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About Us

Noval is a world class engineering, development, construction, and project

management company in the Dominican Republic.
We create and care for essential assets in the residential, commercial, and hospitality
sectors, while participating in the expansion of these markets as both contractors and
developers of major real estate projects throughout the country.
Our vast experience combined with innovative building methods allow us to
successfully complete any type of real estate development no matter how remote the
location or challenging the design, with short timing and maximum reliability.


Grupo Noval was established in 2003, with the purpose of integrating

several companies with more than two decades of experience in the
construction of infrastructure and real estate all over the Dominican Republic.
Our team is composed of highly qualified professionals, with vast
international experience in structural engineering, architecture and
project management.
Our portfolio encompasses design, engineering, and construction of
residential and non-residential buildings, including interior design,
landscaping, imports, furnishings, and project and property management.
With over 100 infrastructure projects completed and with a current
development of more than 2,000 luxury units, we have ensured our place
among the leading construction companies in the Caribbean.

Novals operating principles are underpinned by a clear vision and a common set of
core values:

To be a leading company in engineering, construction, and project management.
- Our customers will see us as key-role members to their success. We will create assets
of quality, aesthetics and value, customized to our clients needs, within a timeline that
will positively surprise them.
- Our team will find a lifetime of opportunities and rewards within a group that
embraces diversity, dignity, and mutual respect, and uses the added value of its culture
for achieving excellence.
- Our communities will benefit by our active contribution to the improvement of their
quality of life.

Our commitment to success is deeply rooted in uncompromising values.

Integrity. We are committed to the highest ethical standards in everything that we do.
Teamwork. We nurture and grow within an inclusive culture based on diverse

backgrounds, experiences, and views, always encouraging openness and trust.

Excellence. We are continually seeking out higher standards taking steps to positively
challenge what has been done before.

Sustainability. We design and carry out our business with responsibility

towards the natural environment we work upon.

Markets & Products

Grupo Noval targets three core development markets: Residential, Commercial, and Hospitality.
The groups operating companies are highly regarded constructors in the residential and
non-residential building market, which include affordable and luxury housing,
urbanization, retail, hotel and lodging, sporting, retail space, and other
recreational facilities.
Additionally, Noval uniquely complements its building projects with supporting
infrastructure design and construction, architecture, interior design, landscaping, imports,
furnishings, and project management expertise.

Noval has an outstanding record in development, project management, and building

in the tourist, commercial, and residential sectors. Construction is the root of our
Providing flexibility with interdisciplinary integration, our services include:
- Conceptual and schematic design, preliminary planning, budgeting, and
- Risk management.
- Project feasibility studies.
- Design and development.
- Construction master planning and specifications.
- Critical path management.
- Value engineering.
- Site logistics.
- Project and construction management.
- Project coordination.
- Procurement management.
- Process design and construction delivery.
- Property management.
This array of services allows Noval to create practical design and delivery solutions
for clients by combining operational and logistic requirements to meet the demands of

What we Offer
First Class Design
After a vast labor of research and development, we team up with our engineers and
architects in an exhaustive revision process ranging from the first draft to the approved
blueprints with one purpose in mind: designing spaces that meet our clients needs in
agreement with the latest tendencies in civil and architectural design and long-term
market demand trends.

The construction methods we implement always adapt to location related
characteristics and are studied to guarantee the highest resistance to local natural
hazards such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

Structural calculations, materials, and close on site supervision

Our structural calculations are made to comply with International Building Code
Standards along with Dominican and USA Building Code Requirements.
In the Dominican Republic, the Ministry of Public Works (MOPC) has direct control
through inspections to ensure that the approved blueprints are followed through during
the construction process. Notwithstanding, we take extra measures to ensure the
quality of the structures in our developments.
As a first measure, we verify the precision of our structural calculations trusting them to
the most qualified professionals in the industry. As such, we have worked with several
well-known engineers in the Dominican Republic.
Secondly, during the civil process, the quality of the materials we use is rigorously
assessed following plan specifications and our expertise with the industry standards.
From verifying concretes poured in the field for workability by slump test to lab
sampling to monitor resistance, our goal is to ensure long term endurance.
Each of our field teams is assisted daily by experienced superintendents who work
hand in hand with our multidisciplinary teams of experts. They monitor every step and
assess worker safety regulations, organization and accomplishment according to
timelines so that quality and time efficiency are always achieved.

