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Truth & Honesty vs.

Look beyond that which meets the eye! The obvious isnt necessarily always the truth. So much more lies beneath the
surface, and to uncover the hidden truths, you always need an agent to clear away the rubble its buried under. (I:40)
Love is telling the truth, even if it hurts. (I:83)
Sometimes the opposite of what appears to the carnal mind, is actually the truth. (I:84)
If you really want to know the truth about yourself, study My Word. In fact, that's the main reason why most people
shun My Word, because it reveals the ugly truth about them. (I:112)
Always seek the truth.
Inhale it, absorb it, and reflect it, and you will be a piercing ray of light that will cut through the Devils clouds, and the
darker it gets, the brighter youll be. (I:114)
To be willing to accept and receive the truth is the primary requirement. Those who lie to themselves and prefer to live
in the lie will always oppose you. All youve got to offer is the truth. (I:146)
Some are bold enough to stand up and step out for Me and the truth, and I will reward them mightily! (I:184)
Break through that wall of deception; the Devils trickery and illusion, which causes you to fail to see the truth behind
the facade! Seek Me and the truth, the real picture more desperately, for you cannot rely on your own minds. (I:194)
Theres a lot about you that others could tell you about you, not to mention what I could tell you about yourself... It all
depends on how much truth about yourself you are willing and able to take. (I:228)
Delusion must be destroyed, in order to build a firm foundation of truth.
I bring that sword of variance, to cut down the veil of false appearances and views which hinder you from doing My
work. With every layer of that curtain that I cut down, you come a little closer to the whole truth. Shed your former
concepts of truth and reality and empty yourself completely and open yourself utterly to Me!
Everybody is so convinced of their own view and opinion that theyre not open for the truth, everybodys an evangelist
for their own little private and personal pet truth.
Can you show that your truth is truer than theirs? (I:241)
There comes a time in every life, when they see where they erred and failed to see the truth. (I:245)
Tell the truth as you would like to be told the truth! And be aware of the fact that many people are trapped in a game in
which they seem to think they need to put on a pretense, or that they just cant show their true selves. Pity them and
free them with My truth! Set free the captives of lies with My Words and deeds of truth!
As I have set you free from the snares of the pressure to deceive, so shall you set free others in the same bonds.
Nothing is as liberating as the naked truth! Convey trueness of heart! (I:275)
Its so important to get any traces of deceit out of your lives. Its gotta be truth thats ruling your lives. Its gotta be
genuine. Its gotta be Gods good gold. (I:276)
Men loved darkness rather than light... Light is always the strange new ingredient, along with the truth... The lie was
so cozy and comfortable... so easy to live with... (I:284)
Someone who reminds people of their Creator will hardly ever receive a warm welcome among those who have
rejected the very thought of their Creator, who have embraced the Big Lie that life and the world with all thats in it
came into being by itself, just so they can keep doing their own thing without their conscience pricking them too
hard... (I:288)
To be honest and to tell the truth is part of the proof of your love. Its part of the price of living the law of love. (I:303)
This rejection of My way of the Spirit is often preceded by some rejection of truth, and therefore, not having received
the love of the truth, I must allow those other spirits to speak to them and offer them the lie. Choose what youre going
to believe: your own truth, or Mine... (I:354)
Opinions are not really what matters: its the content of truth in them that counts!
Let go of the old and open yourself up wide to the new: forget all you know and think you know and soak up My truth!

