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North and South America

Sulzer Chemtech USA, Inc.

4106 New West Drive
Pasadena, TX 77507, USA
+1 (281) 604-4100
+1 (281) 291-0207

Asia, Pacific
Sulzer Chemtech Pte. Ltd.
Regional Headquarters
25 International Business Park
#03-28 German Centre
SGP-60 99 16 Singapore
+65 6863 75 60
+65 6861 15 16 - III.06 - 100 - Printed in Switzerland

Sulzer Chemtech Ltd
P.O. Box 65
CH-8404 Winterthur, Switzerland
+41 (0)52 262 11 22
+41 (0)52 262 00 60

Sulzer Chemtech

Sulzer Chemtech
Moving Ahead

Sulzer Chemtech Ltd, a member of the Sulzer Corporation,

with headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland, is active in the
field of process engineering and employs some 1500 persons worldwide.

Sulzer Chemtech is represented in all key industrial areas

of the world and is a technology leader in the field of mass
transfer and static mixing, with its advanced and economical

The activity program comprises:

Process components such as trays, structured and
random packings, internals for separation columns
and reaction technology
Engineering services for separation and reaction
technology such as optimizing energy consumption,
plant optimization studies, pre-engineering for
governmental approval and basic engineering
Separation and purification of organic chemicals by
means of crystallization and membranes
Mixing and reaction technology with static mixers
Tower field service
Replacement service

Our knowledge and long-term experience combined

with continuous product development to provide the
advantage you need in todays highly competitive environment.

Sulzer Chemtech was built on innovation and the key to

our success continues to be ongoing development of new
ideas and concepts. The Mellapak structured packing and
the Sulzer static mixer are two of our most well-known
technological breakthroughs. Their introduction in the late
70s represented a leap forward in mass transfer technology.
Since then, thousands of columns have been revamped with
structured packing to increase capacity or improve purity.
The combination of our broad knowledge, long term experience and the passion for innovation allows us to offer unique
solutions and create value for our customers worldwide.

Sulzer Chemtech has manufacturing facilities throughout the

world so that you can obtain service from local representatives in almost every country. Global manufacturing gives us
the flexibility to provide the most cost effective solution and
fast deliveries. Sulzer Chemtech is certified in accordance to
ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004.
Sulzer Chemtech allows you to do business locally, no
matter where you are.

Sulzer Chemtech 2005 in figures

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Personnel (at year end)

Mass Transfer Technology


Sulzer Chemtech has over 40 years of application experience with trays, structured and random packings as well as
with crystallization and pervaporation. Customers benefit
from our worldwide presence, extensive technical services,
and recognized leadership in the design of column internals.
At Sulzer Chemtech, decades of design, construction and
manufacturing experience combine to ensure our column
internals meet the requirements. Each internal we offer
has been thoroughly researched at our extensive test facility, and consistently provides superior reproducible results,
regardless of the worldwide location you purchase from. For
every application, Sulzer Chemtech can offer a customized

Sulzer Chemtech has accumulated application know-how

and experience in developing, designing, supplying and
servicing mass transfer equipment in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Refining, Gas Processing and Speciality industries. Only the very best technology solutions can secure the
competitive advantage that our customers need in todays
highly demanding conditions. Leadership in technology and
applications are fundamental to our success.

Sulzer Chemtech and Shell Global Solutions:

Alliance of Technologies
The Sulzer Chemtech and Shell Alliance bring together
extensive resources and experience covering high performance mass transfer products. Sulzer Chemtech has been the
manufacturer of choice for the Shell trays and internals over
many years and has gained broad experience in their mechanical design and installation. The products now offered
by Sulzer Chemtech under this alliance have been under
continuous development and field testing by Shell for years
and represent state-of-the-art mass transfer technology.

Technical and Process Support

Column simulations and design
Process simulations and plant optimization
Feasibility studies
CFD modeling
Pilot plant testing
Tower Field Services
Installation consulting, inspection or supervision
Full installation services
Trouble shooting assistance
Start up assistance
Replacement Service
Reliable and fast supply through a worldwide manufacturing
network of:
Any hardware
Tray decks
Complete trays

Mixing and Reaction Technology

Sulzer Quadro - The Disposable Mixers

For decades, Sulzer Chemtech has been involved in co-current flow processing for the homogenization and dispersion
of gases and liquids and the optimization of heat and mass
transfer in single-, or multiphase, laminar or turbulent flows.
We combine years of mixing and reaction technology experience with the latest methods in development, engineering
and fabrication to help you meet the processing challenges
of tomorrow.
In principle, static mixing denotes mixing without mechanical stirring elements. All movement takes place solely in the
components being mixed. The products are mixed by flow
energy alone, with fixed-position mixing elements causing
continuous split-off, expansion and redistribution of the flow.
Pumps create the flow energy for mixing. In practice, small
volumes, low maintenance, simple installation and removal
and excellent reliability characterize the static mixer.
Mixing and reaction technology is used in continuous
processes throughout the processing industries. Sulzer
Chemtech is a technology leader with innovative ideas and
products that continually set new standards, offering many
technical and commercial advantages.

Sulzer Quadro is the unique square, powerful, small disposable mixer with a low pressure drop. The invention sets a new
standard in the mixing of reactive Adhesives. Sulzer Quadro
is used for both cartridge applications and two component
dispensing machines. The outstanding mixer design was developed using the latest computer simulations and extensive
testing in our research laboratories.
The pressure drop of the Sulzer Quadro is dramatically lower
than helical type mixers of the same dimensions. This leads
to economic and easy dispensing even when the products
are of very high viscosities. This is extremely important when
the mixer is used with the manual dispensing of 2K-cartridges.
Sulzer Quadro has also reduced the mixer length to a minimum, making it possible to move extremely close to the application point. The housing is very strong due to the square
shape. These features provide a precise and accurate dispensing of all kinds of resins, such as glues, adhesives, sealing materials, coatings and foams.
The extremely short and compact mixer design of the Sulzer
Quadro is the key to considerable cost savings. The volume
of the Sulzer Quadro is up to 50 % lower than other disposable mixers for the same degree of mixing. Considerable cost
savings are achievable thanks to the low waste volume in the
mixer giving improved usage of the valuable adhesive.