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Geometry 1A

Teacher: Mrs. Daniel

217-285-6888 (School) (School)
217-285-1312 (Home)
Welcome back to school!! I am eager to get started. It is going to be a
fantastic year, full of learning from each other, laughter, and hard
work. We will be using a learning style called Interactive Notebooks
(IAN). Interactive Notebooks will combine hands-on movement,
creativity, and curriculum material that brings learning to the students
in a fun, collaborative way. The engagement with the materials and
individuality will assist the students (YOU!) in retention of information.
The students notebooks will become increasingly important to keep
track of and not lose as the year goes on. So, take pride in them and
treat them with respect. If your parents are interested on learning
more or if you have questions, feel free to contact me.
Needed Materials:
Five-Star Mead One Subject Notebook with a plastic Cover. (I
will provide this. I have them) (we will design a cover for the
notebook so decorations on the front are not needed-they will just
be covered up).
Good Pair of Scissors (biggest is not always best! Get scissors
that you will be comfortable with to cut quickly and carefully).
Crayons, Colored Pencils, and Crayola Supertip Washable

One package of Papermate Flair Colored Pens (our Wal-mart

carries these. They are in the pen/pencil section. These DO
NOT bleed through regular notebook paper)!
One bottle of Allenes Turbo Tacky Glue All Purpose Adhesive
(This is also at our local Wal-Mart in the craft section by the
paints and Modge Podge).
Please have all your materials within the first week to prevent
getting behind in your notebook.

Grading Scale :

Grading Weights:


Interactive Notebooks may be used on homework and quizzes. They will

not be used on Tests.
Semester Average:

1st/3rd Quarter 2nd/4th Quarter Semester Exam -


Students will be on time to class and ready to participate.
Upon entering the classroom, students will get any daily materials
from door table and begin working at once. (may be items for our
notebooks, practice sheets, group information, stations directions,
We will create an atmosphere of helping each other, valuing one
anothers input and kindness.
We will seek assistance from one another unless Teacher help is
the only avenue. We will learn from each other as well as teach
each other. We all have gifts to offer!
Weekly homework will be assigned on Monday and turned in
complete no later than Friday.
Respect for Self/Respect for Others!! We will use manners
(please, thank you, excuse me, etc), good hygiene (use classroom
Kleenex, hand sanitizer, sneeze/cough in sleeve, gum in the trash,
etc.), and apologize (we are all wrong sometimes. Saying Im
sorry goes a long way and shows good character, no matter what
We will NOT put ourselves down!! (examples: I cant do that, I
will never understand this, I cant ask because everyone will think
Im dumb .). This year.YOU CAN, YOU WILL, AND YOU ARE

Approximate Course Outline (Subject to Change at Teacher Discretion)


First Quarter
a. Unit 1 [Points, Lines, Planes, Angles]
b. Unit 2 [Logic and Proofs}


Second Quarter
a. Unit 3 [Parallel and Perpendicular Lines]
b. Unit 4 [Congruent Triangles]
c. Unit 5 [Relationships in Triangles]


Third Quarter
a. Unit 6 [Similar Triangles]
b. Unit 7 [Polygons & Quadrilaterals]
c. Unit 8 [Special Right Triangles}


Fourth Quarter
a. Unit 9 [Transformations]
b. Unit 10 [Circles]
c. Unit 11 [Volume and Surface Area]