Honesty is fairness, for it will let the others know where youre at. (I:380)

Youre a bulwark of truth in a sea of lies! Guard that truth! (I:390)

One thing about the truth is, you can't help anyone to receive it; it's their own decision.
What I want My prophets to do: just offer the truth. Those who seek it and want it and love it, will receive it, including
all its ugliness. They'll just be happy to be freed from the lie, even if the life they'll be living for the truth will be one of
hardship, of sacrifice and of foregoing many pleasures the easy, selfish life had to offer, and even if it means constant
war. (I:430)
It's pretty hard to accept the whole truth about yourself and to learn to apply that truth daily, to keep on the right path,
and to put it into action. You've got to want that truth, even if it hurts, and then live it and act on it!
My truth exposes the cage and the confines that the devil is trying to keep you in, and it's up to you whether you want
to break out and be free each day or not. (I:460)
Try to be a sample of honesty without hypocrisy!
Let everything you give come from the heart, truthfully and honestly! (I:480)
My true sheep and My true followers will never be satisfied with anything less than My truth, and that which I feed
them. (I:482)
I know better than you what you can handle. If you stand on this truth, that I won't allow you to suffer more than you
can bear, then you will also know that whatever befalls you must be within the range of what I know to be bearable.

Just because some or even many don't want to hear the truth, does that make the truth bad? Or is it still the truth, and
even if they don't wanna hear it, isn't it still a whole lot better than all the lies in the world together? (I:576)
Take up your cross and follow Me, spreading My message of truth to the lost and hungry sheep and being a ray of light
in a dark and dreary world! (I:613)
I cannot bless dishonesty, no matter how minimal or insignificant it seems to be to the logical mind. There is no such
thing as "a little white lie." (II:5)
If you really want to dig down deep, you not only have to discover mind-boggling truths, but let those truths sink
deeply into your heart, where they will change your life and take the desired effect. (II:58)
If you really want to live for the truth, choose to do so! (II:72)
If you really want My unadulterated truth, and if you want to hear My voice of truth, you must be ready to forget all you
Ask Me to give you a hunger for the truth and nothing but the truth, and that I won't allow you to settle for any halftruths or deceptions of the enemy of your soul!
People automatically tend to think that they would never be as dumb as Adam and Eve to allow themselves to fall for
the devil's lies, but that's already the first lie they swallowed right there: "Oh, I'm never gonna be that dumb!" Well, you
might have another surprise coming on that one, when you'll find out one day how often and how easily you fell for the
devil's fairy-tales! Adam and Eve will look like heroes to you then, by comparison! (II:76)
Sometimes I test you to see how badly you really want My truth and My revelations, or how quickly you would settle for
some kind of compromise and in-between thing.
If you want the truth and nothing but the truth, there is a price to pay for it. Part of that price is often time, because you
have to take the time to find out what the whole truth is concerning a matter. (II:85)
If there will always be something to hide in your life, to cover up, you will never be able to be completely honest with
anyone. It's a life spent in darkness, instead of the light.
Choose which road you're going to follow; the high road or the low road, the path of light or the broadway of darkness,
the way of truth, or the slippery track of lies. (II:86)
The love of truth does not only include a love for heavenly revelations, but also what others have to tell you about
yourself. (II:87)
Finding out the truth takes time, and you have to be willing to spend time on it. (II:90)
Not to fool yourself into thinking that you know anything, but to acknowledge Me instead of leaning to your own
understanding, to continuously seek Me for the truth every little step of the way, and not even give your own opinions
a chance to form and crystallize without My guidance and input, that's the only way you can make sure that the way
you see things is really the truthful way, the true and clear picture. (II:91)

You should not be too proud to ask - for help, for food, for shelter, for anything you might need! It takes courage to be
honest about them, and the devil will try to nip any attempts of honesty in that direction in the bud, but you should not
let that discourage you or divert you from it!
Being honest about your needs creates an atmosphere of humility, but it's the natural way it was intended to be. (II:98)
I'm an Advocate of openness and honesty!
There is no way you could hide things from Me, so be honest! (II:102)
You just need to open your eyes and there will be so many truths to discover!
In this age of lies you are My discoverers of truth. And there's more to discover every day! Truth about yourself; truth
about others; truth about the world, My Kingdom, it's almost limitless what's there to discover!
And you can pass on those truths to anyone who is interested and hungry for them. That's what I'm sending you out to
seek and to find: those who are hungry and receptive for the truth.
Not only be a discoverer of truth, but one who imparts and shares what he has found!
For one karat of diamond, you have to shift one ton of sand! It takes a while of digging and searching until you find a
diamond in all that sand, someone worthwhile who is hungry for the truth and will receive it.
People often do not see the whole truth about themselves.
If you go about it the right way, you will find a great calling, and great joy in being My messenger, and you will become
better at telling others the truth in love. Find out what wonderful fruit the truth brings in others' lives!
Don't hurt anyone by withholding the truth from them! That hurts even more! Find ways to let them know lovingly!

