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Brickell Academy at Old Donation School

Dear Chorus Students and Parents,

I would like to welcome you to the Chorus program at Brickell Academy! Our program
has been recognized by the Virginia Music Educators Association as one of the top middle
school choral programs in the state. We are excited for your child to be a member of our Chorus!
I am sure that you have seen much of the current research that has been released
concerning the value of studying the fine arts. This research now proves that studying music
actually raises intelligence and I.Q. scores, builds synaptic connections in the brain that aid
higher thinking processes, and even improves test scores! In fact, students who have studied the
fine arts for at least four years, score an average of 59 points higher on the verbal section of their
S.A.T. and 44 points higher on the math section. At Brickell Academy we teach music
because we know that studying the fine arts is crucial to your childs success in
school, as well as developing skills and abilities that will be instrumental in their
accomplishments throughout life!
Attached you will find the Brickell Academy Choral Handbook, detailing dates for
rehearsals and performances. The handbook contains Chorus class expectations, important
information, and a calendar of events for the Brickell Academy Chorus program for the 2016-17
school year. Please take time to review this with your student and make sure he or she has a
thorough understanding of the class requirements. After you have reviewed the expectations,
please fill out, sign and return the slip below to me tomorrow (or by Friday, September 9th). If
you have any questions the best way to contact me is through VBCPS e-mail (see address below).
Please dont hesitate to contact me if you have a question! If you need to arrange a parent/
teacher conference, call the Guidance Department.
It is a privilege to have the com opportunity to direct such an exciting music program.
We are going to enjoy working together to maintain the high quality of choral music that has
been the tradition at Kemps Landing, and now begins at Brickell Academy. I wish you great
success at Brickell Academy this year!
DeLena Poe, Brickell Academy Choral Director
E-mail: /website:
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My child and I have read and understand the class expectations for Chorus for the 2016-17
school year and we agree to abide by these guidelines. My student/I will participate in all
scheduled rehearsals and performances.
Any date conflicts with scheduled performances should be noted on the back of
this slip.

Signature of Parent or Guardian


Signature of Student


Parent contact e-mail address(es): ___________________________________________