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Academic Subject Teachers @ Wasatch

Academy Programs (China)

Subjects Hiring For: English (Language Arts), Mathematics,
Physics, Chemistry,
Location Hiring For: Nationally-ranked Chinese public schools
in Nanjing and Kunshan (proximity to Shanghai and Suzhou)
Positions: Nanjing: English LA, Physics/Chemistry, Calculus
Kunshan: English LA
Contract Start Date: Mid-August, 2016
Current Report Date: August 20th 2016
About Wasatch Academy
Established in 1875 and located in central Utah, Wasatch Academy is a recognized private
boarding school that educates students from over 40 countries and 30 U.S. states. Today the
school instructs more than 375 students providing outstanding educational opportunities to a
richly diverse student body. In 2008 Wasatch Academy recognized the need for forming
international partnerships. The current Wasatch International Partnership Program
encompasses a broad range of possible relationships, including agreements with schools or
institutions that provide educational student and teacher exchanges to dual diploma programs.
Job Description
Wasatch Academy offers an academic program wherein students who are enrolled in a Dual
Diploma Program at Wasatch Academys partner high schools in the Peoples Republic of China
are eligible to receive credits for specified academic courses taught by Wasatch Academy
teachers. After successful completion of the set credit requirements, students enrolled in the
Dual Diploma Program will obtain an American high school graduation diploma from Wasatch
Academy and a Chinese graduation diploma from Wasatch Academy.
Wasatch Academy is seeking to hire academic subject teachers to reside and teach in our Dual
Diploma Program located at Wasatch Academys China centers for the 2016-2017 school
year. Teachers are responsible for the organization and execution of the classes they teach, for
participation in various departmental and school groups and endeavors, and for participating in
other capacities as assigned by the administration. Students are selected and enrolled in the
program based on prior academic achievement, zhongkao (high school entry exam), partner school
entry requirements and personal interviews as required. Partner schools are all nationally
ranked key public high schools. Wasatch Academy partners with the AHEAD Education Group to
manage program administration, logistics, and HR.

Teach an full-time class load (typically four sections, 20-24 periods, 45 minutes/period)
as assigned, with a focus on student-centered and project based learning.
Communicate and co-ordinate with US campus to organize and run class according to
Wasatch Academy's academic guidelines and standards.
Co-ordinate and co-operate with Chinese partner admin and faculty for program
administration, development, and class organization.
Assess and report on students progress and grades in a timely and organized manner to
the home campus and China-based admin.
Communicate with parents effectively and frequently through regularly scheduled
progress reports and at other times as necessary, most particularly when students
encounter difficulty.
Coordinating and communicating with local school and partner staff regarding program
day to day operations
Provide individual or small-group academic help to students.
Develop student English proficiency
Co-ordinate an extra-curricular activity
Perform other duties as necessary or as assigned.
Included Benefits
Competitive base salary based on years of experience, qualifications, position, and
Furnished condo-style housing in gated community or housing allowance (22503600 depending on location, position)
Round-trip to and from US/Canada point of hire (overseas hire) and school center OR
8500 annual travel allowance (local hire).
Work visas, foreign expert certificates, residence permits, and other China required
employment paperwork.
PAID holidays (8-10 weeks), PAID sick days and personal days,
Retention and re-signing allowances
Domestic health insurance
Tax reduction assistance
Professional development and link to academic support to American home campus.
Teacher orientation and training.
Tuition discount for dependent children under eighteen (18) years of age for
Wasatch/AHEAD related programs in China.
Other relocation allowances for overseas hires
Bachelors degree in teaching field preferred, Masters degree desirable.
Minimum of 2 years of teaching experience in teaching subject or related field.
Demonstrated interest in the G9-12 education of students.
Fluency with computer technology.

Ability to work cooperatively and diplomatically with students, parents, faculty, staff,
and administration in a foreign cultural environment.
Ability and motivation to work cross-culturally.
Commitment to student learning and to continued professional development.
Ability to engage in student-centered and project based learning.
Enthusiasm for field of study and working with adolescents.
Legally able to work under the labor laws of the Peoples Republic of China.

Offers of employment may require a background check depending on point of hire.

E-mail resume/CV to:
Andrew Lu, Foreign HR Supervisor, AHEAD Education
Graham Jessee, Director of Global Initiatives, Wasatch Academy