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Carrera, Gian Lynard

JD 1B/ 5:30 to 7:30 pm

A. Which sentences below contain errors in subject and verb agreement?
1. Correct
2. If I were the judge, I would rule in the negative.
3. Correct
4. Each of the three credible witnesses has signed the document
5. Dr Francisco, along with Atty. Lacuata and Mrs. Francisco, is on our deposition list.
6. Correct
7. The father-in-laws denies the allegations in the complaint.
8. Lockhard and Gardner is a fictional law firm in a drama series.
9. Correct
10. Correct
11. One of the defendants maintains that his signature was forged.
12. Correct
13. What is needed are a few more corroborating witnesses.
14. Correct
15. The only sign of truth are the facts that can be shown in court.

B. Concoct a set of facts as testified by two witnesses.

A treason exists when a Filipino citizen starts a war against the Philippines or provides aid or comfort to the enemy
of the state. Likewise, if an alien, who resides in the Philippines, commits acts of treason as defined, he will be
subjected to the consequences. To be convicted of treason, two witnesses testimonies are needed to be revealed on
an open court about the acts of accused. Once proven, the accused will be punished by reclusion perpetua for
Filipino citizens, and reclusion temporal for aliens residing in the country to death and shall pay a fine not exceeding
100,000 pesos.
Title: People of the Philippines vs Sugar Mommy
The facts are the following and they are undisputed.
On the year 1950, Naruto Uzumaki entered the Philippines as ordered by the government of Japan to establish an
informant which could be helpful in their purpose to annihilate the country. Given strict orders to be one of the
countrys trusted citizen, Uzumaki resided within Manila as a tourist. The following month of his stay, Uzumaki was
able to meet Sugar Mommy, a government employee acting as secretary to the mayor of Manila, while examining
the city and determining the important buildings that can be targeted. Uzumaki asked respondent to help him explore
the city since it was his first time and to tour him on the important landmarks within the vicinity. They held up to
this kind of interaction for a week in which after, the two fell in love and decided to get married after 3 months.
Meanwhile, the Japanese government made transaction with Uzumaki and told him that they will be attacking at the
first day of 1951 and he must infiltrate the government to pass information. With this, respondent, residing now with
Uzumaki, was consistently asked by Uzumaki on information about the countrys government system to expand his
knowledge about the country. Without hesitation, respondent revealed details about the nature of her work, hierarchy
of the government and provided sensitive details regarding the issues of the country. On the meantime, Philippine
Intelligence gathered resources and identified Uzumaki as a spy from the country of Japan and lead to his immediate
arrest. Philippine Intelligence also captured Sugar Mommy and was charged with treason for helping a spy on his
conquest to gather information about the state.
The prosecution presented two witnesses to indict Sugar Mommy with treason.
Witness A: Landlord of Naruto Uzumaki.
According to A, he saw the respondent everyday except weekends residing with Uzumaki and brought
food. The respondent always went to their neighborhood after her work which was 5pm and also with her are
documents from the city hall. He seldom sees the two on the roof deck discussing things that stress them out while
having tea. He added that there are nights in which another Japanese man is visiting Mr. Uzumaki and the
respondent to have dinner in their place.
Witness B: Neighbor of Naruto Uzumaki.
According to B, a housewife whos always inside the house, she usually hears the two intimately and
always talks about things. Onetime, she overheard things in which relates to the work of the respondent with the
government being discussed with Uzumaki. Witness B also brought food for the couple in their 1 st month together
and had a nice chat with them. During that night, she saw that there are documents from the city hall that are all over
the place. Witness B added that she has seen Mr. Uzumaki with two tall Japanese men outside the apartment they are
living after a month of his stay.
C. Underline the verb/s phrase. Correct and examples of inconsistent or illogical verb tense.
1. If the accused was guilty, he will have no strong alibi.
2. When the appellate courts decision became final, the case was remanded to the lower court for execution and this
is when the trial court issued its assailed resolution.
3. While the above was merely circumstantial, on the other hand, the fact remains that defendant had not produced
any positive evidence to overcome plaintiffs claim.
4. Central Bank Circular No. 416 which took effect on July 29, 1975 was issued and promulgated by the Monetary
Board pursuant to the authority granted to the Central Bank by P.D. No. 116, which amended Act No. 2655,
otherwise known as the Usury Law.
5. On August 14, 1987, between 10:00 and 11:00 am, the appellant and his common-law wife, Shirley Reyes, went
to the booth of the Manila Packing and Export Forwarders in the Pistang Pilipino Complex, Ermita, Manila,
carrying four gift wrapped packages. Anita Reyes said that he was sending the packages to a friend in Zurich,
Switzerland. Appellant filled up the contract necessary for the transaction, wrote therein his name, passport number,
the date of shipment and the name and address of the consignee, namely, WALTER FIERZ, Mattacketr II, 8052,
Zurich Switzerland.

