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Lesson Plan

Day: M T W T F

Date: 31/8/2016__ Time: _2:00-2:30_ Year: __6_____

Learning Area: _Literacy____ Topic: _Viewing (Edward Scissor hands)

Curriculum content description: (from ACARA)
Participate in and contribute to discussions, clarifying and interrogating ideas, developing
and supporting argument. (ACELY1709)
Students prior knowledge and experience:
(Outline what the students already know about this topic)
Students have watched the movie already prior to this lesson
Students have completed similar activities
Learning purpose: (May refer to the Elaborations of the curriculum content description
Analysing images to understand characters emotions by set questions, and discussing
within a group.
Learning objectives:
On completion of this lesson, students
They will be evaluated on the level of their
will be able to:
discussion and answers.
Knowledge of different emotions through
They will also be given worksheets to
facial expressions and body language.
Learning to elaborate on discussions not just
yes or no answers.

Preparation and Resources:

Screenshot images of scenes from the movie
List of various questions

Catering for diversity (detail any adjustments considerations for educational/resource

Sitting and encouraging students that need a little more help
Providing sentence starters for weaker students

Murdoch University


Learning Experiences:
1. Introduction: (How will I engage the learners?)
I will start by getting them talking about the movie, asking what the movie
was about and
did they like it. I will be using a ball to get them engaged, so if they
wanted to answer they
would put up their hand and I would pass them the ball and once they caught it
they were able to answer.

2. Sequence of learning experiences: (What will you do to help the

students achieve the learning objectives? What tasks and activities will
the students be involved in to help achieve the learning objectives?)
I will be showing the students the screen shots and ask them
questions such as; what is
going on in this scene? What is Edward feeling here? Why do you
think that? What is his
body language saying?
If some students need prompting I will ask questions like, is he
feeling happy or sad? What
face is he making? Can you remember this scene, if so what was
happening here?
I will then handout worksheets for us to go through as a group.

3. Lesson conclusion: (How will you summarise the learning and relate it
to the lesson objectives?)
We will end by going through the answers as a group and have a
group discussion

Murdoch University

Lesson Evaluation:
(Reflect on the lesson. What worked? What did not work? What would you change? Why?)
I think the lesson went well. The students reacted well and enjoyed it. I feel that I
could have made it a little more fun and exciting for them, maybe by having
rewards for good answers.

Murdoch University