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MISSION Captain Michael VandenBos P.S.

Flying High for Excellence
SKILLS NEEDED It is so very hard to believe that June has already arrived and with it, the countdown towards the end of the
TO BECOME school year has finally begun. This has been an amazing year; together we have faced many rich learning
opportunities, new experiences, and many successes. CMV has a very dedicated and talented group of peo-
RESPONSIBLE ple, including our teachers, non-teaching support staff, office staff, custodial staff, parents and School Commu-
CITIZENS OF nity Council. Thank you for your continued support. I would also like to thank our students for their dedication
to their academics, their participation in our school activities (cultural, sports, committees, clubs, etc…) and of
course for their positive attitude and big smiles.

3121 Country Lane This month’s calendar is filled with numerous activities which are celebrations and recognition for the excel-
Whitby, Ontario lent work that has occurred during the entire school year. I would like to wish everyone an excellent month of
June; a month that is sure to be filled with a lot of hard work… as well as a lot of exciting activities!
L1P 1N3
Safe Arrival Line A Huge THANK YOU is extended to the parent volunteers who have organized today’s Spring Fling. Our
4pm to 8am crew of volunteers (parents and students) will provide our school community with an evening filled of fun activi-
ties for all. We are most appreciative of the efforts that this amazing group of volunteers provides for such a
905-665-2001 special evening. Everyone will have a good time; good food, fun games and raffle prizes will ensure that we
are all going to have a fun evening! Thank You to our Spring Fling Organizers!

Monique de Villers

Chris VanderMeer Grade 8 Graduation

Vice Principal Final Reports
Voula Phillips As mentioned, reports will be issued on June
Carolyn Copithorne 23rd. Please make sure to return page 3 of the Plans for our Grade 8 graduation
Admin. Assistants report card. These forms, whether you choose are well underway. It will be on
to comment or not, must be signed and returned Monday,
John Bowyer to school June 28, 2010 at 7:00pm in our
Superintendent school gymnasium. Each gradu-
905-666-5500 If you are leaving early for holidays and your child will not be ate will be
here to pick up his or her report card, you may choose one of the given 3 tickets for their guests to
Anne-Marie Laginski following options:
attend. A dance for the gradu-
Admin Officer A) Send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope and we will ates will be
905-666-5500 mail it to you. held immediately following the
B) Have the school hold the report card until school opens again
John Dolstra
in late August.
Christine Winters C) Send a letter to the school giving written per-
905-430-6050 mission for us to release your child’s report card to
a person other than yourself.
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Student Agenda Books

Students in grade 1-8 (with the exception of Gr. 1 FI) are being requested to purchase a
CMV student agenda book in September for use as a classroom tool. Schools incorpo-
rate student agenda use to assist students in the development of academic skills, time
management and organizational skills. Research studies have shown that a committed
use of agendas increases student achievement, responsibility, and self-confidence. We
encourage the use of this common CMV agenda as it will help to gain full class support.
They will cost $9.00. Please plan to have your child purchase one in September.


Now that the nice weather has arrived we will be outside for many of our Phys Ed classes. Your child has 3
indoor PE classes and 1 scheduled outdoor period each week. Students are expected to be ready for outdoor
classes for all 4 periods. This includes comfortable clothing (no jeans, skirts, dresses) and proper footwear
(running shoes, please: no sandals, flip flops, or Crocs). A hat, water bottle, and sun screen are also encour-
aged. Students will not be able to participate in indoor and outdoor PE activities without
proper footwear.
Thank you for your support!
Mme. Pokupec and Mme. Laszlo

Lost and Found! Volunteer Café

A variety of lost and found articles (clothing, It was so nice to see so many of you
shoes, etc…) are being displayed in the hall turn out at our volunteer celebration
down near the gym. We invite you to come, on Friday, May 21. This celebration is
check and claim whatever belongs to your our way of recognizing the important
child/children before Monday, June 21st . What contributions that all of our volunteers
has not been claimed will be forwarded to a make to our school community.
charitable organization. Thank you again for all you do!!!! And
a special Thank you to Mrs. McLeod
Please note that we will have a regular dis- for organizing the event, we had a
missal on June 29th. Don’t forget our clap out very entertaining afternoon for our vol-
scheduled for 2:15 p.m. unteers!
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Lunchroom Supervisors Medications

needed for
September 2010
Just a reminder to parents to pick up
any medication that you may have
We are looking for Lunchroom Supervisors for
sent to school with your child. Epip-
the 10-11 school year. The rate of pay is $12.60
ens have to be renewed yearly.
per hour, one hour per day. If you are inter-
Please make sure to check the dates
ested, or would like more information, please call
on the Epipens during the summer.
the office and speak with Voula Phillips.

