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Issue Four

Classic Influence. Contemporary Style.

Kitten von Mew

UK’s leading burlesque
artist reveals herself

Twisted Victoriana crashes
through the Noughties

Steely Dan meets Wham!
on Mcat. Tickets please

Dive in to find this season’s
50s inspired swimsuits
Hello Retroites,
Firstly, welcome to the fourth issue of
Retro Magazine, and let me introduce
myself. I am the newest addition to the
Retro Collective, and, yes, the main
reason/culprit (delete as applicable) as 4 Cameos
to why we’ve gone a bit girly this issue. 10 Top Five
I hold my hands up, and apologise to
those offended, but it was about time we
16 Gadgets
ladies managed to wheedle our wiley 22 Lifestyle
way into the coveted pages of Retro and 26 Fashion

give it a touch of gloss, glitz and glam. 32 Motoring

However, fear not, far from running riot
and stripping the mag of its cheeky

chappy charm, we’ve merely added a
touch of fashion to complement the
gadgets, and balanced the enthusiast
motoring pages with a smidgen of 36 Swimwear
beauty. See, no harm done. 48 Kitten von Mew
54 Rock, Paper, Vintage
But the fun doesn’t stop there. In this
issue we get down and dirty with
58 Home Front
NightBus, the newest hedonistic pop 62 NightBus
tarts to be spawned since the B-52s. 68 Steampunk
Throw into the mix an interview with the
minxy Kitten von Mew, the UK’s queen
of burlesque. And chuck on your Persol
shades for a stroll down memory pier as
we get all 50s in our beachfront
swimwear shoot. 72 Angel Delight
74 Wayne Hemingway
If you’re happy, and you know it, swing
your nipple tassels!

Julia Brandon
Retro Magazine
68 62
Retro Magazine packed up its cameras and hot-footed it down to Beyond Retro’s
newest store in Brighton, UK to meet the customers and see the latest trends on the street

Name: Lauren
Age: 25
Occupation: Visual merchandiser
Fashion influences: Jane Russell, Karen Oh, early Madonna
Where do you usually buy your clothes from: Beyond Retro,
and other vintage and charity shops
What are you wearing: Brogues from Office, and a hat from
Accessorize, both bought secondhand
Name: Laurence
Age: 19
Occupation: Film student
Fashion influences: Lady Gaga,
David Bowie, Ian Curtis
Where do you usually buy
your clothes from:
I steal my parents’ clothes
What are you wearing:
Levi’s jacket
Name: Ali
Name: Megan Age: 21
Age: 20 Occupation: Artist
Occupation: Student Fashion influences: Boy George
Fashion influences: Whatever floats your boat Where do you usually buy your
Where do you usually buy your clothes from: A mix clothes from: Route 1, and I
of vintage shops and high street borrow my sister’s
What are you wearing: Cath Kidston bag, H&M What are you wearing: adidas
shoes, 6 year-old Top Shop jumper
Name: Taylor
Age: 18
Occupation: Student
Fashion influences: Beyond Retro
Where do you usually buy your clothes from: Beyond Retro!
What are you wearing: Primark tights, bodysuit from Beyond
Retro, necklace was a gift

Name: Dan
Age: 22
Occupation: Freelance illustrator
Fashion influences: Hip hop music
Where do you usually buy your
clothes from: Beyond Retro
What are you wearing: Vintage
Disney T-shirt, tapered Levi’s,
Supreme hat, and a real shark’s
tooth necklace

Name: Janine
Age: 30
Occupation: Dancer
Fashion influences: Grace Jones, Bob Fosse, and rock ‘n roll
Where do you usually buy your clothes from: Charity shops,
secondhand stores, and high street sales
What are you wearing: Nike trainers, American Apparel socks
and bodysuit, vintage trousers, Karen Millen cardigan from a
charity store
Name: Nadia
Age: 23
Occupation: Store supervisor
Fashion influences: Chanel
Where do you usually buy your clothes from: Beyond Retro
What are you wearing: Secondhand dress, cardigan from Zara,
vintage boots
five 1
Privé Gold Plated Phone
the top
Oh my word, Stuart Hughes has collaborated exclusively
with Privé International and goldfingered the brick phone!
Only 10 of these will be made, ever. And with it setting you
back…hold onto your gold teeth…five pounds short of
£140K, you’d better have a couple of Number 1 singles in
your back pocket to pay for it. Man alive, there’s gonna be
one hell of a rapper’s bitch fight over these! “Sorry P, you
can’t have one, 50 Cent has already snaffled the lot!” Check
out the stats: 76 diamonds IF flawless 23ct, 22ct solid gold
circa 900 grams, WAP, text SMS a colour screen and a
direct line to Jimmy Saville. Individuals purchasing this
phone will receive a one year free membership to Privé
International (value $20,000.00) which gives you access to
all of Privé’s luxury amenities, from private jet/yacht
charters to vacation properties. How fly is that!
Okay, we made up the bit about Jimmy Saville.
Gold Plated iPad
And if that wasn’t enough there’s the world’s first solid gold and diamond
iPad designed and crafted by Katherine Hughes. Encrusted with 25.5cts
of IF flawless diamonds, a total of 53 gems set in the solid 22ct Apple
logo. The rear and screen surround are made from a single piece of solid
22ct gold, weighing an immense 2,100 grams.
Again, there are only 10 units to be made, which makes this apple iPad
exclusive and golden delicious!
five 2
the top
Mini Moderns
Mini moderns create wonderful retro influenced
interior products, all made in the UK. The
Camberwell-based company made a name for
themselves with their inspired wallpaper designs,
and the brand have gone from strength to
strength with their range of products for “kids,
adults and kidults!”

