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This weapon is used to defeat a boss who, in its final form, resembles one big eyeball with several smaller
eyeballs. In one game, this weapon is initially obtained in response to a trick by Shadow Link, and in the same
game 2000 Force Gems are needed to power up this weapon once. Beside the Master Sword, this is the only
weapon with the Power to Repel Evil, and it is descended from the (*) Picori Blade. This weapon is the main
weapon used to defeat the Wind Mage Vaati, and its special characteristic causes the creation of a green, red, blue,
and purple version of the protagonist. For 10 points, name this weapon, a blade that lets Link copy himself that also
titles one of the Legend of Zelda games.
ANSWER: the Four Sword (prompt on Links sword, I guess; do not accept Master Sword)
2. This character taunts another by saying he floats through life with his head in the clouds. This character
expresses astonishment at all the little birds and trees he finds after stowing away with another character,
but quickly names the location he finds after himself. After an old woman tells this character, You will have a
role to play in all this, this character builds a catapult to help combat the (*) Imprisoned. This character steals
Links Crimson Loftwing at the beginning of the game he appears in. A popular internet rhyme claims that this
character is loose. For 10 points, name this beefy comic relief from Skyward Sword.
ANSWER: Groose
3. One entrance to this location is found on Death Mountain at the center of a triangle of boulders, near
where the Old Man is rescued. The Moon Pearl protects the user when visiting this location. Upon first
visiting this location, Link is turned into a bunny, and the Pyramid of Power is centered in this location. The
Magic Mirror is used to (*) visit and leave this location. Lorule is the equivalent of this location in the sequel to the
game this location appears in. After capturing the six maidens, the wizard Aghanim transports them to this location,
which had originally been the Sacred Realm before being corrupted by Ganondorf. For 10 points, name this
mirrored version of the Light World in A Link to the Past.
ANSWER: Dark World
4. [note to reader: note superpower] In an episode of Captain N: The Game Master, this character contacts
Captain N for help finding the Potion of Power. This character asks you for your name and then says, somehow sounds...familiar, before asking you to look through a (**) window. This character is
scared by rats to the point of paralysis. At the top of the Clock Tower, Link has a flashback involving this
character. This character has the same name as Robin Williamss (*) daughter and F. Scott Fitzgeralds wife.
This character is descended from the mortal incarnation of the goddess Hylia, and in another game, she is separated
from her body and helps you by possessing Phantoms. Tetra is revealed to be an incarnation of this character. For 10
points, name this character who is revealed to be the true identity of Sheik.
ANSWER: Zelda (prompt on Tetra or Sheik; give 20 points for superpower and 30 points for first line buzz,
because that 80s knowledge is insane)
5. Playing this song obtains a Heart Piece from the Five Fabulish Frog Tenors. The original button presses for
this song is two iterations of A-down-up. This song removes the curse caused by Blue Bubbles, and in the
same game, this song is learned in the Ikana Graveyard and used to heal Flat. Learning this melody is part of
a (*) paradox, since playing this song empties the Well and speeds up the Windmill, angering the Guru-Guru man
who is responsible for teaching this song in the first place. For 10 points, name this song from Majoras Mask and
The Ocarina of Time which creates extreme weather when played.
ANSWER: Song of Storms
6. This character is implicitly referred to as the one who captivated my heart long ago by another
character. This character is first encountered claiming to have twisted his ankle while in the Temple of the
Ocean King. Jolene has a personal vendetta against this character since he stole treasure from Jolene. After
(*) Bellum possesses this character, he serves as the final boss of the game he appears in. This character has a
grandson who appears in Spirit Tracks, who fulfills a similar role by selling train parts. For 10 points, name this
cowardly ship captain who partners with Link in The Phantom Hourglass.
