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1. Remove the air intake system
1.Remove the air intake hose
blow-by hose and air cleaner.

air cleaner

MAF sensor

primary O2 sensor
and heat shield

air intake hose

2. Remove the exhaust system.

1.Remove the primary O2 sensor
2. Remove the exhaust manifold
heat shield.
3. Remove the exhaust manifold
include catalyst.
4.Take off the EGR pipe between
EGR inlet and catalyst.
5. Install the cover plate to EGR inlet.

EGR pipe

exhaust manifold

cover plate to EGR inlet

3. Installation of turbo assembly

1.Install the turbo assembly on the
cylinder head be sure all bolts
or nuts are secure.
2.Reinstall the primary O2 sensor
and heat shield on exhaust
3. At this time using the oil return
hose locate the proper place to
install the oil return hose fitting.

primary O2 sensor

turbo assembly

When marking pan, it is best to

have the location as far up on
the oil pan as possible and in
as straight of a line down from
the turbo as possible.

4 Installing oil return fitting

1.Remove the oil pan
2.Drill an 15mm hole in the pan where
you previously marked for oil return
3.Install oil return fitting into oil pan.
4.Clean the oil pan and gasket making
sure there are no metal particles left
in pan from drilling.
5.Reinstall the oil pan on the
engine block.

oil return fitting

5. Install the oil return hose.

1.Install the oil return hose
between turbo oil outlet and oil
return hose.
2.Using the hose clamps included
in the kit, secure the oil return hose.

oil return hose

6. Installation of oil supply system
1.Remove the oil pressure sending unit.
2.Install brass (T) connector into engine
block and install oil pressure
sending unit into (T) fitting.
3.Install oil line fitting in the side of the
(T) fitting
4.Connect stainless oil line to the oil line
5.Bring oil line around to turbo and
connect to oil inlet of turbo.

oil pres. sending

oil line to turbo

oil (T) fitting

7. Installation of the down pipe

1.Reinstall the second O2 sensor on
down pipe. When installing the O2
sensor first install the O2 spacer to
bring the sensor out of the down pipe.
2.Install the down pipe
to the turbo exhaust outlet.
3.Connect down pipe to exhaust
system with carbon gasket.

second O2 sensor

down pipe

8. Installation of water cooling system

from engine
1.Locate the heater water inlet hose ,cut in
half in an easy to reach location. Insert
the (T) fitting supplied into each half of the
hose and secure with hose clamps supplied.
2.Locate the heater water outlet hose, cut in
half in an easy to reach location. Insert the
(T) fitting supplied into each half of the hose
and secure with hose clamps supplied.
3.Connect the stainless water lines supplied
to the (T) fittings and then feed both lines to
the turbo. connect the water lines to either
to turbo
of the water connections of the turbo.

exhaust system

(T) fitting

to heater

9. Installing the intercooler system

1.Remove front bumper.
2.When installing the intercooler first
fit the charge piping to compressor
outlet and around to intercooler inlet.
then locate position of intercooler
mounting to correspond with charge
3.See photograph to locate proper
position to mount intercooler.
4.Using brackets included fix brackets
to lower side of radiator support.

10. Install and connect charge piping

1.Refer to photos and drawing for
flow layout.
2.Note corresponding numbers on
charge piping.
A. Flow of charge air is in the direction
of the arrow on the charge pipes.
3. Install blow off valve between
sections of charge piping as shown.
A. There is an adjustment screw on top
of B.O.V. for sooner or later release
of pressure.


to throttle

from turbo

11. Install air intake system

air filter
1.Take off the M.A.F. sensor from air
cleaner box.
2. Reinstall the M.A.F. sensor on
M.A.F. sensor mount.
3. Install air filter to the M.A.F. sensor
4. Install one end of the air intake
hose to the compressor inlet and
the other end to the M.A.F. sensor
mount and air filter.
5. Install the blow-by hose to
M.A.F. sensor and mount
the valve cover and to the air
intake pipe.
blow-by hose

air intake hose

Your installation should now be complete. Prior to setting car on ground take
a moment to check all lines hoses fitting etc. At this time refill radiator and
engine oil. check for any leaks.
If everything looks good connect battery and start motor. Let it run for a
few minutes. Turn off motor and check for leaks.
After running engine and car is still lifted it is recommended to change oil
and filter to make sure any loose material is removed.
Installation should now be complete.

Hondata FlashPro

The FlashPro allows full user tuning

and datalogging of late model
performance Civics and S2000s. It
includes Windows based software
called FlashProManager.
The FlashPro connects from your
laptop's USB port to your vehicles
diagnostic port to provide live tuning
with a variety of calibrations,
extensive real time and stored
datalogging capabilities.


