as, * * *we: I

did not say so; * ~ ****, why did you

place. a:# not here. a", a,59 to put

here. a to here. a:32:32, a3aorso a
native of this place. a 's, as: of here,

not come? es: as a 3.3 *#e3, they have

not yet built the house. ** =::=8& I do

not, or will not, do it. Used alone, rag is a
particle of negation; as, *A Bo: a=#at is
your father alive? as no. :: *.*.*oesk?
have you any children? as no ca; &wo to
say no, to deny. a:or. P-3 rag: 3, was

*** either I or you must go. rag: in

belonging to this place.

to remain here.

ace to be present,

a:#: what is not here.

** as much as is here

as: (a: e.)

they are here (neut.) as: 8vo come here (said

when calling to take a meal with one).

"ae", ilku, See atovo.

c. 233:39, ca:3, 3532 ivanu, iva, ivam,

terrog. * *ce: have not the labour

ers come? Sass war &ves: did I not say

so? *** *d, *at is there no water in
the well. *** part, what is not, ca&# = n.a.
a lie, an untruth, the thing that is not. a
as, s, the things that are not here. a
# ** a man who has nothing, a destitute
man. a" without, not being. Best G2a
*** **** 333.58& nothing can succeed
without God's help.

Faso ca: St: tota

*** without me ye can do nothing. 2.

or. ** *** ****, ra: #3, ta: *-aa cree
you must give me either the money or my
goods. ag, ac, not to be. GSA vs. as: a*).

pro. He, this man. asco, a 2:00, cascado,

asco they (mas. and fem.) ***, as: his.
asors, as SA, asss-A him.

ast their's.

C. 233:3, 33' ivalu, ival, pro. She,

this woman.

as", asvro hers.

c. 3%), 2:30, co-37'2, 2:37:2 ivu,

ivam, iv.ugalu, ivagalu, pro. pl. of aro.
They; these.

a-ah of themselves.


**ors: they came of themselves. ass: these

are they as: are these they? or, these

indeed are they

a' all these asses, a

** as much as these, or, all these. as:ct:

<2* these are and they are. a-c, what


sort are these?


assott these are alike, or,

s. 23, a

2, ishti, ishtu,


are these alike?



as SK ivvga, adv. Now, instantly,


a sacrifice.

3. a compendious

verse easily committed to memory. a)*

a sacrifice, oblation. a'sse a place of sa



iv-vidha, adv. Thus, in this way.


H. ca 3&t, carxot} ishare, ishatre, s. A


*::: ishtu, pron. and adj. Thus much

memorandum; signal, sign, or wink; putting

or many.
in mind.

C. c.3%, ca&# ishi, ishishi, interj. of dis

**, *, *a*, *.c5 so many

a+, "as give so much. * *

corosc as far as this.

as: ***, thus long,

sent or disgust.

thus much time, at #2: *rve so many

affairs as these as: es: with a negative,
denotes that the quantity, number, or quality

C. c.23%, ca 523, *:::::::: ishipi, ishi

bi, ishibi-hunnu, s. A breaking out or
boil on the upper part of the foot.

abt too

is inexpressible; as, ess

co, the foot to break out with such a sore.

C. 25335-39 ishi-madu, v. n. To
stool, as a child.
go to stool.

go to
ab =>toro to make a child

*: ishenne, s.

in which the moon's change takes place

when the sun is in Libra.


that much.) as: in the mean time; of so

many or so much. at, as: is this all?
****** what signifies whether it is so
much, or so much; a 'Give this is enough,
so much will suffice. a 't' this will do.
C. ^*S is, interj. Of disgust.
T. B. 2% isa, [*] s. Poison.

An aperient oil.
s. 2: isha, s.The seventh lunar month, that

*: a':

trouble is inexpressible, (not this much nor

co'A&E ishika, s. An elephant's eye

G. 37:53 isaku, [+3] p.a. To take, as
ball. 2. a painter's brush. 3. a blade of

* * to take away.

a+ &atro to take and

grass. 4. a reed or pen.

go away,
s. 2:2 ishu, s. An arrow. a+0, a quiver.

as *# to take for one'self.

*R*: isamu-wdru-patti,

a:\'s: a bow.

* ishta, adj.
wished, desired.

3. worshipped, reverenced,

respected. 4. charming, delightful, agree

able, pleasant. a',"st', agreeable society.
aasen: agreeable speech or conversation.


C. 2:29, 2K223, isabi, isabu, See aeb.

C. 28, isi, interj. Of disgust.


*:::::::::: *isibi-hunnu,

*** friends. a: 5; wished for wealth.

isibi-punnu, See ast.

C. c28,533 at:3 isi-mdu, See at Enzo.

'a', t) : dearly beloved. s. Love, affection.

2. wish, desire. a 22", a 5* affection
ately. "a"`,", a'at pleasant, delightful,

H. 23.9 isiri, s. The year of Christ, or Je.

savoury, &c. a' Gates a savoury repast.

rait, "acor an object which pleases one *
*=*r San ex as I am very fond of this


s. An individual account.

Cherished, beloved. 2.


Anno domini.

C. c.3% isu, a causal affir of verbs; as, so

as to do.

Esse: to cause to do;

tsero to cause to write.

tod to

2. affixed

thing. a: a beloved friend. a:#ar

the gratification of one's wishes. a: to
be loved, desired. a: * to wish, desire.

to Sanscrit or Hindustani nouns, it forms

to hear; 5/59" wandering, ty: or *

**, *, attaining one's desires. **** *

*::::A food that is liked, savoury food. a',

* to wander; tot'ss, plundering, extraces:

to plunder; "Bes: changing, ocess: to

** ** desirable, excellent people.

change: '' effecting, ** to effect; *',

them into verbs; as */so hearing, t):

**** ishtake, s. A brick.

*:#2=e:955. ishtrthddyuk
ta, adj. Zealously active, diligent for a
desired object.

increasing, #2, to increase; ::::: vicinity,

**** to approach.

G. 37:559 isuku, see raze.



* 52 ve istakabalu, s. Going out

to meet a person of distinction.

as "tsau,

**# to cause one's self to miscarry.

*** to go out to meet a superior.

H. **. istivi, s. Property.

* to dispel poison.

name, istiyra, s. Notice, advertisement,

placard. al.<nd G-:* *ve to advertise, to
al, G s* wee: ww.soro to

down, alighting, &c. av' defect, deficiency.

T. B. ce: ili, See aes.

c. *@oo ilinku, See aw: under av.

c. 393rd, c.93 set, ilijru, ill

circulate an advertisement.

joru, v. n. To be shelving, sloping, as a

* **** *ptu, * spades in card. 2.

an adopted name for English cards.


C. 89&' ill juli, s. Hanging, pendulat

s. 2% iha, s. The present state, azse

the present world.


ava::, rava:0sro ra"

**, aw", "aw" descent, the act of going

H. *.*.d5839, 3:333se istihra

give notice.


a: in the present

ing, swinging, suspension.

c. *930 ilitara, adj. Less, abated. s.

a+:C:, fax:#axa Reaga'a in this
world and the next. ax:C earth and heaven.
***d "what promotes the interests of
this and a future life. axt{stri terrene

Abatement. 2. deficiency. 3. neglect, slight,

contempt. "a"d 39 to diminish, make
less. 2. to slight, depreciate. avszaro to

decrease, be abated, subdued, to go down,

be pacified, as anger, disease, wind, &c.


A. c. 8% ihu, [at] ... n. To be, to exist.

2. to reside, remain. axo~ being, existence.
** he (they, she, or it) which is as I am.
azav stay, remain.
A. C.

rad iheyu,

c. *@*#973 ill-mulugu, e. n. Todive

completely under water.

c. *935 illya, ". The large imbolici.

*** *** to imbody long + in a conso
nant. 2 to be abated, assuaged, or brought

s. A woman who has

been twice married.

T. B.


r2: ila, s. The earth. avanaw, aw,

C. c. 9533ed illydra, adj. From head to

** the terrestrial globe.


A. C. c.3% ##" ila-keiyu, v. a. To mock,

jest, make sport of, ridicule.
T. B.

cagogg ild-tala, See aense.

c. * ill, c. n. To descend, come down or

off, alight, dismount. 2. to land from a ship,
be unladed, landed, disembarked. 3. to halt

in a journey, alight or stay at, to take up

one's residence. 4. to distil. 5. to decrease,
abate, as disease.

6. to subside or be as

C. 295's iliku, See avs.

c. 29's ilu, see aw.
c. & T. B. cogst:p, ca'''C') ilu-dani,
ilu-dani, [aw, and **]s. Hoarseness.
A. c. 8% iluhu, see aw: under aw.

T. B. z' ile, see aw.

c. 2337,332, ro'37.3'ss ile-tegiyu,
ile-degiyu, [aw and *] v. n.

suaged, as a river, tempest, wind, &c. raw-co

** to sink, give way, fall in. 2. to enter by

force or stratagem, as thieves. 3. to mis
carry, aveco to lodge or abide any where.
*** to hang down, be suspended. avao

** to become emaciated, go to decay. a

**, *, avao, ava: saw to let down,

earth for his steed.

c. 3% ilku, See aero.


lower, take or put down. 2. to curtail. 3.

to erase, or take away, as a letter. 4. to un

lade, unship, land, as goods or passengers.

5. to distil or extract. 6. to propagate,
breed. a" a to put down. 2. to take
off and put down, as a turban, &c. av":
to halt, alight, lodge, or descend.


To take or

let down, as a burden from the head. aws

*# *.*, over-hanging eyebrows.
C. ra'ge ile-dera, s. Shiva, having the

r2: ille, s. A sour kind of orange.

s. 253 ikshu, s. Sugar-cane. ax es

sugar-canejuice. ** ** a sugar-cane plant
ation. ax *, *z, *g, *s, *a*, *. Cu
pid, with a sugar-cane bow. *# =>5), a

# * the sea of sugar-cane juice.

** **** a piece of sugar-cane.

ca: 5
a: Eo



* a sugar-cane. ax' saves, a set: ground

s. 23.859 ikshwaku, s. The first mo

narch in the line of the sun, beginning with
the 1st Hindu age.

fit for sugar-cane.

s. 23:35393 ikshumati, s. The name of

a river.

* , The fourth letter of the alphabet, sound

from henceforth, from the present time. *

ed as i in police. 2. dem. pron. this, these;

***, ** now, this very time, this moment.

as 1 saw this word,

+hoto, Eths: of the present time. **o->

Rodrive these trees,


Paoto one now and one then.

A. C. 83, $85332 4, tyu, v.a. 6 n. To give,

grant, bestow, impart. 2. to bring forth,
yean, as cattle. ***** a cow that has


now, remain now.


A. C. e8.o inke, see *.

A. C. G8083:2 intisu, v. a. To see, look at.
aos assow: es 3-5 resco's do was


v. a. To make

*****o v. n. to swim.

C. G823e3, G3233e)) {chalu, ichulu, s.

The wild date.

*tsen: the date tree.

tsovacs an unripe date.


*ae roof, a date basket.

of dates.

Gitse/t3 =: a date mat.,

date tree. Gitse-toe or, ratse-toon a date broom.

**tseo :: a tender date shoot.

Bitseo t3&
jaggory made from date toddy. **** ****

a date jungle.

****d a man who makes


winged white ant.

of a cart or plough. * * * **," the

wooden part of an axle-tree.

****3 the

Givoco, **s

perpendicular staff or handle in the shaft of a

plough on which the ploughman presses.

c. 5474, e37e/3, G87' iga, galu,

gal, declinable adv. Now, at this time.

C. G8233,

* r *w till now.

*** ***, the present time. **::co, Gin

*So people of these days. *Sovs such as
now, such as the present. **or hence,

G325.5o:33, G823:35P-33, G3

a3%.087.2, e3e3e3e's, G883 ot's ichu,

ichanddu, icha-mdu, ichi-hegu,

*Ret, *T* this moment, instantly, just

now. *** **): the current business, the
work of the present time.

2. a heap

*:39 &oa toddy or fermented juice of the

fem. pror, dem.

pron. hon. She, this woman.

her, hers.


*****, date

c. 58233 (chu, s. The double pole or shaft

T. B. 833% ikisu, see ***.

ike, iki,


c. G823e3, B323s,333', es232:

{chalu, tchalu-hula, ichuvula, s. The


A. C. G8o3 inte, See *.

C. G303ds intiru, See *r.


swim, as a horse,

*, *:Wres', 'ros woe Fostoea ce.

*baso (the lion) tremendously roaring,
crouched, sprung vigorously, struck it wound
ed to the earth, and with a gurgling throat
drank up the blood. Grctics: a tippler,


*C** ***roo giving the girl dis

C. G383-8383

A. C. G8282 infu, v. a. To drink. 2. to

see. ****# to drink one's self. Hor
drinking. *cet', *#e38o300, 40&ndaxe to
shoot with aim. #4 wer: *** **on as


#7 to to be

*nero to become now.

A. C. G873, G3233 yu, ichu, c. a. To

****do the calved calf.

* Stobsers? Hanumanta, having thus come

in great haste, and looked at the field of battle.

**o: this

*** Re let it be now.

icha-bilu, ichddu, See *.

c. G2a3 {che, declinable adv. This



here. 2. since, hereafter. 3. nearer. **

A to this side, &c. *a', eitivia' on

this side.


**a: of here.

tints;" here

stature, or strength. ex: SSR effe is he

equal to me? 2. compensation. Giro "aws
to compensate, to give what is equal in value.
*** *** *** to retaliate, to render like
for like. **** like for like. 2. a mark
to aim at, a butt. ****, *Bae, ei: two

and there. *** a later time (than that

.spoken of) ******* a later year.

A. c. 5883%uzet: 7:35


s. Straw.

c. & T. B. 88% so ichhchhana, for size.

c. *a*, *satt's, Esaeror's, 32.28's

to set a mark, to aim at

{ju, jadu, jaladu, {ja-bilu, e. n. To

swim. * swimming.

** a good mark or shot.

Germas, eit *

shot or marksman.

** a dried gourd used in swimming erec:

**, *** to make swim, as a horse,

**** to seize a bait, as a tiger, &c. 2.

to discover what a tiger, &c. have attacked.
**** to be equal. adj. Equal, equivalent

spear, spike,

dart, javelin. ****, +8wo, #1'sses to

throw a spear, to pierce with a pike. G8

staff of a spear.

Gaonso a good

3. a bait to catch ani

*** woe a sheep put as a bait in a

trap to catch tigers, &c. a decoy-sheep. *
wodows, et: &nvo, Gizo *# to bait a trap.

c. 38807, itangi, s. A brick.

**, *atecCoo to use a spear.


*** *** to make equal.

#ant toot:

a qualified or acceptable soldier

eras: ~ss

*3rr the

**a*s, *Bass a spear

* a proper word, an appropriate speech.

man. *0 small pieces of iron attached

to a spear to make a jingling noise. *k
*: a stand for spears.


*sco equals, compeers. **Es: a suita

ble thing. 2. a similar thing. *an: *#)

a garment that fits. *a*ctor's to choose

G. 3883 tu, see a=9.

what suits, fits, or matches.


*& {{fu, s. A lord, a master.

C. *::::::: fda-kattu, e. n. To compare,

Likely. 2. harmoniously. 3.



to institute a comparison, to pair. See #:0.

ed, exactly paired, equally yoked.


3. to become liable or exposed to. ***, kairo

*/a:...', 'asro to

c. 33:38Bs idru, v. n. To be effected,


able; be adapted



complished, achieved, fulfilled.

*tea, e,

*** ****r to accomplish,

effect, fulfil.

*** accomplishment, fulfilment. *A5)*

****** my vow will be fulfilled.

about or away, to spoil. v. n. To fit, be suit

varierve, easa c'>

he scattered all the papers. *Sodatr.

***Eve she, in wrath, threw her jewels
*otsdstas?& we have destroyed

# exag t; idu-pdillada,
Unequalled, matchless.

*.*.* to become exposed to danger.

c. 533233 iddu, c. a. To scatter,


****) an equal friend.

to become liable to sin.



c. ** du jadu, at walmatch.

2. to become a butt or aim.

become obnoxious to punishment.


equally. 5. in pairs.

c. 383-7's iddgu, c. n. To equal, to be

like, to pair.




c. 3883, G8&3 iti, ites. A

#: & attax,

hit the mark. *** wave to put opposite.

***, *.* to shoot at a mark. ***


#avy #8, *:::: tdoppu,

d-padu, id-badu, c. m. To be like, fit, or
equal, to correspond with, suit, agree.

our relatives.

*:::: dyddu, See #aas -

C. G437% idiga, s. A distiller, maker of, or

A. c. 683, G33% sta, tavu, ...The act

dealer in, spirituous liquors, toddy, &c. **
of giving, bringing forth young, &c. See e.
* a female of this caste. ***** a toddy . c. 833, #8353 ita, itanu, honorific pro.
vessel. *3r'5" a tax levied on toddy.
He, this man. **rvo, #worw: they (mas)
s. G833 idita, adj. Praised, eulogised, ap
***, *, *oto his. *d theirs. #:
*h, ** he of himself. ** he and he.
A. c. 3836 idiri, v. a. To toss.
S. B2825 iti-bddhe, 8. Trouble, annoy

c. * idu, s. An equivalent in value,


ance, public calamity; as, residing near a



king, (thence subject to oppression, caprice,

&c.), being plagued with musquitoes, bugs,

C. e80::3% iranige,

rats, locusts, or parrots.

T. B. 888: irasha, See ==r.

C. Gsov:o irdu, See #aaas.
A. C. G20 ods irdru, (twice

c. 533&d, es&se;3, G338, #23d 4

tiru, 4-tirina, i-tera, i-thara, ade.
Thus, so, in this way.

s. An instrument for

destroying nits.

*desco such per


six) num,

s. Two ploughs.



#. {twa,

s. The letter + imbodied in

s. 3863 trita, adj. Thrown, cast, sent. 2.

said, told.

a consonant, as in *.

C. e803 iru, s. Gum. 2. a nit. *e", *

c. 635 ida, past rel, part of *.

exo, + c2 vo to have nits.

&c, 8"co, *

c. & s. 335-3, #2:23. i-drishe, 4

trfax to remove nits. **Co vow' to crack
lice. *do 3e3, #6: Be3, #core: a head infested

drikshe, adj. Such, like, similar.

C. & S. e8:53 i-deshe, adv. Here, on this

with nits.

side, in this quarter, state, condition, &c.

Eid, 'S', *C. & nits and lice.

*#co &otecCoo to catch nits.

c. e8#377t's idelawagiru, c. n. To be

out nits.

old enough to breed, as cattle.

#t3 = F230 to comb

*tra Fe3:5, *dr: t:a:3-3, #Cor's",

***r: different instruments for destroying

C. ess", es:33 in, inu, [See #] v. n. To

yean, cub, bring forth, as cattle. *the act
of producing young ones. ****** a cow

nits and lice.

A. C. G8to iru, See &e.

C. ests'
irulli, s. An onion.

bearing many calves. *** **a breeding


Grosco to have calved, to be calved.

C. e8#~83, 337,083 i-pti, i-pnti,

C. G830:33 treradu, (twice two) num. Four.

C. G3.56% irlu, (twice seven) num. Four

adv. So, thus, after this way.

c. e8%, B3:3, 58: ipi, pu, ipe, s. A


nit in general. 2. the egg of an insect laid

in a sore. **** a head abounding with


nits. Gibwy, *.*.* to have nits in the head,

to strike, or lay eggs in, as flies. *#: &#3

nits and lice.

G** **, a cluster or mass of

*::: treidu, (twice five) num. Ten.

###ax frei-moga, s. Rvana, with
ten faces.

C. e850so): ir-ndi, s. A kind of wild dog

that attacks tigers.

{rma, s. A sore, wound.

A. C. e8=3s U2, e333=5 irvaru, frvar,
C. e2339s.


c. & S.

*E*ve {-prakara, adv. Thus,

num. pro. Two persons. *Sra", cvaro

in this manner.
T. B.

*: #sse,

two persons to agree together, (to become one

s. Desire, wish.

#53r: two elephants.

**rd a

fortnight. Sasksr we two.

these two persons.



C. 882 to t-bari, s. This time or turn; the

current year, the present year.
the last year.

C. #32.3 ibu,

&ak: *e

S. #8:=, G8:#E irsha, irshe, s. Anger,

See Tao too.

spite, malice, envy.

G**rned an envious

c. 585399 imu, See a=X.

person, an angry man.

c. Es392 yu, see *.




c. 38ty irru, see ste.

es&oet's A.
C. Gee's flasu, s. A cow near calving.

iyyalu, yyuwadu, tydu, verbal noun

C. Eser:7ado ilgiru, (+Geo ene) v. n.

of **, The act of bringing forth young, as

To be about to bring forth, as cattle.


C. G20.832, irattu, adj. Uncertain, unset

A. C.

tled, undecided, doubtful. &c"," to be.

come unsettled or uncertain. Bic saw to
make unsettled.

es: Be? tlga, ilgu, v. n. To


prostrate, to do reverence. ***, *.* the

act of prostrating, obeisance.

A. c. 54:33, t-wattu, See * ***.




c. G853e33,020, 4:38%, Essex,

forester damsel who plucked the lotus grow

ing in the midst of the water, and swam
back again on the waves. ***** a swim
****:3 to swim.
****3, ****

*38355 i-variyantara, 4-varige, 4

varig", i-tanaka, adv. Till now, thus
far, hitherto.


C. s.3507, twdga, ade. Now, the present


. G3:2 tsu, causal of *, To cause to give,

** instantly, this moment.

to take, fetch. =:: *y-, *z, *y to take

C. & s. 389: i-vidha, s. This manner. E.

for ones self.

*::=>h adv. So, thus.

A. C. 68% ivu, v. a. To give. ** a do


sacrifices. Added to infinitives, *:o has the

sense of permitting; as S*:3 to do, Esto
to permit to do. todt: to allow to come.

nor. ****, *.* the act of giving.

S. 68% isha, s. A lord, master.

S. #3595 ishana, s. Shiva, the regent of
the north east.

****** take thou.

exes:*rves taking their share of the

****** to permit to go. *we: he will

not allow to give.

2. the Supreme. *****,


the north-east quarter. **, *ron Pr- || C. *38% isu, See #39.
vati, the wife of Shiva.
G. 38% isu, See "a:
S. d tshvara, s. God, the Supreme
S. $453, *3232, 3.353 tha, thi, the,
Being. 2. a name of Shiva. 3. the 11th
year of the Hindu cycle of sixty. 4. a lord,

Wish, desire, inclination.

A. C.

e3:303 thantha, s. Condition, state,


master. *e to blasphemy. *se Bas

an angel. ****, the divine will. ***,


#328 desired.

A. C. G35&DR) tha-thdvu, (awand co-)s.

******ch Prvati, the wife of Shiva.

Place of residence.

s. Esteb&#32d. ishwari-bru, s. The root

:: *******E*R*::9 which

is Bhtla's place of residence?

Aristolochia Indica.

68:05:33,74 tha-mriga, s. A wolf. 2.

a division of the drama.

S. 68: isha, s. The pole or shaft of a

c. 38&oor i-hinda, ade. Hereafter.
s. #3: go ishana, s. Love, affection. = | A. C. &o ihu, v. n. To be. Giats."

(acos war) as it is.

="3/a: three dominant affections in the hu

*32. {-hottu, ade. To-day.

#): love of children. *** love of mo | A. c. exy ill, s. An ox's hump.

man mind; viz.

Estes conjugal love.

* | C.

c. ***, 38'3% ilige,


s. 34:::= (shadartha, s. A little.

S. Es:#2. tshattu, adj.
Little, small,




luge, s. A

2. a kitchen knife for cutting up

Givr's sort a board for cutting

vegetables on.

tshallha, s. Seasoning, A. C. #8's ilu, s. A nit. v. a. To fly on,

assail. 2. to pull, draw or drag forcibly.

**, *** seized. ***.* to take away

es:oxesova-Eser, * Edd **,
to ********ers-ser:Ea.

s. 33:25 ishika, s. A painter's brush. 2.

by force.

a reed for writing.

T. B. #8%d isara, See ##8.

c. G3:35, 63Rel, G3:Job, 4-sarti, i
sala, 4-sdri, ade. This time, this turn,
again, once more, the present.

*:::::::croo the wild rutting elephant, in

fierce war, scattering hither and thither,
dragging, tearing, stamping violently, and
pawing, devastated, with his stretched out
proboscis, the hostile army. Estco "st
*** *&ots:ce.77:0:0 *::::Avid to the behold
ers, it was as though the woman's eyes were
forced and pulled down.

***6 = R3,

to do again. *0 *o the fruit of the cur

rent season.

c. 34:283 i-sti, ade. Thus, so, as.

A. C. e87'> isu, See *, *, *award a
v==2 Roozew: row, tetaboo:w:38 the

A. C.




s. A sour kind of orange.


+3 #so

s & Co #shana, s. sight, seeing 2.

es#835 {kshanika, s. A fortune


an eye. ***.* to see.

