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This issue of Aronite Thinking deals with

the most outrageous and coldhearted

stance of bogus secularist media of India,
who have deliberately disregarded the gross
violation of Human Rights and heartless
Ethnic Cleansing Minorities in the Kashmir
Valley, simply because they happened to
be non-Muslims.

Wikepedia refers to this brutality of the

militant Islamic persecution-
The US Department of State reports that,
according to the Indian National Human
Rights Commission, the Kashmiri Pandit
population in Jammu and Kashmir dropped
from 15 percent in 1941 to 0.1 percent as of
2006.[9][10]. According to the 1901 census, "In
the Kashmir province they [Hindus]
represent only 524 in every 10,000 of
population [or 5.24%]..."[11] while the 1941
census estimated the Hindu population of
the Kashmir valley to be 4%
Unarmed civilians, women,children, entire
families and local communities....none of
the Infidels were spared.
The violent Islamic insurgency has
specifically targeted the Hindu Kashmiri
Pandit minority and 400,000 have either
been murdered or displaced.[15]

The predicament of Hindu-Sikh and

Bhuddhist Minorities, ever since Millitant
Islam made its entry into the ‘paradise on
earth’ turning it into a hell- had been
overlooked especially the doomed native
minority Hindu Pundit community –
This has been condemned and labeled as
ethnic cleansing in a 2006 resolution passed
by the United States Congress.[16] Also in
2009 Oregon Legislative Assembly passed a
resolution to recognize 14 September 2007,
as Martyrs Day to acknowledge ethnic
cleansing and campaigns of terror inflicted
on non-Muslim minorities of Jammu and
Kashmir by militants seeking to establish an
Islamic state.[17] However according to CIA
About 300,000 Kashmir Hindus (Pundits) in
Indian Administered Kashmir valley are
internally displaced in Kashmir.[18]
The ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits
continues, with anti-Hindu threats made to
them by militants as recently as 2009

Ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits:

culpable silence by human rights

Dipin Damodharan
( groundreport newsportal)

This is the story of an ethnic group, Kashmiri

Pandits, who are becoming refuges in their
own land.
We heard about human rights violation
confronted the Jews from Adolf Hitler,
human rights violations in Palestine, human
rights violations by the Lord Resistance
Army of Uganda, violations in many
countries like Sri Lanka, Iran, Brazil, China…
When a communal riot was broke out in
Gujarat (India) in 2002, as an upshot of the
killing of 59 Hindu Saints in Sabarmati
Express (Godhra train carnage), many
Muslims had also lost their life. All human
rights organization across the globe made
use of this incident to affront India in front of
the world.
But they never speak on the Genocide, the
ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits from
the Kashmir valley; they have a culpable
silence on the human rights violations
executing by the Islamic terrorists trained
by Pakistan.
Over four lakh Kashmiri Pandits,
constituting 99% of the total population of
Hindus, living in Muslim best part area of the
Kashmir Valley.
Kashmir is dotted with scores of deserted
houses, belonging to Hindus – these stand
almost destroyed and haunted at Malamu,
Badgam district.
Rightside picture-Brand new mosques
springup- as this one at Chak Behrampura

Since the end of 1989 they were grudgingly

pushed out of the Valley by Islamic
terrorists, trained in Pakistan, they have
been forced to live the life of exiles in their
own country, outside their homeland, by
unleashing an organized campaign of terror,
murder, burgle and arson. Genocide of
Kashmiri Pandits has reached its zenith with
Muslim terrorism succeeding in cleansing
the valley of this ancient ethno-religious
Kashmiri Pandits community.

-Hindu cremation ground converted to a

With the completion of 21st year of their
forced exile, this peace loving, culturally
affluent community with a history of more
than 5000 years is fighting a harsh battle to
save itself from becoming extinct as a
distinct race and culture.

Night of the broken glasses

The exodus took place on January 19th of
On that day the loudspeakers of mosques in
Kashmir blasted out a message as a threat:
Pandits leave the valley, leaving behind your
We want Pakistan, without Kashmiri Pandits.
Despite of some organizations, the entire
country then was like silent spectators of
this event.

Unlike Auschwitz- which was industrialised

mass killing-

The massacres of Pandits were brutal,

barbaric and inhuman. Killing of Hindus in
Jammu and Kashmir by terrorists evidently
portrays fanatical sadism. All victims have
been subjected to extreme torture and
Torture deaths have been brought about by
such inhuman practices as strangulation by
using steel wires, hanging, branding with
hot irons, burning alive, lynching, bleeding
to death. Besides these, terrorists have
frequently indulged in barbaric acts like
performing death dances after killing their
target. Many a time, dead bodies were not
even allowed to be properly cremated. Is
this acts cannot be considered as violation
of human rights? The so-called cultural
celebrity Arundati Roy had spend several
days with Maoist terrorists recently, why she
is even not ready to think a while for this
Kashmiri Pandits ?

Every one forgets the fact that terrorism in

Kashmir is an ideological struggle with
specified political commitments which are
fundamentalist and communal in character.
Terrorist violence is aimed at achieving the
disentanglement of the state of Jammu and
Kashmir from India and its annexation to
Pakistan. It is the continuation of the Islamic
fundamentalist struggle for the homeland of
Pakistan which claims Jammu and Kashmir
State on account of its Muslim majority
character. To achieve this aim, the
terrorists are continuously destroying the
educational, cultural and religious
institutions of Kashmiri Pandits.
Killing of Hindus in Jammu and Kashmir by
terrorists clearly depicts extreme sadism.
But the great tragedy is that the
Government of India and the Jammu
Kashmir State Government have utterly
failed to protect the Kashmiri Pandits
against Islamic terrorism.
Ethnic cleansing of Pandits from Kashmir
valley is the crucial failure of Indian state to
uphold its commitments to people of India
as enshrined in Indian constitution which
provides right to live with dignity and
honour to every citizen irrespective of caste,
creed, religion or colour.

International Human Rights Organizations

like Amnesty International, Asia Watch and
others have yet to take proper cognizance
of the genocide perpetrated on Kashmiri
Pandits. Even the representatives of the
United nations or other organizations have
so far failed to visit the camps in Jammu,
Delhi and other parts of India, where
thousands of families are putting up for
several years.

The international community views the

violence in Kashmir as a Freedom struggle.
But remember, terrorist violence in the
valley is not a Freedom Struggle at all.
Terrorist violence cannot be justified on the
ground of its political and ideological
motivations or value basis. Cleansing of
Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir is a clear
testimony of this fact. There is no freedom
which impinges upon freedom. There can be
no equality which leads to inequality.
Sania-Shoaib marriage extravaganza is a
breaking news for the Indian media; Gujarat
Chief Minister Narendra Modi has been
crucified by the media accusing him as the
perpetrator of Gujarat riots, but this ethnic
cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus never being
news for Indian media…

Gradual extinction of a civilized community

with an ancient culture is yet to shake the
conscience of the world. I request my fellow
human beings to take up this issue and
bring it to the fore of international arena.

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Dipin Damodharan is a working Journalist

based in Kerala
(Sub editor with Jeevan TV).

Author of several articles related to the

Nationalist cause in media - Organiser,
Regular columnist for online news portals
and can be contacted at