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A Sprinkle of Francis for a Benedictine Church

Late Pentecost Season, 2016

Sundays, 10:1511:05 am in the Parish House Annex
Pohick Episcopal Church
The Reverend Donald D. Binder, PhD
Course Description
St. Francis has served as an example of renewal and rejuvenation for the Church ever since he
dramatically heeded Gods call to give up his worldly possessions and follow in Christs footsteps
by rebuilding ruined churches, preaching to the common people, and ministering to the poor and
outcaste. In this class, we will explore his life and style of spirituality, particularly with an eye
towards incorporating facets of it into the more Benedictine mode of observance that is predominate
at Pohick Church and in many other congregations. Through this exploration, it is hoped that the
integration of the two will not only enrich the spiritual lives of class participants, but also assist
Pohick Church in its larger mission of serving Christ both inside and beyond the church walls.
Outline of Class Meetings
September 25 Introduction
!Overview of the Course
!WarningDanger ahead!
!Suggested Resources
October 2 From Party Boy to Pauper
!A Spoiled Young Man
!War and Prison
!An Icon Speaks
October 9 Building a Community
!Brother, can you spare a rock?
!Rebuilding a Church
!Gathering of the Brothers and Sisters
October 16 The Way of Light
!Walking the Stations
!Leading the Resurrected Life
!Take up your Cross
Note: On this day we will gather for class in the Courtyard (inside the church, if raining) for
a special liturgy.

October 23 Saintly Adventures Near and Far
!Preaching the Good News by Word and Deed
!Adventures in Egypt and the Holy Land
!Being Crucified with Christ
October 30 Mendicant, Not Monastic
!Benedictine, Franciscan: Whats the Difference?
!Begging for Christ
!Holy Land Custodians
November 6 Prayer and Temperament, Part I
!Myers-Briggs Typology
!Testing it Out
!Differing Perspectives
November 13 Prayer and Temperament, Part II
!Praying Temperamentally
!Shadow Side Prayer
!Franciscan Prayer
November 20 A Sprinkle of Francis at Pohick
!Whats Benedictine and Whats Franciscan?
!A More Generous Sprinkling?
!Reaching New Generations
Recommended Reading/Viewing:
Regis J. Armstong et al, eds. Francis of Assisi: Early Documents. 3 vols. New York: New City Press, 1999.
Adrian House. Francis of Assisi. Mahweh, New Jersey: Hidden Spring, 2001.
G. K. Chesterton. St. Francis of Assisi. New York: George W. Doran, 1924.
Nicki Verploegen Vandergrift. From Monks to Missionaries: Schools of Spirituality in the Christian
Tradition. Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2011.
Chester P. Michael. Prayer and Temperament. Charlottesville, VA: Open Door, 1984.
Brother Sun, Sister Moon. Directed by Franco Zefferelli, 1972. Burbank, CA: Warner Archive Collection,
Except for Oct. 16 (see note, above), all classes will be held in the Parish House Annex, 10:1511:05 am.