C. & s.

e8#ge -kshana,


adv. Instantly,


es: {kshike, s.


this moment.


C^0 u, The fifth letter of the alphabet, sounded

as u in full.

yes. It affirms existence, as opposed to ag.

vvoat of::st is there, or is there not? Is

C. ^09 win, conjunctive particle, which

when added to nouns in the ancient dialect,

it so or not wou, there is; it is so. , B,

Go::ced there is, or was, a man. e.g. tre+, troo

corresponds with * in the modern, and de

to there is a well there.

notes and, likewise, also, even; any verb

case, tructio expresses possession; as, Scrootso

I have

ending with two is an aorist.

A. C. Croood unkura, s. Pride, insolence.

unkuve, s. The price or pre

C. truo'533

With the dative

truct to be or exist.

2. to be

born. 3. to happen, occur. 4. to come into

existence. 5. to arise, spring up, grow. 6.

to be pregnant. 7, to have property, be rich.

sent given for a wife.
Used impersonally with the dative case, troo

T. B. croo7.8, enoor's 83 ungata, ungu

fa, [*] s. The great toe. e.veret: we
vo the thumb.

c. coord, croorod ungara, ungura,

s. A ring

truorod wateo a ringlet,


** denotes to have, possess. tructor SR32,

"vot; * to create, make, cause to be,
frame, invent, produce, prove, establish. Two
*Ed if it be so, if it so happen. truction
being. troo-wros what is beginning to be or

* circularly, in the form of a ring. troorod

happen. tructresto, truct3:9, erect3&to be

****, trooroo::... to put on a ring. ervorod *3,

coming, happening.

********2 the key of a ring-formed lock.

red, what is really fact woes:cene war

***tell what happened, as it happened. troo

*ored "t" a ring-formed lock,


the ring finger. 25) wored a seal ring.

*** **, the part of a seal ring on which
the impression is made. **word a plain
ring. *#, "word an emerald ring. *o-soo
** a ruby ring. *cessort an inferior stone

T. B. &mdoes uncha, See tro'.

A. c. &coe:323s unchurche, s. A live

truct: what occur

* ***** to prove, establish, shew that a

thing is "ve" at: to see that a thing is.

truct: ***, rock:\, voc 'a to say that a
thing is, to acknowledge that one has a
thing. ****, truct!:A* to make a person
confess that he has a thing. vocea: igno
rant of what exists. troobs!, the estate pos
sessed. tructsa's took a faithful servant, one
whose word is to be depended on. Rae, t:


****cockto there were four merchants,

s. eroca; unchha, s. The gleaning of grain.

"voese:, living by gleaning. Bestos.sos. liv

ing by grain gathered from the threshing



* * ** *oss-coo":co four sons were

born to him. voctness, or E):ceness,
a man of property, a rich man. Juota: C#
***** *** give charity of what you have.

s. Geo:33 unchhita, adj. Tall, lofty.

C. croo3 unte, See vects.

C. croo3' unju, See *::

A. C. enjo525 untka, s. A ravine.
C. & Oo333 **!", defective verb, There is;

C. too: unda, See vv.

C. creo:367, evo:39, enoot'', enoot'',


croobe) undarige, undali, undali, un



dalige, undili, s. A round cake like a

C. crooges unnu, see ver,

ball, particularly such as are used in offerings | c. coor: unne, see w".
to Ganesha.
A. C. croore's, trood: undalu, undavu,
C. trootsot:2,083, too: ot:35083, croogo
[*] s. Assemblage, heap, multitude.
&#983 undda-banta, unddda-bhan S. croocots unduru, s. A rat.
ta, unddi-bhanta, s. A lazy fellow who S. Coo:33 unnata, see was.
cares for nothing, or is fit for nothing, but

*2:3. unnmatta,

See are:..


croo:32:3) undvu, s. A gramineous



umbarri, s.

A monkey.

C. & Joe'), groca:#7. umbali, umbalige,

plant, including reeds, grasses and corn.


A. C.

troo: 3 undlita, s. Buying in lots,


&c., without measuring or correctly estima-

A vil: or plot of groud free of rent,

Jghir truct." "): a village granted rent

free as a reward for eminent services, &c. troo
townsc, roos watc the holder of such a grant.


c. coo:'s unddlu, s. A servant who

c. troo3.253:33, croo: Rege, crooax,83

has been long in one's employ.

C. Alo~7, croo3.7% undigi, undige, s. A

umbuvadu, umbna, umbta, verbal

noun of wore,

custom-house stamp given on the leaf of a

tree, a man's hand, new cloths, &c. troob."

The act of eating. Uvows,

truct, evo's a person who eats.


efootosvo, eruotsaw a woman who eats.

*** a custom-house permit. 2. a formal

written dismission of a man from a place for
bad conduct. troo?" *** to put the custom


*, tructo:3, tructoscow a place where meals

are taken.

tructieff, eruowed:ex, tructoos coed

a plate made of leaves.

house stamp on goods, &c.

c. *02:32:32 undudu, v. a. To take a meal

and dress one's self.

C. Croo<333,
eroos. 335,
matta, ummattu, ummetti, See vos..

c. coo:3# 228t's undu-kondiru, c. m. | T. B. Coo:33, too:32: ummada, um

maha, See Jus.".

To be eating. 2 to be enjoying.

C. root: unde, s. A ball of anything 2.

a globe. d: was a ball of jaggory. &#5
** a dumpling. **** ***23 preserved

A. C. coo::, roo:3-9: ummala, um

malike, See vo:*.

c. coo:3-9, too:39.9%, croo:3339, eroo

tamarinds made into balls, and used for cur

333.3% ummali, ummalige, ummuli,

ry, &c. *03 a ball of boiled jaggory

ummulige, See vow.

and split pulse, mixed with meal of black

gram and rice, fried in ghee, wo: *, vvo

A. C. troo:3-9:9, roo<32-Q's ummali

* * to take, or make into, the form of a

ball. Broo: a ball of earth.

su, ummulisu, See under ov:v.

Uveit *

T. B. Croo: Jets ummada, see trus B.

to make a ball.

C. quo:Je:87 unddiga, s. A diner-out;

C. coo-35Ed ummara, s. Groundsel.

c. coo!), troops & unmi, ummike, see

one who will stay with you no longer than


he can serve his own interests.

T. B. crooges unnata, See quess.

C. too;323 ummu, s. A kiss. roos, two?

to, ovost', **#, to kiss. ucso *# to be

A. C. crooge:3953233 unnavaliyadu, adj.


troo:53: "2: an interesting babe.




s. The name of a village god.

A. C. eroo:333e), ummulu, s. Deep mud,

*#osses a quicksand.
533-3 umyale, um
c. coojs, ereo 335-5

c. evoc unni, s. A tick infesting cattle.

v.22 cw, ... we to be infested with


uvox's "2% a young tick.

y see
s. erodot, ukra, s. The letter vo.



T. B.



ukkata, See www.k.

eruv', '2 steel filings.


C. Jo, 3 ukkada, s. A place of observa

tion between the bounds of two towns, a look
out or guard house on the road near a town.
2. basting, in needle work. 3. a very small
boat in which the post crosses rivers. * *
Ps, vuv, 2 seasoss, www.3 **ax's Rose:S a
patrol, one occupying a place of observation.
trow,5ter a secret lock. www.: 5**o to place
www.5 &two, www.3 &stco to
a patrol.
baste, to sew slightly. *CSK,3 a place of
observation outside of a town. true, wereo
the outermost gate of a town.
A. C.

Joe's ukkadi, s.

Much, excess,

abundance, superfluity.
A. C.

coge, ove b

ukkari, ukka


UV','e: v. n. to be proud.

2. to be

a ploughed field. vow, 323-32 to plough.

**, three times ploughing. a:o.B. Jo
* *****, it must be ploughed once more.
S. cow. ukta, adj. Spoken, said.

S. cod. ukti, s. Speech. 2. speaking. 3.

a word, an expression.

S. croSD ukha, s. An earthen pot.

unblown flower.


of von, Without piercing, without being

drawn, without springing up or out, as tears,

4. wanton

blood, &c.

ov, ukki, See www.

qu, ukki, s. Land ploughed early in

the season.

vo, ukku,

a ray

A. C. tro7.3 ugade, for Junct neg. part.

2. regretting or missing a
3. a wave.


Jus: cakes dressed or boiled

in a pot.

ove.93 ukkalike, [ s. An

person's absence.


of the sun.

ovege ukkalu, s. Leisure, space.

T. B.

ukkula, s. Existence, subsis.

sion. Uw-herow,953: **** *** to work

without ceasing.
C. out', ukke, s. Ploughing.
tro** **,

amassed or collected.


tence, livelihood. eru","ro to be alive.

espot'ssrow, use, I cannot live for him.
ww.brow,083: ezo to cry incessantly, to
cry without stopping to take breath.
row',98&# => *32 to talk without intermis

rike, s. Pride, insolence. 2. mass, collec


www' Road, wholly

v.v. 3 a steel nail.

C. cro7.32.69., ugani-balli, s. The creeper

Monispermum glabrum.

A. C. ero7.6% ugarisu, p. m. To


v. n. To boil, bubble up,

with pain, breathe with difficulty, to sigh

rise, as the sea; to seethe. 2. to be feverish

from heat. 3. to boil with rage or anger. 4.

T. B. & OTV-6 ugdidi Lawn conjunction, ea


to come over in boiling.


5. to rise or spring

beginning] s. The commencement or first

day of the sol-lunar year. This sol-lunar
year is composed of a certain number of

up in general. s. pride. tro*** */~ bloom

ing youth. www's fat: raging anger vu
up or over.

lunar months, which number varies, and is

efuTss **. *
regulated by the sun's course.

** to cook till it boils over. ove,sas, www.e

festivity observed on new year's day, when

flowers of the margosa, tamarind juice, sugar,

*** *** swelling sea. tru',:9 to make boil

eruv', obox to be about to boil.
eruv, *.* to heat a thing till it boils. true,
30 to put on to boil. trow',2:3, Juv',tsor to
cool what has been boiled. erv",", Uw",
todo to come over in boiling. eru', 3rd to be
boiled away, as water, 2. to cease, as anger,

to be expended.

&c. are offered to Gansha, &c.

C. cro7, ugi, v. a. & n. To spit out 2. to

throw. 3. to flow or rise, as tears. eruhcocos
**', a spittoon. run to cause to spirt out,
as blood, to make flow, as tears. #sco d'E.R.)

Juv' &sc foaming froth.

tro*** **, ghee hissing in the fire. a hard finger

h to make blood spirt from a wound. truro

*releas'. the rutting elephant which
spat out. ***, C3:2::Roh: the dog hav
ing smiled, lit. the dog's smile having gone

vvv, *** a piece of steel. trow, "

*) a steel vessel, vvv, *...* a steel handle.

A. c. 907, Go?,532 wgi, "giyu, r. a.

c. ***, ukku, s. Steel vow, *'', vo",s

*', steel dross. vov, r', 'v',: "', ww.
wo: a bar of steel.






To pull or draw out, as a sword from the

sheath, an arrow from the quiver, or a wound,

To spit. Jurovos =3R s. A spittoon. Juro

vao to spit upon. #3ttorovosts, :vex revst''

&c. 2. to fix or pierce through, as with an

spitting upon. Storo'o he spat upon. "


row so to cause to spit, to make spirt out as

to stick in, as a peg in the ground. 5. to im

blood, or flow as tears wros' "y, to be

press, as any circumstance does the mind.

spit upon.

r. n. To fear, wh: * to drop off or out.

trots trio: to extract and throw off from, or
away, wh, or baw to pull, break and
throw away. wh: *tro to pierce right
Judeavofas, to pierce through
the breast, wh:9 to cause to pierce; to

saliva which he spat out was like live-coals.

arrow, &c.

3. to scratch, skin, or peel.

cause to draw, &c.

crurov'e:row' +* *o:*cooze the

C. cro7. , eroz R) ugga, uggavu, s. A

rope 6. cord attached to a basket, vessel, &c.
as a handle, for the purpose of carrying it
about, or suspending it. vur), wave, wr', w

truto Seco to shoot an


arrow or cast a dart, &c. so as to pierce.

eross":39 he took his life. Juha pierced,
entered, stuck in. eers. ABS. Ross Cupid
drew an arrow. *, *, *Re in describ

*# to fix such a handle.

ow: uggalisu, p.a. & n. To repeat

often, to repeat certain sounds, as #3, #3, &c.

so as to harmonize with a native dance and

music, or to vary the time in singing. 2. to

utter, to talk rapidly and incessantly. 3. to

ing, will not the sentiment strike?

plead hard for.

C. cro?, ugi, s. Steam.


Johna, trun azo,

2. vapour. 3. a
trun ** to fix in

T. B.


eru was heat of steam.

to heat in or by steam.

steam, to foment,

owne uggdra, See vo-'d.

ov% uggi, s. Ceremonies performed by

eru? Ye:d

trun ** to apply

whvay, wn"?

to be

farmers, &c. on repeopling a deserted village,

to propitiate the evil genii. vu', 'to per
form it.


vv^ =93 a close and hot house.

** **Co steam to evaporate; to suck up or

draw in steam.

gulisu, See vv^*:.

A. C. cro?,857, ugi-bigi, s. Haste, quick


trunt? &#50 to make haste, to hasten.

c. croRod, uguru, s. The finger nail. 2. a

bird's talon.

c. wr: &3, ow?'69% uggudisu, ug

3. a beast's claw.

cox to pare the nails.

ervredo &#

Juro r an instru

S. cro7) wgra, s. Wrath, rage, anger, adj.

Angry, cruel, wrathful, fierce, violent, terri
fic trury's violence, passionateness. Juris/t
ty great wrath. Jury", wr/rac, wo)" a
fierce, cruel, passionate man. vur) ***, ero
"/"): fierce wrath. von) at o a burn

ment for cutting nails, wroad;", wroar

#,, wrodr's tepid, luke-warm, or so warm

ing sun

as to be sensible to the finger nails.


temper. vur) **, vehement energy. 2. name

to fix the nails in any thing. wuroes #sco

of a king. vur)*: the father of Kamsa.

a wound made by the nails. wurs": print

of the finger nails. vurotrw a breast plate

trut)*: fervent devotion, severe austerities. Jo

ru)x, wre/cow Shiva, with an eye of fire.

covered with chasings or engravings like fin

c. Coryeo wgrna, s. A store-house, a

ger nails.

truroco Roso a whitlow or tumour

formed between the nail and the point of the

finger. Jurcow a gouge. *#re, ey're,
#re. sharp nails. Juroc, *, *e Cynan
chum ertensum. Juroc, *, the quick of

granary. es: uvre)" a store-house. Es:

ton)" a granary. wro)*, wro/*BS a
steward, butler, or store-keeper.

A. C. Coto ughe, s. The shout of comba

tants or victors in battle.

the finger nails, wrod, e?, a necklace of

T. B.

gold nail-shaped beads.

A. C. v7.2e

erurozo, truroex & two, truro

*a*cco to bore a hole.


tru%doro to shout.

*::::: ughghadane,

s. Excess.

ugulu, s. A bore, a hole

made by boring.

wor) for, very of a passionate

vvv, arto** a very great shout.

*:::: ughghada, adj. Burst out,

A. C.

broke forth, exploded, discharged. ww. "

ov7.3's ugulu, s. Saliva, spittle. r. n.


teen the exploded thunderbolt.



A. C.


oo::RCSx, ughghaddisu, ... c ove:8 uchchpati,

m. To open, burst forth, explode, or discharge.


s. Taking and

giving goods on credit. vot', 'at d?, a shop

bill, a running account. vut', 'Ba'an adv.

** the act of bursting forth.

ov: &K's, ** ughghadisu,

On credit. ov: to deal in credit,

take goods on credit.

wghghalisu, See Ju'v3.

H. eruesoo}3 uchdisu, v. n. To exceed
the bounds of propriety either in word or

C. ero83: S333) uchchd-malli, s. A woman



afflict:with diabetes. 2. a kind of insect.

eve: dr uchchrane, s. Pronunci

truts-do? &erro, truts adol teve to ex

ation, utterance.

2. recital of the names of

ceed in talking, to attack. truts-dw: two to

a god, &c. sists, uv; 9:4 to pro


nounce, utter, articulate, recite, rehearse.

s. eroe:#3 uchita,

adj. Proper, fit, suitable.

S. eroes: 5323 uchchvacha, adj. Various,

convenient. 2. receivable, fit or right to be
taken. 3. known, understood. 4. useful.
s. A gift, present, gratuity. trut385*, trut3a*
rs adv. Gratuitously. trut'ssan wax to

diverse, multiform.

S. coe: uchchi, s. The crown of the head.

A. C. &#. 803 uchchi-taru, v. a. To

compel, force.
give for nothing. trutssorivo gifts. trut3==ws
a suitable expression, a proper word. trut3* | C. ove: uchchu, v. a. To untie, loosen.

** a useful work.

Wadatt's seasonable,

v. n. To become untied, become loose. 2. to

*# uchcha, adj. High, tall, lony. ..

be purged. ww.g. *y to strip off, as leaves



from a stick, &c. 2. to become loose of itself.

The zenith, the meridian, the vertical point

in the sky. "...#8, ovt.of good fortune.
" elders, nobles.
C. Croa5 o?, ov'.o?t:37's, s.
lage near Chittledroog.

3. to evacuate from fear, &c. ww'. ", "

$, ca, to strip off, as leaves off a twig, beads
from a string, &c., to undress or take off, as
clothes. vt'.", vut'., vv'. toto, ov'. *


w8 to become loose, untied vot'." SRs', wo

*.* to make loose. www.", w$.4 to put

The name of a vil

w$on rohr, ovgor

loosely. ov'a'sh, vut'.", outs'an adv.

* a goddess of this place.


co'.or uchchanda, adj. Quick, expe.

Loosely. "." "e" purging and vomiting.

vot'.", ov'.", vua.", ove," diarrhoea,
looseness, vvt'." &acs to be seized with
purging. "wa, stew, ove, new, ov's, "to

ditious. 2. strong, powerful.


ovg.*Suchcha-dva, (the great god)

s. Krishna.

a loose peg, spring, or hinge. "v",3e strip

s. Ove: 03, uchchaya, s. The knot of the

ped off leaves. 2. a loose roll of cadjan leaf

string, or of the cloth which fastens the low
er garments round the loins, tied in front.

in the ear. ove, a loose knot. Jutt,

** a loose bracelet. ov', so: a bald head,

ov.b's uchcharisu, see under out',

(from age or disease.) vu',B to be tight.

**, * to loosen, as a linchpin, &c.


S. eroes e uchchala, s. The mind, the un

T. B.

ov'.53 uchchava,

C. cro,
coe2a uchche, uchchi, s. Urine.
33**, *, *, *, stoppage of urine. "

see ways.

A. C. eroe: 973, ov'.&K's uchchalisu,

uchchalisu, v. n. Toburst forth, to spring
out. 2. to shake or move. 3. to glitter or

shine. *********, the pearls break

ing and bursting forth.

S. eroes: 833 uchchatane, s. Exorcising,

driving out evil spirits vot:3 saw to
exorcise, to drive out evil spirits.

# *, w$t ecos, ov's tie the bladder.

vot," wer', ov's rot pudendum muliebre.
ov's ea, ov's as: uv' bes, ov's ess
* a urinary disease. Jug,' tea, w$* *
* thick morbid urine. "vis,*d a stream of
urine vote "c", writreos, ov'sfetid
smell of urine out. Aso's, we', c*, *,
** to void urine. Jus, sex examination
of urine. "v',' " ", w$, wow avenerealin



H. ero&ero, eroe?& ujild, ujili, s. White.

sect. *, *, the passage of the urine.

**, ** a man who has difficulty in re

voter t white colour.

taining his urine vv. we, ov', war,

*::: *e, w; saw a woman do. do.
s. ov'. #92=er: uchcheir-ghosha,

H. Croat"do wiviru, s. Respect, regard for.

true "co saw to shew respect, care for, mind.
true"do:*d a respectful person. *****
care for no one.

s. A loud noise.

. . ero: 2


s: Co'): go' #3: uchchei

c. ov, ova', uffa, wij4, s. A match,

shrava, uchchei-shravassu, s. Indra's

horse, of unsullied whiteness, produced at

pair. 2. a guess, an estimate. 3. height.

the churning of the milk-sea.

match. 2. to guess, estimate. "vig"d a

ev', a man's height. wig. *# to pair,

fellow, match. 2. a guesser vu", ow, vu
** to be matched. we', 'wo to ask an

A. C. crue: $7's, ero: 9K3 uchhchha

|agu, "chhchalisu,' v. n. To burst or

estimate way, 8wo to give an estimate.

ove, saw to pair, match.

break forth, explode, discharge. 2. to shake,

move, wave.


it burst forth; it

s co&#8 wifayani, s. Owein, a city in


Malwa, formerly the capital of Vikramrka,

T. B. Crocs: C3 uchhchhddana,


and lately of the Maharatta chief Scindia.

H. Croc Ross's uchhchhisu, see outs,

ov'cost be the residence of one of the

Linga high priests.

*] s. Cleansing with perfumes.


T. B. Cog.'' wifala, See wes.

T. B. Croc a uchhchhdha, see ves.

adj. Left, re.


C. CA).3% w/u, v. a. To rub, rub in or on.

2. to rub anything between the hands, as an
ear of corn. 3. to plane, as a board. 4. to

jected as food, spit out. s. Orts, fragments,


polish by rubbing, vetoe out: to rub ahorse.

* * to polish chunam. * * to rub
the body. * * to rub one's self vot,"

****** to eat from each other's

plate, as most intimate friends, or nearest

relatives; to gather up fragments. *::: :se
* to make leavings. *.*. erupti, w",#,
**tes eating food offered to idols, regarded
as the leavings of the deities. **** One
who eats the leavings of others.

to cause to rub. we cas, w; wave, ov'.

* * to rub out or off vot," a whet
ted knife.

T. B. ova: 7 wifuga, s. See vo:**".

oo::$taro uchhchhshana, Desic

cation, iss up. 2, sucking up. weet"

T. B.

dried, sucked up.

T. B.

ova's wijugisu,

See weath:


under trutt".

coag." wijugi,

See vut:en under end


s, co-)5% uchhraya, s. Height 2, the

T. B.

ove: wijuge, See west".

T. B.

ovgen: wijgisu,

highest point of prosperity, riches, or power.

*E* prosperous. ww.g/~ *: to make

See weath


cost/3s uchhrya,

* under eru:v\t".

s. Increase, a

s co: Sel wijwala, adj. Resplendent,


true)* **, were/dox to in

radiant, brilliant, shining. *s. Love, passion,

crease, multiply.
ervese: to shine.

s. crossos?, uchhwasa, s. Breathing,

C. cro&ots, ero8052 utanka, utanku,

breath. 2. a sigh. true: cat: a stop

page of the breath from pain, suffocation, &c.

adj. Roguishly clever, knavishly smart, nim

ble. Atk+**, vutions: a knavish cleverness,

H. tro3:0:33 widdu, s. Ruin. overasro to

be ruined.

expert roguery.

trutdot-crero to be or become

roguish, knavish. trut!ovs'sso a conjecture

II. croaroe'> widlu, s. Light. www.enro to

or supposition.

2. a denial.

3. a witty,

bold, poignant expression intended to defy or

become light.



offend somebody. Jutlot:2, outsch: to deny

H. eroso', eutsot: uddphi, uddphe, s.

Denial; rejection.

insolently a just charge. 2. to act with fear

less impudence or roguish knavishness. 3.
to state in the most concise way, as hints.

H. eroso'yo-33 uddphe-pvada, s. A

* * to be uncomplaisant, proud, or

Uwas: :": to deny. 2.

to reject what one says.

square rich cloth used in regal processions,

as an ensign of royalty.

2. to disavow what one has done.

3. to boast or brag of having done what one

II. Axsoo)27:3, ero-soo)33.85:33 uddisu,

uddisi-bidu, v. a. To deny, contradict,

has never done truto: an intolerable person,

a brag; one who cares for neither rank, cha
racter, nor truth; one who speaks indecorous
ly; a smart knave, a sharper.

renounce, reject.

A. C. cro udi, v. a. To disgrace.

2. to

s, do?& utaja, s. A house made of leaves,

break, shiver, pluck to pieces. Uve: * *

rive broken arms and legs. true: t: a bro

a hermit's residence. 2. a house in general.

C. crossoo), Ko utdisu, v. a. To raise, lift

ken bow.


***.* to commence talking, to

talk too freely.


co utta,

ued to pluck to pieces,

ov'atz's utteggu, s.


C. too udi, s. The hip, waist, haunch. 2.

the pouch in front formed by the folds of the
garment, and used as a pocket; the bosom,
lap. Uve" to make such a pouch. 2. to
gird one'self. ervato, tru2 are to put in the

A mush


C. cro& utlu, s. A

string attached to a


carrying burdens by suspension.

a net work for suspending vessels when not

in use.

tru2:32: "it we:o

*orvo the broken and fallen out elephant's

to loosen or take off apparel.



