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January 01, 2012

Lyrics And English Translation of 'Ami Shunechhi Sedin

Tumi' by Mousumi Bhowmik
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Ami shunechhi sedin tumi, sagor er dheu e chepe, neel jol digonto chhuye eshechho..
(I heard that the other day you went to touch the blue horizon riding the waves)
Ami shunechhi sedin tumi, nona bali teer dhore, bohu dur bohu dor hete esechho..
(I heard that the other day you walked along the salty shores for miles and miles)

Ami kokhono jaini jole, kokhono bhashini neel e, kokhono rakhini chokh dana mela gangchile..
(I have never stepped into water , never flew over the blue sea, Never seen the sea gulls wings)

Abar jedin tumi somudro snane jabe, amakeo sathe niyo, neboto amay? Bolo nebe to amay?
(Next time when you go into the sea, will you take me with you? tell me will you take me with you?)
Ami shunechi sedin naki, tumi tumi tumi mile, tomra sodol-bole sobha korechhile..
(I heard that the other day, you you and you ,together in a group had a meeting)

Aar sedin tomra naki onek jotil dhnadha, na bola onek kotha, kotha tulechhile..
(and that day you together discussed many intricate problems, without uttering many words, you
discussed in silence)

Keno shudhu chhute chhute chola, eke eke kotha bola, nijer jonne bnacha, nijeke niye?
(Why this endless race? Why endless series of monologues? Living on, this self centered life)

Jodi bhalobhasha nai thake, shudhu eka eka lage, kothay shanti paabo, kothay giye? Bolo kothay giye?
(if there is no love, all one can feel is loneliness. Where can I get some peace? Tell me where can I?)
Ami shunechi tomra naki ekhono swopno dekho, ekhono golpo lekho, gaan gao pran bhore..
(I have heard that you still dream, still write stories, and chant music from bottom of your soul)

Manusher bacha mora, ekhono bhabiye tole, tomader bhalobasa, ekhono golape phote..
(The Saga of human existence still makes you think, Love still blossom like a rose in your heart)

Astha harano ei mon niye ami aaj, tomader kache ese du haat petechi,
(With a faithless soul, I have come to you today. In front of you I spread my empty palms)

Ami du chok er gohobore shunnota dekhi shudhu, raat ghum e ami kono shopno dekhi na..
(All I can see in the depth of my eyes is emptiness, there are no dreams in my nights)

Tai swopno dekhbo bole ami duchokh petechi, Tai tomader kache eshe ami du haat petechi..
(To dream I opened my eyes, to dream I opened my arms in front of you)

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thanks for translating this beautiful song
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