It behooves you to take on My view and way of looking at things if you really want the truth and to convey nothing but
the truth! (II:118)
Truth in the inward parts - applied to purge and make clean, that is what will bring about the true gold that can stand
the tests of time! (II:120)
When all you really want is the truth and nothing but the truth, no matter how ugly it is, then you're faring a safer road
than one who easily settles for something that "sounds good." When you're out for beauty, more than the absolute,
naked, and sometimes ugly truth, then you run the risk of accepting fake gold, which may appear shiny on the outside,
but will not stand the tests of time.
It requires great desperation, sincerity and humility, honesty with yourself to the point where it hurts, willingness to
break with your own romantic image you may have of yourself, in order to truly receive nothing but the real, naked and
raw truth - a consistently flowing plan that slowly but surely moves you along to My perfect will. (II:121)
The truth is really a precious and wonderful thing so few people really have, and it's a treasure you can proudly
advertise. Flaunt it, and walk in the confidence of truth! Fully knowing that you've got My truth can give you that peace
and confidence that many others are yearning for deep down in their hearts, and if you don't let the enemy cheat you
out of the joy of it, they're going to come and ask what it is that makes you tic. (II:126)
The devil tries to scare you that you might lose something through honesty, but you're only going to gain from it. (II:131)
In the world they just don't seem to stick to the truth as much as My scribes and prophets would. There are too many
people out there who defend nothing but their own little truths. That's the result of Adam and Eve believing Satan's lie
at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, "Ye shall be as gods." The problem is that when you have millions or
even billions of little "gods" running around and everyone of them having their own "truth," it's pretty hard for those
who are not too conceited to find out what to believe in and what really is the truth.
The difference between goats and sheep is that goats will eat anything, whereas sheep will only be satisfied with the
fresh green grass of My truth, and nothing else. (II:154)
Sometimes you've just got to forget everything you've learned in order to find the truth for the moment!
The devil is quick to contribute some of his input to your view of things in order to stop you from becoming the totally
pure, radical and revolutionary vessel for My truth and nothing but My truth that I would want each of you to be! And
sometimes his input comes from the most unexpected sources, so you've constantly got to be on guard! (II:161)
You must dispel the lies of the enemy about what others think of you!
He steals your unity and your love for each other by sowing lies and having you swallow them, and you often don't
even realize what happened!
Dont give any place to the devil and his dirty lies trying to destroy your faith, your unity and your positive outlook on
You must make a positive and definite declaration that you're not going to fall for those lies anymore! (II:166)
Cast down those imaginations and high falluting thoughts and fears born of pride that exalt themselves against the
better judgment of the truth and knowledge of God! Get real! Look at the real picture! Don't let the devil bluff you into
believing his fake reality! Bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ!

Let Me tear down the walls of the devil's strongholds in your mind and cast down his imaginations, so that I can
recapture each and every one of your thoughts in order to get you to stop believing the devil's lies! Believe Me instead!

