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DLI 3H Honors Chinese Language and Literacy
Parent Permission
1) The Privacy Act (FERPA)
The Privacy Act now states that it is against the Privacy Act to have students correct/grade each others papers. The new law
does allow students to help in the correcting/grading process if the parents give permission to have the students to correct/grade the
papers. Your student will only be involved in correcting other students daily quizzes and providing peer review of other students
writing assignments. However, if you or your student is uncomfortable having other students see their work, I will correct their work
I ________________________ the parent of ___________________ give my student permission to help
correct others papers, and in return have their papers corrected by others. _________________________
2) Communication
I invite you to call or email me with any questions, concerns, and/or suggestions you may have. I would greatly appreciate
knowing your familys e-mail address as well so I can communicate with you as needed. I would also like to invite you to make me
aware of any unique medical conditions your child may have or any other information that will help me better understand how to best
teach your child. If you do, please send me an e-mail as soon as possible with this information.
Parent Initials:__________

3) Release Form
I consent to having my child photographed or videotapes while participating in Chinese class or related activities. There photos/videos
will be used for teacher training purposes and to promote Chinese language education through the State Office of Education, BYU
Chinese Flagship Program, Confucius Institute, College Board and Hanban.
Your childs name or address WILL NOT be included with your childs image/photograph or student work when published on the
Participants Name (Printed) ____________________ Participants Signature ______________________
Participants School ___________________________ Date: _________________
Parents Signature (if participant is a minor): ________________________________

4) Disclosure Statement (Please see separate document)

I have read through, I understand, and I am prepared to abide by the policies and grading system for Mr. Lyus Chinese class.
Student Name:________________________ period:_____
Student Signature: ______________________
Parents Phone Number: _____________________
Students Email: ____________________________
Parents Email Address ______________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________

Is there anything I should know about your student?