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Change (Vol.

(Making a Difference/Improvement)
Often it is only the fear of judgment or of things going wrong that will give people the incentive to seek change or
improvement, without which there is stagnation. (2011:4)
What I represent is radical change when it comes to the ways of this world, which are ever fleeting and temporal, soon to
remain no more, as promised, and by taking on My eternal mindset, you live a quite different life which enables you to rise
above the temporal.
The times when you are less than satisfied with this world are the ones when I get a chance to really work in your life and
bring about effective changes, and that is precisely My goal: to not leave things as they are, but effectively change them.

Love changes everything. Love is the greatest power to change anything.

I like to change people; I like to change their values and standards they previously measured and judged things by, and
whenever I have managed to do so, I consider that a job well done, purpose and mission accomplished. (2011:11)
Re-spect (= look again!) for Me is the beginning of Wisdom, the epitome of the Spirit of God, so, if you want to be full of My
Spirit, its good to have changes.
If you want to feel the miracle-working power that spurred on My disciples and early followers as recorded in the Book of
Acts, then change is just what you need in order to bring it on.
By making moves and changes, or rather, flowing with the moves I bring along in your life and allowing Me to bring them, you
open yourself wide for My Spirit. (2011:14)
Maybe youll find out that I am indeed blessing you in a greater way by bringing these changes into your life than you
previously would have deemed possible. (2011:15)
You dont have a clue what youre going to live off in the long run, and you might even have to change your whole approach
of how youll go about making a living.
But instead of just being another one in billions who set out to make a living, why not determine to make it a life instead, one
that is truly worth being lived? (2011:18)
More tests of patience may be strewn along the way. Theyre for you to deal with, to learn from and change by, and since Ive
done it before and have managed to change peoples lives eventually, Im confident Ill also succeed in this case (2011:20)
Pressure situations bring you into a position I dont hesitate to use those in your life in order to bring about real, tangible and
visible changes. (2011:31)
I bring changes. I bring parting with the old in order to introduce new factors. The new factors to the equation are what keep
the whole matter alive
Youll see that these changes will contribute to keeping you more alive, or should I rather say, bring you back to life? (2011:36)
Nothing changes about the fact that I wont leave or forsake you, and Im there by your side, even through all that youre
going through, and as hard as it may seem, and as forsaken as you may feel at times (2011:45)
The carnal human tendency is to assume that all things will continue as they are and as theyve always been. But the bitter
truth is, they wont. Change is in the air; and just because the big changes havent always happened visibly when some folks
said they would, and there may have been a number of false alarms, doesnt mean that they never will. (2011:49)
Each of you has the power to make a bigger difference than most of you are aware of!
And the only way to ensure youre going to make that difference is by staying close to Me. (2011:50)
If you dont like your circumstances, do something to change them! (2011:52)
If you really want to change something about it all, youve got to start by changing your own mindset.
You could bring about positive changes and be a positive influence in others lives! (2011:67)
I want you to keep progressing and advancing in your life, and sometimes that is achieved primarily by change. (2011:84)
Becoming aware of a need is the first step toward improvement. The best thing that can happen is your realization of the
need, which will help and cause you to focus on potential solutions, changes of behavior and attitude; things you must do or
could do in order to improve the situation. (2011:93)
Just changing your circumstances wont bring about the sort of changes you really need inward changes. (2011:98)
The point is not where you are, but much more importantly, what you are, and what by My grace youre becoming, if you yield
to the process Im carrying out in your life to bring about the desired changes.

If I can change you, save you, or do anything whatsoever to have any kind of impact on your life, I can do it anywhere.
So, if you just stop worrying long enough about whether youre in the right place or not, or if or where theres a place where
you possibly might be happier, maybe Ill just be able to finish My work in your life and bring about those inner changes that
are really going to guarantee happiness, because its the right attitudes that will get you there, and its not so much dependent
on the place where you are. (2011:102)
Youll have to admit that the greatest and most important work thats going to have to be done first is to change you, and
thats not going to happen overnight.
And the less feverish accomplishments youre going to be sidetracked with, the more time youll have for thinking about it
and finding out what it is I want to change about you and focus on the things that need to be changed.
This is more than a matter of attitudes. Its a matter of the heart, and what we are aiming for here is a fundamental change of
heart. If things would continue to flow the way they always have been for you, then that wouldnt be possible, since it wouldnt
even faze you that any such change might be necessary.
So, if Im putting you through the grinder, and things are becoming extremely uncomfortable, the question is not, What must
I accomplish, but much more likely, What do I have to change?
Youre going to have to think and pray long and hard about the areas in your life and heart I seriously want and need to
change before we can even seriously talk about any such thing as accomplishment.
Whats really important and in the spotlight here is your heart and your being that which has almost been most important to
Me, not your works.
If Im using a child to break and remold you and bring about those necessary changes in you; does that surprise you?

