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Principles of Business Document Production and Information Management

2.1 Explain how the requirements of security, data protection,

copyright and intellectual property legislation may affect the
distribution and storage of business documents.


Security of business

There may be
legislation in regards
to the physical
conditions or location
of paper documents.
For electronic
documents, there may
be restrictions on who
can access the

Use of secure
electronic sites, use of
couriers or secure post

Data protection of
business documents

Data protection during

storage may include
restricted access and
the length of time the
documents are stored.

information is sent to
authorised recipients

Copyright of
business documents

Legislation explaining
the length of time
information may be
stored and kept for

Copyrighted materials
are identified as such

property of
business documents

Legislation explaining
the length of time
information may be
stored and kept for

Copyrighted materials
are identified as the
intellectual property of
an individual or

2.2 Describe different types of distribution channels


Documents are sent through email

or file sharing. It can sent to
multiple recipients


Documents can be sent through

internal distribution or an external

3.1 Describe the types of information found in business

There are many different types of information found in a business
organisation such as staff or customer information, financial records.
There are also policies such as health and safety or equality policies.
3.2 Explain the need for safe storage and efficient retrieval of
The need of safe storage is because of confidentiality of information,
making sure only authorised people have access to the stored
information. Safe storage is needed because of legislation or regulatory
requirements for retaining records.
Having documents filed in an organised manner allows for efficient and
speedy retrieval of information
3.3 Describe the features of different types of systems used for
storage and retrieval of information
Electronic documents can be stored in a remote or mobile storage. Paper
documents can be stored on site at the organisation or archived offsite.
Electronic retrieval can be done via sharing passwords of restricted
documents. Retrieval of paper documents can be done via a process of
signing in and out documents or getting permission from an authorised
3.4 Describe the legal requirements for storing business
The legal requirements of storing business information is that it meets the
data protection requirements such as length of time the documents are
kept and granting access to authorised staff only. There are also financial
requirements as how long personal records and information are kept for.