6. It started in 1988, petitioner said, when she noticed that respondent surprisingly showed signs of psychological
incapacity to perform his marital covenant. His true color of being an emotionally immature and irresponsible
husband became apparent. He was cruel and violent. He was a habitual drinker, staying with friends daily from 4:00
in the afternoon until 1:00 in the morning. When cautioned to stop or to minimize his drinking, respondent would
beat, slap and kick her. At one time, he chased petitioner with a loaded shotgun and threated to kill her in the
presence of the children. The children themselves were not spared from physical violence.
7. Wherefore, the petition was given due course. The petition is hereby granted in part.
8. In 2009, what happened to your employment with the said hospital?
9. I was promoted as Section Manager, Information Section and Medical Records Management Services.
10. As such, what were some of your important duties and responsibilities?
11. I was in charge of the release of the requested medical record by the patients or other person/s with authority to
do so, the scheduling of the personnel with my section, and attending to the hospital process relative to the discharge
of patients to be released from the hospital.
12. While in direct bribery, there was an agreement between the public officer and the giver of the gift. However, in
indirect bribery, usually no such agreement existed.
D. Supply the correct verb tense.
When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child, but when I became a man, I put
away childish things.
E. Put cross on the blank if the sentence contains a dangling modifier. Revise the sentence whenever
1. Reaching a bargaining deadlock, the workers plan to take a company-wide strike as the next course of action.
2. Correct
3. Correct
4. Correct
5. Not being paid his salaries, separation pay and 13 th month pay, the dismissed employee filed a complaint against
the company.
6. The Labor Arbiter ruled in his favor by denying the motion to dismiss.
7. Correct
8. Ruling in favor of the company, the Labor Arbiter denied the monetary award likewise.
9. To conduct a strike vote, the union called a meeting.
10. Driving around the perimeter, Mr. David witnessed a blockade set up by the striking officers.
F. Combine two ideas into one sentence with an introductory phrase.
1. Given that it unclog court dockets, forum shopping has been shunned as practice
2. Even though the first case was dismissed, he was able to successively filed actions in several courts.
3. Known also as res judicata, an uncompromising rule that indicates an adjudged matter cannot be raised again in
4. Considering that his goal was to obtain a favorable judgment, he foolishly sought to raise the same issues between
the same parties again another court.
5. After the client was warned of legal consequences of litis pendetia, he was dissuaded from insisting an identical
G. Find the error and re-write the sentence.
1. The meeting was set around 6 in the evening.
2. The terms of agreement depend on the demands and compromises of the parties.
3. The contract is the law between the two contacting parties.
4. I quickly glanced on my watch when you told me about the time
5. The provisions about the archipelagic passages through sea lanes do not impair Philippines sovereignty.
6. They stopped payment in 2002 and the last installment was paid in January
7. The partners have to discuss matters with regard to the merger of the firms
8 Besides being a competent litigator, he is also a good professor.
9. The private investigators have been waiting in the lounge for two hours.
10. The previous investigation reveals information that the victim was killed by a hammer.

H. In your opinion, should divorce be legalized in the Philippines? Argue your answer persuasively.
With regard to my opinion, I strongly suggest that divorce be legalized in the Philippines for the following reasons.
Even though marriage is dignified as sacred in the state, the main foundation of marriage is found to be the decision
of two couples to stay together and advance their relationships. With that, my argument circles on the word decision.
Decision is made by two consenting adults with rational thinking to end the contract theyve made before the law
and go on separate ways. This decision is one of the elements in every behavior we have and such goes for divorce.
The state respects and entitles everyone to a choice and such a choice to have divorce should be an option for them.
However, we see it, divorce can be said to be a good and bad thing in many manners for the future of both parties
and those affected. But, as the state is concerned, freedom to choose is one of the highest respected right.
I. Fix the following run-ons and comma splices.
1. Capacity to act refers to the power to perform acts with legal effects. It is conditional and variable.
2. Capacity to act is not a right and cannot be renounced.
3. Criminal liability ends when a person dies, however, civil liability may be charged against the estate of the
4. If a citizen owes allegiance to the State, then, he is entitled to its protection.
5. Civil interdiction, wherein the offender loses rights such as a parental authority, guardianship, marital authority,
and the right to manage his property, is an accessory penalty.
6. A deaf mute who does not know how to write cannot give consent to a contract but he can make a valid will if
the requirements of the law are satisfied.
7. Physical presence and animus manendi are the two requisites of domicile.
8. A marriage contracted by persons below eighteen years of age is void from the beginning and the consent of their
parents does not make it valid.
9. The alien spouse became capacitated to remarry the Filipino spouse likewise acquired the capacity to remarry
under Philippine law in cases when the divorce was granted.
10. The death of either spouse automatically dissolves the marriage while the death of one party in an action for
legal separation abates the action.