Cling to My Power desperately enough to really evoke the kind of changes you need, and not be sidetracked by ideas of how
you can bring about positive changes in your own strength. (2011:127)
If you dont like things the way they are, ask Me to change them! Its up to you to give Me a chance, to find out whether Im
capable of improving things for you or not. (2011:130)
If it bugs you that your wife wants to keep changing you, perhaps you may take comfort in the fact that Ive been in the same
fix all along: My believers have been trying to change Me and My nature, even if only in their own minds and conceptions of
Me for centuries and more. (2011:131)
Perhaps thats one more reason why men have got to have wives: otherwise theyd hardly ever change anything. Maybe
theres something good about women not being too easily satisfied with their current situations, but always wanting to aspire
to something new and better.
They are the ones having to spend the bulk of their time within those four walls you provide for them while you get to at least
enjoy some sort of change while youre off at work, so it would only behoove you to seek to keep your wife as happy as you
possibly can and be willing to look for and seriously consider any opportunity for positive change and improvement you may
come across.
If she wants change, and you dont find any strong signal that would indicate that Im opposing such change, it might be a
good thing to start looking around for ways to making one happen.
You have to realize that if change is a positive factor that I promote and want to bring about in your life, its obviously the
Enemy who would oppose and counteract that drift and do whatever he can think up in order to prevent it from happening,
including making your very comfortable with your current situation.
Change is going to be needed sooner or later. (2011:134)
Things get going when theres at least the possibility of a greater change on the horizon. (2011:138)
Whenever youre ready for the changes, well makeem.
One of the biggest distractions the Enemy comes up with is to get you to focus on the temporal environment, the
circumstances, and your place in this world. He gets you to wish for all kinds of changes made in aspects of affluence and
personal comfort, instead of the truly necessary, interior changes to be made in your house
He tries to get you to make temporary changes promising to alter and improve your immediate situation by getting you to
doubt whether the glorious lasting changes I promise will ever come to pass.
I have created you with the ability to change. Your house may seem beyond your capabilities to cope with making the
necessary changes, but you can overrule that mindset by clinging to My Promise that All things are possible to him that
It takes embracing the prospects that change is indeed possible if not in your own strength or by your own means, then
certainly by Mine. (2011:143)
Youve got to learn how to wait for My right time to bring about changes in your life. (20112:37)
One thing is trying or attempting to change yourself in your own carnal efforts and become whatever you idealize; another is
to yield to My workings in your life to make the changes I think are most necessary.
The main factor is that I know you better, and thus know better what sort of changes or therapy you need to bring about the
truly desirable results. (2012:38)

Coming to face and grips with those failures to be true to your words is one of the first and most effective steps to bring
about genuine change. (2012: 40)
See what I might have in store for you that might change any plans you may be making in the back of your head (2012:41)
You shouldnt blame Me for whats happening down there, but you should only blame yourself for not availing yourself of My
power more to change it!
Everything that is alive must progress, develop and change somehow. Just because it says, I am the Lord and I change not,
it doesnt mean that I dont allow My Realm around Me to change. (2012:51)
Thats why its so important for you to stay in tune with Me: Youve got the power to change things! (2012:52)
Resolve to make an effort to murmur and complain cuss less, or to improve in whichever way! What many fail to see is the
extent to which improvement would be not only desired, but actually needed, and more than just a good idea. (2012:53)
Changes will come. But how can you best prepare for them? By complaining about the here and now and wasting your
energy on daydreaming about better times and places? Or doing all you can to make the best of what youve got right here
and now, and allowing the fruit of your labors to assist you in any truly needed and necessary changes when the time for
them comes? (2012:59)
Unconditional acceptance is part of My qualities, and I can accept you the way you are, although I wont deny that My hopes
and efforts go more in the direction of having you progress and mature, learn and change accordingly, from lifes lessons.
The good thing is that youre willing to change and see the need for it, and sometimes a change of scenery is helpful in
bringing about changes for those who need a little visible and tangible help and support. (2012:63)
Changes are always good for you, especially when they cause you to reach out and stretch your faith and definitely approach
and reach others more with the message youre meant to give out as My disciples. (2012:87)
No matter how times have changed and everybody thinks its the way to go nowadays, when the opportunity arises to let go
of all that and do what you were really meant to, well, then thats your chance to make a difference! (2012:97)
The whole thing is a bit more open for change than youre presently aware of. Information does change as the influx of it
increases. (2012:121)
Why not bring some changes into the story, and instead of having you continue to do the same old thing, its time for
something new?
What did you all think came guaranteed in this life of discipleship? That you were always going to keep up the same old
routine? Or did I say through My prophet that the one thing that was guaranteed in this life was constant change?
so I took the liberty to introduce some changes in your life, perhaps changes in your plans How about My plan? You
profess to be My follower. So whats so hard about accepting a change of plans? - My plan for yours? (2012:127)
Changes are always good for you, even if it may not exactly seem like an upgrade to you! (2012:139)
You wont be able to say your life was an eventless rut without any changes and adventures.
Circumstances changed, and you had to trade in a good thing you had for something that you hoped would be better, but
hasnt really turned out to be so.
But the one encouraging thing I told you about this process, is that Ive managed to change you. (2012:156)
Thats the good thing about not-so-good and bad situations: They make you seek, and thus, bring about change. (2012:180)
Make a difference! Be different! (2013:4)
Itll be the one difference that will really make a difference in the end and in the final analysis of all things: How much
attention did you pay to Me and My Words, how much did you care about what I had to say? (2013:16)
When someone has a problem with recurring discontent, you just have to sit back for a while at times and watch as life
unfolds its palette of lessons, designed to evoke change in that persons life.
Unfortunately, its not good things, but those supposed bad things that bring about those changes and cultivate gratitude
Those experiences that make you appreciate the good youve had, or make you thankful when it gets better again. (2013:21)
The best and first incentive for doing better is to actually want to do better. People can pretty much do anything they really
want, and if thats what you truly want, youll focus on it, and eventually will actually do better. I wanna do better is actually
quite a good resolve, and very often the first step toward positive change in many peoples lives.
If you want to do better, you can. Like so many other things in life, it depends a lot on how much you want it.
Its really relatively easy to do better at this thing called life, if you only want it bad enough.
It definitely always helps to make a bit more of an effort.
A little bit more of an effort could make quite a positive difference. (2013:41)