Photo includes:
Hand tufted 100% wool Clock £495.00
Ruby Cushion £35
five 3
the top

Roberts Revival DAB/FM Radio
What do you get if you cross a radio with
a handbag? The Roberts Revival!
Stylishly combining retro 50s design with
up to date technology, the Revival fea-
tures include multi station presets, line-in
for iPod/MP3 playback, an easy to read
LCD display as well as 120 hours of bat-
tery life - around five times more than
your average radio.
This iconic radio is now available in five
new colours, making 10 in the total
range, including Duck egg, Cocoa and
Saffron - it’s the radio that looks good
enough to eat.
five 4
the top

Dr. Martens Valentine Rose 1460 8 Eye Boot
Happy birthday Dr. and we want some of that
prescription, because Dr. Martens is looking as
stylish and fresh as when they arrived kicking
and screaming on to the scene, 50 years ago.
To celebrate the anniversary they’ve launched:
10 artists. 10 tracks. 10 videos.
Artists include Black Rebel Motorcycle Club,
Buraka Som Sistema, Michael Davis of MC5
& D.O.A and the Noisettes (doing a version of
Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You
Shouldn’t ‘Ave).
It’ll be well worth a listen.
five 5
the top
Neptune Daybed/Sun lounger
We think the The Neptune, or Bubble, sun
lounger tips its hat rather splendidly to the
70s. As part of a garden furniture collection
from Spain it’s made from synthetic rattan on
an aluminium frame. An all weather furniture
it’s designed to be left outside all year and
the cushions are covered in a water resistant
outdoor fabric. So perfect for the British
summertime. This is the ultimate in chill-out
and we can imagine spending the whole
summer on this, by the pool.
That’s if we had a pool, of course.
The Neptune sun lounger is available in dark,
white, or natural and weatherproof cushions
are included, and they deliver throughout
New products Classic influence

Vespa Handlebar Lamp

(Prices on request)
Crafted by Italian Maurizio Lamponi
Leopardi, this is from a collection of
motorcycle lamps using reclaimed and
restored handlebars. They may not be
the perfect mood lighting, but who
cares, these lamps will look great on
or off. Maurizio says on his website
“My lamps are not gadgets.”…I hope
he doesn’t mind.

Snowball USB Microphone from Blue

Apparently based on a softball, the Snowball
microphone from Blue is claimed to be the
world’s first professional USB mic. This
lightweight little beauty gives crystal clear
sound, with a switch on the back to change
from unidirectional to omnidirectional
recording. User friendly, with a simple
plug-and-play system, this is a must have for
anyone wanting hassle free recording - with
a price that’ll make you smile.
Olympus EP-2
“Not a compact. Not an SLR. It's a PEN.”
Well, we can’t argue with that can we?
Once again the chaps over at Olympus
have surpassed themselves by creating
the EP-2. The newest addition to the PEN
family features a standard articulating VF-2
electronic viewfinder that gives different
framing perspectives, as well as a new ac-
cessory slot for add-ons such as a micro-
phone to give clearer sound quality. It may
look similar to the EP-1, but this version
has boosted the power and performance
making the mighty even mightier.

Sony Qlasp Earbud

Despite looking like they’ve fallen
out of Mr Motivator’s gym bag, the
Qlasp is Sony’s offering for the
next generation of in-ear
headphones. Designed to stay in
place in almost any situation, the
9mm drivers and 6–23,000Hz
frequency response ensures you
can have great sound wherever
you go.
Revo Heritage Digital Radio
This may look like it would sit comfortably
in a 60s living room, but the retro feel to
the award-winning Heritage radio runs
only skin deep. Beneath the wood and
metal exterior lies the very latest
multi-platform digital radio technology,
with a variety of radio broadcast types,
wireless audio streaming and docking for
all current iPod models, as well as
‘secret-until-lit’ graphical OLED display
and innovative joystick control system for
maximum ease of operation.
Numbers LED clock
New products Classic influence
Designer Jonas Damon gives us
his take on the humble clock by
presenting the Numbers LED
version. It consists of 4” x 2”
cubes displaying LED digits and
the numbers can be arranged in to
any combination you want. Which
seemed like a great idea on the
drawing board, but we’re not so
sure how that works when you
actually want to know the time!

iPhone Docks
Could it be that the novelty of the iPhone has finally worn off? After so many
years spent trying to make mobile phones smaller and smaller, now it seems
people want a phone they can put on their desk that won’t be completely
obscured by a flyaway post-it.
Why not get yourself one of these rather stylish docks and the risk of losing
your phone will be banished forever.

From Left:
iRetrophone Base £133
Desk Phone Dock £TBA
Moshi Moshi MM03i £110
New products Classic influence

Old Time Computer Customisation

(Prices on request)
To add that bit of class to the humble PC,
Old Time Computers will handcraft a
new identity for your Mac or desktop.
Using wood with bronze finishes and
custom made keyboards to finish off the
Victorian-esque Steampunk look these
creations perfectly combine the technology
of today with the style of yesteryear.
Unfortunately these works of art aren’t in
full production, so contact Old Time to
make an order.
The Aviator headphones from Roc
Nation & Skullcandy
June 2010 sees a unique collaboration
from audio specialists Skullcandy and
Jay-Z’s entertainment company Roc
Nation. This rather surprising joint venture
is said to offer “The best way for people to
experience the soundtrack of their lives.”
Well, if your lifestyle is that of a 40s pilot
then you’ll look the part as well. The
Aviator headphones are made using
superior materials, including some only
previously seen in the realm of high
fashion eyewear, as they try to raise the
bar in headphone quality. Chocks away!

Tivoli Wine & Oak Model One Radio

We do love a good radio. And despite
this being a gadget section, it's
refreshing to see a radio that isn't
so - gadgety. The Model One gives
superb audio quality without all the
fumbling through buttons and sliders,
keeping it simple but hugely effective.
Behind the solid oak casing and
beautifully coloured front panel is a
modest 3" speaker, with a tuner that
brings clarity to many of the weakest
stations. Also compatible with the iPod
and other MP3 players, this vintage
styled beauty certainly gives radio a face
worth looking at.
Cyclops Meter Lamp by Robolux
Robolux offer a collection of one-of-a-kind
industrial lamps, customised using
reclaimed and restored metal.
This particular piece is a 60s vintage
Conar volt meter with internal lamp, red
neon front panel, and top mounted
flexible lamp. The front knobs function as
an on/off switch and a dimmer for the top
mounted lamp while the Meter display
emits a warm glow which also shines
through the side vent holes, so it’s perfect
to use as a night light for any baby robots.

