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7 Course selection process

Every SPM graduated students also have to make their decision either to continue further study
or start to involve themselve in the working community. For whom decide to continue for further study,
they need to consider which path do they wan to follow after this as there are few path for them
according to different level. Make decision is one of the most anxious things for students as there are
different choices in front of them. Thinking properly before make decision is the most important thing to
ensure the choices made is the best and suitable, so thus no regret due to the wrong option later. This
decision is an important decision as this decide our future career after graduated from higher education.
Therefore, a selection process is conducted to help solve this problem especially for those who have
difficult in make decision.
The very first thing to do no matter doing what decision is to think and consider. In this case,
students have to choose the pathway for further study in higher education, they have to consider the
area and field they are interest in. After identify their interest field, they can start to choose the pathway
to involve in their interest field. There are few popular and common Pre-university path for the SPM
graduated students, for example they can go for Form 6, A-level, foundation, matriculation and etc.
These path are basically depand on the students choices whether they want to continue their degree
through which Pre-university method. However, students have to fulfill the requirement so thus they are
qualifed to continue those education. All these Pre-university is almost the same, just depand on the
students' financial status and their prefered learning progress as different path have different teaching
style and progress.
After decide the pre-university education, they might proceed to the choice of institution. There
are several public and private institution which provide those pre-university education mentioned above.
Public institution normally provide pre-university education like Form 6 and matriculation while private
insitution provide education like A-level, foundation, diploma and etc. Public institution normally more
prefered by the SPM graduated students as they are financially aid by the government so their fees are
much cheaper if compare to private universities. For an example, a degree course for 3 years need a
total of RM15,000 while the private insititution might need triple the price of the public institution roughly
RM45,000-RM50,000. However, higher requirement is needed to get the qualification to get in the public
institution. But it not meaning that private institution need a low standard to get in, It still need to fulfil the
requirement according to different private institution. Beside that , students also can make their choices
based on the scolarship provided of different institution. Some scolarship can only be applied in specific

institution, therefore students may consider the scolarship provided based on their results to choose the
best institution they are interested.

Table above show the pathway of Pre-university in Malaysia

Time consumed is also one of the most concren factor by the students. Public institution
normally take longer period to complete the same higher education if compare to private institution. For
an example, TARUC only need 3 years to complete the quantity survey degree course however UTAR
need 4 years to complete it although both are the same course. Most of the students also hope to
graduate faster because the later the graduation, the higher the competition during their career as more
students in the same fiield will graduate.
After the institution and course had been decided, students can get advice and opinion from
seniors or teacher. Past experience of senior is important to let the students know more detail about the
specific course and the institution. Opinion and suggsetion from friends and relatives will always useful
especially when confuse and anxious during make decision. However, at the end of the day, the final
decision is in our own hand and only we can determine our own future.
In a conclusion, course selection can be a nightmare for most students as many factors like
budget, time consumed, results, enroll requirement and etc have to be considered to make the best

choice. Students are adviced to put more effort and time on doing research and consider the relatively
factors before make the final decision, as this decision is important to decide our future career. Every
students have to have their own goal and target in heir life so thus they have something to accomplish
and put effort towards and achieve the life goal.