Innovative, Practical Solutions

Challenges in projects demand careful planning and strategies that meet their specific
Novals expertise covers a wide range of fields allowing us to evaluate the defining
characteristics of each project to correctly determine what are the best constructive
solutions to maximize resources, identify potential short and long term savings, or
increase value for our clients.
Rather than relying on the most commonly preferred constructive and design methods
locally, it is our goal to provide practical, cost-effective alternatives that meet specific
project requirements. Whether it be evaluating market trends for the demand of units,
or deciding the most beneficial foundation system providing higher seismic resistance
based on soil characteristics, our work is tailored to satisfy government agencies, end
consumers, and investors alike.

Premium Materials
From infrastructure to housing, we pride on the skillful, cost-effective sensitive design
and quality of our long-term developments which are essential for sustainability efforts.
For our luxury real estate developments, we directly import many of our finishing
materials, which are produced by some of the finest European brands such as Emil
Ceramica, Panaria, Lea Ceramiche, Stosa, Composit, Duravit, Grohe, Hansgrohe
and Reser Ban. The quality of our selection is confirmed by the warranties offered by
itheir brands, with worldwide recognition.
Locally, we work with our own quarries, retail stores, and the best local suppliers
through our national purchasing department, which collaborates with our engineering
teams to carefully identify and select the best quality products suitable for each of our

Excellence in customer service

From design to construction, all of our processes are customer-oriented. We pride in
maintaining open communication with our clients, to ensure that the final product suits
our clients needs.

Community Work
Because we believe that the building of a better world for all of us starts by what we
can immediately reach, the involvement with the communities that surround our
projects and offices is a critical component of our work. In this respect, we take
charge in community improvement by actively involving out resources in:

- Involving local trade unions when possible.

- Job creation within local communities.
- Environmental cleanup projects.
- Pesticides, fumes and other toxic agents control.
- Re-pavement and landscaping of surroundings.
- Donation of furnishings.
- Disaster relief.

Fabio La Rosa

President and Managing Director

Fabio is the President and one of the founders of Grupo Noval, and has
been responsible for the overall strategic direction, operation, and
profitability of the company since its initial startup.
Fabio worked as Part-Time Lecturer in Corporate Finance at the Faculty of
Economics of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE),
where he obtained a PhD in Quantitative Finance, and an M.Sc. In
Accounting and Finance.

Sagreth La Rosa

Vice President and General Manager

Sagreth is the Vice-President and co-founder of Grupo Noval. She has
been instrumental in incorporating the companys operating principles and
corporate values to each project.
Her work within Grupo Noval is currently focused in development and
strategic planning. Program management, and the overall improvement of
the organizations performance.
Prior to the creation of the company, Sagreth worked as Assistant to the
Vice-President of the Corporate Credit and Risk Manager Division at
Citibank, Dominican Republic.
Sagreth has a M.Sc. in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management
from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). She
obtained a Degree in Management from the Pontificia Universidad
Catlica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) University in Santo Domingo,
Dominican Republic.

Vctor de Camps

Chief Operating Officer

Vctor has been with Grupo Noval since its foundation; he is responsible of
ensuring the smooth and efficient running of construction activities, playing
a crucial role in the organization of daily tasks, and helping the company
realize its full potential.
His more than thirty years of construction experience encompass a long
history of service both in the private and public sectors, including
infrastructure, urbanization, and residential development.
Vctor is a licensed Architect, graduated from the Universidad Autnoma
de Santo Domingo (UASD), University of Santo Domingo.

