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Thank you so much for coming over and taking time out to be part of this

groundbreaking ceremony.Maraming salamat po to our friends, clients,agents,to the

president of real estate brokers association of the Philippines-laoag chapter mrs
rayna rocimo which im also part of the organization, good afternoon. Im Nyre
Alcantara the eldest daughter of Mr Avelino Sales, the developer of this Pearl Homes
Ilocos, the newest project of APCDC. Asian Pearl is already in the business for 25
years, we are Registered in SEC as a corporation doing business in the field of
construction and realty. At present our project is the design and build of the 5 storey
laboratory and diagnostic building of the mariano marcos memorial hosp and
medical center. I will not talk much about our projects in the past and present
projects in the government I know ypu are here right now now because of this soon
to rise - Pearl Homes Ilocos. The very reason why we gather you here is for you to
see the location of the project.

If you talk to any experienced realtor youll always hear the following three words as
the most important criteria for buying and selling a home: location, location,
location. Ultimately the location you choose for your home will have the greatest
impact on its value on the market. You can always changes whats inside your
home but you can never change whats outside of it. Whether your perspective is a
short term buy and sell or even a longer time frame, location is the most important
factor to consider.

Location is key because it will always have the biggest impact on your property. You
can always renovate your home or even knock it down and put up something brand
new, but its impossible to change the neighborhood and surroundings. Being close
to a highway or an airport can have far reaching consequences for your home. You
might find some really hot deals in such areas but be warned, selling that property
(hopefully at a profit) may be next to impossible if its in an undesirable area.
Site the importance of location ---- As you can see it is accessible to major road
which is the general Segundo avenue or bacarra road and the project is just at the
back of dwcl. Strategically located near schools and commercial establishments.
Another reason why you should consider investing with us is that we have a track
record of being in the business of realty and construction for 25 years you can be
assured of delivering our project on time plus the fact that you are not only dealing
with licensed contractor but licensed brokers Me and my brother are also licensed
real estate brokers we are knowledgable in the field and can assure the legitimacy
of papers and real estate procedure.W

What is this project all about. On this site whereyou are sitting and where I am
standing will rise a 14 door apartment. As you can see in your hand out the unit will
have 1 car garage,living, dining area,kitchen, family area, 3 bedrooms (except for
the first unit in the right wing), 3 bathrooms,front balcony,rear patio,storage,and
service area. Minimum of 100.06 sq m and max of 144.81 sq m. Attached also is the
floor plan for your reference. The pricelist is from almost 2.6 to almost 3.2m
excluding transfer taxes. This project is available thru bank financing and in house
financing. Difference---- In the handout that we gave you makikita mo dun yung
sample computation and also discount schemes. The typical unit finish is also in the
handout. We have with you today our architect Arch Resty Camaquin if ever you
have questions regarding the finishing of the unit.
Why Real-Estate?...

In this unique situation we have right now, we saw a potential for buyers
investing in the Real-Estate market. Investing in Real-Estate (instead of stock or a
traditional business) has several advantages - the best being:

1) It's a good asset to have since it usually "never" depreciates (at least over the
past 50 years or so. In fact, many properties have had their values increase 2x, 3x,
10x, even 50x in the past 20 years!)
2) It's a solid, tangible investment which you can use whenever you decide to get
back and
3) Masarap umutang as I may say for this current time kasi mababa interest ng
banks for housing loans so instaed of renting butas ang bulsa alam mo magiging
4. Maganda ang resale value ng bahay because of our present economy esp now
that the main thrust of the government is tourism lalo na under the term of our gov
madam imee marcos you can be assured of good value for your investment.
5.) and last but not the least we encourage you to invest in us because we are
homegrown. Kmi po mismo will be managing the building of the units with close
supervision from the architect and the engineers. Advantage: direstly talking to the
developer unlike others di nakakaderetso concerns nyo with us you can meet us
face to face we will not jeopardize our name by not attending to your needs dahil
kmi rin po masisira.
Later on if you have questions you can direct it to us to my father or to our achr.

And with this may I take this opportunity again to thank youi all for giving time to
attend and hear our presentation.