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Once your heart has been made soft and moldable and open and fertile for My tender seeds, let them grow! Let them take
root in you and bring forth magnificent fruit in you from Me. - Magnificent fruits of My Spirit, of love, of mercy, of a
personality so much more beautiful than you could have ever become in the flesh. (I:84)
My Word will cause you to bring forth fruit, instead of dying on the vine! Isn't it a wonderful feeling, the prospect of
bringing forth fruit for Me? Your branches hanging full with blossoms, promising a ripe and abundant harvest? Spring is
coming, and your tree will blossom, and all those blossoms will become fruits in their season, at harvest time, as long as
you stay planted by the rivers of My water, and you keep receiving My life-giving sap... (I:312)
Usually, time and history have proven that the harder way was the more fruitful way. (I:417)
The ability to seek My Kingdom first, will result in greater obedience, thus greater blessings, and greater fruitfulness.

As long as you're yielded to Me and you declare in our unwritten daily contract that you are Mine and I can do with you
what I will, you can safely assume that I will, and that I will use every minute to prepare you to the utmost for that purpose
of your existence that will render the greatest possible amount of fruit for My Kingdom. (I:424)
I need you to focus more on the spirit world, in order to ensure your future survival and greater fruitfulness for Me.
You cannot bring forth the fruit I want you to without getting ahold of Me, My Spirit and your helpers more. (I:476)
It's a time to be willing to let Me kill those unfruitful elements in your life and to allow Me to purge them and go on to
newer, more fruitful ways, methods and things. (II:39)
I have certain expectations from you, who have decided to follow and serve Me.
My expectation is that you bear fruit. (II:62)
The roughness of the nitty-gritty of witnessing serves to rub My seeds deeper into your spiritual womb, thus enabling you
better to bring forth more fruit for Me. (II:119)
If you invest your love, time, affection and energy, just trusting that you're meant to do this, because otherwise I wouldn't
have put it before you, much less told you to do so, it's going to work, and it's going to result in and reward you with
lasting fruit. (II:144)
By their fruits ye shall know them. By the fruit of their lips, their fruit in your own life, you can tell. (II:263)
It's gotta be Me working in you and through you, if you want to bear good fruit! (II:272)
I will recognize and honor whatever fruit you will yield, and reward you for it. Of course, where there is nothing to show
forth, there is also nothing one can be rewarded for. But usually, every true believer has some sort of fruit to show when
they get Here, and Ill reward their efforts. The only thing I can not reward is the fear of employing what I have given you
and the only effort one ever made, being to have buried it. (2012:45)
Of course, one thrives much better, and manages to see My power at work in their life when the results of their faith are
evident before their eyes in the fruit theyre bearing. (2013:38)
To bring forth fruit at first, the key phrase is, Abide in Me, and the key point, thus, your connection with Me.
The only way youll be able to live up to anyones expectations, including Mine of you to bring forth fruit, is to abide in Me,
stay connected with Me, and thus making sure that eventually, you will.
Fruit that remains is a result of your relationship with Me, of abiding in Me. If you dont neglect that, but give it the due
time and space in your life, the fruit is also bound to come. Too many folks focus on the fruit, and try to bring it about in
their own strength.
Bringing forth fruit that remains requires patience and trust, that what I sow in your life will bring forth fruit in its season.
Dont be frustrated by temporary lack of fruit in your life, but be patient and keep trusting that if you dont neglect the
most important part of your life your relationship with Me it wont fail to show up in its time. (2013:56)
If you want to do and accomplish something that will last and bring forth fruit in My Here and Now, get into the groove of
letting Me do the things through you! (2015:133)
The enemy will keep fighting you and trying to keep you from bringing forth fruit that lasts for Me and Our Kingdom.
How about not giving up, but keeping hanging in there for the sake of others making it Up Here through your help and
How about fighting as hard as you can in order to bear fruit for Me and the Father, and do all that you can, and not just
give up in fear and because of doubts? (2015:175)

Remember Go ye into all the world!

Its not a matter of feeling more at home elsewhere, but having greater opportunities to be used by Me, and thus
bringing forth more fruit. (2016:41)

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