One simply needs to make the choice whether what they want is really the truth or merely their own mental concept,
either see the light, or decide to go the rest of the way with the private little concept of the meaning of life, yet another
victim to the devil's deceptions.
Many people are so sure of their own perception and concept of truth, they're willing to kill for it. That's why you have
the standard of My Word. (II:223)
In order to get to know Me, you've got to spend time with Me. More than with other things, even if they seem to be more
"feeding" to you.
It's a test to see how much and how badly you really want the truth, or just an easy way out... (II:232)
When somebody chooses to believe a lie about you and refuses the truth, you will just have to let them go down their
path for a while to find out where it leads, unable to do much more for them than pray. (II:240)
In rejecting the voice of truth, in refusing to listen to My servants, they heap upon themselves their condemnation,
their judgment and verdict. (II:252)
If you're not really open and hungry for the truth and nothing but the truth, you can fail to see the truth even though
you've been hearing it all your life. (II:263)
An important part of your ministry must be to expose the lies of the enemy! (II:305)
Even if you have found the truth, you should always stay hungry for more! (II:327)
All depends on how hard someone is looking for the Real Thing! If they really want the truth and nothing but the truth,
they're going to find Me! (II:332)
What My heavenly Family has to offer is the Real Thing and the truth. The amount of truth that exists is like an ocean.

If My truth in you becomes hard and solidified, nothing's going to crack it so easily. (II:352)
You've got the truth, because I'm not a liar. A lot of other people are still wondering what the truth is, or may be
completely oblivious to the truth, constantly and perpetually deceived by the old liar, but I have given you the truth!
The truth shall make you free! That's what it is that makes you free indeed. All I have to offer you is the truth! But the
truth is all you need in a world of lies, in order to cut through and rise above.
The truth and the knowledge of the truth will help you rise above and free you from all the confines, simply because
you're realizing that they're living a lie. You've got to expose the lie and the wrongs before the truth can really set you
free. (II:541)
The tryings and purgings of time erode all things that are not really real, all false premature conclusions, no matter for
how long they may have been worshiped and obeyed as truths. The only truths that remain will be those that dont
contradict Mine. That may sound like a pretty bold statement in a world of lies, but its nevertheless a certainty.
Heaven and earth will pass away, but My Words will never pass away (Mt.24:35). Blessed are they who believe that.
Blessed are they who cling to the truth as their anchor in life, and not those man-made concoctions of half-truths and
pseudo-truths, mixed with a lot of wishful thinking (IV:87)
Its easy for any worldling to love and welcome those who promise to bring them success and prosperity in the system
they believe in, since they dont know of anything else.
They would have loved Me, too, if I would have just stuck to the miracles, the making wine and multiplying loaves and
fishes business, but instead I insisted on fulfilling My ultimate destiny of giving them the truth, which was bound to be
rejected by them
Its not even so much in the words you tell them as in what you are, because just by being different youre already
living proof of a truth they strongly dislike, namely that there is a way of doing things and of being that is different than
their own and the way they were always taught to be
Things like valor and courage and the guts to be different arent really being appreciated in a society in which folks are
drilled to adjust and fit in. (11:38)
Coming to the zero position from a pseudo value made up of imaginary figures that folks think adds up to the sum of
their being is one of the hardest tasks in life and one of its greatest hurdles, one that many never overcome. They just
can't face the shocking truth. But in a world of lies, governed spiritually by the god of lies, one has to be prepared for
that sort of awakening.
In a way, there's not much more you can convey and communicate to people right now, than that they're being lied to.

