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"If a Planet is found in the final degree of any sign, that is from 29 to 30 degrees of the sign, it is

posited in an Anaretic Degree, commonly labelled a "Fate Degree." The matters influenced by a
planet in this degree have reached a critical phase of development and must be dealt with.
The affairs ruled by a planet in an Anaretic Degree must be handled at the appointed times-when
the planet is activated by major predictive factors, such as transits and eclipses. The individual
will feel a sense of urgency when the planet is activated. Any attempt to ignore or delay dealing
with the affairs indicated results in serious failure and frustration where they are concerned. To
understand the details involved in these affairs, consider the sign and house position of the
planet, the house or houses it rules, the sign and house of which it is the exalted ruler, the
aspects made to it, and the planet which disposits it. When this planet is set off by major
transits-that is, by Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto-major events are brought into focus that
teach important karmic lessons and make a deep impression upon the individual.
In considering the influences of a planet in an Anaretic Degree, the houses which the planet
rules, its dispositing planet, and its decanate and duad should also be considered."
-Sakoian & Acker
Sun in Anaretic Degree:
"If the Sun is posited in an Anaretic Degree, these individuals have to deal with a major
unfulfilled drive for self-expression each time the Sun is set off by Saturn or any of the outer
planets. Jupiter is instrumental this process, stimulating past memories and karmic conditions
that must be dealt with if these people are to expand in self-expression. Jupiter and Saturn
transits stir them to an awareness of the ego's demand for self-expression through the ambitions
and through the practical circumstances of life which these planes activate. The outer planersUranus, Neptune, and Pluto-can subject these individuals to the effects of large-scale cultural
changes that demand a creative effort on their part to bring about practical realization of what is
required of them in the larger scheme of things."
-Sakoian & Acker
Moon in Anaretic Degree:
"The Moon posited in an Anaretic Degree indicates that the established emotional habit patterns
and automatic responses require thorough revision and are periodically brought up for review.
These individuals must be willing to surrender prejudiced and preconceived notions inherent in
their family and cultural backgrounds, especially if the Moon is afflicted, if they are to make
further progress in life, particularly in regard to business, family, and domestic affairs.
Major transits of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto bring about emotional crises that
force this realization. Fundamental emotional prejudices and conditionings are often shaken to
the roots and they enter a phase of more expanded awareness and growth. This process can be
particularly painful for those with an afflicted Moon in a Fixed sign. Critical circumstances may
arise through relationships with women or through interactions with family members. The type of
situation experienced is determined by the sign and house positions of the Moon."
-Sakoian & Acker

Mercury in Anaretic Degree:

"If Mercury is posited in an Anaretic Degree, important issues arise in relation to work, health,
education, ideas, intellectual attitudes, and communications with friends and those in the
immediate environment. These important issues often concern brothers, sisters, neighbors, and
others with whom there in daily contact. These individuals can influence or be influenced by
these people in significant ways. They are often faced with decisions of major consequence.
Negotiation of legal documents and agreements should be taken seriously and handled with
caution. In determining what decisions, should be made, the sign and house position of Mercury
and the natal and transiting aspects to it must be considered."
-Sakoian & Acker
Venus in Anaretic Degree:
"If Venus is posited in an Anaretic Degree, critical issues will arise in relation to sex, money,
business partnerships, romantic relationships, marriage, and other close personal relationships.
Handling these issues requires great psychological understanding and diplomacy. The House and
Sign placements of Venus and natal and transiting aspects should be considered."
-Sakoian & Acker
Mars in Anaretic Degree:
"If Mars is posited in an Anaretic Degree, these individuals' desires and impulses to action bring
about critical events and circumstances of major consequence. Crisis situations that demand
immediate and effective action often arise and can keep them in a continual state of emotional
tension and upset. Precipitous action can have undesirable results. It is wise to exercise wisdom
and moderation when Mars is placed in an Anaretic Degree. These individuals should learn to
avoid all-or-nothing attitudes and extremist tendencies. Dangerous situations should be avoided
when Mars is set off by adverse transits. Patience and deliberate action must be employed.
Often, they are forced to understand and change the level of expression of their desires through
realizing that these desires can lead to personal, even physical, danger.
If Mars is well aspected, these people have a strong strategic sense born out of experience,
which enables them to be highly effective in their endeavors. The House and Sign positions of
Mars and natal and transiting aspects should all be considered in determining the wisest course
of action and its probable outcome."
-Sakoian & Acker
Jupiter in Anaretic Degree:
"If Jupiter is posited in an Anaretic Degree, there is a strong sense of cultural awareness based on
rich past experience. However, if Jupiter is afflicted, past conditioning may cause
narrowmindedness or prejudice. These individuals may be faced with serious moral choices when
Jupiter is set off by important transits. Critical situations arise, and a far-sighted and broad
outlook must be adopted to achieve results beneficial to all concerned and to their own long-

