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Per loa) INCA a totally unoffical conversion VERSION 1 CREDITS Author Heiko Wisper, Stefan Lechermann, Jorg “Lone Gunman" Wisper, Christian Nickel Design & Layout Stefan Lechermann Proofreaders 227 Playtesters Heiko Wisper, Jorg ‘Lone Gunman” Wisper, Christian Nickel Special Thanks to the community of Ulisses Spiele and Starship Combat Forum,,, Mongoose Publishing and MGM. Copyright Information Stargate, characters, names, pictures and all related indicia are trademark of and copyright © MGM. This document was produced and published free of charge, and should be only be distrib- uted in that manner. No profit should be made in the redistribution of this document, or in any works derived from it. Document Version 0.3 (2008-17-03) Contents Rules: Earth Goa'uld Early Goa'uld Apophis. Anubis Ba’al Asgard Ori Wraith 19 23 28 33 36 42 46 ACall to Arms. STARGATE v =—S ay C bq + 4 & ae os 2 co