Safety First Moving

We continue to be safety conscious here at CMV. If you know that your child(ren)
Thank you volunteers and visitors for signing in and will not be returning to CMV in
signing out when leaving the school. September, we would appreciate
The parking area should remain clear as it is not a it if you could inform the office as
drop off zone. Our students are also reminded to soon as possible. Thank you!
look both ways when crossing streets, and entrances
of the parking area. Students walking home MUST
cross Country Lane at the cross walk. Please par-
ents discuss road safety with your son/daughter, and
the dangers of crossing roads between parked cars.
We must not let convenience, or letting our attention
down, create a safety concern for our children.

Reading with Your Child During Good Bye Mrs. Craggs

Summer Holidays

It is very important to encourage your child to read throughout the sum-

mer holidays. Research shows that students experience a learning loss
during the summer and a way to prevent this from happening is to have
your child continue to read throughout the holiday months. This actually On Friday, May 28 staff and stu-
enhances reading and writing ability. dents had to say good bye to our
• Let children read books that interest them. When they enjoy the sub- casual secretary Caryn Craggs who
jects, children are more likely to discover the joy of reading, and read had just accepted a new secretarial
more on their own. Some children enjoy fiction and others prefer non-
fiction. position in our board. As of Mon-
• As often as you can, make time for reading aloud to your child. This day, May 31 Caryn is now the new
builds listening skills and allows you to occasionally select books that Head Secretary at Valley Farm P.S.
are above your child’s reading level, which builds vocabulary and can in Pickering. Caryn has been a key
motivate your child’s love of learning.
• Talk about what you are reading and ask your children to talk to you
member of our office staff since the
about the books they are reading. This demonstrates that you are inter- early fall, and we will miss her en-
ested. thusiasm, wonderful sense of hu-
• Encourage your child to select a variety of books (subject matter, type mour and professionalism. We
and length). wish her the best in her new posi-
• Show children that reading is everywhere (recipes, street signs, synop-
sis of a DVD, newspaper articles, etc). tion!
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Members of the Grade Seven Philanthropy Club attended the first annual Wonderful Whitby Celebra-
tion at Sinclair Secondary School on May 18th. These student leaders came together with other
Whitby schools to share and learn best practices in Character and Equity Education.
Student representatives included Rachel Dick, Carly Ellis, Rohan Saigaonkar, Madeleine Lee, and
Emily Stewart, accompanied by Mr. VanderMeer and Ms. Rogers.


We are happy to announce that “SeeHear” will be running a hearing and vision screening clinic
at (Captain Michael VandenBos) on (June 15, 16 & 17, 2010).
This is an excellent opportunity for your child to have his/her hearing and vision tested in a convenient and cost
effective manner.
The permission forms will come home approximately two weeks before the clinic. Please fill them out and return to
the school with the $10.00 screening fee prior to the clinic date.
This screening is not intended to replace a regular visit to an audiologist or optometrist.

Building Character Education

This month’s feature…

I face my fears with confidence - being brave. I face challenges


“One man with courage is a majority.” Thomas Jefferson

“The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.” Sven Goran Eriksson
“The key to change... is to let go of fear. ” Rosanne Cash
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Imagine...Bully-Free Schools
Creating Foundations of Safety, Respect and Caring
The Durham District School Board is asking parents/guardians to participate in
a on-line survey regarding bullying. Please visit the school board website at to complete the survey by June 11/2010.

With the warmer weather upon

us our portables tend to get
warm, we are asking parents for
any fan donations to help keep
our portables cool. Thank you Catherine Vipond, our Adopt-an-Olympic Athlete, visited the
school on Mon May 31 to briefly meet with all our students in
for your help. the gym.

Who Is Green?

Congratulations to 8S for their hard work this year! They have been busy these past two terms working on
their “Who is Green?” projects. We started with a class project to collect used batteries from the school
community. It was a great success! Over 2000 used batteries were kept out of landfills, where they would
pollute the ground, and instead they were disposed of properly as hazardous waste.

The teams of students then came up with their own Green projects including:
Anti-idling Campaign Pop-tab Collection
Energy Conservation Posters Proper Use of Blue, Red, Green, and Garbage Bins
Earth Hour Announcements and Posters Earth Day/Week Trivia and Class Poster Displays
Tree Planting Used Clothing Drive
Art Supply Drive for Haiti Ravine Clean-up
Environmental Information Website Importance of Water Display

8S has worked hard to learn more about helping the environment and ways to share their knowledge with
the school community. The students are working to create a scrapbook of their accomplishments and have
turned the “Who is Green” doll into a Green Environmental Steward. Everyone can Do Something Small to
Save Something Big! ---Mrs. Hewitt and 8S
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Student Information
Parents/Guardians are responsible to ensure the school administration has updated transportation related
informationwith regards to your children i.e., care giver address, moving, etc.

