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As you learn to operate in Me, in My strength and wisdom, in the Power of My Spirit, you cannot fail. (I:43)
Whatever the circumstances are, I want you to look past and beyond them, through them, at the hidden blessing, the
greater victory which will come about through seeming defeat; at the lessons and wisdom gained by means of an
apparent loss, at the greater purpose of God, at the greater good which will always come forth out of supposed evil for
those who love Me, at the beauty which will come out of the ashes of the old. (I:84)
Wise are those who are weak in their own sight and run to Me for strength and protection. Foolish are they who think
theyre strong enough to save themselves. Wise are they who take My Words to heart. Foolish are they who only trust
in their own minds. (I:96)
Put on My Spirit of meekness, and I will give you greater wisdom to fight! (I:99)
Say, Thank You, Lord, for handing us this situation! Could we now kindly hand it back to You, for You to take care of
it? We cant, Lord! We thank You for this terrific lesson, Lord, but Youre going to have to take care of the details, show
us how to handle this and do the rest, the part we cant...
That is wisdom. That is faith. That is believing Romans 8:28. Thats trusting Me the way it pleases Me. Thats knowing
that Im in control. And no matter how grave the situation may look right this minute, by faith and by My grace, youll
be able to laugh about it tomorrow, next week, or at the very latest when youre with Me in My Kingdom. Id be honored
to prove Myself worthy of the trust you put in Me. (I:128)
Be wise and share My Light with them that sit in darkness, and turn as many to righteousness as will receive Me, and
you will! (I:158)
If you want to fear anyone, fear Me! Its the only wholesome fear there is. Its a warm fear, because you know its going
to lead you to do the right thing, and its the beginning of wisdom, the first step that leads you into the right direction.
Its not really fear, but more like respect. You respect Me, you acknowledge Me, you check with Me, and youre
scared to make a move without Me, because you know you might land on your face otherwise.
Let Me live, move, walk, talk, think in you, love them through you, talk to their hearts through you, touch them through
you. Let them see Me through and in you... the secret power and source behind everything you do, every miracle you
will work, every word of wisdom you will speak, every song you will sing. (I:208)
Use greater wisdom and greater love even for your enemies in your communications with them! Live peaceably
with all men, as much as it lies in you!
Its better not to write anything, than words which stir up strife. Witty words wont get you out of trouble, only My
power and wisdom will. (I:216)
Shepherding requires being grounded and firmly rooted in the wisdom that is from Above. (I:228)
Stay alert and keep your eyes open for those golden opportunities to touch someones life, to influence someone for
the good, which might bring eternal changes, to sow the seeds of My wisdom into their hearts to teach, being instant
in season and out of season... (I:247)
You will understand and know that is has been worth it all, and you will rejoice in My wisdom. (I:303)
"Fools laugh only in the sun", but a wiser man will have learned to find joy and laughter even in the rain. (I:315)
I wish to make you stronger and wiser, and I only manage to do so by having you come to Me, desperately seeking My
face and My help. (I:326)
Its not how much you know, but what you do with what you know... Thats wisdom. Knowledge puffeth up, love
edifieth. (I:396)
The fear of God is a good beginning, it is the beginning of wisdom, but it's not the end of it. (I:416)
You can have all the wisdom of a god, but without love, it's still not the same. (I:421)
Sometimes "bad" things aren't all that bad after all, especially not from My point of view, and when weighed against all
the lessons learned and wisdom gained out of them, which drive people closer into My arms and put their outlook
more into a realistic perspective. (I:442)
You may have your little plans, but it's wiser not to make them without Me. (I:458)
If you seek to do that which matters and bears importance according to the rules and standards of Heaven, you would

be wise to seek things that glorify Me. (I:481)

If you're wise, and you have the faith and insight it takes to really accomplish great things, you will actually realize that
using My hands, instead of your own you can get so much more accomplished, like multiplying your own strength
innumerable times over.
There's still lots to learn. You'll be amazed how much wisdom there is yet to gain. We've hardly even gotten started yet.