ANSWER: Linebeck
7. Interactions with Belari and Barnes allow Link to upgrade this item in The Minish Cap and Twilight
Princess, respectively. Accessing the Mysterious Pond in the Pyramid in Link to the Past requires the use of a
variety of this item. The typical method of performing a superslide is to equip the shield, perform a flip, and

use this item. Advice that (*) Dodongo dislikes a certain phenomenon is a reference to use this item against it. You
can obtain a Heart Piece by throwing one of these items into the urn in the center of Goron City. In a bit of
impeccable science, these items can be harvested from a namesake flower. A chu variety of this item moves after
being placed. For 10 points, name this item that you would use if see a wall with a crack in it.
ANSWER: bombs (accept Super Bomb, Remote Bomb, Water Bomb, Bomb Flower; do not accept Bomb Bag)
8. The character David Jr. is associated with this character in The Minish Cap, though he is not actually
related to this character, unlike Ankle and Knuckle. This character has a standalone game in which he is
forced to collect rupees for the demon Uncle Rupee. This character gives Link a namesake (*) Tuner in The
Wind Waker, and in the same game he will translate Triforce Charts for Link. In Majoras Mask, this character
claims to be 35 years old, and floats from a red balloon. For 10 points, name this odd, diminutive character who
wears green because he is obsessed with fairies.
ANSWER: Tingle
9. The Knights Sword and White Sword are two alternative weapons in this game. Building the Magic Bar
allows the player to activate Focus Energy in this game. This is the only game beside Twilight Princess that
the insect-obsessed Agitha appears in. The plot of this game is initiated when the sorceress (*) Cia opens the
Gate of Souls to different realities and launches an attack on Hyrule Castle. Both Link and Ganondorf are playable
characters in this game, as they each can command troops on the battlefield. For 10 points, name this spin-off game
developed by Koei Tecmo that combines the Dynasty Warriors and Legend of Zelda series.
ANSWER: Hyrule Warriors
10. Prince Komali lives in this location, and the home base of the Post Service is located here. The Wind
Shrine is close by to this location, from which Link can learn the Winds Requiem. Gohma is fought and the
Grappling Hook are acquired in the dungeon on this island. The eventual (*) Earth Sage lives on this island,
and it contains the first dungeon the player visits after the Forsaken Fortress. Medli and the bird-like Rito tribe lives
on this island, and Valoo lives at the top of the volcano at this islands center. For 10 points, name this island in The
Wind Waker named after a large fire breathing creature.
ANSWER: Dragon Roost Island (accept Dragon Roost Cavern)
11. After this characters final appearance, another character can only say, He...he.. talked! This character
burns the camp at the entrance to the Arbiters Grounds after being defeated, and he first kidnaps the
children of Ordon Village. After defeating this enemy for the final time, this enemy gives Link a small key and
says, Enough. I support the strongest side that is all I have ever known. Riding a gigantic (*) boar, this
character engages in a jousting match with Link on the Bridge of Eldin. For 10 points, name this enemy, the King
of several other goblin-like enemies in Twilight Princess.
ANSWER: King Bulbin
12. This enemy is the final fight in level 3 of the Take Em All On mini-game in Spirit Tracks. In one fight
with this enemy, thrusting at it causes it to jump on top of your sword. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, an event
match requires the player to defeat this character on the Bridge of Eldin stage in stamina mode. This enemy is
the true final boss of (*) Zelda II. In Ocarina of Time, this enemy appears in a boundless room with a thin layer of
water, and when defeated gives the longshot; in that fight, this enemy mimics every sword attack the player uses,
requiring the player to use other weapons instead. For 10 points, name this evil, blackened version of Link.
ANSWER: Dark Link (do not accept Shadow Link, but do prompt on Links Shadow)
13. [note to reader: note superpower] During this event, the performer claims, I should only take this as a
good sign of consistency. This action was performed on the Chinese iQue, and a few months after this event,
Jodenstone superceded it. After a particularly difficult glitch is successful during this event, the performer
calls it the (**) god HESS. The wrong warp from Gohmas boss room is the biggest sequence break during
this event, and the performer admitted he constantly repeated said infinite sword glitch out loud out of
nervousness to prepare for the final battle with Ganon. For 10 points, name this event in which a (*)
speedrunner completed a certain game in 18 minutes and 10 seconds.