The Retro Bullet Planter

from £99
Not just for plants, these brightly coloured
bowls can also be used as an ice bucket or
to tidy up odds and ends. Just what every
household needs!
Whatever your purpose for the Bullet Planter,
the textured and moulded fibreglass bowl is
available in 16 colours and gives your plants
(or car keys and loose change) a stylish
retro twist.
New products Classic influence

Weber Smokey Joe Premium Barbecue

Summer’s on its merry way, so time to head
for the great outdoors in search of food, fun
and frolics. This lightweight and compact
barbecue is the perfect accompaniment,
featuring porcelain enameled bowl and lid,
with non rust aluminium vent, as well as a
glass reinforced nylon handle. Also includes a
lid lock for carrying which lowers to double as
a lid holder, so this summer my friend, you’ll
have absolutely no excuse as to why you’ve
cremated the snarlers.

Cyclone Dining Table inspired by

Isamu Noguchi
Japanese-American designer Isamu Noguchi
conceived the idea for the Cyclone table in
1953, originally as a rocking stool made from
metal wire and wood. The design evolved into
a table in 1957, and is still made today - more
than 50 years on.
New products Classic influence

Giant 1227 floor lamp

Admittedly, not the most practical or affordable
lamp on the market - but just look at the
size of it! Anglepoise celebrates the 70th
birthday of the 1227 lamp by bringing out the
Giant 1227, which is three times the size of
the original.
So, if you have two grand burning a hole in
your pocket and need a room floodlit, or just
want to scare some old people, you know
what to do.

Wesco Spaceboy XL Silver Bin

We never thought we’d be raving about a
dustbin, but then we’ve never seen one
dressed like a spaceship before! The people
at Wesco haven't concentrated just on the
looks - you'll find it has everything you require
when purchasing a new bin: A lid, a flap for
ease of disposal and a 35 litre capacity so
you can avoid emptying it for a really
long time!
At just under a metre high, we’re pretty damn
sure this beauty is going to take off.
Rosendahl Wallpaper Magazine Rack
One of the drawbacks of print magazines
(unlike eco friendly old us!) is where to
store them when they’re not being read?
Well thanks to Rosendahl, you can give
your magazines a new and stylish home.
The magazine rack consists of two
wave-shaped brushed anodized aluminium
plates producing varying reflections, and is
extremely simple to mount. With or without
magazines, this piece looks great and
makes a definitive design statement in any

Eclisse Lamp
A slightly more everyday offering from SCP this time, in the
shape of the Eclisse.
Possibly inspired by The Hitchhiker’s Guide, the lamp’s made
from powder coated metal, and available in orange or white.
Small, but effective, giving a warm glow to all nearby.

Retro Style Washing Machine with

Intergraded Sink
Part of Smeg’s growing cutesy-coloured Retro range, which
solves the worldwide problem of getting a sink into the
laundry room without having to plumb for it.
Don’t let the pretty exterior fool you though, the washing
machine inside is top notch; featuring 15 programs, variable
spin speeds, an LCD screen, Aquastop (leak prevention
system), and other exciting extras.
Warning: If you have a girl under 10 in the household they’ll
want to take this to school to show off to their friends!
Ellie Cherry Peep Toes
You might just pop your cherry when you catch a
glimpse of these glamorous black retro-style peep
toes with a mouth-watering cherry print. Sporting an
adorable red patent bow on the toe and a stonking 4"
heel, whoever braves a night out in these pretties is
sure to be rewarded with the fruits of their labour!
Available in size 5-10.

Betsey Boutique Alice in Wonderland

Curiouser and curiouser! These magical Alice
in Wonderland-inspired necklaces from Betsey
Boutique bring out the dreamer in us all. Adorn
yourself with this fanciful array of brass charms
and glittering gems strung together on gold
plaited chains, and you’ll never be late for that
important fashion date again!
New products Classic influence

Muscle Car Clutch Bag

This fabulous large clutch bag
decorated with a print of a 60s style
car advert has got us harping back to
the days of The Avengers. Not only
stylish on the outside, it’s also practical
on the inside with no less than nine
card spaces, plenty of zipped
compartments, and a choice of black
or hot pink interior. A nifty, detachable
shoulder strap is also included to make
holding on to this steal of a buy a
little easier!

Benefit Bathina Body Balm

We’re no stranger to the sexy, kitsch
creations from cosmetics house Benefit, but
the white blossom fragrance of this silky
smooth body balm will have you floating on
cloud nine all day, and your skin will be left
with a velvety touch. A deep, sexy
moisturiser, combined with a fashionable
packaging fix in one. What more could a
girl want?

Yumi 3 This Dress

We’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve but
this floaty, sheer number by UK designer Yumi takes
that expression to a whole new dimension. Its
delightful ruffled sleevelets, tiered skirt, and plunging
neckline will flatter any figure, while the dazzling
amorous theme can’t fail to win over the affections of
any suitor. This cute summer favourite is a sure
fire heartbreaker!
New products Classic influence

Jacey Chae Shutter Speed Bag

Created by Korea-based designer Jacey Chae, this
luxe, black leather bag contains all the essentials for a
night out on the town. Shaped in the style of an old
skool camera, even the non-photographers among us
can appreciate the cool, retro vibe that this versatile
fashion item oozes. Wear it low-slung round your hips,
or tuck it neatly under your arm, but wherever you go
remember to take your shades, ‘cos this smoking hot
accessory is sure to get papped.

Kalandra Jane Pink Leopard Print Sequin

This gorgeous furry, pink and black leopard print fascinator
is handmade by Kalandra Jane. Made from a sturdy, stiff
base fabric, with a pink sequin trim and delicate black
veiling, it’s topped off with a pretty matching black faux satin
and sequin bow! Lined with black faux silk and secured to
your hair with a comb fastening, it measures approx 12 cm
across. An admirable combination of trashy chic, it’s the
perfect accessory for any burlesque, retro or rockabilly girl!

Kensie Girl pumps

A heady mix of navy, saffron, white, and
cherry red ribbon, which swoops and angles
down to beige fabric sides into a multi-layered
bow at the toe, these cute Kensie Girl pumps
are a contemporary take on preppy 70s
wedges. Made from vegan-friendly materials,
they’re both kind to animals, and your
Tres Noir Handmade White Bombshell
Grace Kelly, Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn – these
super trendy shades would look fetching on them
on all, but far from being a vintage pick-up, all Tres
Noir shades are handmade items using limited
edition acetate, hypo-allergenic metal frames, and
shatterproof lenses that offer 100% UV protection,
with a polarised option in certain styles. Look the
part, with all the modern trimmings.