******, the ruddy geese having contin

past rel, part of truts, Dres

sed, put on. Jo', '', a garment in wear.

** a jacket one has on vuk", to put
on what has been worn before. v.' *wa.
A. C.

true: to cause to break.

*Soroet, having broke with its beak, or

having pulled to pieces with its beak.

wasow to fill the lap.

wave, to

untie the lap. true:ben the lap to become

loose. Uwe we? ready money. trut was a

*.*.*, *, *, we, a festi

child in arms. "we": small silver or golden

val on Krishna's birth-day. U-84, **, end

**, * to construct an open shed for this
festival, in which a cocoanut is suspended.

A. C. Cros's udiyu, See ware.

*# * to swing the cocoanut in this shed,

C. cro% udige, s. Agarment, clothes, dress.

when persons attempt to strike and break it;

if unsuccessful, water or t-wow is squirted
upon them by a person seated at the top of

C. cro&#3 udidu, See vow:0.

the shed.

bells worn round the waist.

C. cro&pot, cror:pot, crew:37 od, eroa

&Q45 udi-dhdra, uda-dhara, udu
dhra, udi-nil, s. A waist-band, girdle

c. *20 udandi, s. A female friend. See

or string round the waist.


t5 wated a

golden girdle.

A. C. Code: udachu, v. a. To cause to

A. C. crobj53 wdiya, s. Clothes, dress,


waste or diminish. 2. to subdue, to humble.


c. Crow:3 udate, s. see was.

C. coe, ero865 udilu, udil, see ves.

C. eroz udadi, See Juz.5.

A. C. ero: 93 udalu, See are:..

S. coco udu, s. A lunar mansion. 2. a star.

truto:, tru:2:2, trozoosts the moon.

H. trousoga, toxoses, e^xso:3 uddini,

udnu, uddinus. Leaping or jumping, as
a horse only.

Uvasco sistie to cause to leap.


*, ***** a row of stars. Uvarr, a constel


C. ero:3

G. erozor883 udani-shire, s. A parti.


cular kind of female garment.


udu, v. a. To dress, to put on the

lower garment. Uvaro, vva sis: to cause to


*#, to get one's self




ero:34, eroton, erot', truan, truts; the act of

dressing. 2. dress. wa saan-off apparel

and ornaments. 2. the act of dressing and
adorning. * *d a bark used in making
cloth. trust sists to marry a widow.



udu-pushpa, s. The China


C. ero:33333, ero:3, erot:33, udumu, u

du, uduvu, s. A large kind of lizard or
iguana. 2. a gauntlet made of iguana skin.

C. coast, cut R, udupu, udavu, s.

C. crocods uduru, s. Mumbling, grum

Clothes or apparel in general. 2. clothes

hired from the washerman for temporary

bling, muttering. tru:20 & 3" to bellow, as

a bull. trutsoev the act of muttering, as

wear. ***** **y to hire another per

son's clothes from the washerman.

when displeased.


*', a hired garment.

C. Co.:353 udukadi, s. Closeness, oppres.


C. & Ot:3e).3 udulu, See trut'.

C. croco-5' uduvu, See ovalso.
A. C. &ut:35 uduve, s. A bush, a thicket.
C. ava: uddddu, v. n. To be loose, to

A. C. Curio: udukipa, s. An oppressor.

c. Ax:35, AX:35 uduku, uduke, s. A

shake, move or swing backwards and for

wards. Uva, to toss about, dash, shake
violently backwards and forwards.

trusive totecCoo, usowo traord to

beat a tambourine.

C. cro uddi, s. Any set of three, as marbles,

C. emot:373, crow:27:3, ero:7:3, ero7'>
udugu, udangu, udagu, u'digu, c. a.

seeds, tamarind stones, &c., with a fourth

set on the top. tro", * to fix seeds, &c. in

this position at play. Jet,39, Uv?,*, *ru*.*
* to set thus in parcels of four each. trut, R
**, *, *," a set of four marbles placed

To sweep. wush: *: sweepings. v. n. To

diminish, to become compressed; to abate,
be impaired, be subdued; to grow thin, lean,

one above three.

or emaciated; to be exhausted; to crouch or

to a Gos

uddurku, r. n. To be pro

sink in or down. WW tru:or9 brightness to

fade. *ht pacified, appeased, &c. 2, swept.
trushes one impaired from age. Uvacre, tre


**, *ru*** failure, diminution.

Use toe truxo

C. Cox's udlu, s. The pouch formed in front

^ the body's strength having become impair

ed. * **, the body having wasted. too
*** strength is exhausted. ess was: tru

pocket; the bosom, lap. "v", *, w?,*,

voked, angry. Jus: "re provoked. U-52'or

5 provoking.

by the folds of the garment, and used as a

tro?,*, to make such a pouch. Uvd,, to

hold out, or stretch out the lap. was, "',
*w- to nourish another. trut', 5*, *, *, *a

B^* his anger is abated. te: *k:ootov-ot:33

** arrogance having become repressed. tro

*** to cause to waste, to humble, &c.

* a child in arms.

the front pouch.

C. At 3%, crosz udugere, udagare,

eru:, tao to put down

ww...", so to put rice into

s. A present to a bride and bridegroom at

the lap of another was, " ": to send

the time of marriage; a present given on any

a daughter away with her lap filled with rice,

fruit, &c., when returning to her husband

auspicious occasion.
a present.

erusad was to make

from a visit to her parents.

c. *not*23, tax:33, ero:393, ero:33 u C. eugees, erose: unaji, unaje, s. A

white insect with wings, that infests grain.

duta, uduti, udutu, udute, s. Asquir.

A. C. Crogot:3do unadavaru, s. Demi


gods, persons who never eat.

C. rudo ududi, s. A play of

boys at

A. C. crose, unku, c. n. To fear. vur,


** a timid man.

C. cror:33, ududu, see was.


c. ****) udupavu, s. A float or raft.

C. cursob udupi, s. A noted place near

unnu, v. a. To eat, take food.

*se wife, to suck the breast

who ate.

wo: eaten,

Juozsdo those who have eaten.

wo: what was eaten. wo: we a plate





for eating, or which has been used for eating.

chief, good. "...", B good fortune. " **

# * good soil.

****, *.* the act of eating. vu',: a

ce to fast. *.*.* to leave uneaten. tro
,"st the demi-gods, as living without eat
ing. eru','ev, vvZ,639, **, * to serve

s. Joa,-83, weaker utkcha, ut


up food. "'," ": to get fed by another.

2. to suck, as a calf vugsess: eatable,

departure, setting out. *@*, *@**

* to depart, exceed, transgress.

fit to eat.


ksha, s. A bribe.
*, * utkramana, s. Deviation,

tunne, s. Wool.

See also truct?.


utkrsha, s. The osprey

or sea eagle. 2. implacable hatred, confirm

ov', '5.8: to shear sheep. wurt, saw, w;

*: a fleece or pack of wool. vers, et', ca
*, or 9 &sd to card, teaze, or bow wool.
A. C. CAD&D2 unmu, v. n. To come forth or
out from, as rays from the moon; to appear,
break out, as a sore. 2. to abound, to be in
excess. 3. to swell, or overflow, as with joy,
&c. Recor'."od: so the rays having beamed,
or shot forth. **** =/= ov. 22:23a*::Fo
5/2 *S*::::ctoose :*::::=odt:verto
:*:::::::/2.3% from the shower of flowers
which the immortals let fall, an echo went
Jorth, greater than the noise of the demi-gods
beating drums in the sky.

ed enmity.

c. cog 3.3, coo Re" uttanda, uttan

dlu, s. A gold necklace worn by women.


uttamsa, s. An earring. 2. a

head ornament, a crest.

s. Joe E. uttapta, s. Dried flesh. 2.

pure gold. adj. Burnt. 2 bathed.

S. true Ss uttama, adj. Chief, principal,

first, best. 2. excellent, virtuous, good. **
*coa an excellent man. 2. (in gramr.) the

first person. vos. #/t an excellent woman.

ww3.34t: the very best or chief. 2. God.

H. &v=od utdru, s. Abatement, diminu

S. RB-33ses: uttamarhanu, [was

tion, removal. uwascaro to become pacified,

abated, &c. trused. Sal to make less, to

s. Jo33-ox uttamnga, [was and

and thros. s. A creditor.

make descend, to make abate.

trussco &R

to take away the supposed effects of evil

looks; to dispossess; to recover by incanta
tions, &c., from any dangerous malady, the

eor member] s. The head. ******orts

Ro the Ganges in the head of Shiva.
S. oved uttara, s. An answer, a reply.
2. (in law) a defence, rejoinder. 3. the

plague of an evil star, &c.

C. Cogo: utdvali, s. Rashness, hasti.

ness, precipitancy, passion.

lofty. SRao,

*** *** to be precipitant, rash, hasty.

security, a bonds-man. 2. the defendant, a

respondent. ww3.8 Rt: a second court. U-5.8

S. ros, or utkantha, s. Missing.

*tvo to ask leave

cus,8 utkata, s. Abundant, excessive.

ove." utkara, s. A heap of grain, &c.

ders. www.d5)*:#d question and answer.

www.cstvae an heir




utkala, s. Part of Orissa. 2.


coa, As utkarsha, s.

Excellence, su


S. coe.d utkara, s. Winnowing of corn.

**** utkrishta, adj. Superior,

trus d &ve, www.d favo

to reply, to give an answer. 2. to give or

2. much.

2. north. 3, best, excellent. 4. sub

5.8 EK demonstration. 2. the dark fortnight.

trus dire: (in law) a defence. www.csso a

ecstacy, great joy.


5. a

adj. Superior, high,

sequent. www.d *): rive funeral obsequies. "

s. Jo, utka, s. Regretting.

$. cos.o: utkanthe, s. Wish, desire. 2.


4. the 12th lunar mansion.

mandate, an order.

trus eaks d long. 2.

3. hereafter


gradual increase. Just vessed Virtarya's

son. Uvic *d, the country about the north
pole. Uvs. Use north, northern. 58 ovts"
A, 3/s:#Ess in reply.
S. coe.dox uttaranga, s. A wooden arch

1 */

surmounting the door frame.


s oved:8, coe Ber: uttarane, utta A. c. cus.Sot:

uttina-dande, s. A

game so called.

rmi, s. The shrub achyranthes aspera. ves.

cr: **, a fibre of the root, used for cleaning


the teeth.


qug d. uttiru, See trow'.

qu,&gee uttirna, s. Fording, crossing.

c. cog Eva:32-3, way: wtta A. c. cross, uttu, v. n. To know. "2"

rji-vole, utrji-vole,

s. A female ear

ornament set with pearls.



it is known.

uttard-bhdre, s. The


uttu-kollu, See trovo.

Jo2.3, uttutti, s. The name of a game.

C. ^ 32.3, croS3.3, uttutti, uttutte,


twenty-sixth lunar mansion.

s. Toggo: OK uttarbhsa, s. An in

s. The date, Phania sylvestris. *.*, *

**, date fruit.

direct or prevaricating reply.



uttardyana, s. The

sun's course north of the equator. See ecos.

coeva": uttarshdha,


T. B. cogs: uttuma, see was.

cus; utpanna, s. Birth. *Sad,


s. The

trus,SAGatsco creatures.
twenty first lunar mansion.

aga-Rox uttarsanga, See voxer


eru",335-ro to be

born. E=#sost', 'Ado our descendants.



utpatana, s. Flying, soaring.


2. birth.
T. B.

cog of uttarige,

See truseka!.

qu'. utpatti, s. Birth, production,


cos bx's uttarisu, v. a. To cross over,


to ford.

2. C. to cut in two.

creation, origin. tru:3.caro to be born,

created. trus,2, 3" as to create, fabricate,

5 erui.e.:),

**, *.*, *ve to cut up vegetables.

s co-p:539 uttariya, s. An upper and

outer garment, dress, apparel.


S. cogw utpala, s. A water lily. ****

uttana, s. Haste, precipitancy.

s. cros.: uttna, adj. Shallow. 2. fleet.

e the white lily; diffs,"," the red lily; St

date," the blue lily, nymphaea cerulea.

c. Jus.

3. sleeping with the face upwards.


an infant.


2. land given by government to an individual

as a reward for service, &c.

at a favourable


or no assessment. **** *ru*.d a grant of

land at a favourable assessment. ****.c
land free of all assessment. trust.0 wo to
deduct, subtract, make an allowance. Jus.c

ove,83 utptana, s. Eradication,

plucking up. trus?,* v, a. To eradicate,
exterminate. Uvas,898 eradicated, extermi

qua." uttra, s. Deduction, remission.


cu',: ut-patha, s. The air, the sky.

ove's utpata, s. A portent, a natural

prodigy or phenomenon, as an earthquake, or


ows:#23 utptaka-pinda, s. A
strong and powerful man. trusts"vco vile

*.*.* to give discount, to give a deduction.


s. Josedge uttrana, s. Crossing, ford.


ing. 2. c. cutting. See tru:0:3.


que." uttla,

ove?,838: utpditatuca, s. A crea


s. Haste, precipitancy.

s, ova: 7: utprsa, s. A satirical speech.

trust.":, trus.* * to make haste, be pre


utprkshane, s. Seeing,

cipitate, or rash.

thinking, guessing.

s. cusz.: uttla, see wis".


2035.2% utti-kulu, s. Rice without

condiments, ghee, &c.


*#): utprekshe, s. An extravagant


c. Jo7.289 utti-gantu, s. Cooked food


put up for a journey.

*##, ut-phulla,

s. A lotus, adj.

Expanded or blown, as a flower.

1 9


S. &^03.)

: utrsana,

s. The upper tim

pation. 8. binding. 9, helplessness, weakness.

ber of a door.



s. crows uda, s. Water.

utsanga, s. The haunch or

s. erodots udanka, s. A leathern vessel

part above the hip. 2. the seat, the lap.

S. co33 utsanna, s. Destruction.




utsarga, s. Leaving. 2 of


s. The

name of a Hindu sage.

Jusyir sists to offer.



with a short narrow neck, for oil or ghee.

s. erodot 333.3% udanka-muni,

A. C. Crocio's udangi, s. A uterine sister.

S. eroto235 Audanchana, s. A cover made

utsarjana, s. A gift or do

vo'ers given.

of burnt earth.

s to #53 utsava, s. A festival, jubilee,

public rejoicing. 2. height, elevation.

T. B. trotors, erodot's udanda, udandu,



impatience. 4. formation of a wish. ****

:= daily festivity. ****): a fort-nightly
festival. SR:a**!: a monthly festival. :o
***** = an annual festival. d:at: a


s. erodo udanta, s. Tidings, news. 2.

a message. 3. a word ending with tw. truto
* one bearing tidings.

s. erot's udaka, s. Water true", a

festival in which an idol car is drawn.

water fowl.

** an illumination. Jus): 5s: a day of

rejoicing. ways saw to make festivity. tro
***** to draw a car in procession at a
festival. ev's 38): a moveable idol.





erott wa: a well.

erut's soot:

a present of a vessel of water and a piece of

money made to a brahman for the expiation
of sin.

s. Out:3 udaki, s. A woman in her cour

utsaha, utsaha,


s. Festivity, joy, gladness, happiness. 2. ef

fort, perseverance, strenuous and continued
exertion. 3. firmness, fortitude. Jus.**
*** ** to rejoice, be happy. 2. to make
a strenuous effort, to persevere.

adj. Chief, high, pre


s. eroca: udaja, s. Driving cattle.

s. Grotj) udadhi, twos, and 9 holding] s.

ows: utsuka, s. See vos.. adj.


oo::) udagra,


The ocean.

Zealously active, making exertion for a gra

s. erotied udadhira, s. Tin.

tifying object.




vo"J" a zealous person.

udabhra, s. A lofty cloud.

s co-3532 udaya, s. Birth, rising, coming


into being. 2. the rising of the sun, moon,

or other heavenly bodies, trut:35re, for
do: to be born. 2. to rise, as applied to the
sun, moon, &c. Jutics: rising. Uvro". "
morning time. Uvda's car the dawn. eru:

co's utska, s. Pride, arrogance.

s, co.'85 utsdha, s. Height, elevation.




utsrishta, adj. Left, forsaken,

crewpor uthdni, adv. Backwards. "

37%to: to be on the back.

Juvec, two to

Gaby, ovecotse the eastern mountain, from

fall on the back.

s. ero:53.5 utthana, s. Effort, exertion. 2.

manhood, manly exertion. 3. an army. 4.
war, battle. 5. rising, getting up, resurrec
tion. 6. a term, a limit.

behind which the sun is supposed to rise.

S. &m).38 udara, s. The belly. 2. middle,
centre. Jeze Gero, Judd <2*** supporting,

filling the belly. Jose was the cholic. "

Eat, inward fever or heat.

A. c. Cog': utthali, s. A bard, one who

C. & O3 udaru, See voted.

rehearses the titles &c. of kings.

s. Ax}_3 utthita, s. See w:#.

s. Tod's udarka, s. Increase.

s. A25 A.S. ud, ut, a particle and profir,

B*r great excellence.

s. Jo:3: 32. wdashwittu,

implying, Superiority, in degree. 2, in place

(over above). 3. pride. 4. publicity. 5 se
paration, diminution. 6. power. 7. emanci



A mixture

of half water and half butter-milk.



vow: udditta,

adj. Liberal, generous.


effoc' S

high, as a note in music, lifted up, lofty. s.

C. Croco+2 uduru, v. n. To fall down or

off, as fruit, flowers, leaves, &c. from a tree,

(in gramr.) the acute accent.

feathers from birds, or quills from porcu

pines, in moulting, hair by disease, &c. 4. to

s: to:-3 uddina, s. One of the five vital

airs, that which rises up the throat and pas

drop as blood from a wound, rain, &c. &rA,B,

to fruit to fall. rotocos wr, a wind-fall.

ses into the head. 2. the navel. 3. a snake.

*** *cos the hiccough.

52% trusco rain to fall.

efute:o, erotocozo,

S. Co-Foc uddru, adj. Generous, bounti

trotots" to cause to fall, or shake down, as
ful, liberal.



s. Generosity,

fruit, &c. 2. to talk rapidly,

liberality. Curse a generous man. Jussex,

*** *** to be liberal, to grant.

veto": to

cause to fall one's self, as the fruit of a tree.

trotodo too to knock down or out. &#9:-do

T. B. Jowodr, vowsor's udarane,


See vo::cs.

*col to knock out the teeth.

c. &ct3.28, cro:Joe cro: 93 ud, udd

T. B. to:R3, emotso-, erozys uddisha,

ud, s. Formula used in presenting offer

uddsa, uddsu, See next word.

S. CTO.J., 25 uddsina, s. Neglect,

ings to a goddess.

tempt, indifference, listlessness.



2. foul or

* = udgata,

adj. Risen, ascended.

2, vomited, cast up.

ow: udgama, s. Birth, production.

abusive language. to:**** a contempti

ble person. 2. an alien, a stranger, a com


mon acquaintance.

S. Cor 5325 udgamana, s. Ascent.

UJ->''< *go, tre+:

to condemn, despise, loathe, neglect or dis

grace. ******* to use abusive language.
******* to be unfamiliar, or not intimate

tv, to be born, produced.


****, tru:32: to ascend, to be born.


ov:23:33, udgamaniya,

s. A pair

of bleached cloths.

with a person.

c. Croat's uddsu, s. Peace,


ova: udgdha, adj. Much, excessive.

ov: udgra, s. Inclination to sick

ness, retching, belching, vomiting.

s. gouyo:373 uddharane, s. An answer.


2. responsibility.

ov'Bre udgirana, s. Swallowing.

3. a quotation, an exam

ple, illustration; an apposite argument, one

of five modes of logical reasoning. tro--wors

s: ova; R udgrha, s. Lifting up.


*: udgha, s.

Excellence, happiness.

*** to answer.

2. to give an example in
tro-32: to quote as rule or

authority. trom**C*d a security, a res

ponsible person.

s. A 63 udita, adj. Born, risen. 2. said,



# udghatana, s. Joining.


* joined.

Cor 5 udghana, s. A carpenter's bench

or plank on which he works.

C. to 3333, crodo:33, code:32 udima,

S. cot:2.8 udghata, s. A watch, a guard.


udumu, udume, s. Merchandise, trade.

s &83 udghatana, s. The rope

C. & O'Cot's udiru, See Juroco.

T. B. Joo udisu, See quad: under ow

erode 23 udichi,

lift up, eradicate.

s. & Ot:-3 udwta, s. A


and bucket of a well. Jus' saw to raise,

beginning; a

thing begun. 2. a weapon. 3. the division

of a book; a section or chapter. 4. a club or

s. The north.

s. J302,3 udumbara, s. Copper. 2.


5. breathing through the nose, as

the glomerous fig tree. 3. a threshold.

a religious exercise. 6. slipping or spraining

A. c. & D37(e) udugalu, s. Vomiting.

T. B. &et:23:57.3 udubhavisu, See ov:

the foot.

C. to:# udda, s. Height, tallness; depth.

adj. Lofty, high, tall. 2, deep. v., are to



*: e)

be tall, high. wig", w?h loftily was

w:*: the well is deep secog=nd the
water is deep. Ever wit, he is loqua

out tes uddipaka, s.


ov's uddipita,


cious. **** the measuring of a heap of

s. Increase, abun


grain from the bottom to the top. wu' wae.

C. core uddu, s. The pulse phaseolus

a long leg. *, ** a long ear. adv. Length

wise. ** ***, to Hay down lengthwise.
*, *, *, *, *.* to make long, high,

mungo, w?,**** split phaseolus mungo.

or deep. "v", * to fall down lengthwise.

"v', ess to lengthen

ov'," a long foot. Jo

#2" a long coat ov'oh & Bao to hold up

the tail of a flowing robe ov'ot," a long
arrow. **** figures put one under another,
as in addition.



A large black


ov, wast, vvas *** *** phaseolus

mungo ground in water, mixed with salt,

cumminseed, pepper, &c. and boiled in steam.

****, phaseolus mungo meal. v's =
* a phaseolus mungo cake fried in ghee.
C. out: uddu, [*] v. a. To rub; to
wipe; to clean. Uwe, *# to rub or wipe
one's self

uddanda, adj. Great, excellent,

w?: * cleaned teeth.

ene", "o

to cause to wipe, clean, &c. wush," rubbing,

high. s. Insolence. 2. violence, fierceness.

3. tyranny. Ju',23 SR39 to use violence.


out',Guoda, ourg'ada,


*****, violently, severely. Jugoas, vu

koradu, uddu-goradu, s.

#" a violent, powerful, or insolent man.

***** Boa: to reprimand severely; to


A carpenter's
w: Pacastero, w: r's3vocol to


punish severely.

S. coyos uddamsha, s. A bug. 2, a

enot#6% uddesha, s.


Object, intention,

erot's S3

design. 2. resolution, purpose ov's ==

* ***** to fix the mind on some object.

wddami, uddimi, uddime, uddume,

2. to intend, determine or resolve. 3. to des

tine or intend for another, ovssh -so

large musquito.



ero 3,


See trosto.

ov'9, ow:t3,

ero b,

lutely, "v", "v",5h for, on account of.

*** udda


w: uddha, see ov'.

ri, uddare, uddiri, uddire, s. Credit.


tro: *** to give on credit. ov: "vX" to

S. out 3 uddhata, adj. Proud, arrogant.

deal on credit. roge R. Ewe trade on credit.

ova's uddma, adj. Chief, pre-emi

S. erotid uddhara, See as:".

ment. 2, increase, greatness.

s or dr uddharane, s. A spoon or

T. B.

2. rude, ill-behaved.

von, U uddara, See w=d.

S. crows2953332%)


uddlaka-muni, s.

S. Co.; As uddharsha, s. A festival or

The name of a Hindu sage.



Jo, uddi,

s. A match, an equal, a fel

low. ww?, *, to make match. w?',"
equalled, matched. tro, 34.8% to compare.
w?, saw to make match. Ras voy, a supe

2. joy, festivity.

S. Croc:53 uddhava, s. Festivity, rejoicing,

2. Krishna's prime minister.

S. CoaX3 uddhana, s. A fire-place.

S. wa. d uddhdra, s. Liftingup, raising,

rior man. Eve, w?, an inferior man. ",

support, protection w: *, *.* to

"d a fellow, an equal. tro, a female fel


lift up, raise, support, protect, preserve. 2.

s. cro7%, Got 'S, ov's ud

dishya, uddisya, uddishyawdgi, See


or deliver w='''s a supporter, protector.

s. erodo 3 uddhta, s. Forgiveness, re


to restore, re-establish; to found. 3. to rescue

uddishta, adj. Determined,

fixed, settled, designed. s. A guess.

moval, absolution.


*: >3 uddhrita, adj.

Extracted. 2.

selected. 3. raised.

*** **

A. C.

to extract.