Diana Mena
Chief Architect

Diana is the principal designer of Grupo Noval, responsible for the overall
design direction of the company.
She is in charge of the approval of outsourced architecture services coming
from renowned studios from inside and outside the Dominican Republic.
Her work includes overseeing that designs are compliant with State and
local regulations.
With over thirty years of experience in the construction industry, Diana has
worked in a number of projects with major developers, contractors, and
architectural firms, such as Sinercon, S. A., Cap Cana, and Franc Ortega
& Asociados.
Diana has a Masters Degree in Project Management, a Graduate
Certificate in Project Management, and a Degree in Architecture from the
'Universidad Nacional Pedro Henrquez Urea' (UNPHU) University in
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Aristfanes Montes de Oca

Senior Project Manager

Aristfanes is responsible for planning the execution and closing of projects

by delegating tasks to working teams via its leaders. He oversees the
accomplishment and participates in the creation of Grupo Noval's project
objectives. Additionally, he builds their requirements, and manages their
scope. He plays a key role in ensuring that cost, time, and client
satisfaction can be realized.
Previous to his work with Grupo Noval, he worked from 1992 to 2008 as
a freelance architect in charge of various housing and commercial
Aristfanes obtained an Architecture Degree from the
Universidad Autnoma de Santo Domingo (UASD),
University of Santo Domingo.

Csar de Camps

Project Controls

Csar began his career with Grupo Noval in 2004 as a field engineer.
He was promoted to the estimating department in 2005. Since 2008,
Csar is responsible for monitoring projects through the design and
coordination of their structure, process organization, and workflow. His
work is essential to secure efficiency for the right course of a project.
Prior to being appointed to the role of Project Controls, Csar spent two
years in New York City. He worked for the Pike Company as Project
Coordinator participating in various jobs, including the Central Park Zoo
Snow Leopards Exhibit for the Wildlife Conservation Society, and the
Renovation of Dr. Zhou's Labs and Offices at the Mount Sinai Medical
Center. He has worked as an Engineering and Quality Control Supervisor
for the Construction of Autopista del Coral and Carretera Bvaro-Miches
on behalf of the Ministry of Public Works and Communications of the
Dominican Republic (MOPC).
Csar has a M.S. in Construction Executive Management from New York
University (NYU). He obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering
from the 'Instituto Tecnolgico de Santo Domingo' (INTEC),
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Miguelina Eusebio

Corporate Affairs

Miguelina has been with Grupo Noval since its foundation. She is
responsible for representing the group concerning financial, accounting,
and legal aspects. She also provides communication support on internal
and external affairs. Miguelinas responsibility rests in ensuring that our
relationships are accurate and consistent with our companys goals and
standards, and is also a pinnacle of communication between upper
management and the office team.
Prior to her work with Grupo Noval, she served for several years as a
Freelance Civil Engineer specializing in Project Management and
Supervision, having worked for both Private and Public sectors.
Miguelina obtained a Civil Engineering Degree from the Universidad
Autnoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), University of Santo Domingo.

Patricia de Camps

Commercial Director

Patricia has been with Grupo Noval since its foundation and has held
positions of increasing responsibility within the company. She has worked
in many areas within sales, advertising, and public relations, and is
currently in charge of the Property Management division.
Prior to being appointed to the role of Commercial Director for Grupo
Noval, Patricia held the position of Sales Director, responsible for
developing the company's portfolio of furniture package sales.
Patricia has a M.Sc. in Social and Public Communication from the London
School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). She obtained a Degree in
Advertising Communication from the 'Universidad Iberoamericana' (UNIBE)
University in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Isel Arias

Sales Executive
Isels job is to offer Novals property portfolio to a wide range of
customers, both domestic and international. Her focus includes individuals,
businesses who would like to invest in Real Estate, and agencies managing
customer portfolios.
Isel has worked for the Real Estate Sector both in Punta Cana, Dominican
Republic and Mallorca, Spain, where she has had experience both with
new construction and turnkey renovations.
Isel holds a Business Administration Degree from the
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitt from Munich, Germany.

Lorena Sevilla

Sales Representative
As a sales agent, Lorena offers Novals properties to potential clients and
agencies representing potential buyers, and assisting them through the
negotiation process until closure. Her duties also include the promotion of
properties through advertisement and multiple listings.
Aside from her sales experience, Lorena holds a Bachelors Degree in
Architecture from the University of San Francisco in Quito, Ecuador, and a
Masters Degree in Interior Design from the Elisava Escuela Superior de
Diseo, Universidad Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain.