You shouldnt be so stuck on your plans that you get upset if circumstances should force you to change them. They should
be guidelines, and if circumstances allow and all goes well, you can keep following them. But if you need to make changes, it
shouldnt upset you or throw you off. Show a little flexibility! (2013:44)
Why not give the game of conformity a break, and become active in the business of transforming, changing lives and thus
the world around you?
Conformity means you adapt to what you see going on around you, and its unspoken undertones imply that you like it. If
youre honest, though, you know that you dont like what you see going on around you, so why should you adapt to it, when it
is in your power (just as it is, really, in every mans), to do something about changing it? (2013:90)
Switch from their wavelength of the mundane, and their dimension of limitations, over to Mine, where there are no limits!
Im preparing you for changes and new challenges. (2013:97)
It pays to listen. But what can you expect from people who dont even know how to do that, because theyre too busy
chattering and blabbering their own lives away and making too much racket of their own?
Nonetheless, you will make a difference and will leave a mark a landmark on their existence that one day theyll recognize
as the moment when they could have made a choice that could have changed everything for them and turned their paths
around in a different direction to be truly walking the path of life. (2013:103)
Changes are not something Im against. Whatever is changing you, especially when there have been things that ought to
change, you can be sure theyre part of My blessing and work in your life, even if it may not look that positively to yourself in
the beginning.
Before you may have felt stronger somehow, and more powerful somewhat, but do you really think you were exactly the type
of person you were meant to be? Or could it be that Im rather working and achieving that now through the changes occurring
in your life?
If you can be full of Me and My Spirit, instead of yourself, its definitely a positive change, and bound to create and bring more
positive powers and forces in your life youll definitely be more grateful for.
Even though you perceive much of what has happened lately to you as more negative, trust Me that if I allowed it to happen, I
did it because I knew it would bring about positive changes in you. (2014:16)
What has happened to you was somehow good to change you.
I know quite well how to change folks if theyre ready for it.
Letting those things happen in order to change you wasnt all that bad in order to bring you onto a path and course of
Somehow it didnt go so well in your life at times; but if it doesnt, youll find out that changes are necessary. (2014:18)
Changes are usually bound to happen, and having to deal with one is usually better than not to.
Can you deal with the need for something to happen that brings changes?
Can you trust Me for that?
Love is the most important reason for any change occurring for Gods children! (2014:32)
Theres a change waiting to set in for you and inside you When everything keeps going the way all things usually do, its not
the time changes are accepted
Its good if you stay humble and dont feel too offended over the change your life had to pass through (2014:36)
What happened to you through your physical change is that youre more dependent now of My help. In other words, your own
independence isnt that important anymore, and its a change that makes unity more significant and important. (2014:37)
To change your life and get it less oriented by and toward money, might definitely be the more favorable arrangement for your
human soul, development and growth concerning eternity. (2014:42)
Its pretty good to view different kinds of changes in more positive ways, putting more trust in your Creator about them and
try to accept upcoming lessons with greater and more positive faith. To take a more positive attitude toward new things
happening to you in life is a good thing, because it shows you trust in God and the Creator, and not just your own ideas of
what should happen to you. (2014:45)
You might want to remember that your life is - and should be - starting to change some. After all, when you get older, you
should also get wiser and stop some of the more foolish things for your own pleasure you had previously
Be part of showing and proving what a difference it could and would make to peoples lives if they dont and wont keep
ignoring Me!
Let Me prove to you and the rest of the world thats interested what a difference I can make and bring into their lives!
Let Me show you and many others what a big difference I can make and what the Fathers Power and Mine can and will do for
you and them! (2014:51)
The world is changing; you know that much. Changing for better or for worse? Well, since you know whos in charge
spiritually, you know it cant be any better for believers in Me (2014:56)