Scrabblicious Necklace
You’re sure to score triple word points with this little
on-trend Hasbro fancy. Already favoured by the
likes of Pixie Lott, there’s no need to hold back on
your levels of creativity now that Scrabble has made
pronouns officially acceptable. At an irresistible
price of just £2, this necklace spells out bargain!

Rebecca Cella Collection

Rebecca Cella is the British
knitwear designer who has
impressed fashion heavy hitters
such as Giorgio Armani and Anna
Molinari with her hand-knit yarns
and fabrics. This latest collection
boasts a sultry mix of burlesque
tease and figure-hugging seduction
that only a bespoke, handmade
garment can so elegantly capture.
Magenta 8 Hummingbird
Magenta 8 designer, Giovanna
Velasquez, specialises in
handmade tailored jackets, coats,
capes and boleros made from
luxurious baby alpaca wool. These
two designs - the Button Close
Jacket and Tuxedo Jacket – hail
from the 2010 Hummingbird
Collection, from which the satin
lining on each piece features a
hand drawn hummingbird motif by
illustrator Vicky Murdoch.
Reminiscent of the female dandy,
these exquisite designs are cutting
edge in their dramatic,
vintage-esque vision.

Mini Mix Tape Necklace

They say love is mix tape, and we certainly love this
80s inspired homage to the cassette tape. An icon of
our youth, it’s true to say that CDs and digital
downloads just don’t cut the mustard. So if you’re
craving your boombox, and a sprinkling of Salt ‘n
Pepper, this dainty real plastic mini tape necklace will
help push you down memory lane.
New products Classic influence
Fables by Barrie High-Waisted Lucy
Tulip Skirt
They say the devil is in the detail, and that’s certainly
true with this pattern-clashing ray of sunshine. From
its eye-catching yellow fabric trim, to its high-waisted
cut, right down to its hounds tooth cheque buttons, we
love, love, love this tight, zipper backed design for its
clamorous mix of style and class – it’s a skirt that
every bottom wants to wear!

Nous Savons Suit Yourself Necklace

We give this dandyesque tailored
accessory a cautious nod of
approval. Neither jewellery nor
clothing, it threatens to hang in limbo
around the neck of whoever braves
to wear it. But we’re also appreciative
of the far fetched appeal of this item
that enables it to happily mingle with
both the latest menswear trend, and
a pair of sexy stilettos. This has
Grace Jones’ name written all over it.

Corioliss Mini Vintage Travel Dryer

We’re blown away by this cool, vintage state of the art
travel dryer due to how much style it packs in one
small punch. Brandishing a powerful 800w A/C motor,
it’s ergonomic, lightweight and quiet, with two speed
settings, one heat setting, and a dual voltage circuitry.
Perfect for those weekend mini adventures, each
dryer comes with its own vintage travel bag in a
matching colour. Cute!

Wiesmann Roadster MF5 Lim

L ooking like it should belong to one of
Batman’s many nemeses, this has got to be
the car every child imagined owning in later life.
to a hive of excitement. Under the classic
jag-like bonnet lies a 5.0 litre V10, giving a top
speed of 193, and 0 to 60 mph in under 4
Wiesmann unveiled the MF5 at the International seconds - that should give the Batmobile a run
Motor Show in Frankfurt at the end of last year for its money.
mited Edition

Vehiconomics Smite
C an’t decide between buying a car, a moped or a
mobility scooter? Well you’re in luck!
This quirky little critter is the latest offering from Swedish
company Vehiconomics, designed to meet the ‘needs of

urban passengers’.
Available for around £6K, the super lightweight hybrid
weighs a mere 130kg, runs for 80km per recharge and can
easily be remodeled into a convertible or roadster by
changing the rooftops.
This nippy two seater may not be very suitable for long
drives down to the south of France, but at least you can
park in the motorcycle bay!
Promenade Qu
All swimsuits and bikinis available


All props supplied by

Photographer: Sarah Gawler

Hair stylist: Nathan Gooding
Makeup artist: Adjhani Barton
Model: Jessica Monroy

Esther Williams Black & White

Polka Dot Swimsuit
Esther Williams White Cherry Print
This Page:
Red or Dead Vintage Swimsuit

What Katie Did Sailor Bikini
Esther Williams Leopard
Print Bikini
Red or Dead Vintage Bikini
Red or Dead Flora Skirted
Bandeau Swimsuit
Julia Brandon journeys into the beguiling world of burlesque to
discover what excites one of the UK’s most celebrated talents,
Kitten von Mew.

