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Noah Holt
Edmonds-Woodway High School 2016 - 2017
Mathematics Department
Tutorial Hours: 2:00 2:50pm Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri or by apt.
Office: E-200 Staff Office
IB Pre-calculus: 1 credit

Welcome to IB Pre-calculus
Note: Due to the rising costs of providing current texts and materials in IB courses, EWHS has instituted a five dollar fee per semester for each student
enrolled in this class. Fees will be collected in the Main Office and should be paid no later than the third week of the semester. Please return your signed
receipt to me for verification. In this course the fee will be used to fund supplemental copy costs for IB materials.

This course is designed to teach you the mathematical concepts and skills that will help you succeed in life, prepare you for
college, and prepare you for the study of college-level calculus in the future. We will be learning mathematics in a variety of
ways including direct instruction, investigations, activities, and projects. We will do these individually sometimes and in small
groups other times. The following is a description of my expectations for you:

Materials to Bring Every Day

Fully charged, district issued Chromebook

Pencil and eraser
Notebook Paper or Spiral Notebook
Graphing Calculator (TI-83, -84, or Nspire)

Graph Paper (optional)

Centimeter Ruler (optional)
Colored Pencils or Pens (optional)

Your grade will be based on class work, quizzes, tests,. Homework and class work will comprise 20% of your course grade,
and assessments (which include quizzes, tests and the final exam) will be worth 80%. For those of you going on to IB Math SL
next year, we will introduce the IB Internal Assessment, however it will not be scored until next school year. Exam Final grades
will be rounded to the nearest percent and based on the following intervals:


93% 100%
90% 92%
87% 89%
83% 86%


80% 82%
77% 79%
73% 76%
70% 72%


67% 69%
60% 66%
Below 60%

Class work/ Homework (20%)

Every day you will be expected to be on time and on-task during class. Your points for class work will be based
on completion of daily in-class work including warm-up problems, homework quizzes (which may or may not be announced)
and your participation in class discussions.
You will be given homework every class session. You are expected to complete your homework before the following session.
It is your responsibility to correct and revise your own work and seek extra help when necessary. Doing homework on a regular
basis is the single most important factor in learning mathematics. The habit of doing your homework regularly and focusing on
understanding (not just completion) will prepare you for learning the next lesson and give you the necessary practice to prepare

you for tests and quizzes. Your homework grade will primarily come from the homework quizzes in class. YOU MAY USE
YOUR HOMEWORK NOTEBOOK DURING THE QUIZZES. In addition, I may periodically do homework checks in class.
Assignments that are plagiarized or copied will result in a grade of zero for all individuals involved and may lead to loss of
credit in the course (see the Academic Honesty section in your student planner).

Quizzes & Tests (80%)

Generally, you will have daily HW quizzes in the middle of each unit and a test at the end. Homework quizzes will usually be
worth 5 points and tests will be weighted depending on the length of the unit. Tests will always be announced; quizzes may or
may not be announced. Quizzes are a formative assessment, meaning that they provide both of us reliable information about
the level of understanding you have attained in the material thus far. They will be the primary component of your homework
grade, and, consequently, serve primarily as a learning tool that should be used to study from and learn strengths and weaknesses
before a Unit Exam. Unit exams and quizzes will only cover material we have studied in the class. You may make up an
assessment if you have an excused absence. However, the make-up will be a different version and must be completed within
one week of the original exam date (unless other arrangements are made due to extraordinary circumstances). Assessments
missed due to an unexcused absence will be given a zero without the opportunity for make-up. Re-tests will not be given, so
make sure you study hard and do your best the first time. Obviously, tests and quizzes must be the original work of the student.
Assessments that are plagiarized or copied will result in a grade of zero for all individuals involved and may lead to loss of
credit in the course (see the Academic Honesty section in your student planner).

Class Expectations
Respect & Responsibility

Raise your hand to participate
Allow people to speak without interruption
Treat people with respect

Treat peoples stuff with respect

Help to keep a safe learning environment

Be on time & come prepared
Give your best effort
Adhere to the EWHS policy for academic
Clean up after yourself
Take care of personal things outside of class
Accept responsibility for your own actions

Please realize that it is my job to maintain a safe and effective learning environment in my classroom and that there are
consequences for misbehavior. I will always deal with you first in resolving disciplinary matters, but if we cannot solve the
problem between the two of us, your parents and/or school administrators may become involved. In addition to these basic
expectations, there will be NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES (mobile phones, mp3 players, gameboys, etc) and NO FOOD OR
DRINK allowed in the classroom with the exception of sealable water bottles.
Students are expected to follow all school rules which are stated in the EWHS student planner and online at our school website

Tardy Policy
It is a big disruption when you are late to class. I expect you to be in your assigned seat when the bell rings. If you are not, and
you dont have a note from another teacher, you will be marked tardy. You will be warned after the first few occurrences.
Parents will be notified and a one-hour detention will be given after the fourth tardy. Any further tardy will result in a referral
to the dean of students. Please do not be late to class. Tardiness in excess of 10 minutes will be considered an absence. The
new tardy policy at the school gives an automatic detention after 5 total tardies.

Attendance Policy
Whenever you are absent it is your responsibility to find out what you missed and make arrangements to make up that work.
An absence will be marked if you are more than 10 minutes late to class. It is extremely important to be in class. If you have
an unexcused absence, work from that day cannot be made up.

Academic Honesty Policy

IB classes end with formal IB exams, and each student is expected to sit for the IB exam that is associated with this course. In
October, students will begin the exam registration process and will be provided with an IB exam information pamphlet that
carefully details the cost of each exam. Many schools (including UW) provide college credit for successful IB scores, so this
is a wonderful way to save a great deal of money on college! Please know that we have many ways to assist families with
payment options, and the state provides a 90% funding waiver for families that qualify for free-and-reduced lunch.
Students are required to share the IB exam information pamphlet with you in October, and you will have an extended
opportunity to review the exam rules and fees and make decisions about IB exams. By signing this syllabus, you authorize
your child to sign up for IB exams this year, and to sign their IB exam confirmation forms. Please note that November 15th is
the final date to drop IB exams; you will be responsible for all IB exam fees, even if your child drops the class after that date. If
you have any questions, please contact David Quinn, the IB Coordinator, at

Overview of Course Content

The goal of this course is to expose you to a rich mathematical experience. You will learn essential mathematical skills and
will develop your abilities to think and reason mathematically, to make connections between mathematical ideas, to solve nonroutine problems, and to communicate ideas effectively. These goals are consistent with the Edmonds School District
Frameworks, the Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirements, and the Standards of the National Council of
Teachers of Mathematics.
In addition to working with our textbook to develop skills, a variety of activities and investigations will be used to develop
your abilities to apply these skills. The purpose of these activities is to cover the course content from a different (more
constructivist) approach and also show you how the material is actually used in the real world. Through doing these miniprojects you will develop your abilities to reason, make connections, solve problems, and communicate.

Content Outline:

Course Prerequisites (Algebra Review)

Functions and Graphs

Polynomial & Rational Functions and their Graphs

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Right-Angled & Non-Right-Angled Trigonometry

Analytic Trigonometry

Patterns, Sequences, & Series

Simple Probability & Statistics

Binomial & Normal Distributions


Please print the following signature page and return it to your teacher.

Signature Sheet for IB Pre calculus Honors

Please return this signature sheet to your teacher as soon as possible. Your signatures below
acknowledge receipt and understanding of the course outline.
Student Contact Information:


Email Address:


We have read and understand the rules/standards and the Personal and Academic Honesty sections of
the syllabus. I (student) will abide by the rules/standards and consequences established in these
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