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Ambiance Trouble shooting Steps

1. Unplug Ambiance Player, hold the power button in for 30 sec, then plug the
player back in.
2. After waiting 5 min verify that the player is playing music by attaching
headphones to the 3.5 mm audio jack. ( One side will play Floor music and
other will play Hold music)
a. If one or both sides are not playing music contact Call Ambiance -1-888-

791-1653 opt 1
b. Make sure audio Volume is set to 75% or higher. Call Ambiance -1-888-

791-1653 opt 1
3. Verify that the White RCA cable (Labeled MOH) is installed in to the Avaya
phone system to provide the hold music. (insert picture)
4. Verify that the RED RCA cable (Labeled MDR) is installed in the AMP (insert
5. Verify that the audio volume on the amp is turned to near max or maximum.
6. Verify that the AMP has power.
7. Verify that the Main Dinning room sound volume is turned up. (insert picture)