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I have seen many astrologers on FB (I won't mention the name but they are approximately 1 year old) to
use D-60 in every analysis without any reason. They think that by analyzing D-60 they are doing a great job
without understanding the importance and significance of application of D-60 chart irrespective of the type
of consultation asked for. i also doubt how much correctly they are analysing the D-60 chart as well.
Not only D-60, but many important concepts and tools of vedic astrology are misinterpreted and applied
superficially and incorrectly thereby befooling people and showcasing their incorrect knowledge. They only
use big big words like D-60, Bhrigu Bindu, Gandanta etc ..but I am afraid that the concept is not at all clear
to them and they are distorting these concepts and predicting outcomes which are dangerous for the
The clients are paying huge hard earned money to these astrologers and in return they are being victimized
because of their ignorance.
Why I am forced to bring this on this social platform because I am getting some clients who have been
befooled by these astrologers and by their incorrect predictions and the clients are depressed and in a
state of trauma.
These moron astrologers are daring to predict sensitive issues in ones life superficially without having the
correct knowledge of the application of the concepts, even the simple concepts are not used many a times
to predict an event, for example, in the prediction of an event, these astrologers are only taking transits and
they are not using the dashas running which is the basic thing to be noticed even before seeing for the
transits. On top of it, they are recommending costly gemstones as remedial measures for the divisional
For the AWARENESS of people in large, I want to state that the remedial measures can be only for D-1
chart as we have control only over the D-1 chart. There is no remedy for Divisional Charts as we do not
have any control over them. Also I want to reiterate that gemstones are not destiny changers, they are not
sanctioned by any vedic astrology classics, yes of course these gemstones can only be used for healing
medical ailments. Worship rituals, donations and doing good karmas are the only remedies.
Now coming to the most important concept of divisional charts which many people do not know and many
astrologers do not even bother to research on these charts. On top of it they make prediction about
Divisional Charts in line with the D-1 chart which is a tremendous blunder on their part.
The Houses in the Divisional Charts do not have implication in the same line as the D-1 chart.
The 12 signs in a birth chart are divided and sub divided in different fractions. The sequence of which gets
repeated after every 12 divisions. Each cycle of 12 divisions therefore represent a harmonic depicting the
various levels of consciousness, both gross and subtle that exist in the life of a person.
The 1st cycle of divisional charts is from D-1 to D-12 which represent the physical plane. They cover the
various aspects of the physical realities of a person such as body, wealth, progeny, career, parents etc.
These divisional charts are not much affected until and unless the time of birth varies significantly.
The next cycle is the 1st harmonic of the previous cycle covering divisional charts D-13 to D-24. For
example, Kalamsha or Shodamsha(D-16) is the 1st harmonic of the D-4 (Chaturthamsha) showing luxury
and mental happiness whereas D-4 shows the physical properties. This cycle therefore refers to the higher
existential activities of a person after crossing the 1st rung of gross material conditions.
Then, the 3rd cycle or the 2nd harmonic covers divisional charts D-25 to D-36 relating to the sub conscious
plane. These divisional charts explore the factors which lie in the sub conscious region and unconsciously
influence the mind of a person. For example, D-27(nakshatramsha) represents inherent weakness and
strength related to the mind.
The 4th cycle or the 3rd harmonic ranges from D-37 to D-48 dealing with past karmas, inherited as
ancestral legacy. This is the super conscious level and that is why this is also connected with the mental
attitude towards the areas covered by these Divisional charts..

The final harmonic is that of the supra conscious level from D-49 to D-60. This shows the accumulated
karma from past birth.
The moment we enter into the conscious levels of divisional charts, the need for accuracy of time of birth
increases gradually.
D-60 is the divisional chart which shows the past karma and the cause of rebirth in this life and to be
precise this D-60 chart changes in 48 seconds. So, if a person is not very much sure about the birth time
uptill seconds, this chart should not be analysed by the astrologers. Other way round, the astrologer has to
rectify the time of birth uptill seconds for analysing the D-60 chart, that is why some of the most
knowledgeable and prudent astrologers do not touch D-60 generally until they have rectified the birth time
to seconds. D-60 chart is a very high level of consciousness and is not to be used everywhere, particularly
for physical and material things predictions.
But many astrologers on FB are using D-60 chart in every consultation related to matters from D-1 to D-12
which denote the physical areas in a persons life. They boast their incorrect knowledge and many a times
making people scared by giving predictions on sensitive issues. On top of it, they do not at all know, how to
use D-60 chart.
As we go upwards from D-12 uptill D-60, the planets along with their longitudes are being controlled by
Deities and Semi Gods. Without the concept of calculating and application of these Deities, the
predictions using such Divisional charts are baseless and totally uncalled for. But these astrologers have
the audacity to play with such important tools of vedic astrology. This is a DIVINE SCIENCE and we should
not play with this by misinterpreting and incorrectly using the basic concepts and making superficial
predictions. This will only spoil our KARMA and at one point of time this will surely boomerang.
Hope this article make the social mass (who are astrology lovers) aware of the malpractice going in the
name of predictions. I wonder how these astrologers are able to have peaceful sleep after using such
important tools incorrectly and all the more taking huge money from needy people for such baseless