ANSWER: cosmos (Cosmo Wrights) 18:10 world-record run of Ocarina of Time (prompt on partial; give 20
points before double asterisk and fifteen before single asterisk)

14. Breaking the six suits of armor at the beginning of this dungeon rewards the player with an orange rupee.
The Darkhammer is the miniboss of this dungeon, and it fights you in a narrow corridor using the item you
obtain from it. To reach this dungeon, the player has to follow a reekfish scent up a (*) mountain. It is only after
retrieving both a pumpkin and goat cheese in this dungeon that Yeta remembers where the key to the bedroom where
a piece of the Mirror of Twilight is locked is. The Ball and Chain is obtained in this dungeon, and this mansion-like
dungeon is reached with a snowboard race. For 10 points, name this ice-themed dungeon from Twilight Princess.
ANSWER: Snowpeak Ruins
15. [note to reader: note superpower] Bago-Bagos and Debrekos are enemies with the form of these animals.
The Street Merchant in Link to the Past will buy one of these animals from Link in exchange for various
things like rupees or magic jars. (**) The Research Laboratory in Majoras Mask has several of these animals.
Humanoid instances of these animals will fill in Links Sea Chart in The Wind Waker. Hilariously, during the
final sword fight in Twilight Princess Ganondorf can be distracted using an (*) item associated with these
animals, which Link earlier obtained. One of these must be offered to Lord Jabu-Jabu to enter his belly, and the main
setting of Links Awakening is only a dream of a gigantic one of these animals. The Hylian Loach is the rarest of
these animals. For 10 points, name this animal, varieties of which which you can catch in a pond.
ANSWER: fish (accept specific varieties; give 20 points for superpower)
16. In the original Legend of Zelda, these enemies appear in the overworld in red or blue varieties, where the
blue version is stronger. In Link Between Worlds, one of these enemies serves as a pitcher in a baseball
minigame. After defrosting one of these enemies, it serves as the final boss of the Water Temple in The Minish
Cap. A similar but larger version of these enemies is the miniboss in Lord Jabu Jabus belly, while the same
larger version occupies the (*) whirlpools in the Great Sea in Wind Waker. The typical method for defeating these
enemies is to reflect their attack back with a shield, stunning them. For 10 points, name these recurring octopus-like
enemies that shoot rocks at you, thus giving them their name.
ANSWER: Octorok (accept Big Octo; as an editors note, be glad I didnt include this quote from the CD-i games
as a clue: Boy, Im so hungry, I could eat an octorok!)
17. You can take one of the cuccos wandering around this location to reach a crate inside of which is a Piece of
Heart. The music for this location begins with a series of rising notes on the acoustic guitar before introducing
a rapid clapping. As an adult, the Running Man is first met while he is trapped at this location, and also as an
adult, the (*) carpenters tent is set up at this location. A majestic cutscene takes place if you use a running jump
with Epona to cross the chasm over a river in this location. Beyond this location is a fortress in which Link must
sneak around to avoid being caught and placed in a cell. For 10 points, name this location that serves as the entrance
to a fortress full of desert thieves whom Ganondorf is king of.
ANSWER: Gerudo Valley
18. In Oracle of Ages, characters of this species engage in an instructive dance session with Link. In The
Minish Cap, a character of this species upgrades Links shield to the mirror shield. A character of this species
can be found by blowing up a giant spire at the bottom of a pool, (*) and in the same game a character of this
species opens a small stand in Kakariko village at night. A character of this species is an archaeologist who is
studying Goddess Stones. (*) Fyrus, Darmani, and Darunia are creatures of this species. Defeating the Masked
Mechanical Monster Goht saves these creatures from the eternal winter plaguing them in Majoras Mask. These
creatures guard the dungeon in which Link finds a sacred ruby, and they are terrorized by the dragon Volvagia in
Ocarina of Time. For 10 points, name these friendly creatures from the Legend of Zelda series who eat rocks and
move by rolling around.