Be wise!
It is in your power to choose to be so, instead of being foolish, just following your whims. Being wise means not to
always follow your whims, but do those things which are going to be good for you in the long run.
One big necessary step in acquiring wisdom is going slow and taking time to absorb My Wine for you, making sure it's
really becoming part of you and you're not forgetting all the potentially life-changing truths I'm blessing you with. (II:58)
Sometimes knowledge is the greatest stumbling block to divine revelation, because it interferes with what I would like
to reveal to you and pipes up with its own input! When you come before Me, you must lay aside your own opinions,
your own background information as much as possible, and any preconceived ideas and bias, otherwise a message
can very easily become tainted by what you "know."
"Forget what you know" is a good slogan. (II:90)
Acknowledge Me instead of leaning to your own understanding! (II:91)
Only those who look beyond and have greater wisdom than those who fall for Satan's lies, see the greater blessing and
the greater, hidden reward beyond the apparent loss of the thing you gave away. (II:94)
Learn to surrender to My plan, even when you can't see its wisdom and perfection fully yet, to just say, "I take thee,"
even if you still see flaws and imperfections, like when Hosea married the harlot Gomer. (II:105)
Forget all you know! This is not a situation in which any of you can rely on your personal experiences or
understanding, wisdom or knowledge, but one in which you're each going to have to seek Me. (II:108)
My wisdom of love and obedience is higher than knowledge. Knowledge puffeth up but love edifieth. (II:166)
Knowledge can be one of the enemy's greatest temptations, and it takes a lot of self-discipline to stay on the straight
and narrow of the simplicity of My Gospel. (II:173)
Whatever you learn or whatever knowledge you acquire, it's still best to "lean not unto thine own understanding," but
"in all thy ways" to "acknowledge" Me. Without the Spirit, any knowledge is dead, just as works without love are cold
and dead. It's the Spirit that makes the difference! (II:179)
Godly wisdom and knowledge are gifts of the Spirit. You just have to discern between System input or carnal thinking,
and My wisdom. (II:199)
Great wisdom lies in the power to remember the things I've told you and revealed to you. (II:236)
Some things may not have happened as you would have wished, but you are learning that those things that apparently
went wrong in your life are the biggest sources of wisdom and invaluable lessons that will hold their value for eternity!

Without My wisdom, without that direct link between you and Me, you weren't able to see this, oblivious to your task
and purpose in life and any clue on how to tackle it. But now you can see! Now you can hear My voice and receive the
wisdom from Me to find out what you're supposed to do. (II:247)
Be wise in being simple! (II:255)
I can use only those who accept My wisdom as the supreme standard, who drink in the radical waters I have given for
this time and age, to fight the battle over the souls of men in history's darkest hour. (II:277)
Wisdom is so much more a matter of the heart than the mind. You've got to let Me plant My seeds into your heart, and
you must absorb them with all your heart, not just acknowledge them with your mind. You've simply got to take the
time for those seeds to really sink in. Learning is something that just can't be done in a hurry. (II:285)
Which other way do you acquire wisdom but by pain and suffering and going through fiery trials and tests of faith?
When someone has truly learned to trust in Me, you could call that wisdom. (II:290)
Wisdom is more than acquiring knowledge; it's experiencing, yes even suffering the things you learn, just letting them
be, and diving right into life. It's not holding on to what you've gathered, it's letting go of any false, temporal or carnal

securities in exchange for the invisible, thin rope of faith you're going to be walking on instead... (II:303)
You really gain wisdom not just by accumulating spiritual wealth and knowledge for yourself, but seeking ways to
improve the world around you by passing on to others whatever you receive from Me! (II:305)
Acquiring wisdom is a process that happens over time. Knowledge can be gained pretty quickly and easily, but not
wisdom. Wisdom is acquiring the right kind of knowledge, getting to know the right kinds of things, that don't just stuff
your head with information, but help you make progress in your life and will be helpful and beneficial to others as well.

You ask Me to fill in the blanks, analyze the problems that caused you not to reach your destination the last time you
set out, what caused you to fail and to go astray, you learn from it... that's how you acquire wisdom. (II:328)
The wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good
fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy (James 3:17), and involves a few more factors besides exposing the
workings of evil.
It sees how experiencing the fruits and results and consequences of evil is necessary for mankind in order to learn
their lesson and for others to acquire that wisdom, too. (IV:20)
If respecting God is the beginning of wisdom, do you think thats a prize worth fighting for or something worth fighting
to keep?
If respect for God is the beginning of wisdom, I guess you might see what happened to wisdom in this world, and why
and how it has practically vanished
Here you see the connection between the love of money being the root of all evil and the disappearance of wisdom: the
love of money replaces the respect for Me, which is the beginning of wisdom. In other words, the love of money is the
root of all evil because its the beginning of the end of wisdom (2012:30)
Be different and show some faith and some wisdom, and that youre actually learning something from this School of
Life and all these classes and lessons Im giving you. (2012:55)
It pays to learn to hang on to your energies and invest them wisely, and, should you run out, how to regain new
strength Here.
Chalk it up to getting older: this sort of wisdom and ability comes from the experience that is gleaned over the years.