As long as they dwell in their little paradigm, that everything is the way they're being told, what chance have you got to
break through with the truth? (11:48)
Sincerity is not something youre necessarily born with, but that you might need to acquire.
Deception has been woven so deeply into the fiber of human nature that many dont even realize anymore that its
there. (11:70)
All I've got for you is the truth, even if it's a bitter pill to swallow... (11:108)
Instead of accusing Me of being the great Perpetrator of all evils (or at least the One Who allows them) folks should be
honest enough with themselves to wonder or ask what has brought them upon them a type of honesty that is
extremely hard to find among mankind. (11:114)
I know what it is to fight for the truth on your own, without any support from anyone, just perhaps some vague
sympathies from afar off while you carry your cross
With mans desire for peace and comfort, its only natural to want to suppress the knowledge about the rotten state
that his world is actually in, with no prospects for improvement any time soon. But once youre aware of it, it will
always come back to you, and theres no escape, really, from the truth. (11:130)
The lie is always easier and more pleasant to believe than the truth, and when people become comfortable with the lie,
its hard to persuade them that it would be better to seek the truth. Its harder yet when theyre convinced that their lie
indeed is truth, and even harder when they couldnt care less about any such thing as truth.
My frustration in My day was that they heard the truth straight from My mouth and still refused it.
Your frustration is that those even vaguely interested in any such thing as truth are becoming less and less. (12:10)
New approaches are necessary in order to convey My truths to the world. (12:23)
The hard rock truth is usually anything but comfortable or pleasant in this world.
You said what you wanted, was the truth. Is that still what you want?
Now that you have it, do you still regard it a treasure, or a burden which youd prefer not to have known?
Remember, there are two ways to react when accepting the red pill of truth: Full acceptance of the reality you
encounter, or, Stick me back in the Matrix! I want to forget everything! (12:26)
Youve got people motivated and powered by lies and illusions to the extent where they often cant tell the difference
anymore between truth and lies, wrong or right
Fact is, and this is whats being hinted at in My Word, that people simply prefer to hear and accept lies over the hardto-swallow truth. (12 62)
The folks whom the Enemy tries hardest to stop and discourage, are those who have the truth. (12:65)
When theres temptation galore beckoning, gazillions of lies told and sold, and a million doubts pulling on your soul,
beckoning to finally come to reason and forsake the sinking ship of faith, then its already an accomplishment when
despite of it all you just refuse to settle for anything less than the truth, even and especially if all youve got of it
seems to be bits and pieces and shreds of it that youre trying to make sense of by putting them together the best you
know how
Its one thing when you have a burning desire and hunger for the truth But just like the hunger of the baby being
stilled not by his own efforts and screams and cries, but the revelation of his mothers breast, so it is with the Holy
Spirit Theres not really much anyone can do to try to figure it out, analyze it, fit it in boxes and claim theyve got the
blueprint for the ultimate truth now (12:71)
Dont buy into the cheap lie, but dare to afford the truth! (12:85)
What did you expect, when youre supposed to be fighting for the most undesirable thing in their world the truth?
So, yeah, the lie, and all that goes with it, is more comfortable, more appealing to the flesh, more attractive, desirable
and tempting thats why its called temptation. And according to their values and standards the truth isnt worth
anything. But whats it worth to you? How much value do you give it?
It makes it even more difficult when those supposedly fending on the same side with you seem to have their own,
different version of the truth.
The truth, for you is a way of life and more; it is life, and the only way to live it. And there are others out there howbeit
only a few in comparison who feel the same way about it. And your job is to seek and find those truth-seekers.

You can always expect to find Me, the truth and the Real Thing, in the totally unexpected. (12:115)
As you refuse to surrender and believe the Enemys lies, a strength is being built that makes exactly the difference
between those who make it and those who dont. Thou hast a little strength, and hast kept My Word (Rev.3:8). (12:129)