19. [note to reader: note superpower] The first-ever gameplay footage of this game showed Link climbing
stairs, running around and attacking a skeleton, and preparing to enter a house. An expansion to this game
was developed under the working title Ura Zelda, but dropped. (**) This game was the first to receive a
perfect 40/40 score from Famitsu. Prior to release, blood in this game had its color changed from red to green,
and a sample of Islamic chanting in the background music for one of the dungeons in this game was removed.
The (*) Stone of Agony alerted players in this game when secret items were near by rumbling the controller, which
made the item useless in the rumble-less Virtual Console version. A Master Quest version of this game was bundled

with a Gamecube release of this game. For 10 points, name this Legend of Zelda game, the first to be remade for the
ANSWER: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (20 points for superpower)
20. Upon its death, multiple spotlights move to focus in on this creatures death, and the first stage of the fight
with this creature involves running around a circular staircase as the room below you floods. In a lesser
appearance in another game, this enemy drops rocks on Link during a boss fight in The Mountain Path. This
enemy looks like a larger version of a Kargoroc. The (*) Skull Hammer is required to defeat this enemy by
cracking open the mask it wears. This boss is fought upon the second visit to the Forsaken Fortress, and this boss is
responsible for kidnapping Aryll from Outset Island. For 10 points, name this monstrous bird, the henchman of
Ganondorf in The Wind Waker.
ANSWER: Helmaroc King
TIEBREAKERS (sudden death until someone negs or someone buzzes correctly):
One boss in this game disguised itself as the priestess Rao after killing the original Rao. The swordsman Waka in
this game is revealed as a member of the Moon Tribe, and assists the protagonist in finding the Ark of Yamato. The
Cherry Bomb ability in this game allows you to blow up walls. Praise points can be earned in this game by restoring
characters faiths in the protagonist. The main player is assisted by the tiny cricket-like Issun, and several battles
with the eight-headed dragon Orochi occur during this game. The Celestial Brush is the main weapon in this game,
and you play as the sun god Amaterasu in the form of a wolf in this game. For 10 points, name this game that is
notably not from The Legend of Zelda franchise, but is heavily inspired by it.
One boss in this game repeatedly spawns flies, shoots homing shots, and can only be accessed after holding on to the
Polaroid from an earlier fight. Though not The Legend of Zelda for NES, the Shovel is an item in this game and you
can meet a shopkeeper who says I AM ERROR. Samson and Eve are other playable characters in this game, and
the main method of attack in this game is through Tears, which can be upgrade with passive items. The main boss
fight in this game is with Mom, who in the prologue to this game chases the main character into a chest. For 10
points, name this game that is notably also not from The Legend of Zelda franchise, but is heavily inspired by it--and
also takes its name from a scene in the Bible where God commands Abraham to sacrifice his only son.
ANSWER: The Binding of Isaac (accept The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, since I chose clues applicable to both)
1. Name the following things related to the portrayal of Link and Zelda outside the video game format, for 10 points
[10] News broke in March 2015 that this media streaming service was in talks with Nintendo to develop a Legend of
Zelda television series. Original programming on this service includes Orange is the New Black and Daredevil.
ANSWER: Netflix
[10] The Legend of Zelda animated series contains this immortal quote, indicative of Links mock annoyance at
Zeldas nagging or complaining. Brownie points if you imitate the voice as well.
ANSWER: Well, excuuuuuse me, princess.
[10] Treasure Chest and Empty Bottle cards appear in this Legend of Zelda game, while certain pieces are either
Deku Sprouts or Deku Trees. Remember: its not a video game.