Sometimes it takes a while for you to get into positive changes; find out what positive changes you need and let them occur

Change your act and behavior in the future with a bit more obedience to the sort of things I ask of My disciples and
followers (2014:61)
Sometimes, in order to make it through things, you need to undergo some positive changes. (2014:72)
Things change. They dont all and always stay the same! (2014:85)
Things are not going to stay so great for the rest of history in this current world, and youd better get ready for that change,
ready to handle it! There are many changes to come, and helping you to get ready for them was to allow you to pass through
a primary change you didnt expect.
Changes are necessary in order to help you be ready for whats to come. (2014:87)
When its a difficult period, trust Me that its also a necessary one that will change you and put all things eventually into the
way they should and ought to be. (2014:91)
Arent changes supposed to be a good thing for you to experience? Changes are generally a good thing to teach you, since
always going through the same old stuff doesnt do it that much! (2014:113)
Having to cope with monumental changes is what youre going to have to learn, including trusting in Me above everything
else, because things wont just keep going as they were
Perhaps one day youll actually thank Me for having let you go on like this, getting desperate and learning to trust Me above
all things, realizing that what Ive put you through was the best change for you to make it through what will be coming

Change youre experiencing is a good opportunity to prepare for rougher times bound to hit the Earth (2014:125)
Being so different isnt always that easy. But being different from the main stream of society can be a lot better than just
following its main moves (2014:134)
A solid change had to happen. Something to make you remember that this world isnt exactly what youd hope to be going on,
not exactly Heaven on Earth yet, as some may have believed
You began to expect a bit too much Heaven on this Earth in the state it was in. But havent things changed drastically? So get
ready for it! Ready for something worse! (2014:136)
When the worldly system has been pulling your attention a bit too much away from Us and spiritual matters, which to Us, but
ultimately also to you are much more important, the time has come for methods and incidents to change your life and make
you remember and realize whats really most important! (2014:142)
It wont be so long before folks will see Me, and things on Earth will change again in a truly good way. (2014:149)
If things are not going so perfectly for you, just keep it as an example for a reason why things must change!
Sometimes changes are good for you and happen to you out of a good reason. (2014:155)
All in all, its best to do things by faith and be ready for changes, if I draw attention to them.
Be open for changes in Gods plan for you! Be open for His will! (2014:158)
Things change, and thus, you better do, too! (2014:159)
To learn that sometimes things are different than you think, and to adapt to changes in life is not a bad thing! Being oldfashioned and staying with old ways of handling things is not all that good.
Sometimes its good to have renewals and changes in your life. Sometimes its just better not sticking to the same old way.
Changes are good. Just have to get used to some of them, sometimes. In any way, it is somewhat better not to have things
continuing to always be the same old way that they have been, but adapt to changes happening around you.
It might just be good to be open for changes.
To become open for new influences and movements in your life may turn out better than to be resistant constantly against all
and any changes.
Just be open toward changes, and handle those new things as lessons to learn! (2014:165)
There are always new circumstances that might change just about everything. (2014:181)
Changes seem rough and hard sometimes, there, in the physical world, but the more you get prepared, the better itll be able
for you to handle. (2014:194)
Change the world as much as you can with a positive influence!

