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Where we can change the ownership of the cases?

Agent can route ticket directly and change the ownership
Agent can park the ticket to Operation team and change the ownership
Team Lead can change the ownership
B & C Both
Is Seller panel connected via Salesforce?
a) Yes, completely all hyperlinks are working fine
b) Yes, all required fields are working fine except hyperlinks
c) Not linked with seller panel
d) Both A & B
If, we are asking any document from customer, then in which category we will
update the ticket?
a) Pending with other department
b) Pending with Customer
c) Pending with Agent
d) Pending with Team Leader
What Agent Queue Assignment Option cases on Sales Force?

What is wrong assignment?
a) Reply from operations
b) Cases assigned wrongly to operations
c) Cases assigned wrongly by agents to queue
d) Both B and C

What are Bounced email cases?

a) Emails we dont receive
b) Emails received from fake email ids
c) Emails which are originally never created
d) Both B and C
What do we mean by the System Details in the sales force?
Case history detail
Case creation & modification detail
Duplicate case detail
Both B and C
What is Two View in Sales force?
a) Detail
b) Feed
c) Output
d) Tickets resolved
Macros in Sales Force are in which section?
a) Template
b) Update information
c) Setup
d) System Details
Can we use the TAG in Salesforce?
a) Yes! Explain How___________________________________________________
b) Not available for all verticals
c) Only Bus Ticketing can use Tag as of now
d) None of the above
How we will enable break schedule on Salesforce?
a) TL can put break
b) Agent can put automatically
c) By logout from console
d) All of above
Can we check individual performance on Sales Force?
a) Solved tickets
b) Total no. of tickets
c) Parked in the right department
d) All the above

re-set password for Sales Force the link we get on our emails are..
Active only for next 6 hours
Active only for next 12 hours
Active only for next 24 hours
Active only for next 48 hours

What we are the high priority cases?

a) Cases whose TAT are missed

b) Cases assigned by TL
c) Cases assigned by another agent
d) Both A and B
How to open a Fresh Ticket?
a) Click on the Ticket ID (My Open Cases)
b) Click on the ticket id (My Re-Open Cases)
c) Click on the ticket id (My Pending with Customer)
d) Both B and C
Where we can find query on Sales force?
a) Feed View
b) Detailed View
c) Both A and B
d) None of the above
How to create a new case on Sales Force?
How do we solve duplicate cases on Salesforce?
a) By searching the case Id
b) Close manually
c) It will be closed automatically and show detail in related cases
d) Both A & B
How can we solve pending cases ensuring no fresh cases are assigned?
a) By logging out from console
b) By using break in
c) Both A and B
d) Both logging out from Salesforce panel not from Console
If, we escalate the case to Ops what will be the status of the case?
a) Escalated To Operation
b) Pending with Operation
c) Pending with other department
d) Both B and C

Difference between order status and current order status?

a) Both are same

b) Oder Status Shows Seller Panel transaction status when query was
received, Current Oder status- Shows Current Panel transaction status
c) Both are MIS Panel status
d) All are Incorrect
Team Leader/AM
How to search cases as TL?
a) By Ticket Number
b) Oder Number
c) By Email & Phone Number
d) All the above
What Color defines AGENT status?
a) Yellow -On Break, Red-Not Logged In, Green-Logged In
b) Red-On Break, Green-Logged In, Yellow-Not Login
c) Red-Agent is absent, Green-Logged In, Yellow- On break
d) Yellow-Agent is Absent, Red-Break, Green-Logged In
What do you understand by Force Logout?
a) Ticket will not transfer
b) Move to the queue
c) In agents queue assign details
d) None of the above
You have to logout from Sales Force only if you are ______ to be completely
logged out.
a) Your must be logged out at both at Seller Panel & Console
b) You must be logged out at both System & Console
c) You must be logged out at only from Sales Force
d) None of the above

a TL/AM/Manager can you check the status of the tickets per agent?
Can you check open and reopen cases on Sales Force
Number of total tickets handled per agent
None of the above
Both A and B

What all type of Dashboards can we get from Sales Force? You can one or
more options if you find them correct.
a) We can pull the data for particular agent cases data in a shift in graphical
b) We can pull the data as Percentage wise segregation for agents
c) Dashboard feature currently is Under-construction
d) Both A and B

Can Sales Force create the Ready Reports? If, yes which all options are
correct from below?
a) We can view daily, weekly, monthly production data
b) We can view customer details and bounced email category details
c) Total productivity
d) All of the above
What do you understand by Drill Down in the Sales Force?
a) It will depict the individual reporting information from the entire report
b) It will change the ownership
c) It will change the case status
d) None of these
Can we check FRT (First response time) in Sales force? Check the correct
option from below.
a) Only 0-2 hours
b) Only 2-4 hours
c) Only 4-8 hours
d) Within 0 to >24 hours
If, TL assigns manual ticket to agent? Select the correct process from below
a) Select Agent Name>Select Ticket>Change Owner>Save
b) Select Tickets>change Owner>Select User>Save> Will select the xyz
agents name
c) Select Tickets>Select Agent>Change Owner>Save
d) Select Agent>Change Owner>Save
Can TL assign the case to another Vertical?
a) Yes
b) No
c) May be
d) Will be done later
How will you activate Round robin process after? If, the tickets are available in
the main queue?
Mention all the steps of assigning a case to Operations as an Agent?

Can we prepare personal reports under Reports & Dashboard in Salesforce?

a) Yes
b) No
c) May be
d) Have to check with my manager