he art of tease is a dangerous game. It tempts celebrates the glamour of the 50s pin-up. They were
and taunts with scintillating arousal, and cloaks glitzy, Hollywood wartime heroes, who
itself in erotic mystery. It’s where the taboo of entertained the troops and upheld the allusion of
the nude meets giggling girly modesty, and a dazzling high-end, couture fashion during an era cursed with
feather boa comes into its own. The flash of an ankle, rationing and despair.
the hint of inner thigh, pouting red lips and long bat- And there’s a certain innocence to burlesque,
ting eyelashes that torment us with the promise of a which makes it playful and inoffensive. Not revealing
glimpse of flesh. It hunts down the voyeur in us all, too much to the audience is integral to maintaining
luring us in with the thrill and glamour of vaudeville that allure, because, in the words of Kitten von Mew,
variety. It’s cheek and charm working in harmony, “the mind is stronger than the eye”.
whipping up the audience with a heady mix of daring
strips, whooping cheers, hypnotic dances, and
titillating pasties (nipple tassels to you and me). It’s During the 1990s it was the American burlesque
burlesque at its best, and we can’t get enough. performers, including Catherine D’Lish and then later
But the true appeal of burlesque lies in what it’s not. Dita von Teese, who consumed much of the media
Far from the seedy suburbs of any red light district, limelight, but today UK born burlesque artist, Kitten
and the antithesis of a modern day strip club, von Mew, is the rising star of the Noughties to keep a
burlesque belongs in the gritty underworld that roving eye on.
Right from early on in the interview it becomes glitz”. She’s a consummate professional with her
apparent that ‘Kitten’, the performer, is not simply performances taking her from London to Sheffield,
an act or an alter ego. Fitting her burlesque routines Milan to Paris, and as the official Face of Glamour
around her nine to five IT job, Kitten is in fact one at Blenheim Palace’s Festival of Flight for two years
and the same on and off the stage. In the leafy running, her growing fame has seen her featured in
streets of Stratford-upon-Avon where she calls national publications the world over. It’s fair to say
home, Kitten is known as ‘the vintage girl’, aptly that when it comes to burlesque, Kitten has
named for her 40s inspired wardrobe, her love of cracked it.
vinyl, and sympathetic choice of art deco furniture. HELLO SOLDIER!
Purring down the phone at eleven ‘o clock in the
morning, she greets me as “darling”, and slips the But being centre stage was not always the master
word “swell” into our conversation with such plan. “I chose to study film and animation at college
amiable ease you’d think it were in every day use. so that I could work behind the camera,” says
She’s open, inviting even, and disarmingly trusting, Kitten. “Being a curvy girl, I felt self-conscious about
treating me like an old acquaintance rather than an my look when surrounded by a host of skinny
inquisitive journalist, and catwalk figures.”
together we plunge head first Purring down the However, one fortuitous day
into her fanciful world of while working behind a bar dressed
feathers, rhinestone corsetry, phone, she greets up like Betty Page, Kitten was
and frontline troops. me as ‘darling’, spotted by a photographer. A few
Inspired from a young age by friendly exchanges and a pinup
vintage Hollywood icons, such and together we photo shoot later, Kitten von Mew
as the sultry Elaine Page, the
curvy Marilyn Monroe, and the
plunge head first was born. Adopting the iconic
poses with a natural flare, her first
gravelly, earthy tones of into her fanciful live performance came at a World
Marlene Dietrich, Kitten found War II re-enactment day where she
her calling early on. But a world strutted her stuff in a burlesque act
pastiche of her idols she is not. of feathers, inspired by Sally Rand, and the
Keen to learn from the rest, as they say, is history.
archetypal trendsetters, Kitten rhinestone Today Kitten has tailored her
is always careful to pay homage routine to focus predominantly on
to, but not imitate, the
corsetry, and the 40s due to the “strength and
original styles. frontline troops passion” of the artists in that time.
“I’ve adored the 1940s ever World War II events remain
since I was a little girl,” she says. “A day-dreamer Kitten’s forte, and she regularly performs at UK War
and a miss-fit, I always knew I was different to the and Peace, the largest event of its kind in the world.
other children. I shunned Top of the Pops in favour “World War II was a period in history when huge
of Rock ‘n Roll, Doris Day, black and white films, demands – both emotional and financial - were put
and I rejoiced in Fred & Ginger. But as much as I on the population, and yet still these women looked
take inspiration from all my old favourites and work beautiful, wore fur, donned short dresses, and
that into my act, it’s never my intention to simply upheld the aesthetic of the day. They kept glamour
copy their performances.” alive in the factories, and managed all of this on a
Kitten refrains from attending other burlesque rationed, shoe-string budget, and I respect
shows in order to keep her ideas fresh and unique, that immensely.”
and her name – although using the ‘von’ like Dita Already a permanent fixture in many of the USO
von Teese – is derived from her childhood re-enactment shows that tour the globe, Kitten
nickname, Kitten Ears. A skilled seamstress, she dreams of taking her traditional, tongue-in-cheek
designs and creates all her own costumes, routines to the frontline troops fighting in the current
knocking up rhinestone covered outfits in as little as Iraq war. “The secret to burlesque is the escapism
an hour, and referring to the process as “blitz the that it offers. People aren’t purely interested in
“as much as I take
inspiration from all my old
favourites, it’s never my
intention to simply copy their
Photo: James Thorpe

seeing girls strip, and I for one keep my bra on. We’re in designer Wayne Hemingway’s new
opening their eyes to a world of fantasy, we interact project, Vintage at Goodwood. Taking place in
with the crowd, give them a giggle by August of this year, it promises to showcase a
dabbing a feather in their face, and just generally proliferation of acts stretching from a 50’s
make them feel part of it, and it’s that escapism that rockabilly vibe right through to a 70’s roller disco, and
the soldiers enjoy,” she says. We’re in the throws of lists headline guests, such as Lilly Allen, who
attempting to take our USO show to the troops in recently launched her own vintage clothing range.
Afghanistan, it’s just a matter of sorting the Vintage at Goodwood marks Kitten’s 10-year
paperwork, so fingers crossed!” anniversary as a bona fide burlesque dancer, and
Rockabilly retro could be the occasion that plants her name firmly on
the map.
Now a seasoned pro, Kitten has clearly shed all The question is, how much longer will our
previous inhibitions regarding her curvier figure, appetite for peep shows and variety acts last?
volunteering, for example, with animated “Burlesque has always been around since its
enthusiasm the fact that she is a dress size 12 with inception in the 1940s, but it remained underground
cellulite on her bottom! Rather ironically, a size 12 is for many years, and only appreciated by a select
on the petite side for a genre that claims Dirty Martini few,” she says. “The ascent of Dita von Teese in her
– a larger than life US burlesque performer – as one Martini glass shone a light on the movement and
of its own. But it would seem that in the romantic gave it some mainstream appeal, but like all fashion
world of slap and tickle, pretty much crazes it’s sure to go full circle and fall back out of
anything goes, including, apparently, a penchant for favour eventually. That’s not to say I’m calling the end
stockings and the occasional foot fetishist. of burlesque though, it will simply continue to blossom
But having recently completed her first ever as an underground movement once again…that is
annual calendar, and receiving requests to perform until another revival comes along in 50 years, of course!”
from left, right and centre, Kitten’s star is indeed For all PR enquiries contact Sapphires Model Management
rising. Most recently she was singled out to take part
R ock Paper Vintage is always stocked with an eclectic
variety of tightly edited fashions from multiple eras
ranging from the 60s through the 90s - all hand picked
from New York City. The entire inventory changes every
week with a completely new set of dresses, blouses,
jackets, jumpsuits, and more.
Auctions start at around $9.99 (about £7) and they ship
worldwide. Retro Magazine loves the floaty, warm feel
from their latest shoot so we decided to give you a
sneak peek.
This and similarly affordable, eco-friendly vintage fashion
is available at

Photographer: Connie Wang

Stylists: Jen Rosado and
Tiffany English
Makeup Artist: Kelly Tabone
Model: Linde Stoel from Women Direct