In order to change the world for the better, youve got to have some input and influence in you for the better to touch other
peoples lives positively.
Keep the fact in mind that youve been somewhat failing to do the job youre supposed to as a follower and disciple of Mine,
and that youve had to be corrected somehow and made aware of that fact, and the need for a change in you!
It may be a rough and tough part in your life, but thats what it sometimes needs and requires for a positive change.
It just couldnt stay as easy in your life as it was, in order for you to have a positive change. And while it may still seem very
difficult for you to handle and accept that change, one day youll learn to appreciate it and realize why it had to come. (2014:197)
Its actually good and educational to learn to deal with and adjust to temporal changes things and events you werent
planning, but happen that way, anyways.
Life isnt always happening exactly the way people plan, and its always good to prepare for abrupt changes and learn how to
cope with them, manage and handle them.
If you can handle things the way they come and happen and take place, thats a good sign that youve got faith.
If you dont, you might want to do whatever you can to make things change and get that faith to grow, because you might very
well need it more than ever, eventually. (2015:6)
A larger change might be a greater blessing. (2015:14)
Changes are coming upon this world for which it will be better for you as a believer in Us to put your trust and confidence in
Us, instead of yourself, in order for Us to help you make it through whats coming a phase during which trust in Us will be
better than in your own abilities.
Its a tough one for someone talented, whos been able to rely on his own abilities But nows the time for a change needed;
trust Me. (2015:16)
To change in a positive way and become better sounds good, doesnt it? - Especially since youve become more aware of
your own weaknesses, faults and flaws. You know it would eventually be better and great to be able to do without them,
wouldnt it? (2015:17)
If somethings been taken away, its just a signal that it just might be time to start something new!
Why not enjoy the fact that its time for starting to try something new, some different way of doing things?
Try and give something new, something different, and dont be tempted to quit just because the same old way wont keep
happening forever!
So, just be open and ready for trying something new! (2015:18)
The world is changing, and not for the better, but the evil and bad times we were prophesying and predicting are coming.

The announced and forecast fates have changed. And it surely results in being a big test of faith But can you believe it that
these changes of forecast may happen because folks dont always do what they were supposed or expected to?
A large quantity of factors is at play that things depend on, and thats why things change so much.
Can you even accept part of the blame yourself, for why those destinies have changed and didnt turn out exactly as they
could or would have?
Sometimes good things happen in order to postpone judgmental changes, and other times things happen that withdraw My
blessings and stop or postpone good things from happening. (2015:32)
Now that things arent as rosy anymore as they used to be for you in recent years, things are changing, and its pretty
important to stay in touch with Me. Make it one of the very necessary things and parts of your days in general.
Sometimes things just change and youve got to get ready for those changes, prepare for them and become stronger. (2015:43)
Not just living for obtaining success or making a fortune in the world anymore is a rather positive change according to Our
spiritual and heavenly standards, and even if it makes you feel less happy and satisfied in the temporal world down there,
trust Me, that its a good change, not a bad one! (2015:53)
Just hold on to Me, and youll see that while the world is going to get worse, for you it wont. Youre in a stage now where
youre not enticed by the world around you, but wondering how youll make it through, and thats pretty much how you can
imagine the Endtime as well.
As long as you get into the gear of depending on Me and not anymore your own strengths, it wont be too drastic a change.

Improvement is definitely a necessity, and its good if you keep that in mind.
So, theres still a lot to learn, and a big change needed, in order to make your way a good path that would be a good deed to
step into as well, and follow.
If you want others to change in a better way, then youve got to come up with that good change yourself first! (2015:62)
Being able to live your life without always letting it stay in the same old rut and procedures is a big advantage! It sort of
shows that therell be a big change that people ought to prepare for a bit, by being more open to changes.
Change definitely is an important topic, if you consider that thats mainly what the Hereafter for you, and pretty much
everybody, will be! Thats why change, in general, is a very positive topic, and you should focus your view on it: the positive