Florangel Contreras
Administrative Affairs

In our corporate office, Florangel is in charge of coordinating the

day-to-day fiscal reporting systems and procedures for disbursement
requests, along with providing the teams with resources for historical
references for filing and retrievals. She is also responsible for interpreting
local accounting policies and regulations and guiding our administrative
clerical staff by coordinating their activities to support our crews.
A licensed Certified Public Accountant with almost 20 years of work
experience, Florangel has worked as an assistant auditor, aside from
holding financial management positions in the retail and import sector.
Florangel holds a Masters Degree in Marketing and Administration from
the Universidad Tecnolgica de Santiago (UTESA) University in Santiago,
Dominican Republic, along with a Bachelors degree in Accounting from
the same institution.

Omar Payano

Omar is responsible for continuous field supervision, coordination and

completion of construction work.
His daily activities include the organization of the work of craft supervisors
and their employees, clerical staff, and other personnel in the field. He is
also responsible for controlling the rate of progress to complete construction
projects within time limits.
With twenty years of experience in construction supervision, his past
experience includes technical direction and economic monitoring,
scheduling, and bid management processes.
Omar obtained an Civil Engineering Degree from the Instituto Tecnolgico
de Santo Domingo (INTEC) in the Dominican Republic, and holds a
Masters Degree in Construction Management from the Universidad
Autnoma de Santo Domingo (UASD) in Dominican Republic.

Alvar Montes de Oca

Technical Manager

Alvars job is to balance the management of technical processes and teams

to aid in each projects success. Some of his work includes bridging the
gap between the field and design, identifying potential issues and
optimizing the solutions best suited for each project. As a technical
manager, he is also responsible of making the recommendations regarding
construction practices and innovative materials available.
Alvar holds a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from Universidad
Nacional Pedro Henrquez Urea (UNPHU). Some of his previous projects
include the Aqueduct of Hato Mayor, in Dominican Republic, and the
construction of the bridge in Riviere Froide, in Haiti.

Vicente Planells

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Chief Supervisor (MEP)

Vicente supervises the technical aspects of mechanical, electrical, and
plumbing installations for Grupo Noval.
His more than three decades of work experience, include 14 years of
uninterrupted work as Senior Electrician and 7 years as a technical
Director in Spain, and has worked as Lighting and Mechanical
Maintenance Director for various hospitality developments and
entertainment venues in both Ibiza, Spain and Punta Cana.
Vicente has a Technical Degree in MEP Installations from the 'Instituto
Nacional Blanca Dona' at Ibiza, Spain.

Julissa Martnez

Assistant Project Manager

With almost ten years of work in our company, Julissa's role is to support
daily that cost, time, and client satisfaction can be achieved. Her
responsibilities include keeping track of variations to the contract that may
affect costs, coordinating design drawings, project specifications, cost
tracking, and generating applications for payment verifications, in addition
to assisting during the project permitting process.
Julissa began her career with Grupo Noval as an assistant to the
estimating department. She holds a Civil Engineering Degree from the
Instituto Tecnolgico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), University of Santo in

Robinson Parra

Supply Chain Manager

Robison began his career in Grupo Noval in 2006. His work includes the
daily management of external support staff and continued delivering of
construction materials and tools to the field, along with the coordination of
base level staff and vendors. Robisons duty is to ensure that each projects
needs are met with regards to their specific logistical and program
Robinson holds a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from the
Universidad Tecnolgica de Santiago (UTESA), University in Santiago,
Dominican Republic, and a Graduate Diploma in Structural Engineering
from the Escuela de Ingenieria in Santiago.

Thony Distaso
Technical Support

For over seven years, Thony has been responsible for providing Grupo
Noval's customers with after-sales follow-up and support, specifically in
technical areas. He is directly involved in project close-outs and turnovers
with clients, asisiting them in response to inquiries and requests.
Previous to his work with the company, he spent several years working in
sales and customer care in the hospitality industry in Punta Cana.
Thony is a certified Master Builder from the 'Leonardo Da Vinci' Technical
lnstitute in Milan, ltaly.

Yeny Santana

Interior Design Supervision

Yeny is responsible for ensuring that the company's high quality standards
are met throughout the last construction stages, paying close attention to
the finishing details.
Before her involvement with Grupo Noval in 2007, she participated as a
supervisor in other projects in Saman, Dominican Republic.
Yeny is a licensed Architect, graduated from the Universidad Central del
Este (UCE) University of San Pedro de Macors, Dominican Republic.

