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1 10A Rear wiper 2 5A Number plate light, dimmer potentiometer 3 5A Rear fog

1 10A Rear wiper

2 5A Number plate light, dimmer potentiometer

3 5A Rear fog light

4 5A Red. Brake light switch, cruise control system, fuel pump control unit. Potential 15 petrol. Potential 87F diesel

5 5A Engine control unit. Only AUA, BBY. Exhaust gas recirculation. Only BDT, AZQ

6 5A Headlight range control potentiometer

7 5A Exhaust gas recirculation, air mass meter, oil level sender, electro hydraulic steering

8 5A Mirror heating

9 10A Lambda probe, crankcase heater, pressure control valve, Only FSI

10 5A S-contact

11 5A Electric power-up mirrors

12 5A Right-hand marker lights

13 5A Left-hand marker lights

14 10A Crankcase breather, SAP relay, exhaust gas recirculation, intake manifold flap, Hall sender.

Only petrol engines, only diesel engines

15 10A Automatic gearbox

16 10A Dual washer pump

17 5A Engine control unit Only BDT, AZQ, FSI diesel engines

18 5A Climatic, Climatronic, radiator fan control unit, navigation, circulation pump, function lights, IR

monitor sensor, EC mirrors

19 10A Reversing lights, selector lever illumination, washer jets

20 5A Dash panel insert

21 10A Right main beam

22 10A Left main beam

23 10A ABS/ESP

24 10A Onboard supply control unit

25 10A Injectors, camshaft adjuster, thermostat heater, fuel purging valve. Only MPI. Only FSI

26 10A Brake lights

27 5A Dash panel insert, ESP

28 10A Lights: Interior, luggage compartment, mirror, door, glove compartment

29 5A Climatic, Climatronic, diagnosis, telephone

30 5A Onboard supply control unit, shift lock, rain sensor

31 25A Window regulator front left

32 15A Seat heating

33 15A ATA horn

34 15A Socket, in luggage compartment. Only estate

35 20A Sunroof

36 25A Fresh air blower

37 15A Ignition transformer. 20A Only FSI

38 25A Window regulator rear left

39 25A Window regulator front right

40 30A Engine control unit. Diesel10A

41 15A Fuel pump

42 20A NOx controller, lambda probe, exhaust gas cooling. Only FSI

43 15A Right dipped beam, HRC motor

44 15A Fog lights

45 15A Engine control unit. Only AUB

46 20A Windscreen wiper system

47 20A Heated rear window. To March 2004. 30A From March 2004

48 15A Turn signals

49 15A Cigarette lighter

50 15A Central locking

51 15A Radio/navigation system

52 20A Headlight washer system, horn

53 25A Rear right window regulator

54 15A Left dipped beam, HRC motor

Pin assignment of multi-pin connectors on rear of Climatronic control unit -J255- Note Connector housing

Pin assignment of multi-pin connectors on rear of Climatronic control unit -J255- Note Connector housing -A- is vacant.

20-pin connector housing -B-, T20 in current flow diagram

1 - Temperature flap control motor -V68-

2 - Temperature flap control motor -V68-

3 - Defroster flap control motor -V107-

4 - Defroster flap control motor -V107-

5 - Signal earth, control motors

6 - Central flap control motor -V70-

7 - Central flap control motor -V70-

8 - Air flow flap control motor -V71-

9 - Air flow flap control motor -V71-


- Centre vent temperature sender -G191-


- Centre vent temperature sender -G191-


- + 5V 10 mA for control motors


- Evaporator output temperature sender -G263-


- Temperature flap control motor potentiometer -G92-


- Potentiometer for defroster flap control motor -G135-


- Potentiometer for centre flap control motor -G112-


- Potentiometer for air flow flap control motor -G113-

16-pin connector housing -C-, T16i in current flow diagram


- Sunlight penetration photosensor -G107-


- Air conditioner compressor regulating valve -N280-


- High-pressure sender -G65-


- 1st blower speed, radiator fan control unit -J293-


- 2nd blower speed, radiator fan control unit -J293-

12 - Terminal 30 (optional)

13 - Terminal 31

14 - Terminal 31

15 - Terminal 15