2. to raise.


uddhka, s. A chief

cess, surfeit. 2. pride, egotism. *****:/t

* inordinate lust. Sc3%ax:/** excess of love.
****k:/* wrath. 4.5/kW, *:::::/k."
excess of bile. U-3/k"saro to be excessive.
vv:/**h excessively. Jud/vis, ove/ws.a
excessive. evoss::)** great prowess.

*: udhmdna, s. A fire-place.
co:#8 udbhata, s. Crying out, w:


* *** to cry out.




udbhava, s. Birth, produc

S. cock&=3 udwartane, s. A soup

w: to be born.

made of various kinds of ground pulse, 2.

*g):, ero? 3.> cubs): udbhij


co:/es udrka, adj. Excessive. s. Ex


superior, elder, master.


outs, wdru, See trust.


ja, udbhittu, udbhida, s. A




udwdsane, s.


2. sprouting, germinating.
finishing. 2. rising. 3. rising and depart
ing. *w:# * to finish. 2. to raise.
3. to expel, as a demon.

curs: udyama, s. Readiness. 2.


effort, exertion. 3. perseverance.

com'ss, vows: udyana, ud


3/na-wana, s. A royal public garden

near a city, a flower garden. 2. going forth,

coars: udwdha, s. Marriage was


** to marry. Uvr:w a married person.

oo:: wdrga,


s. Agitation, conster

exit. 3. motive.

nation, anxiety, fear, uneasiness. wursth:

coars: wdypane, s. The perform

to fear, to be agitated.

ance of any meritorious act of devotion, or

out see wdvla, adj. Passing over the


of any penance or austerity. 2. the ceremony

which takes place at the conclusion of the


w: udhra,

s. An otter.

same. 3. fulfilment of a vow. truck's Essao

C. cro-ot undki, adj. Middling. 2 in

to perform penance, or austerities.


cos'z udyga,

*A* altitude. wusas-ar to be or become

s. Office, situation.

2. an employment, occupation, service. 3.

effort, essay, attempt, perseverance, continu
ed and strenuous exertion. UvdAtri-9 ess,
ce, "Atr: ad to be engaged in an office.
eruda, tri-9 essex, eru:rt: *acs, ru

high. *****A* the highest, very high.

s ov;934, ov:33: unnatike, un

"atatwa, s. Pre-eminence in wealth,

power, &c.

*A,*#, weatre''|''ay: to obtain

*:#. unmatta, adj.

Insane, frantic,

mad, foolish. 2 intoxicated. Jus:At the

thorn apple, Datura fastuosa, which is said
to cause madness. &#6.5%: a green sort.
*** a black sort. vurks.: an insane

a situation for another, to put into an office,

to take into service. Uwct?: to attempt,
essay, begin. trut'Astri sroad to do business,
to exercise an office, to follow a trade.

** **, a middling cloth.

S. coSB unnata, adj. Lofty, high. "

tempted, begun. 2. zealously active.



out $5. udyukta, adj. Prepared, at



2. an intoxicated man.

****, ovt.Astri:30 a person in office or hold

ing a situation. *** *ot ae: LR3:25 vu

s: cros.: unmada, s. Intoxication, mad

****** **### I am trading with the

lence. 3. rapture, elation.

147tm&nd, s. An excellent dis

money which my father left me. ** 2:58.0%

ness, infuriation. 2. pride, arrogance, inso


:^zed attempting to put up his foot.

position. tror', an excellent man.


out) udra, See vog).


doo) udri, s. A match, pair. 2. debt.

ow: unmalike, See trus'".

w: unmatha, s. A trap, a snare.

A. C.

evt/">e a fellow, match, equal. Uve/***, to

match. Job)==" to contract debt. 2. to
make match.

S. croSD:
unmada, see www.B.
S. *93 unmilita, adj. Blown, open




ed, as a flower, expanded. ve: tes==#es)

s. ero:23dge, eroze=od upa-charana,

an opened eye.


a kindness. eruzzi at:re:o, tw:tse: to be ob

liging, kind or polite to 2. to show respect,

to be respectfully attentive to. 3. to serve,

pulled up by the roots.

*:::: unm$ha, s.


s. Civility, politeness, courtesy,

2. a kind office, obliging conduct,


S. crors:9) unmukha, s. Looking up.

S. ov.98 unmlita, adj. Eradicated,
Opening, expand.

assist. &r-E-5so, trustssc: so a civil, obliging


S. to: upa, a Sanscrit particle and prefir,

s. 20:3:63, en:23:533 upa-jira, upa

jivana, s. Support from another.
s. en):= 0: upa-tpa, s. Disease. 2.

implying, Excess, (over, above, &c.) 2. vi

cinity or assemblage, (near, by the side of,
with, together with.) 3. inferiority, (less,
secondary, &c.) 4 likeness, resemblance. 5.


decease, extinction. 6. ornament. 7. com

mand. 8. reproof. 9. astonishing. 10, giving,
11. killing. 12. diffusion. 13. wish, desire.
14, effort, exertion.

ove: upatyaka, s. Land near the


foot of a mountain.

s over.)>> upa-grma, s. A town or

village within the boundaries of a larger town.

s. to:50.3 upa-kantha, adj. Near, prox

s. A upade, s. A present or offering

imate, contiguous.
to a superior.

s, co-Eti upa-kathe, s. A subordinate

s. erozco: upadamsha, s. The venereal.


s. ero: upadi, s. An attribute, a proper

S. to:5dge upa-karana, s. An append

age, material, means, or implement; as the
utensils of a kitchen, the tools of a trade, the
furniture of a house, &c.

s. 20:#87 upadesha,

s. Instruction,
teaching, advice. 2. initiation in sacred rites,

by the communication of prescribed formulas

or mystical verses. Jus: ~~~, w,

s. Grozavo upakara, s.

A kindness, a
favour. 2. aid, assistance. 3. beneficence.
*ru***d snao to do a kind office, to confer a
favour. 2. to be of use, serve, assist. eru:
**b a benefactor.

tru: 5 #2:2, tru: 85 &% to instruct, back,

advise trueb, tru::\be a teacher, cate
chist voters sway to take advice, receive

truz Wacseco:::::, ruz: Ve


c=ots::::: an ungrateful person.

T. B. Jo) upadra, s. Annoyance, trou

s. Jo53:0s-ge:o upakurvnanu, s. A

ble, molestation. 2. grief, affliction, suffering,

student, or the first of the four brahmanical

sickness tre+B) => to suffer trouble. **

E) was, over) Eax, was saw to annoy,


s: ero:#23 upa-kriti, see were.


afflict, distress.

cues): upakrama, s. Beginning or

commencement, w=</>>, v-Ev)=n SR3.


to commence, begin.

ove: upa-dwara, s. A wicket


ove: 2): upa-krdha, s. Great s: erozre: upa-dwipa, s. A small is

wrath, envy.


U-55): to become trou



near a larger one.

Joe's): upa-krsha, s. Censure, s. A upadha, s. Presents made when

blame, reproach.

visiting a superior. 2. an organ of genera

S. eror:7&633 upaguhana, s. An em

S. Cor:#09 upaghna, s. Contiguous sup


s. ere:723 upadhna, s. A pillow.

s. Alz:35395 upanayana, s. Investiture


with the sacred thread or cord worn over the

s, ero: 235's upachaya, s. Quantity, heap.

2 elevation. ***, *ts: a heap of flowers

left shoulder, and under the right, the rite of

initiation into caste.

ero: Q upa-nidhi,



s. A hoard of con

cealed treasure. 2. deposit or pledge, gene

S. Cutb upari, adr. After. 2. upon, over.

S. emo:e upala, s. A stone. **a*e a

rally such as is sealed up.

large rock or bed of rock.

s co-3:32, upanishattu, s. A specu.

S. & O:92) upa-labdha, s. Mind, under

lative metaphysical treatise on subjects taught

standing. 2, knowledge. 3. gain, acquisi

in the vdas.


guese:) upa-ntra, s. Spectacles.

s. *S* "panysa, s. Reasoning, dis.

s. Jozel go

s. A synec

for that in which it resides.


S. co:33 upa-pati, s. A paramour, gal



doche of a part for the whole, or of a quality

S. Co-o-el upa-llane, s. Fondling,

tru:3, a concubine.


s. Guz:3, ove=85 upapatti,

Patya, s. Assistance, help. 2. property.

s. emo:53:5 upa-wana, s. A garden or grove

3. convenience. 4. prosperity, profit. ere:

S. to:33=3 upa-wartana, s. A coun

near a city or town.

3.3", true::=re to be profitable.




upa-pada-kriye, s. A

defective verb.
S. &



s. Criminali

eru:::::::53, eru::*::=PCs to fast. erurse!,


selling a daughter in marriage, atheism, &c.

*::: "paplava, s. Rhu, the moon's

quest: upa-wdhya, s. A riding


*::: upavishta,

adj. Seated, sit

ascending node, reckoned the eighth planet.

2. an eclipse; a phenomenon. 3. a general


public calamity.

S. crosses upavita, s. The sacred thread


s. 20:29:= upabarha, s. A pillow.


3. imitation, following.

erest:" a faster.

ty in the second or third degree, as killing,


2. a district.

S. Goi upa-vasatha, s. A village.

S. ero: K upa-wasa, s. A fast, fasting.

worn by Hindus.

go: Ret; upa-bddha, s. Wisdom.

S. croz8& upa-vidhi, s. A subordinate

or by-street.

2. repetition of instruction.

s. 20:43.287 upa-bhga, s. Enjoyment.

S. crozz-3, ero:333333 upa-shama, upa

2. satisfaction, pleasure.

shamana, s. Calmness, composure, quiet

ness, tranquillity. 2. patience. 3. allevia
tion, abatement. eru:0:3, U-58::::: *ro to
be abated, alleviated, assuaged. 2. to be
pacified, appeased, calmed. Jus:=os =>33

S. croz:32, Jo533e3, ero:33 upama,

"pamdna, upame, s. Resemblance, 2.
comparison. 3. a simile, parable. 4. dexte
rity, artfulness, skilfulness.

** to compare.

eru::: S-33, eru


s. "30:23, upayama, s. Marriage,

union. -2

village. 2. the suburbs of a village, in which

outcasts dwell.

S. coadj935 upa-yukta, s. Proper, fit.

2. useful,


ero: J223 upa-shanti, See vuze=.

upa-shakha, s. A twig,


**.* to be useful, convenient, servicea


to calm, pacify, appease, assuage.

to:3&Q upashalya, s. A space near a

: &A): J25D

****, convenience. 2. serviceable

a small branch.



oveasz upayga, s. Utility. 2.

s. Joz S-35 upa-shya, s. Repose, ly

ing down.

advantage. adj. Useful, serviceable.



upa-shruti, s. A good or bad

S. trot 3 upa-rati, s. Great or exquisite

omen, as gathered by two persons in consul

pleasure. 2. coition in which the male is

supine, and the female superincumbent.

tation together, from incidentally overhearing

what is said by a third person. 2. judicial
astrology, aspect of the stars, fortune telling,

s. Juxo~7 upa-rga, s. An eclipse.


&c. tro**)3 ** to hear a good or bad
omen, to hear one's fortune told. Jus')? Go
** to sound a good or bad omen; to tell

s. Joo R.: updgama, s. Approach. 2.

agreement, promise.

Jo9853, updtyaya,

s. Neglect

one's fortune.

S. emo:3%257,53

or disobedience of any ordinance or custom,

upa-Samvyana, s. A

disorderly behaviour.
lower garment.

s. Joot, 3 updna, s. Abstraction,

s. ero: Kood upa-samhdra, s. Recall
restraining the organs of sense and percep
tion. 2. cause, motive. 3. commonly a

ing or drawing back an enchanted weapon.

S. ros. R= upa-sarga, s. An inseparable

handful of raw rice given in alms.

preposition, a Sanscrit particle or prefix.

S. Goi's 5 upasarjana, adj. Subordi

nate, secondary.

S. Co.: = <> upasarpisu, c. n. To de

pend on others, to court favour.


S. cross' upddhi, s. Virtuous reflection.

S. to:KR35 upa-sdhana, s. A second

2. a discriminative or distinguishing proper

or additional weapon.


S. to:#~35 upa-sdhaka, s. Prepara


upaskara, s.

Condiment, sea

disguises of the spirit.

vor': upastha, s. The parts of genera

tion of either sex.

*#, *:



7. accident.

5. a person attentive

8 pain, trouble.

Joo:750S, co-o: upd

dhyi, upddhyyanu, s. A school

T. B. ov:, trus; the penis.

vo's upa-sparsha, s. Touching,


2. a spiritual preceptor.

3. the

brahman who performs family ceremonies.


4. one chosen to represent Bramha at a sa

crifice. truths: 538 a teacher's wife.

S. Cox. 3 upa-hati, s. Trouble, mischief,

calamity, ruin.

S. Cozvd upahra, s. Acomplimentary

gift, a present to superiors.
s. ero:55.0% upa-hasa, s. Ridicule, mock


stratagem, artifice, contrivance, expedient. 2.

T. B. emo: upala, See vote.

s. A):#533 upa-kshama, s. Pardon, for
giveness. tro*#x: to pardon, forgive. 2.

a plot. 3. a method, means or remedy.

*::: *corvo the four


means of success

against an enemy; viz. ** conciliation;

:*: presents; *** creating dissension; and

to: punishment. Jusco & to point out

to have patience with.

enor'653 upa-kshaya,

co-, ero: PS53 updnattu,

updnaha, s. A shoe.

s. Joos updya, s. A device, scheme,

ery, jest. Jus::::: * to despise.


4. in the V

to the support of his family. 6. prevention.

soning, sauce.

3. deception, disguise.

danta this is especially applied to certain

natural forms or properties considered as

tion for a feast, journey, &c.


4. (in

gramr.) the ablative case. 5. begging. *w

:*:** **, vows: t:32 to beg raw rice.
truth:7::= a beggar.
eroseces a man of

s. Farming


erotico: So?ctoo, ero:acobor & tecCoo


to go about any thing in the right way. tru

:*: Snae, trua, we, to form a plot, to

S. tro:#33 upa-kshuta, s. Excessive



enoradova, trozhcond a contri

s. Jooo7. upnga, s. The sectarian

ver, schemer.
mark, made with sandal, &c. on the forehead.
2. a wind instrument.

3. a subordinate &or;

s. Jooo:33 updyana, s. A complimen.

tary or respectful present or gift.

or scientific treatise.

S. tro.o.o upmshu, adj. Solitary, pri

s. Apave/o3, erovelo33 uplambha,

updlambhane, s. Abuse.


s. Joo:3s upd-karma, s. A festivity

of brahmans in July and August.

T. B. Joo" updsa, see resis.

S. Co., QR3 upsane, s. Service. 2 wor


ero: 93.

ship. *:: ***, *ru*:::: to worship.

*** worthy of being worshipped. Juris:

uppavadisu, v. n. To awake, arise, was

* a servant, worshipper.

Joo: Bre

**3 awake!

updstarana, s. A seat.

co2): uppdranu, See under vox.

*#): troops uppina-ki, See under


S. to:JoJod

co: 339, ow:8: uppavadu,


s. A gift or pre



s. Jooog updhita, adj. Joined, an

c. ce's 53.5 upplyele, s. A herb, Mo.


netia arterioides.

ov25 upndra, [younger brother of



ove.) uppu,

s. Salt. 2. a game. **

Indra] s. Bramha. 2. Vishnu.

ence, disregard, neglect. 2, inactivity, indo

:=w:/Fox, sea or rock salt. 5, d.

: saltpetre,
e&#3, boiled salt, or salt
made by boiling. "#, a mineral salt, used
in medicine, &c. *::, earth salt. ****
tru:, a salt with long crystals. truth, to

lence. 3. abandoning. trust:9, writ: *

become salt. eru: , Essao to manufacture salt.

* to despise, contemn. 2. to be indifferent.

3. to forsake, leave.

vo: S^ salt, as food. truth, SR50 to make

salt, as food. truth, trutoco, truth, rotoco to

S. to:/08:35 updaka, s. A pot herb,

fall, to peel off, as mortar from a wall in

which there is salt; skin or scab on the heal
ing of itch, &c. &v= *, *s: the ceremony
of distributing paddy and salt among married
women on a girl's reaching the age of puber
ty. Jus: "swo, eror'," seethed corn mixed

s to:R3 upta, adj. Possessing, accom

panying, united with, joined to.

ou' upkshe, s. Contempt, indiffer.


IBasella rubra or lucida.

s &n):R8UP 3 upddghata s. A begin



2. an example, illustra

tion. vat:#" sta, to begin.


got 28:9 upd-bala, s. An auxiliary

force, allies.

s, zo:R&co, coffer's upshana,

updshya, s. A fast.

was:35C2, was

*3 = R3 to fast.

with salt and other seasoning. tru."#, ",

*::, Bengal gram parched, seethed, and mixed
with salt. tru.", tru:, to put salt
into anything. truts,cs, tru, CC:s a salt

2. a caste of Sudras including brick

cror. upta, s. A sown field.

layers, labourers, gardeners, &c., (no

T. B. vii.2% uppanga, see "or.

c. **, *@# Co.: uppanda,
uppatte, uppatta, s. Anything given to
quiet a child.
A. C.

ov:2::=07's uppandawdgu, c. n.

To awake, arise.

T. B. & Or:\d uppara, [vuee] adj. Up,

high, above, aloft, elevated.

exaltation, elation.

s. Pride.


2. a hill, an elevated

T. B.

out of upparige, [ve:vies] s. An

upstair house, or the upper story of a house.

*** ** a house with an upper story.
A. C.


upparisu, v. n. To jump

up, as fish in water.

abound, or prevail.

2. to spread, increase,

**r, ev:sdd=vo a female of the foregoing

classes. vur,"do, trut-Swed, pickles. Jo
#,932, trut,384.30ao to salt, pickle, to put in

salt, tre+% rice meal wetted, mixed with

coriander seed, cummin seed, pepper, mus
tard, chillies, and ghee, stirred for a while on
a good fire, and then left to boil till it comes
nearly into a state of pulverization. Jut,3

:d, tru:, had, vv.:,sco, tru:, to a kind of

soup made from pulse, salt, &c. tre+,C#at'',
uvre,0:aw, truth:#aw a salt marsh; the soil
which is cultivated to produce common salt.
**de: the bank of a back-water, commu
nicating with the sea, from which salt pans
are supplied with water. trus,"c. salt to be
extracted from earth. tro: "Ko to extract salt.

tion of a bridegroom for marriage, by bath

**, *, *, *, a square mass of salt. "

*, *, a lump of salt. ww: *, vu',: ***,
tro** &c" salt grain, a salt lump. trut,5

ing, &c.

**3, for: " heated salt used to remove

ov: 9

uppali, s. A porch. 2. prepara



ere: e.


pain, tru:, or', truto: *** a salt pan. UVF,

2. a quicksand. 3. deep soft mire

*Co salt water.

sod a cross bar.

tur,r one who eats much

salt. wurs:e salt ground. *, *, the

temperature for boiling salt. U-54, "... to be
penetrated with salt, as meat or pickles. *
:*, brackish. arv", ** a salt bed. "
*.* to rise, as salt from the earth. *
z: :oor's rot?" *-ac-os-37%





ubbasa, s. Shortness of breath,

difficulty of breathing. 2. asthma. 3. envy,

malice. 4. trouble, sorrow. 5. anger. ***,
; : :o, ve: ***, ov'ssro to be asthmatic,
to be troubled with shortness of breath. **
*** grief of mind. *2%: the choking


**: if he who, without salt, can drink three

kolagas of gruel, had salt, four kolagas would
not be enough for him (if he can do so much
without means, what would he do if he had
means ?) e==o =>:= ****, *, *Ecses
:* cat.: " wheresoever he goes, nobody
will give him his salt for his work.

of passion.

A. C. Ce3\%, way:

ubbala, ubbali
ke, s. Sickness, vomiting, heaving, inclina
tion to vomit. vo's scare, vo',**, *#.
to heave, retch, vomit.

c. *) ubbi, see ".

A. C. go')? ubbiga, s.

c. Jo'73 uppgida, s. A thorny shrub

so called.

A person in dis


c. cross, tro', to?',0t', 'A'953323/?

$ uph, uphi, uphi-ghali, uphi-man

c. *)

tra-ghali, s. Blowing with the mouth,

ubbu, s. A swelling, inflation,

protuberance, relievo. 2, being puffed up
with joy, pride or passion. 3. the husk of

after repeating incantations, pretending

thereby to remove evil spirits, the effects of


evil looks, &c.


paddy. 4. high ground. * **, hill and

**) ubbu, v. n. To swell. 2. to be


C. enoa,053, ero2,53, e^2,353 ubanku,

puffed up with joy, or pride. 3. to be glad,

ubaku, ubuku, v. n. To swell up or over,

to rejoice

to overflow, to puff, to swell with pride,

from pride, disease, &c.

anger, &c.

eruto: o, eroto3+:3, eroto-o-o:o,

#3, ov'Az. to inflate. 2. to puff up with

trutows::), truts"): to cause to swell; to

steam rice after straining, so as to swell and
separate the grains.
A. C. &ea,63, &)3, ca')? ubate,

joy. 3. to flatter. 4. to cause to swell, as

the body. vo'", ***, vot?", ve'", end

ov', say, ov'."g to swell

t:*, *, *, *

** the act of swelling or puffing out.


trave:r:E& dsx/ori- Chitrngade rejoic

ed that Arjun was come truts. very
inflated wrath. vot,": a cheek puffed out.

ubbate, ubbati, s. Power, might, valour.

2. pride, elation, highness. **** great
power, very strong, very vehement. ****

ov'''<> a swelling to go down. U-$23,

vu," to set to rise, as dough.

& EEssov', having restrained the very ve.

hement senses. **''''," **onve very
powerful and fierce elephants.

vet, in

flated, swoln ve: pride to abate. "vt."

**, vet's* to humble. ***, to knock
out a bruise in a metal vessel. UV', * to
swell. Uv', having swoln. U-'es abound

A. c. &ye ubbana, adj. Great, much,


ing, excessive.

c. coa:\dubbara, s. Swelling, inflation,

elation with joy, &c. 2. tympany. ***, *
** swelling of the stomach with flatulence.
ov's Ena v. a. To swell. U-4:9, ov'."

c. Ove')." ubbulu, see tre+".

C. Joe'): ubbusa, see ov'.
c. coa's ubbe, s. steaming dirty linen in

:*ro to become swoln, inflated. 2. to spread,

lye-water. 2. heat, sultriness. 3. heat of

as news, to become public, as a report. *

the sun. . ray, w.x. 2 to be heated.

****, ov'v, ***, ov'.

we'e the swelling of the rivers.

A. C. & ex ubbariga, adj. Great, much.


ubbalu, s. The husk of paddy.



*: to steam foul linen in lye-water.



ov:#2 ubbeyam, s.

Asthma, short


ness of breath. 2. heat, sultriness. 3. grief,

T. B.


A. C.

ov: ummada, See trusia.

cus'', oo:: ummala,


s. Jo;333 ubhaya, s. Both. adj. Two.

malike, s. Sorrow, distress, grief, trouble,

*~ **r both sides. Juda, c. 8 a heap

of grain containing both the government and
farmer's share. U-132:3) adv. On both sides;
in both places. Jutta's/d, both parties.

affliction, anguish, pain, fatigue. 2. rash

mess, precipitancy. trus#": to grieve, fret,
be anxious, distressed. 2. to be rash, preci
pitate. "vs": to distress, pain.

A. C.

*::: ubbhate, s. Power, might, C. croso, croso, ummi, ummike, s.


The husk of paddy.


ubbhole, [swollen river] s.

A. C. Joo, umme, s. Heat.

A flood.

vojs.e.:3, goose:


c. co:23:50.002 umat-ki, s. The name

uyikkane, s. The cry of a monkey.
of a vegetable.

C. voj:59, cox's", qu', ow

c. Jo:3385 vo), ero:33ewoo), co:



G327.5, voo::9, eroj3-5*, ov

&ses: uyyala, uyyalu, uyyale,

umat-ki, umit-kai,

ummata, ummeta, See trus, 5.

H. eros ovso, ero:33:3 umada, umade,

uyyla, uyyli, uyylu, uyyle, s.

adj. Chief, superior. truss: doro principal

colour. truscs #25.55 a great man, a noble.

A swing, a hammock. ww.crse *ro, tru

ad: evo, Juansea: to swing. truc'>
swinging. caroc-S6 a swing made with

C. Jo:2::$, umand-patti, s. A fe

strings of pearls. trucree sect: a small

open building on four pillars in which a

male's ornament above the forehead.

A. C. & O533d,

*:::: umara, ummara,

swing is kept. est's a festival at

s. Groundsel.

which the idol is swung as a pleasure to it.

H. to:oco+, umarvu, s. A chief, noble,

c. 20033-res: uyyle-gouram

prime-minister. essed eru::ce: the king and

his prime-minister.

ma, s. A goddess who is swung by her vo

taries at festivals in April.