range well-being. These critical situations often relate to higher education, religion, philosophy,
legal affairs or cultural institutions. The house and sign positions of Jupiter and natal and
transiting aspects to it will describe these situations and provide guidance in making the proper
-Sakoian & Acker
Saturn in Anaretic Degree:
"If Saturn is posited in an Anaretic Degree, critical situations can arise in the financial,
professional, legal, political, and organizational affairs. When Saturn is activated by important
transits, these individuals are usually required to handle serious and grave responsibilities,
usually of a professional nature, or related to older people or to those in established positions of
power and authority. Often, unfinished business or responsibilities that have not been properly
handled in the past will demand attention. They must consolidate their positions and organize
the affairs of their lives to achieve maximum security and stability. Practicality, organization,
discipline, and common sense are demanded when important transits activate this placement of
Saturn. The nature of these responsibilities can be determined by the sign and house positions of
Saturn and the natal and transiting aspects made to Saturn."
-Sakoian & Acker
Uranus in Anaretic Degree:
"If Uranus is posited in an Anaretic Degree, sudden and unexpected circumstances demanding
immediate attention arise in the individual's life. It is necessary to adjust rapidly to changing
circumstances and adopt new methods of coping with them. Often, these sudden changes are
brought about by scientific, occult, corporate business and group, and organizational
associations, and by friends. Because of Uranus's exaltation in Scorpio, the sudden death of
people important to these individuals can drastically alter their lives. These events will come into
focus when Uranus is set off by transits or other predictive phenomena. The nature of these
events will be indicated by the natal sign and house positions of Uranus and natal and transiting
-Sakoian & Acker
Neptune in Anaretic Degree:
"If Neptune is posited in an Anaretic Degree, psychological tendencies of the past will be forced
into critical evaluation. If Neptune is afflicted and these individuals have neurotic tendencies,
crisis situations can arise. They must either deal with them or succumb to them completely.
Private affairs and secrets in the past can be brought into the open when Neptune is activated by
important transits. These people are forced to rely on intuitive faculties. Ultimately, they attain a
spiritual level of guidance on which they can rely to sustain themselves. In this way, progress can
be made toward the resolution of subtle and difficult problems. If they are lacking in spiritual
awareness., they may be self-deceptive or lay themselves open to deception by others. The
nature of the psychological tendencies expressed depends upon the sign and house positions of
Neptune, as well as natal and transiting aspects made to Neptune."

-Sakoian & Acker

Pluto in Anaretic Degree:
"If Pluto is posited in an Anaretic Degree, situations arise in the individual's life which demand
regeneration and improvement. These individuals may be forced to assume a role of authority or
leadership. Failure to handle these critical situations can result in undesirable and even drastic
consequences. However, penetrating insights and profound realizations can arise from coping
with such situations. They can refine the pure essence or value from these experiences and
transform it into something of large-scale value. How this is accomplished depends upon the sign
and house positions of Pluto, as well as natal and transiting aspects."
-Sakoian & Acker