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Lesson Plan

Title Quantity survey

Subject Introduction to Quantity survey
Teacher Niaz Bacha
Author Eng;M.Asif Sheikh
Grade level Quantity survey
Time duration 4 hour
Types of Quantity survey , importance, future needs,
general courses in survey .
Objective Define , Quantity survey and purposes
Materials Books, , instruments, etc
Cour Quantity survey, project





The Higher National Diploma in Quantity Surveying Programme is designed to produce Higher
Technicians in the Building Industry.
On the completion of this programme, the diplomates should be able to:
1. Measure and prepare bills of quantities and contract documents for construction works, 2. Prepare
final accounts for construction project s. 3. Measure as constructed works. 4. Extract and compile
schedule of materials required for construction. 5. Interpret contract documents of all types of
construction. 6. Prepare estimates for construction projects. 7. Undertake feasibility studies for
construction projects. 8. Assist in valuing existing landed properties. 9. Give cost advice to the
designer/supervisor from inception to completion. 10. Prepare budget and cash-flow for
construction projects. 11. Use computer for cost-related aspects of construction works.
the lectures are scheduled as:
Lecture 01

Explanation of rough and detailed cost estimation.


Earth work and its different types for the determination of volume of earth work.


Earth work of different shapes of a wall ,

Lecture 10

Brick works of different shapes of a wall ,

Lecture 11

Earth work in the hilly areas,

Lecture 12

Quantity and estimate of roads

Lecture 13

Quantity of steel, sand, cement and crush in a slab.

Lecture 14

Quantity of steel, sand, cement and crush in a column and beam.

Define lead and left and its purpose

Civil Engineering Project