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EPC Engineering and Consultancy


Marine & Offshore Consultants deliver exceptional Engineering and Consultancy Services to onshore and
offshore Oil and Gas and Renewables Developments having as primary goals cost reduction and
efficiency increase through innovative approaches.
Our Services Include adjacent instances to Engineering & Consultancy:
Documentary Engineering

Team/Project Management


Conceptual Design

Onshore & Offshore Engineering

Basic and Detail


Construction Support

Construction Supervision

Engineering Research

Feasibility Studies

Third Party Verification Reports

Petroleum Engineering

We offer Engineering & Technical Consultancy for concept, design, fabrication, delivery and installation.
Typical Engineering deliverables include:

Modelling and Development

Process Studies
Flow sheets and P&IDs
General and Technical Specifications
Equipment Lists, Data Sheets
Drawings, Isometrics, Stress Calculations
Layouts and Diagrams
Tender Packages

Our experience for exceptional services

We can provide extensive support through our
Onshore & Offshore Assistance Team
Combined involvement of our Engineering
Department including our EPC Team
State of the art services corroborated with
continuous cooperation with authorities, standard
committees (ISO TC8), industry associations
(MOC being an IMCA supplier member) and
research institutes.

MOC is a registered Trademark of Marine & Offshore Consultants. Any use of this trademark requires explicit permission from Marine & Offshore Consultants.


Our team includes experienced consultants as well as highly trained Process and Piping Engineers,
Electrical and Instrumentation Engineers, Project Managers.
3. Engineering Research
Combining our personnel academic level (Ex.
PhD Professors) with our experienced project
managers and consultants, MOC can develop
innovative techniques and approaches to
support above onshore and offshore
construction activities. Our design and
procedural approaches are developed inhouse as well as through alternative strategic
We have several patents submitted and
pending approval of relevant authorities.
1. Pre FEED & FEED
During this phase the MOC meets with the Client and
the other involved parties set the common grounds
and principles for the subsequent activities outlining
the concept and utility of future design as well as the
economic viability and development stages.
Combining the high level engineering background
with in-depth onsite experience we offer a holistic
approach from concept to decommissioning.

4. Risk Engineering
Our engineering team are specially trained to
attend all risk related issues (HAZID, HAZOP,
FMEA) that may develop from given
engineering studies. Armed with solid
understanding of concepts and possible flaws
combined with commercial or purpose
developed software we are able to successfully
cope with the most demanding situations.

2. Basic and Detailed Design

Following the FEED phase for projects we are
partner in or simply dealing with standalone
assignments our engineering department uses de
expertise of senior engineers together with state of
the art software to issue the fastest and cost effective
engineering solution for Client.
At the same time MOC will provide full support for the
responsible authorities approval process.

5. Consultancy and 3rd party assessment

Consultancy is not just a word in company
name, as our senior technical consultants as
well as engineering teams (on and offshore)
are capable of delivering excellent results for a
large array of applications (e.g. due diligence,
operation consultancy, tender consultancy, 3rd
party structure verification, allowable working
parameters, etc)

The execution of engineering works at very high standards insures excellent service delivery instances
while keeping the risks occasionally attributed to engineering delivery (quality, timing, cost) in control.
Marine & Offshore Consultants:
Marine & Offshore Consultants has been
actively involved in the Maritime Industry and
ISO Standards development, Training
Development, its core mentality being driven
by excellence.

269 Mamaia Blvd. Ap.6, 900552 Constanta, Romania

Phone: +40 241 551515