change structure of the Hereafter, which, since that life after the temporal one is eternal, it means, its quite significant, that
change, isnt it? (2015:64)
Sorry about the hard times going through, but in order to change, there have to be some changes taking place in life! (2015:86)
Rough times are pretty much what it takes to change a life and get into another groove and learn the things youre supposed
to, and not cling to the easy and comfy ways you like or prefer. Thats what part of discipleship means: yielding the things I
dont want you to keep or stay in, and get on with something new.
Those changes are difficult, especially when youre older, but eventually theyll have to come, anyway, latest when you leave
this world and all its ways of the flesh. (2015:92)
Coming closer toward the end of life on Earth always changes things, and being drawn closer to Me will turn out to be a
definitely positive thing for you, youll see! (2015:95)
Wanting to get better and to improve is a good desire. It just takes a bit of work and effort. Recognizing whats wrong is the
first step. And then asking Me for help to change, doing what you can to do it, and when you need help, asking Me for it!
If somethings got to change, then change it! And dont just look at what others ought to change, but especially look at and
work on what you yourself ought to! Changes are necessary in just about everyones life and many aspects of the world, but
the ones youre supposed to take care of principally, are the ones needed in yourself!
So, ask Me to and let Me change you, as youre beginning to realize it ought to happen and be seen fit to be done! Being ready
for change is a good attitude. So, get ready for it! (2015:98)
You need Me and cant make it without Me. That may be a little tough to get used to for a change, when you were able to get
things done pretty much on your own for previous decades, but times are changing; and in order to make it through times
now and times to come, you need to cling to and depend on Me!
The times they are a-changin and youve got to get ready to handle that change! (2015:103)
Sometimes, the times they change, and you have to learn to put up with new and different things. Yes, they may have been
easier before, and the better times were previous, and have been displaced by tougher times, but youre just going to have to
learn how to bear with them, anyway. (2015:105)
Im making change an important topic for you, and something you should know you desperately need.
When you know that some big downhill changes are going to be impending soon, you better get into a rhythm and gear of
depending and leaning on Me and your help from Above.
To tell how necessary changes are in you means you ought to make as huge an effort as you possibly can to have them
happen in your life.
Sometimes the process of making you a new creature wasnt quite done yet, and some more changing in you needs to be
So, be ready for change; be receptive of it, and dont be stuck in your old ways! Let Me change you, and recognize the need
for it! (2015:106)
Youd still have some opportunity to change a bit and apply some new ways, and not repeating the same old mistakes from
the past
Keep in touch and stay in connection with Me! I can keep you from all the negative sensations the devil is plaguing you with;
and thats enough of a reason, isnt it?
Theres a big change necessary in your attitude and showing forth your character, in order for you to make it up My road, and
not the downhill slope the enemy would like to lead you!
I know its a big change, and youre hoping you can make it, but so do I, and remember that We can help you make it, if your
attitude and willingness, as well as your yieldedness are turned in the right direction! (2015:112)
Get ready for big changes, so you wont be too shocked by them once they arrive! (2015:113)
Vast changes are on the landscape, and maybe a bit hard to take for you, but then such is life. Sometimes things have to be
taken along with the drastic changes they bring along, and theres no sense murmuring or complaining about it. (2015:116)
The times are changing, and youve got to get ready for it; learn to depend on help from Above without which youre just not
going to make it.
Some things just wont continue as they are right now, and youve got to get ready for huge changes in the world scenery.
Those who think that things will always continue as they are will be the most shocked, and the least able to make it through
whats coming. So, be ready for some change! (2015:121)
To sow to the eternal, not just that temporal phase, which may be here today, but will be eventually gone tomorrow, even if the
world may pretend and seek to get you to believe that its all there is and ever will be. Well, but thats where faith comes in,
and where it makes the big difference!
Thats where you can make a big difference, by somehow having them manage to perceive what you believe in is there
waiting for them.

Try and do what you can to let your life make a difference, and dont give up on that prematurely, even if it seems to be quite a
tough task and job, somewhat.
Things wont always stay the same! (2015:122)
Change things from the way they are!
Change is a big, important criterion; and it should lead you along with what Im telling you about the importance of prayer,
that thats one of the major keys to bring about those changes you need.
So, commit the circumstances into My hands and ask Me for those changes they and you need! Need things to change? Pray
for it! If things arent the way theyre supposed to be, well, thats definitely high time to pray for them, in order for the forces of
Heaven to work for you to get them back in the shape they ought to be!
Which other way are you ever going to have faith in the power from Above, than working out those changes in your
conditions that you so desperately need? And if that doesnt work out, how will you ever manage to convince others?
So, keep praying for the changes you need! Amen? Pray for Me and the host of Heaven to bring about the changes that you
need! (2015:125)
Get ready for something better! Even if different, and like Something to get used to when it happens, your arrival Here. But
dont worry about it, but let Me guarantee you that itll be the best change youll ever have had or experienced. So, nothing
to be scared of!
With the world soon to be taken over by the enemy entirely, youve got to get used to things changing fast, and that things are
simply not bound to stay forever the way they are or have been in that fragile world, in the life of a fragile human being. So,
prepare for changes! Get ready to experience things in a way you havent before, and get ready for the experiences of
unexpected features! Be ready for change! Amen?
See, just like youre having to cope with kids of the type you never had, so there might be some more and other changes
coming in this life, new situations and circumstances to get used to and learn to experience, in order to handle them! Life may
not be keeping on forever the same way it has been, so, get ready for whatevers to come!
Remember the prophecies about the unpleasant, temporal changes in world history that will bring about Our takeover in the
end. So, even though temporarily worse, ultimately a lot better! (2015:134)
Bad habits may be pardonable for some time, but with the way the world is changing and circumstances getting worse, it
would be a whole lot better to snap out of it, and behave more the way a Christian, believer in Me and supposed follower and
disciple should, and snap out of ways of rather worldly behavior
You know that change is one of My big topics, and that includes the fact that some of the things We put up with in the past are
going to have to change!
The times they are a-changin, and that means, certain things cannot continue the way they are right now. So, get ready for
the changes!
I know, its hard to let go of some of those old ways, but sometimes certain efforts just have to be made, and certain changes
need to take place!
Its hard times, but not nearly as hard yet as the one thats pretty much coming towards the whole world! So, dont assume
that things will keep on going the same way they have been, but better get ready for some changes! Get ready!
You know how natural it is to expect things to continue the way theyve been going for a while, but then, Ive been telling you
lots of times to get prepared for changes! Therell be some huge ones happening in the world scenery, and the more prepared
youll be for those drastic changes, the better.
Consider that changes and being used to them will be necessary!
Things wont stay the way theyve been for you, and its important to get ready for the drastic changes that are going to take
place in the worlds history. (2015:137)
Preparation for change, which Ive been telling you for a long time that theres some coming, is definitely a wise move.