ANSWER: Monopoly: Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition
2. In A Link to the Past, Venus is the queen of these creatures, and one of them asks Link if he was responsible for
dropping certain items in a pond. For 10 points each:
[10] Name these fountain residing creatures. A Rupee one of these appears in A Link Between Worlds and gives
Link a bottle if he throws 3000 rupees into her fountain..
ANSWER: Great Fairy (prompt on fairy)
[10] This is the fairy companion to link in Ocarina of Time, known for her distinctive Hey! Listen! cry. At the
beginning of Majoras Mask, Link is looking for her when he falls into Termina.
[10] This is Links fairy companion in The Phantom Hourglass. After fusing her with another fairy, it is revealed she
is the Spirit of Time and Courage.

3. For 10 points each, state whether the game takes place in the Singular Timeline, the Fallen Hero Timeline, the
Child Timeline, or the Adult Timeline. (As a point of reference, Majoras Mask occurs in the Child Timeline):
[10] The Wind Waker.
[10] Skyward Sword.
ANSWER: Singular
[10] Zelda II:The Adventure of Link.
ANSWER: Fallen Hero
4. For 10 points each, name these primary antagonists in the Legend of Zelda series who happen to not be Ganon:
[10] This character steals Majoras Mask from the Happy Mask Salesman and wreaks havoc on Termina, but it turns
out he was just lonely, and at the end of the game he makes up with Link and the fairies Tatl and Tael.
ANSWER: Skull Kid
[10] For most of Skyward Sword, Link fights Ghirahim, but then it turns out Ghirahim is merely the anthromorphic
sword for this flaming-haired villain. Upon being defeated, this villain resolves for his hatred to be reborn, probably
as Ganon.
ANSWER: Demise
[10] Chancellor Cole revives this demon, causing Link and Zelda to use the Compass of Light to travel to the Dark
Realm for a final fight with this demon.
ANSWER: Malladus (the game is Spirit Tracks)
5. Name some things related to the dungeon that scared me the most as a child, for 10 points each:
[10] The dungeon in question is this one located at the Bottom of the Well. Its final boss is Bongo Bongo, a pair of
gigantic disembodied hands playing the drum youre standing on.
ANSWER: Shadow Temple
[10] These zombie-like enemies can be found in the Shadow Temple, as well as populating the future Castle Town.
They have a piercing scream that paralyzes Link for a few seconds.
[10] Also located in the Shadow Temple are these cylindrical blobs that can swallow Link whole and eat his shield.
ANSWER: LikeLike
6. Name the game with the quote, for 10 points each:
[10] Its dangerous to go alone! Take this.
ANSWER: The Legend of Zelda (NES) (prompt on first Zelda game)
[10] Youve met with a terrible fate, havent you?.
ANSWER: The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask
[10] My country lay within a vast desert. When the sun rose into the sky, a burning wind punished my lands,
searing the world. Later, in the same game and with the same character: The wind... it is... blowing
ANSWER: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
7. For 10 points each, name some things related to playing Legend of Zelda with your friends:
[10] Though you could only battle your friends as Link in the original game in this series, you can now pick Zelda,
Ganondorf, or Toon Link as well.
ANSWER: Super Smash Bros.
[10] Though not strictly multiplayer, you could use a link cable to connect separate files of these two games to
access the proper final ending where you fight Twinrova and Ganondorf. Alternatively, you could just use
ANSWER: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages
[10] Players can trade ship parts in The Phantom Hourglass using Tag Mode, in which they talk to this mandolinplaying character to drop off items. Dont confuse this character with Beedle.
ANSWER: Freedle
8. Hoot hoot. Do you want to hear what I said again? For 10 points each:

[10] Name this extremely annoying character in Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask who gives you unskippable
advice, which you often accidentally listen to twice because the cursor defaults to the yes option.