When someone has truly learned to trust in Me, you could call that wisdom.
If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God The problem is that most people dont even consider wisdom worth
acquiring so much that theyd even bother to ask for it Thats the really pitiful part about it.
When it comes down to it, what more valuable tool could you possibly ask for in order to help you navigate through
this turbulent life successfully and safely?
Laying down your life for others is the extreme opposite of such lack of foresight and wisdom. Greater love hath no
man than this, also means, greater wisdom has no man. Instead of making your own immediate welfare your primary
concern, you think farther ahead much farther. (2012:57)
Learning to deal with mistakes others are making, that youve made before is really a wonderful opportunity for
learning how to love, showing what you learned, and apply that gained knowledge or wisdom (theres a difference, you
know?) in the right way, not in a self-righteous, preachy attitude, but one of true love and understanding. (2013:18)
The only thing that gets better is your relationship with Me, if you cherish it enough and wont neglect it, and the
wisdom you glean from your experiences, if you take heed to lifes lessons.
Youre aware of the fact that youre a mess? Congratulations! Not many people in this world have currently attained to
such a degree of wisdom! (2013:105)
Questions come up in life and certain answers dont just show up rapidly Sometimes wisdom arises after certain
lessons have been taught and learned It doesnt just appear by itself without any efforts made in that direction
efforts to learn (2014:34)
You need to keep praying for My wisdom to keep leading and guiding you! (2014:51)
Making someone better, stronger and superior in the flesh, does it truly make them spiritually wiser?
All strength of the flesh, no spirit of wisdom what does it show? Temporal strength; and it will fail. (2014:58)
Ill give you the amount of wisdom and knowledge youll need in the situation I send you to. (2014:62)
Its not all supposed to be that easy! Youre supposed to go through some things to gather and collect experiences,
learn some lessons and thus gain some wisdom