Its a tough change having to depend on Me to make it successfully but well, there are big changes coming, and you need to
get ready for them, learn how to handle them by clinging to Me and depending on Me, and simply put your trust much more in
Me than in your own abilities, the way you used to! (2015:140)
Theres more power in prayer to change things on your behalf. While prophecy may change your mental settings, prayer can
do a lot more, and influence a lot more other people and circumstances.
Be open for changes, because theyre about to come, and get ready for them!
Right now you may be going through a hard time thats there to change you, and prepare you for the different times to come.

Times are getting tougher and worse, and you need to get ready to deal with those changes up ahead! (2015:150)
It has become more difficult and rare in some aspects to win others to Me, but with the way the times will be changing soon,
thats quite likely to change again. (2015:151)
Theres a lot to learn means, and will finally reveal: Theres a lot to change, as well, especially from the way folks were taught
how to do things on Earth.

So, get ready for a new way of things! Preparation means: get ready for changes! Be prepared for the fact that things wont
continue to go on in the same old way forever, even though having the current world system survive for longer than some
expected, it will make it harder and tougher for the majority of the masses to cope with the coming drastic changes. (2015:152)
Get used to the different mode, and dont let it strike you as something weird and strange! (2015:155)
Sometimes things have to change, and first things need to be put first. The importance and priorities of matters need to be
shifted, when other things become more important than what played the main role in life previously.
In order to make it through the times to come, you need to make an effort to put Me and the Kingdom above things that played
the leading role in your life thus far, like jobs and worldly affairs. It may be a bit of a tough change, but necessary.
You cant put the importance of the world to you above Me and My Kingdom, if you want to remain a follower of Mine,
especially not when the time for the enemy to take it over completely is coming closer!
Youve got to get ready for that change, and need to put first things first in your life and not allow the enemy to put his things
and diversions in there! (2015:156)
Ready and prepared to cope with big changes? (2015:158)
Were trying to get you out of the groove of seeking as much fun and enjoyment, since there are some pretty troublesome
changes approaching world history, and its definitely not going to be permanent party-time! (2015:160)
To keep allowing yourself what you used to may have been acceptable and pardonable in times before, but they are changing,
and youve got to get ready to deal with, and handle rougher ones!
Some things just change in life, and with the world about to face its roughest changes in history, youd better get used to that!

Get used to the fact of having to get ready for some dark and drastic changes!
If things would continue for you the way they have been going, there wouldnt be enough change for you to get ready for the
even more drastic and bigger changes up ahead! (2015:166)
Its a tough change to make it with a bit less of things that spoiled you, and eventually even get ready to make it without! And
even if it bugs you a bit, that the others seem to be getting a bit more spoiled for a change, let it serve to teach you: See?
Thats what it was doing to you! (2015:170)
One more thing faith is needed for: helping you to take things the way they come, even if not at all what so far youve been
used to!
Its always good to be ready to deal with and accept something new! (2015:181)
Its definitely more positive things to prepare for and look forward to Up Here, after that temporal life down there, and its
definitely something to focus on and make you appreciate the change thats coming.
Death for the saved is not an end, but merely a change, and one to something better than the former! (2015:191)
Faith looking a bit better right now than physical success, and the abundance of things you previously pursued? See, that
one of the good things life teaches you, are those changes? (2015:195)
Changes are good for you and that includes changes of scenery and places getting a bit of a higher amount of options to
check and try out, and then choose from! (2015:199)
You may not feel that active anymore, but I already told you that those things would eventually have to change!
Sometimes it is better to learn to have Me do things for you, than insisting on doing it all yourself in your own strength and
power. (2015:206)
If its a horrendous scene your life is facing right now, maybe its a sign that you need My help to transform and change it
from horrid to enjoyable? Maybe you ought to get used to applying My supernatural help to change the way things are
running (2015:218)
Temporal things are changing, and one of the most drastic changes of history is on its way, so preparing for that is the most
important! (2015:234)
Life isnt just vacation time with the fierce changes coming towards the world. (2015:244)
The best way to get prepared for any drastic changes in life is to stay close to and dependent on Me and all the help from
Above you can get. (2016:13)
It takes some work to bring about positive changes. Seeing the need for them is the first step.
Its good to recognize your faults and the fact that you need some improvement and positive changes.
How to make it through the hard times is always the clinch that shows peoples personalities, and what areas might need
changes. (2016:16)