Home Front

A property with a fantastic past and present history: Originally commissioned by the
theatre impresario Sam Wanamaker who was responsible for the recreation of
Shakespeare's Globe on the South Bank. Zoe Wanamaker, his actress daughter,
discovered in the BBC programme ‘Who do you think you are?’ that the flat was subject to
surveillance in the 60s by the FBI who suspected Wanamaker of being a Russian spy!
Elaine Ronson, the current owner of the property, says “I wouldn't be surprised if MI5 are
aware of this flat once again, as my husband is the writer Jon Ronson, whose book The
Men Who Stare At Goats, deals with covert American military experiments in
psychological warfare and was recently made into a movie starring George Clooney.”
Home Front
T his extraordinary warehouse photographic studio, in central
London, is divided into evocative room sets, jam-packed with
antiques, bric-a-brac, drapes and classic furniture.
All the fixtures and fittings of this property have been collected over the
years, or made or recycled from items which the owners have rescued
from skips, car boot sales etc.

If you have a property that you want featured in Retro Magazine then
contact us at or if you want your
property to be listed by the Location Works, whose library contains
more than 60,000 images of locations of all kinds (including these two
properties) and range from bedsits to battlements, derelict to hi-tech,
from faded grandeur to extravagance and from prisons to palaces
then contact
ry pranksters
NightBus are careering round the UK on their first national tour. Bruce
Hudson hopped on board to chat with the Routemaster, Jackson
Kennedy, who unveils the band's exciting timetable

ightBus are the wildest all night party to large part of the Kennedy record in Battersea.
blaze out of Hackney (via LA) this decade. Things are going well for you guys; would you
They write blitztronic new wave-disco songs ever consider taking NightBus to America? Will
about orgasms and heavy metal bands sacrificing you rename yourselves Greyhound bus?
Sting. They dismantle ice-rinks in their spare time, NightBus is coming to America. I'm not sure which
feast on gourmet offal while recording and only met is worse, a night bus in London or the greyhound
each other thanks to a Hollywood haircut. Their bus in America. The first time I went to Alaska I took
promo shots are an X-Ray Spex homage set on the the greyhound all the way from Union Station in Los
back of a Routemaster and they share beds Angeles. It was hell.
together for months on end. Oh, and they won’t rest You’re currently in the middle of touring with
until they’ve made the next Thriller. Retro Magazine Example, what’s been the best crowd, venue, do
bought a ticket for one hell of a ride. you have groupies…what’s the most bonkers
experience so far?
How did you all come to meet? Norwich was the best crowd. After the show the
We met on the 345 night bus to Brixton on Boxing crowd actually picked Hannah up on their shoulders
Day 2008. and carried her down the middle of the high street
Where did the name come from? like she was a war hero or had won a boxing match.
Jackson had a playlist on his iPod called NightBus Ben makes gourmet offal banquets for record-
specifically for listening to on the night bus. It looked ing sessions…wtf! he Heston Blumenthal in
so good we decided to make it the name. disguise?
After the success of Kennedy, what made you Ben is an amazingly well rounded Renaissance
want to move to London? man. He studies cooking, chemistry, botany, music,
I had the opportunity to move out here when and the fine arts. However he doesn't change his
Warner France picked up my Kennedy record and I socks for weeks and he eats soup with his hands.
took it. I always loved London and had recorded a We call him soup hands.
most aloof and Hannah is the one asleep in the
corner standing up. We're all very creative and
hands on with making our music and designing
our artwork.
How much say or creative input do you have
with your music videos, album covers and
We have all the creative input we want. It’s
fantastic. Jack almost drove the directors of the
Be You video crazy with edit after edit, but they
kept going until we were all happy, which was
Who would you like your music to be
likened to?
Steely Dan meets Wham! on MCat
Who do you guys admire?
Jacques Cousteau, Dolly Parton, and Buddha.
we are happy with good What’s playing on the NightBus bus when
friends and the simple niceties you’re on tour? Or do you travel by Night-
of life like 600 thread Egyptian Radio 2 baby.
cotton sheets If you could choose an era to live in, which
one and why? Who is your hero?
The late 1800s in New Mexico. We'd be The
Regulators. Jack could be Billy the Kid, Laura
would be Doc Holliday, Ben would be Pat
Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with Garrett, and Hannah would cut our hair.
in the future? How do you describe your own personal
Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Marc Bolan, Jimi style?
Hendrix, ah you get the idea. We all have our own styles which are
NightBus hasn’t been together for long, how are independent of trends and fads.
you dealing with your new found fame - has Hannah wears a muumuu while Laura prefers a
anybody bought something ridiculously expen- bum bag. It’s all good.
sive yet? What has been your strangest experience
Ben had his shoes resoled. I got my guitar fixed. I since forming as a band?
think we are all actually really down to earth people. The whole experience has felt dream like.
We're not looking for fake tits and expensive cars. I Everything has happened so fast and at the very
think we're happy with good friends and the simple right moments in all of our lives. It’s a true
niceties of life like 600 thread count Egyptian sheets. example of synchronicity.
What are your goals for NightBus over the next
year or so? The quick fire round:
We're hoping to do a headlining world tour with U2 as Early bird or night owl?
the opening act. Night owl
How has your life changed since signing to Meat feasts or nut roast?
Island Records? Nut roast
Hannah quit her job. Ben is still moving piano's here 2 wheels or 4 wheels (or no wheels!?)
and there and we all live in the same houses. I think 2 wheels all the way
the big change is people are starting to hear our Acoustic or electric?
music which is so exciting. Both
What are the dynamics of the group like? Who’s Musician or pop star?
the bossiest? The funniest? The most creative? Both
The smelliest!?! To love and then lose or to never love?
Laura is the bossiest. Ben is the smelliest. Jack is the Love and keep forever
All dressed up and
F orget plastic ready-made fancy dress. June sees the
launch of Bizarre Bazaar, a giant travelling dressing-up
box filled with a spectacular array of costumes. Guests
step inside the converted horse box where they are
transformed by one of the costumiers, or ‘Bazettes’, who
mix handmade designs, with vintage finds, clothing,
accessories and props.
Bizarre Bazaar can be hired for events, parties,
photoshoots, cocktail parties and can even seat 20 for
dinner. Well, that’s Retro Magazine’s christmas party
sorted then.

