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Imbaba, Giza, Egypt

Ahmed Kamal


Electrical Power Engineer

Searching for a challenging opportunity in co-operative environment in the eld of renewable energy, in which I can
blend my academic studies and technical skills.

Sep 2009 - June 2014

B.Sc. of Electrical Engineering

Power and Electrical Machines Section
Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University

Work Experience
DEC 2015 - July 2016

Maintenance and Technical Sales Engineer

NG. Co. for Electrical Contracting

Electrical Maintenance Engineer :

- Plan and undertake periodic electrical maintenance of Alexandria Banks branches and other facilities.
- inspect (Panels - Cables - Lighting), and install replacement for old or faulty components.
Technical Sales Engineer:
- Develop relationships with current and future clients, through managing their requirements.
- Prepare cost estimates by liaising with technical experts and negotiating tender and contract terms
and conditions to meet both client and company needs.
- Provide pre-sales technical assistance and product education.
Sep 2013- June 2014

Head of O-Grid PV System Project

Faculty of Engineering, Alex University

- Designed and implemented an o-grid photovoltaic power system to supply lighting loads with
electricity using PV panel on automatic solar tracker.
- Designed and implemented hardware of (Inverter - Converter - Charger Controller - Solar Tracker)
- Distributed tasks among team members, followed up with each one individually, reviewed, and
edited every task before gathering all pieces together to deliver our graduation project on-time and
to specications.
DEC 2013- May 2014

Technical Oce and Site Engineer

Meroza Co. For Real Estate Investment

- Designed Electrical Distribution Work (Cables - Distribution and Protection Panels) for two towers.
- Supervised on implementation and installation phases.
August 2013

Intern Maintenance Engineer

Mantrac Caterpillar

- Assisted in operating and repairing of diesel generators.

- Gained a work experience through being in a real work environment dealing with many situations.
July 2013

Intern Site Engineer

Alexandria Sewage Treatment Company

- Enhanced automatic control skills through studying sewage treatment processes.

June 2016

Organic Solar Cells - Theory and Practice

Technical University of Denmark

June 2016

Wind Energy
Technical University of Denmark

May 2016

Initiating and Planning Projects

University of California, Irvine Extension

May 2016

Six Sigma: Quality Engineering and Management

Technical University of Munich

September 2014

Classic Control, PLC, and Electrical Distribution

Egyptian Programmers Syndicate

Solar Power Systems Design and implementation
Power Distribution and Protection
Control Systems (PID - PLC - Classic Control)
Power Electronics Circuits Design and implementation

AutoCAD (2D - Electrical)

MATLAB and Simulink
MS office

Jan 2015 - Dec 2015

Coordinator of IT Department
Egyptian Armed Forces

Oct 2013 - Oct 2014

Head of Publication Committee (Voluntary Work)

Engineering Web Scientic Association

Oct 2012 - Oct 2013

Volunteer at Publications Committee

Engineering Web Scientic Association

Arabic: Mother tongue
English: Excellent (writing and speaking)
German: Good (writing and speaking)

Personal Info.
Military Service Status: Completed