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Works Cited

Primary Sources (3)

Abraham Lincoln: The Gettysburg Address

The Gettysburg Address relates directly to the reform part of the prompt. It
explains the battle and makes reference to the direction america as a
whole is going in. The speech also helped motivate the general public and
would be beneficial to include in our website.

Geo. G. Meade Letter to Townsend

This letter explains Meade's views on the outcome of the Civil War. This
letter helps answer the reform aspect of the Prompt because Meade talks
about the steps taken after the Union's victory and the winning streak of
the Union Army. We could use his letter in the Reform section of our
website. I think it would help the viewers understand the situation the
confederates are in because of their loss.

Lincoln: Speeches, Letters, Miscellaneous Writings the Lincoln Douglas Debates

This source is a large book of letters and speeches Abraham Lincoln

wrote. The letters greatly explain Lincoln’s stance on topics and the Civil
War. Some of the letters in the book help explain the Revolution aspect of
our websites prompt. Lincoln writes about the causes of the Civil War such
as succession and slavery. We should include some of Lincoln’s famous
speeches in our website from this book.

Secondary Sources (7)

Bruce Catton: Gettysburg: The Final Fury

This book contains many different pictures along with detailed maps. It
also has very detailed text along with both a prelude and a post Gettysburg
description that would be useful in the website. There is also an index with
multiple source we could use. Jorgensen Christer.
Great Battles. 183-189

The source has many battles in it that are throughout history. It gives many
facts about the battle, what happened in it and some interesting details
leading up to Gettysburg. Then it gives a brief aftermath of the battle. This
was very helpful in getting the information about the specifics of this huge

Champ Clark: Gettysburg: The Confederate High Tide

This book has detailed pictures with maps of each day. The text is easy to
read and there are small sections inserted within each chapter that talk
about the technology used in the war and a list of all the people wounded,
killed, or captured.

David Williams: The Civil War: Struggles for the Meaning of Freedom

This source is a broad context source on the entire Civil War. This source
does a good job giving a general overview of the tension between the
north and south, as well as historical significance on certain topics and
arguments relating to our topic, for example weather or not the Native
Americans should fight along side the Union Army. This source helps us
because it fills our broad context source requirement.

Kenneth C. Don’t Know Much About the Civil War. 297-310

The source tells much about the civil war but has sections about important
critical events interesting incidents that occurred during this war. It has
firsthand accounts to describe in detail what it was actually like. This book
tells about what happens in the battle of Gettysburg and a little after it. It
was helpful in explaining what happened.

Sears, Stephen W. Gettysburg.

This source focuses on the battle of Gettysburg and the surrounding times.
It tells about the events briefly before the battle, during it and Lee’s retreat.
It also provides an explanation for parts of the battle with firsthand
accounts that depict specific engagements during and after the battle. It
was helpful in describing what it was like to me a mid 19th Century man in a
very volatile battle.

Swanston Malcolm. Battles and Campaigns. 110-111

This source is a broad overview of many important battles throughout

history. It gives a step by step diagramed history of what happened during
this battle. This is helpful in finding out what happened during the battle of

Websites (6)

This website contains useful pictures for the website we will make. It also
contains a brief over view of each day including useful maps and a
reenactment we could use., The Battle of Gettysburg The American

Civil War

This source is specifically about the battle of Gettysburg and is funded by the
United States army. It gives many statistics about the battle along with details
about the weaponry used. It also gives a day by day narrated description of the
battle. The website also gives detailed biographies of people involved in the
battle. It was helpful in understanding what happened during the battle and the
effect it had on the people.

This website specializes in the Battle of Little Round Top. It contains

detailed and Interesting text on how the battle influenced the war greatly. The
website helps answer the prompt well and contains sources. There are multiple
websites bunched into this URL., The Gettysburg National
Military Park Virtual Tour, The Story of the Battle of Gettysburg

This source gives a very detailed description of the battle itself, the aftermath
and a brief summary of the time before of the battle. The website has interesting
graphics and pictures to help you better understand the battle. Other than the
brief description about the time before the battle the website focuses on the
Battle of Gettysburg. It helped to understand the battle and the after math., Battle of

This source is about all of the civil war and gives specifics about the battle of
Gettysburg and many other things of the civil war. It has pictures and maps to
help you better understand the battle. And it gives a detailed account of what
happens during the battle. This source helped me confirm information and get a
better idea of the battle., 33g. Gettysburg: High Watermark of the


This source isn’t a very detailed source about the battle of Gettysburg but it
gives some important information about after the battle and the effects that it had.
There a few pictures to help you understand the battle. It helped me to learn
about the effects of the battle which we didn’t know that much about before.