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2nd Summative Test

Computer Hardware Servicing
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Teacher: Mr. Ricardo M. Nugas
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I. Multiple choice (30 pts.)

Directions: Write the letter of the correct answer on the blank provided before the
_____1. These are mobile computers that are very handy to use:
a. Netbooks b. Tablet Computers
c. Desk Top d. Micro Computers
_____2. They are computers designed to provide services to client machines in a computer
a. Servers
b. Mainframe Computers c. Mini Computers d. Super Computers
_____3. They are also called mid-range systems or workstations:
a. Servers b. Mainframe Computers c. Mini Computers d. Super Computers
_____4. A computer with a microprocessor and its central processing unit it:
a. Servers
b. Microcomputers c. Mini Computers d. Super Computers
_____5. They fall in the category of laptops, but are inexpensive and relatively smaller in size.
a. Desktop b. Laptop
c. Netbooks
d. Personal Digital Assistant
_____6. A type of computer which is intended be used on a single location:
a. Desktop b. Laptop
c. Netbooks
d. Personal Digital Assistant
_____7. They use digital circuits and are designed to operate on two states, namely bits 0 and 1:
a. Desktop b. Laptop
c. Netbooks
d. Digital Computers
_____8. Computers that have the capacities to host multiple operating systems and operate as a
number of virtual machines and can substitute for several small servers:
a. Servers b. Mainframe Computers c. Mini Computers d. Super Computers
_____9. It is a handheld computer and popularly known as a palmtop:
a. Desktop b. Laptop
c. Netbooks
d. Personal Digital Assistant
_____10. These computers can be worn on the body and are often used in the study of behavior
modeling and human health:
a. Desktop b. Laptop
c. Wearable Computers d. Tablet Computers
_____11. It is considered as the most important program that runs on a computer:
a. Operating System
c. MS Office
d. Antivirus
_____12. It is composed of a device that accepts data and instructions from the user or from
another computer system:
a. Input Device
b. Output Device c. Storage Device d. Monitor
_____13. Any piece of computer hardware that displays results after the computer has processed
the input data that has been entered:
a. CPU
b. Servers
c. Device
d. Operating System
_____14. Any apparatus for recording computer data in a permanent or semi-permanent form:
a. Input Device
b. Output Device
c. Storage Device d. Monitor
_____15. It protects a computer network from unauthorized access:
a. Network Interface
b. Network Firewall
c. Modem
d. Routers
_____16. Type of network that connects larger geographic areas, such as Florida, the United
States, or the world:
a. Local Area Network
b. Wide Area Network
c. Networking Devices
d. Internet
_____17. This is an internetworking system capable of joining together two networks that use
different base protocols:
a. Hub
b. Network Gateway
c. Modem
d. Routers

_____18. It is consists of two or more computers that are linked in order to share resources (such
as printers and CD-ROMs), exchange files, or allow electronic communications:
a. Network
b. Hub
c. Modem
d. Routers
_____19. It is a small, simple, inexpensive device that joins multiple computers together:
a. Network
b. Hub
c. Modem
d. Routers
_____20. A device filters data traffic at a network boundary:
a. Bridge
b. Network Gateway
c. Routers
d. Ethernet Switch
_____21. Which of the following is not a Windows XP minimum requirement?
a. 128 MB RAM or Higher b. CD or DVD ROM c. Lower Resolution Monitor
d. 4.3 GB Hard
Disk Space or more
_____22. If you see a message to press any key to Boot the CD and you fail to do so, what do you
think will happen?
a. The computer will restart
c. It will be prompted to BIOS set up
b. Set up inspecting your computer will appear
d. It will return to Boot Menu
_____23. What key should you press if you need to install any third- party or RAID drivers?
a. F2
b. F6
c. F2
d. F12
_____24. After reading the license agreement, what function key will press in order to start to
start the installation?
a. F6
_____25. Where do we typically install the operating system?
a. Drive C
b. DVD
c. External Drive
d. Floppy Drive
_____26. What file system is usually used during installation?
a. FAT
d. NTFS32
_____27. Suppose that you will install Windows XP on a system with more than one partition, what
important process should be done?
a. change the file system
c. Examine the partition
b. delete the data or files on the different partition d. Format the correct partition
_____28. When the folder copy paste is complete your system will reboot, what are you going to
do if you see the message Press any key to boot from CD?
a. Press any key
b. Do not press a key
c. reboot the system
d. eject the CD
_____29. What is the next phase after the set up folder copy phase and reboot?
a. GUI set up
b. Software
c. User name set up
d. Software Personalization
_____30. What phase will immediately follow after the first boot phase?
a. Welcome to windows
b. Network set up c. Change display setting d. Set up users
II. Direction: Read each statement below carefully. Place T on the line, if you think a statement
is TRUE. Place F, if you think the statement is FALSE. (10pts.)
_____ 31. Your knees should be bent at a comfortable angle and greater than 90 degrees
flexion when sitting in front of a computer.
_____ 32. A well-designed mouse should not cause undue pressure on the waist and
forehead muscles.
_____ 33. Set the eye to screen at a distance that permits you to most easily focus on
the screen.
_____ 34. Changing posture at frequent intervals maximizes fatigue when using a computer.
_____ 35. Place the keyboard in a position that allows the forearms to be close to the
horizontal and the wrists to be straight.
_____ 36. It is recommended that operators avoid spending more than five hours a day on
keyboard duties and no longer than 50 minutes per hour without a postural/stretching break.
_____ 37. To detect whether there are reflections from the desk surface, the worker should
hold the book below the surface and assess the change in reflected glare from the screen.
_____ 38. 10,000 - 12,000 keystrokes per hour is considered an acceptable standard in
_____ 39. Good posture is essential for all users of computers.

_____ 40. If the screen monitor is put near a window the solution is to increase the refresh rate of
the monitor to at least 75hz.

III. Directions: Write the step by step procedure for the following:

A. Personal Computer Disassembly (5pts.)

B. Personal Computer Assembly (5pts.)