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: Pac NPL - CONTENTS eee ne Lean aed ee ee CvnueiLs Hand Embroidery Fashion Accessories Ceca Der mee BS ae a ao Kaana Products SARTYOON SANG NRO ee eM a LT tee Td Foreword: The Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO) is a not for profit organization licensed under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984 of Pakistan. The organization's core objective is to reduce poverty. It works at the grassroots level to strengthen the poor through social mobilization and multiple interventions which could gradually help the marginalized populations move on to sustainable livelihoods. SRSO started its operations about 12 years ago and took ee ee ae er ea) Pe Oe ee ee ee PO ee ee ee livestock improvement etc. It primarily works with women and by CS Ree eR ee eee Cee ee ee eee on Ed Since 2007, Sartyoon Sang (together with friends}, SRSO's initiative for social enterprise, has been striving to empower disadvantaged women of the slum communities of Sindh. SRS0 firmly believes that Seo a eee eee) empowerment. Hence, it promotes craft enterprise as alternative (nonfarm) livelihood in the areas of rural Sindh. SRSO organizes rural artisans and upgrades their skills through trainings and workshops and also supports in identifying markets for their products through organizing exhibitions. Over the years hundreds of women have benefited from the skill Ce eee Lee ee eee eT Development Sectors. Many of these women have established their own enterprises and are now sustaining their lives on their eee em ee established by SRSO and business development groups (BDGs) producing handicrafts and other products of beauty and value. a we oe ee De SRSO supports these BDGs through providing linkages to the market through organizing exhibitions and fairs. Space for display of their COO ene aCe eC ee ee ee $o far, 112 Business Development Groups have been formed across the Sindh province with community members having different skills. ever CeCe meee ae es Sart answer to the impending poverty and related problems. The purpose is to move out of the concept of producing conventional handicrafts and to produce anything and everything that is of human utility but having good quality. The answer to the alarming Inequality in the society is to involve the masses in production business and to ensure ee ee Ce ee rE) like to See Sartyoon Sang grow further and reach out to more women, Ie Le Ce ee eee ee Ue ee Cee ee a cu te eco ee hoe CL ceca ur eas eC uae ee change is still to happen which requires consistent efforts. | thank all our supporters and partners who have relentiessly supported us Sr ene ee CETTE eer) OTS cake et eee ba @Vision: eT eee cL ee ee Ce ee eee eee acd ee Lee ce C0 earn ne Sartyoon Sang is mandated to enhance the capacity of rural women CU eee een en mon es in line with market demands and trends by adding value to their Coe ECC ene see BOM ment ae Following are the main objectives of Sartyoon Sang initiative: ee es eee undertake initiatives that would help them develop their own Beg ee To ensure that such enterprise are established im rural areas PC eC racic aL eee a CeCe eae Poe Cu ea eo ee Oe To empower rural communities socially and econamically through enhancing their entrepreneurial skills leading to sustained livelihood. To provide support to marginalized labor class especially home based. @tTextiles Products: Local Sindhi craft women specialize in a range of handmade embroidered textile products in natural dye and khadi. The exquisite designs with a blend of latest fashion and market trends make such Ce Ce ee ee ey but is not limited to apparels including dresses (ladies Kurta/ Gents ee Ue ee eee a ee es Ce ee hee eee eC ener) Coasters and other accessories including mobile pouches, ladies purses, bags and shoulder bags etc. Available in different colors, sizes and designs as per the demand of customers. Apparel Brodactl DRE mtr ied sts Se scien) | esc nmer en aon.) Perit tet en CB eer Oe rec SARTYOON SA Ajrak | Ajakisa name givento a unique cee Rut | mee tn Fee ee Pn Pr eee Pn Biles Lie ome nen neuen Ciao rh il CRS OUR nets Meer etek pee eco ce for mating arak are the wooten blocks, the fabric Pacman tn a eee eeu tp reruns Poe ei) ose igs) uc ee ed i —./~ | wm |A am >| pport Organization SSARTYOON SANG 2016 #17 18 mSindh Rural Support Organization 20 mSindh Rural Support Organization _ Slodhicatuetaen dered tom the ance aye tinfone fu. The allaround the word and Sindhi Et fine stitching techniques debi ‘Sindbi.and Balochi: hand ember ‘oie phone pouches, bags, Sapa Lt = =e ST Lo Hist Or UC ae} Sto —~ Z L- ss = ed , SU creed PN — AP16 Breese . iindh Rural Support Organization eT Fashion Accessories Ce te ere eee ne en ee Cre ur eect ree ee A r Bue) er Cec 32 mi Sindh Rural Support Organization ‘ patos Must Haves Hand made khusas PCC Rene Ua cI exquisite hand embroidery -showcasing the finest craftsmensh Be SUT ae CU SSARTYOON SANG 20161 35 Ifyou are style conscious & you ahvays want to ook dient here are some funky, oo, trendy exciting hand made jeer, 36 Sindh Rural Support Organization ‘Make a boring drive coborful with these beautifully embroidered handmade ey chains. 5 G&S» ee Wee am. D). NE, # ‘SARTYOON SANG 2016 137 ‘SHRTVOON SANG 2016 132 S ' Es Date leafs & W sail Straw Products Traitional handcrafted products hating any kindof tity have alvays maintained the lend over ‘modern equivalents as people's fama with the traditional products makes them more acepatable and suitable Date palm leaves and Wheat-staws ae used for wearing bales, purses, chabees, ser Ing des, jewelry tems, bows, decoration pieces and several other products. Far developing such reduc the date palm leavesin natural rather dfrent colors are woven through avery inate process comprising ofttferent stages. The handmade products of wheat strat arenot only beautiful imappearance but these aso seve various purposes such as small containets, en holdes,jewely bres chabees, serving dishes, wall hangings, ower baskets and many others Kaanna Product: Kaanna (Hard Straw) is a natural product and the artisans use this to make stylish baskets, moorha chairs, stools, wall hangings and many other decoration products. These products are made using original color of the straw material with good quality kaanna (straws), which can developed in customized shapes and can be produced to meet FER Scie 4 mSindh Rural Support Organization J ie 11/0) 2g Pa ~~ HT For queries & orders: Sartyoon Sang Crafts Enterprise SRSO Comper, Near Tj Petolium, Shitarpur Road, Sukkur Sindh -Pakstan. ou eee ea Le ee Reet Rieecitns