C. & O533b, eroS32,b umari, ummari, s.

e3r tru:00 a cere

c. ***, vo9R uyh, uyy.

mony in July and August of married women,

waving lamps and offering this cake to a

horse's full gallop. trucs-39 was to set a horse

A cake boiled in steam.

liga, s. A pleasant, happy man. 2. a


C. to:33e3,

at full speed.

umalu, ummalu,

S. erod ura, s. The breast, bosom. true "a

s. Heat.

*4, #4 to be courageous, to stand firm. Jocot

c a valiant man. tructE* a breast-plate.
erud *t', truc=2~x, Juds" courage to fail.

T. B. to:35-5 umda, See vos..

s. AJ39, Jo-35-389 ume, um-dvi,
eru:::" fort, trussed:oro, eru:rnr:

C. Jodo89 urantu, c. n. To turn or fall

3, trus, us, ero:ces, trusin: Shiva,

the husband of Prvati. vosses), vosa:
* (son of Prvati) Gansha, Krtikya.

C. erod, erodo uraka, uraku, s. Itch.

H. Jooe umdu, s. Expecting. Exce

S. erod uraga, s. A serpent over 8 the

: ww3.x: expecting hereafter ovstrosse

expectation. www.k:=>e * to be on pro

chief of the serpent race. Uvd" < * the hood

of a serpent. Jud **** Shiva, adorned
with serpents. Uver ase, over ase (ser
pent eater or killer) a mungoose, the brah
many kite. Judri too: Vishnu, reposing on
a serpent. Uvd"by a mountain so called.
trucr =c&RY: creeping things, reptiles.

s. Prvati.

over or down, as a bottle, vessel, &c.

trudware to itch. tructs itching.

bation, a volunteer with the prospect of being

engaged in a situation. rushe:"d, vu:'Es.
c a volunteer, candidate, expectant, a person

affording gratuitous services with the hope

of being engaged in a situation.




c. *rod83r, eroddr, erods&spg 3 ura

a fury or violent rage. 4. to be inflamed, as

tani, wrathani, urutni, s. The ceremo.

a wound.

ny of a bride's rubbing sandal powder, &c.

on the body of her husband, and adorning
his person with garlands of flowers after
meals, during the days of nuptial ceremonies.

vvex, trutowo, Joe SRBs, true avy vue aa,

* * v- a to inflame, to put in a blaze.
2. to put in a furious rage. true?, Juds, tro

c. cod&o uratu, s. Coarseness. voets, wo

c's coarse, not fine, truct: *#, a coarse

being inflamed, &c. adj. Acute, poignant,

co", "vost', wesri s. The act of burning,


truows: to heat.

true **, *.*

# to warm one's self wet ***, the heat of

flame, we do", we st', a blazing fire. Ju

cloth. tructin coarsely.

H. erodeo, erot's urathd, urathe,

Jub:3, truce::), erud, true:, .Judo-3,


6 * the spark of flame. true #8wo, true #3

ce to stir up grief. 2 to stir up a blaze. tro

Contrary to the grain, the wrong way of the

roces:#d shaving the head, beard,
&c. against the growth of the hair.

*, * **, a burning itch. werica dan

H. rodeoopo's urathisu, c. n. To re.

ger from fire, wer'. Shiva, with a flaming

eye. voor" a hot wind. true', the name


of a giant. versy to be one's self inflamed.

vue'. 'Sad, voets two to burn up. true ovo to
blaze up. 2. to throb or smart, as a wound.
true tsav, a very bad kind of scorpion. Use
*@ piercing or smarting pain. Uwe &s,

S. codge, erod) urana, urabhra, s.

A ram. 2. the pendent root of the banyan.

C. Cod#393887c, uramuti-gida, s. The

name of a tree.

oves are to become in a blaze, we > *

S. Godb8584 urari-krita, adj. Promis

to cause to blaze up. true caps the intensity

ed, agreed, approved, assented to.
of a flame.

eruo do a cruel war.

erves as a

owdox#, codex', ows:

burning swelling. true #3, we w8, true der
a sultry heat. true sixas) urine morbidly
heated. Uwer', a fabulous sun-gem, a burn

urala-gadde, uralu-gadde, urla-gad.

de, s. A potato.

ing-glass, we Sr., blazing oil. we sce:

A. C. rod-Sc, cod;3% uravani, ura

to bring under a blaze. Uwe &act:, true #2

*, true et: to put out a blaze, to quench a

vane, See trutosc.

c. cod;38.3% uravanige, s. Pride.


A. C. &od:#2 uravalisu, see waisd:.

C. rob uri, s. A string used with a pole for

carrying burdens by suspension. 12. a knot
ted rope or net work for suspending earthen

2. v. a. to make lie down, as a child.

A. c. rodsbss, que:Ss uraveri

vessels, &c.

3/u, uravereyu, s. Full moon.

S. & Od: uraska, s. The breasts.

when not in use.

A. C. Jub:3), crob K's urikipu, uri

kisu, c. a. To drive away, as cattle, &c.
vve" &avrov. n. To run away.

c. cod:#2, erodytt's uralu, uraldu,

See trodov').

A. C. erot K3

urisu, v. a. To burn, make

c. Job, crob322 uri, uriyu, s. Blaze,

blaze. 2. to bear, endure, tolerate. &c.3:
#rsey-s:0:0:Evoe: toxoffs can Site bear to

flame. 2. ardour, heat, inflammation, sore,

or acute pain. 3. fury, wrath. ***, we
(belly-flame) jealousy. 2. envy. v. n. (the
belly to blaze) to be jealous or envious.

wear the bark cloth ?

C. roe'evo), urili-kai, s. The kidney.


s. Jodo uru, adj. Great, large.

c. erodo&2, erodsor's uruntu, urundu,

to be severely afflicted. #3 true s. Wrath.

2. excessive anguish. v. n. (the body to
blaze or burn) to feel great anger. 2. to be
in great anguish. true sne, erudo *ne the
name of a fiery goddess. 2. a furious or pas
sionate person.

See tructio.

A. c.




urumbe, s. The centre of the breasts. *

astodoct:3avows:#E9 there having been space

true, v. n. To blaze.

2. to smart or give acute pain. 3. to be in

between the breasts.





c. cod,7's urugu, e.a. To turn round or

C. enods & R, enous:#e3.7% uru-bsage,

out of its common position, as the body, face,

&c. adj. Inverted, turned out of course,
distorted. trocoro #3 a crippled hand. Jutoro

uru-bsige, s. Sultry heat.

s. Add33592 uru-bhuja, s. Arms reaching

to the knees.

** a leg turned out. were ** a wry

mouth. Judo so. a wry face, es: #2k
*-consh: his face is awry.

C. erot'335 urubhe, See vod.

s. Tododgs uru-ratna, s. A chief pear

A. C. Croto833, toba23:33 uruchu, uri

C. Crocoe's urulu, s. A noose, snare, gin.

chi-bidu, v. a. To untie, unstring, unloose.

2. to strip off, as leaves from a twig.

vvcoco wave, vocodas, to lay a snare, to set

a gin, ended two to fall into a snare. eru

Coto 5.7%

c. code: r uruttini, see

H. Code:-ops's urutdisu, e. n. To rebel,
be disobedient, transgress, violate, fail to

ones self.


Judeo wr: the noose

of a snare.

A. c. &ots: c uruvani, s. Haste, urgen

cy. 2. vehemence, violence, impetuosity. 3.
power, authority. 4. insolence, anger, pride,
passion. 5, sound. 6. preparation. Uwco:

c. Cod & urutu, adj. Coarse, not fine, as

cloth; stout as thread. trut.83. *', a coarse
cloth. * *rudht the thread is stout. 2.

circular, round. s. A plain silver or gold

ring without a stone. 2. talking with rapid
ity and indistinctness. 3. talking bigly, or
arrogantly, or with a shew of authority. 4.
the quivering, or shaking of the voice in
singing. v. n. To fall down, from, off, or

*# to hang

v. a. To hang another.

*** to be impetuous or vehement. 2. to be

insolent, angry, enraged, proud. 3. to sound.
4. to prepare.

c. Cods's urusu, s. Insolence, haughtiness,

arrogance, noise.

H. erod, erodox urusu, urus, s. An

annual festival at the tomb of a Mussulman

over, as a bottle, &c. v.d. to ca, true:z, to

make fall down, off, &c. 2. Jig. to kill.


c. cod,8, eroto33, coess uruti,

c. codo's urulu, c. n. Toroll, turn round,


roll about, down or off 2 fig. to die, expire.

urutu, urute, s. A squirrel.

3. to flow out, as tears do ove, wax,

******, a young squirrel.

ervcovy, erudove to cause to roll, to roll any

A. C. "d urupu, adj. Great, much.

thing. 2. to kill. 3. to make flow, as tears.

ove wise) flowing tears. &cert: $or: #ecs
*roesex, Esa-ee-ee:o the unflinching

* * (* of *-9) to consume; to make

blaze. Jud &s, to be inflamed; to be in
anguish. Jud, Uvdiv 83 sultriness. vua,
* ** a warm temper.
C. coda,9. uru-batti, s.
A wandering

warrior, and the opposing warrior whose

head was cut off trutovi, tro, voc.",
rolling. Roebcases: he fell from a tree. ww.
co's ro he caused to roll. 2. he killed.

mendicant's torch.

A. C. coda's urubava, adj. Much, ex


erods's #e3 urulu-sve, s. A religious

ceeding, superabundant.
vow or penance, which consists in rolling the

A. C. cod urubu, s. Increase, excess,

abundance. ** to be increased; to be

body to the right for a considerable distance,

or round a temple.

&strodots:08, the disease is in

A. C. emot: ure, adj.

Great, large, stout,

creased. 2. pride, insolence, authority. v. a.

To consume 2. to drive away.
A. c. code:3, erod...a5 urube, urubi, s.
Pain, distress, grief, anguish. Rorovows to

large. tructivated to grow much, to grow

stout. tructive much grown. Judor excess.

*C#20% she who was rolling about,

unable to endure the pain of Cupid's arrow.
"voc:283% to mitigate pain.

*: to::croaedeo: the splendour of the

garden appeared greater than the splendour

1 1

much. 2. well. trudi'ad more or less; high

and low. Uvdi as to leave room, to make

truct a to take fast hold of. to:::::Coto effor



of the garden of the gods.

c. A53=&, ero:3=f3%, cross-?? urva


** she stooped low to gather flowers.

ni, urvange, urvane, See truee.

s, ero:3= 3, Jo:= urvare, urvi, s. The

C. erot: ure, See true.

C. crosse's urkalu, s. A small



troublesome to men and cattle.

A. C. Cro's urku, s. Pride, insolence, ar

rogance. *rray to be proud. e.g.:
** ** having humbled the pride of his

S. Crossos da urvru, s. A cucumber.

C. ^C's urli, s. A small metal boat used
for feeding children.

C. CA's troops urli-kai, s. The kidney.


C. Jo's urlu, See tree.v.

c. Crow's urku, see we,.

C. ero'os-evel urlu-klu, s. A bandy

A. C. cruesos urchu, v. a. To attract, to


2. to cut in two.

3. to unsheath. 4.


C. &O'Flete urlu-kdalu, s. Ana

to purge. 5. to make loose.

tural curl.

A. C. coa's urju, see vot:

C. cro&sc3 urtani, see ww.k.a.
H. crososo): K's urtisu, see west.
C. co&s= urtu, see ve.".
C. emos urta, [from true] adj. Inflamed.
2. angry. 3. envious.

to:==e urle-pare, s. The skin of an

onion. See vox.
A. C. Coty'. urrivu, s. Quality, state, na

ture, condition.
turruyu, v. n. To roll, turn.

A. C.

ww.serro to become

inflamed. **** to throb, to be inflamed.

***inflammation. Jussr at: a throb
bing pain.

c. toevs33 urtya, adj. Remaining.

*fcos aro to remain.

cos d2 urtiru, See vesto.

Coass, cro= urtu, urte, see wes.


s. A mountain.
A. C.

coegs urrki, s. Real state, or con


A. C. Code's urrdu, See ver, and ove:

H. eve/33 oo).3% ulatisu, See ove.
H. eroergo, Joe's ulathd, ulathe, See

c. coeft, ever: uladi, ulade, s. Trou.

ble, distress.

cros urdi, See ve,

crocos urdu, See vv:.
. Crocos urdu, See *:::

Uveat SR3s to distress, give


s. Joe's ulapa, s. A spreading creeper.

T. B. goe/2): ulabane, See vvy,".
C. over's??: ulamaddi-gida, s. The

co:= urpu, See ve...).

. &m)2s urbu, See *3).

name of a tree.

overz: urla-gadde, see veers.


urlu, See treaseo.

Rolong paste made into
strings and used with milk, ghee, &c. truer

C. eroe/3350, Joe/330, toe/5335-7: ula

mari, ulavari, ulavarti-gida, s. The

. Jo= urle, s.

name of a shrub.

A. C. ero), Jo53 uli, uliyu, c. n. To

** to make it. were: t: an inferior

sort of rolong used in making these strings.

ovre: urle-palle, s.

The name of

a vegetable.

S. &A)53E urva, adj. Important. en): F

*** ***** it is an important affair con

sing, as birds. 2. to cry out. 3. to sound.

4. to speak. s. Sound, report, noise. eru0
* to cause to sound, to make sing or chirp,
as birds, erves+, eroecost, a singing bird.
erver 5,083 a sounding bell. ovese:-orwe:

with rattling arrows, true: sound. Uwers

* to rise singing, as birds. sort: 5t:06: *,

ww.srb a large foot.

etw: *servo the covey of birds rose sing

c. *053=83, gro:3=-83, erozs-83 urvata,

"rvati, urpata, s. A noise.
1 2

ing, and the lotuses expanded. ****woo

3:25 the water fowls with song, eer'890



Ra: together with the gentle hum of the

Uvec as the noisy zone was

tion from correct conduct, exceeding. 2. con

tempt, disregard. Jugo? to violate, disobey,

sounding. *we:ws.sos.trive the sounding

exceed, transgress. 2. to despise, disregard,



C. eroe'>53, eroe'>L uluku, ulku, [com

sprained, &c. wot: sprained.

ullasana, s. Opening, as a

flower. 2. horripilation, erection of the hairs

of the body.

pare a "Js. A sprain. 2. the cramp. 3.

a check of conscience. 4. Smart, sharp, or
acute pain. 5. taking offence. v. n. To be



C. Cros,
83, Joey83:g,
83, togy:
83 ul
lata, ullata-pallata, ulla-pallata,

c. ADe83 ulutu, see eve to.

adj. Confused, out of order, topsyturvy. U-84

***h disorderly, confusedly.

H. &vel, Joe'>'', eno&# uluphi, ulu

phe, "lipe, s. Gratuitous supplies to per

A. evere.
c. coe, 3,309t:
ulladi, ullade, see

sons of distinction on a journey. true: ww.

A. c. cogee ullana, s. A grass basket.

* to send provisions.

truf?r a grass cutter or carrier.

A. C. & Oe/23), eroe'>539 uluvu, uluhu,

ovg." ullasa,

See ove,".

[*] s. Sound. truto:5^E sound hushed.

T. B.

tro-osah:3:...svg at the time when all was

C. coe/S ulldra, s. A canopy or awning


used on nuptial occasions. 2. a saddle cloth.

3. a variegated cushion to sit upon. Uwe,d

s. Joe R5 ultika, s. An owl. 2. Indra.

*# to fasten on a saddle cloth.

3. a hero in the Mahbhrata.

S. CAD&/Jo2)Q


ove?,* ulldsa, s. Joy, happiness, gaiety.


s. A wooden mor

2. splendour, light.

tar used for cleaning rice.

3. a chapter or section.

4. amusement, fun. true,, trug,', true,

s. Joe.R.9 ultipi, s. One of the wives of

*ro to be gay, cheerful, merry, happy, de

coe, ulka, s. A firebrand 2. a


meteor. 3. charcoal.


lighted, funny, &c. true."r a man of gaiety.

true. gaiety, delight, rejoicing, the act of
being merry.


true," a heap of fire

Uven,*** falling meteors (a bad


H. v.3. ullu, s. A fool, idiot, stupid fellow.

c. *%UVF33 ullu-davare, s. A water

c. &vel, ulku, see www.




ulku-tulku, s. Display,


ge: ulle,

s. A lump of dough or paste.

shew-off, pageantry.

s. Toea): ullkhana, s. vomiting. 2.

H. CADC/7)

25 ultsida, s. Making what

is wrong appear right, wresting judgment.

utte', utterance.

C. empero 333 ul-dvare, See trugg:.


**) ulpa, s. The womb, embryo.

*** ulpana, adj. Apparent, visible.

3. digging. 4. writing.

*3.89, ovge: ullola, ullla


A surge, large wave or billow.

S. A.'s ushana, s. A name of the planet


c. *we:9, we'd ulpuri, ulpuru C. t Goo ushithard, s. A call to sheep

tu, s.

used by shepherds.

A raised scar.

voy" ulbane,

s. Abundance, excess,

S. trood ushira, s. A sort of fragrant root

increase. &#45*," excess of bile adj. Ap

usually termed cuss-cuss, Andropogon mu


parent, evident. 2. much, excessive. **

crero to be increased.

2. to be evident.


# * to increase,

w?,*) adv. Ex

s. ero'Xeo" ushwsa, s. Breathing out.

s. ero: , tro:35te, Jor: usha, u


Shah-kala, ushassu, s. The first dawn,

s. Gog,o?3 ullanghane, s. Violation

day-break, twilight, morning, or about 4

of a command, disobedience of orders, devia.

o'clock A. M.

1 3


s. Tox{2,357.33 ushar-budhanu, s. Fire.
S. troixo:33 ushd-pati, s. Aniruddha, the
son of Kmadva.


eru:\", ero:*: his wife.

usuli, usulu, usule, usale, s. Soaked

grain, mixed in boiling ghee, &c.

cos', ov':


uss, ussane, s.


ushta-gida, s. The name of

ing. ***, vv.:*, vv:39 to sigh, to

breathe hardly.

S. crux: ushna, s. Heat, warmth. adj. Hot,

war: 2. dexterous, clever. "..." the
hot season. ", was, vv. Bew a hot cli.
mate. **, * morbid heat. ** to
be heated. * *sc fever occasioned by heat.
v-# =9 hot water. **, * hot wind.
S. **, *: ushnikku, ushni

c. cows: 53.3, erozodes: uhuhu

Ma, s. A turban. **** a crown. 2. a

hunting. 4. a meritorious religious act.

**, * true a small pointed chisel. a:,
*: www a large one. Jurodov a gouge. *


a tree.


*: ) ushtra,

adv. Tremblingly, shiv

c. Coga uladi, s. Trouble, annoyance.

C. Jog': ulapadi, see www.ea.
C. cre' uli, s. A chisel.

long turban.


s. A camel. */~2%

2. a thief. 3.

cr: *ru*, *.cs: erut the bit of a drill.

w=yer*#)** a camel driver.

a camel's rump.

a young camel.

#3 chisel and mallet.

of a chisel.

c. *3 usikane, ade. Silently, softly,


eru"couro the blade

trus' 325 to use a chisel.

**, trow 3.55 the edge of a chisel.


erov 330

# unchiselled. www3.9% eer a natural



A. c. v.7835 usige-banice, s. Asand

heap or bank.

C. eros',

co'd''. uli, uliyu, v. n. To

live, survive. 2. to be left, remain. &nve:

eruser tru%: S:t r": the last man is head of

C. Jo7.7%, &###, usi-golisu,

usi-kalpisu, v. a. To teaze, worry, vex,

the deserted village.

3. to be absent. 4. to

provoke, irritate. eru',:oss a provoker.

lodge, halt. s. Remnant, balance, remains,

C. ero:2a33, ero:3:3), ero?:33, cro'7'>


usubu, usupu, usuru, usigu, s. Sand.

*** quicksand worse: S a sand-bank,

erov:o, eruvre,

eruszo, trut oxo to

spare, preserve, cause to live, survive, remain,

&c. 2. to become dim. www.E, Juv:27 left,
remained, survived, absent. *ru*cosco, eru?
cos", troved, true', tro": the act of remain


c. cored, usuru, s. Breath. 2. life. 3.

power, strength. 4, a sight. 5. steam. v. n.
To speak, say, tell. Uwrotor having said.

ing, surviving, &c. balance, residue, remains.

**C. a deep sigh. vuze:9, ovsco ca, to

sigh; to breathe; to expire. tru:-do *a, to be left. 2. to be pacified. Juv

** remaining life. Juscot: unsurvived;

to take breath. Jue. "', Judo en &a


not left. Juw wave, truv saw, truv raise to

put down, as absent. www.ray, vov-ys,

css';* to see whether a person breathes.

***# to remain, to stop one's self. U-w

co, ero:-co & tecCoo to hold the breath.

erot'ssero, true crero to be absent.



R, trewritt, truvoria, truvor: surviving, re

* I cannot say. Joe "4 to boil in

maining, halting. Sosov:Evo: he said,

alas! how will they survive? :=cci'awasao
*** will they spare you in battle? Juvox,
* *des": impossible to spare. Jew evod to

trustratoco to be able to breathe.


Juroco wanto a cake boiled in steam.

e=or, Bab-e Fieson es:0:0: rason sets by

the injury done to him his breath touches
him (he suffers the ill consequences of the in

jury he did to him).

cannot survive.

live and to die. trove o' means of living.

vu:5raeast, they

Jurocockrotico: Esse &A

****** without the means of living.


*** if a man have but life, he may live by

trogs ulu, c. a. To plough. to be

ploughed. ww2.dos Cs+o, +rus, t's: ploughed

land. * **, having ploughed and sown.

selling salt.

c. cro?:, eror's, oo::, www.

1 4

trus #, ruvot, Juv',, wux's, truv2,



**, *ru* the act of ploughing. trove

unploughed, waste.

*::: oo:: ulta,

**, the unskilful ploughman blamed the

plough, or, fell over the plough. erov:3 to
cause to plough. vovs, erovsk, fit to
plough. *eco to be unploughed. true.

A. C.

cros' ulla,


[vue:==S. s. A

part of ww2% to be, to have.

Affixed to nouns, it turns them into adjec

he ploughed.

tives; as, ***): strong, or possessing

strength. **: possessing wisdom, wise.
*::: happy, or having happiness t:

bu, [*] v. a. To spare, protect.

c. *03:25, uluku, [www.] A sprain. 2.

wealthy, possessing wealth. Added to infi

nitives, it expresses obligation or appoint

the cramp. eru*.*, *ru*ove oacCo. v. n. To

be sprained. 2. to be cramped. www.v. Rio
**==, erus' wo scos)"d one who charms

ment, or gives a future signification; as,

away sprains.

to go.

****###9 one who must go, or is about

RE: ** *a*###, I am to give,

eruvots, vow: S sprained. tro

*** *** to shampoo a sprain. Juvow: to
be sprained. 2. to be out of joint.
A. C.


ulu-kei, s. The palm

must give, or, shall give, the money. **

*::=x" (fem.) one who must, or is under

obligation to do ev: if there is "y.

of the

there are.


A. C. Go?sro7's ulugdgalu, s. want of



ullangi, s. A snipe. 2. a wa



c. do?s: ulu-padi, s. A balance, rem

nant, remainder. 2. what is put into uneven
scales to produce equipoise.
C. eros' 32 ulume, s. Salary given in kind
to government servants. See also under trove.


*.* ullangdi, s. The name of

a game.

c. to:...ot ullantha, see voy.

C. ere'83, ero' #, ullata, ullatta,


co', co's ule, uleta, [www..] adj.

Remaining; absent, &c.

coyga-3 ulk-pta, See voe.

C. co'', ulku, See v.v.".
A. C. co'', ulku, c. n. To shine, sparkle,

A. C.

*''', ulku,



ulle, s. A piece of dough

or paste.

****, *.* to roll out a piece of



A. C.

A. C. Jo'2.3 ullude, s. An undergarment.

s. A thing.

go', ulke, for true" of trow'.

go','e's ulkelalu, s. Orts,

A. C.

C. to: ulli, s. A generic term for garlick,

onions; &c. ***, a root of garlic or onions.
*#3% garlick. Stv, *~van onion.

glitter, as falling meteors.


* ulpara,

preserver, saviour, one who spares.

c. coso:, ev'soax ulumpu, ulum


ulda, for truve of

Jowest::= Hokr: #xt:

c. Jo'oro),
ulhangdi, see "games.
S. crow uksha, s. An ox or bull.

ulgu, v. n. To burn, consume.


ean it, The sixth letter of the alphabet, sound.

ed as w in rule. 2. a conjunctive affix; as,
es: a Ps: he and I; rata era this and

that. 3. an emphatic affix; es:* ****


he went. 4. added to the subjunctive, it

gives it the sense of though ; as, esco word
if they come, esco too::cs though they come.
5. added to interrogatives followed by a ne



C. e^083 wita, s. A meal, repast.

gative, it gives the sense of entireness; as,

39% vin

*3, Sxodar-E-383, &asso erupt. breakfast.

co-sco who, c*ca as, nobody. ', where, ..