Keep trusting in Me, keep looking at Me for hope, and listen to Me to gain wisdom! (2014:83)
If fun is more important to you than wisdom, enjoying more than learning well, then you might simply have to do
some more learning later. (2014:84)
There are only relatively few who appreciate My input and wisdom more than their own (2014:91)
Maybe you can use what Im trying to teach you to make the here and now better already, and share that wisdom
learned from a lesson with others, who might thoroughly appreciate it (2014:136)
Its a faith-thing, whether you can appreciate humility or not. But blessed and wiser are those who do. (2014:147)
So many people are doing things in their own strengths and wisdom, and youve been relying on those a bit, too. But
now youre getting into a stage in which you just need Mine more, and are dependent on them more: My strength and
So can you depend on those, instead of your own? It would be a large and huge part of wisdom you might need and
wouldnt regret getting into, I guarantee. (2015:35)
Dont just see the hard and tough times as a disadvantage in your life, but actually those times you will wind up
gaining most of the wisdom from in the long run, and much greater usefulness in the future! (2015:59)
Fun is okay, but wisdom and learning from life have greater values!
Some things are more important than having fun, and learning what life has to teach you is one of them. Appreciate
what Im handing you to learn! And through it, let that wisdom grow in you! Itll make you more satisfied as you grow
older than those times of having fun!
So wisdom or fun: which is the greater one?
You should agree that gaining wisdom ought to play a greater role than being obsessed with having fun as much as
you can.
Take these days of your life as a new era, where those other things, like what you can learn from life, are more
important than trying to enjoy whatever you can do in your spare time.
The Holy Spirit has been described more as Wisdom than fun. So, try to live according to that bit of wisdom Im trying
to pass on to you right now, and make it a more important topic in your life than that former no.1! Make wisdom more
important in your life than fun and enjoying life as much as you can! Youll find out that in the end, gaining wisdom
might even turn out to be more enjoyable, and definitely longer lasting than trying hard to have fun in a world taken
over by the enemy because of most peoples choices to favour what he does and has to offer. (2015:72)
Its a tough battle to get through, but the closer it draws you to Me, and the more it makes you depend on Me and
causes you to rely on Me instead of yourself and your own abilities, the more of an advantage of being taught wisdom
thatll help you through the times to come! (2015:86)
Lessons keep being taught, and eventually you should learn a bit through them and gain a little bit more heavenly
wisdom through it all. (2015:87)
Its not the weather, not the money, or a luxurious home that can get anywhere near the importance of the impact, or
the greatness of the role that Love plays in ones life; so it could only be wisdom not to neglect it! (2015:88)
Thats what time will tell: whether there has been some wisdom acquired through the lessons of life. (2015:90)
Don't keep trying to do things on your own or in your own strength or your own wisdom!
Basically, one of the biggest lessons of world history is going to be that there isn't much genuine wisdom among
people to rely on, and that it would have been smarter and wiser to depend on the Father's and Mine, and that of the
heralds of Heaven, who would have been and are more helpful than folks down there know to appreciate!
One of the wisest things you can do is realizing that you cannot just completely rely on your own understanding, but
should cling to Me and your help from Above instead. (2015:98)
When there are things to learn, its not necessarily always a fun or pleasant experience, but trust Me that itll make you
wiser in the end, and eventually youll be grateful for it. Eventually youll appreciate the wisdom gained from lessons
learned through experiences more than the fun times youve had in life! Theyll turn out more valuable than those
others; enable you to understand others better and feel more for them and have more sympathy than when lifes just
basically all about fun and pleasure.
Getting into the channel of the Spirit, is getting into the Fathers Channel, the Channel of God, since Hes a Spirit; and
anyone believing in His superiority above all those beings made of flesh will someday see they chose to believe in the
proper wisdom, and will be rewarded accordingly. In the Spirit World, which is also far superior above the material
world where the flesh presently rules (2015:102)
Trust and confide in Our wisdom instead of your own smartness, and youll see in the end that things will turn out

better for you. (2015:116)

Relying on own abilities, which basically means, on ones own flesh, is not really the blessed way to handle things and
lead your life for Me, playing a part in that world soon to be taken over completely by the enemy, as if you could handle
it all in your own strength and deal with it in your own wisdom. (2015:123)
Choosing between self-reliance with pride and dependence on Me based on humility is pretty much what its all going
to boil down to depend on the smartness your own flesh comes up with, or the Wisdom of the Spirit from Above

To do some preparation as a result of My input that would be a wise reaction to it! (2015:138)
Whether you keep putting your faith in the Hereafter and the There and Then or the here and now and whatever
temporal gimmicks it has to offer, you can imagine which choice of the two Id consider the greater wisdom. (2015:142)
If Wisdom is the description of My Mother, the Holy Spirit, well Im sure you wouldnt mind getting ahold of some
more of that! (2015:145)
Not being able to keep trusting in your own minds solutions is not a disadvantage, but a great step forward to leaning
on Me and the wisdom from Above, instead of any of your own. Leaning on the strength and wisdom from Above is
definitely better! (2015:167)
Rely on the Strength from Up Above, more powerful than your own, including a wisdom thats more prone to know
exactly whatll be going on around you, which your own mind on its own at best will be able to guess (2015:190)
He thats humble is wise. (2015:191)
Gather some wisdom through lifes experiences, concerning what reaps good results, and what doesnt. (2015:246)
Wisdom and other gifts of the Spirit are not just naturally bound to fall on folks, but have to be gained through prayer
and communication with Me and the Father through Me. (2016:20)
Be wiser to put your trust in Me and Our Power, help and supply from Above!
Looking for a better and more perfect place in this world may be a natural thing to do, but with the direction in which
the state of the worlds going, may not be the wisest.
Faith in a temporal system is not as wise as faith in the invisible, but yet much more real and lasting Powers and
Forces from Above! (2016:52)
Sometimes its the end that will tell the whole depth of a story, and makes apparent temporal apparent curses turn out
to have been blessings, after all, even if that blessing will just turn out through the wisdom, experience and strength
youve gained through it all. (2016:70)
Avail yourself of Our heavenly Strength, Power and Wisdom to make it up ahead, through the coming darkest times of
world history! (2016:75)