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KAMLESH PATEL, spiritual guide and president of Sahaj Margs Shri Ram

Chandra Mission takes PRITI AGRAWAL through a blissful session of

Heartfulness Meditation
What does a daily practice of Heartfulness Meditation achieve? How is this form of
meditation different from contemplation as we understand it? 1.948
Heartfulness Meditation combines a scientific approach to
spirituality. There is a great underlying philosophy in this meditation on
the heart, the pumping station for our blood. It sends out purified blood
to all parts of our body, including the smallest cells. We take the heart
as the centre for meditation and by this practice; we set our individual
mind on the right path. The heart is the only point at which the
connecting link between the animate and the inanimate is clearly felt.
It is the field of action of our mind. It must always be set right. The
heart is thus the most appropriate point for meditation wherefrom the
current flows on, either upwards or downwards. Whatever you
experience through a meditation process, first you prove it in your
heart. Your heart is your laboratory. For instance, you start believing
that God is present in your heart, and then only will you be able to
concentrate on it. You have to actualise the belief; this is called Godrealisation. Heartfulness Meditation is the Sahaj Marg system of
meditation offered by the Shri Ram Chandra Mission, founded by Shri
Ram Chandra in 1945. During this practice, we experience
transformation from the first day. First start with a placebo meditation
that is without active ingredients, guidance and instruction. Then add
the active element of Heartfulness Meditation to feel the difference.
That active ingredient is transmission or pranahuti from the Divine
source. The trainer connects with the Divine source and then allows it
to flow through a channel.
How does this meditation nourish the mind, body and soul?
The nutritional aspects of our existence vary for our physical body
(sthul sharir), our mind (sukshma sharir), and our soul (karan
sharir).Our physical body needs nourishment through vitamins and
minerals.At a higher or subtle level, we enrich our minds and educate
ourselves through different education systems through
school,college,books and the internet.But how do we enrich the soul?
What is the source of food for the soul? The upanishads say that you
have to nourish your own prana with Divine energy. By the effect of our
grosser thoughts and actions,we spoil our sense of discrimination and
right cognition. When we meditate, the clouds of confusion disperse.A
practitioner meditates on the heart, thinking of the Divine light there,
but does not assign any form or shape to it.

How is energy transmitted as prana through meditation?

It happens naturally in Heartfulness Meditation.The Divine essence
is transmitted to fill your being.Your body feels relaxed, the mind
becomes stress-free, and the soul fills with bliss and joy. As a first
step,try Heartfulness Meditation on your own and see how you
feel.Start with a placebo meditation.Sit in any easy posture in a natural
way, close your eyes and think that Divine light is illuminating your
heart from within.The process will be without guidance,so go ahead at
your own pace for 10 minutes. A trainer can then guide you further on
relaxation methods and help you to feel more relaxed.You can feel the
movement of energy upward from the toes to the head,releasing stress
from every part of your body. After this relaxation process, you can
experience Heartfulness Meditation with yogic transmission. Bring your
attention to your heart and think the Divine light is present there. Now
pranahuti starts to be transmitted from the guide.Meanwhile, you
continue meditating on your heart.Gently open your eyes after 30
minutes of transmission. The constant play of pranahuti allows you to
feel the presence of the Divine prana inside.Once you start feeling
that, you can move away from your thoughts and begin to feel the
Divine presence. This transition from thinking to feeling comes
naturally in Heartfulness Meditation.You start feeling the changes
inside your negativity disappears and you are at peace with the
Self.Afterwards,you experience an inner guidance all the time, because
you are connected with your heart. After these experiences, a craving
to merge with God begins.
Can one practice Heartfulness Meditation in the office where the mind is always
occupied with work pressures?
God is omnipresent. If He is everywhere, then He is also at your
office and home. He does not live in forests and mountains.You neednt
look for Him outside.You can feel His presence everywhere, so start
from your heart, charge it spiritually,then carry that feeling wherever
you go.When you are happy or sad, peaceful or angry, it automatically
affects others.Try to maintain your inner weather positively, in a
meditative state all the time.It isnt enough to meditate 30 minutes in
the morning or evening, so try to maintain that meditative state all the
time. This material life is full of duties, family, work, society and
spiritual responsibilities like the wings of a bird that have to be
integrated together. Let the heart guide you in leading your life.
Is this form of meditation easy and effective for youngsters?
Many institutions and colleges have enrolled themselves for
Heartfulness Meditation. Recently, students of Pillai Institutes in

Mumbai were exposed to Heartfulness Meditation.They felt peaceful

and energised after practising relaxation and meditation.We have a
UConnect programme on values and spiritual self-development for
youth.You can visit and learn how to relax and be