Enquiries contact Victoria Vengco on or 07833 513 420

d nowhere to go?
Full Steam A
Steampuffin, a design competition for serious Steampunkers,
has been launched in Massachusetts by Bruce Rosenbaum.
Retro’s Bruce Hudson has to step back in time to see what the
future holds for the event organiser
oll up, roll up, because it’s time to wax your design and craftsmanship with modern functionality
moustache, don your aviator goggles and and usefulness”, and within this culture it’s acceptable
strap on a pair of braces as you’re about to to swing both ways. They are perfectly at home taking
enter the seriously wacky world of Steampunk. authentic Victorian items or homes and modernising
Steam and punk. Cuddling up as bed fellows does them for today’s use, or taking modern items and
seem slightly curious but if you gel them together, you ‘Victorianising’ them to appear as though they are
end up with the wildest ‘alternate reality’ movement from the original period.
of the decade. Who would have thought! As Bruce describes it “either way – you get an
The name, Steampunk, was coined in the 80s, but amazingly beautiful, well-crafted piece that fits into
the movement, rather aptly, has taken some time to today’s lifestyle and use”.
reach a full head of steam. Although not conclusive The Steampunk bug bit when he and his wife
the derivations of the word seem to Melanie ended up fixing the leaking roof
have been coined by science fiction If the Victorian on their 100 year old home this. This
author K. W. Jeter to describe an age coincided with “snowballed into having the chimneys
alternate reality where the Victorian replaced, new soffits and gutters
period (late 1800s or early 1900s) the computer installed, cedar clapboard and
coincides with the modern technology age – what kind of decorative elements put on,” says
era. The term can refer to a subculture inventions would Bruce, “and we painted our old ‘new’
(think ‘renaissance’) or fashion (think home with six colours”.
‘goth’) or design aesthetic (think Jules have been The challenge of joining improbable
Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea produced? items into perfectly functioning pieces
or H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine). seems to be an attraction for Bruce. “If
But unlike for blokes like me; the new wavers, the Victorian or Steam age coincided with the
romantics and punks of the 80s (whose mascara and computer or information age – what kind of
eyeliner application is now restricted to our daughters inventions, innovations and gadgetry would have
on dress-up days!), this movement has produced been produced?” he asks.
adults who have adopted it with a borderline His passion is exemplified by the staggering array
obsessional devotion. of products that Bruce has Steampunked in his
But what is it about the collision of the old and the house. The kitchen alone includes stoves, cabinets,
new that so excites Bruce and the neo-retro offspring new period lighting, a banquette seating area, and
he’s creating? they’ve even installed an antique kitchen island by
As he succinctly puts it he loves “the idea of restoring an 1800s printer’s desk with added brass
combining the best of both worlds of Victorian high kickplates, restored a hollow walnut pedestal base

King of Steam Bruce Rosenbaum with his finest creation - the Steampunk Organ Command Desk
Bruce’s home is a mix of traditional and modern, including this genuine antique cast iron stove
(attached to the main kitchen island) and created a Steampuffin, a competition that rewards outstanding
pull out drawer for storage of dog food! It’s Pimp My Steampunk design innovations. Bruce was
Ride on acid…actually, thinking about it, more likely… approached by The Charles River Museum of
absinthe! Industry and Innovation ( to help
The man is on a mission and at ModVic (the organise the New England Steampunk Festival.
company he launched with Melanie in 2007, “After about a month of planning, I thought it would their aim has become to also be a great way for the museum to increase
authentically restore historic Victorian homes (1850 membership by holding a worldwide Steampunk
– 1910) back to their original beauty and richness design competition. In addition, I wanted to get to
while completely modernising the home’s systems, know more Steampunk artists so I could create a
functional layout and conveniences for families network of talented folks to work on bigger
of today. Steampunk projects in the future.”
Demand is growing as his reputation for quality and But, why the puffin? Bruce explains: “I’m a puffin
attention to detail spreads, and Bruce sees the fanatic – learning how to sail on a small sailboat
movement as a whole expanding too. “I’m not sure of called The Puffin. It taught me valuable lessons on
the numbers, but it has definitely grown with the how to be independent and how sometimes you need
advent of certain Steampunk movies like Sherlock to tack back and forth if the wind isn’t going your way.
Holmes and Wild Wild West. It is also a worldwide I collect lots of puffin stuff and thought that Steam
phenomenon – and is very popular in Russia, Poland, Puffin would be a great image for a new business.
China, Japan and many other countries.” (
So what does the future (or the past for that I wish Bruce all the best with the competition but
matter!) hold for Bruce? Well, just in case you didn’t it’s definitely time to go because I get the feeling if I
think he was busy enough he is launching sit still for too long, Bruce will start Steampunking me!
Jeremy Daldry
Where angels fear to tread
Jeremy Daldry spends most of his time skulking round kitchens or
with his nose in an obscure cookbook. He’s also made food shows
for the BBC, commissioned food shows for UKTV Food and had a
brief career writing in the national press, about food.