3.2 ag, nowhere. GRE" when, Gazarea


:Sox'Aixst: dinner. #232**Eats, ena) via

83 supper. cant:5 so a cook. eru.83 *.*.* the

*& never.

company at a meal.

C. evo, eAno winki, tinke, see Ant.

T. B. &\no23, evo233 wincha, winchu,

set out food.


See erupts.

trust 'as, Justis: to

Ant: *, *cco to invite to a

trust:nd, trust: a great eater, a man

given to appetite.

eruntnacco, eru.83naar, true

C. e^05 tika, s. Trouble. Bar oxy war,

Esso a woman who eats much. * 5%,
^: I am in great trouble.

2. a louse.

a repast in good style,

s. Anod tikra, s. The letter eno.

C. emp3, emp33, empt thi, thu, wike,

* meal-time.

trust:3.2%, trust:B &a

erus'." SR3 to take a meal.

eruse." ~ *:0 to cause to eat. er-G#3ocos, erup

*dsector's one who knows not when and what

s. The warp of a loom after it is starched.

ena" as to fix the warp.

to eat, and thereby makes himself ill. trust:

*&s one who knows what and when to eat;

A. C. &\nt wike, Pro. The middle woman of

a connoisseur at eating.


c. Anrds "gaya,

ceagerness for food.

s. A slight wound.

Ovovised, trust'-s's,

Just co, ented==^c, a

meal to be ready. Ant:e, evett: Se a leaf

plate. Justice &#, wat:3e &# to sew

T. B. Ang3 itcha, [w:..] adj. Tall, high,

lofty. 2. superior, pre-eminent. 3. valua
ble, costly. era: vee a high caste.

leaves together for plates. erus&achs, crust.

t-th:9 to prepare or set ready a meal.

Just to

# a costly cloth. vats: ~~~, ean: =933

* a tall man.


c. can&#, ean&# titani, titane, s. A

Ants ot's superior

ceremony of the bride's and bridegroom's

rubbing and adorning each other's person

2. a superior man.

rive expensive articles.

and inferior. ervats 9ttsses. Frogs: to speak

with decorum.
ents #e3:33 Smass to

with sandal powder and flowers after meals,

during the days of nuptial ceremonies, trust

** *** to sing a ditty during this ceremony,
as dancing girls and female friends do.

talk without regard to character. erupts"

costly, highly, loftily. crats+, eAnts" on
high. Ants #3, wintsh:9, trusts?", to put

c. can&#, gang', can&#e3e3, ean

trusts" =>30, eants S253, eruptsscoo: to

835 tale, "tale, tale-harate, "

elongate, make long. 2. to make high. An

t to become high.
C. eru.235.0003 wicha-kai, s. The name of

tule, s. Brag, boast, vaunting. 2. loqua

ciousness. 3. exaggeration. Ant:4 sat',

a vegetable.

*** **, to exaggerate, brag.

H. erupe; oo). K2 wichisu, c. n. To fail in

an&### witu-klu,
witu-kattige, s. A stilt, a stick to lean on.
C. emp3-evel, emp$337.093 witu-klu,

C. emp3333.288/3,

one's word, to violate a promise, to exceed,


A. c. cana: itchi, s. A shoemaker's awl.

witu-glu, s. A firm foot.

c. eve:39,
itchi-hullu, s. A kind of


ov8.6% witu-beisu,

s. A part of

long grass from which brooms are made.

** **, * *, Justs *, *, a blade of this

grass, evatric t the knot in this grass.

C. crumE:3 tichu, c. n. To fall off, as hair

gymnastic exercises, exercising the limbs, to

strengthen them, by alternately sitting on
the haunches and standing up in quick suc
trust: t:3: SR20 to perform this


from disease, &c.

exercise, trusts t?, SR35 to punish by put

ting through this exercise, as a schoolmaster

T. B. &V 233 wichu, See trusts.

c. Ant che, see vas.

C. emp3 fji, s. A balustrade. Anew' to
build a balustrade.

c. AD& "je,

8. An insect that infests grain.


does idle pupils.

C. & J &5, t\083 ite, uti, s. A natural

spring or fountain. Ask **Co- a sign of a
spring, v.2% vs. the mouth of a spring.



C. An3 ite, s. The fastening of each pair

of plough traces.
lock for the yoke.


*: a cord
An 8% tro

erum#353e3, eru.83

for inclosing plough traces.

stand in the form of a tree.

within a cord.

can: can',3883

And to 3. **, trust to?. 35.32 to

was "3, A4, ena:, a pastille

c. eand tidare, s. A weed, Paspalum

**, *ru* &aaco to inclose plough traces


ean:2,3, wda-batti, s. An aromatic

light it

erunt ow., ervo's), a bul

pilosum. 2. a swelling. 3, a great smoke.

ervine azo or avy to kill or expel by smoke,

title, witle-hara

as rats in a hole.

te, See ervatse.

H. eruptio, CADC),
wdd-banna, s.

c. enoe's "tha-beisu, see vaux'.

canara, g, wdd,


erup: stored:0:0

c. e^0:37:57.3 tidagina-gida, s. The

to dye sky-blue. Jus:* ** a blue bracelet.

name of a tree.

C. emn:37:


erun: Earo, eAn: 3:30a2:o a blue turban.

s. A tree so cal

. Anco tidu, v. a. To blow, as a wind in


strument, fire with a tube, &c. v. n. To be

C. can: "du, s. A prop. 2. the pole or

come swollen or distended.

shaft of a plough. 'Ass #438, vassa, vv.

B, was ###2 to prop, to fix a prop.

erurb tas, trus"

*** was to blow off or away. And ses):

to charm away diseases from children by

A. C. An: "du, v. a. To eat; to drink; to

blowing. *b*# to become

take, as food or liquid. 2. to anoint, as the

body with perfumes. erine: to cause to eat,
drink, or take. *3:3:22: it drank with
its proboscis. Soabso to cause to take



to blow, one's self, a wind instrument. *

trunto a band to play on wind instruments.
enatos =v- a wind instrument. Anto "sts,
enato Paw's a blow-pipe; a tube used in blow
ing a fire. Antos best a horn, the mouth
piece of a wind instrument. trust *eco to
learn to blow, as a wind instrument. Just

C. empt? wide, s. The pendent root of the


s. ean:#33 tidhanu, s. A married man.

T. B. e^nge, ennge&, eAnge653, eAng
3 tina, "nate, inaya, unita, see vas.

*ake: to shew how to blow a wind instru

ment, eruptswoed, erunton Sreej, eruptoves.

e a swelling kind of jaundice, erup: "to a

swollen leg., a swollen face. Justo

C. e^nfew 8, trunce?:) undki, undkhi,

* tod, to swell more and more.

2. to walk

adj. Middling, not best.

along blowing. trust", a swelling to rise.

**.* to cause to swell. wurze, winess."

s. ean B wita, adj. Sewed, woven.

C. emp388to tita-niru, [vu.e. s. Spring

ern::: the act of swelling. 2. the act of

blowing. eru.5:3, to cause to swell. 2. to


C. tan:#82&3, enneface, eAng35.88

evo uta-klu, "ta-glu, witu-kolu, [vu,

cause to blow.

a swelling to subside.

co] s. A stilt. 2. a walking stick.


AR:*ro to be

2, sewing,
come swollen,


s. uneq

Uvaro *sted a walk

truna &acco to hold tightly.


ing stick. * **, *, * to walk

firmly was eve to say distinctly or firmly.

C. e^^229 witli, s. A person who speaks

S. emp3 witi,

Anst &A', pot-bellied.

5: t: (blown silver) pure silver. "2"


eun-s: swollen.


wdha, widhassu, s.

witibha, s. The bartavelle or

An udder.

Greek partridge, perdir rufa.

emp3:3 titu

c. Jung'o', can254,

ears, ean:53, ean:5:3 tina, tinate,

tnaya, s. Defect, imperfection, fault,

kollu, utikku, utidu, [xar.] v. a. To

maim, injury. adj. Faulty, maimed, defect

inter, bury.

ive, injured. erup: "d a maimed hand.

C. cheek.
ittu-galla, s. A distended




**ro, true:32nro to become defective or

trust: ~ssa), Ju-83 seco to maim



or injure. **3, a cripple.

e', trund the act of leaning on, penetrat


Anss: injured
**k, see that
the tank does not get out of repair.
T. B. ennes, canals: watti, wbatti
ke, See 5*.

ing, &c., &c.

* eans: artwo: #2ka

C. emna,

C. erupts tiru, s. A town or village.


** a village tank or pond. 2. a raised seat

round a tree in front of a village.

cares: tibu, wbu-hullu,


*, trust 8or the assessment of a village. An

Co ro'. a sparrow.
erundo *ke, eruocorre a vil

* A long thorny kind of grass, used in mak

ing brooms. * **, a single fibre or spear
of this grass. Ant's *# the thorn with
which it abounds, eant way, enoweto these
thorns to stick to one's clothes, &c.

lage street. trundosys a village festivity. via

C:3, eruptors, eruod soo: village cattle.


then the portion of a crop which falls to the

share of the cultivators.

erusco assred, enaco

**, truscri', truscri: a town gate, the chief

C. truee (bulu, [w's] s. Chaff.

c. *nns, time, adj. Mute, dumb. nae,

entrance to a town. And sna, care, we',

to build a town; to found a colony. trusco

sco a dumb person. *abows", a dumb


coof, erodo & Sco town's folk.


erup:oss dumbness,

the procession of a town with an idol,

marriages, &c. &c. eruscots, erupt **. *
public festival. truscabs, Juveat: te',
trust'sses, eruseats Saa: to make a public
feast. trunds, enness a person belonging

A. c. chrss #ydli, s. An adulteres.

C. e^nd83, empt:83, erupt:383, empe&3 w
rati, tirate, trute, write, s. Abate.
ment of disease, improvement in health, con

to a


erur drive, enscroor a fellow

valescence. 2. profit, advantage. 3. aid,


assistance, help. truncodoro to become bet

ter. 2. to be of use or profit. trunc =s*:
to help, assist.

man belonging to a village. trusdorr, enaco

* the open space in a village. trundow",
evides'', enacoos ov, enacosaevn a village

T. B. Ande urana, See narrars.

S. cando wiru, s. The thigh.
C. And, iru, v. a. To lean on,

as a stick.

2. to plant, to stick in the earth. 3. to fix

firmly. 4. to penetrate, as salt into meat,

vinegar into pickles, &c. 5, to strike root. 6.
to affect, as medicine the system. v. n. To
spring up, as water.

*tead, to rest on a

walking stick. Stead, water to spring up.

*: Uved medicine to take effect. tru:#,C)
salt to penetrate,


granted free of assessment. Ando &st too,

trusco:3e3, enado &st=ot, trunto *a: the

limits or boundary of a village. An=x ra),

, trus&sr" the front of a village era: re a
village hermitage enow'rpr'r, enar'rt's a vil
lage accountant. Antre'r a village barber.
eru.e. soad, Ross, 2,288.a truscots-rege's aga
cats" though you go three times round
the town, still you must go out at the gate
(we must go to the proper authorities after

**# to lean on one's

self. 2. to spring of its own accord, as water.

3. to penetrate as salt, &c. &nnow', Anbao,
cruidzo, erupra, erupervy to pickle. 2. to
fix in the ground, to plant. 3. to sting, as a
scorpion. And wateo, enaco rate, a walking
stick. *3 June 8% to fix the hands on the

Ano", erusoe", trust 390 a wo.


s. Ana's tria, s. Perseverance. 2. corpo

real strength. 3. the eighth lunar month,
in which the moon's change takes place
when the sun is in Scorpio.

S. = 3 triita, adj. Strengthened,

ground and thereby rise. Weexao Soa. *#

to stand firmly. trunced to refrain from
leaning on. 2. to be unsalted, &c. eved

confirmed. 2. stable, permanent, abiding. trun

** to prop. 2. to give something to lean

C. emps wrte, see eve.

S. GAOgos" wirna, s. The space between the


erumoro, trusca), trunetso to cause to lean

t?rs =s** to confirm, establish.

to become established.

on. 2. to cause to penetrate, &c. 3. to es


tablish, fix.


And, Eg, nae. "... fruit

first mashed and then pickled.

Uvacy, era

2. wool, felt, &c. 3. the hair of

*fco a woollen blanket. 2, a

ram. 3. a spider.

Anters: aro

Ant:rsson stably.


N)#5 NF

s: eruppets as, eanges-Step frnbha,

wirna-ndbhi, s. A spider.
S. can:= tirdhwa, adj. Aloft, on high.

egated lizard that expands its breast, and

shows a constantly varying colour.

C. empwice: 83 usarallitana, s. Fickle

****** an upright, erect body. Ants"

**, to lift up. An:rra, triots' eate
heaven. era: "d high, lofty
one who has subdued his passions.
s: enhass" wirmi, s. A fold or plait in a
garment. 2. a wave. 3. spittle.

mess, changeableness, inconstancy.

C. emp's usu, v. n. To


C. emp;#63x2 *seyu, s. Rice growing wild

or without cultivation.

s &nness 5 armika, s. A finger-ring. See

can's assanu, c. n. To sigh.

c. enna Ro- (huyane, interj. of

also erussor.


s &nness' armile, s. Lakshmana's wife.

s. One of the celestial nymphs.

A. C. Crun-j= wrvu, See anne.

C. ean: = , ean:2s, emp?)st


like, disappointment or disapprobation.

S. empz the, s. A guess. 2. thought, rea
soning. trus& w, eno& =read, erus&ore v. n.
. To guess. 2. to think, reason. A *y,

s. &mp33=-3, emp33=3) wrvashi, wrvasi,

wirsu, ursike, s.

spoil, to become

musty, as boiled rice, &c. kept too long.

** spoiled. An:eo food spoiled by keep


*****, *, *y to guess one's self.

Passion, anger, wrath.

***6th unimaginable.

Anx tatts, no

*red to refrain from anger.

****d to seem, be thought.

C. ean: wili, s. A weaver's shuttle.

c. caps. 5 tiedle, see vuads".

C. emp3, emp3:=



c. * *lika, s. The litter called a

See erup:o.


S. emprx, erup: d wisha,

"shara, s.

C. Can'?" (liga, s. service, work.

2. a

Soil impregnated with salt.

meal. truswrist, ennwrit: a servant.

S. canage wishana, s. Long pepper. 2.

2. a

police peon. ev.vrd public servants or

police peons. *vri saw to do service, to

black pepper. 3. dry ginger.

wishma, s. Heat, warmth. 2.

closeness. 3. sunshine. ****o the hot


serve. ****, truev, a female servant. *

***** very young servants, pages.

An:#8 a

C. cn/97 tiliga, s. Items of different ac

morbidly heated body. tru2+-sco indiges

tion, rheumatism. trunassaro to become hot.

counts indiscriminately put down, and not


Unass=9 hot water.

entered under their proper heads in a journ

al. *** *r items of account entered un

c. ean:d=39,
Co ean:d:#8),

der proper heads.

en't'. usaravalli, iisaravelli, #

*urulli, iisaralli, s. Achamelion, a vari

C. Can't: "lidu, e. n. To bark as a dog or



* ri, The seventh letter of the alphabet,

row, contract debt.

sounded as reu.


erus.2% of Go a creditor.

essors, ** a debtor. * * *

rikku, s. The first of the four

$9 to pay a debt, to get one's self out of debt.

** **, *r =atz discharge of debt.

2. an incantation.

s. tra riju, adj. Straight. 2 straight,

8. C3 rita, s. Truth. 2 water, 3. glean

metaphorically, as in morals. 3. cultivated.

s toge rina, s. Debt who saw to bor.

ing. adj. True.

s: t:32 ritu, s. A season, ed: "wry, the




S. #x rishi, s. A Hindu sage or saint:

six seasons that make the Hindu year; viz.

s:oss-bs, spring, ^)**.* hot season, Ezr

seven principal ones are enumerated; viz. *

**, es), *C-se, **** , "Nasty, *::FA,

** the rainy season, Ed: autumn, '-s' ow

** winter, etc.:* the cold season. 2. the
menstrual evacuation. * ** a woman in
her courses.
** */3 fruitful, fertile,

* These saints hold in mythology an

exalted and mysterious rank; in astronomy

they constitute the asterism of the Great Bear.

The **A of a mantra or mystic prayer in the
vdas, is the saint by whom it is supposed to

producing in due season. ** **, a year.

S. ****, *a's ritu'ikku, ri

have been remembered or recited.

twijanu, s. A sacrificing or family priest.

S. * riddhi, s. Abundance,plenty, wealth.

*:::::25 rishyamika, s. Amoun

tain in the Deccan, the temporary abode of


S. to:23:32 ribhukshanu, s. Indra.


*% rishya,

s. The white footed ante



rishya-shringa, s. The

name of a horned sage celebrated in the first

lope. 2. a fabulous beast like a horse, with

book of the Rmyana.

three horns.

. 5 riksha, s. A bear

S. to: risha, s. A bull or ox.

2. a star, a


th lift, The eighth, ninth and tenth letters of the alphabet, sounded as soft
**, *, lit. No words begin with these vowels, and the use of them is extremely rare. They are

tn pi, th lu,

represented by C. ru, to lu, ea lit.

Se, The eleventh

letter of the alphabet,

sounded as e in met. 2. a feminine affix; as,
** a handsome woman. Cots=r!" a fe

male who takes bribes. Haved a procuress.

clined to give, says his hand is dirty (makes

idle excuses) S350eer et ** do you covet
my leavings?
A. C. So&

yentadi, s. A fabulous beast

*90: the wife of Bramha.

with eight feet. Soasets Virabhadra, hav

C. Joe/3 venjalit, s. Orts, refuse, crumbs,

ing this beast for his steed.

or remains of victuals. 2. saliva, spittle. 3.

whatever has come in contact with the

c. *Wo%, So3 yenti, yente, s. A secure

and strong band of straw which is put round
grain for its preservation. Sor, Soest',
****, to secure grain with such a bandage.
Soa, a bundle of straw for this bandage.

mouth. All these are regarded as exceeding

ly impure, and this impurity is called ocese.
*A rice left on a plate or leaf after eat
ing. Soeed a leaf-plate that has been used

o:b: straw twisted into bands.

to eat off.

Soses, to remove the crumbs or

droppings of a meal. Sotav Ensor% repeat

ing the words of another, silly talking.

A. C. QoS33 yentu, v. n. To vaunt, to ar



** a mouth not washed after a meal. 22 | C. S.239 yentu, num. Eight. *, *

teor", octet er" orts, crumbs, on a plate.
Sctees adj. Refuse, impure. 2 ofthe spit
tle. Sotto:, octaea sness to make spittle. 2.
to defile. av,etc: ** he who is not in

B, Scts", octor: eighth. *ck!de:oto one

eighth. Soc: x*.cs, seldom, unusual, rare.
** ***, Sok: Svy, act: sixse, 30% of the
eight points of the compass. Sctic" eight


sources of calamity. ***rs one who can

ways, as usual. See: **k act" to-day,

do eight things at once.

as usual. Sct: sr2 whenever, at any time.

:: *r = do:3-5:araos: E, man can ne

c. *Sor:#33-33 yenda-mavu, s. The mirage.

A. C. So: yende, s. Cow-dung.
C. Soevo, yendra-kai, s. A crab;

ver escape death.

** ********* **


entreating to remain al

*oro vete

ways in his house. Sora as: *tos ess

the sign Cancer in the zodiac.

:*:: *s: tee', was the stupid fellow, who

never read, sat down to it on the day of the
new moon (a holiday; proverb used of any
one who attempts things unseasonably.) *

c. *Sor:9 yennisu, See *.

c. Soseoek yennitrige, s. Sweet cakes,
made of flour, jaggory, split pulse, and car

astract what never happens or occurs.

damoms; ghee and poppy seeds are spread

on both sides before they are baked.

c. So: yenne, See St.

A. C.

*\oce: yennsu,


Rasa:E what was never made or done.

c. So:3 yendu, past. part of * to say.

See ***.

Having said. It is used as ort in Greek, or as

c. So yenta, See So?.

C. So, Jo3, SoBe a yenta, yentu,
yental, See Soto.
A. C. QoS3 yentu, pro interrog. How?

inverted commas, or, that, in English, to

mark a quotation of the exact words, or the

ows::ve how shall I tell? Sos:8Edst how

saying, go. <!-arre Soto ww2: where

shall I go? he asked. * *2E *E: he
called him, saying brother.

substance of what has been said or written;

as, tootdo: *** he said, they have

come. &ctroto wo:::::::: he dismissed him,

will they bear it? Sosest how? o

**::B; it cannot be by any means. **
how is it? Soats how can or will he give?

A. C. eSoCs yenna, See *.

C. SoC3 yennu, See ~33 and esta.

c. So yente, pro. In what way? how?

c. Sooso yentent,

Great, high, su

C. Soze, Sor:37.3 yempalu, yempa

soscast eos & secozozows/28 too."
asov tatt" the important affair has been neg
lected and the trifle attended to. ******
sers, eoscoot: 333e: w.exdow *=en "%
en: when the supreme gods have an empty

li-gida, s. The name of a tree.

C. So:Tert7:3 yempldisu, v. a. To
persecute, distress greatly.
Sot:3 yemperu, v. n.


offering, do the crippled gods obtain heaven

(proverb, when great men are badly off poor
men must be still worse.)

To become curd

led, as milk.

c. Soa, Soe53 yemba, yembura,

pres. rel, part of Sos, *, or * to say,

That, he, she, or they which is, or are called.

A. C. Soo yentendade, [***otel

As follows. lit. if you say, how?

ca:::otswear the boy (who is called) Rma.

C. QoSD yenthd, pro interrog. What sort?

Few:ce #:/*.*, the punishment of hell.

worwaeow. F., the city (called) Bangalore.

what kind? what like? Sots" what kind

of man? ~27.5% what sort of thing.

A. c. So?:303 yendinante, See under

c. Soot;77, Soap::35.7 yembadgi,

yembuvadgi, verb. noun with *, used


as Sors; thus, odo?..t52* **:So he said,

c. Sor's yendu, adv. interrog. What day?

when? Soea, cera, $23.5" always, ever,
for ever, everlastingly, perpetually, eternally.

I shall come, or am coming, or, that he

would come. es: toxy B)==osso" "t
wer, he is a very rich man, they say; or

Scorates, 22-tea whenever; on any day

whatever. Act'at, Sobr'st I know not when

or how long. Scar when P at what time?

on what day? Soza and Sobr" with a nega

they say that he is a very rich man.

c. Soa,333.33 yembuvadu, verb. noun, of

tive, denote never; as, "obr" as never. *

tests what day? Sobs war', NoRod as al

*Ex, The act of saying, the thing said. *

**)*::cts== exorad:##kis it not pride
to say I am chief.



c. So:33,


3/emma, yemma, See

putable, cross. 2. much, abundant.



*S a disreputable man.

c. Soto, Soso yemmi, yemme, see **.

G. Sobot yemmike, see st'".

c. *b* yekkarisu, e. n. To mimick,

mock, scorn.

c. ****23 yekantemma, . Apop.

A. C.

ular goddess at Chittledroog.

H. Qood3:3

Sge, vekkala, s. An elephant.

H. S",' yekkale, at Decide, firm.

*.*, **s a man of firmness or decision.
*.*.*.8&@873, *:#&@&se

yekarru-padu, v. n.

To confess or acknowledge.


E. Sto, S5 3 yekari, yekare, s. [Eng.]

vekkaldjgu, yekkaldejj, s. A kind


*, St'at's yekalle,


See Sw,'


of chorus made by women in presenting of

ferings to a goddess.

S5: yekkavada, See sea.

Sw, yekkasa, adj. Wain, ostentatious,

A. C.

A. c. 95% yekale, s. A stupid senseless



conceited. **** adv. Conceitedly, boast

ingly. ** r. n. To become proud, os

H. St yek-yeki, adj. sudden. 2.

speedy. 3. solitary. Sws Stadsh adv. Sud

denly. 2. alone, solitarily. 3.


tentatious, or vain.


St', vekka, num. One. 2. a single man.

S, Kg. S's


adj. Envious, malicious.

T. B. Q5.9 yekkam, [aw] num. The unit,

2. peevish, unkind, disobliging. 3. jeering. *

the first place in ciphering.

***, * v. n. To disoblige, behave un

Se:8 wekkati, adv. Alone, by one's

A. C.

kindly, to be envious. 2. to oppose one's

wishes, to be perverse. 3. tojeer. *****
** a disobliging, envious, perverse, unkind

A. C.

Sw,87's vekkatiganu, s. An

angry passionate man.


S*.*. *: yekkatthd,

man. ***** ** a jeer. 2. an envious

or malicious speech, a disobliging expression.
***** **** v. n. To speak ironically
or jeeringly. 2. to speak in a disobliging


the adj. Convened, assembled. 2. combin

ed, confederated, united. teseg, *****

the people are all combined together e=e

**** ** they are convened together.

C. Sg:3,


T. B. Std yekka-sara, s. One row of


Se: vekkada, yekkava

da, s. A sandal or shoe worn by the lower

A. C.

A. C.

St'at's vekkadaru, s. Weak or

impotent persons.