Its good to get used to unusual conditions, because thats what the future of the worlds destiny holds, and get prepared for
such changes!
Its time to become adaptable toward them, and not let them strike you as shocking experiences, but handle them as they
come, since tougher changes are bound to come, and its time to get ready for and used to that. (2016:17)
Times have been getting tougher, because theyll be getting tougher still, and even the toughest ever.
Thats one reason why its good to adjust to changes and not keep yourself depending on past abilities (2016:18)
Make Me, and not just circumstances the Boss over your conditions, which you could command into My hand instead, to
change them, when needed!
When change is due, Ill bring it up for you just ask Me to! Pray! (2016:21)
Things change as you grow older, dont they? Your views and perceptions of them do for sure. (2016:26)
When youre on the wrong way and failing, youre supposed to change it! Just as sinners have to repent, in order to get
saved, so followers of Mine have to change their wrong tracks they get tempted and deceived to get on at times and sad to
say, many times! (2016:32)
Were having to prepare you for your job in whats to come, and trust Us that We know what changes you need most, in order
to make you more of the kind of man We need and want you to be.
So, be open for Us and Our changes, and trust us that We know what is best for you! (2016:34)
When youre not content with the circumstances, its time to pray for help to change them!
If you really believe in Me and the Fathers divine all-powerfulness, you ought to put that faith into practice and ask for the
kind of change you desire. To change the world depends on Our help.
Therell be major changes once Ill return, but in the meantime, use Our help from Above to bring about whatever changes you
can and need!
Thats the use and purpose of prayer! Including the change of unpleasant circumstances and conditions of others you care
about. Pray for changes when you need them!
Dont be too stuck on the conditions around you when it is within your possibility to change them with the help from Above!
Of course, there might be some things Ill require from you, to do your part to make those positive changes you desire
happen, so obedience is another ingredient to make the Power from Above work out for you. (2016:35)
It may be a little discouraging for you right now, having to slip out of your independent mode, but trust Me that its the best
change thinkable, concerning what times are coming! (2016:37)
Changing the world means doing what you can to improve things around you and make whatever you can of your
surroundings better! (2016:40)
Changes are always good for you in some ways arent they?
So ready for a change? Dont be scared to make it! (2016:41)
Times not as easy as they used to be? Well, what have I been telling you about times a-changin? (2016:43)
When changes of attitude are necessary, it sometimes takes some hard paths to walk upon
And change your actions and behavior accordingly! (2016:49)
Things will be different, just as there have been changes in previous history. With the factor that the changes coming will be
the most drastic in all of history! (2016:52)
Improvement means change for the better, so, thats one of the things most necessary to learn to invest the time of your life
in. While there are negative changes going on and happening in the world, its still part of your job to do all around you that
you can to make things better!
Get ready for the big, tough changes! (2016:54)
There comes a time when all things change for everyone.
To get ready for changes when those changes are up ahead is the task of a leader, even if it wont make you play the most
popular role. (2016:74)
You still have tendencies to look ahead as if things were prone to continue the way they are, but what Im trying to show you
is: they wont! (2016:75)
Even if a drastic change of plans is confronting you, therell be more drastic changes coming up ahead, and its one thing to
get used to! (2016:76)
Things are going to have to change, such as attitudes, in order to make it through the coming global changes. (2016:84)

Sometimes folks have got to find other things to do in their lives Its one of the aspects of changes. And remember: theyre
good for you.
Other things have to come first! - Especially with pretty much the greatest global change of history coming.
Things just cant continue to move on the same way they have been, and youve got to get used to that! (2016:85)
If movement and changes of place become more difficult, you can see how the enemys against the type of changes I
Getting folks into a rut has been his tactic. And Mine has been to get folks out of it. (2016:86)
Changes are good for you even if not perfect. (2016:91)
Sometimes you just have to get ready for changes. And since whats expecting you and your planet is one of the most drastic
and ferocious changes in history well, it takes a bit more preparation than youve been used to.
The most drastic changes require the most drastic preparations for them, to get ready to handle and cope with them.
I wouldnt have brought about those changes or allowed them, if they werent what youll utterly need to make it through the
most drastic changes of world history to come.
In order to make those drastic, negative changes turn into something halfway positive for you, youve just got to get into that
groove of utter dependence on Me and Heavens Help, instead of your own former physical abilities!
Trust Me that these relatively unpleasant changes in your life are there to prepare you for the roughest changes coming to the
world! (2016:92)
Changes are coming; and its good to get prepared for and adapted to them, even if your flesh might initially have the
tendency to reject them.
Big change is what Ive been announcing in order for you to get ready for it.
So, dont be too shocked about the way things will have to be changing! Let My Power come in to change your life!
A change of life-style: the sooner, the better!
Sorry for the drastic and uncomfortable changes, but its just something youll have to get used to for the times coming!

Changes coming from Me, the enemy will always try to oppose and hinder. (2016:96)