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FORE School of Management is committed to enforce strict discipline

in the examination process and maintain its sanctity. Towards this
effect, it has been decided to enforce Zero Tolerance policy towards
any misconduct by students in the examination.

All Students must carry their Identity Card / Admit Card during the
examination. They will not be allowed to appear in the examination
without Identity Card / Admit Card unless they have the got permission
from Chair-PGP.


The students are required to report for the examination in their

respective examination hall at least 15 minutes before the scheduled
time. After the stipulated reporting timing, the entry will not be given
to the students in the examination hall without the permission of ChairPGP.


All students must occupy their respective seats as per the seating plan
5 minutes before the exam begins. Any student found shuffling the
seating arrangement, or not occupying the seat at the scheduled
commencement time for the examination will not be permitted from
taking the examination.


The students must write their Roll Number on the Question Paper and
the Answer Sheet given to them. They are also required to mention the
number of Supplementary Sheets used on the main answer sheet. The
supplementary sheet will only be issued upon obtaining the signature
of the student.


The students appearing for the examination must sign the attendance


Students are not permitted to use pencil (except for figures/charts) for
writing papers in examinations.


Before the start of the examinations, all students must surrender any
books, notes, bags, mobile, tablet, laptop, etc. in their possession
EXCEPT PRESCRIBED OTHERWISE for an open book examination.
Bringing any material other than prescribed (for open book
examination) will be considered as adopting unfair means and will be
liable for disciplinary action as per the Programme Handbook.


Any student finishing the examination early and leaving the

examination hall must leave the institute immediately. Silence must
be maintained when arriving and leaving the examination hall.


During the examination, if any student is found to be talking with

another student, either in or outside the examination hall, the same
will also be treated as adopting unfair means. Severe punishment will
be imposed whenever a student is found to be violating these

10. Exchange of stationeries e.g. calculators, pen, pencil, scale, etc., charts
and tables (mathematical and other) are not permitted during
11. Calculators are not allowed for use in the examination hall unless it is
specified in the Question Paper.
12. Possession / Use of cell phone are prohibited in the examination hall.
13. For cheating case, students may refer to Clause no. 6.2.
14. Invigilators have been empowered to detect the use of unfair means
and report the same to the Chair-PGP. The Chair-PGP will present all
such cases to the PGP Committee, whose decision on these matters
will be final.

Rule for Temporary Absence :

Student shall not be permitted for temporary absence from the
examination hall during the entire duration of the examination. In case,
the student wishes to leave the examination hall with less than 30 minutes
remaining in the end of the examination, he/she must submit the answer
book to the invigilator and cannot re-enter the examination hall. During
the temporary leave given to a student for going to the washroom, the
student cannot be seen discussing something with any other student,
using his mobile phone/calculator, consulting a book/note etc. Any such
action using unfair means in the examination, will make the student liable
for disciplinary action.