FlashPro Part Number

ECU Part Numbers


RNA-A04 through RNA-A33

2006 + Mexico Civic Si


RRB-X11 through RRB-X12

2007 + Central American Civic Si


RRB-K01 through RRB-K02

2007 + South American Civic Si


RRD-M11 through RRB-M12

2007 + European Civic Type R


RSP-E01 through RSP-E03

2007 + South African Civic Type R


RSP-N01 through RSP-N03

2007 + Japanese FD2 Civic Type R


RRC-J01 through RRC-J04

2006 + US S2000


2006 + Asia S2000


PZX-J01 through PZX-J21

2006 + Europe S2000


PCX-G01 through PCX-G16

2006 + US 1.8 Civic (MT)

PZX-A07 through PZX-A21


FlashPro features

Programmable ECU interface.

Connects via OBDII diagnostic port.

USB 2.0 connection

Works with Laptop or Desktop

No ECU modification necessary.

90 second ECU programming time.

20 hours on board datalogging memory.

FlashProManager Windows software.

Check and clear diagnostic codes.

Custom laptop gauges.

Dual calibration storage - upload from one of two calibrations stored in the

2006+ Civic Si / Civic Type R AFM/MAF based calibrations

Ignition, fuel, cam angle, idle speed table editing.

VTEC window.

Rev and launch limiters.

AFM calibration table.

Map tracing & lambda overlay.

15 starting calibrations for common intakes and race header combinations.

2006+ Civic Si / Civic Type R MAP based calibrations

Above features plus:

Expanded fuel, ignition & cam angle tables for forced induction.

4 bar MAP sensor support (40 psi).

50 degree cam angle movement for more midrange torque (up from 45 degrees

Support for larger injectors.

Injector latency / dead time.

Individual cylinder fuel & ignition trim.

Race vehicle sensor disabling.

Speed limiter removed.

50+ starting calibrations for intake, headers, forced induction & injector

What do I need to run the software?

Laptop or desktop

32 or 64 bit Windows XP, Vista or 7*

USB 2.0 port

Internet Access

* The software will also work on Intel based Macs running Bootcamp with the above
specifications. Has been extensively tested and works well. Parallels has been partially
tested with no problems found to date.
Training videos
We've put together a series of training videos to describe the function and use of the
FlashPro. Some the videos were shot using pre-release software. Some displayed
functions have changed slightly. View the videos in High Definition Full Screen to view
the screen shots.
FlashPro Introduction
Hondata's new generation programming tool for the 06 - 09 US Civic Si, the Japanese
06-09 Civic Type R and the European 07-09 Civic Type R. A brief introduction.
FlashPro Getting started
This video covers the installation the FlashPro Manager software, the USB drivers,
software registration and upload of a calibration.
Race Calibration
Hondata has developed a Race calibration which allows you to tune with the MAP sensor
and bypass the limitations of the AFM sensor. A look at the tuning principles for forced
induction on a modern return-less fuel system.
Datalogging and Air fuel ratios
A look a the extensive datalogging capabilities of the FlashPro and the many ways in
which to examine your engine data. We touch on the datalogging of the air fuel ratios
and how you can use it to adjust your tuning.

The tuning process is similar to the K-Pro. For more detailed tuning videos specific to the
K-Pro click here:
Will the FlashPro be available for other Hondas and Acuras?
The FlashPro has the potential to work with most new model Hondas and Acuras made
since 2007. Our focus for the moment is for the Civic and will evaluate other models as
time permits.
I already have a reflash / GroupN ECU / FD2 Civic Type R ECU. Is there a
Yes. There is a rebate of $150. Here is how it works:

Purchase a FlashPro at the retail price.

Install FlashPro Manager or newer.

Lock and register FlashPro.

Press the button request rebate

If your ECU qualifies Hondata will be notified and will send you a rebate check.

The process is explained in detail here

The rebate applies to:

Civic Si reflashes

Civic Si reflashes that have been returned to stock

Civic Si reflashed ECUs that purchased Flashpro without sending their ECU for a

CT Supercharger stage 1 reflashes*

AJ turbo reflashes

Group N ECUs

Civic Type R ECUs

The rebate does not apply to CT Stage 2 Supercharger customers affected by the cruise control or reverse
lockout issue. Hondata is dealing directly with this.