ANSWER: Kaepora Gaebora
[10] Kaepora Gaebora is a creature of this species. Statues of this animal appear throughout Termina, which Link
can warp to using the Song of Soaring. To repeat: hoot hoot.
[10] A unnamed owl acts as Links advisor in Links Awakening. He first believes that Link isnt just another dream
being after Link successfully acquires the first of the Eight Instruments of the Sirens, the Full Moon [this
ANSWER: cello
9. Answer some questions about the music of the Zelda series, for 10 points each:
[10] This melody is the theme of the Hyrule royal family and is taught to Link by Impa after meeting the namesake
character. Fans excitedly discovered that the Ballad of the Goddess from Skyward Sword contained this tune played
backwards, though no official explanation has been given for that yet.
ANSWER: Zeldas Lullaby
[10] This legendary video game composer created the tracks for most of the Legend of Zelda mainstream titles, in
addition to much of the Mario series.
ANSWER: Koji Kondo
[10] This project has in recent years since become inactive, but this fan project managed to release a fan created
Twilight Symphony in addition to three albums of Soundscapes.
ANSWER: Zelda Reorchestrated (or ZREO)
10. Trick or treat! Name the mask, for 10 points each:
[10] This mask increases Links running and jumping ability in Majoras Mask, which makes sense considering
the animal it represents. It performs a similar function as an item in the Super Smash Bros. series.
ANSWER: Bunny Hood
[10] This awesome looking mask can only be acquired by giving every other mask in the game to the moon children.
It can only be used in boss fights, and gives Link a massive powerup.
ANSWER: Fierce Deity Mask
[10] This useful mask is acquired by giving Shiro a potion. It renders Link invisible to enemies when he stands still,
which is useful for stealth missions.
ANSWER: Stone Mask
11. Based on how you obtain the bottle, name the game, for 10 points each:
[10] Collect all of Anjus cuccoos into the pen for her. Alternatively, bring 10 Poe Souls to the Poe Collector.
ANSWER: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
[10] Give Jovani 20 Poe Souls. As a hint, Jovani is the guy who gets turned into a gold statue. Alternatively, buy it
and its accompanying lantern oil.
ANSWER: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
[10] Get a reformed thief to open a locked chest you find in the Village of Outcasts. Alternatively, buy it for 100
ANSWER: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
12. Ill take potent potables for 200, Alex. For 10 points each:
[10] This ubiquitous liquid throughout the Legend of Zelda series is the most common of the health and magic
healing items. The red variety will heal Links health, the green will heal his magic, and the blue will heal both.
ANSWER: potion
[10] The red and blue potions are instead red and blue-colored versions of this substance in the first two Legend of
Zelda games. In Zelda II, its only a sidequest item.
ANSWER: water of life
[10] The astounding Elixir Soup restores Links health, his magic, doubles his attack, and comes in two servings per
bottle. All Link has to do to get it is release a fairy in front of this character in The Wind Waker.
ANSWER: Links grandmother

13. Two of the games produced for this machine were Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon. For
10 points each:
[10] First, name this console on which three critically panned Zelda games were produced, the first two of which
had ridiculously animated cutscenes.
ANSWER: Philips CD-i (or Philips Compact Disk Interactive)
[10] The first two CD-i games differed from the rest of the Zelda franchise in that the gameplay was of this
horizontally based fashion. Super Mario Bros. is technically of this gameplay paradigm.
ANSWER: side-scrolling (accept word forms)
[10] This was the third game produced for the CD-i, and though it didnt have sidescrolling, it did have
cringeworthy live action cutscenes and even worse reviews than the first two games.
ANSWER: Zeldas Adventure
14. Speculation that this game was being developed first began after a cinematic demo displaying an HD fight with
Armoghoma was shown at E3 2011. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this as of yet unreleased and untitled Legend of Zelda game. Other gameplay demos have shown an
expansive map and the ability to jump off Epona and fire an arrow in midair.
