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Alger Aranda

EIL 310
September 7, 2016

Using Technology to Learn Vocabulary

Technology has been a really useful tool in many ways nowadays. The use of technology
in learning vocabulary is in truth practical. Having a variety of software applications installed in
smartphones, laptops, desktop computers and other gadgets to learn vocabulary words can come





are utilize.

Jacobs (2010) research notes that literacies are not limited to traditional texts, such as,
books, stories, and essays, and are now expanded to multimedia texts. People are now widely
exposed to modern technology in learning vocabulary words. The Brigham Young University
Provo has designed an interactive software called the TALL Academic Software to aid its college
students in vocabulary acquisition. This functional tool is mostly used by other affiliated
universities of the BYU-Provo namely, BYU-Hawaii and BYU-Idaho. Based on a survey I
conducted, 100% of the Academic English I students are using this tool in their

vocabulary acquisition. There are about 10% of the students who find this software to be the
most helpful of all other mediums for learning vocabulary words.
Movies is another fun way to learn vocabulary terms. Based on a British Council article
by Kieran Donaghy, another benefit of using film is that it provides a source of authentic and
varied language. Film provides students with examples of English used in real situations
outside the classroom, particularly interactive language the language of real-life conversation.
Film exposes students to natural expressions and the natural flow of speech. If they are not living
in an English-speaking environment, perhaps only film and television can provide learners with
this real-life language input. (Donaghy, "How can film help you teach or learn English? 2014).
There are many fun interactive websites where learners can learn vocabulary terms through
movies such



Club (, English

Central (, Film

Education ( and many others. Based on my research (Aranda, A.L. 2016), 20%
of the Academic English I students use movies in digesting vocabulary words.
In conclusion, technology plays a big role in the lives of college students on learning
vocabulary. Regardless of the medium a learner uses to enrich his vocabulary, it is important to
be consistent and diligent at the process of learning and mastering the terms, phrases and
expressions one is focusing on. Utilizing these variety of tools absolutely makes the learning
much easier and more fun.

Academic English I Project of Brigham Young University Hawaii students; Alger Aranda; 2016

Donaghy, K. ("How can film help you teach or learn English?