I never intended to bring people religion, as much as reality and the truth. (12:148)
I offer freedom and truth. Whether people will take it is entirely up to them.
Its the truth that shall set you free. Accepting My truth is the first step. Then putting it into action is the next, liberating
step (12:151)
The knowledge of the truth is your greatest weapon. (12:172)
Professing the truth is so important to counterbalance the ever-increasing flow of disinformation with genuine
information, even if it seems so strange to them that most of them wont even begin to accept or believe it
The truth has got to be heard, even if rejected, so that they will remember that theyve been warned and that there were
prophets among them. (13:13)
To get to the point of realization of the importance of truth and nothing but the truth - about matters, is a process that
takes a while.
What you need is patience to develop that love for truth at some point.
You appreciate the level of truthfulness in our relationship, but youve got to understand that this is one aspect in
which our relationship is unique, and you cant expect the same from others. - Which may be sad, but nonetheless
If you cant tell anyone else the whole truth the way you perceive it, or the way you feel about things, you can still tell
Me; and the advantage is, I can truly tell you whether youre wrong or right about certain points.
Youve got Me to tell anything you want to without any risk of Me getting offended.
I can handle it.
Most peoples hunger, appetite, or even tolerance for truth of the self-exposing kind is very weak, since in this world of
falseness it doesnt get them anywhere, they figure. Knowing one-self is a virtue, skill or value that may have been
appreciated by certain ancient philosophers, but in this age of lies, its about as popular as opera among youngsters.
They dont wanna hear it.
Many are they who go through life chasing temporal values, and few, but blessed are they who seek eternal ones, such
as love for truth, or even a desire for it, or even just the ability to handle it, when its being slung their way.
Truth is often a dividing factor between those who desire it, and those who dont, which is why I, the Way, the Truth and
Life, was a factor of division among people, and why I said I hadnt come to bring peace, but a sword of division
between relatives. That sword is the very thing were talking about here, truth; and by far the vast majority of people on
the globe are too scared of it to let it come near them.
Perceiving the necessity and degree of importance of truth in your life will also help you recognize and desire to get rid
of any factors that are not of truth in your life.
The way of truth is the pure way, and once you truly begin to walk in it, you will want to eradicate all weeds of deceit
growing along its sides. It will become a passion; one I wish to awaken in you, for truth is what I am. A passion for
truth is passion for Me, because I am what any genuine seeker of truth will ultimately find.
Truth is by and large considered ugly in this world. Only those with eyes for true beauty and value can even stand to
look at it, hear it, embrace it, or even less likely, desire, hunger and yearn and search for it.
Since truth isnt conducive to material gain, or the acquisition of temporal things people desire, even such as travel
experiences, because the truth will tell them that the physical place youre in wont matter nearly as much to your true
happiness as the place and state your heart, spirit and mind are in, those people are not necessarily notorious truth
lovers, even if what they long to acquire most is what they consider knowledge.
Theres a difference between truth and knowledge, which is the reason why the cause of Mans Fall was a desire for the
knowledge of good and evil. Basically, the knowledge of good is truth, and the knowledge of evil its deceptive
Gently and lovingly teach, speaking the truth in love.
Having the truth handed to them in form of sarcastic humor, or disguised as such, isnt everybodys thing, and you
might have to adapt your cooking to their personal appetites.
You shouldnt make the truth any uglier than it is to them already.
If you push them away from the truth with your appalling way of dishing it out, then youre as much to blame for the
consequences of their rejection of it.
So, dont leave out the key factor in handing out the truth: Love, for that is what I am as well. If you can combine the
two, then youve practically got the essence of what I am; thats the way, and thats the life, the way to truly be living!
Youve always got to speak the truth in love, otherwise you might be causing significant damage instead of good.

A matter of discerning the truth: Who and which voices are giving you correct and false information? The Do-ityourself voices trying to beckon you away from Me and to keep you busy doing more important things than
squandering time and effort on a relationship the majority of the skeptical, agnostic and scientific world would deem
highly questionable?
But for some reason you always wind up here, back with Me, pretty much clueless. And you know by now that I like
that. The reason is, because its the honest truth. Its not as if all those other wise guys werent any less clueless than

