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Have pupils classify the nouns

whether they are singular or plural

in number.

Asking and Answering Questions Using

There is/There are

Learning Objective


2. Motivation

Ask and answer questions about

oneself/others/things using pictures/
dialogues using there is/there are

Subject Matter

Present two sets of pictures of

different objects. Set A shall be
singular in number while set B
shall be plural in number.

Topic: Asking and Answering Questions

Using There is/There

PELC Speaking 5, p.14

Language Learning
Made Easy, p. 47

Materials: cut-outs of objects, puppet

Value Focus: Appreciation of Gods gifts


Let the pupils identify the objects

in set A and in set B.
B. Development of the Lesson
1. Presentation
Show the poem to the class.
Gods Gifts

A. Preparatory Activities
1. Review
Show a lunch bag with its
contents. Ask the pupils: Would
you like to know what I have for
recess today?
Get objects one by one from the
lunch bag and say:
I have an egg.
I have a banana.
I have a biscuit.
Ask the pupils what they have for
recess. Let them show it to the
I have one bottle of juice.
I have two bananas.
I have five biscuits.
Write their answers on the board.

There is the sun up high

There are birds that fly
There are flowers around me
There is a bee I see
And when the rains begin to
I miss these beautiful things
Have the pupils do shared reading.
Present the pictures of the nouns
in the poem.
There is a
There are
There are

up high
that fly
around me

Picture A
There is a
And when the

I see
begin to fall

Ask: Is there any book in your bag?

Answer: There ______.
Ask: How many books do you have?
Answer: Only one.

I miss these beautiful things all.

2. Values Integration
Teacher asks:
What are the things
mentioned in the poem?
Do you like to look at
these things too? (Yes)
How can you show your
appreciation for Gods
gifts? (Take good care
of them)
Name ways of how to take
care of them.

Picture B
Ask: Are there pebbles in your bowl?
Answer: Yes, there ______.
Ask: How many pebbles do you have?
Answer: More than one or many.
4. Generalization
What do we use to show that
things are singular in form? (there

Teacher asks:
How many suns are we talking
about in the poem? (one)
How many bees are mentioned?
What words are used before sun
and bee? (there is)
Why do you think we use there
How many birds are mentioned
in the poem? (two)
How about the flowers? (three)
What words are used before
birds and flowers? (there
are) Why do we use the
there are?
3. Practice Exercise
Complete the answers by using is
or are.

What do we use to show that

things are plural in form? (there
There is is used in the singular
form of nouns.
There are is used in the plural
form of nouns.
C. Post Activities
1. Application

Miss Lopez
What are the things that you see in
the picture?
Give sentences using There is
and There are.
2. Enrichment Activities

Miss Lopez

: We need some bottles

for the liquid.
: ______________
bottles in the cabinet.
: Please see if
______________ an
alcohol burner, too.

Option 1:
This is Santa Claus.
He is tall and kind.
Lets see what are in his magic
Ask the class what they think he
has in his sack. Begin with There
is or There are.
Possible Answers:
a. There is money in his sack.
There is a purse in his sack.
b. There are toys in his sack.
There are sandals in his sack.
Option 2:
Use There is or There are before
the nouns.

___________ money in the bank.

___________ buses.
___________ rice in the basin.
___________ vases on the table.
___________ cats meowing.
___________ patches on the shirt.
___________ many empty seats.

Study the following dialogue then fill in
the blanks with there is/there are.
Miss Lopez

: Is there a jug in your

: Yes, ______________
: ______________
rocks and pebbles, too.


: Yes,
______________, but
it needs a new wick.

Write five sentences correctly using There
is and There are.