S&ex's vekkirisu, See Swie.

A. C. S's vekkisu, v. n. To approach.


vekka-tla, s. One of the

measures or metres in music.


Strogg vekkala, s. Sport, play, fun.

******* a pleasure or play ground.


2. to praise. 3. to jeer or ridicule.

c. *, yekku, c. a. To card wool. 2 to

Seger', S*.** yekkatli, yek

dress cotton. *, *.* to card out. **, * the

act of carding. Sv% = ** a bow for dress

Aatale, s. Mocking, jeering, burlesque,

ing cotton.

ridicule. **** *** to joke, burlesque,


mock, jeer.
A. C.

S5,229 yekkatula,

hasty, quick.

adj. Sudden,

**, **we: adv. In haste,


c. *, 373 yekkada-gida, sees".

C. S5,8 yekkara, adj. Low, base, disre.

S, vekke, s. A shrub, a kind of birth

wort, Aristolochia Indica. ** **, a white

sort. *, *.do the berry of it. S', seen a
juice produced from it. St, *to the fibres
of this shrub. **, *** a stone occasional
ly found about the roots of it in form like

Gansha, and supposed to render its posses



sor very fortunate. **, *:ve the swallow
wort filament.
A. C.

S:53, S: 35 yeggarate, yeggar


te, adj. Disagreeable, unpleasant.

St', yekkekke, ade. Slowly, gra

A. C.

dually, by degrees.

S: yeggala,

C. S7 e?, S7:33, Szeent: yegachi,

vegache, yegachi-gida, s. The jujube

A. c. 37.3 yeagu, c. a. Topek, as a bird.

C. SR2 yeggu, s. Infamy, disgrace, shame.

rction, reproach, blame, censure. 3.

harm, injury, evil, mischief. ** reproach

tree. .


C. S7.233 yegachu, v. n. To jump,


fully. 2. destructively. 3. shamefully *

"ro to become ashamed, injured, &c. *
B, S.As disgraced, reproached, &c. * *
ox to reproach with, throw in one's teeth,


c. *, SR 39 yegatu, yegadu, adj.

Pungent, disagreeable in taste, as medicine,
&c. disagreeable. Sr* *** a disagreea
ble, offensive expression.

find fault with, blame.

~A* one who

unreproached, uncensured, unblamed, or un

C. S7:3

adj. Much, abund

ant, profuse.

$/9ata, s. Jumping. 2. mocking.

c. *S*a*4 yegatdli, see awsw.

2. a censurer, upbraider.

blameable. *.*.* to blame, disgrace, &c.

c. *ee, S7.253 yegadku, yega

ascent or rising. Sr? Br? hill and dale.

adj. Uneven, unlevel. Sr*.* Br?,*t uneven.

bdku, v. n. To ascend, or climb, on the


c. *b* yegarisu, c. a. To dandle a

child, &c.

Sr.' 8 yeggudi, s. High ground, a slight


A. C. S7'2''' yegguli, adj. Bashful. 2.

much, affiliant 3. stupid, dull, awkward,
clumsy. s. **** awkwardness, clownish
ness, stupidity. 2. shame, bashfulness.

C. Q7 do yegaru, c. n. To abrade, wear

off as gilt, paint, &c. ** abrasion, wear

C. Sa: o3> yechchambu, [3: ecols.

ing or chafing off.


c. *d yegaru, v. n. To fall upon, to

fly at another, to attack. 2. to rise in the

row that has been shot.

c. *d, S$.b yechchara, yechcha

air or upwards, to ascend. 2. to fly, as birds.

*** to fall upon a person with violence,
to assail, attack. 2. to spring or jump. 3.
to be arrogant, to give one's self airs. SRe
**, are ts, ories to jump up. ore &stro
to fly away. Oriced to refrain from attack
ing. Srtr, Srodr he jumped. SRB re it

rike, s. Warning, forewarning, admoni


2. intimation, hint. 3. circumspec

tion, caution, care, precaution. 5,, *

*coas, stewashe, '..e., s: esro, ',

ovar-roto be aware, cautious, on one's guard,
on the alert, awake, sensible, one's self. *,
ev Era', 'd saw, 3',5'., *::czew, 3',

Or:3, or:or, oritsor, Art:}r to

ev &vo to caution, tell, intimate, hint, put

cause to jump, fall upon, rise, fly, &c. or "r

in mind, forewarn. ''," "s to be off one's

guard, to lose one's self. '..ced, s' ear


a to let fly.

A. C. Q7(5&2 yegahu, See arte.

T. Sro7 yegadiga, ade. Up and down,
above and below. Snart &at:30 to look above

and below, to view a person from head to foot.

T. Q7(33333 yegumati, s. Exportation,

shipment. ros. Sox to export. ross
Bros. exportation and importation.
A. C.

3%ax veggadiga,

angry man.
A. C.


Sco to be unguarded, uncircumspect. S',"

attention. 3:8, "aas, '8' raw to arrest

or call the attention. St.coray', '',"."
# to give attention, be cautious. '..e., "a
# to give a caution, to challenge one another,
as sentinels do.

*#. yechchu,

v. a. To shoot or dis

charge, as an arrow, to throw, cast. *, *,

s. A passionate

2. a chief person.

yegganu, s. A dolt, a block

*.*, *.*, *, *, the act of shooting. *

*.* to cause to shoot, &c. *.*.* to be shot,
as an arrow. 3'," to throw away. *.*
*d an arrow for shooting.





A. C.

Se: yechchu, see #.

A. C.

**883 yechchtu, s. The Cham

* * to take possession of a place, to

occupy room. **** to leave a place. 330
** to obtain a place. saray to take

paca flower.

See ~3.

*3. :/eja, s. A hole. S: *a*a* to bore

C. ex:59 yedaku, s. Trouble, difficulty,
a hole. *, *, *.*.* to make a hole.

C. c.) 8353,


strait, dilemma.

yetaku, yettaku,

A. c. *39 yedaganu, s. A useless man.

v. a. &n. Toreach. **ay, set ****, *.

****# to reach of, or for one's self, to stand

C. Q:37.3 yedagu, Seeavr.

Sarsegg: vedagudi-kattu, v a.


on tip-toe to reach something. ex: SSRe

* that is out of my reach. St!vosserts as

To pinion. ~500 a pinion.

far as can be reached. * **** to peep

standing on tip-toe.
T. B.

*# :/ettave, [e:Js. The eighth

adj. Obstinate,

insolent, ill-behaved, rude.

Sask, adv.

Obstinately, rudely. Sara'ss obstinacy,


lunar day.

**** yedagottu,


S& wettu, c. a. To reach. 3' to c. *):383 yedacha, adj. Left-handed.

'# out of reach. 2'-d

c. * yeda-tadi, s. Hindrance, imped

to be out of reach. * *y to reach one's

self. *, *.* the act of reaching. Sk,

c. 8:33d, S: d yedatara, yedatha

cause to reach.


** to put within reach. ** to put up

ra, adj. Middling, inferior.

by reaching.

Saad As a

*** **** to spy, to peep

tree of the middle size.

Saada Br a mid

standing on tip-toe.

S&#23 352 yett-hodeyu, c. ".

dling sort of female garment. Sasc: 333

*s a man of mediocrity, a man of the mid

To roll or flatten sown land, by drawing over

it a large bamboo mat, weighted with large
stones. seas", *.* to loosen the soil

C. &#67.3 yedatari-gida, s. Theshrub

after a heavy fall of rain.

C. Q:3s.53

dle stature.

mimosa cinerea.

c. *@*# yettitana, s. Obstimacy, refusal,

opposition, severity.

v. n. To frequent,

C. Oz:07.9, St:ov's yedarli, yedarlu,

c. 9% yette, [*] s. A morbid heat adj.

cruel, severe.

s. A foe, opposer, adversary.

C. Qdo yedaru, s. Difficulty, strait, trial,

C. 3 yeda, adj. Left. Sav, Sart: the

left side. ~34, 33:2's":# on the left.
* left and right. S the left hand.


to go and come frequently.

trouble. 2. an untoward disposition. 3. a

close place, where there is neither shade nor
water. 4. poverty. adj. Narrow, confined.


* **, the left-hand caste. **** a left

handed person. 35'36 &S &33 waozo too:
he came holding his life in his left hand (in

c. *): 39 yedaru, v. n. To stumble, trip.

ados stumbling.

C. SrC2 yedaru, v. a. To fall upon, assail,

the greatest alarm.) ossow the left side.


attack. v. n. To ascend, rise, fly. Sror

having fallen upon, &c.

the left thigh. S5:00 to turn backwards, as

a wheel. **** a shell whose winding is
to the left. * *** a woman's cloth put

c. *):#se, yedar-gdi, s. Ganesha, the

over the left side of the face. ~333 a mode

of walking with the left side foremost. S3


remover of impediments.

*** a kind of sight in which the eyes in

*3% S: vedavattu,


ta!!e, adj. Not above mediocrity, middling.

cline to the left.

2. dull, stupid, not sharp.

c. *, *:30 yeda, yedam, s. Place,

abode, situation. A. C. Well, good. ~30+.8
* to give a place. 2. to give place, to allow.

3. bad.

4. ad

verse, untoward, unkind. ***, *: an

indifferent work, a work not well executed.
*** **** a man not above mediocrity.



C. &, St:33, S-395 e?, yedavu,


3/edahu, yedavi-kollu, c. n. To stumble,

Dull, stupid, thick-headed. ****, *.*.*,

*.* stupidity. *::9, 93% sc:*s, ****
a blockhead, dolt. 3:3, 3% a stupid wo

trip up. 2. to strike or knock against. *

* two to stumble and fall.

~333, S:=r

stumbling. *ses to put a stumbling

block in one's way, to trip up. 235" a trip,

S:, Sia yeda, yedu, [*] adj.

man. 2: * a dull understanding. ****

A. C.

C. S3: "B5323 yedi-hodiyu, v. a. To

&#5358 Jeddavane, adj. Pleasant,


C. Sre:32.3 yenamani, s. A necklace

weed the first time.

c. ** yede, s. A place, abode, residence.

worn by children, partly gold and partly

2 room, space. 3. medium, void, interval.

4 distance. 5. midst, middle. 6. road. 7.

C. Sc:3 yenisu, v. a. & n. To count up,


aim, butt.

8. time.

adv. When.

calculate, reckon. 2. to think, suppose, be

lieve, imagine, judge. 3. to esteem, regard,


from place to place. Sra, SRaza was

venerate. **ay to reflect or revolve in

*, ****) to travel, roam, wander. *::cre

t! wandering. S332.5% untimely. 2. in
the middle of the day. ***** incessantly,
uninterruptedly. **** separate, distinct,

one's mind. 2. to count, reckon, think, or

believe for one's self

or?: *a*:o incalcula

ble, innumerable. **:::::20::::::: *::so

***** God's thoughts are not as man's
thoughts, or, man plans in one way, and God

** ag without room. 2. without

a path, way or road. 3. without opportunity.

** to become apart or separate; to
move aside. **** separately, distinctly,
****** inseparable. 2, it cannot be esca

plans in another. Sr**, 34.439 to number.


*:::: *** to speak without thinking, speak


ped or missed. 33.323 with intervals between.

c. S&# yenike, s. Calculation, the act of

****** in a place. adj. Great, much. Gas

co-o:***** without submitting to right.
e: Air" when in the extremity of suf

calculating. 2. thought, anxiety. 3. regard,

esteem. 4. opinion. 5. hope, conjecture.
**** ~39.53 a man of distinction. Or' +3
Razo, Sr** * *\co to succeed in one's inten.
tion, or plan. #### * **Co hope to be
fulfilled. *****, or **!, to deliver


C. St: vede, s. A leaf-plate. 2. an offer.

ing. 3. presents of raw materials to brahmans

the number.

at a funeral, and on the anniversary of de

ceased ancestors. * **** to present an
offering. ** *a* to make a present on fu
neral occasions. ** fav, 33 as to place a
leaf, as at a meal. 2. to place apart a portion
of the food, to be eaten only in case of the
quantity on the plate being insufficient. 33
**atro (23 **, *atre) to spoil the offering

Sc:* as: countless.

c. *@3 :/ene, s. Likeness, similarity. 2.

proportion, adjustment. adj. Equal, like.
**a, not equal. * *** without compare.
** I have not seen the like. Srinarw.
rst'. I know not any like him among the
living. ***, to compare, equal, vie with.

2:..., &#Roo: yene pil


yene gonda-pille, s.

and run away, as Krishna did that of the



when its mother is pregnant.

C. St: *&


A child sucking

yede-kattu, ye

A. C. 532 $/eneya, s. A friend, compan

de-gattu, c. n. To gather, as pus.

A. c. 3):377.09 yede-gdla, s. Ruin, mischief.

A. c. 9:33, yene-rakki, s. The ruddy

ion, acquaintance. ** a female friend.

goose, as remarkably attached to its mate.

A. c. 3):###2, yede-gedu, c. m. To pros.


S: yenne, s.

Oil. "...', ' ', ze

trate, fall down before.

A. C. St:553283

gede-yta, See under 23.

See ~2:4.

*:::3% yedevattu,


* common castor oil. ex: xev, #9

**k, %, *: zew, *::::: pure castor
oil, used especially as medicine for young


children. Bttn Sri, lamp oil. **, *.*,

T. B. Q35 yetana, See assa.

gingillie oil. *%', a good sort of gingillie

oil. *.*, *, *** **, an inferior kind
of gingillie oil. *** **, **sner, oil


G. S3 yeti,

getta, yettal,

vettalu, adr. Where? which place? ~3.

made from the Galedupa roborea. er; St.

*# which side? which place? or ex^ whi

ther? 32." Bjr, whither are you jour

linseed oil. *** **, ****, margosa oil.

*** **, *, cocoanut oil

See Oda.

S3, ** 5, S3 ex

as, Sr.,
neying? ~3.42 exa every where. **.**
wherever, wheresoever. S." whence? of
what place? oces:#f7:*co, from whence
did you come P eas.:owess, socioto he

olive oil, made from the Bassia latifolia. Ro

***', oil scented with sandal. ~$4 Sri

gingillie oil scented with jessamine. 2.1%
*', the same scented with the Michelia

said, whence is it? ~5,325, 23.625 from

whence? ~45 tot: inexplicable. **, *.svcs

champaca. *, *, *, *, *, avy,
~", * to put on oil. :*** **** ***
* to administer castor oil to children. 2:
**, *, *.*.* to take out oil from a mill.

*** a word the derivation of which cannot

be traced.

**, *vo what does she know?

**, *, *.*.*.*, *.*.* to rub oil into

" SE78, Sr yettagadi, yetta

the head; to apply oil to any part. 2:

gade, adj. Contriving, scheming. 2. clever,

or *% to rub oil on the joints, &c. ****

skilful. s. Skilfulness, cleverness. 2. scheme,

3 ***, *, *, *# to anoint one's self

with oil. 3", ", 3% wer, **, *, the
sediment of oil. S, vs. to a fetid smell of

device. 3. excuse, pretence. ****a*s, *.

"nic a schemer. 2. a clever man

-\, =

*...* 33.5 he contrived a good scheme.

burnt oil. *, *, *.* to boil oil.

T. B. S3.5 yettana, see ~4.

, "" an oil-mill. St, *, **s an


oil man. *, *, the gumminess of oil.

&#9, d. yettara, yettaru,


** **** oil to float, as on water. *:Sr. a

s. Height.


SECS-5 high, lofty,

prominent, tall.

bullock load of oil ' 'e, 2% ***

karge skin oil bottle. 2. a brass oil bottle
used by palanquin bearers, &c. *, *d, *
*','e boiled rice mixed, by the poor, in oil

c. *s-se,

*2.eo yettna, yett

mam, adv. Where? which place? Sax's

whence? of what place P

instead of ghee. **E=are a shining

countenance. **** a mortar for making

*32, S3.5.2%2, yettu, yetti-kollu,

v.a. To raise, lift up. 2. to take or assume,
as a form. 3. to extract, as words from a

oil. es: * **** **, *t he has a

nointed you well (he has completely deceived

book, or items from an account. * *y,

you) *, *.* to drop, as oil on anything.

to lift up one's self.

*, *, *, *, * v- ca. v. a. To drop oil

**.*, *.*.*, *.*.* the act of lifting.

on any thing.

**.* to lift up, as a burden, and lay it on a


and look. 2. to lift up and examine. ~3.

** to sing loud, to raise the voice. ~3. SR

*:::::::::c0, 3/enne-badane-kdi,
s. A

** to upbraid, throw in one's teeth. * *

species of brinjal.



tax to enter from one book into another.

Jenne-manuku, s. An

oil soil or stain

2. the smell of oil.

yenbaru, s. Eight persons.

A. C. Sce'3)3 yea-bhuja, s. Vishnu, as

having eight arms.

A. C.


cart, &c. ** ***, to lift up, as the eyes,

c. *# * venue-gempu, Averydak

*.* to cause to lift up.

S8,$33.5 ven-meiyava, s.


*5 &vo to put up. 2. to take away, sepa

rate. S3 coac.o to reach and take. S3.7:
to raise up and let down. 35. Bedt what
cannot be lifted. 33.todo to remove. Ro:*d
55.t.c., a family to remove. Coa, 35, tod: an
army to march, troops to move. **.*, *.

*3 the measure of a man's reach, equal to

va, as having eight forms.

See: yensu,

the height to which he reaches when eleva

See 3r::.

ting both arms, with the fingers extended.



** *** **** to take away, carry off, steal.
****, *.* to lift up. ::=> to as
sume a form, take a mask. & to get a
good name, become great or famous. ~28

C. Scot' yedarli, See under arod.

c. *Sor yedavu, LeBro, tiero and tes']
v. n. To be opportune, fitting, suitable, ready.

*******# to hit just the right time.

* vomiting to come on. *** **, to be

*E* to make opportune, &c.

relaxed in the bowels. *** **, to be purged.

C. S yedi, See *.

**** to recover from depressed circum

stances. *3. Stado to walk fast. 2. to

be carried away by the stream in fording a


river. ***.*, *.*.* to raise and throw.

S32. yettu, s. An ox or bullock. www.

T. B. 32%, Sssened yeda

kulsha, yedu-kula-vira, see ~B.
c. *Stodo, Q, Sods yeduru, yeda
ru, yediru, s. The front, that which is

= **, *.*.*.*, *Revd Sio, a ploughing



presence of

* **, a bullock that runs in a car

2. presence. Stoes# before, in

3, a parallel or comparison. 4.

riage. Goa *, a cart bullock. :=se as a

riding bullock. Roca Swe, dssa: as a sad

opposition, resistance.
Stoos, erodo adj.
Opposite, opposing, adverse. Std. Rob ver

dle bullock. &ess ex, *-rs, stars.

bal opposition. 2. a counter argument. 3.

an echo. Stoosas, Stoc-cozo to oppose in

a bullock of burden. ***, **a as a

forage bullock. 25.5s,, 325 not a
bullock man.

argument, withstand, contradict. *d, *t

** ***, 33.3 an=r: a rope

*, *to: are: to look forward to, expect, look

to which oxen are fastened. Ss, two to un

out for, anticipate. Sre, See:, SE.C. beve,

loose a bullock. * *ote "agree *ged

Scot:revo, Stotsor to resist, oppose, contra

the bullock has calved, one says; then tie

dict. Stoe way, Storary to advance, to

him up in the stall, he replies (proverb of a

careless government, that makes no enquiry.)

meet out of politeness or respect. 2 to ad

vance in battle. 3. to advance mutually, as
the relations of a bride and bridegroom, prior
to the celebration of marriage. 4. to become

~5.5 "st!", 23.5 Sava a stall for oxen.

A. C.


:/ettunglu, s. A

one's self opposite. Std, "w" to cause

sharp pointed arrow.

parties to meet. Bodo be to meet

c. 93.7% yettugade, see seas. **

*2 to scheme, attempt.




todo, obtowoc, to advance against opposition,

as a fish against the stream. *b* Widv.
before, opposite. Stoons, Stohra, Sohra.

3/ettu-gallu, s. A stone

to set in front.

Stocero, aboaro to become

thrown from a wall on the head of an enemy.

opposite, or fronting. Stoba, see", *%
to place before. 2. to spend money in recov
ering a debt or property. Stod sa, as

S33,339 vettuvali, s. A collection of


money; collecting or gathering money. *.

** **, *.** **, to collect or gather

orte, obsara, arod, sins a contradiction.

25: arro a face not averted. Stoo", *.do??



vettole, s. A moveable stove

an adversary, antagonist, one of an opposite

party. Stoe orod front to front. **

or a chafing dish.

too-ro to become front to front. Sriors

an echo, a response. d, asobro, Stots roaro

C. Qrto)235 yedagitana, s. Cow

ardice, courage failing.

to oppose, contradict. Stosh **** to go

c. &#x2, S972, S307:3, St:35.0%

out and meet, as an enemy, &c. ******

gedagu, yedugu, yedungu, yedag:

3:0.25% what resistance can there be from

Kollu, See E-9.

the rest (when he has overcome the most

powerful?) *d, *w- to ask one question in

c. *Scrot, QKo yedagude, yeda

reply to another.

gudi, See under ~".

c. *):22:35, Sa35 yeda-badaka,

yede-badaka, s. Cowardice, timidity.

c. Sdd yedur-uttara, s. opposi

tion in argument, reply.

18 s



c. *Stodo:3:, Sdoe3e33 yeduru-vali,

A. C. 2 do yenibaru, pro. How many


weduru-chifu, s. A note of hand given

for another that is lost.

C. &#9 yenisu, See under, SRA.

c. *\co- yeduvu, see S-3.

A. C. 2 yenisu, See *

C. :): vede, s. The breast, bosom, heart.

C. &#9 yenu, See *a.

2. heat, courage.

****3, a rib.

c. S3 gene, interj. Mode of calling to a

of razo

** **# the breast to sink in from sickness,


&c. Stroo?" courage, boldness. St: * * *

A. C. S333.39 yeneyanu, s. A husband,

# to beat the breast from sorrow. S. sov

a lover.

** to bury up to the neck, as a punish

ment. At erusaca), or erodo:, or: **, Sent',
the heart-burn. Sfasy to be inclined. *
cks.: it inclined. St E:w a breastplate.


c.'', a wife.

*39 :/enna,

[*] pro. Me, or my. S

* me. SSAo", SFAro mine. St.A'co, *

* my master, my lord, my husband. 33s,33
with me, to me. * by me, near me. *
*A*S$ not in my power.

~3 t? (vo, 3: t: , S:, 3: *ted courage

to fail, to become a coward. *.*, *

C. 9) yennu, [ess]". a. To say, tell,

** to strike the breast with the hands. s.

Pain in the chest. 33 ***, Strazo to be

speak. ** to cause to say, &c. 2. to give

out or pretend. **ay to cause to say of

bold, stand up to, evince courage. Sera',

* to walk courageously. *****, *# to
stand boldly. Strob (heart-boiling) courage.

one's self, or for one's own advantage; to get

one's self called, to obtain the name of 2. to
pass for *::::: *E** =x-e <\ots: "
** that man passed for a mighty hero. e.

2. violent mental agitation. Stretcaro to

become courageous. 2. to become agitated.

Strobosh boldly. St:orov, the hollow of
the breast, pit of the stomach. **acaw a
coward. 2. a deceiver. Stractows: cowardice.
2. deception. ~ ***, *saw a coward.
****), *:RSr pride, arrogance. *ned a


*** *****A* *aoss that dolt passed

for a scholar.

*:32, 3/eppattu,

A. C.


num. Seventy.
yebbattu, c. a. To persuade,

prevail upon. 2. to drive.

y's Sey's gebbisu, yebrisu,

bold or courageous man. * *Bosto palpita

tion of the heart. * *ea's to labour, fag
hard. * * **, *.* to labour with
out rest. ****, ****, to be courageous,
valiant. * * to be impressed upon the
mind. * * * ** her form having

c. *

been impressed upon the mind.

C. S333', '935, S-335 yemake, yemi

causal of ***, to lift up. 2. to rouse, awaken,

cause to rise, make get up. ***.*.* to cause
smoke to ascend. ***.* to raise the dust.
******* to provoke, excite anger.

ke, yemuke, s. A bone.

S$ wedda, past, rel, part. and 3rd.

A. C.

*:::: S532 yemma, yema, pro.

per. sing, past tense of 5%.

Our. ***, *.*.* ours.

c. *, yeddu, see e.g.


S:&#9 yeddlu, v. n. To wake up, rise.

Sa'a' yedwd-tadwd,

See o'


S#: 3/emme,


A female buffalo.

* **** a male buffalo. 2: (w, a buffalo


calf. ***** a young buffalo 3:=>to

refuse put aside for a buffalo to eat. S:

A. C. Q3 yena, Seesia.

A. c. 3339 yenaya, see sea.

A. c. *S* yenasu, s. A dumb man.
A. C. Q333 Jenitu, pro. How much? a
** as much as there is. * to say
how much.

vemmike, yemmige,

s. Pride, insolence, arrogance.