you. They just pretend and think they know a bunch of stuff And so they hurl all this useless, flawed information at
you, and tons of good advice of what youre supposed to do, and how to do it
- Same old story. In the end, you always find out that the only Words that give you peace are the ones you receive from
Me. Like Peter said, Where else should we go? You alone have Words of everlasting life.
Can you blame Me for keeping beckoning you to come to Me to listen to the truth for a change, for not allowing you to
dwell in the illusion that all things are fine, and dwell in the same delusion that pretty much the rest of the world is
sinking in?
Im really the only One you can be 100% sure that Hes telling you the absolute truth. Thats My trademark. (13:63)
Theyve built a visible world on foundations of untruth, which makes it easier to accept and believe for the carnal mind
than My truth, which can only be perceived by faith, with nothing much in the visible realm to back it up.
Youre making the wise choice of building on solid ground, one where you will find truth, peace and the certainty you
miss, since its so abhorrently lacking in this visible world. (13:69)
Exposing the wrongs below the however neat surface is what has been one of My jobs and that of My prophets
throughout the ages; and even though its never a pleasant job having to tell people what they dont want to hear the
truth about their own miserable state or that of the system they live under its a necessary one.
They cant get around being told the truth, even though they will make it as hard on you as they possibly can to give it
to them.
One of these days youll realize that you really owe it to them to tell them the truth, and that its the best possible thing
you could ever give them. Its like a shot of medicine to a really sick body, even if it may not initially be welcomed or
received as such. Eventually theyll appreciate your effort, even if they might have preferred never to have heard it, so
as to have the excuse of, But I didnt know.
The truth is, they could have known, if they really would have wanted to. Ill always make the truth available somehow,
through someone, to those who want it.
My own life is the best example of how difficult it is to get your message and truth across to the public during your
own lifetime. Once youre out of this world, it may be a different story, since they wont have anyone anymore to pound
on and gnash their teeth at, except the new generation of truth bearers who will try to set straight the falsifications and
misinterpretations and false presentations of the former
This is the condemnation, that light has come into the world, that men loved darkness, rather than light (John 3:19).
They prefer the darkness of untruth over the light of the real thing, and in their eyes, the imagery is practically
reversed: the lies seem bright, shiny and tempting, while the truth bears an eerie resemblance of darkness to them,
which scares them. Truth is for the brave. Lies are for the cowards.
But in order to be truly brave it requires not only to seek and accept the truth, but also to pass it on, even if the masses
will resent it. Its true that the numbers of the brave who even seek the truth are diminishing, and even once some of
them find it, it scares them and they chicken out. But remember that its not numbers Im after.
One or two souls who are bold enough to fully embrace the truth and will then be courageous enough to proclaim it are
all I need. (13:70)
Thats what My truth does: If you abide in My Words, you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free (Jn.
8:31, 32).
Another whiff of My truth is another step closer to Me and My Kingdom and the heavenly viewpoint of things. (13:81)
if Im destroying your trust and confidence and hopes in this world, to Me thats progress and victory for the cause of
truth, and that is, as you know, one of the things I represent the only Way, the only Truth, the only Life. (13:85)
Basically the challenge really is: How do you deal with such a monstrous liar? What can you do against the flood of
lies? How do you cope with the horrendous extent of deception?
Well, remember that the help that the earth gave the woman from the flood from the dragons mouth in Johns vision
was that it opened up and swallowed it. They may swallow it, but you dont have to. Or, better put: They swallow it so
that you dont have to and drown in it!
The earth swallows the flood of lies so that you dont have to be affected by it since its obvious by the effects on
them that no drop of it would do you any good
This is what deceived people look and act like, and you dont want to be one of them! (13:104)
There is something bigger and greater to put your faith in and receive strength from its the truth that I have
established. (14:15)
If you can accept some negative manifestations as ways to teach and be taught the truth, youre allowing your faith in
the Hereafter to become greater again Not have it all limited to this temporal life (14:25)
The devil is working at trying to get you to swallow some of his lies
After all, his greatest enemies are those who have been doing a lot to publish the rare blessing and power of truth in
their lives and this world. (14:50)

