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7 th Grade English
Hello and welcome to our English class! This year we will strive to become better readers and writers in preparation for high
school and college. This is going to be a difficult but fun class, and as long as you complete your assignments, you will have no problem
being successful!
Tips for Success:

Keep your AVID binder organized and bring it EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Complete every assignment and turn it in ON TIME!!
Participate in class
Show respect and be thoughtful
Communicate with me! If something is wrong, please know that I am here to support you!

Classroom Rules

Come to class prepared and on time.

Respect your classmates, teachers, and school property.
Be actively engaged and fully present.
Follow directions the first time they are given.
Be accountable for your academic progress and classroom materials.

One spiral or composition notebook. This will be kept in class.
AVID binder with dividers. This is supplied through the school.
Agenda planner. This is supplied through the school.
Pencils, pens, highlighters.
Positive Rewards
Students who follow rules, participate, and show respect will be rewarded with stamped Penny Cash dollar bills. Students will have the
opportunity to guess how many items are in the Guess jar. I will pull a student every other week. I will look through the tickets and if
your guess is correct, you will get to keep the items in the jar!
Negative Consequences
Students who do not follow rules or show respect will be issued a consequence. My consequences are the following:
1. Verbal warning
2. Seat change name on board and -5 points from daily participation grade
3. Time out and parent contact Check next to name and -5 points from daily participation grade
Novels that we read in class will be provided from the school; however, students will not be able to take them home. With that being
said, you are more than welcome to purchase your own copy from a book store or online if you want to continue reading outside of
class. This is NOT mandatory, as all assignments that need the novel will be completed during class time!
1st Quarter: A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park
2nd Quarter: TBD
3rd Quarter: TBD
4th Quarter: TBD
Your grade will be composed of points. Homework, class work, group projects, interactive notebooks, essays, quizzes, Achieve 3000,
etc. count as points. My grading scale is as follows:

A 100-90%
B 89-80 %
C 79-70%

D 69-60%
F 59-0%

I will inform you of your grades once every 2 weeks by posting them on the bulletin board by your student ID number. You
may also leave a note on the Parking Lot and I will provide you with a progress report as soon as possible. You and your
parents can also access your grades on the FOCUS portal. Let me know if you need to see me after school to discuss your

Homework assignments will be posted on the board. Phone calls will be made for missing homework. You may find missing
assignments on the FOCUS portal or in the absent bin.
Interactive Notebooks
Students will organize all their classwork, notes and handouts in their interactive notebooks. This notebook will be kept in the
classroom AT ALL TIMES and graded at various points throughout the year. It will compose a major part of your final grade.
Achieve 3000
Students will engage in an online program called Achieve 3000. Achieve 3000 is a web-based tool for supporting reading
comprehension and writing proficiency in grades 2-12. It supports differentiated instruction and uses a collection of nonfiction news
and current event stories to support our curriculum.

Students will receive their username and password during the first week of school
Students can complete articles/activities outside of school.
Students must complete 10 assigned articles and 10 choice articles each quarter

Classroom Library
The classroom library is a collection of novels that I have purchased to keep in the classroom. Students are able to check out a book
overnight as long as they are in good standing in the classroom. Students are responsible for bringing the book back after 2 weeks.
Students will be responsible for replacing the novel if they lose it.
Classroom Laptops
Every student will have access to a computer during class time while they are on Achieve 3000 or writing a paper. Every student will be
assigned a laptop number. Students can ONLY use this laptop unless there is an issue with it. (Not charged, damaged, etc.) In this case,
students MUST sign out a different laptop and let Ms. C know! Students are responsible for this laptop during the entire class period.
They should not let anyone else on it or leave it unattended unless it is plugged into the cart to avoid consequences.
Classroom Website
My website is . You may visit this website to keep up with what we are doing in class! This is not
where students grades will be found. Instead, this is a space that includes soft copies of any important documents, homework
assignments, project expectations, etc.
I will offer tutoring every other Wednesday (whenever there ISNT early release) from 2:20-3:30. Students MUST sign up with me in
advanced and have transportation home.
If you are caught cheating in class you will receive a grade of 0 for the assignment and parent contact will be made.


We have read and discussed the syllabus for the 2016-2017 school year with a parent or guardian. I understand the syllabus
and will comply with the classroom rules and procedures.
Student Signature: ______________________________

Date: _______________________

Please read before you sign

*I have read and discussed the syllabus with my child __________________________(student name) and explained to
him/her the importance of staying focused, maintaining his/her notebook and following the class rules. I have also been
provided with Ms. Corns email and phone number.
Parent Name: ___________________________
Parent Signature: ________________________
Contact information (Mandatory!)
Name_________________________ Relationship to child_______________ Phone Number___________________
Additional contacts (Optional)
Name_________________________ Relationship to child_______________ Phone Number___________________
Name_________________________ Relationship to child_______________ Phone Number___________________

I look forward to working with you this year!

Ms. Corns
6th and 7th grade ELA
Jean Ribault Middle School
937-974-5982 (call or text)