*** *** to awaken, rouse.

T. B.

**, ***


* buffalo's milk. 2: *s' (buffalo's bro

ther) a stupid fellow.
A. C.
3/ei/3/a, s. A procupine ac's


** a porcupine's quill.

c. * Vera, s. The jujube or country goose.


) do


berry. 2. (SdR') a thing borrowed. 3 other.

&edoc fruit of the jujube tree.

C. Yri yeravu, s. A thing lent or bor

rowed for temporary use; accommodation. 2.
difference, distinction, variation, other, dif

c. *\do233 yeranchu, See Sea.

A. C. St S, \dot; yeraka, yeranka,


St: **: to lend; to accomodate

with anything.

Bot: Row, Wave: there is

s. Fondness, love. 2. kindness, mercy. Scw

no difference between father and children.
*::2:0 to endear.

C. S.C.;

cond others, strangers, aliens. 2. persons

who borrow. Sc: becdog a loan is not wealth.

Meraka, adj. Molten, cast, as me

tal. ~dw &aa's, Scy:ax to pour melted

metal into a mould, &c.

Se: *ay to borrow. Sev saw to make a

ode #&# molten

distinction, to make a difference; to separate.

adw ry: a molten image.

** tw:39:to my living is another's; or, I

c. **'', yera-kollu, c. recip. To

bathe one's self with warm water after a

live by stealing.

c. *b, *b*322, S5, S39 yeri, ye

nointing with oil.

riyu, yere, yereyu, v a. To pour out,

c. * dro, \do7.3 yeragu, yerangu,

anoint. 2. to beg. s. Black earth. 2. (3

) a worm for fishing. 3. the food of wild
beasts or serpents. deco to pour out wa
ter. Sov:0C:29, Scwt. ooco, to pour melted

s. A bow, obeisance. 2. conjuration. 3.

stupefaction. v. n. To bow, prostrate, do
obeisance. 2. to fall upon, spring upon,
seize. *E*.dro, waerdro, we'ero to bow
down at one's feet.

c. *\d233 yerachu, c. a. To sprinkle. *

cots to sprinkle water.



Odes: to cause to

to sprinkle of, or for

one's self.

c. * deseo yerachalu, s. Driving, beating


metal into a mould; to cast, as iron, &c.

C. St yere, s. The talons or clawsofa bird.

A. C. S, yereya, s. A husband. 2, a

c. *\d:9 yeradu, num. Two; two things.

ada:3ra, the second.

paramour. 3, a master. Seco-Rss, tsid:

why does not my husband come?

Ado Roro twice as

much. 2. two natures. Sc: tets::ve a preg

nant woman. cas dat', two sixty-fourths
of a pagoda. Scio torial. v. n. (to think
two ways)to betray. casro to become severed,

c. Secoo&nt; yeradumbe-gida, s. The

name of a tree.

c. *SC:3 yerapu, v. a. To bathe. 2. to

make obeisance. ces they bowed.

S9), S929)



yerri, yerri-birri, s.

Madness, insanity. So, Esco a mad dog.

*3) 3/erre, s. A worm for fishing.

A. C. Sts yerde, See 2- and 3:2.

A. C. ="8%2 yer-padisu, See *ra; b.
C. &= yerpu, See act.

A. C. &e=Rs yervisu, see 2:.

A. C.

c. *SC-322 yeramu, c. a. To pour out.

c. *SC5, SG' yeral, yeral, s. Braided

89) verri,

s. Thread. v. a. (*) to

pull, draw.
A. C.

*G.s" yerrtu, (*) s. An ox or



A. C. Qce 2 yeralu, See See.

c. Su, St', St: yerale, yerale,

A. C.

*::=#2. yerr-pattu, num. Seventy.

C. &e yela, interj. Mode of calling to a


vereli, s. An antelope or deer. Odd rot?

* the moon, said to have in her body the
form of a deer.


*ro:cts, he brought water and poured it

out. ~d s, 39 &, SC Capo black earth.
** **** great millet grown in black soil.
C. )03% oe'> yeru-plu, s. A farmer's
portion of the produce.

*e ocw a black deer.

*orw a woman with deer's eyes.

A. C. Q=339 yeravanu, s. A beggar.

2. manner of expressing surprise.

c. *We 23:22 yelache-hannu, s. Fruit

of the



C. Se/35 yeladike, see 23 eas.

A. C. Seb, Ced3 yelar, yelaru, s. Air,


2. (etc.) a flower.


3. love, affection.


Se gel,

oots (lotus-born) Bramha. Ser was fire,

the friend of the wind. Sucer!, Sudor:rt a
serpent (feeding on air.) Bosr', the sky, or

A. C.

wind's path. Sodor?.S", "o Vishnu, reposing

on a serpent. Sodor?=r\cdo Garuda, the ene


interj. of surprise. 2. calling

to an inferior.

Szzo:Q& yel-guddali, s. Abroad


guddali or spade.

*', Se: S yella, yelld, yel

lavu, s. The whole, all, everything.


my of serpents. Secor?333. Shiva, having

All. adv. Completely, wholly, entirely.
e', was every where, on every side, in all parts.
*ce, 35.5, 3e3.c. mas. and fem. all. ~& Co.",

a serpent for his bow-string. Sudor?bco Ga

nsha, having a serpent for his garland. */

***, the ascending node traversing the

*& Co, gd &s=" as the world says; as


every one says. Sea, was all to collect

together, the whole to assemble. ***, *&

A. C. Sele33= yelarchu, c. n. To blossom.

2. to revive.

3rve all things.

C. See yelala, interj. of calling or sur

c. *g.2% &# yellamma, yellam


ma, s. The name of a goddess. S$2:23

c. *We S3 yelava, s. Silk cotton, Bombas

e?, a basket in which offerings are present

heptaphyllum. *e ot's black silk cotton. *

ed to this goddess. S&#5 t, the judg
ments supposed to be inflicted by this goddess.
*::::::aw," the followers or devotees of this

e/35 &A38 the silk cotton gum.

c. *en yeld, inter of calling to inferiors.

c. *\82 ve)



The name of a


c. *Sada, Se:E2 yelyadar",


C. Sex?, Qe2R), Jea, yelubu, yelu

vu, yelabu, s. A bone.

yellidart, See under 33.

C. S3) yelli, declinable adv. Where? in

c. S yele, s. Aleat, the betel leaf see

** betel-leaf and areca nut.

which place? ~#", S&^* whither? to what

place? ::, es: what a difference there
is between him and you! ~"st, ~2.8%,
**k, Se.' I know not, or I am in doubt,
where. ~$3rocca, ex,tta, e', 'ca where
soever, any where. 2. by any means. ***,
*:::, '3:59, 9%tto of what place? where
is it? : kcdoss of what place are you ?
& Baorose how far? how long? ~#~~,
'3 every where. ~# ag', 'c." ak,
S$$3 no-where. S&s where is he? of what
place is he? ~#4 neut. where are these, or,

Seet t 55t "a

# to take betel. ww.ts: Sea leaf-plate. **

** a plantain leaf. Sv%3, e betel leaf.

** *** a betel garden. *e s', 'ex *k,

a plate for keeping betel in

33rid a betel

seller. Serwar a female betel seller. * *

the betel creeper. Sex *s-, hot leaves applied
to alleviate pain. 2. the stem of a leaf.


*ow, Sex *.*, the stem of a leaf. * **

* to gather leaves. * **, a cluster of

betel leaves, &c. ****, *k ts', 'ex &c.
a bullock load of betel leaves. * r *.*, *
* Gooses a duty levied on betel. Sessic,
the fibre of leaves. 34 &45.9, 34 & 5.6, 3
ex #28 a bundle of leaves.

whence are these?

*# => * what sort of an expression is that?

S$3,053, S&c.", whence is it?

* *otoo, 33r

**: a small and dangerous serpent found in

the tender leaves of plantain trees. * to:*

~::, ''xo~ where is

it? ~$o: whence? ~cco 8', S'k s so,

*#. S$85& yelle, yell-kattu,



A limit or boundary. S', '89 a boundary

stone. **, *,* * to fix the boundary.
', Eat! &avro to exceed the limits, to pass

a very tender leaf. * **, * ****, *

et so a betel store-house. See eorto a betel
shop. ** Jor-co an instrument fixed in the

the bounds.

mails to gather betel. * **, to join leaves


yelle-ksu, s. Sexton's fees.

together for plates. * **, to set out such
leaves at a meal. Set *::c, the greenness | A. C. S3:3:...) yevamappu, v. a. To
or freshness of a leaf. 34 &y a caterpillar.
nourish, protect, preserve, take care of.



* a diffused odour. ** #5 an appointed
place of meeting. SES, 3:5, 33:25 shining,
splendid, &c. ***, *, * the act of
shooting. 2. shining. **** a shooter.
c. ** $/86, s. A shot from a bow. Ss:,

A. C. Q3 yete, s. An eye-lid. S: a*,336,

the demi-gods, who never shut their eyes.

Sr: yeshtu, interrog. pro. How much?


how many? It is used for time, number,

weight, or quantity; as, S: *, how long a

v. n. to miss the aim. * *::: *** a thing

that does not go on right, a business that has

time? ~# *b, *, *s how many people?

**C*** what is the weight of this gold?


* **** what is the quantity of this

grain? Sev:# what is the length? as:
** ***** what a worthy man this is:

C. Q3, SQ9 yela, yeladu, see swas.

A. C. S$ 59 yelaku, [aw] s. Descent, de

*** ****, (what art thou and what is


he?) there is a vast difference between him

and you. Used with the subjunctive form of

the verb, it expresses whatsoever, how-much
soever, how many soever; as, Sk: *tvaa
*** ***how much soever you say he will

c. *S*7 yelaga, s. A

pet ram used for

riding. 2. a dog.

c. 89.3 yelache, see sets ar.


*\#2to gela-bru,

s. A gold or silver

chain worn on the leg by wrestlers as a badge

not do it. ****:::ca evershow.

of honour.

much soever I labour, it cannot be effected.

A. C.

* * **, *.*.* the more you study

the better. S: *, for how much? ***
within what time? or, for what price? *::c

* what is that? what signifies that? ~#2

* how much? et: ***, it is but a trifle,

)''2.0% yela-base,




growing down or across the breast.

c. &#5332, 86, *933, *\',


gelayu, yeli, yeliyu, yele, yeleyu,

v. a. To pull, draw, drag. 2. to drawl. **
*, ***, *o to cause to pull or draw. 2.

or, how little is it! e2+. ****, *5)===

who am I that I should do such a thing?
* * * * by no means, not at all.
. c. SK yesaka, 8. Lustre, radiance,

pull or draw one's self. 2. to require as money.


money. **, Sv, "ws: the act of drawing

or pulling. 2. hard breathing, as previous

2. the mind.

. c. 8,737-3 3/esa/u, v. a. To begin, com

to procrastinate, defer, put off

faro toxv &r. S" fusote:o this has taken much

to death.

mence. **** *****, how has the

affair you commenced turned out? wo:#at:
***** Eo he began to jeer. 2. to at
tempt, essay, endeavour.

*a:*Eo he at

tempted to kill. Esse:AE2 he began to sing.

3. to make, do, perform. Root:3******
having instructed in the mystic formula. **
*** to know how to do, be able to do.

c. *d, yesaru, s. Pepper water. 2. the

quantity of water required for cooking any

v **# to

3, a pain in the side. 4. the con

traction of a limb.

storivs toxvash: the

force (or current) of the water is great. *

* to pull mutually. v:*3 mutually pul
ling. v: c to draw or pull away. **5
*:: *acco 339 to slide, or drag along the
feet heavily, as when fatigued, &c. *****
&stro to pull away. ***** **co to com
pel, bring by force. **to: Es: ~sco to
inhale fragrance with the nose.

A. C. &#Ko yelasu, v. n. To desire, wish

each end. 2. a crease, mark, stroke. 3. the

for. 2. to attempt, scheme. *.*.*S****

tood: I came desiring to learn. */k+rvato
he wished for sport. ***rrv. asso sooto

filament of a flower.

*#3 yesalu, s. An ear-ring conical at

4. a flower leaf, a

he did alms wishing for fame. **** **,

petal. v. n. To blossom, open, as flowers.

*** **, the bud of a flower.

not succeed. #C3.33:"rostde it is impro

c. *@3-3, 9%, S322 yesayu, yese,

per to covet the property of others, et

3/eseyu, v. n. To shine, be brilliant, radi

ant, &c. v. a. to shoot, throw, discharge.

A. c. *@*o yelisu, c. a. To diminish,

* the brilliant nuptial crown.


*3435, the object you have designed, can

servises: we compassed our priest's death.

make less.



c. 3)' yele, s. Thread. ws "a knot in


S$#&#K's gele-golisu, v. a. To



ve &ots a skein of sixty threads.

*** &oo cord made of thread.

Ove: *d a

single thread. * **, to fix threads in a

warp. ******* to thread, as a needle,
beads, &c. * &a:cow, ov's:o to make

2. to twist thread.

inferior kind of diamond.
S$ Setsot:2 yelevaridddu, c. n. To


pace or gad about.

thread. * *.*.* to separate threads, to

break a thread.

A. C. S$odo yele-vendiru, s. Dam

* **, ***.*.*.* to wind

sels, young women.

thread. SW &ce to disentangle thread.



T. B. S. yele, see aes.

c. *', S'65, yele, yeleya, adj. Young,

C. & Pio'), Sg o' yelki, yelgi,


soft, delicate, tender, immature, not fully

grown, still imperfect. 2. light, as colour.

**ror, wrot light red. "We Ske light

gelkara, [aw we js. A young calf.

. # : **]


ripe pod or vegetable.


*. yelge,


*2.U3 yel-taru, [w: *je. a. To pull

See ovr.

blue. ** **, light or faint colour. **

*Sorrec light coloured gold. 3. recent, not of
long duration, newly; as, *, *ob, *tro,

or drag along.

C. &.7% yellagase, s. Lin and linsced.

Linum usitatissimum.

****oto a cow that has newly calved. 2. a


young calf.

3. the tender shoot bear


ing the fruit of the plantain tree. *** *ct)


the young or new moon. Sws:drd, the

beam of the new moon.

*** **** a young

plantation. 4 gentle, not vehement, mild,

not violent, as applied to heat, wind, &c. ***
n3, SW, *: gentle heat. SW3**d the just
risen sun.

tale. ***, *# good sesamum. *# an in

ferior kind. * **, *, r*& the pod or
seed of sesamum. y "do &r a lock re
sembling, in form, the sesamum pod. '
** a mixture of pounded sesamum and jag

*** *to moderate sun-shine.

**3-5 a mild wind, a zephyr. *** */39

youth. *a*, *, *::so a young man.

gory. ** **a sesamum sauce. * ***, *

'', sesamum oil. *t a mixture of sesa
mum and sugar used as an offering at a fes

** a young woman. * ***, * **,

tival in January. Sv% ox", **** a sesamum

*****, *** a tender infant, a young child.

****co, ***Co a new

sweetmeatball. ** ** to fry sesamum.

*# ** holchus saccharatus. *# to rub

blossom, a fresh bud, germ, or shoot. SV F*

to a tender delicate fibre. **C., the water

sesamum seed on the ground in order to make

**te: a soft head.

ripe cocoanut. * *-o: an unripe fruit. **

*#3", 23*, as much as a gingillie

seed. * * *** sesamum seeds and water pre
sented as an offering to the manes of depart

&r what is still imperfect.

ed ancestors.

of an unripe cocoanut.

* *d waco an un

9 & The twelfth letter of the

sounded as e in grey. 2. v. a. To throw, cast.
See occo.


e)# velli, s. A herdsman's residence.

39% yellu, s. Oil seed, Sesamum Orien

#923, ndra, (son of Indra) s.

it white.

nited, joined. **** adv. As one. 2 in a

body. 3. altogether, all at once. 4. com
binedly. 5. compactly. 6. solitarily, singly,

A name

of the monkey king Vli.


***030s. Kubra, wearing only

one ear-ring. *** unity. 2. solitude, lone

s. 3-5, $252 yeka, yakam, adj. One. 2.

alone, single. 3. solitary, 4 combined, u

liness. **:25: Gansha, with only one

tusk, be st: the singular number. ****,


c. #x3 yegu, r. n. To go. ****** to go

******* adv. Alone, singly. ***on a soli

tary life, a single state.


***ohan" alone.

***oa of one piece. ***on a great walker,


***:5 eleventh.

C. :)833 yetu, s. A blow. * *ataco, *

***38 the e

leventh day of either fortnight in the lunar

month. **** solitude. 2. secrecy, adv.
Solitary, secret.

weao, oko wars, obv, to strike a blow, to

give a blow. e.t.* a random shot a shot

wide of the mark. ro:* a good shot, a shot

*** **, unostentatious

or retired piety. ******* to talk private

ly. **** *** a whisper, private communi
cation, secret. Swaci ru, ***ow Gr's a pri
vate room, a dormitory. ***** a retired
place. **r synonymous. ***ro v. n.
To become combined, united. **** adj.
Jointly. 2, unanimously. ****s unani

that hits the mark.

A. c. 8):


s. A deaf man.' one

deaf and dumb.

#):Kas yedagaja,


s, Cassiatora, or al


c. 93.07.28:3, Sao?uest39, 8:07.28

t:33:3, 93.03.28533 yedagda, yd
gdu, ydd-godutana, yedamditana,

mity. *** **** to be unanimous, of one ac

cord. ***/ts (one neck) concord, harmony.

****)=e the name of a city. *****):=3,
****):3, ove's/www.oss an emperor, one
who has universal dominion.

on: to cause to go. * * to send

or let go away.

s. Frowardness, perverseness. *****

froward, perverse. ********* a froward
speech, perverse language.

**a a rhi

noceros. ***C2 either one of two. 2 other,

different. ***** the accurate adjustment of

. 88, $8.532. yedi, yediyu, s. A crab.

song, dance, and instrumental music.

crab-footed man. 8:orodo, bot"; a crab's

claw. ****** a crab's forceps. 83%, a

****3 Cancer in the zodiac. 93t Weegs a


* the planet Mercury. ***) in one place.

***) = ** to unite, collect together. Swa,
* a sovereign of that name. *vrov, Shukra,
with only one eye. 2. a crow. 3. a person
with one eye. **** a road, way, path. **

crab's shell.

A. c. 88% yedisu,
A. C.

v. a. To feed, make eat.

9: yedeisu, v. a.

To surround,

besiege, environ.

cat's uniformity. ****, alike. **: a

A. C. $55 yen, See Scts.

man of uniform conduct. ***, one supreme

object of pursuit or desire. ***** daily, as
a fever.

s. ge yena, s. A buck antelope. ** a

female antelope.

**** a companion, partizan, as

***C* a lamp with one wick, used

c. $g: yeni, s. A ladder. * ***, *

** to make a ladder. * * the step of

in wave offerings. **")*: making known


a ladder.

***********, to hear with fixed


ascend a ladder.

necklace composed of a single string of gold

beads, coral, &c. alternately arranged.

*S*53 gka-wakyate,



**** **wo, * cas', Sr. as to

place or fix a ladder. ***, * * to

*****, ***:::d, ownsvsed a

C. : \ges


s. The square edge of aboard,

plank, &c. ** cas, scia, ocva, Sr., Saao

s. Accord,

to make an edge to a board. **** to

cut at the edge.

$550 yka-vna, s. A hero, a va.

c. 33d ytara, pro interrog. Of what?

liant man.

H. 95-93 yk-yki, ade. suddenly, un

s. Set9% yetdrisha, pro. This sort.



twa, s. The vowel 8 in combina




tion, as in St.

yekina-gadde, s. Cyperus

c. Ss, &#233-74 yedu, ydu-mriga,


s. A porcupine.

c. 35.233 yakunu, s. Total.

* *# a porcupine's


A. c. 97.3 yegu, c. a. To accomplish, cause

s. #5, #33 yddha, ydhassu, .

Fuel, as wood, straw, &c.

to be, effect.


2 A


s. 968 yddhita, at Improved,increased,

ybrsi-manushya, s. A filthy person,

2. an idiot.


s. 3,

#3: yna, ynassu, s. A C. :)-3-do yemru, c. n. To be surpris.


fault, offence, sin.

2. to be deceived. 3. to be unwatchful,

inattentive, to forget one's self.

c. *Sovi ynandare, see under 3.

c. 3953 yenu, pro interrog. What? ests,

C. 5333 eyu, v. a. To cast, throw.

s. 32: yeranda, s. The castor oil plant,

e: t: what is that? what is the meaning of

that? 9:3, 93 as well sir. 3ak! ~~~~r too

Palma Christi. *don "J" castor oil.

s. 85 yeraka, s. A sheep.

# well sir, when did you come? Uttered

A. c. 8000 yrana, s. The dung of a calf.

doubtingly in reply to a question, it means,

I know not what ; I cannot say; I am in
doubt; it may be so; it may or may not be

A. c. 38'Keese:s, 80%ge's y.
rale-gurupanu, yrale-garbhanu, s.

so. e5 *.do?ust is that work done? A:"Jok?

The moon.
I cannot tell.

ex: So 53Ar 23*:Sos ca:3r

C. :) yri, s. The bank of a tank, &c. *

er skepat :ver pe: the bank supports the

** ****ot they say that he said some

thing or other, and this one heard something

water, and the water the bank (are mutually

or other. **** what else? what more? what

farther ? 8*, what has happened ? what


is the matter? what has become of it? what

C. :)03 yeru, [ed]s. A complete ploughing

is done? 88ord (what, if you say) thus, as

Jollows, viz. because, for et'Sote that is
thus es: ***=&Sore he says as follows.
*** *tvseesote what I say is this. Sk
*********Bose what you must do is this.
*S*cca any thing, anything whatsoever, 9
*Eda &vo, **sao & say something
or other. **ECa =>to do something. *

apparatus, or a plough with oxen, &c. com

plete. eco was to yoke oxen to a plough.
*Cove to plough. toetc. one yoke of oxen.
t-cases tax as much land as can be tilled

with one plough. =xo:\co, *ess the

front or best yoke of oxen. &cted the hin
dermost or second yoke of oxen. A. C. A
slight wound.

* followed by a negative, denotes nothing,

not even the least thing; as, * cas, nothing,

c. *d, yeru, c.a. To ascend, mount, climb.

not even the least. ***** as: there is no

ance. v. n. to rise, be augmented, increased

or accumulated. #33-c. to get up a bank,

thing whatever there

will do nothing,

e=#t=2 Saas he

es:trica: he knows no

thing. S523 what do you say? 332: what said

he P as Sna, so ccoo what shall I do?
*:3e39 &r"tc.'s ess:o frt':o whatsoever I

say, he will not pay attention.

ess & sor'

2. to embark, ride upon, get into a convey

to land, get on shore. ***** poison to take

effect. Roka, 225.5kc. (intoxication to rise)
to become intoxicated. &3rvde, warr st
ext to embark on board ship. * * in
terest to accrue, eor:rsed to get into a

******* why did he say so? wide on

what account P why? what for? p. 3r's, 9
* ****, *:ox: what shall I say? as:', 's
*, *, ** what? (addressing a male in
ferior) *, *** what? (addressing a female)

palankeen. *o-seats, so *} to mount a

*:::::), oszero, 33:50, *ro:to what Can,

abat!, See, oto: '', off riding, mounting,

&c. *es.rtteost elephant and horseman
ship. Reserterestseats' Besses. he was

or will be * ***, **s erro nothing can be


**** what? 'Sorg:co what did


c. *t, *t, ypigida, ybigi


so: to cause to ride, mount, &c. 2.

to export. 3. to give the male to any female


the price.

Badr: $0:9, t:d 80* to outbid, raise

Worode #Steve: to put on a horse.

clever in riding elephants and horses. 80%

to ascending and descending. * *-d- to as

cend, come up. * *C. s. 5: a thing of

high value. Sc. *o the increasing heat of

da, s. A shrub so called.

c. 82.)?),



the sun. ** hard breathing, expiration.



sex,***, to breathe hardly, ados *', **#

to leap, as a ram upon an ewe. BU, above,
up, upwards. Sc. ava's upwards and

ylam, s. An auction, public sale.

c. 39eror's yeldu, v. n. To swing, oscillate.
s. $53283 yevancha, ade. However, at any

downwards. 55* ava, Ast to survey a

person, &c. from head to foot, or from top
to bottom. * ***, *d snow to draw up,
raise ser, SEF mounted, ascended, bes,

C. :)3

D. :)evo


* I myself, es: he is the very man. e.

tt: that is the very thing.
"C. :);3 yeve, s. Bad advice, instigation to

*C* **, to heave up.

A. C.

yere, an emphatic particle; as, East

$x=e's vrgalu, s. Heavy breath

evil. 85 at', to give bad advice, instigate

ings from exhaustion. Srirvo-at-Aa:-e?

******re the charioteer, with heavy

to evil.

#5 yeshya,

adj. Future, hereaft