As information provided for transportation is downloaded electronically from the school, it should be noted that if the
home address is incorrect, or the family has moved or changes have been made to the care giver, parents must contact
the school with the information to avoid any delays in transportation. School bus route changes take up to three days to
be implemented.

For the purposes of childcare, the parent/guardian of an elementary aged student may submit an alternative address,
different from the residence. Transportation may be provided to and from the designated school if:

♦ The alternative address is eligible for transportation to the designated school, as per both school board
approved transportation policies.
♦ That both addresses remain the same each day, and everyday throughout the school year.
♦ NOTE: Caregiver’s addresses are only accepted for elementary students.

Parents/Guardians of elementary and secondary school students whose children reside at two different addresses due
to parents having joint custody, may be provided with transportation to and from both addresses if:

♦ Such an address is eligible for transportation to the same designated school under both school board approved
policy, and the alternate address is on a consistent five day a week (Monday-Friday) schedule only, throughout
the school year. Mid-week schedules are not considered.

Automated Telephone Line - Student Route Information

As of August 24, 2010 parents can call 905-666-6979 or 1-866-908-6578 in order to receive their child’s transportation
information. This telephone line gives the bus route number, stop location and time of pickup and drop off. In order to
receive this information you will need the student’s OEN number/student number and date of birth (yyyy,mm,dd).

Contingency Plan
In the event your bus is delayed due to a breakdown, poor road conditions or extreme cold weather parents/guardians
are reminded to implement a contingency plan for their children and review the plan regularly.

Parents should also have a contingency plan if they are going on a trip, conference, etc. throughout the school year.
Please note that approval will not be given for students to change buses or stops during a parent/caregiver absence. If
your child attends an activity or job after school permission will not be granted to change buses or stops for those days.

Information at a Glance

Contact Numbers:
Automated Telephone Line……………………905-666-6979 or 1-866-908-6578
Durham Student Transportation Services….1-800-240-6943
Durham Region Transit…………………………1-866-247-0055

Durham Student Transportation Services…
Durham Catholic District School Board……
Durham District School Board…………………
Durham Region Transit…………………………
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Library Books

It’s that time of the year when we are

asking students to return all texts, library
books, team shirts and any other items
belonging to the school. Please have a
look around your home, your cubbies,
backpacks and lockers. Thanks.




Katy Hutchison is an author and parent with a unique and engaging message. Despite experiencing tragic
loss, she advocates for restorative justice and emphasizes the power of forgiveness. Katy clearly describes
how the mix of youth, alcohol, drugs, bullying, and peer pressure contributed to the murder of her husband
on New Year’s Eve in 1997.

Join us to hear Katy’s unique perspective on strategies to reduce risk taking behaviour, boundary setting,
consequences, communication with other parents, and host liability issues.

Katy chronicles her experience and healing in her book, Walking After Midnight.

“Katy was nominated for the Courage to Come Back award in 2004, the Women of Distinction award in
2005 and she received the Canadian Living From Me to We award for social action in 2006. She has been
featured in numerous national magazines including Redbook, Chatelaine, Canadian Living, Readers Di-
gest, Homemakers, Glow and More. Interviews on national television have included Canada AM, Gill Dea-
con, Fanny Kiefer and Montel Williams.”

This presentation is suitable for parents of children and teens.

(Click on: “watch a mini-documentary about Katy’s story”)

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Dates to Remember ···

June 1,2 & 3 June 23
Kindergarten Graduation & report Dates of Significance
EQAO Gr. 6 cards for J.K. to Gr. 7
June 2 June 24 Primary Play Day
June 25 Primary Play Day Rain Date June 20
Spring Fling June 28 Gr.8 Graduation Ceremony Father’s Day
June 4 June 29 Gr. 8. Clap out
June 30 June 21
PA Day
No school for students PA Day National Aboriginal Day

June 7, 8, & 9 No school for students June 24

La Fete National St. Jean Baptiste
EQAO Gr. 3
June 27
June 10 & 11
Nonquon Gr. 2 Multiculturalism Day
June 16
Kindergarten Pizza Day
June 15, 16 & 17
See/Hear Clinic & Pizza Day
June 18
Report cards for Gr. 8
June 21, 22 & 23
Ottawa Grad Trip