How does the FlashPro work with my FN2 GroupN ECU / FD2 Civic Type R
The FlashPro will lock to and work with the FN2 GroupN / FD2 Type R ECUs perfectly.
However if you unlock the FlashPro for sale and return to stock the GroupN ECU will be

returned to a stock US Civic Si ECU. In this state it will not work in the Euro and Japanese
Type R Civics.
How does it compare to KPro?
KPro is a completely different product. It was created for the 02-04 RSX style ECU. It will
only work on that type of ECU with the exact same Oki processor. Honda has changed
the architecture of the ECU, including ECU architecture, processor and encapsulation, so
that there is no way the KPro can be made to work on any other ECU.
K-Pro requires the ECU be sent to a Hondata for the installation of the K-Pro
daughterboard. By comparison, new FlashPro owners need never remove the ECU from
their car.
Because FlashPro is a different product from KPro, it has different features. Not all
features implemented in KPro are possible with FlashPro. We will try to develop more
popular features such as nitrous control as we can.
In the meantime, if you run nitrous, you will be able to run a calibration that is far safer
and make more power than you would with a stock ECU.
What do FlashPro owners think?
We got an improvement of +85% on peak power/torque with an astounding
improvement of over +100% in power/torque - Mo Choudhury, Swift Racing
I don't think you truly understand the greatness that is the Hondata FlashPro until
you've tried boosting without it. The car drives BETTER than my friends Mazdaspeed6 Soxfan143
I am so exhilarated at the moment. For those of you who have been on the sidelines
deciding if you should do it or not, DO IT! Do it NOW! What are you waiting for? NitrousG35
My car feels like it just lost the flu. - UnlimitedSi
Car feels amazing... someone mentioned that it felt like the car didn't have the flu
anymore. I'd say it's more like the black plague. - SIporfavo

The car drives soooooooo smooooooth. Thanks Hondata for saving my baby. ryanmcm83

Read all the reviews

Questions and Answers
- Are there base calibrations?
Yes, for all common part combinations, plus Greddy turbo, JR and CT superchargers.

- Does it fix the rev hang?

Yes. The rev hang is the result of the injectors continuing to provide fuel for a period of
time after the throttle is closed. This time is reduced by the calibrations provided with
the FlashPro and the revs drop much sooner after throttle liftoff.

- Can it eliminate the second o2 sensor?

Yes. The secondary oxygen sensor is used to monitor the catalytic converter efficiency
and assist with closed loop operation. For off road racing use in which a catalytic
converter is not desirable, the secondary oxygen sensor can be disabled using the
FlashProManager software without any negative affect on the tuning or operation of the

- Do I need dyno tuning?

It shouldn't be necessary for common part combinations (intake, exhaust), but you still
have the option of custom tuning if you wish to get a little more. Camshafts and race
headers probably will need tuning to get the most of the them - it will depend on the

- Can I get rid of the AFM?

You can switch to a MAP based calibration (recommended for forced induction and/or
cams). You need to still physically retain the AFM because it also contains the IAT sensor

- What about smog with a MAP calibration?

According to US and CA law the FlashPro is for off road use only. However, if you did
smog with you would find the readiness codes supported and complete as long as your
emissions systems are intact and working.

- Will this work on R18s or automatics?

Initially the FlashPro is for the US/Canada Si and Euro/Asia CTR. ECU part numbers are

listed on our website.

- Will this work on more than one vehicle?

The FlashPro is locked to one vehicle. It can be unlocked and transferred to another
vehicle by returning the ECU to stock.

- Can I share the calibrations I make for my car?


- Do I need the laptop in the vehicle to reflash the ECU?

No. The FlashPro can upload either with or without a laptop.

- Is there a VTEC window?

Yes. This means that VTEC will operate based on rpm and engine load. For example, the
supercharger reflashes have a VTEC window from 3200 rpm - 6000 rpm. At full throttle,
VTEC operates at 3200 rpm. At light throttle, VTEC operates at 6000 rpm, and for load
between full and light the VTEC will shift between 3200 rpm and 6000 rpm.

- So does that mean 1 unit Hondata FlashPro can only work with one ecu or car
only? Which mean I can't buy one FlashPro and use it together with a few of my
buddies Civics?
One ECU and vehicle at a time. You can unlock the FlashPro by returning the ECU to
stock, and then transfer to another vehicle.

- Any option of immobilizer control?

The immobilizer can not be disabled. We've implemented a number of features designed
to protect the owner of the vehicle from theft, and one of these is not to allow the
immobilizer to be disabled. This is going to be much less of an issue than previous
products because the ECU does not need to be removed / swapped.

- 90 sec programming - does that mean it can't do real time tuning?

Correct. In any case, if you are tuning a vehicle, you need to wait longer than 90 seconds
between dyno runs in order to maintain consistency between runs. If you think you could
set the dyno up as constant rpm or load, and then tune each cell in each table, this type
of tuning does not work because the engine temperature and therefore output changes
fairly rapidly, prohibiting this type of tuning.

- If the ECU had been reflashed by another maker, can FlashPro still work?

Probably - we could tell you based off the ECU part & serial numbers plus the calibration
ID. When you unlock the FlashPro it will only be reflashed back to a stock calibration.

-Will this support a 64-Bit Windows Vista?


- Can it control nitrous?

No. However, you can at least control the ignition timing to make nitrous safer.

- Will dealers need a software license?

No. Every FlashPro will come with the full tuning software FlashProManager.
- Do I need to send my ECU to Hondata?
No. Your ECU does not need to be modified for FlashPro.