ANSWER: The Legend of Zelda Wii U (accept anything mentioning the Wii U)
[10] This man is the producer for the upcoming Zelda game who first demoed it in Nintendo Directs. He also
produced Skyward Sword and A Link Between Worlds.
ANSWER: Eiji Aonuma
[10] In another of those demos, Aonuma was present with this rockstar Nintendo producer, who we can thank for
creating Legend of Zelda, Mario, and countless other Nintendo series.
ANSWER: Shigeru Miyamoto
15. Everybody wants something else, and you have to act as the middleman. For 10 points each:
[10] To start off, you find a doll of this character in the crane machine in Links Awakening. This character is better
known for needing to take care of a baby Mario in a different Nintendo game.
[10] Then you bring the Yoshi doll to a Tokay Trader on Crescent Island in Oracle of Ages, who agrees to take it
instead of the Scent Seeds the trader wants. In return, the Trader gives you this item, which lets Link lift and move
things much larger than he normally can.
ANSWER: Power Bracelets
[10] Finally, Link uses the Power Bracelets to violently wake Talon up. In thanks, Anju gives Link this mysterious
blue cucco that can be used to wake Grog up in the Biggorons Sword sidequest.
ANSWER: Cojiro
16. For 10 points each, name the game based on...the manga:
[10] As in this game, the manga for this game opens with Link awakening in the Kokiri Forest and entering the
Great Deku Tree. The manga also has a unique bonus story about the Watarara tribe.
ANSWER: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
[10] The manga for this game increases the importance of the sidequest to help Kafei and Anju marry, and the two
eventually meet emotionally atop the Clock Tower.
ANSWER: The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask
[10] The thief Ghanti is added as a new character in the manga for this game, and she is transformed into the boss
Trinexx. At the mangas end, Link becomes an apple farmer.
ANSWER: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
17. While in Minish and Wolf forms, Link can actually talk to this creature. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this noble steed of Links. A bit of actually useful Quizbowl knowledge is that this creature is named
after the Celtic goddess of horses.
[10] Epona is obtained at this location, where she is cared for by Talon and Malon. In the future, Ingo takes over this
ANSWER: Lon Lon Ranch
[10] Epona is raised by this girl in Twilight Princess. She loses her memory during the game and basically things
with Link during the entire game.

18. Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart! By your powers combined...I am The Legend of Zelda! For 10 points each:
[10] The Earth and Fire elements are the last two elements obtained in The Minish Cap, and combining them into
Melaris Blade gives you this blade.
ANSWER: White Blade
[10] Wind and water are pretty much all you see during the long sailing trips in The Wind Waker, so thank goodness
Nintendo gave you an enhanced one of these items in The Wind Waker HD that can double your travel speed. In The
Skyward Sword, Link uses one of these to land.
ANSWER: sailcloth
[10] In every game except The Skyward Sword, you start with this many hearts at the beginning of the game. A
common challenge is to beat the game with this many hearts.
ANSWER: three
19. This item is a creation of the Oocca race. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this item from Twilight Princess that gives Link the power to control statues and have them imitate his
movements. It is required to find the Sky Cannon and reach the City in the Sky.
ANSWER: Dominion Rod
[10] The Dominion Rod is found inside this temple. In another game, Link draws the Master Sword in this temple,
propelling him seven years into the future.
ANSWER: Temple of Time
[10] The Dominion Rod is guarded by this miniboss, a recurring enemy throughout Legend of Zelda which has no
special powers except strong swordplay. It has the appearance of a black knight.
ANSWER: Darknut
20. I give three bosses, you name the game, for 10 points each. Dont forget that some bosses are recurring!
[10] Zant, Puppet Zelda, Ganondorf.
ANSWER: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
[10] Dodongo, Gohma, Ganon.
ANSWER: The Legend of Zelda (NES) (prompt on first Zelda game)
[10] Horsehead, Helmethead, Gooma.
ANSWER: Zelda II: Links Adventure (accept either underlined part)