nly once has a dish been served to me in a have such an effect I was fascinated, if slightly
restaurant that moved me to tears. As a alarmed, to find out what a taste of a long forgotten
relatively well-adjusted and emotionally childhood delight might do. So I set out to retaste
balanced chap, I find this fact slightly embarrassing Angel Delight while fully contemplating the possibility
to admit, but there were extenuating circumstances. of a complete mental breakdown.
It was the last day of my 30s, the millimetre of my Having tracked down three flavours; butterscotch,
life was hours away from ticking over to hit 40, I was chocolate and strawberry I was more than a little
sitting in Pierre Gagnaire in Paris, one of the best surprised how easy each were to make. 300mls of
restaurants in the world and, more importantly, I was milk, quick whisk and then leave for 5 minutes. I
sitting opposite a beautiful woman Long forgotten remembered much more complexity
who a few months later was due to from my childhood although that could
become my wife. scents were have been down to the elaborate
And she was also picking up the bill. beginning to surface; addition of some squirty tinned cream
So…if ever I was allowed a tearful the smell of a space and a glace cherry. Classy, our house.
moment surely that was it. But these Having whisked and waited the
tears came out of nowhere, welling hopper on a hot moment of truth came and, armed with a
up from a deep part of my mind as summer day, the large box of Kleenex, the tasting began.
my taste buds and brain connected, feeling of my Action First up Butterscotch.
resulting in a jolt of food memory And…oh…it was horrible. Maybe I’d
that left me blubbing like a little girl. Man’s ‘life like’ crew got the ‘complex’ cooking instructions
And the cause? A relatively simple cut under my wrong but it was rubbery and tasted
dessert of banana purée with a little fingers... faintly of furniture polish.
mango, on a biscuit base and a soft Next up chocolate; a better texture but
set cream, from the multi-course tasting menu. What none of the deep cocoa flavour that you would expect
this sublime piece of cooking did was, in an instant, or want and a disturbing visual double for something
catapult me back to being five years old sitting next our dog is known to produce.
to my mother who had just given me a plate of Finally, and always my childhood favourite,
mashed banana with top of the milk and a sprinkling strawberry.
of sugar. And, as any Freudian will tell you, there is Despite the violent pink colour, this looked good,
nothing more likely to get a fella to shed a tear than this looked like I remembered from my 70s
childhood memories of his mother. childhood. Long forgotten images and scents were
But, what has this got to do with Angel Delight? beginning to surface; the smell of a space hopper on
Well, apart from mashed banana and top of the a hot summer day, the feeling of my Action Man’s ‘life
milk the only other dessert that resonates strongly like’ crew cut under my fingers, watching Ipswich
from my childhood is Angel Delight and if a mere, all Town winning the FA Cup (the one and only time I’ve
be it Michelin-starred recreation of one dessert could ever shown any interest in football) and then I tasted
the pink goo and, drum roll please, it
tasted almost exactly like strawberry
What a disappointment, what a let
down, part of my childhood had died a
little with the tasting of those convenience
desserts and that should be enough to
bring a tear to anyone’s eye.

So, Angel Delight is basically a fruit fool,
one of the simplest and tastiest desserts
there is. You can substitute any soft fruit;

Image: Hwa Young Jung

black berries, raspberries, banana and
get a fantastic result although you might
want to slightly alter the amount of sugar
for less tart fruits

For 2 good portions.

250g strawberries
50g icing sugar
A lemon
250ml double cream
A large spoonful of full fat Greek

Take your strawberries and remove any green leaves, cut in half and if they are particularly large cut out
the tough hull.

Blitz them in a food processor with 2/3 of the sugar.

Taste and if it’s too tart add a little more sugar. If it’s too sweet add a squeeze of lemon. Keep tasting until
you are happy but remember this is a chilled dessert and chilling dulls flavour so you want your Fool to be
as punchy as possible.

In a separate bowl whip the cream until it reaches a firm consistency, but don’t over work it.

Fold in the yoghurt, which will help stabilise the mixture and then fold in the strawberries. If you want to be
extra fancy, pass the strawberry pulp through a sieve first to get rid of any little pips or hard pulp.

Place in suitable glasses and put in the fridge for about an hour.

If you want to be particularly classy garnish with squirty cream and a glace cherry.
c t i v e
r o s p e
Wayne Hemingway
Wayne Hemingway, MBE, is the co-founder of
fashion label Red or Dead and Hemingway
Design. He is a Professor in the Built Environment
department of Northumbria University, a writer for
architectural and housing publications as well as a
judge of international design competitions. His
latest venture is Vintage at Goodwood an annual
festival celebrating five decades of British cool.

Blackburn to win the FA Cup or the World Cup Do you have a favourite song and why?
for England? Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart.
Both. But I support Blackburn over England, So evocative of my teen years or Bacharach’s
everyone does don't they? Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head... oh that dreamy
scene in Butch Cassidy.
Where did you have your most memorable meal?
Christmas Day, trapped the wrong side of a river in Give us a record to get the place jumping. shops...cadged And one record to chill to.
a burger off some very strange backwoodsmen. Hamilton Bohannon Let’s Start the Dance, always
gets the party started. I can’t wait to hear it at Vintage
What do you collect? at Goodwood. To chill to, Roy Ayers Everyone Loves
So, so much ...7000 vinyl records, vintage clothes, the Sunshine.
Benidorm 70's donkeys, mass market art, British
cultural ephemera (the world’s biggest collection, see: If you had to go to a fancy dress party what would
( you wear?
I don’t like fancy dress as such, I dress up anyway,
Do you have a 20th century hero or idol? as one should.
Stevie Wonder
What’s your favourite street market?
What is your favourite film of all time? We started off at Camden but it has lost much of its
Oliver, enjoyed it as a kid, enjoy watching it with my cool, so it would have to be Broadway Market.
kids, will enjoy watching it with my grandkids.
What’s your favourite vintage/retro shop?
What was your first job? The 9 streets in Amsterdam, especially Lady Day.
Red or Dead
Have you lost anything that you really regret?
Who is your all time favourite actor? I once left my vintage two tone Aquascutum Mac on
Meryl Streep a train it back months later …a very happy day.
What’s your favourite drink? (
Waitrose sparkling grapefruit water, or Marks & and staying in love with the same woman for nearly
Spencer sparkling lemon & lime water. 30 years and being a good dad, even if I say
so myself.
What’s your favourite building and why?
Our own house, cos we did it ourselves. If you could live in any decade, which one, and
Who or what has been the biggest influence on Would have enjoyed the 1920s. Looking at pics of my
your life? family, they looked so cool, but I am looking forward
Mrs Hemingway, my mum, my nan, my pop, my kids. to the 2050s.

What is your all time favourite TV show? Have you ever ‘splashed’ the cash on
World of Sport, my dad was a wrestler on it. something big?
On the Vintage at Goodwood festival
Which career would you have most likely have ( ...a very brave
followed if you weren’t doing what you are today? gamble indeed!!!
Not wrestling…
Is there one thing you want to do before you
Can you remember your first boy/girlfriend’s depart the stage?!
name and are you still in contact? Run a couple more marathons (one with my eldest
Gerardine was my first love and she will be my last, daughter); find a mint copy of the soul record
she is the future and she is the Broomfield Corporate Jam, Doin’ it our Way; change
rhymes...guess the song that’s based on? the face of affordable housing for good; enjoy the
25th anniversary of Vintage at Goodwood; DJ at all 4
What is your proudest achievement? of my kids weddings and enjoy an old age traveling
The Staiths housing development: with Mrs H.

tickets on sale now
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