Eduardo Chacn
IT Manager

The diversity of our work requires tailored control systems. Eduardo is thus
in charge of designing, developing, and managing the group's computer
system and associated procedures.
Through team collaboration, he identifies areas that require the
implementation of strategic solutions tailored to each division's needs. The
goal is to provide and preserve information and creating tools that allow
the team to handle project budgets, facilitate inventory monitoring, and
ensure cost effectiveness.
Eduardo is a Telecommunications Engineer from the Polythecnic Unirversity
of Madrid, who has worked in Information Technology in many sectors,
including Construction, Health, and Supply Chain for retail.


Mercedes Meja - Purchasing Director

Mercedes Meja - Purchasing Director
Oraiva Valdez Property Management, Rentals
Marcos Bautista Graphic Design
Yahaira Nez Administrative Assistant
Mara Rodrguez Administrative Assistant
Juan Manuel Castro Project Engineer
Ysabel Jos Project Engineer
Daro Coste Project Engineer
Isabel Grulln Junior Architect
Jos Altagracia Ortz Junior Architect
Delvis Carela Field Surveying
Alfredo Villaroel Sales Assistant
Yomaira Nolasco - Human Resources

Sample Projects
Villa Baha
27 Villas
10,260 sqm

Mare Golf II
54 Apartments
6,624 sqm

Gema Baha
32 Apartments
4,788 sqm

36 Apartments
4,620 sqm

Villa Marta
6 Villas
1,200 sqm

Villa Carey
6 Villas
1,626 sqm

Villa Arrecife
16 Villas
4,448 sqm

Villa Perla
12 Villas
3,048 sqm

Gema Lodge
36 Apartments
3,718 sqm

Turey Village
36 Apartments
5,557 sqm

22 Apartments
3,094 sqm

Cayena Lodge
54 Apartments
7,500 sqm

Villa Coral
3 Villas
1,200 sqm

Villas Cocotal
12 Villas
6,200 sqm

Current Projects
Lake Village,

40 golf condos, 6,000 sqm, 2015 -

Cocotal Villas,

12 golf villas, 7,400 sqm, 2015 -

Bavaro Tropical Mall,

70 shops, 8,418 sqm 2015 -

Playa Coral,

74 unit beach condo hotel, 11,436 sqm, 2016 -

Coral Village,

42 condos and 22 shops, 5,041 sqm, 2016 -

Paseo del Mar,

30 Condos and 10 Shops, 3,355.57 sqm, 2016 -

Palm View Cana Bay,

70 Condos, 6,900 sqm, 2016 -

Weare Cana Bay,

105 Room Hotel, 12,325 sqm, 2015 -

Year Location



Monte Plata, Dominican Republic.

Monte Plata Sports Center.


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Restoration work of the MERCASID Production Headquarters .


Higey, Dominican Republic.

External Illumination and Landscaping Assessment for the

Gardens of 'La Baslica de Nuestra Seora de la Altagracia .


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Renovation of the 'Senda' Store building.


Bvaro, Dominican Republic.

Landscaping for the White Sands Golf Course.


Bvaro, Dominican Republic.

Wellfields for the 'Ocean Blue and Sand' Hotels.


Bvaro, Dominican Republic.

Construction of Employee Housing at 'Los Almcigos'.


Punta Cana, Dominican Republic .

Urbanization of the 'Pueblo Santo' residential compound.


Bvaro, Dominican Republic.

Clean up and restoration of marshlands for the 'LTI' Hotel.


Punta Cana,Dominican Republic .

Designand planning of 'Residencial Sol de Punta Cana'.


Cap Cana,Dominican Republic.

Foundations for 'Green Village' Residences.


Bvaro, Dominican Republic.

Tree stabilization work for the 'Pulpo Cojo' restaurant .


Bvaro, Dominican Republic.

'Barcel Bvaro' Golf Course and 'Barcel Palace Deluxe' water

mains expansion.


Bvaro, Dominican Republic.

'Ri Naiboa' expansion .


Bvaro, Dominican Republic.

Communal areas of the 'Urbanizacin Palmas del Sol'.


Macao, Dominican Republic.

Reconditioning of main entrances to the 'Hard Rock' Hotel.


Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Renovations of the pool area and Vegetarian restaurant for

the Royal Catalonia Hotel.