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Highest Light hear our call, we are your warriors of the white flame, we are

thirsty and drink from the reflection of the sun and the stars. Let us be filled
with your light. What the heart mind can conceive, all beings can achieve,
thoughts become things, help us to choose the good ones. May the way of
the warriors be one of holy kindness. May we remember who we truly are in
this hour. Fill every suffering soul with your everlasting light and peace. May
every suffering soul receive your protection against the darkness. May the
brilliance of your light shine so brightly that it dries up every tear of every
being in distress. May your everlasting strength flow through us daily. May the
laughter you created always ring forth from our mouths. May the twinkle in
our eyes always sparkle with your light. May free energy be delivered to
Earth, ending the slavery of your children. May haarp and other negative
technology be vanquished from the face of the Earth and fail in its intent.
May all obstacles from innocent lights with good hearts be removed by divine
grace. May justice come to those who follow darkness. May the tormentors of
Earth be disarmed swiftly. May every light see the value of solidarity and
union at this time. May the great Angels beat their mighty wings and gather
around us in protection and may they walk ever by our sides in battle against
the darkness. May all who have ever suffered join with us at this time upon
the Earth and may we all reach our divine heritage as one. May the highest
light shine within us and help us to vanquish darkness and evil from the face
of the Earth. May our future selves, our higher selves, our past selves and our
ancestors receive our blessings of light in every place in every time, may
they hear our voices and our intent. We give thanks to those light bearers
who have gone before us. In thanking you we thank ourselves, we are one
light. Thank you for the light in a childs eyes, thank you for the stars in the
heavens, thank you for the sunlight, water, air and Earth and the fifth
element LOVE, thank you for the creation of colour and light, thank you for
being the voice we hear in the silence, thank you for our inspirations and
creations of light. May the power of the great white flame shine within all
children of the light. May the light be with you stronger than ever before and
with us your children forever. This is the prayer of the warriors of the white
flame... Hear our prayer as one voice one heart Let there be light!