Life can be easy and life can be hard; and it always depends a bit on what people choose to believe in or accept as
their truth Sometimes what some people accept as easy truth can influence others in ways that tend to make their
lives harder. Thats why it would be better for certain folks to stick to Me and My sources to fill and lead them with
truth. (14:71)
The fact that the world is temporal, while Mine is eternal, is still true, and a good and solid truth to follow! (2014:89)
Better off youll be, if you can trust in Me. Its just a bit more value to the trusting in the truthful methods as opposed to
the ones not founded on truth, but on lies that the Devil always builds into peoples temptations, and the trouble hes
brought to the world since its beginning (2014:113)
Want the truth? Stay with Me and get My Words even if the devils telling you stories about Me that make you
There is that kind of a difference between My voice, input and truth, and the doubts and ugly thoughts the devil tries to
throw at you beforehand
Maybe youre learning to appreciate the difference between the effect of My truth and his lies. Would be worth it, dont
you think? (2014:145)
The good thing is to naturally prefer truth over lies, which unfortunately cannot be said about all humans. - But
sticking to the truth, though a tough and lonely road at times, is the best choice and move. (2014:183)
Youre not just learning from what Im telling you, but still listen a lot to your own mind and what its telling you
What if Im trying to get the truth in there, but youre still too much influenced by what your own mind is telling you,
including some of the enemys influences he has on it? (2015:123)
Youll be better off in the long run than all the others that will follow the pressure into serving him who has been
deceiving this world pretty much since the beginning, and which will reveal the great difference between the lies and
the truth.
Whichever plays the important role for you is whats important. While his lies promise the immediate luck there and
now, My truth promises a happier Hereafter (2015:142)
Recognizing and accepting the truth gives you greater peace within. (2015:160)
Theres a greater truth withheld from the masses by the usurper and his bunch
Its almost scary to become aware of the fact and stats how comparatively few are aware of what according to your
belief is truth, isnt it? It almost makes you wonder, How can it be truth, if the vast majority believes and claims to
know differently?
Thats why it sometimes seems easier to believe the lies the world is filled with since it sort of makes you fit in a bit
more and makes you not seem as crazy to them as just believing in My truth
So, now that youre being brought back to the realization of how tough and rotten this world is, as far as who runs it
the inventor of lies it brings back the memory of what a tough task it is to be one of the few bearers or truth in this
world and its current nasty state, doesnt it?
Well, which may also be part of the reason why Im absolutely not against anyone making efforts to receive My truth
straight from Me! With so little truth around, I certainly appreciate anyone welcoming it!
So, the world being ruled by the inventor of lies, as John 8:44 tells you, makes it clear why truth and any desire for it
has become so rare, and with its boss and inventor also being a killer, accordingly no wonder he just tried to wipe
you out!
He detests any of those who carry the truth, and will do all he can to get rid of them.
Now that you realize how rare it is to be a proclaimer of truth in this world run by the inventor and proclaimer of lies
maybe it helps you to realize how important someone is to Me still being around in that world, in order to spread that
truth, even though by now its absolutely being ridiculed by his many faithful followers of the flood of lies he poured
out before them. (15:168)
Some of the things I told My disciples, some of them couldnt believe at the time being, but eventually they realized I
had been telling them the truth. (16:2)
Sometimes admitting that you cant handle certain things is more honest, and a way to let others know that theyve got
something about you to live and deal with. (16:10)
Knowing all these truths in theory should enable you to cope with some actions and incidents in your life according to
them (2016:23)
If you believe Im telling you the truth, you should stick to it, and base your attitudes and behavior on it! Better than
basing them on the devils lies! (2016:42)

A lie that everything created itself easier to accept for those who receive the enemys wavelength of pride more
than Our truth of Love and humility - One of historys major lessons.
In other words, love and humility are fruits of the Truth from Above, while hatred and pride the results of the place
below founded by its creator and what the world is unfortunately going to accept the rulership of for some time to
teach mankind the ultimate lesson about good vs. evil, truth vs. lies, pride vs. humility, etc. (2016:53)
Popularity is not supposed to be your goal, but its much rather your task to stick to the truth, even if concerning
whats expecting the world, its an ugly and unpleasant one! (2016:74)