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The Internet Crime


Internet crime
Types of Crime
Security features

Internet crime
Todays world of computer crime
,Hackeris a well known word.
Hackers are people who try to get access to
computer system illegally,usually from a
personal computer,via a data
communication network.
Some hackers invade websites with taunting
boasts and their own private jokes and
victims feel violated.

Types of crime
The trojan horse: refers to illegal
instructions placed in the middle of a
legitimate program.
Zapping: able to bypass any security
Bomb: A bomb causes a program to trigger
damage under certain conditions.

Types of crime continued

Data diddling: Which means changing
data before or as it enter the system.
Piggy backing: When an illicit user
rides into the system on the back of
another user.

Types of crime continued

Salami:Refers to small slices of money
that may be subtracted from large
financial system undetected.
Scavenging: The scavengers search the
trash cans and dumpsters for printouts
that contain information about credit card
numbers account number.

Security Features
Forensics: Computer forensic means the
uncovering of computer stored information
suitable for use in illegal procedures.Forensic
experts work on tracing missing inventory or a
court ordered subpoena for E-mail messages
containing sexual harassment language

Security Features continued

Security of software data and personal computers.
Safeguarding the system against such threats as
natural disaster, fire, accident, vandalism, theft,
destruction of data and hackers.
A person should have something recognizable to
the computer and which will give him or her
access to the computer room or locked
terminal.(badge, plastic card, key, token)
Now software can verify both scanned and online

Security Features continued

Bio-metric security systems are coming on . The
science measures an individuals body
characteristics, when you simply insert your finger
into an identification machine. Some systems use
the characteristics of the entire hand.
Another way is the identification of the voice
pattern or sometimes the identification is based on
the retina of the eye which is harder to duplicate
than a voice pattern.

The Future
Employee damage will increase as the computer
literacy increases.
Financial crimes will increase.
The virus will bring down the internet without any
warning, unless any changes in the anti virus
protection is made. Worse viruses can be
The use of unix is not enough to secure the
internet, We need to have stronger authentication
and end to end encryption.

The Future continued

People will begin to feel that internet is not
Criminals will continue to grow and smart
criminals will remain hidden.
The future of challenging automated crimes wold
be packaged in a single computer program we
have to use high level automated security.