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at Home

ISB is a wonderful place. We are
very fortunate to have one of the
most spectacular campuses
anywhere in Southeast Asia. Our
gardens are green and diverse
and our environment is basically
clean and safe, but sadly we also
have our share of pollution that,
with a little time and effort, can
be seen at various locations on our campus. The purpose of this activity is to
have students explore our campus in search of this pollution evidence, sources
solutions and create a presentation highlighting their discoveries.

Your presentations will include the following elements:

3 point sources (5.1.2)
3 nonpoint sources (5.1.2)
For each of the above, state the probable sources of the pollutants
according to the sources stated in 5.1.3.
For each of the sources above, suggest a method for monitoring the
pollution and state if this method is direct or indirect. (5.2.1 & 5.2.3)
Select ONE of the sources of pollution you noted above and outline a
detailed approach to that pollutions management. (5.3.1) (Please
refer to figure 5 in your syllabus).
Discuss the human factors that might affect the approaches mentioned
above. (5.3.2)
Find one example of eutrophication on campus. (This can be one of the
situations found at the beginning of this activity). Diagram and label the
possible sequence of events that lead to this example becoming

This is a substantial amount of material and intentional observations will be
necessary to successfully complete this assignment. I think we would all agree
that knowing what is happening in our immediate environment is an important
part of being an informed citizen and an active problem solver so my hope is that
this activity goes beyond a simple in-class assignment and becomes a way we all
start to look at and assess the places we frequent.

Your final product will take the form of a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation,
which will be presented to the class on the date mentioned on our Haiku blog.
Please remember we are in year 2 of our IB ESS course and your presentation
will be assessed on how effectively it addresses the detail and rigor of the IB ESS
syllabus. Have fun! And try not to get too depressed